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  1. The Bash

    Awwwe poor innocent Jared. He's too pure for the family he is in. I can't wait for him to come into his own. And he's a good brother looking out for Kyle. Dammit James what did I say last time!
  2. My Father's Shadow

    Dammit man, I am weeping like a baby with a wet nappy. This is so beautiful. Never stop writing like this.
  3. Chapter 11

    Love this story! Ugh hyun dude spill it! Spill it! Spill it! Geez!
  4. Karma Bites

    OK A James... da fuck man! Anything else you want to tell us? Vestigial twin? Aliens? Super-powered clones? Jesus man! B yeah Nan! OK so I get the $110+ for the betting pool. And that was a short and sweet trial with a couple of really weird twists. Like an assassin man-whore, Rudolph getting some D. (Thought he'd be cuck at strangest) them just giving up and the death penalty!? Wow! Plus New player on stage. Can't wait for the next chapter!
  5. Bump in the Road

    ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Mike...what a douche. THAT IS ALL.
  6. Life Goes On

    OK Nan at least goosing the bailiff is probably assured. And match $100 for Rudolph being himself. And for homophobic character assassins/real assassins.
  7. Life Goes On

    EEEEEEeeeeee!!! I might be excited. I'm down for $20 Rudolph tries to attack. $10 for Penelope to try and act as the caring innocent mother to an abusive husband and deviant sons. $15 on Nan threatening in some way harming/killing both. & $5 on someone saying that's supposed to be my money. Can't wait for the next chapter!
  8. Blu's Rise and Hatman's Demise

    Wow! I thought fraud and just general ass-hole behavior was the worst of those two. I mean I have family I actually hate but killing...yeesh. And as much as I wanted hatman to suffer I can understand doing it all for the sake of saving his family. Great chapter can't wait for the next one.
  9. Goodbye Ryder Sullivan

    Don't tease me with a good time. 20 more chapters !!!
  10. Looking to the Future

    OK now all I need is for the wedding to take place, assholes to be ruined by their own greed/stupidity, Nan to either tackle or sick Khan on hat guy and my reading experience will be fulfilled.
  11. Chapter 4

    I don't know why but I'm thinking a jiangshi will appear and because of the history either be afraid or turned on by light tie up play... my mind might be a bit unhinged. Lol
  12. Chapter 9

    Dammit Boris you unflappable beautiful bastard. Honestly I was expecting a secret passage or something like from the pool dealing with the sunlight vents.
  13. Hatman's Return

    I was thinking the same thing about nan
  14. Chapter 25

    Finally; not you writing, but I'm actually on this site and I couldn't remember the title of this story. Want to say I love this story and can't wait for the next chapter.
  15. Chapter 4

    Was not expecting journal entries. After reading them though that may be a different story to create. Love what you do.

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