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  1. Andre Delport


    Any news of a new chapter - been a while since we had one
  2. Andre Delport

    A Close-knit Family

    Hi Bill, thanks for the reply. Without wanting to be presumptuous, there are a couple of "loose ends" I feel that you could clear up for us. 1. Dion and Elliots proposed recitals. 2. Lots of weddings. 3. Mark and Duck seem to have been lost along the way in the latest chapters. 4. The farms. 5. Was Josh not thinking of taking the family on a trip to Brazil following Nick's student exchange and his Brazilian brothers coming to visit. Sorry - just a few ideas so that we can get a few more chapters.
  3. Andre Delport

    A Close-knit Family

    Fantastic story from beginning to end. Really hope you will do a continuation. The chapter with Brent's death - had tears rolling down my cheeks - incredibly powerful and emotive writing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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