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  1. Chapter 8 - An unlikely bitch

    Yay Ira's back! I missed this story, great chapter.
  2. Chapter 3.2

    I love this story, it's a great read.
  3. Oskar & Noah

    Just read your story and I agree, I'd like to see more chapters on these two. There were phrasing issues in the story but that withstanding I enjoyed the story and characters.
  4. Chapter 1

    Such a sweet story. I loved it!
  5. THE MUSICIAN (Part 3)

  6. Close To You

    Sorry the story ended ...epilogue? Hopefully? This was so good, I'm hoping there'll be an update with a Scottish wedding. Lol It was great to have Marcus and Tom show up as partly of this story. Great job!
  7. Into Those Eyes

    Really enjoying your story. I can't wait to see Ben and Ellis's reaction to each other. Great start!
  8. Chapter 23 - Adam

    I'm in love with this story and all the characters. I enjoy the tie between the two stories and getting to see all the separate family dynamics and how all the characters tie into each other.
  9. Chapter 10

  10. THE JOCK

    Definitely keep going! Charlie deserves his own story!
  11. When A Child Is Born

    Little Debi is abusive and deserves what he gets. Hopefully once he gets the email and link he'll be smart and leave Rudy alone. Anthony can cook; Johnny and Frank can act! What's next in the sea of hidden talents

    ....Eli not Leo

    The wedding was beautiful. I was sad Hayden was killed off but glad Vic found love again. The Epilogue tied everything up but I hope there's perhaps a continuation, perhaps Leo's relationship, how Vic and James got togetger or giving Noah a story. I fell in love with the characters and would love more. Well done!
  14. The Story

    Beautifully written. My step-dad had dementia and it's heart-wrenching to watch someone lose themselves to it. My mom kept him at home so he'd be in a familiar setting surrounded by people who loved him. Glad to see Saul come back into Max's life and hopefully bring comfort despite how Max ended with him. Well done!
  15. Santa Baby

    DEBI is just annoying me. Learn to take 'No for an answer. Lots of action with the baby coming early. Great chapter!

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