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  1. Andre Delport

    Chapter 80

  2. Andre Delport

    Bride of Frankenstein

    OMG - what a great chapter. Laughing so hard, I had tears rolling down my cheeks.
  3. Andre Delport

    Epilogue: Three Years On

    Fantastic ending to a fantastic story - thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Love how you interweave characters from your other books. Absolute genius. Well done!Just sad to see it end. Now I have to find another story to look forward to every time I open up Gayauthors. Waiting in anticipation for the next one.
  4. Andre Delport


    2 months - "Sometimes during meetings, his thoughts would drift back two months..." - paragraph 4
  5. Andre Delport


    OK guys and gals - I'm saying it outright (NO EMOTICONS) - I HATED the end of this chapter. It just feels so wrong in so many ways. 1. That they haven't managed to actually make the commitment to one another. 2. The way Kieren just walked away, to my mind, just seems to be a bit cold and ungrateful. I get that he and Kennedy had "a contract" and that said contract had been fulfilled, and that Keiren wanted to make the break as clean and as quick as possible, but just turning around and walking off is a bit cold-hearted if you ask me! Kennedy had spent ten of thousands of pounds on the vacation (yes I know it was a business deal), but still, I feel Kieren should have allowed Kennedy the opportunity to drop him off at home, and possibly come to a decision on the way ( that's the hopeless romantic in me speaking there). But once again, a great chapter and waiting in anticipation of whats to come. I just hope we are all not going to be disappointed. If ever a story needed a happy ever after ending, it is this one.
  6. Andre Delport

    Bali Highs & Lows

    But you know what else I learnt this past year? You can’t live your life scared, however much time you have. This is the other words that struck me in this chapter apart from the "..stood up to me....stand up for me" comment. Something else for Kennedy to mull over I think!
  7. Andre Delport

    Kennedy Gay

    Also, at some airports, the wide body international jets are usually boarded though Door 2 - which means that if Kennedy was travelling 1st Class or Business, he would have turned left! Lomax61 - just saw your explanation as well - essentially the same
  8. Andre Delport


    Thought so, just keeping you on your toes
  9. Andre Delport


    Hi Lomax61, I don't know if I'm addressing this comment in the correct way - but here goes. I don't like "loose threads" - so a couple of questions. Will we find out anything more about Reagan's problem with Bernie? Did Kieren do anything about Leonard's website? Probably not too important, just me being picky
  10. Andre Delport

    Close To You

    I have been reading your "Gay Vacation Companion" and thoroughly enjoying it, so I thought I would read one of your other stories. Once again I really enjoyed "The Twelve Gays of Christmas". Reading it just reinforced my opinion while reading "Gay Vacation Companion' - your style of writing is incredibly visual - you write, as it were, in pictures. Absoluetly loved 12 Gays and really hoping there is a sequel somewhere in it.
  11. Andre Delport

    Black Jack

    FWIW - there is a statue of Buddha on Okinawa - it's in the Peace Prayer Memorial Hall
  12. Andre Delport

    Captain's Table

    Oh WOW, what a chapter. I have loved this story from word one and it keeps getting better and better. Your way with words is so incredibly descriptive and "visual". As I read each chapter I see it unfolding in a series of pictures in my minds eye, like a movie. If I was a movie producer, I would turn this book into a gay movie in a heartbeat. Keep it up. Have just read the chapter for a second time. To add to what I said about pictures and being like a movie - I can see the camera following Kennedy and Kieran as they dance , and as they move past the area where Patrick and his cohorts are sitting, the camera focuses on Patricks face and we see with each pass a different facial expression. We first see his mouth hanging open in amazement and shock. Then we see in his eyes the realization of what he and Kennedy never had. On next pass we see him realize what he has lost and finally that he and Kennedy will never get back together and with a distraught look on his face, turns and walks out of the room
  13. Andre Delport

    Chapter 69

    Good day Mr Hanratty - do you have any good news for those of us waiting in keen anticipation for chapter 70?
  14. Andre Delport

    Meet & Greet

    Absolutely love this story, especially as I am a cruise junkie myself. For anyone interested, I am attaching a picture of the ship and one of what the suite might look like ( Not Diamond Princess). ess)
  15. Andre Delport

    We’re goin’ to Disneyworld

    Dahawk, thank you for this long awaited chapter. Glad to hear you are well again. Please give us more asap.

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