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  1. Three's A Charm

    Thank you, that means a lot!!
  2. Three's A Charm

    Ok, now I know you must work for a travel agency and/or California Office of Tourism
  3. Three's A Charm

    Thanks so much! Yeah, we'll see more of Mason. Still not sure how often and in what capacity, but he'll appear again.
  4. Three's A Charm

    Thanks! Yeah you saw it coming
  5. Three's A Charm

    I wouldn't be surprised if you've also been to Sweden to investigate Anders' past
  6. Chapter 14

    I love that you have a consistent release schedule!
  7. Three's A Charm

    I love Joel, that story is amazing, esp. part 1! You wouldn't be willing to deal with snow even for a Nordic hunk? I know I would.
  8. Three's A Charm

    Thanks! Reliable sources tell me Mason will be back (shhh!)
  9. Three's A Charm

    I'm a flop at commenting
  10. Three's A Charm

    Well we're still very much in this story, but Anders will pretty much be a regular character from now on. Who doesn't like Swedes
  11. Three's A Charm

    Let's hope so!
  12. Three's A Charm

    Anders stood in front of Trick and Cody, embarrassed by his outburst from a minute ago, and still a bit confused as to what had actually happened. Realizing that they were standing in the way, Trick and Cody moved to the side so that other people can pass. “Guys, I’m finishing up my shift in about fifteen minutes, would you please wait for me here? I’d like to talk to you,” Anders said. “No problem, we’ll be right there,” Trick said, pointing to a café that was just across the hall. “Thanks, guys,” Anders replied and went back to finish his work for the day. Trick took Cody by the hand and together they sat at a table in front of a small café in the building that also housed the big skating rink. The entire place was like a large entertainment zone, with playing areas for children, a bowling alley, shopping mall, cafés and restaurants. It wasn’t crowded yet, as most of the visitors came in the evening. The guys easily found a table for three, took their seats and ordered. “Wow, I definitely didn’t see that coming,” Cody said, sipping on his cappuccino. “I know… Poor Anders. He clearly didn’t know Mason very well,” Trick said, still blowing over his orange-flavored tea, waiting for it to cool a bit. “Yeah, obviously… How do you feel, baby? I mean, seeing that jerk again? Seems like he hasn’t changed much.” “Looks like it,” Trick nodded. “I don’t know, babe. To be honest, I’m still so uncomfortable around him. Being there with you, I wasn’t afraid, but I didn’t like being around him at all. If I never see him again, it’ll be too soon.” “I know, baby… But I’m here, so don’t worry,” Cody smiled and reached across the table to take Trick’s hand in his own. “I feel bad that he ruined our date, though.” “He didn’t,” Trick smiled and shook his head. “I had a lot of fun skating with you. I loved it!” “Really?” Cody’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, I never would’ve done it if you hadn’t suggested it. So, whenever you wanna go again, I’m up for it.” “Awesome! I hoped you’d like it, although I wasn’t sure.” “I can see why, I’m not really a guy for any kind of physical activity,” Trick giggled, “but I’m glad we tried this.” Cody felt nothing but joy and contentment as he sat in the company of his boyfriend. So pleased that Trick enjoyed their date, Cody knew the two of them were closer than ever. Sure, he would’ve preferred if Mason hadn’t shown up, but he was happy with how Trick handled things. He was so proud of him! Even though he was pretty sure that Anders was flirting with Trick, Cody decided not to let that bother him since it was completely one-sided. He knew that his loving boyfriend didn’t have eyes for anyone but him. A few more minutes had passed and the young blond guy came to their table, smiling at them. “Hey guys, thanks for waiting for me,” Anders said as he grabbed a chair and sat down next to them. “No worries, man, we wanted to get something to drink anyway. We didn’t know what you like, so we ordered you tea, I hope that’s ok,” Cody said, pointing to the cup on the table. “Thanks, you really didn’t have to!” Anders said politely as he brought the cup to his mouth and took a sip. Although he was disappointed when he saw Trick had a boyfriend, he was glad that both of them seemed to be friendly and polite. Maybe he could at least make some new friends. Having moved to America from Sweden almost a year ago, he still didn’t know many people here. Although he had to leave behind his school and friends, he quickly adapted to living in the US, but he still didn’t care for the scorching hot summers – he preferred the cold of the north. “I wanted to apologize for what happened before,” he looked at the two guys nervously. “I really didn’t think he’d react that way, and I had no idea you guys knew each other.” “You don’t have to apologize, you did nothing wrong,” Trick said. “It’s not your fault Mason is an ass.” “What Trick said,” Cody nodded. “It wasn’t your fault.” “Thanks, guys. I still feel bad, though.” “How do you know Mason anyway?” Cody asked. “I met him a few months ago through some mutual friends. I play the piano, and some of the guys in my class play football on the same team with him,” Anders explained. “It’s not like we’re best friends or anything, but we would sometimes hang around with the other guys as a group.” “Well – you need better friends!” Cody laughed and Trick nodded in agreement. “I guess so,” Anders chuckled. “You can hang out with us,” Trick added. “You seem like a cool guy.” “Thanks, so do you two! Do you mind me asking, why did he react like that when he saw you?” “It’s a long story,” Cody said. “To get you up to speed – we went to high school together, and he was never very nice. Plus, he obviously has a problem with gay people,” he shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah, I can see that now…” Anders said. He started wondering if the other guys from the football team were the same. Two of them went to the same music college as he did – Blaine played the flute, while Zack played the violin – and he was sure they were good guys who wouldn’t have a problem with him being gay. However, there were also a few of Mason’s friends he didn’t know very well. He never hid his sexuality, but didn’t flaunt it either. If anyone asked him about it, he’d tell them openly, but he didn’t see the point in going out of his way to tell everyone he was gay. Back home, it was never an issue. It was always accepted like it was the most common thing in the world, but things were obviously different here. “So, you play the piano?” Trick asked, hoping to change the subject. “Do you want to play professionally some day?” “Well, I hope so. I attend the music college here in the city,” Anders smiled. Music was his passion and he loved playing it, listening to it and talking about it. “I’ve already done some concerts with some other students from college, but nothing too big.” “That’s awesome,” Trick replied. “If you guys want, you can come to some of my rehearsals. And of course, next time I have a concert, you’ll be invited,” Anders said enthusiastically. “Sure, we’d like to,” Cody smiled and nodded. “Sounds like fun!” “Are you from around here or not? Don’t take this as an insult, but it sounds like you have a bit of an accent?” Trick asked, hoping he sounded polite and that Anders wouldn’t get offended. “Oh, no worries,” Anders laughed. “Yeah, I’m not from around. I’m from Sweden – my family and I came here about a year ago. My dad got a great job offer, so we moved. Plus, I had just finished my high school there, so I enrolled in college here.” “I don’t really know much about Sweden, but it seems cool – pun intended,” Cody joked, getting a chuckle out of the other two. “That’s my boyfriend, the master of dad jokes,” Trick laughed, squeezing Cody’s hand. “So, are you seeing anyone at the moment?” Cody asked. “No, not right now,” Anders replied, shaking his head and forcing a smile. “I’m kinda too busy with college and everything.” The truth is, he was always too focused on his music and school, which didn’t leave much time for socializing and dating. It’s not like he never had any offers, but he never thought he would have the time to dedicate himself to being in a relationship, so he didn’t want to start anything serious. Now that he moved to America and basically started his life anew, he wanted to turn a new page and finally go out and meet someone, but it seemed to be easier said than done. Still, he tried not to worry about it too much. The right guy would come along, hopefully. After the three guys drank their hot beverages and exchanged their phone numbers, they said their goodbyes. As Anders went back home in time for lunch, Cody and Trick were on their way back to Trick’s dorm room. “Anders seems like a nice guy,” Trick said. Cody could notice by his expression that he had his mind on something. “Yeah, he does,” Cody confirmed. “What are you thinking about?” He got closer to Trick and linked their arms together. “I was just thinking… I hope he doesn’t continue hanging out with Mason. I don’t wanna see him again.” “Me neither, believe me. But even if he does, there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s not like he can’t be friends with us and Mason at the same time. We don’t have to hang out together,” Cody stated and Trick knew he was right. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but be a little concerned. “By the way, I think Anders likes you,” Cody smirked, nudging Trick with his elbow. “Well he likes you too,” Trick added innocently. “No, I mean, I think he was kinda flirting with you when we showed up, before he realized I was your boyfriend,” Cody smiled. “What? Yeah right,” Trick said sarcastically, waving dismissively with one hand. “I’m not jealous, I trust you completely. I’m just saying…” “I think you’re just imagining things. People don’t flirt with me.” “What? Why not?” “Why would they? Up until you came, I could barely get a guy to say hello, let alone go on a date with me. Not that I was really looking, but still…” “Oh, come on, why wouldn’t he want to flirt with you? You’re a cute, sexy, funny guy! And all mine, of course,” Cody quickly added and gave Trick a peck on the cheek, making him blush slightly. “I hate it when you have such low opinion of yourself, baby.” “I’m not, I’m just being realistic.” “Well I’m being realistic when I saw you’re amazing and super cute, and I love you so much,” Cody stopped and pulled Trick by the hand. Trick turned to face him and put his arms around his waist. He looked in Cody’s eyes, trying to find words to say how he feels, feeling butterflies in his stomach, like every time they kissed. “I love you too, Cody! You’re always so good to me and being with you is the best thing that ever happened to me.” Even though they were on the street, they didn’t care. Cody pulled him in closer and they kissed, feeling the heat not just on their lips, but also their hearts and their entire bodies. This was not a hungry kiss filled with lust, but one full of love and affection. Inspired by this display of emotions, Trick felt the need to make a little confession of his own. “You know, speaking of flirty guys, I was a little jealous once,” he said bashfully, looking away. “Really?” Cody grinned. “Jealous of whom?” “It was a while ago, the first time I saw you talk to Theo in the park. I didn’t know who he was…” “Ohhh,” Cody chuckled. He never would’ve taught Theo would provoke jealousy in Trick. “He’s just a guy from work…” “Yeah, I know that now, but I didn’t at the time,” Trick gave out a little laugh. “And he’s not even gay.” “Even if he was, you know you don’t have to worry about him. Or anyone,” Cody said. “I know,” Trick nodded. He had no doubts about his feelings for Cody, or Cody’s feelings for him. “Hey, speaking of Theo, I’m supposed to take his brother Tim to that museum I promised him, wanna come with? I’m sure he’d like to meet you as well!” “Sure, why not,” Trick said. “Hey, is Theo gonna come as well? Maybe I can bring Zoe along.” “Oh, you wanna be a matchmaker, huh?” Cody laughed. “Why not? He’s single, right? If they hit it off, maybe Zoe will finally stop moping around because of Brad.” “Sure, I’ll ask him to come. Are we gonna tell them they’ll be meeting each other or not?” “Ummm let’s not. Let’s keep it spontaneous. If they like each other – cool. If not, so be it,” Trick shrugged. Just like that, the plan was set in motion for friends, lovers and possibly future lovers to get together next Friday. Luckily for Trick, Zoe was easy to convince to come along. She didn’t ask any questions as she knew that deep down inside, Trick has always been a bit of a nerd and enjoyed science-related stuff. “You know, I’ve never been to the Museum,” she said as they were walking down the street. “Really? I’ve been only once, it’s really interesting,” Trick said animatedly. “Let’s wait for them, they should be here soon.” As they stopped in front of the Museum, Trick took out his phone to check for messages, while Zoe looked around. “Cody says they’re almost here,” Trick said, reading the text he had just received. Not even half a minute later, the three guys appeared, walking toward them. Tim was in the middle, walking between Cody and Theo. “Who’s the tall guy?” Zoe asked, furrowing her brows. “Oh, that’s Theo, Tim’s brother. Didn’t think he’d tag along,” Trick replied casually. “Hey guys, hope you haven’t been waiting for long,” Cody said, wrapping his arm around Trick and kissing him. “Theo, you already know Trick. This is his best friend Zoe,” Cody said, introducing them. “And this is Theo’s brother Tim.” “Nice to meet you,” Trick smiled at the boy and gave him a handshake. “Your name is Trick? Wow, cool name!” Tim said excitedly. “Thanks!” Trick chuckled. “I like yours too.” “So, you got tricked into comin’ along too, huh?” Theo asked Zoe as they got left behind. Tim had already hurried into the Museum, dragging Cody and Trick along with him. “Yeah, but I don’t mind,” Zoe replied with a smirk. “Me neither,” Theo said, opening the door for her.
  13. Meeting Family

    I'm loving this story so far! And omg I didn't realize you also wrote The Window Washer, which I read months ago, I loved it!
  14. Chapter 14

    Ouch, that unexpected ending... I hope it's nothing serious. On another note, I'm so happy they're enjoying each other's company, I've always liked Toby, he seems a great match for Liam.
  15. We Are Stars

    Haha I can't say I'm sorry! Thanks for making me laugh and I hope you keep reading.

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