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  1. William's Love

    Sweet, just out of curiosity does that mean both stories are caching up and will come together. It just seams that as I have been reading Ian's Heart the timelines are coming together.
  2. Over The Rainbow • Part VI

    OH! I have read and re-read the last 7 books and I love them! The family/friend dynamic is amazing and I love at the support everyone gives to each other, Yes Cesar did kind of over step it there but so did Ozzie's folks too. But I for see cool heads coming together. Silas is coming out of his shell just about the same as CJ and I hope that is a very good thing for him. I am a little concerned the lack of any appearance or any form of contact from Harley, giving the personalty I saw and the friendship forged over the last 7 books leads me to think something is wrong with Harley. I also have noticed the lack of and any major family/friend crisis (ie the shooting, the arrest, attempted drugging and rape oh and the helicopter crash, boating accident) all that so many books ago. What has surprised me is that CJ has had and has a very public face over the last 2 books with Presidential Campaign and other very highly public appearances he has made done no one has made him a target other them that one tweet (ie bigots, racists and others in society). I truly love all that book in the life of CJ and I will admit that i have cried and some points. Thank you for your writings and please keep going.
  3. William's Love

    This is an amazing story! I am so looking forward to the next chapter, I have also read the sub stories connecting theme, I have read all of them i am so in love with them.. Very well written and enjoyable
  4. Chapter 9

    I am so depressed at this point, so much anger and lack of commutation and for lack of better wording "self pity" I know this is some what of an accelerated version of life but the it's everyone's world is about to implode. I only hope by the time I finish reading this book that life has found it's balance and no one is dead.
  5. Whole New World

    I love the continuing store, I an intrigued with the addition of the new carters. I have a question though regarding some stuff, what ever happened to there trust-funds and any moneys from the grandparents oil company? Whits the deal with that Mr. Hiscock, I just hope he a bitter old man. I truly hope at some point the whole family gets a break from the bad... I have and will continue to enjoy reading your sortie. Thank you..
  6. The Musician (Part Four)

    OMG! This so sad. What will happen, will he give it up or will they both go? I am crying over this... Thanks for posting it. I just hope this has a happy ending.
  7. Three's A Charm

    I have fallen in love with this book! I hope that Mason doesn't go out of his was to find them and hope he doesn't case pain to Anders but I feel that going to happen as they have the some of the same friends especially on a football team.
  8. Chapter 15

    I am glad the MOM is still alive, I have a strange feeling that something bad is coming ether in the form of the girl feeling betrayed or something about the brothers death. I have enjoyed the book so far. Thank you for writing and enjoy the Holidays.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    I loved it, it is was so full of love and happiness. I am so afraid that sorrow and loss is on the horizon! I fell some dark clouds coming there way and i hope no permanent damage comes there way,
  10. The Musician (Part 3)

    It was any amazing chapter, I have been enjoying it all and i am happy for them both. I feel that Frankie was ether come out or be outed and ether want Charlie back or blame him. Witch cause will him become jealous or violent. I am so looking forwarded to the chapter. Thank you for writing and enjoy the Holidays.
  11. Chapter 4: Connor

    The whole story was very well written and i enjoyed it. It give a example of a one sided abusive gay relationship. Concerning that reporting of domestic violence and rape in gay partnerships is under reported. Also in general rape agent man is so under report.
  12. Ian's Heart

    I have been reading and read all the other side stores to Williams Love. They are all very exciting and great. I have and am enjoying reading them all. The complexity it all is stimulating on all levels. I have laughed, cried and been outraged. I am so looking forwarded to the counted chapter of all the book and some new book for insight to some of the other characters. You are a very talented writer. I love how all the side book cross over with Williams Love. Thank you for writing them.
  13. Chapter 7

    Once Jake gets past his fear of what and realizes that he is the master of who he is things will feel so much better from and Klaus will be a good teacher and or lover.
  14. Chapter 12

    Its a great story! glad they are together but under sad circumstances. I hope its true love not out of grief. Thank you for writing it please keep it up.
  15. First Thanksgiving

    I have been ready both books and WOW i love it! right now i feel sorry for Kaleb getting his grove on in the laundry room and not his room? (lol) and getting tormented by Kahn (peeing and eating his shoes!) lol. I hope they finally see eye to eye lol. I hope happiness comes to all, I feel there is going to be some more grief to come but with an instant payback! Thank you for writing and I am enjoying your stories.

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