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  1. FSELL

    Chapter 12 Under the Stars

    Exactly, @FanLitand I can tell you Step after talking to Sam (which we will get some idea about later) ripped all the boy's a new one, Lucas got a call that he won't forget in a hurry either. the code, what happens away stays away which is so bad Lucas oops. The group of boy's all do need to grow up, to a degree most guys when in a group will revert to teenage behavior till someone starts to stand up and pull them into line, who that will be, anyone's guess. thanks for the comments and feedback too, appreciate it loads,
  2. FSELL

    Chapter 12 Under the Stars

    Hey @chonga Thanks for the feedback, Steph, she's awesome. someone you WANT on your side not the other way around for sure. Josh is another nice guy, and I hope that everything turns out for him, I really enjoyed having Josh in the story and look forward to him hopefully returning. ITs must be a family thing with those boys, get drunk and do dumb shit with electronics, Jamie--- book a holiday but I think someone else (Gav/Dave) might have had a huge hand in that, and Luca's breaking the code of what happens away, stays away, no sending photos. I can only guess what these two are going to get up to over the next 8 weeks, thanks again hope you have an awesome day.
  3. FSELL

    Chapter 12 Under the Stars

    Exactly, Sam knew what he was getting in for to a degree at the start and a few times along the way, but they both felt something and connected, more than great sex, something more. The most adult thing Jamie has done was to let Sam go. It killed him, I probably could have written 10,000 words alone on how crushed Jamie was on that flight. Although his actions in Cali, they prove that Jamie is still playing around like a teenager at times, there are moments of adulthood or 'greenshoots of a man' as my granddaddy would say when we were learning hard lessons as kids and young adults, let's hope Jamie learns from this sooner rather than later. thanks again for taking the time to comment and follow, it's really appreciated.
  4. FSELL

    Chapter 12 Under the Stars

    thank you @Rndmrunner insightful comment, that's exactly what this is about, we see a boy (acting like one anyways) turn into a man before our eyes and have a few laughs and tears to wash it all down, thank you for reading following and commenting its appreciated.
  5. FSELL

    I'm not really sure about this...

    thank you @FanLit I'm glad you were able to see that their relationship could have been something, but Jamie was on the rebound, he met Sam drunk on the day of his divorce being finalized, how could he not be and that just wouldn't work long-term... And we don't know whats around the corner, hopefully, they will find love, each other?? we will have to see. (Strangely enough, as I read my notes on Sam, i think I'm in love with him too, awesome guy.) thanks again for following, and taking the time to comment, have a fantastic day, John.
  6. FSELL

    Chapter 16 - Ember

    Howdy @jaysalmn and @Hunter of Porn , I totally agree. Two characters in any story just can’t one day go oh dang, we’re all good now. Without a good old fashioned throw down about the past, the elephant in the room needs to be cleared out. Never going to give away story lines or direction, but be sure elephants (figuratively not actual animals) were exercised in this story . thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it, see y’a . John
  7. FSELL

    Chapter 26

    Fantastic chapter, story, writing. Can’t wait till the next, until then, have a fantastic day, 😁
  8. FSELL

    Chapter 25

    I have had th pleaseure of joining this story late, so over a few days here and there, I’ve been sitting back and trading a Netflix binge session for this fantastic story. I love the feel of the characters, the passion, émotion and starting of some salvation too. To those boys who are Zack’s friends and salvation. What guts and love for a friend displayed there, something that adults struggle with and mostly look the other way if confronted with it. I hope that you’re able to continue the story, and take us with you and Zach, Brody, Adam and Sam soon, thank you it’s been a pleasurable emotional roller coaster. 😎
  9. FSELL

    Chapter 14

    Oh jeez, I can’t believe that this SOB is getting away with abusing and damaging his own son, bastard.
  10. FSELL

    Chapter 13

    Oh Zack... I just so want to help you, protect you and have a ‘chat’ with your father, bastard.
  11. FSELL

    Chapter 12

    Anticipation, heartbreak, relief and joy. Amazing story thank you
  12. FSELL

    Chapter 3

    Love the story, want to find his dad and have a chat.... one where he wouldn’t touch Zach again for fear of his own safety.. Fantastically written, thanks
  13. FSELL

    Chapter 12 Under the Stars

    Actually no, it’s, Calvin Harris Summer, what lovers do Maroon5, feel it still Portugal, body like a backroad Sam hunt (on my Sam hunt hmmmm) half of Vance joys new album, Soclose too you Calvin again, just friends Hayden James.. that list goes on for about 30 more ahah but you get the idea , see y’a
  14. FSELL

    Chapter 12 Under the Stars

    Agree with all thnx
  15. FSELL

    Chapter 12 Under the Stars

    Thanks for your shared thoughts and comments @milanon , simply their is no comparison between the character Jamie and the international action in Afghanistan (Operation Slipper) where Australian military personnel and assets were deployed, saw action in real harms way. I have the greatest respect for all services and nations involved in that action. In this story, Jamie is desperately trying to sort his life, and part of that is to try (and fail a bit) and restart on the “right foot”. Sam, would have been a walk up life partner for Jamie, but Jamie was unsure of himself and where his life is headed, and in a moment of rare clarity, let Sam go with all of that in mind. Hopefully he won’t (Jamie) live to regret it. Thank you for you comments, really appreciated them. Have a fantastic week, John

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