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    Chapter 3

    I like to listen to help me be a better writer...
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    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4 will have some POVs, but since Chapter 4 will be the announcement, after Chapter 4, no more POV, just a few thoughts from people. I'm glad you like it....
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    Oh no, No more chapters of My Son??? At least you did put a boat in the story for me. Hope to see them around....
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    Friends in Low Places

    Ballast Point Pier. The traffic circle in front of Florida Aquarium and Malfunction Junction....Nice...I like the part of the crime family...the aloft hotel was where a crime family meeting was held when it was the office of the IBCC, a big international bank from Luxemburg...
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    Chapter 3

    Thanks. I hope Chapter 4 will be up by tomorrow, but maybe Tuesday at the latest...
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    Chapter 3

    ****Hudson's POV**** When mom said that I'll be racing this year, I wonder who'll sponsor me. I wanted to ask some questions, but mom said that if i want to move, I need to pack, since the new house is under contract. I asked about the house, so she said, "The house is lovely. It comes with a poolhouse that has 2 bedrooms and a bath. Now, go up and start packing since we have 10 days to move and 13 days before Brysen gets introduced at a news conference." That is one way mom say to us, 'Don't worry, your parents know what they are doing.' I went upstairs to my room and looked around my room. I knew Brysen would be signed to drive Trucks - what is considered to be the A league in NASCAR. '13 days before Brysen gets introduced,' I thought to myself. 'Will I have teammates?' I wondered. Racing is considered to be a solo sport, but when you have teammates, you can get feedback from your teammate about how the cars are handling. If you are a member of a single car team, you might not get info about how to get around a race track. Some new teams are mostly single drivers, but some owners have 2 or 3 or 4 - the maximum number you can have, but then you can have a secondary team. I sat on my bed and thought about Rory. I wondered if his family left for Florida to watch the Daytona 500 and see the races at New Smyrna Raceway. Now, I know I will race against him, but really I would love to cuddle with him, since he makes my heart racing. I looked around my room, but where is the new house. Is it in North Carolina? Is it in Connecticut? I guess Brysen will be moving to North Carolina, since that is where most NASCAR drivers live. I hope mom will told me where we are moving. ****Allison's (Hudson's mom) POV **** As I see Hudson go upstairs to his bedroom, I felt guilty that I didn't tell him that his CRUSH will be his teammates. Yes, David, his dad and I knew he is gay. We knew before he came out on his 13th birthday. We had gay brothers, David lost his brother when he killed himself when his parents rejected him. My brother is 16 and he is a lacrosse player at his high school. He is the president of his school's GSA club. When Hudson told us, he thought we would reject him, but I saw what it did to David's family, so we told him that he is still loved. When he told about his crush, he glows. His crush is cute, too. David and his crush's parents want to surprise them in 10 days when we move to our new home - 15 miles from our old house. I sipped a cup of tea and I knew he'll love his teammate. Brysen knows who he is driving for - a satellite team of MoonshineRacing, one of the oldest NASCAR teams. Moonshine is how NASCAR got started, but auto racing been around since autos were made. Henry Ford created Ford Motors, when he won his race. As I was sipping my tea, DJ came down rubbing his eyes. DJ, got up from his nap, so I said, "Did you have a nice nap, honey?" I picked him up and hugged him. DJ, who is not talkative after his nap, just nodded, so I kissed him and I said, "Want some milk and cookies, dear?" he nodded, so I carried him to the kitchen and got him his milk and cookies. I watched him eat as I was making dinner. ****Hudson's POV**** I was on the bottom bunk of my bunkbed and I was wondering about my sponsor and my new house. Mom told me that it has a 2 bedroom 1 bath poolhouse, so I guess it has a pool. I guess it will be a guest cottage, when our relatives visits. I wonder if my new house has a hottub. I love sitting in the hottub, especially in the winter during snowstorms. I wonder if mom will tell me more about the house, so I decided to ask mom, just to see if she would. I left my bedroom and went downstairs to the kitchen where mom and DJ were, mom making dinner and DJ having milk and a few chocolate chip toffee macadamia nut cookie. I asked, but all I got was a glass of milk and a plate of cookies. I guess I'll have to wait, since mom wasn't going to tell me. ****Rory's POV (10 days before he was told at breakfast)**** I was on my computer in my bedroom looking at a fan site of NASCAR looking at news of NASCAR teams, especially MoonshineRacing. I saw news about other teams - like I did every time during the offseason. I saw teams switching manufacturers - either Ford, Chevy or Toyota. I saw that RedlineMotorsports will be switching from Chevy to Toyota and become a satellite team of SteveVickeryRacing, Weatherford-Fullerton Motorsports switched from Ford to Toyota along with their satellite team, while Adam Grabowski joined them to replace Steve Keeton, who retired. Also, NickDeChristopher Motorsports switched from Toyota to Ford and signed two drivers - 26 year old Alex Dewsnap, a former Rookie of the year and 25 year old George Deyton. But I never saw anything about MoonshineRacing, so I am wondering what is going on. Did they close? I hope mom and dad will give me answers. I went from my bedroom and down the stairs to the living room where mom and dad were cuddling and talking about WallsmithQMMotorsports, our family's racing company. The QM stands for Quarter Midgets, what I drove from 6 to 12 years, now Dale and Cale races in QM while I'm racing the Legends cars. Last year, my parents said that I'll be getting a teammate, but I didn't see anything yet, so I said, "Mom and dad, am I getting a teammate? Pretty soon it is time for the season to start. I wonder if MoonshineRacing will be announcing anything. They are quiet this offseason." Dad looked at mom, smiled and said, "Rory, we are still talking to a few people. Don't worry about MoonshineRacing, as in 13 days they'll be a big announcement. I think you'll have a great season, buddy." Mom said, "Honey, you'll have a teammate, but we are still talking. We might have a new sponsor, too. Anything else you need? We will tell you when everything is done, hopefully before we leave." Mom looked at dad and smiled. I looked at them and wondered when I'll know who my teammate will be, but I said, "I hope he'll not be a homophobe. Night, mom and dad." I went upstairs and went to sleep. ****Kyle's (Rory's dad) POV (10 days before Rory was told at breakfast)**** We (Diane, Rory's mom and I) were cuddling on the sofa talking about WallsmithQMMotorsports, MoonshineRacing and Rory being teammates with his crush. Yes, we don't mind that he is gay, since Diane and I have gay siblings. I also knew a boy who was gay in high school, but the bullying was so bad that he killed himself. He needed his parents to support him, but no they drove him away and he just killed himself. He was my best friend, but I tried to help him and Kirk, my gay brother, tried to reach out to him, but he jumped off a bridge. It haunts me and Kirk to this day and I knew I'll support my kids if they were gay. I met Diane on a blind date and we were talking about families and she told me that she have 2 brothers who are gay along with a sister and an uncle. We both talked about supporting kids who are gay. We hit it off and we got married after dating for 6 months, so we knew Rory was gay before he came to us and told us. Anyway, Diane and I were on the sofa cuddling when Rory asked us about WallsmithQMMotorsports and MoonshineRacing. He was wondering why MoonshineRacing didn't have anything on the offseason, even though Jimmy became a free agent this offseason. Jimmy Nickel, Moonshine's oldest driver at 29, just got re-signed to a 5 year deal, but it isn't announced yet - until 13 more days. We told Rory that he'll be getting a teammate, but we didn't tell him that everything is signed, since we (Diane, me, and Allison and Dave, his crush's parents) been talking about it since early November. We heard him saying , "I hope he isn't a homophobe" as he went up to his bedroom, so we had to laugh as Diane said, "I doubt he is a homophobe, Rory." ****Diane's (Rory's Mom) POV (10 days before Rory was told)**** Kyle and I were relaxing on the sofa thinking about the new racing season. We knew it will be a surprise when Rory and his crush, Hudson, will be teammates. Hudson's older brother, Breyson, will be driving for Moonshine's satellite team - Helmick Brothers Racing in the truck series. We don't want to spoil the surprise, but Rory is getting anxious. As his mom, I want to say that his boyfriend - yes, I can see how they both look at each other before and after the races - is going to be your teammate. I did tell him he was getting a new sponsor - really 3 of them as they are coming from 'CooperRacingTeam', Hudson's family owned race team. Rory will enjoy his teammates and besides Hudson, he'll have Hudson's brothers, too. After, when we tell him that nothing is set in stone - okay, we lied - Rory said as he was leaving, "I hope he isn't a homophobe", I looked at Kyle and quietly said, "I doubt he is a homophobe, Rory." as we both laughed. We then kissed each other. ****Bryson's POV (10 days before the announcement)**** I love my brother and I hope he won't be mad at us when he finds out that his boyfriend and him will be part of my team. I can't say anything, but joining a team as a NASCAR driver, and for one of the oldest team in the sport, been my goal. Okay, I know Hudson is gay, but I knew I was straight at 13. I did tell, Kate Kinser, my girlfriend, but she knows about Hudson and Rory becoming teammates. What she doesn't know is the ring I got for her. Mom and dad know we are getting married, but it'll be a surprise to her family, her parents and her younger brothers and sisters. Driving home from the new house, I looked at my dad and said, "You worried about something, dad? I think it'll be a nice surprise for Hudson and his boyfriend. Do you think he might be -" I was interrupted. Dad said, "I was thinking about Uncle Alex, Brysen. I don't think you remember him. He was my younger brother, but when he came out, our parents rejected him. He got bullied at school and his friends abandoned him, so he jumped in front of a train." Dad sighed, then said, "Your mom and I had you, and you met him once. You were just 2 when he killed himself. I said, "Is that why we don't have much to do with your parents, dad? Why is mom's parents okay with Uncle Sky?" Uncle Sky is my mom's youngest brother, who is 16. Sky is a lacrosse player at his high school. Dad looked at me and said, "Your mom's parents are supportive about gays. My parents didn't care about Alex after he came out. They made fun of Alex in front of his friends. They even told Aunt Kelly, Uncle Scott and Uncle Miles to make fun of him, too. Alex lost his friends, and Kelly, Scott and Miles were forced to make fun. They knew it went to far when Alex stepped in front of a train." Dad sighed, then said, "Miles, being the youngest was depressed because he thought he killed Alex. Miles could have been a soccer star, but when Alex killed himself, he withdrew from his soccer team." I looked at dad and said, "If Kate and I have a gay child, they'll still be loved. I might see if Kate would like Alex as a baby name." Dad looked at me and said, "I hope she isn't pregnant, son." I looked at dad, smied and said, "No, she isn't. She wants to have a large family. We might adopt kids, too. I'm thinking of starting the BrysenCooperFoundation, which will be organized to help GayTeens. Maybe it should be the AlexCooperFoundation." Dad said, "That would be nice, buddy. I hope you'll call it Alex Cooper, but it is your foundation." 'I think I might,' I thought to myself. ****Rory's POV (7 days before Rory was told) (at night, before bed)**** 'Seven more days before mom and dad tells me who my teammate is,' I thought to myself as I try to get information on MoonshineRacing. Still nothing, but another driver re-signed with his team, but nothing on Moonshine. I even went to the MoonshineRacing's webpage, and still nothing. I just hope they are not leaving NASCAR. I sighed and went and looked at my other interests on the internet. Three new chapters of stories I get off on, more rumors of store closings on a retailfanclub website, two new messages on a hockey website and then I went to see if a model railroad company came out with new accessories for my model railroad layout. I have a nice 15 foot by 20 foot double layer layout. After seeing those pages, especially the new chapters of the stories, which I printed out, I went and brushed my teeth, peed, took off my briefs and fell asleep after reading the new chapters. ****Hudson's POV (6 days before the announcement)**** I woke up wondering if my parents will tell me who I'll be racing for today. I doubt it, but maybe they will. I know I'll find out in less than a week, but still I will have a teammate? Will I have sponsors? Dad and Brysen been busy the last 3 weeks, so I guess it is for Breyson's new team. I looked out the window, saw it snowed, then decided to look at my computer. I went to a few stories sites, a gay teen site, a boating site, NASCAR page and a cooking site. I just wish 6 days were over, so I can meet my new team and if we are moving to North Carolina. North Carolina is where most of the NASCAR teams - and drivers - live, so is Breyson moving? I need to know. I love Connecticut, because it has history, nice scenic areas and there are many railroad museums. A few minutes later, my brother Mason and Greyson knocked on my door. They wanted to know if I knew that it snowed. I had to laugh at them, so I knew I had to get up and have breakfast before helping with the snow shoveling. I took a quick shower, then I got into bluish green briefs, long johns, blue jeans, theremal undershirt and a red flannel shirt. I went downstairs and saw mom and Hailey making breakfast, but Brysen and dad wasn't around. "Morning, all," I said as I came into the kitchen. "Mom, is dad and Brysen out starting shoveling the snow? I guess I will help them. When's breakfast?" Mom said, "He and Brysen stayed at the office, since they didn't want to drive in the snow." Mom said office, so I guess it is our Cooper Racing office, so I asked mom, "Is my new team using the offce? Or is it Brysen's new team head office?" Mom said, "Neither, honey. Are you ready for breakfast?" 'Oh great,' I thought to myself, 'Mom is avoiding my questions about my new team. Do I have a team to race for?' I told mom, "Yes, I'm ready for breakfast. I just wish I knew I have a team to race with." I sat next to Hailey at the counter. Mom looked at me and said, "Don't worry, honey. We are just making sure you'll love the team. It has been a long offseason, dear, but we want you to be on the best Legends team and you shouldn't worry about sponsorships, too. We know you like it, but you aren't into it like Brysen." She handed me a plate of eggs, bacon and english muffins. I looked at mom and said, "Is this why you aren't telling me about my new team? You think they'll hate me and if they knew I am not interested in being a NASCAR driver? I hope they won't." Mom said, "I think you are getting nervous, dear. In six days, you'll get your answer and I think you'll love it." She kissed me, as Mason and Grayson giggled, then mom kissed them as they said 'Yuck!' as they wiping off mom's kisses. I had to laugh. After breakfast, I started shoveling the driveway, while Hailey, Mason and Greyson started on the sidewalk. After we finished, we went in for hot chocolate. ****Rory's POV(6 days before the announcement)**** I woke up and saw that it snowed, so I knew I'll be shoveling snow. I knew since I'll be outside, I'll take my shower after I finish, so I pulled on my longjohns over my briefs, blue flannel shirt and blue jeans, then I went down to the kitchen where mom and dad were talking and laughing while having their coffee. Mom looked at me, smiled and said, "Morning, honey. Would you mind shoveling the sidewalk in front of the other homes next to us?" The two homes mom was talking about is brand new homes that aren't sold yet, or at least I didn't think so. Dad said, "I'll be plowing the driveways." I looked at dad and said, "Are those homes sold yet? I hope the homes will be sold soon. Shoveling the house to the left of us is tiresome. Lots of sidewalks." "Maybe they are going to be sold soon, buddy," dad said as he looked at mom. "Thank you for helping out. We appreciate it." I didn't know dad knew that both homes were sold, they was built last year, just like ours were. I didn't know that one of Dad's uncle built the homes, which sits on 45 acres - we all have 15 acres - on a lake. The other side of the street are 5 lots of 8 to 11 acres each and there are 2 lots on this side of the street of 10 and 14 acres each. I had my breakfast, which was blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, orange juice, toast, bacon and scrambled eggs. After breakfast, we - Dale, Cale and I - started on the sidewalks, but at one house - the house on the left - had tire tracks in the driveway. ****David's (Hudson's dad) POV (6 days before the announcement)**** I hope I didn't ruin the surprise for Rory, I thought to myself as I drove Brysen and me home. We were fixing up Mason's and Greyson's room, and we didn't think the storm would dump 6 inches last night. It was supposed to be today, but it came and went quickly. We stayed the night, since I didn't want Brysen to drive in he snow so close to his debut in the Truck series, and I was tired, so we just slept there. Diane came over with dinner for Brysen and I and I believe Allison and I will be great friends with them. This morning we left and we couldn't do much with the tire tracks in the driveway's snow. Brysen looked at me and said, "What's bothering you, dad?" I looked at Brysen and said, "Just thinking about the tire tracks in the driveway and hope Kyle will plow the driveway." Kyle, Diane, Allison and I been updating each other and yesterday, Diane came over with dinner for us. They'll be great neighbors, even if our sons got a crush on each other. I then said, "Are you thinking of your foundation? Did you talk to Kathy." Brysen said, "We are going to name it the Alex Cooper Foundation. Kathy said that Grant might help us, too." Kathy's brother, Grant, is one of her younger brothers and he is out, but only to the family. I looked at Brysen and said, "AlexCooper Foundation? Nice. Do you know how you'll help them, and how Grant will help?" I have a few ideas, but I hope he'll talk to my brother Gary, who is an attorney. Brysen surprised me by saying, "I was talking to Uncle Gary about the foundation a few weeks ago. I am looking to by the old Y in Farmington and use it as a center for gay youth. Uncle Gary told me about the old Soundview Academy complex. He think it would be a safe place for at risk gay/transgendered kids. He might help me hiring staff." I thought Gary would help him, so I said, "You are going to have a great idea, Brysen. We are proud of you." Brysen said, "Thanks, and I'm glad that at Atlanta, I'll have AlexCooper Foundation on the truck. I want to help gay kids, like Hudson and Rory and Grant. If their parents hate them because they are gay, I guess the Soundview Academy would be safe for them. You, mom, Kyle and Diane are all on the board and if ACF gets the complex, I know I'll need social workers, too." "I think you should talk to your Aunts Denise and Zena, buddy," I told him. Denise and Zena aren't related to us, but they have been Allison's friends since high school. Both are social workers for the state. "Think they would like to be on the board?" Brysen said, then said, "I guess it would be a conflict of interest." I looked at Brysen and said, "I think so. Are you going to debut your foundation at Atlanta? You disappointed that you aren't running Daytona, son?" Brysen's car owner, Donald Cowden, told Brysen that his debut will be in Atlanta, instead of Daytona, because you can be 18 to drive on the superspeedways - like Daytona and Talledega. Brysen said, "A bit, but I know what he said. He wants me to learn from both Steve Keeton and Jimmy Nickle. Steve will drive the truck at Daytona, then help me with my rookie season as crew chief. Steve will be a great member of the team. Donald said that I could debut it at Daytona or Atlanta. I think I might want to debut it with my debut." ****Rory's POV (6 days before the announcement)**** I shoveled the sidewalks, but see tire tracks in the driveway of the house to the left of us was interesting. Did someone turned around in the driveway? I really didn't see much of the tracks, before dad plowed the driveway. I wonder if someone bought it, little did I know it was bought by my crush's family. When we - me, Hunter, Alexis, Dale and Cale - went in to shower and have some hot cocoa. I took a shower, put on a pair of orange briefs, Wrangler jeans and a red and black flannel shirt and came down to have my hot cocoa. I asked dad about the tire tracks in the snow, but dad said that it was from him before. I saw that he grinned at mom, but who was there. Dad and mom said that it wasn't anything, then mom said, "We need to go to get some clothes. Is everyone ready?" I hate clothes shopping, but I know I need some things, especially if I'm going to be racing in Florida. I look at dad and asked, "Is dad going, too?" Dad laughed at said, "Nope, I need to work on your and your brothers team, buddy. I also have to make money for the family." Dad is a stock broker, a partner in Wallsmith & Associates Real Estate and an investor of a few companies in town. I looked at mom and said, "I know the answer, but could I stay home?" I couldn't, so I hope dad is going to get a teammate for me before we leave for Florida. ****Hudson's POV (6 days before the announcement)**** After I had my hot chocolate, I did some schoolwork to keep me from going stir crazy about racing. Yes, I knew I didn't want to do it professionally, but I want to be an engineer to get the most horsepower out of the engine. Not only in auto racing, but in boats, locomotives, airplanes and maybe in rockets. One of my mom's brother in law is an engineer. I love science and math, so I would love to build my crush's engines to be used in his race cars. I know he doesn't think about me. I wish I could tell him. I sighed. I didn't know my mom was watching me, so I was startled when mom said, "What's wrong, love? Are you still trying to think about racing and moving?" I looked at mom and said, "That is part of it, mom. I just wish I knew Rory would know that I exist. I guess you don't know how I feel." Mom smiled and said, "True. Maybe not as a gay boy, but I can say that when I first met your dad, I had funny feelings about him. I thought he wouldn't notice me and I was wondering what I should do to get him to notice me. He noticed me. Just be your wonderful self and if he is gay, he'll notice you." Mom gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek and said, "Feel better, honey?" I smiled and nodded, so mom left me thinking about Rory. ****Alison's POV (6 days before announcement)**** 'If he is gay,' I thought to myself as I left Hudson thinking about his crush, Rory. I hate to lie that Rory noticed you, but he thought you hate him. I know Hudson would rather be the one raising kids, than racing and I hope he can adopt some kids. Brysen is starting a foundation to help gay kids who are in danger and both Kathy and Brysen would love to have a big family. I love my family and I can't wait until Hudson becomes happy. I sat down on the sofa in the den and started to read a romance novel. ****Kyle's POV (6 days before the announcement)**** With Diane taking the kids to do clothes shopping, I can finish up with the details of the merger. I called up my dad, who is co-owner of Wallsmith QMMotorsports, who was with my uncle, Donald Cowden, the owner of Moonshine. The merger was finalized in December, but I wanted to agonize Rory a bit. Donald told me that Brysen Cooper's team is all set, with Steve Keeton retiring after Daytona's truck race to become Brysen's crew chief. You can't drive on a superspeedway until you are 18, and he won't be 18 until March, so Steve will run it. Rory might hate me, because it is agonizing for him not to know about his teammates, especially one who he is in love with. He needs to know that to get what is worth take time, and I know he thinks Hudson will hate him. David said the same about Hudson, that Rory will hate him. ****Rory's POV (6 days before the announcement)**** Mom is taking us throughout the mall, I guess mom thought it would keep me from freaking out about my team and Moonshine, but I wish it was time for the announcement. Dale and Cale aren't as excited as I am, but I know, they would be racers, too - at least they say they do. Dale and Cale get excited about me running my model railroad layout, so who knows what they want. As we were walking through the mall, I looked at a poster store and it has a poster of Steve Keeton, so I thought, 'I hope I'll have a poster when I get to NASCAR.' I read that he is retiring. He was a good driver, but I guess he wants to enjoy his kids. I saw a few other NASCAR stars - Jimmy Johnson, Joey Logano, Brad Keslowski, Kyle Larson and a few stars from the past - like Dale Earnhardt - both of them, Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon, Dale Jarrett, Mark Martin and Rusty Wallace. I looked at the posters and thought about racing those legends, especially 'The King' Richard Petty. After a few hours at the mall, we went back to our house. I bought four posters, one of Mark Martin, one of Richard Petty, one of Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and a poster of Steve Keeton. Mom got me some blue jeans, shirts and a few pairs of pants. When I got home, I want to my room with my clothes, then turned on the computer and decided to go to a story site, to see if any new stories - which had some new parts of stories and a few new stories, checked my email then I played a few games on my computers. I guess my parent won't tell me until they say they will, so I guess I'll wait. ****Hudson's POV (6 days before the announcement)**** After mom talked to me about when she met dad, I decided to check out how to get someone to notice you, so I went to a gay teen site and read the forums. I didn't know how long I was on until Brysen knocked on my doorframe and said, "Hudson, what you doing? We are going to eat soon, so mom wants you downstairs." I looked at my clock and I was on for 4 hours. I looked at Brysen and said, "Just getting info on something, Bry." Brysen laughed and said, "I think you are trying to find out about making someone like you. I know you think he doesn't think you exist, but I can see that he does. You both would make a great couple." I looked at Bry, and said, "Do you think I am being stupid? I bet he isn't gay. I would look foolish if he wasn't. You have Kate." Bry said, "True, and she was playing hard to get when I first met her. It wasn't love a first sight, but it was close. Our first date was a failure. I thought Kate would never talk to me again." Bry thought back to their first date, he took her to Burger King and a movie and he was so nervous he spilled a drink and buttered popcorn on her. He smiled and said, "She gave me a second and third chance." I looked at Bry and said, "I hope I can have a first time failure like you had. Are you leaving for Daytona soon?" Bry smiled and said, "Yes, but my team is going to be based in Connecticut, one of the few teams not based in North Carolina. Kate and I might be building a house nearby." Moonshine is headquartered in Connecticut, but like most NASCAR teams, the shops are in Charlotte. Since he told mom and dad that he won't spell the beans, he is. Bry looked at me and thought, 'I just can't wait for the surprise to my two - really many more - teammates will have.' He said, "Let's eat. You will have a great racing season, buddy." We went to the kitchen and had dinner. After dinner, we watched last year's Daytona race. days ****Brysen's POV (6 days before announcement)**** I was with Kate at the house watching mom - along with Hailey and Kate - make dinner, when mom looked at me and said, "Could you get your brothers for dinner, Bry? I haven't seen Hudson the whole afternoon, so I hope he is not looking at NASCAR sites on the computer. He is nervous." I looked at mom and thought, 'I'm wondering if he is having an anxiety attack. All offseason, he been wondering about what will happen to him.' I said, "I'm going to get them." I went out of the kitchen and up the stairs to get my brothers. I could hear Greyson and Mason playing in their room. They were playing with their die cast cars pushing them on the floor. I watched them as they were 'racing' each other on their 'Hot Wheels' track. I told them that it was time to eat, so they abandoned their race and went and washed up. I went to Hudson's room and I saw him reading about getting someone to know you. I thought, 'Bro, you and him are right for each other, but you both are nervous about talking to each other. The trip down to Florida, you guys will talk.' I knocked on the door and asked him what he doing, so we chatted and he asked me about my first date with Kate. I laughed and told him about me being so nervous that I spilled a drink and buttered popcorn on her and I thought she would never go out with me again. She gave me a second and third time as you can see. I told him about dinner so we both went downstairs to have meatloaf, potatoes and a salad. After dinner, we watched last years Daytona 500. I can't believe that I'll be racing against them soon. ****Hudson's POV (1 day before the announcement)**** I knew that when I woke up, it would be less than 24 hours before I find out about my teammates. Mom and dad was getting ready to move, but today, as I came into the kitchen, mom told me (and Hailey, Greyson and Mason, too.) that we need to go shopping. Mom said I need a suit for Brysen's announcement. I guess, I'll know now who will have 'the next NASCAR star' - okay, I'm a bit biased. I wonder when I'll find out about my teammates. I ate, so I went and took a shower, brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I dressed in blue Hanes briefs, blue jeans and a grey polo shirt then my L.L.Bean jacket. I looked like a nice - for mid January in Connecticut - day. I came downstairs and mom asked me to put the stroller in the Expedition along with DJ. I guess we all going to be dressed up for Brysen's announcement. I put the stroller in the back of the Expedition, then I went into the house to talk to mom. I said, "Mom, where's Bry? Is he going to get one, too? Is dad going with us?" Mom said, "Kate took him to get his. Dad is staying here for the movers. We are moving to the new house, honey." I picked up DJ and carried him to the Expedition and put him in his car seat. I buckled him then I got in and buckled up. Soon, Hailey, Mason and Graysen got him along with mom as we started to the mall. I decided to watch 'Cars' on the DVD player while we go to the mall, instead of worrying about who I'll have for a teammate. ****Rory's POV (1 day before the announcement)**** As I was in bed, just waking up, I knew tomorrow will be the announcement day. I know I've been bugging mom and dad, but I wanted to know about my future. Mom and dad threatened me that I'll not be running if I bug them on more time. 5 days ago, they told me so I had to keep myself occupied - so I did, buand the week went passed fast. I guess I was worried to much. I just can't wait til tomorrow. I got up and took a shower, then I got dressed. The weatherman said that it would be in the 40s today, as it been for the last few days, as the snow is mostly gone. Connecticut, before the end of March will have another snowstorm, but we should be in Florida, doing our racing. Last night before I went to bed, I went to the Moonstone Racing webpage, and saw that the front page has a notice that read: 'Watch this space for a huge announcement!' along with a countdown clock. I went to bed, thinking about it, but I knew mom and dad would be mad at me if I asked them. Yesterday, I saw someone pulling a cargo trailer stopping at the house on the right side of us, but they were just there for about 2 hours. I wonder if someone bought that house. I thought I saw someone at the house on the left side, but I guess it was workers for the new owners. I asked mom and dad if the houses were sold, and they said that they didn't know. I went downstairs to the kitchen where mom was making eggs, Canadian bacon, bacon and toast. She smiled at me and said, "Good morning, honey. Are you hungry?" I said, "Yes, mom. Good morning, mom. Are we doing anything today?" Mom said, "Yes, we got to see if your suit is going to fit you for tomorrow. If not, we got to go shopping." Mom saw me sigh, but mom said, "If I'm correct, your teammates will be dressed nicely for the news conference." I said, "Is that the only thing you are going to say?" I saw mom smiled and said, "Yes, for now." 'Parents can drive you insane,' I thought to myself, but I asked, "I think I'll need a new one. Remember that it was tight in the sleeve for Ashley's wedding? That was in June, so I know I need to get one." Mom said, "Oh yes, I remember. I guess we need one that you'll grow into. Is it still good? If it is we can donate it." "Yes," I said. "I think the shirt has a stain, but it is still good." Mom asked to see the suit, so I went upstairs to get it from my closet. I gut it and went back down to show mom it. Mom looked at it and said, "Yes, it can be donated to some needy child. I think I should check Hunter, Dale and Cale's suits, too." Mom called out for them and after a few minutes of telling them that we are going clothes shopping, mom knew they needed new suits, too. Dale and Cale's suits were small on them. Soon we - including Alexis - were in the Excursion going to the mall. I hope I can get more posters and collectables. The mall has a Freight Station Trains store in it, so I might ask mom if we can get some accessories for the layout. Mom said, "We will see.", so we might. ****Hudson's POV (22 hours before announcement)**** Mom kept us at the mall for a long time, but then everything in my room is packed up, including my TV, computer and my XBox1, so I didn't mind being away from the house. When we got back, the house was an empty shell with everything, I thought, in a moving van. Dad said that tonight we'll be staying at the Welcome Inn then we are going to our house. I asked dad if we are staying in Connecticut or moving to North Carolina, so dad laughed and said, "We are staying in Connecticut, Hudson. The team you are going to be is a great team, and yes, Gazelle Outdoors, Charter Oak Building Materials and Connecticut Sand and Gravel will be your team's sponsors, among a few others." I was relieved that the 3 sponsors were staying with me, but I was getting others, too. "May I ask who else will be sponsoring me?" I asked. Dad looked at me and said "At 2:00 pm, you'll have everything answered. Yes, including your teammates." I asked, "When is Brysen's announcement? Is he moving to North Carolina?" and dad said, "As I said, by 3:00 everything will be ready for your Legends racing season." He put his arm around me and hugged me. "Don't worry, buddy, it will be a fun season." ****Rory's POV (22 hours before announcement)**** By 4:00 I was tired. Mom had us try on different suits, but I guess mom wanted to keep me from worrying about who'll be my teammate. I was wondering who'll be sponsoring me, since mom didn't say if Soundcraft Boats, Soapstone Mountain Sports, Nathan Hale Insurance or ValueHouse Furniture will be sponsoring me this year. Us boys got new suits, while Alexis got a new dress for the news conference tomorrow. I didn't know we would be in there for 4 and a half hours. At least I got accessories for the model train layout, Alexis got some craft kits and Hunter, Cale and Dale got some new games for their PlayStation. We all were tired so dad suggested to go to 'Eatwell's', a casual family restaurant. We went to 'Eatwell's' and had the all you can eat buffet, which includes a dessert table, so I got full. There, I looked around the restaurant and saw some handsome boys, but I knew who I want, but I know he would hate me. He thinks that I'm a snob, but when I'm around him my mind turns to mush. I wish I could talk to him and tell him I love him. ****Hudson's POV (17 hours before the announcement)**** We were at the Welcome Inn, in a suite. I spent about an hour down at the indoor pool swimming - and boy watching - but at 8, I was back in our room. Brysen, who was at the pool with me, was kidding with mom and dad about me looking at cute boys. I was blushing as my mom and dad laughed. I told them, "You aren't suppose to laugh." I tried to put a mean face on me, but I was laughing, too. I said, "My boyfriend isn't here, so I guess I got to dream about other boys. I'm taking a shower and going to sleep. Night." I went into my room to shower and get to bed. I was thinking about Cory and wonder if he's in Florida yet." I stepped into the shower and cleaned my body, then dried myself and climbed into bed. ****Rory's POV (16 hours before the announcement)**** When we got home from 'Eatwell's', we were stuffed. Dale and Cale were getting tired, so I told mom that I would get them ready for bed, so I took them up to their bathroom and asked if they wanted a shower or a bath. They wanted a shower, so we all undressed and we took a shower together. After the showers, they got into their 'GoodNites' and Pajamas and they got into bed. After they were in bed, I went to my room and put on pajama pants and went downstairs to tell mom and dad good night. I went upstairs, turned on my computer and I first went to a model railroad page, then to a railfan page and then to the page for my favorite baseball team and then for college hockey and a hockey fan page. At 10:00pm, I finally closed down my computer, that I was on for about 90 minutes. Before I shut off my computer, I went to a gay story site and printed off some stories. I knew that if I can't have the person I want, at least I can pretend he is here in my bed. Those stories are my bedtime stories. I climbed into my bed and read the stories as I fell asleep.
  7. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 16

    Wow...Someone saw the kidnapping...and I guess now a few other people will be charged. Kidnapping is a federal offense and with that charge, you can be in jail for 20 years. I guess the town will have a scandal brewing... police, a church elder and who knows who else is involved.
  8. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 14

    What a great story. I hope mine will be as great as yours...
  9. BabyXander1990

    One Strange Day

    Nice start...looking forward to updates...
  10. BabyXander1990

    My Son by BHopper2

    I should hit Sally O'Neal's on Friday...I have to try it...(I'm missing my New Haven style pizza)
  11. BabyXander1990

    Frantic Friday

    The Beer Can Building... Most of my Catering jobs are in the SunTrust, Regions, WellsFargo or Bank Of America building...
  12. BabyXander1990

    Frantic Friday

    What I think is politicians are hypocrites. Massachusetts is known for them but all states have bad political leaders, but Rob's grandparents are the worst...(as a Libertarian, I can say this) and they need to be defeated in the next election. (Massachusetts voters will vote D, thou. 90% of the House and Senate in Boston are D).
  13. BabyXander1990

    Frantic Friday

    Goody Goody, Ella's (my hangout), Seminole Heights Marketplace @ Southern Brewmaking (great farmer's market there), Alessi's Bakery (Phil recently died), Columbia (historic the oldest restaurant in Tampa), Plant City to Trainwatch, Fort DeSoto, Picnic Island or Cypress Point for swimming, Florida State Fair or Strawberry Festival, Rays - Red Sox game (but the Trop is crap and 90% of the people would be Red Sox fans)...got those suggestions?
  14. BabyXander1990

    Frantic Friday

    Davis Island is an island, so I guess someone can take pictures from boats in the channel. Now, a beer at your house shouldn't be illegal. In Italy, my cousins can drink wine at dinner.
  15. BabyXander1990

    Frantic Friday

    Good Day Tampa Bay is what I watch in the morning...I never been to Sally O'Neals...McDonald's on Kennedy...Rather have DunkinDonuts nearby...(Not a McDonald's fan, my fast food choice is GoodyGoody), hope they'll visit that someday...

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