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  1. Chapter Nine

    Yayy so happy for another chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next. Cheers 😁
  2. Following Footsteps

    Loving this....Oliver and mark definitely Remind me of Ryder and Teddy with the emotion written on their faces but a fear of making it known. They're so cute. Cheers 😁
  3. Chapter 16

    I have this big a** grin on my face that just won't move after reading this. Especially that ending. Someone's gonna have a sore butt...in more ways than one hehe. Thanks for the update. Cheers 😁 Hmm. I think I forgot something, yeah Jake's brother?? What's his name again??...sorry just have to scroll up for a second here....hmm that's it Diaz...I ain't worried about him. It really took him that long to google the guy?...slow and inexperienced. Though I feel he may get in some physical damage to Klaus while he's unaware or even to Jake and Klaus comes to the rescue. I still don't feel like he'll leave that great an impact on them...I might be wrong tho but for now meh
  4. Chapter 7

    That ending caught me by surprise...thought there was more 😂 A cliffhanger?!? Really?!? Lol I hope they get those ******* **** ** *******!! 😈😈 keep having to repeat "violence is not the answer" to calm myself as Troy suffered a lot of damage. They took it too far! And to think if it wasn't for the dog walker they might've killed him. RETRIBUTION!!! Hehe. Okay. I'm gonna go calm myself down with a glass of wine. Until next time.😔 Cheers 😁
  5. Chapter 22

    Knew it was coming, so happy it's finally in play....you can do this Kohen!!! That spicy scent huh? Hehe. Can't wait to see how his and the Captain's relationship develops. Cheers 😃
  6. Battle of the Brothers

    It's nice to have some down time and just take a look at their day to day lives sans the popularity and paparazzi chaos. Fun chapter to read, loved it. Cheers 😁
  7. Chapter 6

    How would they know about his grandma though? that seems a bit far fetched to think that they would send it without the knowledge that she doesn't know of their relationship and that she is old fashioned. I think he actually got the message from his mom but just like last time they caught him on his way home and this time by himself 😔😓 which would explain why his father came to look for him just an half hour later. I hope he isn't too hurt by the time they find him. Don't make us wait too long Hehe Cheers 😁
  8. Chapter 5

    Thanks for the update. Nice to see Adam settling into a new beginning and sense of being. He's becoming more confident and comfortable being himself around others. Cheers 😄
  9. Chapter 20

    Bitter-sweet Wednesday's. When it feels like you've reached the end too quickly. So happy for another chapter though, Kohen seems to be becoming our resident hero.I'm hoping these occurrences will help him in the end to see that he can do more than just hurt people. Even if that's what he was engineered for, his personal power is now his to control and decide what he does with it. Cheers 😄
  10. Chapter 15

    Always knew Diaz was an idiot so wasn't surprised there, I'd be more surprised if he wasn't planning something as far as gang mentality goes. I see Jake is opening up to a whole new world of debauchery...love it! Looking forward to more. Cheers 😁
  11. Redemption

    So many cute moments...I haven't had to reach for the tissues for a while now...but this one got me 😭 so freaking cute!!! Everything about this chapter was amazing. Cheers 😄
  12. Chapter 4

    I guess I shouldn't but I'm still hoping for some justice when it comes to the football jocks attacking Troy and Adam. Love seeing Adam blossom and actually getting to enjoy and be more involved as an highschool kid. Cheers 😄
  13. Questions, Questions, Questions

    Gotta say Teddy is really very resilient. Not sure if Oli getting a look at Ryder like that was a good idea at his age but it's necessary considering they all live together. Wonder how they're going to behave when they're all together again. Cheers 😁
  14. Chapter 19

    I'm glad Kohen recorded a message of what he heard, I just hope the captain hears it and can decipher it before it's too late. That hum is sounding very suspicious, like an explosion or something planet side...hmm. looking forward to seeing the next turn of events. Cheers 😄
  15. Just Ryder

    Mr. Haner just reminds me of Oli. The stubbornness and the whole once they have an idea it's hard to redirect or change their minds. Even though he's being unreasonable I still understand where he's coming from, plus some people take more time to forgive than others, especially when the person you have to forgive is yourself. Cheers 😀

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