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  1. D.K. Daniels

    Love Like This

    A day at the mall for a middle-aged man turns into a relapse of memories when he shows interest for a handsome man.
  2. D.K. Daniels

    Love Like This - Short Story

    I do not know his name, but for one short second, I believe I saw the man of my dreams. He moved shifty between Christmas shoppers, smiling as he conversed with two pretty women. Wearing a black parka, beige chinos, and gleeful woollen sweater; the man ambled on unaware of my presence. For a while, I become transfixed looking at the beauty in the woollen jumper. There is something so boyishly sexy about it. The trio was headed to the food court in the mall; and since Christmas shopping is not a personal preference at this point. When I see a handsome man, I feel seventeen again, and in love for the first time, all over. Rather macho in build, the black-haired stallion seated himself at the table, ridding himself of shopping bags. Unravelling his scarf, the stud placed his necktie atop the items he purchased and carried on with his conversation. Sitting down at a seat a couple of tables from the bunch, I watch intently: Fondly. I wish I had a man, who would hold me, love me. Make love to me. I miss the love, I miss the laughter, the touch; the warmth radiating from the other human being. Something about feeling exceptionally safe in the presence of another… another man. There is a comfort in so many ways that I cannot help but adhere to. What would it be like to kiss another again? I wish I had a lover to protect, to cherish; to share my home with. A place to call our own. The handsome man pulled away the gloves he wore, and fixed to his right hands’ ring finger is a ring. A wedding ring. Already, my heart sinks with the unbearable misfortune of finding such a beautiful being, and then to have it stripped away violently like a ship losing its sails in a storm. Or when you're a child and your mother tears off a band-aid. How can a boat be a ship without its sails; any less than a man can be a man without his lover? I loathe those who can give love freely since I do not receive it openly. Is human connection all that it's cracked up to be. I know I’ll never find another person like David, but something deep inside of me is carving its mighty blade. For once in so long I only wish to breath easily again. I want to love unconditionally without the fear of intimacy getting in the way. I can’t be a remarkable man if I do not possess an exceptional man. One who is compassionate, perhaps who arrives with the odd occasional grumpy spell, but nonetheless that man will do anything in his power to support his family. The kind of parent who would jump foolishly around in the backyard playing a ridiculous pirate game with his children. A husband you can lean on when the goings get tough. A person who above all knows who you are at every wrong turn. I wish I had a man like that; only when a partner leaves you like that, finding a replacement is never as free as it seems; for there can never be a replacement. Of two people you can never change. The first person you sincerely and devotedly give your heart to and the other, your mother. They understand who you are… what makes you tick... and perhaps breaks you. You always gave them your full potential. Christmas is a hellish tradition, invented by weak-minded people to be cheerful. To remind us to be kind to one another. I have had my fill of kind; now I want love and devotion. Can’t a man catch a break? A long, long time ago, I made young men swoon in my direction. Now I am lucky if a bird shit’s on me. Love is like that. So, candour, so free when you are young. Losing beauty is like a dismembered limb… no man will ever look at you the same… even kids recoil when they set eyes on my face. I’ll have to come to terms sooner or later that a humiliated man is more dangerous than a man who believes he is righteous. Jealously destroys skin, hair, and allure. Why did I choose to confront a monster that night? Flirt even? Who likes to set eyes on a melted face? Acid attacks will do that to you. There are only so many times one can try to regain what they once had, but David loved me for that flaw. I was young, and he saw my heart. David came from a crowd when I most needed him. He saw past the face of my childish romances and mistake. I'd say, "what jealousy can do." Most young gay men now are egotistical. Being beautiful is brought to the forefront... and very little heart is given in return. However, a married man would speak otherwise. When your terminally scarred from a young age, you believe your life is over. David gave fate and love in all the right doses one can comprehend. The trio sat a while, they ate and in mid-meal, a slender thirty-year-old’ something or another entered the groups' personal space. My handsome man rose from his seat, his eyes so pure and full with adoration. He reminded of David. The two men drew into a hug; two heavenly gentlemen, perfectly proportioned, and well fixed. My handsome man collapsed against the slighter taller companion, draping his elbows over his lovers’ shoulders, to avoid his dirty fingers from touching his partner's clothes. Both lovers brought their lips to a connection and shared a loving kiss. I envy young lovers. Yet, a wanting churned in my heart, wanting to belong to the same embrace the couple endured. I wish I didn’t have to be so goddamn ugly. What I’d give to have a handsome man today would be phenomenal. I want a man who has a heart as big as mine; who plays pirates, makes my crazy feel normal, eats chocolate past midnight and to tell me that I am beautiful. David was all of those things, but the extent of his cancer took his life. In a way when I see young, confident couples giving lovely freely without consideration, it pains me, but not as much as when I look at a passionate couple. Word to the wise, if I could give my young self-wisdom. Don't waste potential, and above all, if a partner is violent don't be afraid to reach out. The happy couple sat down, and as they seated, I rose. With a slightly welling on the way, I amble for the exit. I let loose an odd tear of joy. The warmness that transpired in front of my very eyes today will keep going. That is why I am an advocate for people involved in abusive relationships. David was an angel, but to the man who scarred me at eighteen, I never wish to see that happen to a naive young boy from a small town in the English Midlands ever again. The End
  3. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 1

    Oh I know that's not what I meant either. I was a little tired when I wrote that status so perhaps I didn't read it right. I just meant that I am sorry if my intention when releasing a short is not clear, and then getting your hopes up that it will be a continuation. Thanks for the comments and compliments, I hope your travels are going well.
  4. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 1

    I like to keep most of my stories separate because they are different themes running through them. For instance, if I was to put up Now You See Me here on gay authors people would be a little shocked to find out its a young Norman Bates in the making. For one that is why I don't house most of my fiction together, and another reason being is that people often think it is all one story. Perhaps in the future when I am releasing a couple of stories together I'd put them together according to the theme. Although from what you mentioned I guess I'll put on new stories that it is a single entry. I have one consecutive series of all different themes which are flash-fiction. I believe you have commented on some of the stories. I don't believe however, it has reached the same exposure as some of my other works. People can be put off by the titles or other stories inside and simply stop reading. I am sorry If I disappoint when you see that a story will not be going on longer than it should. For now though if I do have free time I will be uploading shorts up until Christmas until I finish all my edits and release my novel-length pieces. I think I have grown as a writer, so I am wanting to stray away on different topics. I hope to go back to add a second edition to As They Say though
  5. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 8

    I believe most people thrive when they are backed into a corner. For the ones who fight back; you'll be amazed at what you'll withness.
  6. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 9

    When you have the survival of the group to endure with, the needs of your own no longer matter. I believe that is what is happening to the boys, they seem to be the backbone of the entire thing along with Marnie. Without them, what they have built up will topple faster than anyone can imagine is possible. The mystery of the plane is still a contender. Could they be imagining it? Could it be Military, or perhaps another it flies to another city outside a quarantine area? The zombie has displayed a new level of sophistication. Sneaking up on its prey is now on its repertoire. All along as I was reading, I was secretly thinking, this is pretty badass actually; the zombie undermining the kids while they are asleep. I can imagine how I'd feel with a thing like that happening, it put a little worry in my mind for the characters. That's character development done right. Perhaps the zombie knows what sleep is and that he's been watching them. If bullets and fire won't kill him... maybe a kaboom is the only thing that can. Love this chapter... strongest written chapter yet.
  7. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 8

    Sorry for the long absence, I have a habit of starting too many projects and my head gets crowded, same for reading material lol. I will finish.... this year I hope. I wonder what is on the aeroplanes, now that everyone has spoken about it the interest is there. The best thing they can do is prepare, and that is what they are doing. I just hope in the future that when the zombie comes back they have an advantage on their side. Its good to see that a community presence is established. It would appear everyone has everyone's backs. The more I read, the more I notice how much life you have brought into this story. From the continuous laboured thrill of day to day tasks, to the capturing of hope. I am thoroughly enjoying this story.
  8. Oh, the goosebumps are real... The soundtrack on its own is enough to evoke sorrowful emotions. 


  9. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 1

    Thanks, OzLoGo, thrilled you liked the new story. Thanks for the kind words. The comment on being a master of emotion was an ego boost lol. I try really hard to breathe life onto the page, and if you can feel it then I must be doing something right. Perhaps in the future, I will write the other side of the POV for Eoin. I never really thought much into a continuation. I finishing up a couple of loose ends from other stories so that I can focus on a large project. True problems like Eoin's dad needs to be dealt with. I know back awhile ago you asked about me doing a more larger work and that is what I wish to do. I hope to finish up Before The Storm, and my Halloween Speical, Light The Night by Mid-November, so that I can go back to do editing on 3 large projects. So that in the new year I can start As They Say - Part 2 and Even If We Tried which is an older book.
  10. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 1

    Thank you for your time, I am delighted that you took the time to read my content. Whenever I set out to write the environment and the characters are always my top priority. In order for me to tell a good story I need to feel close to the characters otherwise, the emotions that come through on the page would never come forward. Thanks for the comment.
  11. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 1

    Thank you I am glad that you enjoyed the read. Yes, unfortunately, I have only planned in my head for it to be a one-off piece. Though perhaps in the future I will write another short from Eoin's point of view to tie-up loose ends.
  12. D.K. Daniels

    Echoes Of Love

    Fourteen-Year-Old Eoin is facing some tough obstacles. That is until his best friend takes him out for the day to get away from all the difficulties. When the two boys skip a full day of responsibilities to go diving at a local dive spot. They realize the afternoon is just what they needed to escape the pressures of reality. Everything is sunshine and peaches until Eoin finally speaks his mind.
  13. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 1

    "Come on… Come On…" Eoin beckoned to me, motioning with his hand to accompany him to the diving spot. Running barefoot along the promenade I chased after my childhood friend. My toes slopped around in the tiny puddles left by the sea. Anytime my soles touched a spill that had accumulated made me shudder. When I did come in contact with a pool, the wetness left behind a trail of footprints and picked up sand as I pushed onward. You couldn’t exactly miss Eoin if you took your eyes off him. I naturally found myself gravitating back to his beauty any chance I got. Only as I ran out toward the dark green sea off the coast of Salt Hill Promenade; Eoin's beauty shone through. My heart sank in my chest, I smiled a toothed grin as I ambled after him. We’d been here all the morning… skipped a day of school for this fun pastime. Even though school has only been back two weeks. A day's break is inevitable. Earlier in the morning, I messaged Eoin with the hope of stealing him away. The message more or less begged him, to pack his schoolbag with a wetsuit and a towel instead of books. Things were getting unbearable for Eoin. Seeing him smile the way that boy should always smile makes my tummy tingle. Sploshing to a stop in the middle of a puddle, I bump into Eoin. Perhaps a part of me wanted to do it on purpose. On the glorious summer days, I loved our skin to skin contact. However, today since the temperature was chilling, we both wore some protective clothing to keep the piercing Atlantic torrent at bay. Clinging to Eoin's body tightly, a long-sleeved rash guard, covered his skin. Every time the boy flexed, ran or did just about anything, I found it hard not to be entrapped by his beauty. Peering down at my own wetsuit, I smirked back to Eoin. A surge of interested rushed into my crotch, and for a second, I panicked. My mind leapt to the terrifying ordeal of having him see me with an erection. "Sorry…" I giggled with a vain attempt to catch a breath. Eoin grinned at me. Darting his attention to the stairs in front of him, he climbed up. “Do you think it's going to be cold?” Eoin spoke as he climbed. Seeing as we both had wetsuits on and no footwear to protect us from the cold Atlantic current, the conclusion seemed like a probable yes. Not that it was insanely cold. The weather remains warm; the water, however, can be a different kettle of fish. Calling out, I hoped up two levels at a time, “It's going to be freezing… I know it is.” Eoin sniggers, and clambers up onto the flat platform of the diving board. The two of us look at each other in anticipation. Peering down the water appeared to be okay to jump in. The tide did not surface to low; which will result in an injury if we were not careful. Anytime we came here before we jumped we always looked down to ensure our self that there was ample clearing between the rocks and the water. I often wondered why there was a diving spot here with a fully-fledged tower. From what I have heard the reason this pillar was built was due to a diver who hopped off rocks and died sometime in the 1940s. That is how the pier with the tower was constructed. Nudging the back of Eoin's hand, the both of us joined hands. The water does look rather cold. Let's hope that it is not as chilling as I believe by the time I get to it. With the anticipation building up; a giddy flutter burst in my stomach. A parade is having the time of its life in my tummy. I chuckle a little with nervousness and enwrap my fingers tighter with Eoin. Holding his hand is like a lifeline. His soft and warm presence is comforting enough to bring sunshine to a grey cloudy day. Intertwining my fingers with his scrawny members, I squeeze. I looked over to him. “Okay… okay… we go on three,” I animatedly said. Eoin licked his lips and beamed, “alright. One!” In unison, we shouted, "two." And I yelled,” three.” I leapt forward off the edge of the concrete structure. I compressed Eoin's hand; Eoin squeezed back. The two of us drifted down toward the void for the ocean. A rush of delight shot from my belly to my throat. The freefall blew air up my nose with the rapid descent, and the grin on my face scrunched up to a contorted expression as I pegged my nose with my free hand and jarred shut my eyes. A millisecond later, the severe flood of pressure closed in around me. I shrieked with the sudden cold shock and let go of Eoin’s hand and began to sprawl out to bring me back to the surface. Breaking the water, I let out a shrill of excitement. I skimmed around for Eoin; he had not come back up. From behind, I heard the water break, and he immediately splashed me. Tearing to my right in the water I kicked away from the enemy. As I backed away from Eoin, I splashed water at him too. The two of us crashed walls of water at each other. I giggled, Eoin giggled too. Naturally, the giddiness of the moment wore off. I floated back toward the ladder and got back up onto the pier. Pulling myself out of the ocean. I raced for the steps, and Eoin was hot on my tail. I didn't look back. Racing for the same platform the both of us dived off I raced for the ledge. Only before I could get to it; Eoin latched his arms around me tightly. Practically hugging me; the two of us toppled from the pilling. My wetsuit pressed to his wetsuit, I didn't mind the company. Stuck to my back, I subconsciously curled into a ball, and like that Eoin prepared himself for the submersion. Once we hit the sea, the two of us broke apart. Opening my eyes blackness surrounded me with obscured rays of white light. Wiping my face; I felt myself quiver with the coldness of the water, and the mysterious fun we were having. Eoin bobbed in the water, less than a foot away from me. Veins of liquid ran from his sopping head, he too was wiping the receding water from his eyes. “That was fun…,” He gasped. Water flicked up into his face, and his reaction to the salty aftertaste was to spit out the remains. “Eweee," I scolded. Unsure what I was referring to, Eoin, swiped away the water from his face, yet again, and smirked. “Wanna jump again,” I asked. Eoin gave a bemused smile; as if he needed an initiation. It is good to get away from all the craziness this world can throw at you. I have a soft spot for Eoin. I like him in so many ways that I cannot come to understand. Today was perhaps not the best day for swimming; nor is it the best day to take off school. Yet, with everything that is happening at school, I believed Eoin needed an escape. That is why I chose to steal him away. Eoin is precious; all his quirks and problems make me oddly feel special. Being complete on a daily basis for me is extremely hard, that is why wherever this unique human being goes. He makes even the deserted bus shelter seem like a home. A place where only the two of us belong, a place to be safe, even when there is nothing to be afraid of. For over an hour, the two of us messed around in the water until my fingers began to numb. All morning the both of us, dived off the pier, splashed around, raced each other in the water and appreciated one another's company. Crawling out of the sea, I headed for the schoolbags by the seawall. All we brought with us today was an empty bag with a towel, fresh underwear, and our wetsuits. Squatting down I unzipped the carrier and pulled out my water bottle. My school uniform is rolled into a ball and wedged deep at the bottom of the bag. Taking a sip of my drink, Eoin knelt down beside me; undid his school bag and fished out a bottle also. The two of us smiled at each other. Taking a sip, I let the water linger in my mouth and then swallowed. “The water was cold today,” I murmured to break the silence. Concluding that I should get dressed soon so that I don't freeze to death, I took another gulp of my drink. “It was… “Eoin smirked. Breaking my stare with him, I shoved my water bottle back to the end of my bag, which came up from a slot between my uniform. “Will we get dressed,” I enquired. With a nod from Eoin, I zipped up my bag, as did he and the two of us wandered down the promenade a little toward the open outdoor changing area. Placing the rucksack on the stone outcropping under the shelter roof, I began to rummage through my bag for my towel. Removing my school clothes, I put them on the stone bench beside the bag and withdrew the towel. Unravelling the item, I placed my fresh pair of underwear on top of my school stuff. Immediately I began to dry my hair and face. When my hair was as dry as I could get it, I tried opening the wetsuit and failed. “Can you open the zip at the back,” I asked. Eoin had set up shop across from me; he had his towel out and was doing the same thing when I asked him. With him drying his hair, Eoin poked his head out from beneath the cloth. His messy hair ruffled from the brim underneath. My knees went weak by the cuteness factor. Eoin smiled, my heart went fast in my chest. His cheeks are a little red from the cold, but all this made his beauty stunning to me. He ceased doing what he was doing and took a step toward me. Removing the fabric from his head, he tossed it over his arm. Fumbling around, Eoin took hold of the zipper on the back of the wetsuit and undid the tight swimwear. The fresh air flushed in from the inlet. Arousal charged its mighty wave of excitement through my veins, and my penis began to harden. Peeling the top half of the suit down, I let it drape over my crotch and bum. “Can you do mine,” Eoin said. Seeing as he did it for me, I swung around to do his. Eoin faced forward, and I reached out to pry the back of his wetsuit open. Peeling the zipper down, the bare skin of his back revealed itself. It was wet, and along the ridge of his spine, millions of little goosebumps formed. Unsure what was coming over me with the erection taking place south, I reached out and traced my fingertips down the length his back. Holding onto the zipper with the left; I let my right hand disappear into the confines of the wetsuit. For a moment, I didn't think of the side effects of what I was doing. In a way, I was touching Eoin, the way he had moved me emotionally. Since the boy I am totally into didn't resist, I let go of the zipper and started to edge down the shoulders of his wetsuit. Coming into place, a whole load of bruises appeared. I knew what they were from; and who had done them. Eoin's father hits him, always below the collar though. The first time I saw him like this was when he stayed the night in my house about six months ago. I knew Eoin’s father was violent, and on occasion, the man lashed out. In the last couple of months, however, the spills of rage have become a common occurrence. Only, I never saw it like this. In a way, Eoin held onto me the same way I hold onto him. It is something totally crazy and yet so wonderful that happens everytime he decides to stay on longer when we hang out. The times he graces me with those beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile makes the moment like winning an Oscar to me. Eoin bowed his head; the mop of blond hair separated from his neck, and in this split second, an urge flushed into my chest. Leaning forward, I brought pert lips to the small of his nape. I gave a tender peck; not too harsh, not too soft on a swollen bruise. I want Eoin to know I am here for him. Eoin brought his hand up to his elbow and tore the left sleeve of the wetsuit down, followed by the right. The torso proportion dangled from his hips like mine. Understanding nothing else other than the contentment between the both of us. I slyly slid my arms by his hips and wrapped them around his flat stomach. A second later, Eoin let his head tilt back; I sank his head to the crook of my neck, and his soft hands held onto mine. The surge of the ocean roared in the distance. My excitement pressed against his ass. The sensation did not disgust him. The cold air chilled my naked torso, yet still, our warmth glued us together. Listing to Eoin inhale and exhale, I find myself falling in love with his nature. Breathing and appreciating each other's company is what made us. As vulnerable as we are at this moment; I don’t want it to end. Things have gotten slightly heated in the past couple of weeks. Hugs appear to be more than just hugs. I think I am in love… only how does one know they are in love if they have never been in love before. I feel like I can burst from the seams when Eoin is around. That’s how that boy makes me feel; confused and all fucked up. Closing my eyes the world fades out. The churning of the tide drowns out all that matters and unknown to myself I let my lips touch the tendon of his throat. Eoin lets loose a sad sigh, and that's when I stop. Re-opening my eyes a white haze blinds me for a split-second. Still holding Eoin, I squeezed him a little tighter. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I don’t know how much longer I can take it.” We grew silent. My eyes flickered to the bare wall of the shelter in front of us, then to his bag. “You can come live with me,” I said, spontaneously. “Humph…” Eoin mumbled… Then a snuffle came, followed by a sob. “I don’t want to go home,” Eoin mumbled in stress. “We don’t have to go home…” I suggested. I’ll admit; saying it is stupid. I have no idea what I am to do with Eoin. Perhaps go for something to eat and see if what he is experiencing passes. I don’t want to betray him. He hated himself for when I found out he had all the bruises on his back. Eoin is embarrassed more than anything, and I am afraid to hurt him even worse by telling. I think I am the only person Eoin can trust. “Where do we go?” Eoin asked. On cue, I ought to have guessed he'd ask the question after I mentioned it. “I don’t know… anywhere… everywhere you want to go,” I said. Eoin took a deep breath and pushed against my arms. Un-wanting to but allowing him his space, I involuntarily let him go. Eoin's energy zapped from his body, and like a zombie, the boy sat down on the stone seat in the middle of the chamber. Awkward and uncomfortable, I plopped down beside him, resting my elbows on my knees and listened to the waves coming into the shore. Nothing, I have zero to say to him. My friend needs guidance, and I don't know how to go about it. Reflecting back when I met him. I remember seeing Eoin with a group of kids sitting on a pile of flat rocks on the walkway beside the road. I walked by the bunch and doubled back to pretend I was asking for directions. That was when I noticed it was Eoin. The first time the two of us crossed eyes while talking that day something magical lingered. I came down the next day hoping he'd be at the beach and surely, he was. Only, I arrived much earlier than anticipated and I was giving up hope of him ever turning up again. That is until he came down to the waterline by himself. The thing is Eoin remembered me. Turning to look at Eoin, I reached out and placed my hand on his back. When my comfort was not rejected, I started to rub in a clockwise motion on his back. The two of us remained silent, except Eoin’s despair softened the crying stopped. The only fact that I had noticed Eoin crying was that he had sobbed at first. After that, it was get over the grief as quickly as possible. If he had not done that, then I don't think I'd have been any of the wiser. “Can we go back to your house…” Eoin said, stooping his body forward. Leaning on his knees, he looked down at his bare feet. Letting my arm slack, I ceased rubbing his back and removed my hand. I'll admit the cold is starting to get to me. I don't wish to be rude but why did Eoin decide to have a serious talk when we are in the middle of getting dried. Looking at him, I sat up and let my head hang toward him. “Yeah… we can go back to mine.” With a sniffle, Eoin said, "not being weird here… but I like when you hold me. It makes me feel… loved." A flutter of hope swarmed into my heart, and equally, apprehension flooded my mind with worry. What does it mean that he likes me holding him? How long has he thought that? Does he want me to do it now? Am I good at hugging? Baffled as to how to respond, I stay quiet. I often wonder does Eoin get love at home… even as much as a simple acknowledgement on behalf of his father. Things may seem weird; even if he hits him, but I have a gut feeling that Eoin still has respect for his father. In some way maybe, Eoin is praying that he will change. Mam is always saying how people like Eoin's father never change. Leopards never change their spots, and neither do drunk induced psychos. Standing up, I retrieved his towel which had been dropped on top of his belongings the moment he sat down. I spread the cloth out as best as I could and brought it to his head. Preceding to dry his hair, Eoin looked up at me with hopeful eyes. I stared down through the centre of both my arms. Eoin looked broken. “You love me, right?” Eoin asked from beneath the dampened towel. I locked eyes to him, “Yes, I love you,” I murmured. Unravelling the towel, I hunker down to his level. Placing my palms on his knees and plead. "Please… Can I tell someone? We need help. The stare he held broke momentarily and then came back with the tiny spark of courage. “Will you stay with me,” Eoin asked. Peering down, I said, “always. The sea sang that day; a rhythm of music to my ears, as much as Eoin's cry for help. Letting loose the towel, it hung from his head. I leaned in and hugged him; dipping beneath the cover to meet him. Pressing my forehead to Eoin's, only the two us existed at that moment. My emotions got the better of me, and I got teary-eyed. Sniffling, I listened for the sea, it gave a calming effect on my rattled nerves. I know I could have mentioned something sooner to a responsible adult, but I was afraid to betray his trust. It feels so good to have his approval... because I was thinking of telling my mam. Closing my eyes, his quickened breathing and the sea collided with each other. Until the sea drowned out to Eoin's sobs and whimpers. Never before have I witnessed a boy cry like that. Only one thing is for sure. Hearing someone you love a great deal cry as if tormented, makes everything hurt more. Yet, in a way, when it was all over. Eoin sighed, and a single word brought warmth to my heart. The crying ceased after what felt like forever. Eoin murmured, "I feel better." "Great," I said. Smiling, I nudged Eoin's shoulder. "Let's get dressed you buffoon," I teased. A grin crossed Eoin's lips, "don't sass me freckles," Eoin shot back. I giggled and slapped at his hand. "Come on... you idiot... let's go get something to eat," I chuckled. Eoin kicked at my leg. "No you're the idiot," he joked. I rolled my eyes and thought for a second. "Okay the last one dressed has to lick the bottom of their shoe," I shouted in animatedly. Scrambling back to my clothes, the both of us were off. Let's hope I don't lose after making that suggestion. I'd rather not lick the sole of my shoe. The End
  14. When experiencing the joy of music,  you just wish to be closer to the instruments... that is why vinyls exist. Listing to Ólafur Arnold’s newest album - Re:meber. Am I dreaming or is this what heaven feels like?


  15. D.K. Daniels

    Chapter 7

    I'm pretty sure they have enough explosives to make mincemeat of the zombie. I can imagine it now; a misty blood shower... whoops that got dark lol. Anyway loved the tone you set throughout this chapter. Its made the boys feel vulnerable to me. All along I was waiting for something to happen, that would change things, and I am relieved that nothing bad happened... yet. The silence and the layout of the town you described sounded like it was a nice place to live before all what happened. As the boys were taking the door from the truck, I was secretly saying to myself... don't put the gun down... argh... he put the gun down. The silence and stillness of everything increased the tension. I can relate to such a situation, I think most people when they are in a quiet place. Looks like everyone is banding together for a standoff. What's the odds that after all this prep, the zombie has a trick up his sleeve. Thanks for the chapter; now that Halloween is almost here this makes for a perfect story.

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