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  1. Tonyr

    Chapter 28

    It's been so long...
  2. Tonyr


    Ja que podemos conversar em portugues, deixa eu te fazer uma pergunta: O avô do Owen não vai comparecer ao casamento? Obrigado, abraço e boa tarde.
  3. Tonyr


    Muito obrigado? Ué....isto foi uma surpresa para mim. Rsrs
  4. Tonyr

    Chapter 12 - Ember

    Waw author, that was so wise, keeping up with the commitment to post a chapter every friday without even to have to write a new one. Very enginous, takes a lot of talent.
  5. Tonyr

    Chapter 63 A Brilliant Move

    Hey again thanks for answering another time. Please see if you can find in you the necessary strenght to wrap it up,you have no idea how frustrating it is for us avid readers, and the author cuts the writung in the middle of it. Thsnks and have a good evening.
  6. Tonyr

    Chapter 59 Christmas Cards

    Hey, hello. Thanks for answering me. I do live this story, and i do hope you could deliver a new chapter soon. Any chance that that is happening soon? well about cashmere, i think you are a little mixed up. What is made from goat wool and comes from india, (but mostly from tibet) is pashmina, very soft, geberaloy mostly used to make scarves, sunce the fabric obtained from that wool, has very, very little flexibility; on the other hand, cashmere is made from lamb wool, very flexible, and the most of it (the best ones) come from Scotland, there are some from Australia and New Zealand too, but the one from Scotland is believed to be the best one because of the quality of the water the wool is washed with during its treatment.
  7. Tonyr

    Chapter 59 Christmas Cards

    Great chapter. lots of fun. Big Mike is way too clueless about where was that cashmere comes from and with what animal the eool comes from. Couldn't stop laughing, but it's all right since Nate didn't know what cashmere was eather...
  8. Tonyr

    Chapter 63 A Brilliant Move

    Love your story sir. God it's been seven months already since this chapter. When are you planning a coming back? Good work live your characters. Please don't be shy.
  9. Good chapter and great fun. Shame is that there's a long week ahead before the next installment.
  10. Tonyr


    ... But it makes a lot of sence to invite Rash, since he used to be a member of the "Elite". Anyway, let me tell something, i found it funny your choice of hotel in London, cause i never thought CJ would apreciate a place like the "41", i guees that "Shangri La At the Shard" is more his kind of place. Anyway....:)
  11. Tonyr


    Don't forget to invite Caroline kennedy!!!!
  12. Tonyr


    Mr. Hazday allow me to put something straight: Since the trip to Amsterdam took place in the current year (2018) there wuoldn't be a change of trains in Brussels, since the Eurostar runs from London to Amsterdam.
  13. Tonyr

    Chapter 11 - Brady

    Lololololol. What was that mess at the top of the story? Nespresso or kettle?
  14. Tonyr


    Thanks, can't wait.
  15. Tonyr


    Nice chapter. Sad thar it was the last one. Did i get it right? Will there be another book on them? Let me know the new story's name so i can watch out for it. Congratlations.

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