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  1. I'd like to wish Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating it tomorrow, according to the Julian calendar. I hope you have a great time! :*)

    Also, the next chapter of Trick Me Once should come next week.

  2. Planning the Big Day

    Another sweet chapter! I just hope Kyle's parents don't show up and try to ruin the wedding.
  3. Release Date

    At this rate I'm gonna have to get all my characters move to another city in the next chapter
  4. Looking to the Future

    Well I'm glad Khan and Kaleb are finally getting along! I can't wait for the wedding, I'm sure it's gonna be adorable!!
  5. Release Date

    I'm happy to hear that Maybe they will, we'll see in the next chapter...
  6. Release Date

    Great, now you'll be stalking them online too.
  7. Release Date

    Thanks! I'm sure they'll save you a seat in the van/bush or whatever stakeout spot they're using.
  8. Release Date

    What do people have against mayo, it's delicious!
  9. Release Date

    Of course not, that's @glennish
  10. Release Date

    If I knew that, I'd be using it too ask @Bndmetl, she's been stalking Trick and Cody since chapter 5 or so...
  11. Release Date

    Ohh yeah that's a good one too! @droughtquake will collect your bets, people!
  12. Release Date

    If douchebag hears Trick made the app, I don't think he's even gonna install it, let alone make a profile
  13. Release Date

    Ohh sorry, I haven't watched that show, so that's totally a coincidence (pls don't sue me, Glee creators!)
  14. Release Date

    I'm sure the only reason he hasn't asked them yet is because he was waiting for you
  15. Release Date


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