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  1. Chapter 1

    Aww I love Kier and Nikki so much! I read the homecoming story recently but didn't even realize there's a sequel!
  2. Home for the Holiday's or Not!

    I'm so happy whenever I see a new chapter of this story posted! You never disappoint! Kyle and Blu are as cute as always, finally they had their first proper kiss! And Chapman needs to gtfo before I get violent.
  3. Reunion

    thanks! we'll see, still a long way to go...
  4. Chapter 1

    Wow such a great story! You really vividly described the atmosphere of the two of them being closed in that small space together, heating up their bodies and their feelings for each other at the same time If you ever revisit these characters for a sequel, I'd definitely read it!
  5. The Unwanted Guest

    Damn, what does he have to do to earn your trust Thanks for the support!
  6. The Unwanted Guest

    The only dicks Sam and Brian are thinking about now are each others
  7. The Unwanted Guest

    thank you for the nice words! and no, it's not the end yet!
  8. The Unwanted Guest

    Thanks! I think Sam surprised everyone, including himself
  9. The Unwanted Guest

    thank you for the kind comment, as always Sam is not giving up on his love!
  10. The Unwanted Guest

    The building door buzzed and opened, letting Sam in. He climbed two flights of stairs and rang the doorbell. “Hey, this is a surprise!” Jared said as he opened the door. “Yeah, sorry… Can I come in?” “Sure, make yourself at home!” “Sorry for coming unannounced, I know it’s late…” “No worries, man, I was just having dinner. You hungry?” “No, thanks,” Sam politely declined as he sat on the couch. “Can I get you anything to drink?” “Just some water, please,” Sam said. It was obvious that something was bothering him and he didn’t try to hide it. “What brings you here? You seem kinda down, is something wrong?” Jared asked as he returned from the kitchen, bringing Sam a glass of water. “Yeah, I… need to talk to you. If I stayed alone with my thoughts, I would’ve probably gone crazy. I just need to share this with someone…” “Well, I’m honored,” Jared said jokingly. “Love problems? Or should I say – Brian problems?” “More like my-messed-up-brain problems,” Sam said, rubbing his temples. “Now what?” Jared shook his head. “Come on, it’s probably not as bad as you think it is. I’m sure it’s nothing that can’t be resolved with some common sense.” Jared already knew Sam was insecure and shy when it comes to dating. Many things that came easily to Jared, like actually talking to guys, were an insurmountable obstacle for Sam. That’s why Sam knew that Jared would be the right person to talk to about this – he had probably already gone through something like this, or would at least have some good advice for him. Sam opened up and told him all about Brian, Richard and everything that happened that day. He felt bad for sharing personal stories from Brian’s life, but he was desperate for advice. Also, he trusted Jared not to be a jerk and share this with anyone else. “I’m afraid,” Sam said, insecure and anxious. “…that Brian might leave you for Richard?” Jared added. “Yes.” Jared shook his head again. “Sam, remember when I told you I saw how you look at Brian at work? I could tell by that just how much you like him.” “Yeah…” “Well, in case you haven’t noticed it, he looks at you the same way. I don’t think any other guy is on his mind except you. Not even his ex,” Jared said confidently. Sam sat silently and sighed. “They’ve been together for so long, though…” “So what? That doesn’t have to mean anything. Sometimes it only takes a few days or weeks to realize you’re in love with someone.” Sam wondered if Jared was talking about himself, but didn’t ask anything. “Look, you’re crazy about him, right? Then of course you’re not gonna give up,” Jared said, waving his hands as he spoke. “Of course not… I should fight for him.” “If he feels the same way about you, you won’t have to fight. Just be there for him, support him.” Sam sat there, thinking about what Jared just said. It all made sense, it sounded quite simple, doable. Of course he’s not going to just sit at home and wait for Brian to call him and tell him what happened. He’s going to be there with him every step of the way. “Why you’re not a therapist, I’ll never know,” Sam finally spoke, making Jared chuckle. “Me neither, man…” -- Brian was busy in the kitchen, preparing dinner. He invited Sam to come that evening so they can have a nice dinner together and maybe a sleepover. He knew Sam wouldn’t be able to resist his skills, both in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Bo was sleeping on the couch, tired from a walk they just took around the block. When he heard a knock on the door, he immediately raised his head and started barking. That got Brian’s attention and he came to see who it was. He didn’t expect Sam so early. Unfortunately, it wasn’t him, but the person he didn’t want to see. “Richard, hi,” he said as he opened the door. He was not surprised since Sophie warned him he might come, but he wasn’t thrilled either. “Hey… You look good, Brian,” Richard said. “Can I come in?” “Sure,” Brian said. Richard gave him a hug and entered. The tension was palpable, but Richard was determined to try and alleviate it. “So, how have you been?” “Good… Great, actually.” “That’s good to hear.” “You? Still working in that gallery?” “Yeah, still there. Been promoted to manager recently,” Richard said proudly, as if he was expecting applause. “Oh, well, congratulations.” “Thanks... I take it you heard from Sophie that I called?” “Yeah, she told me.” “I wasn’t sure how you’d react to me just showing up, and I didn’t have your new number, so… I thought I’d call her to see how you were doing. You don’t mind, do you?” “Not really… I mean, I can’t stop you from calling her.” The two men sat on opposite sides of the couch, scanning each other, as if trying to figure out as much as they can about the other one just based on their faces and body language. Brian was wary of Richard, while Richard was trying to determine if he still had any chance, no matter how small. “It’s been so long since we sat together and talked… Feels like ages,” Richard said and moved an inch closer to Brian. “So, are you seeing anyone?” “Actually, yeah, I am. Happily involved… with a great guy,” Brian smiled, for the first time that evening. “Oh, that’s… good to hear. Is it serious?” “Yeah, I think so.” “You think so?” Richard smirked. “What about you?” Brian cut him off before he could say one of his snappy remarks. Throughout the conversation, Brian was periodically checking his phone and messaging Sam. Brian: We’re still on for dinner tonight? Sam: Sure baby. What time? Brian: Whenever u want. btw Richard’s here. If u don’t wanna come, I get it. Sam: No, I’ll be there. Can’t wait to see you! Brian: Same here baby. xo “No, not currently seeing anyone… At least nothing serious. You know, that’s actually why I wanted to see you. I’ve been thinking a lot about us, how we ended things…” Richard continued. “Oh?” “Brian, I know what I said back then, but I never meant to hurt you. I still care about you, you know. We had an amazing time together, didn’t we?” “We did, but that’s all in the past now. No point in bringing it up…” “Maybe we could go back to how it was again? It’s not like we have to get married to have a relationship,” Richard rolled his eyes. “And you know how good we were in the bedroom…” “Richard, we can’t. That’s not what I’m after… Besides, I wasn’t enough for you and I accepted that. I’ve moved on, and now I’ve found someone who wants the same things I do. Someone who really makes me happy.” Talking to Jared put things into perspective for Sam. It helped him realize that he can’t just sit on the sidelines when it comes to his own relationships. It’s his life, he’s not just an observer, but an active participant. When Brian texted him that Richard was there, he got dressed and hurried to Brian’s apartment. He wanted to get there before Richard left. Still, when he finally got there, he was nervous, his palms were all sweaty and he felt like he had a hole in his stomach. He had no idea what he would say. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell, but all of his anxiety vanished as soon as Brian opened the door and smiled at him. Just seeing his face made him feel good. “Hey, baby,” Brian gave him a peck on the lips and hugged him. “Hey, you,” Sam smiled and followed Brian into the apartment. “This is Richard. Richard, this is my boyfriend, Sam,” Brian introduced them to each other. Awkwardness was present in abundance. Sam was trying to assess the situation, since he just got there and didn’t know what the two of them had been talking about. Had they been arguing? Reminiscing? On the other hand, Richard was surprised – he didn’t expect Brian’s new boyfriend to be so young. What did Brian see in him? Were they really that serious? He thought he and Brian could at least be friends again, and then over time maybe he’d make him remember all the good moments they had, until they got back together. But hearing that he has a new boyfriend, and now seeing him in the flesh, was not something he was expecting. After some awkward small talk, Brian had to go to the kitchen to check on dinner, but remained within earshot. Sam pretended to do something on his cell phone, trying to ignore Richard. However, Richard kept poking at Sam, wanting to find out as much about their relationship as possible. He wasn’t impressed with Brian’s choice of guys at all. “I didn’t know Brian was into kids,” Richard said sarcastically. “I don’t know about that,” Sam said, looking at his phone, and then raised his head and looked Richard in the eyes, “but I know he’s into me.” “Yeah… So, how long have you two been going out?” Richard asked, raising his eyebrows very slightly. “Long enough,” Sam responded, refusing to play any of Richard’s games. It was clear to him why Richard came here. He wanted Brian back, or at least he thought he did. Maybe his other ‘options’ failed, maybe he wanted him just because he was now unavailable. Whatever the reason, Sam knew he was not going to let him spoil his relationship with Brian. “Look, Sam, I know you think you and Brian are the perfect match… But I’ve known him much longer than you have. I was with him much longer. Trust me on that.” “And your point is?” Sam shrugged his shoulders. “I know what he wants, a real man by his side. Not a fleeting romance with a… boy,” he shook his head. “What could you offer him?” It was a rhetorical question to which he didn’t expect an answer. “All of my love. Unconditional,” Sam replied, his eyes welling up with tears. “Because I love him with all my heart, which is something you couldn’t do. Something he deserves.” Brian took a step forward so that the other two men would notice him standing there. Both of them turned to look at him – Richard with a confused look on his face, and Sam with watery eyes. “Richard, you should go,” Brian said, holding his gaze on Sam. His complete focus was on Sam and what he just said. He didn’t care about anything else, he just wanted to be alone with his boyfriend. “Fine… I can come another time…” Richard started to reply. “You really don’t have to. Nothing’s changed between us. Move on and just… forget where I live.” Brian said flatly, moved to the door and opened it. Without a word, Richard got up and left. Brian closed the door behind him and turned to Sam, who was still standing in the same spot. They looked each other in the eyes, as Brian came up to him and took him by the hands. “Did you mean what you just said?” Brian asked, his own eyes starting to well up now. Sam smiled at him lovingly and stroked his cheek with his hand. “Of course. You’re my Brian… I love you so much,” Sam said gently, looking him in the eyes, a soft smile on his lips. Brian took Sam by the shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss, mustering all the passion inside of him and letting it explode in Sam’s mouth. He couldn’t feel or hear anything else, just Sam’s lips on his own, Sam’s arms wrapped tight around his body, his words echoing in his head: “I love you so much.” This was the first time he told him that. Their soft, hot lips melted together. He never felt such closeness with anyone, Sam was now a part of him. As they finally broke the fiery kiss to take a breath, Brian gently cupped Sam’s face with his hands and brought it close to his own. “My beautiful Sam, I love you too.” Both men closed their eyes, as their mouths met once again. Sam parted his lips, letting Brian in, hungry for his taste and his touch. He held his arms around Brian even tighter, thinking he’d never be able to let go. These words were all he wanted to hear, but he never in a million years thought they would feel so good.
  11. Reunion

    thank you so much, I'm glad you like it!
  12. Epilogue

    Thank you for such a lovely story. Marc and Toni make a great couple I wouldn't mind having my own Marc to pamper me
  13. Reunion

    (Kaleo) As soon as I stepped on the island, my brain was flooded with memories. Everything I saw reminded me of some scene or event from my childhood. It felt overwhelming. The island itself was… it’s hard to explain. It felt different and same at the same time. There were new buildings, cafes, roads, but the same spirit of Poa was still there. It was still the same sky, same air and trees as I remembered them. I felt my lungs expand and fill with the fresh air of my homeland. It’s as if I wanted to breathe in all of the island, to make up for the time I spent abroad. I headed straight for the nearby hotel, a small building right next to the port. Of course, I wouldn’t be staying there, I would go to my old house, where my grandpa was currently living. However, one of my cousins, Vicky, was working at the hotel and I wanted to let her know I arrived. Vicky is not just a cousin, but also a good friend. She has a very good soul and always cares about how others feel. I was looking forward to seeing her. She didn’t know about my condition and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell her. I’d decide after I see her… She was there, cleaning the rooms and carrying out whatever other duties she had. I sat in the lobby and waited for her to take a break. About fifteen minutes later, she was coming toward me with a big smile on her face. “Kaleo! You’re here!” she extended her arms and I stood up, giving her a warm hug. “Vicky, it’s so good to see you!” “Ohh, cousin, it’s been so long… So many years.” “I know… I wish I was able to come more often. Do you have time to sit down with me for a bit?” “Of course! I missed you so much, how are you?” Hmm how am I? That was a difficult question to answer. I didn’t want to spoil our reunion, so I opted for a generic response. Even if I decide to tell her the truth, it won’t be today when she’s so happy to see me. “Much better now that I’m here. I’ve missed this place. I’ve missed home.” As Vicky told me about her life and our other relatives, I felt comfort just being there. She made me feel better just with her presence and her vivid descriptions. I told her about my life in L.A., my job, my mom and dad. As we were sitting there and catching up, I glanced up toward the reception desk and saw a familiar face. It was the stranger again, probably checking in. For a split second, I thought about waving and saying hi, but I quickly dismissed that idea. He probably didn’t even see me. It doesn’t matter. My focus was back on Vicky and our conversation. Soon, her break ended and she had to go back to work. I took a taxi and headed for my home. This was another great moment that I needed to mentally prepare myself for. I wondered how much have things changed? The house, the neighborhood, my old room, grandpa… I was trying to remember how it all looked, but memories were cloudy after all these years. My grandma died four years ago, so grandpa (or Pa, as I called him) was now living on his own. I felt bad for him, I wondered if he was lonely. We have other relatives, but still, he was living all alone in that house. We wanted him to come to America to live with my parents, but he refused. He didn’t want to leave the island. Heck, he wouldn’t even move to another street, let alone another continent. The taxi dropped me off right in front of my house. I stood there for a minute, just absorbing everything, every single detail. My eyes were wet, but I managed to keep myself from crying. I picked up my bags and came to the door, knocking twice. “Kaleo!” grandpa said just that one word as he opened the door, giving me a big hug. We stayed like that for what seemed like an hour. The reunion was nothing short of sentimental. His eyes welled up, but I was already crying. He was still the same man, just with more wrinkles and more gray hair. I didn’t realize how much I had missed him all this time until I actually saw him there. Sitting in my old home and just talking with grandpa made me feel much better. I felt calm and comforted sitting there, in the warm house in which I grew up. I decided not to go out for the rest of the day and just stay in and help Pa around the house. Age has caught up with him and he could barely walk, never separating from his walking stick, so I wanted to help as much as I could. In the evening, after we had dinner, I decided to tell him exactly why I returned. Even before I came here, I knew I would tell him. I couldn’t and didn’t want to hide anything from him. It was easier than I thought, at least for me. He was heartbroken. “Are you sure? Are the doctors sure?” he asked, fighting the tears. “Yes,” I nodded. He was holding my hands in his own. After several seconds of silence, he finally spoke again. “Don’t go. Stay here,” he pleaded. “I mean… don’t go back to America.” “I won’t, Pa. I’m staying here,” I confirmed. He squeezed my hands and then moved to sit next to me on the couch and gave me another warm hug, as if he wanted to give me all of his strength. “We will try, kid. We will pray to the spirits,” he said gently. “Pa, I wanted to ask you… I read something… about a plant called the ‘morning tear’.” That was another reason why I wanted to return here. I read about this miraculous plant that was supposed to cure illnesses. Even though I didn’t want to get my hopes up, I couldn’t help but think about it as my only chance. “Yes, I know… There are stories… Its healing properties are said to be extraordinary,” Pa replied. “I want to go out and look for it. I have to try.” “Yes, you must. I would go with you, but… I don’t think I’m capable as I used to be…” he said sadly. “I know, Pa, don’t worry.” “And Hiri, you must look for her too. If you can find her, maybe she can help you…” “I will, Pa,” I said, squeezing his hand. -- (Adam) After I unpacked and settled in my hotel room, I realized I actually liked it. It took some time to adjust, but it was nice and cozy. Sure, it didn’t have a big flat TV screen, a mini bar or a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi, but those were all distractions I didn’t need right now. Besides, I was on a freaking tropical island, why would I bathe in a Jacuzzi? I lay on my bed, which was actually quite comfortable, wanting to get some rest from the trip. After a while, my stomach started growling and I went to go out and grab some lunch. I wondered what kind of food I’d be able to find here. Probably nothing I’m used to eating in American restaurants, but you never know. As I got downstairs and walked through the lobby, I saw the woman who worked in the hotel, the one with whom the mystery man was talking when we got here. I couldn’t help myself. “Excuse me, Miss,” I approached her and got her attention. “Yes, how can I help you?” “I’m sorry to bother you… This may sound like a weird question, but… I saw you talking to a man earlier today. Young, tall, long black hair…” “Yes, my cousin.” “I see… We met on the ship, we travelled together, and I was wondering if you could help me find him. He seemed like a nice guy, and I don’t really know anyone here.” “He’s staying with his grandfather. I’ll give you the address, it’s here in this town. And of course, I’ll tell him you were looking for him when I see him. You are…?” “Adam. And thank you so much.” I wrote down the address she gave me, shook hands and went on my way. The streets were surprisingly busy and vibrant. I didn’t expect so many people, to be honest. Of course, it couldn’t compare to Chicago or other major US cities, but still… It was nice to see people enjoying themselves, laughing and talking. I tried to absorb everything I could – the people, the outfits, architecture… All so exotic and colorful, at least to me. After exploring a few streets, I settled on a small restaurant, picked a table outdoors and sat down, ready to fill my empty stomach. It was way past my lunch time. Back at work, I’d have my lunch break at 1 o’clock, but now it was already 3 in the afternoon. A minute after I sat down, a small girl came to my table and pointed at the chair next to me. “Can I sit here, mister?” “Uh… Sure, little girl. What’s your name?” “Hanna.” “And what have you got there?” I pointed at the papers she was holding. “Just some drawings. I like to draw.” She sat down, put some papers on the table, took out a pencil and started drawing. “Ooh, those are nice!” “Hanna, don’t bother the young gentleman,” a woman came and politely spoke to the girl. “I’m sorry, sir, that’s my daughter. She likes to come here while I work and keep me company.” The girl smiled at her mom. “That’s nice! And she’s not bothering me at all,” I replied, amused. “Be good,” she gently told her daughter and stroked her black hair. “What would you like to order?” “Could you recommend something?” “Maybe this,” she pointed at an item on the menu. “It’s a dish made of seafood, it’s delicious!” “Sounds good,” I nodded. She went inside and quickly returned with my food. “OK, let’s leave the young gentleman alone so he can eat,” the waitress told her daughter, helping her pick up her drawings and pencils. The girl moved to another table and continued drawing, while the woman carried on with her work. Every once in a while, she would check on her daughter, smiling at her. The girl would occasionally smile or wave back at her mom. I found the scene very endearing. Would I be a good father? I never really thought about having kids. I’m not sure how I’d be able to handle the pressure, all the responsibilities… Now that I’ve thought about it, I guess I would like to have a kid one day, when I find the right guy… As I was looking around at people, wondering about their life stories, I was very happy to see one particular person walking down the street toward me. It was the mystery man from the ship. Great! I’d love a personal tour guide. I waved at him and after a few seconds he noticed me and came to my table. “Hey! We meet again,” I said, standing up and extending my arm. “I’m Adam.” “Hi, I’m Kaleo,” he said, shaking my hand, light smile on his face. “I remember you, from the ship.” “Yes. Nice to see you again! Would you like to sit down for a drink?” “Sure, why not.” To be honest, I wasn’t sure he’d accept my invitation, but I’m glad he did. He turned out to be an interesting person to talk to, and his good looks certainly didn’t hurt. I did sense some sadness or melancholy in the way he spoke and in his eyes – his big, brown eyes. I found myself staring at them often during our conversation. “So, what brings you to Poa?” he asked me. “Frankly, I didn’t plan to come here… It just sort of happened, you know? I needed a vacation… a break from everything, and I just spontaneously picked this little island. It seemed like a good getaway spot.” “That is… a good assessment of Poa,” he said. “So, a break from everything? What does that mean?” “Well, how much time do you have?” I briefly told him about my stress at work, my failed love life and non-existent social life, all the while hoping I wouldn’t bore him to death. “It’s just that… Everything came together slowly and made me realize how dissatisfied I am with my life. I don’t know, it feels like all this time I’ve been working for nothing.” There I was, explaining my innermost thoughts to a perfect stranger. I guess I really needed to vent, and he was a good listener. “I think you did the right thing by taking a break. Sometimes we need to distance ourselves from everything so that we can see things more clearly. It certainly won’t hurt.” “I guess so…” “But that’s the easy part. The hard part is actually taking action and changing things you’re unhappy with. You have to be brave.” I nodded. I could already see that was going to be hard. I would need time to figure that part out. What to do, how to change things? “What about you, how come you’re here?” He looked away and slightly opened his mouth, and then paused for a few seconds. “I was homesick… Missed my home, my grandpa.” “Of course,” I said. I could see that he wasn’t comfortable with the topic for some reason, so I moved to something else. Eventually, we said our goodbyes and I told him I hoped to see him again before I leave. All I got was a light smile and a “Perhaps…” before he went away. I definitely intend to turn that ‘perhaps’ into a ‘yes’.
  14. Down by the River

    Lol I'll keep that in mind in case I need his services (in fiction or real life)
  15. Memory Lane

    Jared and Sam had previously set some boundaries. Jared probably wouldn't mind breaking them, but I'm not so sure about Sam...

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