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  1. Tonyr


    Oooh what a shane. This is the kind of story i never wanted cime to an end. Great, just great.
  2. Nice one. I too love Shane's POV. I still think he's a great guy.
  3. Tonyr


    Great, great, great storie! Many thumbs up. Congrats.
  4. Besides being disapointed with this chapter i also felt cringy reading about three friends having sex. Call me prude...
  5. Although it was interesting, i was kinda expecting things to develop between Donovan and Shane. It's taking too long.
  6. Tonyr

    Chapter Four

    I don't think we have to have a hard time wondering about Sebastian, he obviously in interested in Noah. Wether or not he is trouble i'm clueless. anyway, excellent chapter.
  7. Tonyr

    Chapter Four

    Wow!!!! Loved the sneak peek.😜
  8. Tonyr

    Chapter Three

    Well, what can i say? This is the kind of story i could read 10 chapters in one sit. Sebastian though...i don't know, guess he is a homophobe. Please see if you post soon, i'm really loving those characters. Good day.
  9. Tonyr

    Chapter 27

    @R. EricHi how ru doing? How is it gonna take till we get a new chapter? Tkx. Have a nice day.
  10. Tonyr


    What did i say yeasterday? I knew it!!!😆
  11. Tonyr

    Family Reunion

    @MrsgnomieWhen are going to release the next one?
  12. Tonyr

    Family Reunion

    Good one. Anyway i have to admit that i'm a little bias towards Shane or Kels... Whatever, his a tormented soul, i'm pretty sure i know what's he's been through his entire life.
  13. Tonyr

    Family Reunion

    No one knows for sure what happend or what was that all about.
  14. Tonyr

    Family Reunion

    Everyone here is shooting daggers against Shane, but none has listened to him yet.
  15. Tonyr

    Family Reunion

    I totally get Shane. Looks like his family is tight and things contrary to what's in the suface is not always black and white. Anyway, i like his character a lot and 100% get what's on his shoulders.

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