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  1. Hellsheild

    ATGB X

    My eyes are leaking?! What is this phenomenon? God I love this story.
  2. Hellsheild


    That was so beautiful at the end. I'm happy how things are going and know adversity is coming, but right now I am so happy!
  3. Hellsheild

    A Day In San Antonio, A Night In Heaven

    Well Jesus, she cranked that to 11!
  4. I love it. The torture is delicious.
  5. Hellsheild


    It's a weird compliment. It's definitely a one of a kind type of writing. Don't change at all.
  6. Hellsheild


    Honestly you treat some of your characters so badly I'm surprised child custody hasn't been revoked. "I'm sorry judge I just had them scuffed a bit then almost raped and killed several times in a row over the last four chapters. Honest sir it won't happen again for the next two chapters." Lol but it wouldn't have the strange sense of truth to it. Keep up the great work.
  7. Hellsheild


    It's gotta be really painful to watch a connection leave. Especially since he was growing attached.
  8. Hellsheild

    Chapter 18

    I was all good and happy until that cow's letter. FUCK HER! Love the story god bless. Fuck that bitch.
  9. Hellsheild


    Poor Owen... I'm so proud of Riley and to Carter for facing his fear of dogs.
  10. Hellsheild

    Chapter 1

    Go old Italian on her knee caps. But instead of a baseball bat, use a sledge hammer
  11. Hellsheild

    Worth the Struggle

    Yeah and we put news paper on the ground for the other thing...I assume we...they did.
  12. Hellsheild

    Worth the Struggle

    Watch for bubbles and Bubbles in the water one will bite ya and chew the other will bite you and you'll have to chew him out 😁
  13. Hellsheild

    Worth the Struggle

    I can so get behind a second line funeral. I am only a half hour away from New Orleans myself.
  14. Hellsheild

    Worth the Struggle

    A Disney funeral...is it a Viking funeral style but Mickey sends you adrift on pirates of the Caribbean or more like a cremation and are spread out on its a small world?
  15. Hellsheild

    Chapter 29

    Dun dun DUNNN! I didn't know which emotion to pick. Anger: cliffhanger! Surprise: kidnapping Love: because I love your writing. Sad: see anger and surprise I'm so full of emotions now...I hope your happy. Lol

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