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  1. BabyXander1990

    TC3 – Chapter 2: Heartbreak

    Nice Chapter...More please....and hope to see more of it.... (I should talk, I'm writing Chapter 4 for 5 months...)
  2. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 13 Making Friends

    Tim Horton's good chain, but they got killed in New England, but that's DunkinDonuts land....
  3. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 6 Fun in the Snow

    In Tampa you can skate outside in December....
  4. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 5

    Love it...
  5. BabyXander1990

    I Wasn't Asleep Yet

    Love it....
  6. BabyXander1990

    July CSR Discussion Day: The Tampa Chronicles by BHopper2

    Union Station is nice, I love how it backs into the station... Ever see it? I watched it a few times, since the tracks are behind my job...
  7. BabyXander1990

    July CSR Discussion Day: The Tampa Chronicles by BHopper2

    How about racing at East Bay... the place is nice... I admit it, I'm a racing fan... I even go to Derby Lanes for greyhound racing and Tampa Bay Downs for horse racing and then Clearwater for the Boat racing...
  8. BabyXander1990

    July CSR Discussion Day: The Tampa Chronicles by BHopper2

    I mean, the water taxi up the Hillsborough River to Rick's or to ZooTampa, the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, the ferry from Tampa to St. Pete in the fall...Even going to Flea Markets...and maybe seeing a dirt track race at East Bay Raceway...
  9. BabyXander1990

    Campfire Songs

    Wow... PDD? I still would like to know a bit more about Ryder's family...
  10. BabyXander1990

    State of Confusion

    Wondering the same about mental illness, where are his parents? Did one had mental illness and snapped and killed the other?
  11. BabyXander1990


    Great chapter...Does Ryder lives with his grandmother? What happened to his parents...If Teddy's parents are 35, I wonder if he'll become a big brother someday...What does his parents do?
  12. BabyXander1990

    School's Out!

    Nice story...I never went to a party with beer, but I was like Ryder. I have questions bout him, too...
  13. Going to read it...Still doing Chapter 4 of my story....
  14. BabyXander1990

    July CSR Discussion Day: The Tampa Chronicles by BHopper2

    Wow, I'm surprised that I'm mentioned. I mean, I'm just talking about the sites of Tampa (one of my character in my story is from Tampa and he'll be having a flashback about being on 'Beer Can Island' with his friend. Beer Can is an island in Tampa Bay and it is an unofficial nude beach.), Tampa has many areas that is nice... especially Seminole Heights with its restaurants...
  15. BabyXander1990

    Rogue’s Gallery

    Nice... I hope More people will pop up

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