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  1. mally


    Sad to see it end...but thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Loved the conclusion.... well a conclusion for us: their journey still continues. Cheers 😁
  2. mally

    Chapter XXIX

    Just getting off work to see this. So excited!! Gonna go get my read on. Thank you 😁
  3. mally

    Chapter XXIX

    Awe. So cute. Can't wait to read the epilogue. Cheers 😁
  4. mally

    Chapter 35

    I don't know if people even still use this word but it's all I can think of..I'm just Flabbergasted...I love it and hate it so much right now. You just took bitter-sweet Wednesday's to a whole new level. I'm shook. Looking forward to more. Cheers 😁
  5. mally

    Chapter 18

    It was going so well...and..and then that...that...ugh!! When you wish you could put a beat down on someone. I was smiling all through and then...Disgust and Rage. Awesome chapter. Cheers 😁
  6. mally

    Chapter 21 - Kill a Word

    Finally someone who can help them hopefully get justice and find the closure they need. Thanks for the update. Cheers 😁
  7. mally

    Chapter 34

    Huh...interesting...looking forward to the next update.Cheers 😁😄
  8. mally

    Chapter Twelve

    Unfiltered excitement coursing through my veins...❤❤Lucky and Zev ❤❤...gonna be great to see how the trio work together and kick a**. Cheers 😁
  9. mally

    Chapter 5 - Family is in Town

    So excited to see this back. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the notification hehe. More secrets unraveling and a pending attack, things getting intriguing. Cheers 😁
  10. mally

    Chapter 32

    He's got a point. This mission seems to be bottoms up from the get go, coming from the top. I like the way Kohen thinks and reasons. A lot of times you're in a service to humanity position and get so lost on the job that you're blind to how those you've helped have made it forward. Love this chapter. Another bitter-sweet Wednesday lol but keep em coming. Cheers 😁
  11. mally

    Chapter Eleven

    All I can say is yayyy!!!!! Hehe. But otherwise, looking forward to seeing how their journey unravels and connecting all the dots. Cheers 😁
  12. mally

    Chapter Twenty

    Lolz....does he?!?! Good to see the boys getting some time off to just be themselves. Still don't trust Chris' dad %100, but I'm starting to enjoy his character more and more. He's very clever if a bit blase at times. Which I guess is where my distrust comes from lol. Cheers 😁
  13. mally

    Chapter Nineteen

    I wonder if that was just a one time power boost or if their abilities have been increased. Very entertaining chapter, can't wait for more. Cheers 😁
  14. mally

    Chapter 15

    I'm hoping Carlos notices and says something and I bet you that sleazy cop had something to do with this too. Thanks for the update, waiting to see how the drama unfolds. Cheers 😁
  15. mally

    Chapter 8 - Slow Battles

    Interesting developments. Last pack and last alpha...I hope Larry can shit out some pups too lol. Getting excited to see how the plot thickens. Cheers 😁

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