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  1. cognac69

    New Brother

    A really good and very insightful story that looks at coming out from many different angles. The gay guy coming to terms with being gay and dealing with the different reactions from friends and family, the straight friend coming to terms with his best friend being gay and realising that it hasn't changed the friend or the friendship and how we all may need time to accept and realise it. One strong point is that we all may need time and should always keep the door open for each other and allow ourselves and others to rebuild bridges and friendships when possible. The other and possibly the most important is that acceptance not tolerance is key to it all. The fear of rejection is in-built in us all and is never to made light of.
  2. cognac69

    Heart of The Tree

    OMG Graeme what have you done to me, I've been up late and been late for work,why? Because you wrote a story with a different slant that was so good I had to read it all and couldn't stop till the end. I really enjoyed it and I'm sure many others will too.
  3. cognac69

    Second Shot

    Phew, what a ride, I want more, there has to be more to a great story like this.
  4. cognac69

    From Behind Those Eyes

    There is so much realism in this story as reminds many of us and tells others of the real struggle within ourselves of our own acceptance and struggle to be true to ourselves. Beautifully written and very poignant. Thank you.
  5. cognac69

    Weeping Lily

    Nephylim does it again, a multifaceted story that sends shivers down my spine, raises the goose bumps on my skin and still has me wanting more. Thank you again for a great read.
  6. cognac69

    Death by Dreaming

    Wow, a gripping story full of suspense that got my heart pounding at times. I would have liked one more chapter to tie up the loose ends and explain some of what happened, but the wind down was essential to the story. Another great contribution to be thankful for. I'll be continuing to read more of your work.
  7. cognac69

    The Game

    To use a common word often used here in England, I'm gobsmacked, what a fascinating read and what a journey. Definitely different I enthralled by it.
  8. cognac69


    A powerful story that is fictional but has so many parallels to real life. Well written and very moving, I just wish that the ending was real for those that are caught up in this type of nefarious industry. Nephelym you are a very talented writer and one to follow.
  9. cognac69

    Direct Confusion

    An awesome story, but Sasha where's the sequel, the ending begs for one. I loved it and look forward to reading more of your work.
  10. cognac69

    Finding Alex

    Very well written and definitely open to a sequel telling of the progress of Alex/Sacha. The empathy shown for the feelings of an abused child is brilliant, I've worked with and fostered abused children and couldn't have done as good a job. While it is fiction it clearly demonstrates how abuse can and does affect people not just in the short term but for a life time. Hopefully this will open up people's minds and help at least some of the victims of abuse and those close to them.
  11. cognac69

    The Navigator

    OMG I wasn't sure if was going to like this story, by the end of the first chapter I was gripped by it. I didn't like it I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more like it. It was a great read.
  12. cognac69

    My Life Started at the End of the World

    How good do I think this story is? Well it's the second time I've read it and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. It still makes me laugh and cry and feel goose bumps in parts. Now I want to read the follow up.
  13. cognac69

    In Safe Hands

    What can be said about this one? Well it goes like this, yet another emotional roller coaster of a story by Riley Jericho and one that fills you with all the emotions that are poured into it. Definitely an author to follow. Thank you.
  14. cognac69

    An English Teen, Circumcised in the USA

    It may be fiction but it felt so real. I even felt like I'd lost a friend, beautifully written and with so much feeling. Thank you for the story.
  15. cognac69

    A Delicate Situation

    Wow, powerful and emotive.

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