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  1. I Don't Want to Fight Tonight

    I couldn’t stop reading it’s the best story I have read on GA hands down and I have read a lot of them just wish it would end though beautiful story I even loved the suspense usually I hate them loved it hope the rest comes soon
  2. Nothing but Trouble

    Thanks for this chapter needed it merry Christmas to you too
  3. Chapter 20: The Unexpected

    Really? Premise great bad bad writing I finished it means it could have been a great story next time get someone to edit it this was really bad but interesting
  4. The Night's Delight

    Wish u would continue love it
  5. Blood and Love

    Wish u would finish this story really love can't wait to read de rest
  6. Chapter 16

    Reads a bit like morningstar but still love it a lot second time reading
  7. Chapter 12

    Enjoy the story was excited wen u brought this chapter thought it was going to continue but it looks like we are on another break
  8. Mika's Pack

    Awwwww just so sad when..?
  9. Act I

    Love this better than the first one this at least gives a back story easier to read and follow
  10. Tidal Power

    So far so good loving it
  11. Home To Roost

    Knock knock are u there still waiting
  12. North

    Second time still love it
  13. Prophylaxis

    Waiting still
  14. Believe

    Patiently waiting
  15. Halo

    Wonder why its on hold

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