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  1. Romance stories set in your hometown or city.

    Myself, the story I'm going to start is going to be based in Connecticut, but it will be a fictional area. A few local places (Hartford, Old Sturbridge Village, The Ledges (in Vermont, a nude beach), Valley Railroad, Boston (and the sports teams), New York (and ditto on the sports team) and a few other real life places.)
  2. Story

    Nice story...5 stars....2 thumbs up...
  3. Chapter 6

    TJ is not just across the tracks on the other side of town, but he's in a different universe. However, Randy and TJ are proof that love is blind... Great story..Ronyx!!
  4. Chapter 3

    I think Paul IS gay, but his bf doesn't go to their school and his b/f doesn't know about Paul's 'friends'. I believe he will find out and confront Paul to either stop the homophobic insults and come out, or he'll break up. (Maybe his b/f goes to a private or a charter school.)
  5. Chapter 3

    I didn't have to play sports, but in high school I played soccer, lacrosse and ice hockey. I'm paying for the injuries now.
  6. Chapter 3

    So true, Kevin's dad seems to be a jack*ss, but I think Cam's mom will fight them to keep Cam happy...
  7. Chapter 3

    I think Paul will come out...and who knows maybe he does have a boyfriend (who doesn't go to their school).
  8. Chapter 3

    What a bunch of assholes that Devin and his friends are. I'd love to see Ashley get pregnant and Devin getting in trouble. Cameron and Kevin and Cam's mom might fight Kevin's dad, because he is a first class jerk (was going to use another j word, but a jerk is better). Kevin and Devin's mom needs to tell her husband to grow up. Putting an orange ball into a metal hoop shouldn't be a college course. (Eventho I loved the UMBC upset of Virginia...)
  9. Why do need billing info to become an author?

    Just wondering why I need to give a billing address to get an author membership? I mean, it is free, or will I get billed? I have 3 chapters ready to post, but I'm just wondering if it's needed...Thank you...
  10. Wish You Were Here

    Aaron needs help to, with the loss of his wife, but I hope he'll find someone for him, too. Alex is a hockey player...nice...(Pittsburgh Penquins!! Cool! My Third favorite team. My two favorite teams are the (defunct) Hartford Whalers and Tampa Bay Lightning).
  11. It's Alright To Cry

    Wow, you did it, Dahawk, you killed off a dad, a mom and a teen. I've seen what drunk driving does. A friend of mine killed himself when he was drunk and high. He was 20 years old and he drove under a stopped semi on the Interstate. An uncle lost his family (his finacee and her 3 boys) a week before his wedding when a semi truck driver was drunk. I hope Mr. Hawke will find love, too. Sad chapter, but don't drink and drive...
  12. Darkness Before The Light

    I don't see a problem with that. Growing up, I used have my parents drop us me, my siblings and our friends to our cottage. We had fun w/o our parents.
  13. Turbulent Times

    Police officers are the most underrated people. They try to make sure people are safe, yet if an innocent person gets killed, the media say it was because of them... If you see an officer, tell them thanks...
  14. Chaotic Week

    Congratulations on your Kindle authorship... Good luck...
  15. Chaotic Week

    Dahawk, when will you write another chapter to Phoenix? Soon, I hope...

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