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  1. Beach Day!

    I thought so too. But I think it's because it was such a laid-back chapter. No burst of emotions and frantic antics lol. Glad they were able to enjoy a leisure day. Reminds us that they're still just kids. 😊😊
  2. My Father's Shadow

    I teared up while reading this chapter. So happy that he's finally read the letter, I feel like this will jump-start his belief in himself and those around him who shower him with love. Gotta love Teddy. His actions towards Ryder when he is at his lowest always warms my heart, even though he struggles to find the right words his presence alone is enough. Looking forward to more. Cheers!!😁
  3. Shoulder to Cry On

    Such a powerful chapter...I'm just speechless...
  4. Bump in the Road

    He's trying so hard to have his cake and eat it too, but sometimes it's just not possible. As a childhood friend you would think Mike would behave better and be more sensitive towards Teddy but nope. Happy for Liz and Blake..knew they would get there hehe. I hope Teddy isn't too hurt, losing a friend like that is more closer to the feeling of losing a family member. Ryder is turning into a total bada**....Love It! At least at this level.Thanks for the update. Cheers!😁
  5. Chapter 15

    They...are..too...freaking....CUTE!!! That was definitely a making love kind of moment. They were both so innocent and sweet about it all. Just makes you love them even more. Thanks for the update, can't wait to see what happens next😁😊
  6. Ryder's Confidence

    Loving the updates. Looking forward to more.
  7. Chapter 12

    I'm so happy that he is making college his main goal over money. This is the one storyline where I feel like if they don't end up staying together, I would be alright because Jake was and is able to experience so much that he probably would have never had the opportunity to do. And to come from that kind of background and still be so humble and almost innocent, that's not a simple thing. He's just so cute. Can't wait to read more. Cheers😁
  8. Chapter 13

    I really do hope that he manages to let go and not blame himself. I see him as a strong addition to the crew if he can get pass what's happened to him and the things he was forced to do. This 1000 word limit is slowly killing me I swear lol. It gets so good and I get so involved in the storyline and then I'm at the end. Hehe bittersweet Wednesday's. Looking forward to more 😊
  9. A New Family?

    It's easy to appreciate the whole story when it's written so well. I always enjoy when a story flows well and the plot is structured nicely.
  10. Breakthrough!

    Now I'm starting to worry. Wasn't expecting Ryder to get into anything like this at all. Hope he doesn't develop a dependency. I don't think a but a weed here and there hurts, but if it becomes something that he utilizes each time he can't write.....hmm I don't know 😰.
  11. A New Family?

    I swear Teddy and Ryder just can't get any cuter. I always get so caught up in reading your chapters because of how great their story is written. Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to more.
  12. Chapter 8 - An unlikely bitch

    You literally just made my day. This was my last check-in for the night to see if I had any notifications. Then I saw this and I had to pause my movie and read it. I've missed reading about Ira. So happy you're back. Looking forward to more. Cheers 😊😁
  13. Home Sweet Home

    Everytime I get the notification that there's a new chapter, I swear my heart races. Absolutely loving the dynamic between Ryder and Teddy. To be able to see their relationship develop to them both being a shoulder for the other to lean on. Love that there are no quick fixes and that they are actually experiencing the difficulties and working through them. Can't wait to see what happens next. Btw if you weren't such an amazing writer we wouldn't be your awesome readers. 😁 looking forward to the next chapter.
  14. Loving this story. It never drags, always a new intriguing story line to keep you on your toes and pique your interest. Still so in love with Ira, he's just an amazing character with such a spunky yet delicate personality. Can't wait to read more. Thanks for the update
  15. All for One

    Okay. So I do understand other readers perspectives and why they have a growing dislike for Teddy, especially because Ryder is so awesome. But I think we have to take the hints we were given and keep in mind that even though he comes off as a strong, popular kid. Everybody has their demons. You build walls and take measures to protect yourself, it takes time to realize when you don't need those walls anymore and even longer to take them down because you put so much work into making those barriers and creating a reality for yourself. I think it's great that we're getting a view into two different personalities and two different self maintenance mechanisms that they've both developed to feel more secure in themselves. I love the fact that we are seeing the struggles they both face and it's not a quick fix happy ending, instead we see how much effort and work they are putting in on themselves and each other just so that they can be together because their both broken.

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