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  1. lenhall

    Chapter 8.4

    Love this and cant wait to see where this story will go.
  2. lenhall

    A Solid Bond

    Loved this story!! Great job.
  3. lenhall

    Chapter 7 - How slow do you go?

    That is just plain mean!!!
  4. lenhall

    My Son

    The link works now.
  5. lenhall

    My Son

  6. lenhall

    That Summer's Day

    Wonderful story
  7. lenhall

    WSD Chapter 5

    Just love your writing and how you tell stories. Keep them coming.
  8. lenhall

    Chapter 7

    Great story. Hooe it is not on hold too long.
  9. lenhall

    A New Step

    Very happy to see more of this story
  10. lenhall

    Georgetown: Roar

    I love this whole series of stories. Well developed and interesting characters and a good blend of topics. Looking forward to the next one.
  11. lenhall

    Chapter 10

    Love this story and await new chapters with eager anticipation!
  12. lenhall

    FS Chapter 30

    Great story and look forward to many more from you.
  13. lenhall


    Enjoying this story immensely and can't wait for the next chapter!
  14. lenhall

    TC Chapter 3

    I really like your stories which is why I am following you now. Can't wait to read tour future works. Especially frontier!
  15. lenhall

    Chapter 39

    Wonderful story. Can't wait for the continuing adventures of Jack.

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