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  1. mally

    All That Matters

    I'm guessing that voice in his head might be linked to a certain assistant. Looking forward to see where we go from here. Cheers 😊
  2. mally

    Big, Strong...Friend - Shane

    So proud of Shane right now...surprised he's holding out, especially with Donovan's ehhem ehhem ☺ yeah. Great chapter. Cheers 😊
  3. mally

    Chapter 48

    Hehe loving this. Cant wait for more. Cheers 😊😊
  4. mally

    A Promise has Broken

    Ugh the snake finally shed its skin, knew there was something off about him but didn't expect it to come out like this. My poor Mekaias 😢😢 I'm secretly hoping that somehow he gets saved and George gets his balls handed to him. Norian!, if you can hear me, get your butt back to Mekaias this instant. Cheers 😊
  5. mally

    Shane Simpleton and Donovan Difficult

    I'm just filled with butterflies, humming birds, rainbows, magical unicorns, Cotton.Candy.Coloured.Ponies.... I think you get my point 😊😊😊 Eeeek!!! Totally gushing right now. Loved this chapter so so so much. Its wonderful to see them at that point where they can unload a few of their insecurities and burdens on each other. From this they will grow to understand each other more and better their communication. Still.....I wonder how long they can hold out for 😉😉 Lengthy comment lol I know, but thanks for the update. Cheers 😊😁😀
  6. mally

    Maybe a little feeling

    Such sweet chapter. Happy to see their connection growing as they both support each other. Looking forward to more. Cheers 😊
  7. mally

    Chapter 3 - You're a vile one

    This was like part 1, cant wait to see how this plays out in part 2 lol. Cheers 😊😂😁
  8. mally

    A long work week

    I somewhat agree with the comments. True Donovan needs to not take everything so seriously. But we cant forget that they both have a history and a past that throughout this story has strongly affected their interactions and how they communicate. So it's just a matter of learning how to communicate efficiently, and being understanding of each others baggage. Still though, Shane is a trooper. At least this shows us that he's willing to fight for what he wants. Thanks for the update. Cheers 😊
  9. mally

    Chapter 6 - Don't shit on the help

    Ugh sometimes I just wish I could reach through the screen and deliver some justice.. his (Dega's) animosity is wrongly directed and no one messes with my Ira!. Hehe thanks for the update. Cheers 😊
  10. mally

    Doors And Walls

    I agree, the dad seemed to recognize something about him...the question now is what? Glad to see that if Carter was in his real body he would still have a chance with Aron. I'm still trying to figure out how this is gonna work out but I feel like I'm gonna be in for a bit of a surprise. Looking forward to more. Cheers 😊
  11. mally

    Bride of Frankenstein

    My cheeks hurt....hehe...I swear I was either smiling or laughing since Shane showed up, and I continued to do so until the end. Their interactions are never sickly sweet but still hold a level of affection. Loving it. Cheers 😊
  12. mally

    Epilogue: Three Years On

    I think that's one of the best endings I've read on here. Very smooth plot that came full circle to the beginning of this journey while also wrapping everything up beautifully. Truly enjoyed this story. Cheers 😊😊😊
  13. mally

    Weird, but Pretty

    My sweet yet deadly...but mostly sweet Mekaias. So much happening all at once, it's nice to be brought back to how he is actually recovering and dealing with the abuse he suffered. Loving his growing relationship with the team and especially Norian.
  14. mally

    Chapter 46

    Loved the chapter. Thanks for the update Cheers 😊
  15. mally

    A Stone for a Horn

    Oh wow. So Mekaias' growth was pretty much stunted due to his abuse😔. Great to see them settling in so well together as mates. Thanks for the update. Cheers 😊

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