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  1. Thanks for the image reaction :)

    1. Tiger


      You're welcome. I noticed it was from one of the Mass Effect games. :wub: 

    2. SteveTrevor


      Inspired by, yeah :)

  2. Space Adventures

    Some pictures inspired by characters from my sci-fi stories.
  3. Hey W_L, is that offer of a Beta Read still open?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SteveTrevor


      Sounds good :)

      Stand by.

    3. W_L


      After I finish your 3 chapters how would you like my comments, inside the story via word doc or a summary

    4. SteveTrevor


      Whatever you'd prefer :)

  4. Chapter 1

    Thanks Dave, I appreciate the comment
  5. Woah, you're very perceptive on what might have happened to Steve ;)


    I also like your idea of him being tied up and gagged. Nice imagery :D

  6. Chapter 1

    Ah, sorry for misunderstanding. This is a post as I go job. What do you think happened to Steve?
  7. Chapter 1

    What do you think happened to Steve?
  8. Chapter 1

    Thanks so much
  9. Chapter 1

    It's only just beginning. We have to rescue Danny's handsome father
  10. Chapter 1

    Glad you like
  11. Thanks for the story reactions :)

  12. Chapter 1

    Thanks but what about Steve?
  13. Chapter 1

    Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on this

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