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  1. Chapter 9

    Hey, Lisa! Glad to see you enjoyed the chapter. Your thoughts on Klaus are (as always), spot on. After all, the guy needs someone to shake him up a little And I'm pretty certain he has a heart tucked inside somewhere. As for Jake, my baby does deserve all the love :)) Hugs, Laura.
  2. Chapter 7

    Wiser words have never been spoken ...
  3. Chapter 9

    Thank you! I hope you will like what comes next, too.
  4. Chapter 9

    Diaz's reasons will be revealed right away And I think everyone will be interested to lewrn more about his character in the following chapters. I am so grateful that you found the smut scene hot. It can be a bit challenging to keep things fresh. As for the next chappie, it's in the works. And I hope you will love it. Until next time, Hugs and kisses.
  5. Chapter 8

    Everything you are saying here is spot on. I want characters to progress through the story, and that means changing their perspective on things. And Jake throwing the chastity cage? Yes! I wanted to be a victory for him. Thanks a lot for noticing it!
  6. Chapter 7

    Yes! That's the kind of comment I was hoping to read. Everything is spot on, from what you said about Hans, and the shared history with Klaus (it will all be revealed at some point), to Jake's inexperience and Klaus's chances. Loves, loves, loves back.
  7. Chapter 6

    That was exactly what I was aiming for! So glad to see you liking it. I was myself chuckling when writing that scene. And I wanted to show Jake as more than just a sexy guy from the streets. Your comment proves to me I managed to get the point across. So many thanks!
  8. Chapter 5

    And, eh, another (sigh) premonition relation to the tiny dots in my outline (but you'll see what I mean when I'll get there with the story). As for that demonstration you are talking about, he, he, not far from that
  9. Chapter 4

    He, he, glad you liked the bruises comment :)) You prove to be quite insightful about certain events that will take place in the future and that are, at this moment, just a dot and line in the outline I drew for this story. And I quite like your stance on Hans. After all, he is just a guy, too. Jake being too petulant ... I think you're not the only commenter who mentioned Jake's petulance getting a bit annoying. I think I unconsciously aimed for that. (At least that's what authors would say after reading comments, he, he, he) Thanks a lot for your interesting comment!
  10. Chapter 3

    Interesting thing you tell me about your line of work. I like to believe that I will be convincing enough, as the author, when Jake's motivations will be revealed. Yes, it is unnerving to see someone doing that, especially a young person. And, while in some people, it may be an attempt to manipulate, what I can do, without giving away spoilers, is to tell you that in Jake's case it is genuine. Ah, and sorry about the choppy pace. Sometimes ideas come running and start to compete against one another. So, I am afraid it will not be the only time when this happens.
  11. Chapter 2

    First things first, thank you for your appreciation. Diaz will have a place in the story, and play his part, albeit he will still be a secondary character. I am pleased to see that you find the characters developing at the right pace since they're all my babies and I love them. And, seeing that you lived through chappie number two without getting bored, that's pretty swell. Now, onto the next
  12. Chapter 1

    Well, hello there I see you commented on every single chapter, which is pretty amazing, and there are many insightful things mentioned in your comments, so I need to reply to each one, to cover all the bases. I am so glad that you found the pacing good, it's not always my strong point. And the fact that I got you hooked ... That really makes me happy. It's not always easy to capture people's interest right from the start. Off to the next comment now.
  13. Chapter 9

    Very nice of you :))
  14. Chapter 9

    As someone said at some point in the comments, Diaz has his own agenda. So, that being said, I believe everyone will find the next chapter interesting as far as the interactions between the main players are concerned. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! And I am so glad to see that you remembered that Diaz didn't care about seeing Jake, up until now. As the author, I like to think that small details like these count. Until next time, Hugs.
  15. Chapter 9

    Thanks Wesley for being as prompt as always! Yes, I hope the new chapter will open some new doors

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