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  1. ddmyers


    I just found this story and I'm really curious to see where it goes. Uriel is an interesting character.
  2. ddmyers

    Helping Hand

    I had a feeling it was going to go this way, so glad to see it. Yay, they'e dads. The kids will fit right in. Queue the family smothering. Oh man Nan is going to completely ruin those kids when she gets back. I just love this story, the characters, just everything about it.
  3. ddmyers


    I just fall more and more in love with these characters, Ryder, Teddy, grandma, Teddy's parents, Blake and Liz. The growth both Teddy and Ryder have shown and the support they all give each other is so great to see. I'm also so happy to see that success isn't causing Ryder to forget who he is but helping him to better define himself and help others. Depression is such a serious issue and I love that he has an outlet to express himself and people to support him and show others you can make it through and to hold on. Such a great progression to his and Teddy's characters.
  4. ddmyers

    Chapter 18

    I knew the penthouse break in was an inside job I just didn't suspect Penny. Too bad for her, taken to a hospital in Willow Moss. That just sounds bad for anyone's health.
  5. ddmyers

    Chapter 17

    I almost wish Adam would leave researching that town alone but I'm curious about what's going on there. I hope Cole will be alright.
  6. ddmyers

    Chapter 8 - Finding A Family

    Preston is adorable!
  7. ddmyers

    IX. The abeyant prince

    Darn cliffhanger lol
  8. ddmyers

    Chapter 1

    Great start! Looking forward to more.
  9. ddmyers

    Chapter 8 - An unlikely bitch

    Yay Ira's back! I missed this story, great chapter.
  10. ddmyers

    Chapter 3.2

    I love this story, it's a great read.
  11. ddmyers

    Oskar & Noah

    Just read your story and I agree, I'd like to see more chapters on these two. There were phrasing issues in the story but that withstanding I enjoyed the story and characters.
  12. ddmyers

    Chapter 1

    Such a sweet story. I loved it!
  13. ddmyers

    The Musician (Part 3)

  14. ddmyers

    Close To You

    Sorry the story ended ...epilogue? Hopefully? This was so good, I'm hoping there'll be an update with a Scottish wedding. Lol It was great to have Marcus and Tom show up as partly of this story. Great job!
  15. ddmyers

    Into Those Eyes

    Really enjoying your story. I can't wait to see Ben and Ellis's reaction to each other. Great start!

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