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  1. Damn it! How has this leaked out!
  2. We Are Stars

    You 90’s kids
  3. We Are Stars

    Yay! Whoop-whoop! And other such noises
  4. Your faith in my abilities is flattering! And you’re definitely right about one thing, whatever happens next is already decided.
  5. My comment is... no comment Although, it would have to be a pretty spectacular explanation! But now I’m further distracted with Kaiden Pargetter supporting his partner with their book tour of My Life In Kenya.
  6. I’m going to go with ‘probably never going to happen’, but if it does, it will currently be number 6 in the queue of stories to write/finish.
  7. I feel a new story coming on
  8. I love MacArthur Park, with a passion! But I’m sure many people share your feelings about Kaiden and Jake.
  9. Obviously I can (or should that be will?) neither confirm or deny your suspicions.
  10. @Rndmrunner has great power for sure, but in this case, I’m afraid the story has already been written, well, more or less
  11. Too true - maybe we should be feeling for the “skanky ass new boyfriend” ?
  12. Thank you! For me, it’s all about character. Second is plot, because without hat you just have (hopefully) interesting people doing nothing interesting. And last by some significant margin is technique - which is why for my next story (and hopefully beyond) I now have a team of highly skilled masters of their craft to assist me.
  13. Kaiden as Miss Havisham - I can exclusively reveal here that this isn’t an image I’d ever had before
  14. I think a lot of people here share your feelings on this.

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