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  1. Last Post Wins #42

    Oh - a more modest collection that I had imagined But with a gun-toting kitty riding a fire-breathing unicorn AND a cranky kindergartner phalanx, you're basically guaranteed to overpower everyone, right?
  2. Last Post Wins #42

    You have armies? Why doesn't this surprise me?
  3. Last Post Wins #42

    Hmmm - unstructured and chaotic nature of this disturbs me
  4. Last Post Wins #42

    I don't understand how this works
  5. Gaymer

    This is a really cute story where online and real life combine, eventually. Mason is a really likeable character and as the story builds up to the final moments I think I was feeling more nervous than he was! It’s easy to recommend great writing like, and this story has a good re-readability factor too.
  6. Cal by Sam Wyer

    Thanks very much, I appreciate you taking the time to say so
  7. Chapter 13

    Happy to hear it I hope you enjoy how things turn out in the final two chapters.
  8. Chapter 7

    Thanks - I like to think I do an OK enough job at representing Cal’s world. Shopping - generally speaking, hell no. Am I sure I’m gay? - hell yeah
  9. Song of the moment

    Hmmm. I'm not (or at least haven't been so far) into anime at all, but i feel like I need to watch this.
  10. Chapter 2

    Thanks for you comments, and I like the way that you label this as your first rant, so I'll be expecting more In response - I'm aware that Cal's grammar is far from perfect. Much like my own. I have sometimes found it hard to determine the right balance between what is 'correct' and what is believable/in line with what you'd expect to hear from a character. Although in this specific example, I wouldn't go with your suggestion because it steps out of the first person narrative of the story. Which isn't to say I don't appreciate your attention to details such as this, there's always room for improvement. I hope you enjoy how story plays out.
  11. Going to waste?

    I like it, it made me smile, and I was very happy that they were saved
  12. I want to start posting a new story...

    1. Sam Wyer

      Sam Wyer

      OK, I've slept on it, and now I've decided which sort is up next.  Starting next week though, to give me even more time for the panic and paranoia driven re-re-re-must be the final time now-edit.

  13. Song of the moment

    It's Friday, I've just got home from work, the weekend has started
  14. Chapter 2

    I just have more questions now, but I guess that's OK. I trust you.
  15. Chapter 1

    This is dark and brilliant in equal measure, a powerful start. I can't wait to see where it goes.

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