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  1. Hellsheild

    Orders are to be followed

    This is just messed up. This is 10 lbs of nope in a 5 lbs bag
  2. Hellsheild

    Chapter 11

    Damn sickos let's see: Mommy Dearest (save baby) Ben(though I think he's with/is the letter guy) Mr Grabby Letter guy YOU have one twisted story my friend...keep it up.
  3. Hellsheild

    Objects at Rest

    OK so I might have read the chapter after the last one because I am impatient and didn't see if you were posting this today...still that said I love it! Can't wait for more
  4. Hellsheild

    Objects in Motion

  5. Hellsheild

    The Heart Shatters

    Hello Angus. Fancy another meeting with the people you fucked with too much? There is no deity from on high nor demon below that can save his doomed ass now. I wonder how many groups are going to want in on the hunt?
  6. I was so damn happy the boyfriend word was finally dropped and all was right with the world...then Thad opened his "I'm calling jealous/crushing or unapproved feeling for Donovan" and ruined the night for the couple. I'm excited for more!
  7. Hellsheild

    You Must Remember This

  8. Hellsheild


    I'm jealous of an invertebrate alien. Damn that's some good writing.
  9. Hellsheild

    The Paragon of Animals

    Damn my weak will. Uh-hum Adam gone and wrecked that pussy. (bows to audience) Kevin... ...demolition all I can say. Well now they won't think his cat paranoia is all that crazy. So now that three of them have some physical manifestation of their weapons what's Killian's going to be? Book- magic Staff- Spirit Flaming Sword- Psionic ?? I don't know I'd say chakram but that would be too similar to @Superpride works?
  10. Hellsheild

    Theories About Nuclear Winter

    Yes Kill Bill! Bye Jack...so...they are the cause of global warming? Lol Doughnuts bring everyone together. I also suffer from a short attention oh wait Nathaniel actually put games on the phone?
  11. Hellsheild

    Big, Strong...Friend - Shane

    I'm loving this tension tango. Who will break first? Donovan's pride or Shane's eagerness? Will it be a fight or will they FINALLY decide to go steady. Shane has the inner strength of a monk. If a Donovan were throwing themselves at me I don't think I'd have the strength of will to defuse until later.
  12. Hellsheild

    Chapter 10

    OK no. I will say I won't hurt her...yet. the little life inside is innocent of the sins of the mother. That said, the instant the babe is taken to the nursery...I am going full Marv from Sin City, she deserves as much. "And when (her) eyes go dead, the hell I send (her) to will seem like heaven after what I've done to (her)."
  13. Hellsheild

    Chapter 8

    I love it. Poor Milan. Black Butler is a guilty pleasure of mine as well. I think the Atlantic arc is my favorite part at the moment. Though I want to see the witch arc animated. Can't wait for the next chapter
  14. Hellsheild

    Down In Flames

    I'm excited about the new kids and how everyone will be. I'm also of two minds about Nan A) she grieves and the family comes stronger together B ) she goes fucking Taken/Kill Bill on the bad people
  15. Hellsheild


    Jesus Chad why not just lose your virginity in Camp Crystal Lake, say you'll be right back and go alone upstairs with a dying flashlight? I mean what could go wrong? Damn. Seriously I want Nathaniel to watch one of the shows on his flight and get addicted to just one. With a big "Ooohh!" When he realizes Chad's references.

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