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  1. Happy Birthday, Wildone!

    Happy Birthday Steven. I would give you Bday spankings.. but 1. You wouldn't appreciate them much coming from me.... 2. My hand would be too sore from all the beating I'd have to do just to count that high..
  2. This story is on hold. I updated the status to let you all know there won't be any chapters in the near future. What I will do, is finish the story off site so that I can maintain a posting schedule once the story is finished. I feel that it has lost a lot of readers/comments - etc, because of that. I apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully I can get it out in a timely manner.
  3. Poor little man came into my room about midnight and told me he didn't feel good. 102 Temperature. Ear and Sinus infection. :( 

    1. clochette


      Oh no poor little guy :hug: hope he'll feel better soon 

    2. Headstall


      Awww... poor guy :hug: 

  4. Welcome New Moderators

    Just know that I'm innocent in everything that I do. An angel. Welcome! Good luck!
  5. Good Gay Theme Movies

    I watched C.R.A.Z.Y for the first time this year as well. It was a bit slow moving, but the characters were interesting enough to keep me watching.
  6. Linked Words

    Climb Down
  7. Linked Words

    Seats Empty
  8. Writer responsibility

    If it fits within the context of the story and characters, then you're only writing the story you want to write. When readers start dictating where and what your story is, then it is no longer your work and it most likely will not be finished. Earlier in my writing, I let readers dictate what they liked... and that sort of writing nearly drove me to quit completely. To a point, if you want your story to be a lesson for living, as there are movies/films, novels, and such that do that. Then yeah, you are a bit morally obligated to tell a certain story. If you are writing a story that you want to tell, but not put yourself on any soapbox, then no. You owe the readers no such thing. You can't stay within everyone's comfort zones, there is just no way to realistically do that. One of my favorite published YA authors second novel in a series felt like a Social/Political statement, with a little fiction mixed in. To me, that is far worse than characters that live outside of some people's comfort zones. It would have been fine. as well, if her first novel went along those lines, but it didn't. She lost the entertainment factor and what entertainment she put in it (so far, I haven't finished the book) has been pointless. So if you're writing what you want to write... then I wouldn't worry too much.
  9. Eh, I think Paul played a very loud and very 'personal attack' oriented game last season. More so than this season by far, I guess he learned people will listen to him better when he isn't baiting and berating them to death. lol. I think Nicole had moments where she played a better game than Paul, people kept bringing Nicole up, calling her out and such, but she was never put on the block. But yeah, Paul learned from his first season, no one really even suspects him of double dealing. lol.
  10. Chapter 28

    Well.. you wanted a response.. lol. That was the only one I could give you. Haha. I guess you can rest assured that I don't have that many evil intentions for my characters with this story.
  11. Chapter 28

    You'll have to wait and see.

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