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  1. When your husband comes through the door and says, "Now don't be mad..." 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Daddydavek


      ski boat

      bass boat

      sail boat

      pontoon boat

      house boat

      flat bottom jon boat

      So many options and you gave us no clue....


    3. Krista


      Lol. Pontoon.. and no Steven. You're not allowed on the Bro-boat, if I'm not allowed you aren't either. 

    4. Valkyrie


      Bro-boat... :gikkle: 

  2. Krista

    Chapter 29

    Aww. lol.
  3. Krista

    Chapter 23

    Lol. Yeh, couldn't leave that bit of unfinished business.
  4. Love when my boss schedules a surprise assessment and technical upgrade of our office without telling me. Comes into the office at 9am and is like, "what are you doing, we're upgrading your machines and doing office assessments, we need all of you out." WHERE is my e-mail, phone call, etc so I could have scheduled for that... 🙄

  5. Krista

    Chapter 19

    Yeahhh Daddy is very difficult to like in this story. Very fun character to write though.
  6. Krista

    Chapter 9

    Yes, it was. The relationship happened so quick.. so the end was just as quick to make it a bit balanced.
  7. Putting words to paper is so... tedious, even if writing is fun... the physical act of it after doing everything else I have to do in my day isn't something I look forward to. :ph34r:

    1. wildone


      You need to make writing into an escape, to relax ;)


  8. Krista

    Chapter 3

    Yes, very much so. Opposites definitely attract (in their situation at least) lol.
  9. Krista

    Chapter 1

    Thanks for reading! I had a lot of fun writing this story itself.
  10. A couple nights ago I watched a frustrating gay film. It is based on a book, maybe the book is where I would have needed to start before watching, maybe I would have understood these characters a bit better.. and the story. I was so frustrated that I wrote a little bit.. lol. So if anyone knows any other frustrating movies they'd like to share to kickstart my writing again.. feel free. :P

    1. BlindAmbition


      Most are frustrating. For what they get wrong, or stereotype. ☺️

    2. Krista


      Well this film was over all frustrating. The first part of the movie, was fine. The second part was extremely rushed, so rushed that the characters did a lot of things that... there was no backstory understanding, so the scenes fell flat. Also, their decisions were so opposite of what I would have thought a normal person would have been in the same scenario.


      The movie is Something like Summer, if you wish to watch it. 

  11. Krista

    The scent of your partner

    Yes. Smelling is a very important sense. It triggers the most memories, you can recall things better if there is a smell involved rather than relying on sight, taste, etc. I still remember that Aaron smelled like gain laundry detergent, coffee, and cinnamon gum the first time we met. With that memory, I can easily recall the time, day, what I was doing, what I was wearing. To be more on topic though, we do somewhat choose our mates based on that sense, it is a qualifying factor, a strong one.
  12. I was not nice today. Soph came home and asked me why Nanna (my MIL) said that the twins were a science experiment... :angry: I did not hold my tongue. Even though she said it in a cute way, Sophie.. "You know Mommy, like me made slime in science once, Nanna said Jonjon and Ashy were experiments.." *sighs* I've told this woman to stop referring to them as test tube babies.. science experiments.. but Sophie and even the twins are getting old enough to understand some of what she means by that. 

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      I'm trying to find a cutting and clever reply, but I'm too angry at your idiotic MIL to come up with any ideas of how you can respond. Perhaps you and your partner can agree to tell her she cannot see the children anymore, because they are now old enough to be upset by her cruel words?

  13. Krista

    Where would you like to live?

    I like where I'm living now. I like being close to family, but also the seclusion of the country. I disliked living in a city, even one as small as the ones in Kentucky, there are no sprawling major cities in the state really. I know I am not made for anything bigger. So, I will stick to where I am with the family that I have around me. If I were to change though, I think I would change countries not states. Mid-western Canada, Ireland, South Africa maybe (just to be close enough to go on safaris whenever I wanted to).
  14. Krista

    NCAA Men's Bracket Buster

    They're both really hot right now.. I'd want to see... Michigan win though. The team I think will win though is Villanova by 10-12ish. I just think they're the best team in the nation and have been all year to be honest.

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