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  1. Loved it! Nothing wrong with a bit of devilish fun! I am looking forward to it!
  2. MichaelS36

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    Excellent. ..
  3. MichaelS36

    Unfit for Consumption

    Thank you. I spoke to him about these. He's spoken too with his doctor. He feels he needs to be allowed to feel what he does, without more meds. He swears to me he is not suicidal. He doesn't want to be alone or away, only to be allowed to be. If that makes sense. He is here close. I want you to know because you love and support him, and have for so long. So we will try it and see. This is to all of you that care for him.
  4. MichaelS36

    Unfit for Consumption

    I know we talked about this. I know you said there are times when you must feel what you do, but the pain in these .... is ... difficult.
  5. MichaelS36

    Chapter 1

    Very nice story. I think you're a kind man. The world is short of such big hearts.
  6. Dog's are not called man's best friend for nothing. They are wonderful beings. I miss ours very much. Wonderful poem AC! I know you have a pair of your own.
  7. Happy Birthday, Mike! May the coming year, keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise.

    1. MichaelS36


      Thanks very much, A.  Much appreciated. 

  8. Happy Birthday 🎂 Michael Sir

    i hope it's a day full of love!

    1. MacGreg


      Happy Beer-boy-n-Birthday, my friend! 

    2. MichaelS36


      @mollyhousemouse thank you molly-pop.  mmm it was a nice day .. I worked. I received a lovely gift from tim, something he was able to find. i'd been looking for a number of years for this book, so a special gift indeed.


      @MacGreg  Ha!  yes, I did treat myself to a beer. And the boy was very good and very busy.  All in all a good night.  Thank you!

  9. MichaelS36

    Ask an Author 2.0 #11

    Carlos..wonderful blog!
  10. MichaelS36

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    Yet again, timmy has hidden the Husband's Handbook. So I haven't been able to read this new story. I have heard it's close to completion.
  11. MichaelS36

    Chapter 1

    I don't normally do what tim tells me ... but he's right. Very entertaining!
  12. MichaelS36

    La Jouissance

    Frankly surprised this has survived, or was allowed to. As you say, it is very gay, very forthright. He must have truly loved Algarotti. Wonderful work AC!
  13. MichaelS36


    Hope we'll see some soon! It is gorgeous. ..boy, beer and a nap...
  14. MichaelS36

    The Class

    Well done boy. Lock n load! Haha! I do seem to recall that very same groan from my grade 11 English class! Great story tim.
  15. MichaelS36

    Shojoji – a fairytale poem

    Amazing! A romp not to be missed!

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