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  1. Tonyr

    Chapter 1

    What is the other story your working on called?
  2. FSell, sorry i can't remember what does Lucas work with? Great chapter. Have a awesome week.
  3. Tonyr

    Chapter 1

    I personaly like police stories, then looking forward for the development of this one. How often do you plan to post?
  4. Tonyr

    Chapter 17 Brady

    Long time no see!
  5. Tonyr

    Chapter 13: Scott

    Me too!
  6. Tonyr

    Chapter 7

    Thanks for your answer i'll check it.
  7. Tonyr

    Chapter 7

    Why this story doesn't give readers the possibility to follow it, since there's no "FOLLOW" botton to it? Funny!
  8. Tonyr

    Chapter 2

    I guess i'm not wrong that Becker popped Kevin's cherry, how come now with the french guy is his fourth time? Remember that they even disussed if he's lost his virginity to Becker....
  9. Tonyr

    God Help Us

    Excellent chapter, love this family. My condolences on your loss. Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the loss of the most important person in my life, i know what grief means.
  10. Tonyr

    Chapter 22

    The author forgot that Brian bought Marco a set of sable brushes in Paris. Also, there was a huge mistake, because Roth did not drive the boys to Amsterdam, and then back to Munich, thay did not fly off from there, they flew back homs from Amsterdam! ...
  11. Tonyr

    We’re goin’ to Disneyworld

    Long time no see. About time. Great chapter, love that family. Welcome back, thanks.
  12. Tonyr

    Chapter 16 - Ember

    Loved this chapter, very hot and sweet. Can " HARDly" wait for the next one. Thanks.
  13. Tonyr

    Chapter 4 - Freshman

    Stuey said: -chapter five is being written- ...and it took six years? Oh boy, i completely lost hope of having chapter six any time soon. That is a shame.
  14. Tonyr

    Chapter 5 - Coming Out

    Great story, read all five chapters today. Hope you' ll keep it coming more frequently. Any idea about when the next one will come up?
  15. Tonyr

    Chapter 11 The Day After

    Hi, do you have a date for the posting of the next chapter? Have a good day, thank you.

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