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  1. FanLit

    Chapter 10

    Thank you for this lengthy chapter, it was excellent. Your disclaimer at the beginning of the chapter made me feel Kyle’s reunion with David would be better than the reunion with Jacob and that proved true in the reading. At this point, I’m waiting to read what happened-“All of it” 😊 before I decide anything else about “the incident”. Troy is ah-fucking-mazing, a true salt of the earth character you don’t come across often anymore. He has kept the team/family together all these years and bless him for it. I’m surprised Brian is the one more interested in helping out Kyle and Jacob than Andy, if I remember correctly, it was Andy who was more Kyle’s confidante in school between the two but I guess with everything he himself has gone through he’s able to detach himself more emotionally and live and let live. I hope that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about what happened but time will tell. I’m still not cool with Brian and Jacob hooking up but if that gives him a line of influence on keeping Jacob on the straight and narrow, that can only help. It seems like Jacob drank to cope with Kyle’s absences and It spiraled into full alcoholism after “the incident”, tho I suspect if Jacob and Kyle stayed together, Jacob’s drinking would have still become an issue. Kyle and the “team” started to make Jacob believe the words his father said about him weren’t true, after what happened, he sadly made those beliefs a self fulfilling prophecy (at least to himself). He feels that none of the amazing things he’s done in his carpentry and supporting the orchard will ever atone for what he’s done. You weave an incredible tale Jdonley75, and I eagerly look forward to the next chapter. 👏👍
  2. FanLit

    Chapter 9

    Troy is amazing. I love Andy’s kids and the little family slowly forming with them and Brian. I didn’t like how they treated Kyle when he walked over to them but then again, if I was Kyle, I wouldn’t have given them that opportunity. The meeting between Kyle and David, well there are no words and too many at the same time. Looking forward to it and to him seeing Jacob again. This story packs such an emotional punch. 🥊
  3. FanLit

    That Moment He Knew

    For a second I thought Aron being quiet meant he suspected something at Alex’s enthusiasm about basketball when he hardly showed interest before. Outside of still feeling sorry for Simon and wondering about the message behind Mark having a dog named “Taz” I’m just waiting for the next chapter. Well paced, kind of normal (normal being relative in this place, of course) chapter, Rump.
  4. FanLit

    Chapter 8

    😂😂😂😂 I did indeed mean Stephanie. Freud has caca other than that to slip out of me, 🤣. It seems Jacob really went through it with Kyle being gone. He gave Kyle a pass when he was in school, did his drinking enable him to do the same? Did what else happen to him involve his father or was it just the break up with Kyle? I gather that objects in the mirror aren’t quite like they appear but it’s still sad to think that whatever did or didn’t happen cost everyone so much time with each other.
  5. FanLit

    Chapter 8

    The Andy and Brian development wasn’t a surprise (LOVED IT, actually); David and Jacob certainly was. David being gay or bisexual wasn’t a surprise, I remember when he was coming to terms with Kyle being gay before he confessed, it was said he recognized feelings he himself had felt. I just don’t know why of all the men in the world he could’ve slept with, he had to sleep with Jacob. That answers what David could’ve done that Kyle couldn’t forgive but it wasn’t something I could ever imagine David (or Jacob, for that matter) doing to Kyle. That’s about as foundation shaking as it gets. Kimberly’s attitude pissed me off. I get she was giving a small benefit of the doubt because Kyle didn’t actually see the deed being done but she was rather dismissive of Kyle’s pain, in my opinion. Your disclaimer at the beginning of the chapter should’ve included eating too, as I lost my appetite after I read what happened, lol 😐 CANNOT wait for the next few chapters. Feel free to post a couple in one day if you want, 😉.
  6. FanLit

    Chapter 31

    Two chapters in a row of regular, everyday happenings. I dare not let my guard down, tho. I love when authors plug other authors and their stories on this site.
  7. FanLit

    Chapter 7

  8. FanLit

    Chapter 7

    Didn’t Kyle rebuff his father’s attempts to converse with him at his law school graduation? Then there’s: “He didn’t want to think of the father that he grew up with. The one who made him laugh and taught him how to be a good person. The talks they shared while walking through the trees. The vacations, the swimming meets. Every thought had him lurking there and one other person right behind him. He wanted to stay angry with him for ending his dream and making him lose the most important person in his life.” Thats what made me think that no matter who else was involved in “the situation”, his father had an active part in hurting him.
  9. FanLit

    Chapter 7

    Hey, no judgement here, 😊 An artist is sometimes just a vessel, you may intend for a character or a piece to go one way and they show you another. It’s an interesting part of the process.
  10. FanLit

    Chapter 7

    The right emoticon wasn’t there to choose for this story.The tears started with Andy’s farewell and cascaded with Kyle’s. 😭 I wondered about Andy and Brian, I sensed a “vibe” about them. It’s no doubt they love each other, I thought that love was expressed between them physically sometimes; Whether or not it was, theirs is a special bond within the family. To watch Brian’s pain at Andy’s leaving would draw tears from the desert. As sad as it was to see Jacob and Kyle part, it was David who tore me up. His love for this boy, his boy, now a young man, oh. 💔 Whatever David did, I can’t envision it not being out of love and concern for Kyle. I find it SO hard to imagine what could have happened to cause such a breach in such a love. The anticipation of finding out fills me with dread. “You have been… the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” “....David took a few more breaths, committing the feel of his only son in his arms to memory and then, with all his courage and strength, he performed the hardest, most painful and last act as a father raising a child. He let him go.” Yet he’s never let him go. I think especially because of what happened between them, he holds him even closer. You did your thing, lol. Tears aplenty.
  11. I glad Jamie and Lucas are on the road to recovery. Okay, Ben seems nice and all but I’m TEAM SAM. Guess time will tell who he ends up with.
  12. FanLit

    The day after the long night...

    I understand Kate’s overprotectiveness much better now. I also even understand Jamie’s Peter Pan ways a bit. For him to loved and lost so young was devastating. This was a totally unexpected development. I hope something good comes of this, EMT Ben aside, it had to mean something that Jamie saw Sam when he was drifting, right? Addendum: sorry, I know Jamie saw Sean, not Sam. I kinda wish he saw Sam, lol.
  13. FanLit

    Those Moments

    Being a caretaker is incredibly difficult, not everyone can do it and there is a special dynamic when it involves a child caring for an elder parent. It can test a relationship that’s good or exacerbate a relationship that’s bad. He is not the first or last child to resent being put in that position and glad when it’s over. I appreciated the honesty of this piece.
  14. FanLit

    Chapter 6

    *Sigh* And you dig us deeper into the hole, lol. It is hard to appreciate something when you have always had it. Jacob will always know how special this circle of friendship is because he knew the total opposite for so long. He will always cherish how David treated him because he had a lifetime of mistreatment by his own father. I wonder if Kyle now appreciates the blessed relationships he had since he’s been without them for so long. The friendships he had with Troy and Brian and Alex were the friendships every teenager needs to successfully transition them from youth to adulthood, hell, through life. The unwavering support David provided Kyle no matter who he showed himself to be was the kind any child would want, it is the foundation a parent is supposed to provide a child to be a healthy, productive member of society. Tho Kyle is emotionally scarred, who he is now is rooted in the unconditional love he grew up in. He is very good at his job, he is a loving, responsible parent; He still even maintained an emotional tie strong enough to co parent with someone. His psychological wound was not strong enough to dispel all the benefits he was exposed to in his unconventional but very secure upbringing. This rich backstory is incredible and successfully sets the stage to be properly devastated at watching this circle be broken.
  15. FanLit

    Chapter 5

    You can still feel that bond between Kyle and Troy when they spoke. You know Troy is mad but he misses his friend and Kyle misses him, too; He probably misses them all. I hope David’s illness isn’t terminal. Whether it is or not, there will always be the pain of this estrangement between him and his son, even if they manage to make up. What a grandad he would’ve been to Matt all this time, lol!! He would’ve had some great uncles, too. If you don’t deal with your past, your past deals with you; It’s good that Kyle goes back now, there was clearly no closure over what happened and maybe he and everyone else involved can get that now.

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