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    I'm interested to know why I'm single. And I'm interested in men who...Oh shit. I thought this is a dating site.
  1. Good News Thread

    The only news I have now is australia's so hot right now. Skin cancer is starting to become a fad. Everybody's going to the beach while I'm just swimming on SPF120 and staying indoors at my tub of ice, and beer on a wine flute. Cos I'm fanceh.
  2. Male Standards of Beauty Around the World

    That's hot though. Sorta reminds me of Ernest Hemingway dilfie types. I tend to keep the scruff otherwise I'd look like I'm hitting puberty.
  3. Gay Shifters - Why?

    I'm literally necromancing some old posts here. I think the whole werewolf genre appeals to the younger market, much like the vampire trend. But if ever I were to write about werewolves, it would be set in the early 1900's for a bit of history, timejump to present day, with adults (the saturated teenage angst is too droll for me) who has real life dramas. It would probably be like a romantic comedy: "Steve! How many times do I have to tell you, your fur is clogging the sink!" "Babe, I'm sorry...I tried cleaning myself last night, but you forgot to unlock the dog kennel so I got out," explained Jason, mystified by the smell of Alpo on his breath as he exhaled. "Feck! I think I ate Mrs. Tootsie's chihuahua." Steve turned around with a blowdry and a pair of shears, and said, "You should've added Mr. Landon's annoying Labrador who keeps on sh*tting on the porch. So how was dinner? With the number of dogs you ate last night...Do you know now how to roll over? Sit Jason. Bad boy Jason! Bad boy. Now fetch! Now spread your legs and open wide...Daddy's gonna do some grooming baby, cause that carpet has to go."
  4. Male Standards of Beauty Around the World

    The whole lumbersexual look is just an homage to the whole greek adonis bearded statue with aquiline features, that's why the whole lumbersexual look applies to most men who have such features: either a big or a straight nose, high cheekbones and an oval face with tempered jaws. I'm not saying Asians can't carry the look, but the most who do, have mixed blood in them which either gives them the cheekbones or the straight nose to carry it off. And as for the standard of beauty, I'm happy that us bearded men are getting recognition to some extent. Shaving is such a chore so it's an excuse not to shave every couple of weeks. Until my beard becomes a flavour saver to which I decide to hack it away. Cause I can't enjoy my tub of yoghurt if I keep on tasting this morning's brekky of bacon and toast.
  5. Writer responsibility

    So I think if I'm going to be posting a story, my stories would have such warning: "Warning: Some parts require an emotional qoutient. Please skip if one is emotionally stunted. And yes, there is unprotected sex because there is; my brain who imagined the narrative says so otherwise. Thank you for your non-participation by reserving your feelings of unsolicited thoughts."
  6. Writer responsibility

    Would I want my character to say, "I'll just gargle and brush my teeth cause my breath's stale. Hold on to your boner for a while." Or "You better flush it clean with enema before I stick it down there...unlike the last time." Or "Can you not bite my shaft? You're doing it the wrong way." Or "Turn the volume up. The neighbour's are sleeping. And lock the door before we...you know. Oh and lights off." Or "I don't like this position. I'm getting cramps. Can you move your ass a bit." Or "Did you just fall asleep while I'm giving you a blowjob? Seriously!" Or "I wanna try this whole bondage thing but I got whiplash when we did it in the swing." Or "Honey, I wanna try an orgy but I'm afraid they might steal something at home." Or "This nipple tassle just gave my nips a skin rash." Or "This condom is too big...Bj then?" Art imitates life. Yes. But too much aspect of life becomes a drama. And readers who provide much drama with unprotected sex requires the finesse to try and have sex in a rodeo. As Ellen said, "It's appealing...But no." You're writing a Non-Fiction story...which means it's not real. So if readers want realistic sex with the ministrations of what real M/M sex requires...the prelude to every sex scene should be, "Have you cleaned down there?"
  7. Good Gay Theme Movies

    I've been crushing on Evan Todd since I watched him in this film. The whole geeky fit introvert he had going in the film was very swoon worthy. Plus he's a stage actor in real life who has a nice singing voice so *drools*.
  8. How long is too long?

    The thing is, not all story novels are divided into chapters because let's face it...sometimes, we can read 100 pages or more in a day when reading a book, and chapters, most often than not, destroy the fluidity of the story, unless for all intents and purposes, that is how the writer intends it to be. Personally speaking, there is no determinable limit to how long a chapter should require especially in this site's format unless there is...like 20k perhaps. Not sure. But you always have to adhere to YOUR OWN story's integrity. If you wish to post a 2k chapter because it is quintessential to the 10k chapter that follows, then go ahead. Do it to me baby. Uhuh uhuh. It's your story.
  9. Where would you like to live?

    I live somewhere in down under. And after watching Under The Tuscan Sun back in '02 from an in-flight movie... I imagine myself living somewhere in Tuscany with my own vineyard where I'll meet an Italian man named Antonio, who'll make love to me but break my heart due to unforseen events that will make us distant, while my lesbian best friend decides to rear her child in my villa, and then a strapping british wine exporter gets lost and eventually marries me after a year just cause Yes. I'm reliving the movie. Or... I might end up in the coldest region in the earth, insert Iceland, where I'll turn hermit and meet a ranger, who'll make love to me but break my heart. And then I'll meet a strapping Icelandic biologist doing some research on isotopes cause I live in, as I've said, the coldest region on earth. Then we'll get married. But I'll die in a fishing accident and then he publishes my memoirs. End credit. I think I'm still reliving another movie but who cares.
  10. Good Gay Theme Movies

    My beautiful laundrette - it has Daniel Day Lewis. Nuff said. Querelle - I think this was Tom of Finland's inspiration, or the other way around. Brad Davis was hot in this film. Patrik 1.5 - I love this family comedy drama. It's a swedish film and stars Alexander Skarsgard's brother, Gustaf. And he's bro's really cute. The way he looks - cute story about a blind gay teen. Foreign film. Undertow - must watch it. Kinda sad. Yossi and Jagger - Has the Kite Runner feel for me. It's a military movie but the storyline's very good. It has a sequel...but it's kinda meh. Free Fall - another swedish film with hot gay cops and really hot gay cops. It's gay porn with a really good story with high production values. Weekend - pretty much the story of my life. Need I say more. Pink Flamingos - gave me nightmares but you can't stop watching it. Divine is brill in this. Un Chant D'Amour - Gay silent film. Very sensual for a 1950's film. It's a short film but very...Boner worthy for the imaginative moviegoer. Happy Together - this film made me think A LOT about relationships. *I'm replying through my phone and necromancing this old post. So if I have typo's...I have big fingers. Will edit later.*
  11. Readers, What Do You Skip?

    With the current story I'm writing, I'm using a 3rd POV Omniscient who uses 2nd POV, as part of the introduction, then switches back to 3rd POV and 2nd POV if the narrator feels like imparting some words of wisdom. Took me 2 months to figure out how to make the 1st chapter cause for me it was mindfck. In addition, my narrator is the 'Man in the sky' who head hops from time to time, to which I found integral to how my story interplays but also a very dangerous territory IMO. And I've always imagined the story to be read like a movie. With Jonathan Price playing the titular role of the 'Man in the sky' literally narrating the story inside my head. I've even imitated the old english accent inflections when I'm reading the chapter so as not to break character. Because my narrator is a character. And...It's not fun to write it because the narrator in the story per se literally is the omnscient being, so I've had A LOT of editing cuts, paragraph per paragraph just so I won't get lost in my own narrator's POV. And to be honest, I've never tried 1st person POV. I get too emotional with my characters so I tend to prefer 3rd POV for minimal contact cause I'm clingy.
  12. Describe your first kiss

    My first kiss was in the tune of Katy Perry's: I kissed a girl and I didn't like it. Her cherry chapstick tasted like halitosis. I was 20, and in uni. She was very gorgeous but I don't know. Something to do with chugging down jaeggerbombs and smoking half a pack of ciggies didn't leave much for the aftertaste cause her mouth tasted like altoids soaked in vomit. I was a late bloomer. Yes. But with liquid courage, in that party, I was suddenly shoved to a wall by her boyfriend and was pleasured down south. And when he kissed me after, I realised that 'Hey, I didn't know my juices tasted sweet.' So yeah. It was a night of firsts. She was my first kiss. He was my first toast. A toast to my sexual exploration to more altoid tasting vomits with women and surreptitious nookies with men. Until I came out 5 years later and stuck to men whose kisses tasted like almond laced with juniper and berries.
  13. Readers, What Do You Skip?

    Well, in this site where chapter based writing trumps a finalised draft that is normally submitted to editors before the proofreading; you can expect a lot of errors in terms or grammar. But one thing that bothers me is why there are spelling errors in stories...in this digital age where one can easilly use the "Auto-Spell Check" function from a Microsoft Word or any Word editing software, that can save anyone the hassle of typographical errors. Unless the writer chooses to type in a typewriter then I respect the artform. But I really don't get the logic why spelling should be an issue without the use of editors correcting the most basic of typing errors. If I'm writing a chapter, the red text usually puts me off from MS word, but I turn it off when I'm writing then turn it on for easy spelling features. True. 1st POV should be the easiest. But a lot of writers fall trap in the 1st person POV without understanding the narrative's complexity. I remember what my professor told me, that a 1st person POV is simply writing another person's biopic.
  14. Readers, What Do You Skip?

    I skip poorly detailed structures such as: the slip and slopes of the mountain side beckoned him to walk with her sister because she was furious with him. And I'm like...WTH was that? I also dislike character details that are nonessential to the character plot, such as: First, I'm 6'4. Have blue eyes. Built like a football player since I play sports. It's like reading out the details out of a morgue? Wouldn't it be better if it was written this way: My towering height was such a problem, that my blue eyes sought comfort in his own that I'd somehow fit in his volkswagon. He laughed and winked. Not that it helped. My knees felt weak. It didn't help either that my muscled frame hampered the narrow opening despite the passenger chair-reclined for easy entry. It was taxing. But his smile...it was worth it. I'd sit anywhere in his car if it meant I could get a ride from him. Only him. He called me Gary. What he never found out was that I called him 'The One'. Even now when he's saying his vows to her, while I stand beside him as his best man. My eyes turned to a shade of amber at the setting sun. Unlike my eyes, my feelings remain the same. It hurts. And I detest the use of adjectives, verbs, or adverbs repeatedly in least 2 or 3 paragraphs in a story, such as: He gave a crooked smile. Which made Anna reply with a crooked smile. She tersed her lips which made him terse his buttocks as he let out a sly odour of crookedness that gave her another crooked smile, ad inifitum...Until she died with her tersed arse, embalmed in a crooked smile. *coughs* Twilight...And I'm like WTH is that? Even Ann Rice had a dictionary beside her when writing her novels. I mean, Merriam Webster is there to be your BFF. There are at least a million words to use in the english vernacular. And lastly, I cringe at 1st person stories that doesn't have character depth. Because most writers who write on the 1st person POV trope forget that they are writing in the eyes of a character, not their own. You'd always know in the beggining or the middle of the story if the story is a good read. I remember browsing a book and skimmed the middle part and read, "She took her rucksack as she rode the new york train." Rucksack? Is this a british novel or a british character? Got intrigued and realised it was a 3rd POV. So the narrator's british? Me thinks.
  15. Sci-fi makes for poor reading!

    The limitations of this study is by far monumental. Statistical variances are attributed to sample size, the demographic scale of the readers, the mental scope of the readers, and the quality of the book per se that was used to conduct the research. I'd doubt it if you'd let anyone read George Orwell's 1984 or H.G. Well's The Time Machine, that if the reader doesn't have the emotional maturity nor the mental providence to decipher the tight-fisted themes of those books, then it's safe to say that the reader will only capitalize on the glits and glamour of the 'Sciency' aspect of the read, without delving deeper on the thought provoking elements of what the novel wished to inculcate to its readers.

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