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  1. Homecoming

    Family is a beautiful thing no matter how we find it
  2. The Price of Fame

    This story becomes more breathtaking, beautiful and amazing as we go, thank you for opening up a world I haven't really interacted with when it come to mental health problems its teaching me that when the time should come in my life that if someone I love, know, don't know or myself come to live with a mental health problem the best thing I can do is show love, I don't have to have answers I just have to be human. Am in love with this story and am thankful for I know with each chapter I grow, learn and find a beautiful path .
  3. One More Reason

  4. Point Not So Pleasant

    Love, life and dreams
  5. My Father's Shadow

    Beautiful, this chapter has reinforced in me that one person can make a great change, that the right person can turn our tide for the better, a simple act of truth can reawaken the spirit, I love how the beauty of this story is not just skin deep but brings one to a place where one meets the good and bad that lives inside us all. The light of day always comes after the darkness of night.
  6. Home Sweet Home

    Young love, trying to find the best of intentions and show the best works of art are the ones that speak to the heart am inlove with both boys.
  7. I have fll in love, I find that I can't stop reading until the chapter ends, then my heart breaks cause Am at the end but hopeful as I wait for the next chapter. I have one request can you make the chapters longer but either way love love the story.

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