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  1. (Hugs) it's OK it has nothing to do with us maybe if we show them we get along they'll stop.
  2. Jealous there's always room for more
  3. Bring it on Wesley get crushed!
  4. Look more like Roland
  5. Promises promises
  6. I was a buccaneer thank you.
  7. Ha! I don't even wear makeup. Or shoes. And I've fought with dogs, thugs, a second degree blackbelt. Broken through wire reinforced window and fell from a stage onto a field of rocks (challenge at a renaissance fair). We can be friendly or I can show how we rassle down with the gators.😁
  8. All are bathed and forgiven in the drool. Chew the bad shoe of sin and cuddle in the security of loved ones
  9. Mine. The story is now saved for posterity. Thank you for contributing to my ever growing Kindle library.
  10. Yahoo! Whoopeeeee! And for the furrier of us (never had a reason to use it, why not now)
  11. Following Footsteps

    😁 (That smug smile I feel says it all. The touchy feely the puffery the jitters. )
  12. Chaotic Week

    It's gotta be real bad for that tough ole' bird. But sometimes a joke can be pushed too far. I can't wait for the apology and retaliation. To think that Nan would take it laying down is underestimating her. It may be a comment or untrustworthy nature towards the duo but there will be a reckoning I bet.
  13. Chapter 75

    Tears of joy/ sorrow / laughter my good man never stop writing. I don't know why but I feel like Katya could do someone dirty without Ivan's help. I don't care what anyone says little women can be dangerous.
  14. Chapter 7

    DAMN CLIFFHANGERS! Want more, need more.
  15. Break Ups and First Dates

    God damn those people! Ugh! Drop his band mates and find some other people. Ones that will appreciate his excitement and ability. God I remember getting the talk. It was at like 3 or 4, Jesus I knew what a fucking orgy was before I knew what the hell a pronoun was. That and our cousins let us watch Real Sex when we spent the night. But having a hippie, nurse explain things made it easier for my brother and I to understand. So it wasn't as awkward, but more so informative. And when you understand it and know more it desensitized us to the taboo of saying things like Penis.

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