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  1. Sussins

    Chapter 50

    Another great story loved as well but I wish the men were Versatile sounds more fun anyway on to the next ☝️ thank u
  2. Sussins

    Chapter 51

    Awww great story where is the rest pls
  3. Sussins

    Chapter 30

    I love the way you write the characters are so relatable they feel like a part of ur family u want to cry with them laugh and celebrate anything they do as well there is one other writer like u one this site really enjoying it
  4. Sussins


    Love ❤️ love 💕 love 💗 great story love this kind of D/s I hate this is the way every relationship should be hate the ones with slaves and masters great story
  5. Sussins

    Chapter VIII

    🤔 hmmmm don’t know but I feel like jnr has feeelings for Christopher well still reading
  6. Sussins

    Chapter 39

    Great ending just wish they had destroyed what was happening in the town but am happy they are alright nice story
  7. Sussins

    Chapter 19

    👏🏾🙌🏽👏🏾🙌🏽👏🏾🙌🏽Great story I write beautiful stories read all of them u are a great writer loved it congratulations
  8. Sussins


    Awwwwe So cute congratulations 🎊🎉🎈 . am loving the fact that M has powers it’s about time he started kicking ass and taking names so excited he now has to show the agent how crazy a mama bear 🐻 is wen it comes to her babies 👶
  9. Sussins

    Chapter 24

    Ok then I won’t bother with it then
  10. Sussins

    Chapter 24

    I was trying to read breaking bad I see it’s on hold are you going to finish it ever 🙁😒😏🤨
  11. Sussins

    Chapter 25

    Awww great story this story has kept me awake for 3 days now I can sleep 🛏 💤 😴 thanks enjoyed every bit of it including the repeations 🤥😏😬😒 now am going to find some more of ur stories 🙌🏽🤝
  12. Sussins

    Chapter 24

    Wow Shaun is a great judge of character I love the fact that he doesn’t just jump into things but really takes his time to analyze and everything he has said has come true he said Kyle was bad news true he told Ben marrying Angela was a bad idea true love him and his craziness
  13. Sussins

    Chapter 19

    Seriously 😒 😳 😐 Shaun is weird he was really fucked up by his dad hope he gets better
  14. Sussins

    Chapter 16

    Note 📝 to self don’t do acid great chapter
  15. Sussins

    Chapter Eleven

    Whoooo shit just hit de fan a lot is happening 😊 wait for next chapter intriguing 😍 it

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