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  1. Sussins

    Enough to Make a Difference

    Oh noooooooooo am so excited 😆 can’t wait for the next chapter
  2. Sussins

    Chapter 18

    Looking at the relationship of Kris and his dad it looks great so I don’t understand y he has abandonment issues Alex I understand y it was so easy for him to fall into an abusive relationship but Kris I don’t get it u didn’t really give a lot of background to the characters it’s like a continuation from another story
  3. Sussins

    The Wrathful

    Well this was a burst the story didn’t make sense what is going on am so confused 🤷‍♀️
  4. Sussins

    Chapter 13

    Well this sucks an incomplete story and I have been so into it annoying
  5. Sussins

    Chapter 7

    Awwww sad ending hate sad 😢 endings well it was fun while it lasted
  6. Sussins


    I think Ivan is a working progress there are situations that bring out the worst in people so will know when he meets such but so far so good Even his reaction to Brian is a good indication
  7. Sussins

    Chapter 3

    Great story though to intense but good
  8. Sussins

    Chapter 20 - Extra 1

    This is a surprise I thought it was over
  9. Sussins

    Chapter 11

    I knew something wasn’t right u can’t love someone all their lives and just push them away didn’t make sense to hate the love of ur life for no reason it’s good we now know why it all happened great chapter and welcome back again
  10. Sussins

    Chapter 11

    Oh wow welcome back hope ur doing better great to have u back
  11. Sussins

    The Fixer-Upper

    It’s getting more exciting with each chapter can’t wait to see how it ends if he gets to stay in Alex’s body or not so excited thanks
  12. Sussins


    Well finally am done started last night very happy I finally read it it was great I like this better I love the growing up ou of Silver and the fact that he finally stood up for him self about time anyway thank u again for this
  13. Sussins

    Chapter 33

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Great ending to the story was waiting for a marriage proposal though. Anyway thanks
  14. Sussins

    Chapter 23

    I think the next time in ur stories u should pick a country in Africa instead of the whole continent which is vast I tell u😂😂😂 am in Ghana 🇬🇭 which is in west Africa there is also eastern , southern ,central ,northern Africa etc they all have beautiful countries in them so look it up and pick one ok thanks 😀 it will be great to read about a country in Africa u don’t really have to write anything about that country just say the name that’s all
  15. Sussins

    Chapter 15

    Now u convinced me am intrigued going to read it , and it’s so cool u got dis opportunity as a solicitor because it’s giving us some great stories so thank God for ur job

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