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  1. Supernova

    Nothing quite like that moment, that instant connection. Then the orbit is calm, but those feelings can return when you least expect it. Wonderful !
  2. Foreign Soil

    I have to agree. he's written a few space-based things. And they feel real to me, they are not so far outside my comfort zone that I cannot believe it.
  3. Once Upon a Dragon

    Ha! That was fun. Only thing .. the dragon should have had glasses! It was good boy, couple of chuckles in there!
  4. Only Prompts

    There are some excellent short stories in this collection!
  5. Chapter 7: Hot Heads Explode, Part One

    First, I loved the poem! Not something I'd expect from Kohl. But it made him even more well-rounded, or multi-faceted. He and Gordon are like a pair of naughty rich boys, torturing the help! Each deserves a spanking, one they wouldn't soon forget! I'm curious to see what happens when people notice the boys, and their things are missing. Nice chapter AC! Brilliant!
  6. Foreign Soil

    Oh, that was fun! Good cop, bad guards! Made me nostalgic! LOL! Seriously though, we think this couldn't happen, frankly I think it's very possible! Nice job tim!
  7. Nest Learning Thermostat

    Hmmm, perhaps I'll suggest to my parents. Dad's capable technically, remembering to turn it down at night is an issue sometimes. I'll look into it.
  8. Common Ground

    It certainly looks that way. It's an interesting experience I'm sure. And you've come up with some wonderful poems.
  9. Darkened Days

    Thank you Emi. I'm not down on myself, but I realize I cannot fix everything for tim. But he will never be without me. And thank you we will look after each other! You take good care also! Mike
  10. How do you conquer your fear?

    Keep your cell phone in your hand...talk into it. That can deter people. And look around, walk with confidence.
  11. An Emotional Week

    Thank you Def. I appreciate you reading and your comments.
  12. An Emotional Week

    You're kind. I'm definitely not a fantastic poet, and the great guy thing. I have my moments. I appreciate your comments and for reading this piece.
  13. An Emotional Week

    I'm sure some others wouldn't put up with tim. I know how tim feels about me. We are both open when it comes to relationships, he needs an emotional connection, while I don't particularly. I know he loves others, but there is room in that heart for a number of people. There are good people on GA, and I'm glad to know them. GA has been good for tim and he can stay until the day that changes.
  14. An Emotional Week

    There are jp. There are many people he cares for, you and molly among them.
  15. An Emotional Week

    Thanks Mac, but I'm not so remarkable. It's an easy choice, there is a lot we can teach our boys, train them for, but we can't change who they really are, inside.

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