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  1. Higster

    Chapter 10

    The meeting sure is something to look forward to, it's making me think how I'd act if I was in the same situation.
  2. Higster

    Chapter 8

    Mysterious envelope sure shook things up!
  3. Higster

    Chapter 7

    Adam is definitely what Jason needs, a distraction. Someone who will hear him out and won't add to the problems he's already facing back at home. Just kinda feel like Adam is getting the short end of the stick in some ways. Adam + Tania are my favourite characters as of now.
  4. Higster

    Chapter 5

    Wow, Jason just using Adam as a distraction... I really thought he was above that but now I'm having second thoughts about him.
  5. Higster

    Chapter 2

    When out of nowhere he asked if he was fucking his mother I laughed, just because it was out of nowhere. Feel sorry for him, no wonder he ran away as it seems like his parents are really not great.
  6. Higster


    Strong Start! Already wanting to read more!
  7. World Cup final was great. Lloris made me laugh so much when he messed that up! Croatia were overall the better team, France had two lucky decisions which led to goals and Croatia should have had a penalty. Croatia deserved at least ET, but such is the way of football. Well done to France though, by far been the best team in this World Cup.

  8. Higster

    Scene Change

    At first I was quite confused and wasn't sure what to think, however the more I read the more I got into the story. A great short story which is a quick read and keeps you wanting to read more. Characters interest you and the story often brings out your emotions via small actions or comments by characters.
  9. Higster

    Chapter 9

    A very good read.
  10. Higster

    Chapter 8

    I got a miny shock when I read about the social workers!
  11. Higster

    Chapter 7

    That last line was what I'd call f***ing fantastic!
  12. Higster

    Chapter 5

    I loved reading the date.
  13. Higster

    Chapter 3

    I really like the whole slow development that is shown in this Chapter and I really like the way the conflicting emotions is expressed through his thoughts and actions.
  14. Higster

    Chapter 2

    This was a fantastic Chapter, really good work. I thought it was the perfect way to continue this story from where it was left off last chapter.
  15. I'm very disappointed with how England played. We were awful, Croatia deserved the win so I'm not really annoyed with the result. Just disappointed. First half should have been 2 goals but oh well can't score em all. 2nd half what on earth happened, just let Croatia on to us really. I'm still impressed with our run in the world cup, finally winning a penalty shootout and having some real young talents shine. Over to you @clochette, need some Tinkerbell magic to have France beat Croatia comfortably.

    1. Higster


      I sound bitter, but of course I will be as my team just got knocked out. I'm not the most sore loser when it comes to this though, Croatia deserved it in this match, simple as.

    2. clochette


      French players have a lot of pressure on their shoulders as it was exactly 20 years ago that we last won the world cup.

      Plus every players said they'll give every matches bonus and the final bonus if they win the cup to charities

    3. Higster


      I think if the Croatia side that showed up against Argentina in the group stage shows up France may be in for a bit of trouble, my prediction is 3-1 to France. Overall I think even if France don't win this world cup, (although I think they will) they cannot a be disappointed with how they played and b they will probably win the Euros in 2020 with some of the big nations ( Germany, Spain and even The Netherlands) having problems with transitioning - Germany got a lot of old players, Spains team suffers that problem on an even larger scale imo as half of that wc team will be retiring before or just after the next world cup and The Netherlands have just got their new youth players who don't seem to perform in the big games, yet show up in the friendlies?


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