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  1. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    Of course you did let it slip, er, I mean foreshadow it in your short story so I knew it was coming up, yet it still caught me totally by surprise until you mentioned the sweaty palms, then I may have squealed like a school girl just a little bit
  2. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    YAASSSS!!! Absolutely amazing proposal! It choked me up a little bit (in a good of way) Nice timing with Valentine Day. What a long way our boy has come! So happy for them. CJ and the future first first husband. If it couldn't be Bill, I'm glad it will be Ozzie!
  3. Chapter 11

    I like how you're mixing the emotional journey with the physical needs. It feels a little more realistic than most stories where both teenage boys fall in love before any exploration.
  4. Over The Rainbow • Part II

    Another great chapter. It did feel a little rushed in places, but I understand that you don't want to be repeating too much from previous installments. The whole conversation with the parents about the future seemed very odd to me. CJ seemed over defensive, and it all just seemed very stilted. I do love this story though, and I love the real people you bring into the mix
  5. Over The Rainbow • Part I

    Welcome back, CJ! A very good chapter that reintroduced a lot of people without having to spell out who everyone was.
  6. Chapter 10

    A good chapter that seems to be moving the storyline along nicely.
  7. Josh.mp4

    This is not an easy story to read, but it is real and masterfully woven together. A heart breaking tale of unrequited romantic love, but deep friendship love gone awry. This story has very real, flawed, yet relatable characters. I recommend it to all. 9/10
  8. Watching a video

    Beautiful, heart wrenching, evocative, and multi dimensional. You painted a story that felt so real, and making it from the straight friends perspective was a golden touch. Nathan was a character that was difficult to like at best, but by starting like you did in the prologue, the tragedy added character. If I didn't know how his story played out, he may have come off as too creepy for me to keep reading, but it all came together in a visceral way. Thank you for the story.
  9. Fighting over a girl

    So does everyone have fake ID's? Sorry to make my first comment on here a nitpick but I wouldn't think Chili's would be selling drinks to a bunch of high school seniors. I've wanted to comment before with a working theory on the developing story line, but would rather plow through. I just gotta say though, this is very well written and does a fantastic job of showing instead of telling.
  10. Chapter 3

    So the president is an evil-twin of Mrs Clinton? I got confused there in the transition. It seemed like you were describing the Cheeto and the closet case as president and VP, then it was a GOP Mrs Clinton. . Hmmmm
  11. Chapter 14

    "They're blood suckers, and murderers. And some of them, I assume, are nice people" Oh my God! Could Vlad "suggest" he become a competent President?
  12. Chapter 13

    I have finally caught up with real time. I have really enjoyed these stories. Although involving the Pentagon worries the bejeesus out of me.
  13. Chapter 46

    I'm glad I stuck with this. I almost have up after Brett was killed. The pacing at that point felt very slow yet very rushed at the same time. It seemed to be chapter after chapter of goo goo baby eyes at our main characters and little else. Then from the point of the kidnapping on the pace improved dramatically, new characters were all over the place and it became a vampire series. I even remember thinking before that, that there just didn't seem to be any vampirism in a vampire book. In the end, the story lines came into gear and I really feel some fun times have been set up. I hope keeping Marissa alive isn't a mistake that comes back to bite them in the [neck]. Great mix of human and non human characters. I'm glad I kept with it and I'm looking forward to the next book. You have honored Daniel completely with this work.
  14. Afterword

    This was a very unique and powerful story. I always enjoy stories that show different perspectives on life. Aaron was an amazing character with such a good heart. The way you wrote Brian's parents impressed me as well. Firm in their religious convictions at first without being too characater-ish, then a realistic conversion to acceptance. Two things seemed odd to me though. After the lawsuit settlement the money was never mentioned again, and the boys felt they needed summer jobs, and both boys seemed to act surprised and hesitant at how much things cost. Secondly, im pretty sure you gave Brian two guitars. One from his parents and then the one from the GSA, but with the second guitar it's given the impression that it was the only one he had. Overall it was a compelling story, with several touching moments. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
  15. Chapter 3

    Very good story so far. I like vampire stories that aren't "traditional". Where I'm having a hard time stretching my suspension of disbelief is not in how accepting Devon is but in how perfectly good Colin is. His complete aversion to taking life and the way he owned his plantation just has me going "really??” Of course if he's based off your husband (and I'm sorry for your loss) then I guess it makes sense. Good story so far!

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