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  1. JujuTheDruid

    Tanner's Family Reunion

    I’ve snuck out the building and decided to bring more food for the people in the city. I think the cooks knew I had stolen their sandwiches and didn’t really have anything big out in the open. All I have are random fruits. Orange round things that honestly make me gag from the smell and red not so round things. They smell sweeter. I would try one but I don’t want to eat one in case that just happens to be the very last one that doesn’t get to a starving child. Enyod gave me some money as well for if I wanted to buy anything. I don’t really want anything so I’ll just try and split it to any of the sellers. As soon as I enter the marketplace, a small crowd of kids come out with great smiles on their places. I can’t really help the warm feeling inside from seeing them smile. They all have a black dust settled on their cheeks and clothes. Must have just gotten off work. I drop the bag in front of me and start handing them all one fruit. They aren’t greedy and try to steal another. They don’t even snatch it from my hands or the bag. They patiently wait in a small line in front of me. A few adults stop to watch me. I’m guessing some of the little kids belong to them. They all have big smiles on their faces. One of the kids are a little shy and I have to walk over to offer her the red fruit. She giggles and hides behind what I am guessing is her mother. She does reach her hand out to take the fruit. “Thank you!” She says in a small voice. I nod with a smile and turn back to the bag. I honestly expected to be robbed of it. I wouldn’t really complain. If someone were to take it then that meant that someone was getting fed. Instead a new line has formed. Instead of children, it is a line of adults. They wait for me with eager smiles. There isn’t much talking. It’s more of a respectful silence. A small understanding that we all share I think. They take their share of food with a nod and smile. It’s nice. The line is gone and there is still food left over. Perhaps enough for all the sellers now. They deserve food just as everyone else. I pick up the bag. Thankfully it is a lot lighter. It was hurting my shoulders on the way here. My first stop is the jewelry lady. As soon as she sees me she gifts me with the brightest smile. Literally. Their teeth has a pinkish glow. “Welcome again, Ofrit!” She says. “Ofrit? What does that mean?” I ask while handing her a smelly orange fruit. “Friend? I think I do not understand invader language good." She nods her thanks and then points at my chest with two fingers. “You one of us.” She smiles. “Of course.” I grab the hand on my chest and slip some money for her. “Together we are strong.” She tries to give it back but I already start walking away. "I will not be taking it back so keep it."I say with a grin and a wave. She shakes her head but smiles before waving back. I stop by six other vendors and give them each a fruit and the rest of my money. I may have snuck a little more for my jewelry friend, but nobody else needs to know that. I have one fruit left that I was hoping to eat but an older homeless man is sitting just outside of the marketplace. How did I not see him on my way in? He is sitting with his legs crossed and just watching everyone walk past. He’s watching me now. I kneel down in front of him and reach into the bag to offer the red fruit. He looks at me for a second before reaching for it. “You too kind.” He says. He rolls the fruit in between his left hands. “You not like others.” “I would hope not.” I say before standing to leave. “Farewell." I smile. ~~ ~~ We are back on Earth now. Sector 4 is what the city is called. This time we aren’t only trying to capture a director, but we are also supposed to capture a squad. Why we need to do that is beyond me. We aren’t the only ones here at least. A few other teams have already attacked. They even captured the director of this base. They are only struggling with the few squads that are stationed here. That is...if they are still here. Hopefully the one we are after is still somewhere in these homes. It is very quiet in this neighborhood. I’m pretty sure they have escaped somehow. Of course nobody will listen to me so why bother mentioning it. “Check all the houses for any hidden enemies or signs of where they could have gone.” Tony says into our headsets. He and Dozer have both gone into a house together. I just roll my eyes. That’s just going to waste time if they are going to check the same house together. I turn to the next house over and walk through the broken door. I try and listen for any signs of someone possibly about to jump me. I don’t hear anything. I guess that’s good and bad. I frown and walk slowly so that I don’t make a noise. I even took my boots off. I hate them. Too heavy and they make too much noise. I walk through and find a living room. There is a blanket and pillow on the couch. The other furniture is knocked over. I guess they rushed out as fast as they could. I walk to the kitchen and see that the oven has been left on. Idiots. I quickly turn it off and check to see what they were making. There isn’t anything in here. I guess they were heating it up. I walk down a hall and find four sets of doors. I bring two blades to float close to me. I press my ear to the door. I don’t hear anything. I press the button on the side and the door slides open. Inside has two sets of beds and a desk holding a giant monitor. The monitor has been bashed in and the box it should be connected to is missing. So much for following up on that I guess. At least I think it’s broken. I’ll tell Tony to look at it when I’m done. I look around the room and just find guns and other weapons, ripped blueprints, and unmade beds. I shrug to myself and leave. I press my ear to the next door and hear a animal inside crying. I push the door open and I’m greeting with the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. The pink animal looks up at me and walks up to rub against my leg. I wrinkle my nose and push it away. “Go away you ugly thing!” I growl and nudge it with my leg. It just keeps coming back to rub against me. I bait it into the room by standing in the middle. As soon as it’s rubbing on me, I push it behind me and dart out the door. Immediately it starts crying again. What is that thing? It's disgusting. I shiver and turn to the next room. Inside is just a plain room. It’s the smallest of the ones I’ve seen so far. It’s kind of pathetic to look at. It’s dark but thankfully I can see perfectly fine. There isn’t even a window in here. I walk to what appears to be the restroom. I look around, careful to avoid the mirror, and see something on the floor that looks familiar. I bend down and lift it up. It’s a thin cloth just like the ones in my hair. Interesting. I put it back down and leave. Cloth is normal everywhere. Nothing unusual about that. It’s only a bit weird that it’s cut the same as mine. I’m back in the hall and stand in front of the final door. I don’t hear anything so I open the door. Inside has more of a story than the last one. It’s by far the biggest of all the rooms. Giant bed that is perfectly made. Pretty sure nobody has slept in it in a long time. I walk slowly around the room. There aren’t many things in this room honestly. There are clothes sitting on the floor in places which is disgusting. They even have dust settled on them. Beer bottles are littered all over the floor. Mostly near the bed. There are old candy wrappers that look as if they are cared for however. They sit on the table next to the bed. It’s next to a folded note. I pick it up and unfold it. I freeze. Its...its me? I turn a lamp on and sit on the bed. I bring the picture into the light. It’s not just me. It’s me with three others. Next to me a human man with his arm around my shoulders, behind me is a Syren and a giant man with rock-like skin. I instantly think of the dream of a few nights ago on the flight back home from Earth. It was dark in the dream but I can tell this is the same man. The corner is ripped, though I see the bottom half of someone that should be standing there. Everyone is smiling. Even me. I’m doing a weird thing with my hands like the Syren. Everything looks so...happy. Everyone is looking at the camera except for the giant man. He’s staring down at me with a look that makes my insides feel all warm. I don't really like seeing myself honestly. It's just as bad as mirrors. I quickly fold it up and shove it into a pocket on my suit. What is all this? Who are these people? Is this some kind of trick? Has Tanner placed these items here so that he can mess with me? I’m...confused. I copy the sign with my hands as in the picture. Weird. I need to tell Enyod about this. I stand and leave the room. “Hey Mekaias?” Alicia’s voice calls to me. “I’m here.” I say, standing at the entrance of the house. “There is a cave located behind the house you are in. Do you think you can check it for us? I doubt the others will bother going.” “On my way. There is a monitor and a ugly pink animal here that should be looked at by the way.” I say before turning to walk behind the house. I start walking in a straight line into the woods. It’s pretty nice here at night. It’s beautiful. Moonlight gently lighting up between all the trees. There are giant hills here and there. I get a little distracted however. There aren't any noises at all. Animals aren't calling or anything. Instead there is another strange noise. I swear I hear soft whispers in front of me. I pick up my pace but stay careful with where I put my footing. Don’t want them to know I am here. The whispering never seems to get closer. It seems to constantly stay ahead of me. I pause when the woods open up to a field. I don’t see anyone at all yet the whispering is still in front of me. I carefully walk out and crouch low to the ground. I keep my eyes up as I start to crawl over a hill. The higher I get, the lower the whisperings become. I frown and press my ear to the ground. I don’t exactly hear anything but I can tell they are coming from down below. I’m guessing the cave is under me. Why am I hearing voices that lead me to the cave? I stand up since I know there isn’t anyone up here and start walking further up the hill. As soon as I reach the top the ground beneath me gives out. I don’t even get a chance to scream. Well, I did squeak if that counts. I land fast and a slope that rolls me over and over until I land on a patch of grass. Ouch. “I think I’m here.” I groan and sit up, rubbing my side. I look up and see the giant hole that shows the night sky. “See anything?” Alicia asks. I stand up and look around in the cave. There isn’t anything here. It’s not a very large cave. There are little lanterns here and there but it’s pretty much empty. “No. Nothing here at all.” I say and wince at the pain in my leg. “Damn. Well, meet up with the other two at the base entrance. I think we are done here.” Voices whisper behind me. They are a lot louder. I summon four blades and turn behind me. I only see a wall of the cave. I slowly walk closer to it and the voices grow. They get louder and louder until I am right in front of the wall. The voices have lowered. I kneel down and only see large stones on the floor. I reach my hand out to move them and the voices go silent. I freeze and look behind me. Nothing and nobody is here. I turn back to the big stones and push them to the side. My life stone? What is it doing here? I pick it up and dust off any dirt and smaller pebbles. The stone instantly warms in my hands. I lift it up to my lips and smile at the warmth. “Pruaq Ma’tiem.” I whisper with a smile and my eyes begin to water. Why is my stone on Earth? Why are there pictures of myself here? Who were those people? What’s happening? I’m so confused. I pull the picture out from my suit and open it under the moonlight. That can’t be me. I don’t know these people at all. Yet my stone is here. So I have been here? I reach back into my memories but I only see Aileta hand me my stone and then nothing else. Surely I would remember meeting these people and placing my stone here? Did I give it to someone else and they placed it here? No of course not. I don’t trust anyone enough to do that. The last one I trusted was Lucain. He gave it to Aileta, which I guess was fine. So how the hell did it end up here? I run my finger on the picture. Was it the rock man? I dreamed about him. Do I know him? I feel like I do. Or should. I stop moving my finger as it hovers over his head. He only has one horn. I reach up and pull the piece of the horn from my necklace. I lift it next to the other horn on his head. It looks to be the same. I-It's his. How do I have this? “Alentian! Where the hell are you?” Tony yells into my ear. I jump a bit before standing to find a way out. Asshole. I go to leave the area before stopping. I look back at the spot I found the stone before looking down at it. I bite my lip before coming up with a decision. I walk back and place the stone as it was before. I even added more rocks to cover it. I wipe my hands before running to find a way out. ~~ ~~ “Excuse me?” I say with one brow raised. “I think I’d rather not.” “You will be there and that’s final. Or would you like me to tell Tanner about how you disobeyed his orders?” Tony smirks. I freeze and just nod. “Good. You should head down now since they should be finished soon.” He turns and walks to his room.I sigh and turn to walk out the door. Why must I be there again? That’s two in a row now. I only ignored his order one time and apparently he hates me. I thought we were better than this. Were we? I think back about that U.U.P.P. base and picture. Who were those people? Why was I there? Was I actually there? I almost run into a woman and she shoves past me with her shoulder. I try to apologize but she just glares at me and keeps walking. Ok then. I reach the balcony and look down at whoever is being tortured. I can’t really tell who he is. His eyes are swollen shut and his face is bleeding and surrounded by bruises. He wears a business suit just like all the other directors. I think his hair has been shaved off but this is the first time I've met him. “Ahh, Mekaias! Come down now!” Tanner looks up at me with the same evil grin from before. “Quickly.” I turn and practically run down the hall to the elevator. What does he want with me? He wouldn’t make me torture the poor man would he? I feel my hands shaking and grip my arms to try and stop. The elevator quickly brings me to the bottom floor and I walk as fast as I can to the execution circle. I stand next to Enyod and keep my head held down. “Anything to say to this?” He says. I peek up and see he isn’t talking to me. I return my gaze to the floor. I hear the man struggle on the floor in front of me. He hisses from moving with his injuries. Then he speaks. “Mekaias?” I...I know that voice. I look up and look into the man’s eyes in front of me. “K-Kane?” I frown and move forward. I get a smack to the face and I fall back onto the floor. “Stay in your place, Alentian.” Tanner snarls before turning to Kane. What is he doing here? Why are we hurting him? This isn’t right. What is going on? I glare up at Tanner but he just ignores me. “As I said before...anything to say to this?” Tanner reaches for me and grabs me by one of my ears and pulls me until I am down at his feet. I can’t help the scream from that but don’t dare move from the ground. “You just wait. You’ll regret all of this real soon.” Kane spits blood onto the ground at his side. Tanner laughs before stepping over me to grab Kane’s chin. “We’ll see about that. Stand up, Mekaias.” He calls. I push myself off the ground and stand behind him with my head down. “Kill him.” He simply says before stepping out of the way. Kane looks up at me before just lowering his gaze to the ground. “W-what?” I look at him in shock. “No. Never!” I back away and try to leave. “I-I don’t want to do that. He’s my friend.” “Enyod.” Tanner says with a stern voice. Enyod looks straight at me with sad eyes before he starts chanting words in Alentian. I feel the edges of my vision start to grow darker. I try backing away from Enyod but he just keeps chanting standing in place. My vision grows darker and darker and my legs just stop moving. Soon I can’t see anything but a scary darkness. I swear I feel things crawling up my legs and I feel my legs moving forward on their own. The crawling on my skin keeps spreading around me until it has reached my neck. Why does this all feel so familiar? I swear I’ve never gone through something like that. I try ripping the darkness off of me but it nothing happens. I can’t move my arms. I scream in frustration but then something pushes into my mouth. A strange gel like substance feels as if it is pouring into my mouth and then I can’t even control my screaming. I can’t do anything. “I’m sorry.” A gravelly voice whispers in my head before my body starts moving forward on its own.
  2. JujuTheDruid

    Orders are to be followed

    Enyod has to stick to Tanner’s side during most of the day. I usually just stay in my room. I don’t really want to but at the same time, I don’t want to deal with them. They have become more hostile towards me recently. Alicia has even been ignoring me and staying away. The only time I feel at least a little bit welcome is when Enyod and I are in our room. However, tonight we are going into town. He managed to convince Tanner that it is ok. Here we are in the lower regions of town to find a bead for Lucain. I have a mission tomorrow so Enyod is trying to rush me to get at least some sleep tonight. I doubt I will sleep honestly. Last night was nice I guess, but there was something wrong about it. I didn’t want his warmth. I want to slap myself for even wanting something more. I should know by now to be grateful for whatever I can get. We walk by a bunch of stalls in the middle of the city. The marketplace is crowded with many of the slaves. Most should be just getting off their work. They try their hardest to keep away from Enyod. Mostly likely because of his height. It tends to scare them. I decided to steal some sandwiches from the kitchens. I know many of these people must be working on very little food. I want to help them when I can. Enyod said I could get in trouble but I don’t care. I prioritize any kids that I see and then give them to anyone that asks or looks as if they need it desperately. Sadly a lot of them do. Good thing I had Enyod carry a giant basket on his back. Should be plenty for this small trip. Well...at least I hope so. We find a nice small table that is topped with many necklaces, bracelets, and other various jewelry. They even have a small pile of beads that they have made. Perfect! I look through until I find a nice bright red one that has little stripes of gold. It’s kind of small, but I guess I can put it near the tips of my hair. I go to give the seller money and a sandwich but she quickly shakes her head no. “You take.” She says with a smile. “It’s only small bead.” I give a smile and reach for one of her hands. I place the sandwich and money in her hand. “Please take it. From one slave to another.” Her eyes widen a little at that but she nods. Pretty sure her bottom lip was starting to tremble. She still smiles. I say my goodbye and pass the last of the sandwiches out before we head back to our room. Enyod lays in bed while I place the bead in my hair, right under my mother’s. I haven’t seen her in so long. I haven’t even used my stone to talk to her. I’m not even entirely sure where I left my stone actually. I remember Aileta giving it to me before I left but then...nothing. I frown and turn to lay down next to Enyod. Where could it have gone? It’s disappeared from my memory, and I know I would always know where it is. It’s missing. This isn’t right. Have I gotten dumb enough to forget where it is? I start to panic a little inside. “What are you thinking about?” Enyod says behind me. “Nothing.” I say, “Just thinking of how I am going to handle the mission tomorrow.” I shrug and pull the blanket higher. “I should be fine. Don’t worry.” He gives a hum of understanding and I think I feel him nod. Soon he starts snoring. ~~ ~~ The team and I are standing on one of the highest buildings in one of the many cities on Earth. Lights of cars and streetlamps are the only things that light up from below. The building we are on is the home of a Director from U.U.P.P. Apparently he isn’t smart enough to have a camera or guard up here. Lucky for us, I guess. “Ready everyone?” Tony says. With a nod, Dozer and Tony turn to the doorway that leads downstairs. I tug on the rope attached to the device hanging a little over the edge. I tested this thing earlier so I should be fine, but it’s always best to check just in case. I take a deep breath and reach my arms out before tipping over the edge. I start falling headfirst and the air just flows through my hair and past my arms. I can't help but smile wide. It feels amazing and I'm pretty sure it’s the closest I’ll be to flying. After a few more seconds of falling, I push the button on the middle of the device on my hip. The rope starts to slow me down until I reach a stop. I rest my feet onto the stone next to glass. I peek over and see the target is on his monitor. Oh god...he’s watching...an interesting video. Let's just say he likes multiple large female aliens. I press on the button that turns my headset on. “I’m outside his window.” I wait for a reply but get nothing. I guess they are busy. I turn my back to the building and look down below at the cars driving around like little insects. I don’t really know why we need to get this man. I know he is U.U.P.P. and they don’t exactly like Firelight, but why risk coming here to capture him? It’s a bigger organization than ours. If they find us then we are all dead or set for prison. I don’t exactly want to be in a cage again. They are Tanner’s orders though. I'm too scared to say no to him honestly. I peek again and see the man cleaning himself up. I wrinkle my nose and turn back. What a disgusting man. I’d hate to be whoever has to clean up his office. I sigh and drum my fingers on my knee. It’s gotten colder since I've been hanging here for so long. I hope they are ok. It’s been awhile now. They should have given me the go ahead to break in by now. “Everything ok?” I ask. “You should probably go in.” Alicia answers, she’s parked on some another rooftop somewhere in the city waiting for us. She sounds as bored as me. “No!” Tony practically screams into the mic. A shout comes off from his mic and then more shouting. “Great. Now they heard me. Thanks Alien.” Oh...um...ok. His mic cuts off and then it's just an awkward silence. I peek into the window and see the man is packing his things in a hurry and shouting into his phone. I could care less if they get mad at me now, I’m not letting him get away. I move so that I am standing on the glass then push with my legs to send myself far enough away to swing. I brace myself as I am brought back onto the glass and it creates a web of cracks under my weight. The man jumps and turns quickly to look at me. He has dropped his phone. I jump again and use magic to add some power to my feet. The glass shatters and I unhook myself from the rope. I roll on the ground and pounce over the desk and bring my knees onto the man’s chest. We fall and land on his back. He tries to gasp for air but I bring my fist up, filling it with energy, and punch him hard on the side of the head. He gets knocked out instantly. “I’ve got him, Alicia. Tony and Dozer, you should make your way back now.” I mute Tony as soon as I hear him start shouting at me. I don’t really want to know what rude things he is going to say. “On my way, be there in five minutes.” Alicia calls out. I walk over to the window, dragging the man by the collar of his suit. He's a little on the heavy side which makes this a little hard for me. I wrap the rope around his waist and tie a knot that should be fine to hold him. I push him out the window with my foot and he swings out in front of me. He doesn't slip from the rope nor break it. Perfect! I jump out the window onto his body. I flop down and sit with the rope between my legs and push the button to bring us up. It’s a lot slower than going down sadly. Not to mention this man adds more weight for it to lift up. I swing my legs in the air, just enjoying the ride. Maybe I should ask Tanner if I can do solo missions. Pretty sure this could have been a lot easier if I did this on my own. I know I was the backup in case the man made a run for it. I mean I did my job right. Obviously Tony and Dozer will think otherwise. I don’t need a team. I could have done this myself. I pretty much did this by myself. They didn’t even see the target. Only I did. Tanner will probably say that I should know my place and just ignore my wishes. Finally reached the top. Alicia is there in her aircraft. I sigh and stand to hop onto the building. I grab the rope and pull the man towards me and try and lift his weight onto the building. Ok maybe I need a team for this part. I groan as I try again but he’s just too heavy. Another set of hands comes and grabs the other man’s arm. We pull and until he is laying flat on the roof. I huff and look up at Dozer. He sure doesn’t look happy. He doesn’t look too mad either though. He picks the guy up easily and before he turns to Alicia, he says, “Nice one...I guess.” I smile and walk behind him. My smile vanishes as Tony looks at me with the most evil glare I have ever seen. He doesn’t say anything however, he just turns and goes to his seat. I sigh and go to mine. ~~ ~~ “Why would he do this?” Remelia asks behind me. We just watched the footage of Firelight trying to sneak into the building. Two human men, one was from the video that Mekaias talked to, were knocking down anyone that was on the top five floors. Even the working staff. Anyone that was in their sights were knocked down. Thankfully nobody got hurt. That is, until one of them seemed to shout out of nowhere. It led to them killing anyone that got close to them. They were running down the floor trying to get somewhere but then they immediately turned around halfway through. Somewhere else in the building, the Director of the city was knocked out and taken by Mekaias. Mekaias had come in through the his window and then he just took the man. Seeing him leave was very strange to see. Something isn’t right. Well clearly something isn’t right but I know for a fact that Mekaias wouldn’t go so far as to help Firelight with their missions. This is pretty much the most successful mission they’ve ever done against us. Capturing a Director in U.U.P.P. That’s a little terrifying to say the least. “I don’t know.” I say. I think I know. Actually never mind. Pretty sure Mekaias wouldn’t want to side with Tanner. It’s why he joined us after all. I mean I’d like to think I was a small part on why he stayed but I know better. He wanted to avenge his mother, but he would go so far as to work alongside the killer of his mother? I doubt it. Something else is happening to him. That’s when I remembered something. “Wait, I think I know what’s happening now.” I stand up and start to leave. “I’ll tell you when I tell the Director. I’ll be back.” Remy and Remelia call for me to tell them but I really need to tell the Director first. The sooner he knows, the sooner he can hopefully do something about it. I don’t know what but the more he knows the better. I don’t even bother to check if he is in a meeting, though thankfully he isn’t. I burst right through his door. “He’s being mind controlled.” I say with a huff in between breaths, I may or may not have ran all the way over here. The Director looks up with noodles inches from his mouth. He sets it down before speaking, “That would make a lot of sense but how do we know for sure?” “He didn’t recognize Remelia’s drone the night he flew off with Firelight.” I say. Saying it now makes me realize just how little evidence this is. I know I’m pretty much guessing but I just have a feeling this is what’s happening to him. “I see. I actually don’t doubt it at all. However, we still need to keep our minds open to the fact that he might not be mind controlled, and that he may have simply changed sides.” He says that with a deep sadness in his eyes. Sometimes I forget he knew Mekaias before. It must be strange to see your old friend with the enemy. This is my soulmates however. Pretty sure I have a one up on that. Plus there is also the fact that Mekaias changing sides is ridiculous, even if it is looking like that right now. “He went to kill George for joining Firelight. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t just join them after that.” I say with my arms crossed. He pushes back in his chair. “What do you think we do then? I’ve been trying to think of things and nothing comes to mind.” He frowns up at me. “I-I don’t know.” I scratch the back of my head. How does he expect me to come up with something on the spot? “If I may, I need to eat and have some peace and quiet. This has been a rather stressful few days.” He picks up his bowl of noodles again. I just bite my tongue and leave. It hasn't only been stressful for him. Maybe I shouldn’t tell the squad. I wouldn’t want to give them false hope even if I’m pretty sure I’m right. Maybe we should look for a new pilot while we are doing this. I hope they don't mind a intense background check. ~~ ~~ “Anything you wish to say?" No answer. "Do I have to take it from you?” Tanner looks down at the U.U.P.P Director. He is on his knees with his hands chained behind him. They are in between the two buildings that are the living areas. This middle area is used for torture and executions. The two buildings open up to this area with bridges in the upper floors. There are balconies all over both buildings that are used to watch everything. They don’t exactly hide it from everyone. It’s just full of everything that is wrong. The fact the floor the I live on is the second floor of one of the buildings, isn’t so great. I sometimes hear the screams of whoever is being tortured or killed. It makes my stomach twist up inside. Tony has forced me to watch this one because I ignored his orders. Alicia tried to stop him but he ignored her. Now here I am chained to our balcony's edge, watching Tanner beat up on some poor man that I brought in. I wish I could just kill the people I bring in so that they don’t have to go through this slow death. They always die in the end. I think I’ll make it a silent rule to kill them on ‘accident’ and say they tried to kill me. They wouldn’t know it but it would be better than this. Enyod is down there with Tanner. He’s always there for these things. He has to unfortunately. He has to stick by Tanner at all times except for when he needs sleep. I would hate to have to do that. Tanner is scary and mean. “Enyod.” Tanner says and turns away from the prisoner. Enyod walks forward with...his life stone? I frown and keep my eyes on him. He starts chanting in words I don’t understand. I’m pretty sure it’s the Alentian language. His one eye starts to glow a bright yellow and then the prisoner stops moving, his mouth begins drooling. Enyod starts naming stuff off to Tanner. It’s a bunch of addresses I think. He is naming off cities from Earth so I’m pretty sure he is naming off places where U.U.P.P. bases are. He can read minds? It's a little too gross to watch honestly. “Find the Star Squad.” Tanner says to Enyod. He nods and after a few moments he calls out a city and a place called Green Neighborhood. Tanner gives a creepy grin and he looks up and straight at me. I try and step back to hide from his gaze but I am chained to the balcony. I look back at Tanner in confusion and maybe a little fear but he has already turned back to the prisoner. Enyod has turned back to his place with his head ducked down. Tanner walks in front of the prisoner and places his hands on top and below the poor man’s head. I can hear the man start asking for freedom and his whimpers for help. I close my eyes and turn my head. It doesn’t stop the cracking noise I hear. The door behind me swipes open not even a second after. Alicia looks at me with a sad smile and frees me from the chains. I look at her for a second before walking past her and going straight for my room. I curl up and push myself into the corner of the bed that's against the corner of the wall. Why am I here? This all doesn’t add up as to why I am here. My painted memories don’t tell me why I decided to join Firelight. Why I decided that things like that were still ok to be around. I frown and hug a pillow to my chest. Why did Tanner look at me like that? Like he had a wicked plan made. I shiver remembering his face. Apparently Enyod can read memories. I didn’t know that till now. I wonder why he never told me. He knows I can do a lot of things too. I wonder what else he can do. He had used his life stone in front of everyone. That’s scary. Does he trust Tanner? Enough to even have it out in the open like that for anyone to see? Why would you ever trust him or anyone in this place? I don't even trust him entirely. Enyod walks into the room finally. I practically pull him onto the bed with me. I may not trust him but I know we are both stuck here. “They chained me to the balcony to watch.” I simply say. I feel him freeze at that. “Y-you saw me use my magic?” He asks. I just nod. “I’m sorry.” He whispers. I don’t really know understand why he said that honestly. It’s not like it’s his fault I was chained to the balcony. He’s stuck in this as much as I am. He soon falls to sleep. I don’t sleep at all that night sadly. All I see is Tanner’s evil grin in red light. What is he planning? I know it has to do with me. I just hope I don’t have to kill anyone.
  3. JujuTheDruid

    A Well of Embers

    The trip home was about two days long. Tony and Alicia were rather quiet during the trip. It’s not exactly new for Tony, but I know Alicia isn’t as bubbly as she usually is. I just stared out into all the stars. I love watching them. They help me fall asleep. I don’t get pleasant dreams though. The first night was strange. I kept feeling like I was missing something. I thought it was just lack of body heat, but I wouldn’t dare ask to sleep with anyone from the team. I know my place among them. I am an alien to them and so they don’t entirely like me. Lucky for me, my team is pretty great. I try and think back on any missions or time we’ve had together, but I only get strange moving pictures that look as if they were painted. I frown out the window. I keep pushing to even normal everyday memories, like my room back home with Enyod, the only other Alentian I know. The metal room is just painted along with Enyod. This doesn’t seem right at all. When I pushed my thoughts away and tried to sleep, I was haunted with nightmares of my past. The masters started off by being the first ones to invade my dream. Tanner told me they were exiled from Firelight long ago. The nightmares started playing back to back. From the three of them taking advantage of me to My mother being murdered by a man in a mask. The mask is painted in the dream yet it seemed solid enough to completely hide the face hidden behind it. Everything from my time in Utrio was playing out in my mind. Lucain sacrificing himself for me. Arnio and Aileta keeping me safe. Everything leading to Tony and the team coming in to save me. Everything becomes painted when they show up. The second night of dreams left me feeling pretty lonely. I dreamed of being with someone. I couldn’t see their face but it felt like the safest I’ve ever been. I could feel the warmth and care even if his skin was hard like rock. I was in their arms. A cage of safety. It was all very familiar yet I don’t know who it was. When I woke I just rubbed on the smooth rock in my necklace. I don’t know where it came from. My mind tells me it’s a piece of a horn. How do I know this? I wish I knew where I got it. It’s a dark grey and when I rub on it, It calms me. It’s special to me...I think. Maybe as special as the beads and cloth I put in my hair? Alicia voices calls from the front saying that we are home. I look out expecting possibly a painted world of red paint like in my dream. Instead it’s a solid red planet, Ember. It’s a small planet like Utrio. They even share the fact that there is only one city. The only big difference would be that the city is about three hundred miles under the surface. The edges of the city from the ground all the way to the top is covered in rock and metal. Mostly because the planet has lava surrounding the top on the surface. It’s used to melt down the metals that hide in the caves under the city. Most of it is melted down in factories at the top circle of metal to sell. The open circle above the city is the only way in and out. The main problem to me is that the citizens have lived here far longer than Firelight has. Firelight had invaded and turned them into slaves. Now all of them work in the mines everyday. I am against it entirely. I was a slave myself after all. I’m pretty sure Enyod doesn’t approve as well, but we both know not to step out of line here. We aren’t exactly wanted here. Tanner, the leader of Firelight, only wants us alive because of our abilities. I am still not quite sure what Enyod can do since he refuses to show me. He is usually by Tanner’s side during the day. It makes me sad to see the citizens of Ember stripped of their freedom on their own planet. They never thought they would be invaded and so they didn’t bother to prepare for such a thing. Poor fools. They are all around my height when fully grown. They have orange smooth skin and their eyes are as big as a fist. They also have four arms that can almost reach past their knees, and have heads the shape of a upside down bell. The only place with any hair on their bodies are on their necks and shoulders. They almost look like they are wearing a permanent scarf. There are some that work in the buildings that other teams and I live in. Seeing them again will bring bad memories of home again no doubt. Speaking of memories, I find it strange that any memories of the slaves seem quite clear. Not at all painted. Maybe it is because looking at them has affected me more? Alicia lands us on the top of our building and we all hop out. The last member our team finally greets us. Their painted face fades instantly in my mind and becomes clear as I look up at him. Dozer is his name. He looks at me with a frown before turning to give Tony a mean look. Tony in turn crosses his arms and returns the look. There is just an awkward stare off between the two until Alicia steps in and smacks both their heads. “Alright enough! We will talk about this later.” She says and walks past them into the door that leads to the stairs. The two guys turn their gazes to me. Dozer gives a huff and turns to follow Alicia. I just stand there frozen until Tony sighs and turns to walk in as well. I wait a few seconds before walking in as well. I am not sure what I did honestly. I don’t remember doing anything that would cause them to be angry at me. I try and remember what I possibly could have done but I am only met with painted memories of our team sharing smiles and laughing together. Did something happen here while I was gone? I steer clear of them and just go straight to my room. It’s the smallest room in the building and it’s right next to the closet full of cleaning supplies. There are two beds on either side of the small room. Only about five feet of space between the beds. I don’t really have anything to do so I guess I can just wait on Enyod. ~~ ~~ I breathe air in and out slowly to calm down. Remy passes me a water bottle and I lift it up and chug it down fast. “Did you really have to break the bag again? That’s the third one today.” Remelia sighs with her laptop in her lap. I’ve talked to every director in U.U.P.P. today to try and warn them of possibly any spies in the squads. While we said this a few months ago because of George, we wanted to make sure and have everyone questioned again. Can’t be too careful. I really hope we can manage to find one. If they have any idea of where they took Mekaias then we can get him back. “Sorry.” I huff out and sit on the ground next to her. She turns to me in disgust and pushes me away with her fingers. “You’re disgusting and smelly.” She turns back to her laptop. “I’ve sent pictures of the aircraft they used to see if anyone knows where it’s from.” She rubs the sides of her head with her fingers. “It’s just a waiting game again.” She sighs and closes the laptop. “We’ll find him.” Remy says as he straps on some gloves and goes to ready a training bot. “For all we know, he could be killing them all right now. He’ll send us a call, and then we can go back to how things were before Firelight became a huge menace.” He smiles in our direction before turning to fight. I do miss when we just explored planets and helped those in need. Not constantly raid any Firelight bases that we find. I bet Mekaias would have loved doing that. I give a weak smile and then lean my head back against the wall. I hate this useless feeling. We couldn’t find Firelight before, so how are we possibly going to find Mekaias? I didn’t like how he just talked to that guy as if it was the most normal thing in the world. He acted as if he was a normal friend. I saw him get shot in the head the day he went to kill George. It was only for about half a second before the drone I was using was shot down, but I saw him fall down to the ground after the first shot went off. I guess I didn’t see blood. I know I possibly just thought of the worst conclusion possible. I just felt my heart stop when I saw that Mekaias wasn’t on the ground when I went to go find him. Remelia even went through the camera footage to try and see what happened. One second he is there and then a cut in the video skips to him being gone. “I’m going to take a shower.” I say and stand to leave. I don’t know if they really even heard me to be honest. I stand in the water and just sigh. I can’t believe I let this happen. I told Mekaias so many times that he was safe with us. Now look. I think I have an idea of what George did to Mekaias and it brings a burning rage inside of me. I wish I could have killed him myself but Mekaias did it instead. George sent a message to Kane saying that he was leaving us and joining Firelight. As soon as the interview was finished in the morning, we flew home as fast as we could. Everything seemed fine and normal. Remelia tracked George’s location of his phone. Mekaias was quieter than usual until he asked if we were going after George to kill him. It brought a bit of a shock to everyone. I think everyone just brushed it off thinking that maybe he thinks that normal to do. He has killed many people before after all. I knew though. I knew that he doesn’t enjoy killing people so something was up. When I found him alone in the room, just sitting on the bed and staring at the wall, I asked if something happened. I could see his shoulders tense and I knew something did. He just shook it off and acted as if nothing did. He just said that he needed to kill George. He had his mind dead set on doing that. I couldn’t do anything to convince him otherwise. He told me he was leaving just before sunset. I offered to join him but he refused. The only thing he’d allow is for me to follow him with a drone. I knew he’d be fine. At least I thought so. After George’s head was popped off, he walked out the front door and a gunshot went off. He fell to the floor, then another gunshot and the drone died. I just remember not being able to breathe for a good while. I ran to Remelia and Remy’s room and we hopped into a car and drove straight for Mekaias. When he wasn’t there it felt like the end of me. I didn’t want to do anything because what was the point? I lost my soulmate for good because I was stupid enough not to follow my instincts and stop Mekaias. Too stupid to not stay home and not bother going to that interview. I just knew something was going to happen and I lost him because of it. The Director said that it’s best for the squad to just stay home and 'heal' over the current events. Yeah that was a bunch of bullshit. I didn’t want to sit home and think about how I killed my soulmate. It was all my fault. What did I do to heal? I drank my heart away. I needed the haze to not think about what I have done. I also stayed in the training room most days because I refused to look at the bed that felt too cold and empty. To think that the day before was almost perfect. We finally made another step in our relationship and it was all crushed in an instant. Now that I get to see that Mekaias is very much alive, I’ve never been so relieved. He’s alive and not dead. I have to keep telling myself this because it just feels like I’m going to wake up at any moment. However, I’m pretty sure a dream wouldn’t have have my soulmate in the enemy’s hands. I shiver at the thought of what he is going through over there. I hope he’s careful. I don’t know what he’s doing but it’s definitely risky. I only wish he could send us the coordinates of wherever he is. Why hasn’t he even tried to communicate with us? I just stand there in the water for a moment before it hits me. He’s angry at us. He doesn’t trust us at all. We-no...I let him down. I promised him that he was safe and then he got hurt. He is only doing this for himself now. It is all my fault after all. Why would he want help from people that lied to him? ~~ ~~ “Thanks a lot.” Dozer growls and shoves a finger at my chest, ”I just love having to be on a team with a guy that can’t hold his temper. Now look at us! We have a fucking cat boy on our team. Way to go, Tony! Way to go.” He turns and plops onto his chair. “It’s not my fault that Officer decided to start bossing me around.” I glare at him. “He was just giving you pointers on what you should be working on with your training!” He exclaims and smacks his hand over his eyes. “Alicia! Please help your idiot of a brother.” She just sighs and continues ignoring us. “I’m busy.” She is just painting her toenails right now. I can't believe just how busy she is. Must be a damn hard life! “He doesn’t seem that bad anyways. Kind of quiet really. Already sounds a lot better than little girls like you.” We both turn to her and scowl. She just rolls her eyes without even looking at us. “You both are drama queens.” I just scoff at her and get up to leave. I don’t need to hear any of this from these two. I decide to walk to the cafeteria. I’m sure it’ll be better than this. As I’m about to open the door to leave, the Older Alentian fumbles in front of me. He bows his head and steps out of my way. I just roll my eyes and keep walking. I just love having two fucking aliens in my building. Let them entertain each other I guess. Means they leave me alone. They can just lick each other for all I care. ~~ ~~ The ceiling is weird. I feel like it’s missing something. I swear when I close my eyes I can imagine little tiny stars scattered all over it. A bit ridiculous I guess, but it sounds nice. However, If I keep my eyes closed for too long, I swear I feel the memories of being locked in a room start creeping in and trying to be at the full of my attention. I shake my head and open my eyes. I push those memories back and concentrate on the good. For instance, stars that could live on the ceiling of my room. Successfully completing a mission. My team smiling. Though I can’t exactly imagine that one very well right now. A knock on the door makes me sit up straight. Enyod opens the door and silently walks in. Strange. No longer painted in my head finally. He is rather rough to look at honestly. He has brown hair that is pulled back with a headband. In some sections of his hair wrapped in cloth and filled with beads. He has a lot more than me. One of his ears look as if they were cut up a bit. He has one bright yellow eye. He wears an eye patch over the other. I’m guessing it was pulled out otherwise he would be able to heal his eye. He is extremely tall. Definitely taller than my mother. He has to lean down a bit to not hit the ceiling. He sits down on his bed and gives me a small smile. “Hello, Mekaias. How was your trip?” He wears a dirty robe. No longer white. It has special markings around the edges on the bottom. Some are faded and some are ripped off. I think I recognize some of these words. It’s Alentian. My mother had tried to teach me some words. Mostly the ones used in temples back home that were used to teach about the magic our lives hold. They are pretty patterns of curling lines that never disconnect. Magic is believed to always circle back to where it came from. It was something they always praised and studied. I didn’t really care for it when I learned about it. Seeing the words now is rather interesting. I freeze when I realize I am on the floor with some of the fabric in my hands. I look up and drop it instantly. He just looks down at me with a smile. “Sorry.” I move back. I go to sit down on the bed but then realize I’m still in my suit. I should change. “You are only curious. It’s fine.” I turn to the small dresser by the foot of my bed. I dig around until I find pajama shorts and a tank top. I peek over and see he hasn’t moved. “My mother taught me a small bit of words. I’ve never seen them before.” I give a small smile before I start going through all the zippers hidden in the suit. “I could teach you more if you wish.” I’m finally out the tight suit and feel like I can breathe. “I see you still have some of our ways.” I look over and he motions the area over his cheek. I reach up to mine and meet the beads and cloth. “I guess I couldn’t run away from it all.” I turn back and put my clothes on before laying on my bed. “You have a lot.” He gives a small nod before laying on his bed as well. His legs hang off a fair amount sadly. “I’ve lived a lot longer than you.” He gives a chuckles but closes his mouth instantly. We both look towards the door. “I have forty-two lost ones.” he sighs. “I have eleven. I need another bead to add sadly. I never got the chance to get one on Utrio.” I sigh at the memory of Lucain. “Perhaps we can go together into the city to find the best bead for them.” I smile and nod. “Only if you have the time.” I say. I need a nice red bead for Lucain. We lay there in silence for a moment. I frown at how his legs hang over the bed. That can’t be comfortable at all. I stand and turn to reach my hands under the bed and pull. I keep pulling until it’s right against his. “What are you doing?” He asks, sitting up on one elbow. I drop back onto my bed. “Bring you legs onto the bed. It’s more space for you. Hanging over the edge looks awfully bad for you.” Not to mention this brings body heat that I know the both of us crave. I know he needs it because he doesn’t fight me about it. I curl with my back to him and he brings his legs higher onto the bed. For a moment we are just laying there enjoying the warmth until he whispers his thanks. I lay there trying to count stars in the back of my eyes. Eventually I fall into sleep.
  4. JujuTheDruid

    A New Beginning

    Six months later “Come on people, this need to be perfect or this could all go to waste.” A voice calls out. I just sigh and sit back to watch from the side. Tons of people were running back and forth setting things in place. We are in the construction building in from of the old safe house. It hasn’t really been worked on since the day I brought the little Alentian in. I say that as if he’s a small thing that means nothing. I know what he is capable of. Doesn’t mean I think he is in any way better than me. “Tony! You ready to have an alien on your team?” Alicia, my sister, teases. I just roll my eyes. She giggles a little and pulls up her phone. I never thought that working for Firelight, a group of humans that hate aliens, would land me on a team that happens to have an alien joining it. Let alone forcing me to let it be on my team as some weird form of punishment for punching an officer. Sure he kind of looks like us, but he still isn’t human like us. I’ve had a rough time with aliens in the past. One killed my parents after they offered to care for him. He was on the streets on Earth, clearly about to die from starvation. As soon as he took the food, he just killed them and took their money. Ever since then, I have had a silent hate for other aliens. Alicia doesn’t exactly match my hatred towards them. She was a baby after all. If anything, I’d say she doesn’t mind them at all. I’m pretty sure she is only here because of me. This alien however, has killed multiple people. I’ve seen the videos. One on the planet named Utrio, another time at one of our bases on the planet Achilles, and of course I saw everything at the safe house just next door. He has killed so many of our people and our leader wants him on our team? What kind of bullshit was this? Not to mention I have to play as its fucking friend of all things. Well we were down a member due to a bad raid by us last month, but still. I don’t want an alien to be considered apart of my team. “I believe we are ready, Sir.” A woman in a lab coat calls in. “Good!” The Captain says. “Let’s begin then. On the count of ten, we shall begin.” “10!” Maybe it won’t be terribly bad. “9!” I mean he is kind of cute. “8!” In a weird almost human kind of way. “7!” I haven’t exactly been with anyone in a long time. “6!” Could always use him. “5!” He was a sex slave after all right? “4!” and a stripper. “3!” Eh, but what if he’s all full of himself? “2!” Can’t have anyone else questioning my abilities. “1!” ~~ ~~ I groan from falling. I’m not sure what I fell from but it was something. I slowly lift my head and squint from the bright lights around me. Where am I? I blink a few times, the lights dimming each time. Finally I can see that I am still in the construction building. I look around and rest my head against my head. My head is killing me right now. Was it from the fall? What am I doing here right now? Voices come from behind me. A large metal box with a door open is behind me. Where did that come from? Did I come out of it? No. No I didn’t. I was doing something and I jumped over it and maybe lost my footing? So many questions. I try and search through my memories, trying to remember what I was doing.Voices behind the box are louder now. Oh, right. I was running from U.U.P.P. androids. I turn to face in front of me and start running. I start running up some stairs and hide behind a big wooden crate. I look out the building. It doesn’t have any walls on my side. Perhaps I can swing out onto the floor above me? That will probably be the best choice. I hear the footsteps of an android nearby. I peek over and see it’s black metal body with blue glowing lines between different ridges and spaces in its arms and legs. It’s walking slowly in my direction. I summon three thin but long blades and they float in the air above me. With a wave of my hand, the blades start flying towards the android. They pierce through its chest and as they tear out its back, I flick my arm towards me and the blades turn to enter its back and come out his stomach. Blue fluids start leaking out and it falls to the ground. The blades disappear and I stand to look out the side of the window. I just need to get back to Tony and then everything will be ok. I turn to the open wall and start to run. I throw a rope onto a pipe that surrounds the edge of the ceiling. I kick my legs forward and swing out and upwards. I let go of the rope and find myself on the next floor. Perfect. I smile and turn to the stairway to the roof. My smile goes away as I turn and find about six androids turning to look at me. Well...not so perfect. I turn the other direction the the closest building nearby and jump. Great, another building under construction. The androids begins shooting in my direction. I duck down and run deeper into the building. I hear androids starts to run up from the floors below. I quickly start to run across the floor to find the stairway. I only meet a dead end. I run around to all the different rooms and still nothing. Where the hell is it? I start opening all the doors in the floor until I finally find it. Who puts a stairway behind a red door in the bathroom? I start running up the stairs two at a time. Unfortunately I hear the androids even louder now. I look down and see glints of light shining off black metal. It is about two floors under me right now. Just as I look up I see the stairs have ended. Apparently they decided to stop here for some damn reason. I turn to closest door and run onto the floor. This one is surrounded by pillars and crates. Again it has open walls. I run around close to the edge and see a metal bar hanging over the edge. I take a few steps back before leaping high to grab onto it. It doesn’t move from my weight. I pull myself to stand on it and quickly walk my way across it into the building. This floor is far too open. Again it has pillars but that’s about it. I’m pretty sure I’m fine for now. I just need to tell Tony to pick me up. I stand against a pillar close to the edge. A drone is watching over me right now. Stupid things. They are more annoying than anything. As I’m about to call Tony, a bang comes out behind me. I jump a little and peek behind me. Oh great. Apparently the androids can just jump through the floor. That’s good to know I guess. Assholes. ~~ ~~ I lurch forward as beeping from my monitor wakes me. What the hell could possibly be happening at this hour? I groan and see that it is three in the morning. Remy doesn’t even budge from his bed. Lucky him. I stand and walk over to my monitor. A notification says that one of my drones has found some activity. I sigh and sit on my desk. Waiting for it to load up what it’s trying to broadcast. I go to the kitchen and get some coffee, while I wait. I’m waiting for it to pour into my cup when a snore from the living room startles me. I tiptoe over to the living and find Norian sleeping on the couch. On the ground by his hand are about six bottles of beer and a picture. It’s the picture Remy took of Mekaias for his first mission. The corner where George was is ripped off. I frown and cover him with a blanket. Mekaias’ disappearance has really left Norian in bad shape. He stays in the training room working out all day and drinks all night. He doesn’t talk as much and I know he cries if he ever stays in his room. He thinks Mekaias is dead. Says that he was shot in the head. I refuse to believe he is dead. The main thing that makes me believe so is because Norian should be dead too, right? At least I think that’s how it happens. It’s what I tell myself. I don’t really like to think of Mekaias being dead. We still aren’t sure why Mekaias killed George. Norian knows though. I can tell. Whatever it was, it had to have been bad to make him go so far as to kill George. He was a little weird. I’m not entirely surprised he could’ve done something bad. I just want to know what it was that he did. I leave Norian and go to pick up my coffee. I walk back to my room and almost drop my coffee onto the floor. Remy is up as well. His eyes in shock as he sits on my chair. I place my cup on the table and immediately run to wake up Norian. “Norian! Wake up now!” I push at him and just groans and turns to hide his face. “Leave me alone, Remelia.” He says. I hate seeing my friend suffer. I know this will be just the thing he needs to see. “It’s important, Norian. You really need to see this. It’s him! It’s Mekaias!” I can’t help the smile on my face. I fucking knew he was alive. He sits up immediately but regrets it and grabs onto his head. “You wouldn’t play with me, right?” “Of course not.” I frown and pull at his hand to follow me. He practically pushes past me and runs for my room. I smile and follow. Norian is standing behind Remy and has his eyes glued to the screen. “I-It’s him.” He whispers to himself. I clutches at his chest. “I-I thought he was gone.” His eyes begin to water. I just come up beside him and rub his back. “Where is that? Let's go get him!” He glaces at me but turns back to stare at his soulmate. “We need to watch a little bit first. It’s about an hour behind so we need to figure out where he is.” I say and turn to watch the screen as well. Mekaias has his back to a pillar. Something that weirds all of us out is that he is wearing a suit. It’s not at all the one I designed for him. It’s similar but definitely not mine. It doesn’t have the purple accents like mine. Instead its red. There isn’t a helmet with this one either. The top only has one sleeve leaving his arm in the open. He’s in some building that hasn’t even finished being built. What is he doing there? He looks straight at us for a second with a frown before jumping a bit from something coming out behind him. The lighting isn’t too great sadly so we can’t see what it is. He summons five blades in front of him. He turns away from the pillar and moves his arm to point at what is inside the dark building. He seems to dance his arms around. He makes a shield with the other hand to block any gunfire shot in his direction. Finally the figures start coming out the dark and into the light of the city. “What? Why are our androids attacking him?” Norian frowns. I furrow my brow in confusion. They should know not to attack him. He should be classified as one of us or at least as a civilian. The blades Mekaias had summoned are slicing into and out of the androids. They even cut off the arms and legs. He just dances with the blades and they do his bidding. “That’s new.” Remy whispers. Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever seen him fight like that. He usually gets up close to fight. This is all very confusing and strange. Why are they attacking him and why is he in a new suit? Why is here there and where has he been all this time? When the last of the androids are on the ground in pieces, Mekaias raises his hand to the floor above him and cuts out a perfect circle with violet energy. The slab of stone falls to the ground and Mekaias jumps through the circle. He does that over and over until he is on the top of the building. ~~ ~~ “Tony? I need your help, please! I’m by the old safe house.” I wait for his response. “Yeah. I’m on my way. I see you. I’ll meet you there in a moment.” He calls back. I get a strange feeling at hearing his voice. As if it’s the first time I’m hearing a stranger’s voice. Tony isn’t a stranger. He’s my friend a leader. I frown at whatever wave of feeling has hit me and just sit on the edge. The drone from before has followed me up here as well. I just stare at it a moment before I hear an elevator turning on behind me. I immediately run over and top of top of the metal box. The gears inside are turning and lifting whoever or whatever onto the roof. When the gears stop, the doors finally open. I honestly expected it to be Tony but it’s not. It’s three sets of androids. They walk out onto the roof. I’m about to summon my blades when three shots go off and their heads explode. I smile and turn my head the the building next to mine. Tony stands there with his rifle in his hand. He keeps it there trained on me for a second before setting it down. I get a running start and then leap off the roof in his direction. It latches onto the balcony he is standing on. I pull myself up and smile before sitting on the edge. “Did you get it?” I ask. He sort of stares at me for a second before nodding. “Yeah I did. Sent it to Alicia already.” I nod and turn towards the city. “How...are you feeling?” “There were a few androids that followed me but I’m fine.” I look over at him and smile. I turn back to the pretty orange lights being reflecting off the buildings around the city. “Thank you for asking.” I swing my legs and keep my eyes on the cars and lights running around below. It’s all so pretty and bright. I wish I could explore it. “Ready to head back?” He asks behind me. He sounds hesitant. Not exactly sure why. I just nod and we both turn to go onto the roof. There we find Alicia ready in the small aircraft. She stares at me as we walk by her. I look at her in confusion before turning to jump into my seat in the back. Tony hops into his next to her. “Off to home we go!” Alicia smiles at me before we are lifted up off the roof and begin flying off the planet. I frown at hearing her voice. It sounds new to me as well. I’m confused. I’ve known these people for about six months yet it feels as if I’m hearing them for the first time. I rub on the pouch connected to my necklace. The familiar bulge inside calms my nerves. Why it does, I don’t know. Something doesn’t feel right though. I try and remember how I got it but memories just start to blur together until I can’t tell what I am seeing. I just remember the feeling of smooth light grey skin. I feel...lost. ~~ ~~ Mekaias is last seen leaving the world in a Firelight aircraft. There is just silence as the camera stays focused on where the aircraft was last seen in the sky before the drone turns to continue looking around the city. “W-what?” Remelia whispers in disbelief. I just close my eyes but silently give my thanks that my soulmate is alive. He looked safe too. Even if he is with Firelight. The enemy. What is he doing over there? He should have recognized Remelia’s drone but he didn’t. Maybe he is but he is playing it off? Oh god. He isn’t trying to get to their leader himself is he? Mekaias, what are you doing?
  5. JujuTheDruid

    A Drop of Red

    Cool air brushes against me as I jump from building to building in the city of Sector 4. I am going after George. I wasn’t going to let someone get away with what he has done to me. Never again. He will die. Norian had come back in the morning with Kane and they immediately knew that George has run off to join Firelight. He is waiting at a ‘safehouse’ inside the city. To think it was so close to U.U.P.P. was frightening to them. I had asked when we’d go after him and Kane simply said that we weren’t. That he was our friend and we’d just let him go peacefully. I will not let that happen. Norian immediately could tell that something had happened. Mainly because I told him that I need to kill George. He said this wasn’t something I should kill him for. I almost told him what George did to me, but I know he would come with me if I did. This is my kill. Not his. So I’ve snuck out and I am on my way to George. He was stupid enough to keep his phone for a time. We know where the safehouse is. Norian gave me a map to follow since he knew he couldn’t change my mind. He even offered to join me. I said no of course. He is using a drone to keep an eye on me however. I really don’t want him to but I guess that’s the least I can give him. The sun is barely peeking over the horizon. I’ll wait for it to be night before I go in. I’m not sure what I’ll be going against but I’m sure I can handle it. I’ll fight my hardest to get to George. I can’t really help the tears that sometimes decide to fall on my way there. I even have to stop on some buildings to keep from possibly falling since my vision is not being the best right now. Why would he do this to me? I thought we were friends. I tried being nice to him when the others barely even tried to talk to him. Pretty sure Remy only talked to him to have someone to game with. George even taught me to swim. What did I do to deserve this? He said it was partly my fault for choosing Norian. What did Norian do to make George do this to me? I didn’t even realize I had a choice in the matter. I rub on the small pouch attached to my necklace. The piece of Norian’s horn is smooth inside. I know he most likely didn’t do anything. George and him had their differences towards each other. Surely he didn’t ever think George would do something like this. Yet to join Firelight, does that mean he hates us? Specifically Remelia, Norian, and I? He seemed nice to me. No he wanted me to be with him. Romantically I think. It sure didn’t feel like it was supposed to be romantic. I should have known from before not to trust anyone. I told myself not to trust them and now look what happened. I’m stupid for ignoring what was right. I wipe my eyes and continue on. I eventually stand on a building in front of his safehouse. It looks like a giant version of the house that I live in with the squad. It’s about two stories tall but still very wide and grand. Must be one fancy safehouse. I see a few humans standing outside in business suits. They look a little funny. They do have a gun in all their hands however. Were they expecting me? How could they possibly been expecting me? Maybe this is normal behavior for them. Either way, they will all die. If they are going to hide George inside, they deserve it as much as he does. ~~ ~~ “Are you sure this is enough? I’ve seen him fight his way into a pretty well guarded place before.” I bite on my nails as I speak to the one in charge here. There are only really a handful of guards here. Honestly maybe Mekaias won’t even be on his way here. He could still be passed out from the oranges I squeezed into his hot chocolate. I did put about two oranges just to be sure. “We’ll be fine. There are about fifteen people here. All armed. If you want, I’ll let you hold this.” The captain hands me a tablet that shows a map of the area. Red dots blink and move around the building and the gardens outside. “The red dots are all our people. If the dots disappear, then that is bad news. Besides, we leave in about four hours. You have nothing to worry about.” The map of guards helps calm me a little bit. I hope Mekaias doesn’t come for me. I really did care for him. I wouldn’t want him to possibly get hurt or killed. I am in a room on the middle of the top floor. There are about six guards up here. I should be perfectly fine. Soon I will be in Firelight and everything will eventually be ok. Maybe then I could be with people that actually appreciate me. The money they offered was a nice bonus. I honestly should have known that aliens would stick together against me. How Remy got to be friendly with them is beyond me. Mekaias was nice to me I guess. Pretty sure it was more because he felt bad for me than anything. His choosing of Norian was a bit of a slap to the face. I could’ve swore he was sending me a message when he only came to the pool in underwear. Maybe even for talking to me in general. What have I done? I sigh and drink a bit of water and keep an eye on the map. Maybe I could get some sleep? ~~ ~~ Night is finally here. I look down at three guards circling around the front of the house. Let’s begin. I jump off the roof and into a small portal. I teleport from below a guard and kick him straight in the face. He falls onto the ground and earns a knife to the forehead. Another guard ahead of us turns to see what happened and immediately lifts his gun. I form a shield and as soon as he shoots, the bullets are reflected back and he falls to the ground, twitching. Interesting. I throw a knife into his back just to be safe. The last guard runs over to me with a stick that seems to buzz with electricity. That sounds annoying. I hope none of the others inside have that. He swings at me and I just turn to the side. I pounce over him and summon a knife to stab into the back of his head. He manages to dodge and rolls away from me. I throw the knife and he moves to dodge. I teleport to where he moves and create another knife to place into his neck. He falls down dead. I turn to the house entrance and walk up the steps to go inside. ~~ ~~ Beeping comes from the tablet by my head and wakes me instantly. I look over and see a dot stop flickering as soon as I pick it up. Mekaias is outside right now. Shit. Maybe there are more people as well? I seriously doubt it though. I get up and run to find the captain. “Sir! He’s here.” I show him the tablet as another red dot stops flickering. Beeping sounds off and the red dot disappears. “Shit.” He says and runs out the room. “Stay in there!” He calls as he shuts the door. It’s a room with cameras of the safehouse. I look on the screens and see Mekaias walking through the front entrance. He looks pretty angry. A purple staff in his hand swings into the side of a guard’s neck. A blade forms at the end and the guard’s head falls to the floor away from the body. I know there is a screen at the entrance that I can hopefully talk to him through. I should try and convince him to leave. I look through the controls until I find an area with a sign showing which monitors can be used. I press a button for the one at the front entrance and a camera in front of my face has it’s red light come on. I see Mekaias freeze and stare right into the screen. “Mekaias? I-I don’t know what came over me honestly. I didn’t want that to happen. I swear I wasn’t there when it all happened.” He just stares at the screen. Not at all showing any emotion. “I’m sorry. I truly am. You should go, Mekaias. There are a lot of guards here that could hurt you. You should run while you ca-” He raises the staff and stabs the monitor. The video turns into a black screen. Dammit. I hide behind a giant desk and pull the tablet onto my lap. I hear gunfire and screaming. Dots on the map start going out one by one. ~~ ~~ A guard’s cries stop as a blade from my longstaff cuts into his chest. I start walking down the hall and find two guards with the guns aimed in my direction. I got hit in the leg from the last guard. These bullets are different from the ones i’ve seen. They don’t pierce through. They just shock me until I pull them off. I turn back for cover as they begin shooting. A guard begins running in my direction with another of those sticks of electricity. He swings at my head and I duck down. He grabs my arm and twists me to pin me against the wall. I grunt at the impact and allow energy to burst out behind me. The man goes flying from behind me and crashes through a window. The other two guards with guns round around the corner. I grab one of their guns and pull them close to knee them in the crotch. He falls to the ground. I jump off his back and swing a kick into the other’s face. He falls to the ground as well. I summon two knives and throw them both at their bodies. They stop moving instantly. I keep moving through the house. Anyone that comes in my path dies. Some even try to run away but they don’t even have a chance to leave the house. I’m finally on the top floor and six guards begin shooting in my direction. Six against one doesn’t seem entirely fair. I throw a few knives behind a wall. Pretty sure I hit some of them. Their firing hasn’t exactly stopped or slowed down. I create a small ball of energy in my hand and hurl it at them. As soon as it touches the floor at their feet, it explodes and the six are thrown at the walls and out windows. I start walking towards their bodies, checking to make sure none are alive. When I am sure they are all dead, a big man walks out into the hall. He has two of those electric sticks. “Come on then!” He yells and starts barreling towards me. As soon as he gets close I step aside and push him out the window with energy. He gives a rather high pitched scream as he falls but he instantly goes quiet with a thud. I look out the window and see he has been impaled on the fences below. He struggles for a bit before going still. I turn to the room he came out of. I don’t even open it properly. I just destroy it with energy. The door shatters into pieces and the chips of it fly inside. I hear a rather pathetic scream at that. “Come out, George.” I say in a voice that sounds like its enjoying this too much. “I-I’d rather not.” I hear his voice say. I raise my hand at the desk. The middle starts to burn purple and then it shatters and separates on both sides of the room. George stands up and backs himself against the wall. He is crying hard. As if that will stop me. I start walking slowly towards him. Just taking my time to savor this moment. “Mekaias, please!” He chokes on a sob. “I’m so sorry! I swear I don’t know what came over me. It was like I was just watching myself. I wouldn’t ever want to do that to you.” He shrinks against the wall. “I don’t care.” I simply say. I finally reach him and softly lay my hand on his cheek. He is trembling like crazy. I do love that I can strike fear in men like this, but these aren’t men. They are cowards. I run the claws on my other hand along his cheek. He shivers and tries to turn his face away from my touch. I grip it hard with one hand, digging the claws into his chin and cheek. He gives a loud whimper and just starts to cry harder. He just starts whispering that he is sorry over and over again. I almost want to stop what I’m doing, but I refuse to let someone who has betrayed me like this to live. “Goodbye, George.” I say as I feel magic slip through my fingers and underneath his skin. The tears on his cheek start to sizzle and burn off into steam. His skin starts to glow from the inside. A pink glow that continues to grow brighter and brighter. I turn away from him and start walking out the door. I hear him start screaming in agony. Noises of his struggle begin. He keeps screaming and screaming until a loud bang goes off in the room. Some blood even flies out the room. With a sigh, I start walking down the stairs to the first floor. This one isn’t as satisfying as the one with King Talemo. I am happy with this though. This is definitely the last time someone has their way with me again. I told myself that last time. I just didn’t have my guard up. Never will this happen again. I don’t very much like killing people, but these people deserve it. Especially George. I don’t care if he felt bad about it now. He never should have done it or let it cross his mind. I was a friend to him and he just hurt me. I start walking out the entrance and then I hear a loud bang in the building under construction in front of me. I look around for where the sound went off. A small flicker of light reflected off glass is all I see before I feel a sharp pain in my head and then i’m knocked over onto my back. The last thing I see is the drone Norian was controlling being shot out of the sky. ~~ ~~ “We’ve got him now, Tanner. The plan worked. He took the bait pretty easily.” I say into my phone. I start packing the gun away. “Good. Bring him in. Enyod will start working on him.” Tanner’s voice answers.
  6. JujuTheDruid

    Star Crossed: On the Line

    Taking place 6 months after the ending of part 1, Mekaias is somewhere he didn't expect to be and Norian is trying to get his soulmate back. Will they survive?
  7. JujuTheDruid

    A Promise has Broken

    “You know I could always ask the Director what that means right?” Norian smirks below me. We arrived back home on Earth last night and Norian finally woke up this morning. Being the only one awake at night gets so boring and lonely. I did see George in the pool last night so I went to the cave instead. Didn’t really want to bother him. This morning I decided to give Norian a nickname. Really nothing special, but I like to keep him guessing. I’ve decided not to tell him what it means. He already keeps calling me different things. Mostly Starshine. It’s very cheesy and I feel weird for liking it. “I’ll just tell him not to tell you.” I grin and rest my head on my arms over his chest. “I am sure I can convince him easily, yun Undaegon.” “Well I do like the sound of it. You have to tell me at some point at least.” He smiles but then it disappears. “I wish I didn’t have to leave you for the night. The Director could have asked any of the others to replace me. I want to be with you.” He runs his fingers against my cheek. I lean into the touch and just keep my smile. “It’s only one night. I’ll be sure to take care of the squad while you are gone.” He is going to some interview. Apparently since he’s the face of U.U.P.P.’s hundreds of squads, he has to be there alongside Kane. I’m glad I don’t have to go do that. Too many eyes on me would just keep me on edge. Even if it’s on a holovid and it’s to just talk about how they want peace throughout the galaxy and how Firelight is a small thorn in everyone’s side that should be plucked out. Learning that Norian and the rest of the squad are on posters, billboards, and holovids throughout the universe surprises me. I never saw any posters or anything like that. I mean I was locked up for a time but even after I didn’t see anything. Only the King’s emblem stamped every now and then. “It’s one night that I should stay in with you. I’ve been away from you for too long.” He hugs me close and sighs. I thought I was clingy. Not that I’m complaining. I'm starting to really love the attention he gives me. Perhaps too much. “It’ll be ok. We are all pretty much just waiting for the next mission to come up anyway. You’re not missing out on anything.” I kiss his chin. He gives a small huff and then hugs me super tight that I can’t help but squeak. “I’ll be back before you know it.” He kisses the tip of my ears and then I have to move for him to start packing his things for his trip. ~~ ~~ Something really doesn’t feel right. Maybe I should just tell the Director that I should stay with Mekaias. I really should go though. It’s always nice to reach out to others to let them know we are out here trying to help. So many of these planets are under Firelight’s control and as soon as we get a message from a planet with their coordinates, we go and help them take back their home. I really want to go to the interview, but I seriously feel like I need to stay by Mekaias. It could just be the fact that we are finally together and that this will be the first time we’re apart. It is only one night honestly. I’m sure I can manage. Just have to push through. It doesn't help that I just feel like something is going to happen. We are to leave in about three hours so I’ve decided to do the only thing that matters. Stay by Mekaias’ side, of course. He decided to accept Remy’s challenge on the mat for whatever reason. “Actually, I don’t know if I want to do this. Can we just forget I asked?” Remy scratches the back of his head and leans on one foot and the other. “Nope. I need to watch this.” Remelia is standing on the side with me and has her camera out. Mekaias stands in front of Remy in his battle stance and a evil smile on his face. He has his elbow in front of him and his other arm behind him. He does have his claws ready however. Maybe I should get a med kit ready. “Don’t hurt me too much, Mekaias. I know where you live.” Remy gives a nervous laugh but gets ready as well. They begin circling around each other for a few moments until Remy strikes out with a punch. Mekaias dodges easily and slips close enough to punch Remy on the chest. He starts circling closer to Remy and strikes out or dodges with small and quick attacks. He even rolls or flips around him. I want to say he looks like he’s dancing. Obviously being a showoff. I don’t remember him being this fast with me. Poor Remy is just grunting and yelling with frustration, wildly kicking and punching out but being too slow for Mekaias. When Remy seems to run out of breath and just stands there, Mekaias stops in front of him and just pushes with two fingers on his chest. Remy falls onto the ground flat on his ass. Remelia runs in with the camera and brings it close to his face. “What was that last night about saying you’re the best fighter? It seems you have some competition, little Remy.” She giggles but stops the video and goes to get some ice packs next to the mat. “I was just going easy on him.” Remy huffs and gives a pained smile. “Oh yeah without a doubt.” Remelia smirks and pushes a few packs of ice into his lap. “Nicely done, Mekaias. I bet you’d be able to beat on Norian easily.” Before he can reply, I say, “Oh yeah we’ve fought already. It was pretty much a tie. I am pretty sure he’d win though.” I love him. I really do, but sometimes I’m not sure if he’d give away too many details about some things. I mean...the man walked around naked for a good while until I talked to him about it. “Oh? Then fight right now.” Remelia grins. Dammit. The spice smell that Mekaias gives off is already starting to flood the room. I really don’t want to admit to it but watching Mekaias fight, well...it does stuff to me. That combined with the smell right now is going to make this all very awkward. “I don’t know. My back is kind of hurting right now.” I try and fake something. Anything. Please don’t make me fight him in front of them. I don’t know if it would even end in fighting. “Aww. I wanted a round two.” Mekaias frowns but I can tell he knows exactly what I am doing. I see it in his big pretty eyes. “You sure we can’t? I won’t go so rough on you.” He smirks. I can’t help the blush spreading on my face. Remelia laughs in front of me. “Jeez, Mekaias. Way to be subtle about it.” Even Remy has joined in on her laughing. My blush just starts burning harder. Mekaias giggles and comes over to lean on me. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” I just look down at him. My soulmate is evil. Remy and Remelia leave us. They said it was to ‘let us fight in privacy.’ I totally got the meaning there. The assholes. “Sorry.” Mekaias gives a small smile and hugs my arm. “I don’t know what came over me honestly.” I just smile and pick him up over my shoulder. He gives a yelp and struggles for a bit before stopping. “Where are you taking me?” He whines. I made us leave the training room because I honestly don’t know how much longer I could handle being in there with that smell. Unfortunately it seems to have gotten stronger. “To the cave.” I simply say. He struggles against me and actually gets out, but he just climbs onto me and just sits on my shoulders. I want to say it’s cute, maybe a little weird, but right now his thighs are on both sides of my head and now the spice smell from before is twice as strong. “Mekaias, I don’t think sitting there is a good idea right now.” I try and breathe only through my mouth but that doesn’t seem to work. “Nah I’m fine. You’re my legs now.” He crosses his arms over my head and I swear I can just feel that he has a smirk on his face. “A-are you sure? You’re spice smell is really getting to me.” I try and just tell him as it is. He knows I’m talking about his pheromones. “That means it’s working then.” I freeze at that. I look up and meet his eyes over me. “I think I’m ready.” He gives a shy smile. I just take a gulp and start walking faster to the cave. “Wait!” He hopes off and disappears into a small silver portal before hitting the ground. I’m just sort of left standing here in the middle of the woods with a giant boner. After about ten seconds, Mekaias is back and in his hand is what I am guessing lube and a condom. Well...shit I guess that’s one way to use that ability. Getting lube and a condom. He gives a wicked grin and grabs my hand and pulls me to the cave. ~~ ~~ “Well, I see your healing abilities sure do come in handy.” Norian says when we are back in our room. I wince at hearing that. I’ve heard another person say that in a more sinister way. Obviously he didn’t mean it that way. It still doesn't bring good memories. “Yeah it has its moments.” I smile and keep resting against his side. All the bruising and marks he left are all pretty much gone now. He is very sweet and gentle, it's just he's so big he can't exactly help himself with the bruises he causes. It was all something very different from what I am used to. I loved it. I like how slow, sweet and hot he made it. Sex doesn’t have to just be rough and hard. I’m happy Norian could have showed me that. He kisses the top of my head between my ears. “I have to leave now.” He sighs and rubs his hand along my side. He is already dressed to leave, sadly. I didn’t exactly feel the need to put on clothes when I teleported us back to the room. I learned that I can hold the portal for others to pass through. I’m excited to use that for anything in the future. “I’ll be here, yun Undaegon.” I smile and lean up to kiss him. He on the other hand, still has scratches and other marks on his body. Mainly on his back and shoulders. It was the easiest to grab onto. Lucky for him, his battle form can hide it. “When I come back, you’re going to tell me what that means.” He says that all confident. Maybe I will. Since he did this for me. “I love you, Starshine.” With a final kiss, he is gone. I hear him say goodbye to the rest of the squad and then he is off. I just lay in our bed and cover myself in the blankets and pillows. It’s nice and warm where he was laying. It feels weird knowing I won’t be seeing him tonight. I know I get scared that I’d hurt him when we sleep together, but knowing I won’t be with him tonight doesn’t really feel so good. I decide to take a much needed shower and clean myself up. I smell pretty gross right now honestly. When I am cleaned up and finally wearing clothes, I run off to find Remelia and Remy. I find them in the kitchen arguing over what to make for dinner. They decided on spaghetti. I had that the first time I was here. It was so good that I ate too much. I’ll try and not make that mistake again. While they busy themselves with making the food, I find George watching a movie in the living room. Something about androids taking over the world. I find most androids too nice to do that. I do smell something that smells amazing in his cup however. “What is that?” I ask while pointing at his drink. He looks over and smiles before looking down at his cup. “It’s hot chocolate. It’s a drink. Usually for the winter but I was just craving it.” “There is a drink of that?” I whisper in awe. He just laughs and shakes his head. “I think it would be best not to show you how to make it. I’ll make some for you later if you’d like.” I nod my head and grin. That sounds amazing. “Mekaias! Come here please.” Remy calls me over from the kitchen. I hop over and find him holding two plates for me. “One is yours, the other is George’s.” I nod, give my thanks, and walk back over and sit next to George. Eventually Remy and Remelia join us and we finish the movie together. Since it is already late, everyone decides to just go to bed. However George says he’s going to the training room to swim. I go back to my room and bury myself into the pillows. I just lay in my shorts and let cool air hit my skin. I wish I had an air conditioner at home on Utrio. Then again Norian probably wouldn’t be there with me if I was there. Here is just fine for me then. The only problem right now is that Norian isn’t here right now. It feels colder in here without him. I don’t like it. Maybe I’ll go to the training room. George is in there and maybe he needs company like me. I walk out the room and just about to pass the kitchen when I find George opening the fridge and eating a red fruit. A strawberry if I remember correctly. Or maybe it was a cherry? “Oh. I was hoping to meet you at the training room. I don’t think I would have been able to sleep.” I smile and lean on the counter. “I just wanted from cherries. I was heading back too. I’ll meet you there?” He smiles, grabbing more cherries as he keeps talking. I give a nod and make me way there. The air outside feels a lot warmer. I just remembered that I don't have a shirt on. Maybe I can go for a swim as well? The warm water could feel nice. I arrive and turn a radio on. It starts playing some smooth, calming music and I walk over to the pool. It’s dark in here but the pool lights light it up enough to be rather pretty. The lights from the city below light up the clouds in the sky. I’ve only been to the city twice. It doesn’t have a name. It has a number. Sector 4 is what it is called. It’s gigantic. Utrio looks so small compared to it. I used to think the city was huge until I was here. It’s filled with giant buildings with glass windows that seem to touch the skies. There are tons of other buildings that are still being built as well. I would like to explore it. Maybe when Norian and I come back from visiting his parents. The city and buildings give off a bright orange and yellow glow and it has little white lights that twinkle at the tips of the tall buildings. I wonder what it must be like to work there. What about even living there? I know some of them have to be living there. Unless the people live in places like here. It’s a lot smaller and looks more like Utrio. Well. There isn’t sand anywhere, but I mean the buildings aren’t so far apart from one another and they aren’t tall enough to reach the skies. It’s a small neighborhood. I guess that’s what U.U.P.P. wants people to think when they pass by. They can’t see that the small houses actually go deep underground as well. I hear George walk in and look over to see him holding a steaming cup in his hand. The amazing smell of the chocolate drink from before fills my nose. It also has something sweeter this time. It smells so good. “I made you something special.” He says with a smile. He offers the drink and I carefully bring it close to my nose to smell. I love it. “What is that super sweet smell?” I ask, blowing at the top to try and cool it down. I sit on the ground by the giant window that looks toward the city. I set the cup down as well to let it cool for a bit. “It’s cinnamon. I thought it would make a nice little addition for you. I know I love it.” He grins and sits next to me. We both watch the city in silence. At least until he speaks. “What are you doing out here so late?” I just shrug and lean back on my arms. “I never can sleep anymore. Why are you not sleeping?” “Same problem I guess.” “I usually have Norian to sleep with. My kind always wants to sleep with another person for body heat. Not having it tonight feels strange. Pretty sure that’s another reason I can’t sleep.” I pick up the cup and just bring it close to breathe in. “I would offer myself but that would be a little weird wouldn’t it?” He gives a small laugh. I don’t think I like where this conversation is headed. “The movie was pretty interesting. I don’t really think it’s possible though.” I try and change the subject. He gives a small frown but instantly pulls up a smile. “Yeah I don’t think it could happen either. It would be scary if it did.” He grins and looks over and out the city. I bring the cup to my lips and drink a little bit. Instantly a familiar sting in my mouth goes off and I fall flat on my back. The cup slips out my hand and I can’t move a muscle. I move my eyes to George in panic and his face is just in an evil smile. “Oh, Mekaias. Cinnamon was enough to cover the smell of oranges? I would’ve thought you could at least smell it past that.” He leans over me and trails his hand over my chest. “You should know that this is not entirely your fault. If you had just been able to not fall for Norian’s charms then you could have been with me.” He practically spits the last word and slips his fingers under the top of my shorts. He starts to pull them down. “Since Firelight has offered such a nice price for me to join them, I’m going to take what I deserve here. Norian stole it from me afterall. I intend to take it now.” I can’t even move my head but I just keep my eyes on the moon behind him. I feel tears trailing down my face and I can’t move. How did it come back to this? I thought I was actually safe here. I should have known. Nowhere is safe.
  8. JujuTheDruid

    Maybe a little feeling

    “Are you saying that Mekaias is only here because of his drive for revenge?” I stare at the Director for an answer. “What did Tanner even mean when he said he’d see him later?” I shiver at the thought of Tanner calling Mekaias a pet. It sounded disgusting and didn’t fit at all. “I did want him apart of the team. I believed he would be a great addition. I will say that I did want to help him get revenge. His mother was very close to me. When I learned that Tanner was the one who did it, I may have already lost hope with it ever being achieved.” He sighs and looks down at his keyboard. “I didn’t want to tell Mekaias that obviously. As for the ‘see you soon’ part, I am not so sure about that. Mekaias said that he has been having dreams where he is being told that someone knows where he is. I am guessing that is Tanner’s part. How he has done that or what he is doing to communicate with him is a mystery.” “He never told me what his dreams were about. He only said that he is scared of being mind controlled.” I frown and drum my fingers on the arm of my chair. As soon as I was sure Mekaias was sleeping, I snuck out and went to find the Director. I didn’t tell him about Mekaias trying to harm himself with hot water and a knife. I just simply said that he was acting different. I don’t really want to give away Mekaias’ struggles. He deserves his own privacy. It’s not like he has had much of that before. Seeing Tanner in the video was a bit of a surprise. I am guessing the human workers were rushing to delete all they could from their computers. Maybe even called him in to tell him we were attacking. He talked to Mekaias as if it was a casual thing. How long has he been speaking to Mekaias? Why does he want to see him again? “It’s late Norian.” The Director pinches the bridge of his nose and stands. “Go back to bed. We’ve taken a loss so it would be best to sleep it off. I would really recommend you or one of the squad members sick by his side at all times. Not necessarily to keep an eye on him, but mostly to keep him safe.” He pats my shoulder and walks out the office. I make my way back and find Mekaias curled up and shaking in the darkest corner of the room. I walk slowly towards him and he gives off small whimpers and turns to hide his face into the wall. “Mekaias?” I whisper, “It’s ok. It’s just me.” I bend down onto my knees but stay far enough away to give him some space. I don’t want him to feel trapped. “You’re safe with me. Nobody is going to hurt you.” I keep my voice low and hold a hand forward. Letting him decide to get close if he wants to. He just squeezes himself closer to the wall. “They are coming.” He whispers. Possibly more to himself than anything. “I don’t understand. I killed them. How can they still hurt me when they are dead?” He voice starts shaking and I see shining tears start running down his cheek. “It’s all my fault. I made things worse.” “No, no it’s not your fault. You were defending yourself, Mekaias. You saved so many others because of it.” He looks up at me finally and then shakes his head. “Why do you even care?” He practically growls at me. I get a bit surprised by the sudden wave of anger thrown at me but I try not to let it get to me. “You should leave me. I’m ruined. You deserve someone who isn’t dirty and hasn’t been used so many times. Don’t you see? This could never work.” The last part is said in the shaking voice again. “I’m not safe. I can’t sleep because I either get nightmares of Weslum, Demetrius, and Talemo or I get nightmares of being choked to death and being told that I’ll be taken again.” I open my mouth to say something but he just raises a hand to stop me. “I trust you. I really do, but you are one person against a giant universe of strangers. Every stranger I’ve met has wanted to use me for the last ten years. My own family from before couldn’t even protect me. I don’t think you could either. You can try but you will never win.” He stand over me and holds the sides of my face. “Did you know that when you lose hope, when you lose any thought of possibly escaping, that you just stop fighting back?” He huffs a laugh to himself and sniffs. “I would just let them use me. I didn’t struggle anymore. I just let them have their way.” He wipes his fingers under my eyes and wipes the tears that I didn’t realize I had. “If I had known for even a second that someone was fighting to save me, even if it happened to be the thought that you were looking for me, I would have fought back each and every time. Yet I didn’t.” He lets out a sob and wipes his eyes with his arm. “I’m so sorry I didn’t fight back.” He wraps his arms around my neck and falls against me, burying his face into my neck and letting out all his tears. Again, I try and say something but he covers my mouth with his. When he pulls back he says, “Please don’t say anything. Do that for me.” I give a nod and we just stay on the floor for the rest of the night. Neither of us sleeping. ~~ ~~ I’m guessing it’s morning time now. Can't exactly tell without the sun waking me up. I refuse to get up or leave the room. Norian stays with me. I told him he can go out and explore whatever planet we have stopped on. He says he doesn’t want to go. I just sigh and keep myself close to him. I feel disgusting. Tears and snot feel like they are dried up on my face. I decide to shower instead of staying on the floor. He joins me. It’s not at all romantic or anything. Just a strange silence. He helps me and I help him. When we finish, we dry off and then get onto the bed. It’s better than the floor. Last night wasn’t how I expected it to go. I thought maybe falling asleep to Norian’s voice was the answer I needed to finally sleep in peace. It started off well I think. Just a nice blackness of nothing. Eventually it turned into a harsh light with three shadows of the masters standing over me. I didn’t really stay asleep after that. I woke and found Norian was gone. I thought maybe it was actually happening. That everyone was gone and now I am just waiting to be taken away. To lose the small bit of freedom that I have been living. I did what I always thought helped me and hid in a corner of the room. I could have hid under the bed. It would probably have been smarter. I didn’t harm myself at least. I did what Norian has been hoping for. I just let some of my thoughts out. I didn’t need to hear his response. I think I have an idea of what he would say. He isn’t like most people. I’m sure they would say that I should get over it and that it is all in the past. It doesn’t feel like it’s in the past. I feel like I am still fighting for my life now. Pretty sure Norian would just say that I’m strong or whatever. I try and keep that in mind. Especially with these new powers, but I don’t want these powers. I only have them simply from almost dying. I’m pretty sure I got them from Weslum attacking me. Memories of that night come back to me in small snippets. I vaguely remember touching his face and feeling power surging through my fingers and into his skin, but then I blacked out. I woke on a boat, Lucain said I had my mother’s eyes, then he jumped off and sacrificed himself. His death was my fault. I could have helped him. I could have done something. Yet I couldn’t. He didn’t even give me a chance. What I could have done, I don't know. I needed to do something. I turn my back to Norian and pull his arm around me. I will say that the safest place I ever feel now is with Norian. It helps he’s a giant that can easily surround himself around me. I just can’t consider myself completely safe. If not from others, then from myself. Not to mention he’s incredibly sweet to me. I just don’t understand why he has to be burdened with having me as his soulmate. I should find it nice and amazing that he’s with me, yet I feel like I’ve just been ruined to the point of being...nothing. He still acts and treats me as if I’m the most special person. I hate to say I enjoy it. I can’t tell if I should or not. Do I even deserve this? I know for a fact that he certainly deserves better. Apparently he doesn’t seem to care. He is still treating me as if I am the best thing in his life. It kind of helps me in a way. I would have thought being loved wouldn’t ever become a possibility. I was certain I would be too nasty for anyone. That I wasn't worthy of anyone's time. There is also the fact that I am terrified of love. It’s all full of promises. I take promises pretty seriously. To hear Norian say he loves me weirds me out. Why would you even want to say that to me? There is also the fact he says that he promises that I am safe here with the squad. I know I should be telling myself to not trust that promise. He doesn’t know what could possibly happen in the future. Nobody does. Yet I feel myself accepting that promise and it brings me some ease. I know I could be mind controlled and possibly kill everyone around me. It hasn’t happened yet, right? A part of my brain then is telling me that I need to not be so accepting of people and their words. It’s an annoying war in me that just gives me a headache. “Starshine?” Norian whispers behind me. I feel myself tense a little. He sighs and hugs me tight. Was he sleeping? “We should get lunch.” Wait, how long have we been in here? “Ok.” I turn and crawl over him to put the beads in my hair. He waits for me to finish. He even has a soft smile on his face as he watches me. When I finish, I stand and grab his hand to walk to the cafeteria. It’s empty since everyone has gone out to the planet we have landed on. I know I should probably be excited and look around with them, but I am just not in the mood at all right now. I am sure I can get many other chances in the future anyway. I do feel bad however because I am pretty sure Norian wanted to go. “You can go out there with them you know. You don’t have to stay here for me.” I push at his arm. “I don’t care.” He says simply with a smile. He leans down to kiss my forehead and I just sigh. I do smile a little though. We sneak our food into our squad’s living room. Each squad on the ship has their own little areas. No food allowed but nobody here to stop us. We sit on the couch and he decides to put a game on. I just eat and watch him play. He offers for me to play but I decline. The game he is playing will have these monsters pop out of the ground at random times when the music would go quiet. It made me jump a few times. Ok maybe everytime. You can’t hear them coming at all so how is that fair? I am pretty sure I would be able to hear something crawling its way out of the ground in front of me. Norian gets bored of it pretty quickly. He decides to just lay on top of me and that was a new experience all together. Usually I am being pulled or pushed on top of others. I would be their “trophy” in a way. I would always just go along with it. To be on the opposite of that is...nice. He had his head resting on my chest and I just gave him a small massage. Even ran my fingers through his hair. It was pretty relaxing and I liked having his weight on top of me. He isn’t so heavy but I am pretty sure he was holding himself up a bit. We talked for a bit. He told me about his family and how he is pretty sure his mother doesn’t like his siblings’ soulmates. He says I am most likely going to be her favorite. Mostly because literally everyone else in his family is a Metonian. I guess it’s rare to have a soulmate who isn’t a Metonian. “When are we going to see them together?” I ask, I run my claws against his head and his body seems to give a small shiver. I can’t help but smirk at that. “Well, um, I guess we could make a trip after we get back home.” He seems a little nervous about it. “It isn’t so far from Earth and we could take a shuttle with just the two of us.” “Are you afraid of what they will think of us?” He gives a sigh before nodding. “I don’t want you to feel bad if they look down on us.” He turns his head to look up at me. It’s so weird to see someone’s head on my chest. “I could care less if they don’t accept it because I really do love you and I know for a fact you are my soulmate. I mean I almost died for it.” He gives a small laugh. I just smile. I remember being scared to tell my mother but apparently she was raising me to be submissive to people so she says she wasn’t surprised. She said being submissive allows others to look over you and that means safety. She used to push Lucain and I to be together. I didn’t really want that back then. It’s weird to think of the times before being taken away. I remember being happier and without a care in the world for what could come next. I know I could be annoying back then. Talking too much and joking around in serious times. Mother and I used to argue all the time because I would get into too much trouble with Aileta or Kane. I still blame Lucain for most of those tricks. It did invent the stare off that she and I do. Or did. I was stupid back then. “I won’t feel bad. I promise. I have a feeling they’ll be rather accepting of you. Especially since you are so sweet to me. They must have taught you that.” I hug his head close to me and kiss the top. When I pull away he has the biggest smile on his face. “Then we will go visit them after we get back home. I need a break from flying for a bit if we are going to see them soon.” “Ok then,” I kiss his cheek, “I can’t wait." ~~ ~~ “Pruaq Proqzume! Hyo boz wern?” Mekaias' friend, Aileta, is on monitor that I’ve moved onto the bed. “Pruaq Aileta! Wern boz mej anchzlo, Norian.” Mekaias smiles and pull me by the arm to better show me in the camera. “Speak english, please. Norian doesn’t understand us.” He smiles and holds one of my hands with both of his. “Anchzlo?” She gasps but a smile is on her face. “Arnio will not be happy to hear that.” “Please don’t make this weird.” He says in a sort of sing songy voice. I kind of look at him in shock but he doesn’t seem to notice. He has a nice voice. “Well, my name is Aileta and...wait a second.” She leans into the screen and squints her eyes and then gasps again. “You are fucking the big one? Oh I am definitely telling Arnio now!” “Aileta! Stop, please!” Mekaias groans and looks at me in apology. I can already feel the heat rising up my neck. “What? I can’t act like myself with your damn anchzlo?” She crosses her arms on the screen and glares. “Ench Camiya shlaen?” Oh! I know Camiya! I know one word out of all this at least. “Yes she does. She was fine with it...I think. It was kind of a rushed meeting between them.” He looks at me and shrugs. I am so damn lost right now. “I would throw him at her again.” She grins and laughs to herself. “How are things out there?” I try and sneak away but Mekaias’ grip on me tightens. His claws probably would have punctured my skin but yay for battle form! I take it he really wants me here right now. “Everything is fine. It’s so different from Utrio. Did you know they have animals that look like me? My friend showed me his the other day. It is disgusting.” Mekaias’ face at the mention of what I am guessing is Poofs, causes me to laugh. Aileta laughs as well. “I’ve only seen pictures of them. I don’t find them so ugly. You are more ugly compared to them.” She says that so casually that I have to bite my lip from laughing. Mekaias just scoffs and says a word I don’t understand. “Don’t disrespect your elders.” She points but smiles. “You are only about fifteen years older than me. You aren’t my elder.” He laughs and then fakes a yawn. I raise an eyebrow at that. Does he not want to talk to her? What was the point of me hauling a monitor into our room then? “Well I see you are tired. I must get to work. I’m telling Arnio about your anchzlo. Ixtasen Norian!” She blows a kiss and the screen goes dark. “She likes doing that.” Mekaias pouts and crosses his arms. God that's cute. “She leaves the call before you get a chance to say bye to her.” I wrap my arms around him and kiss the side of his cheek. “I don’t know half of what was said or what was even happening.” He just laughs and turns to kiss me properly. “It wasn’t anything interesting.” He wraps his arms around my neck, sits on my lap, and uses his fingers to trace whatever he sees on my face. I am guessing my cheekbones. “‘Fucking the big one’ sounded pretty interesting.” I smirk and peck his lips as he can gives a small gasp. He just giggles and shakes his head then rests his forehead against mine. “That evil woman. She was just joking.” I run my fingers along his back and then pull him to be closer to me. “Is it ok if I sleep?” I ask. He nods against me. “Promise to wake me if you need me?” There is a slight pause but then he gives a small nod. “Good.” I pull up his hand and kiss his palm. "You can sleep on me if you'd like." He seems to be a little shy asking for that. Who am I to decline? Getting to hear his heartbeat while trying to sleep sounds amazing. "Yes please." I smile and he lays back onto his pillow and pulls me down on top of him. I quickly put the battle form away before I crush him. His heartbeat is a little fast but it starts slowing down as we settle in better. "I love you." I say and lay an arm over him. "Promise?" He whispers. It startles me a little hearing that. Why would he ever think I wouldn't? "Of course I promise." He gives a nod and starts running his fingers into the back of my hair. After a few minutes he says something else that I barely hear. "I love you too, Norian." Holy shit!
  9. JujuTheDruid

    First Mission Picture

    The entire squad and I are sitting at a giant round table. A giant monitor on the wall shows a map of the base that Mekaias will be infiltrating. We just learned that the computer at the tallest tower of the base is run by humans. Not androids. Mekaias didn’t really give a reaction to that. I thought he would have frowned or something since he had asked if he would need to kill anyone. Well we could arrest them, if they gave us the chance. They tend to have a rather...suicidal attitude if they are caught out. They try and do all they can to kill you. I am sure they will do the same here. I am not sure if I should tell Mekaias about that small piece of information. The squad and I will be on the ground floor causing mayhem. A few other squads will also be hitting other sections of the base. We are all pretty much counting on Mekaias to get the information on our hard drive. He won’t be entirely alone. He will be given a helmet that allows us all to communicate. There is also the fact that the Director will have access to the cameras. He will guide Mekaias throughout the base and everything should run smoothly. As soon as the information is retrieved, everyone is told to drop what they are doing and use the shuttles to get back to the ship safely. After the meeting, we all went to get changed into our suits and decided to kill time before we are given the go ahead. Mekaias’ suit is very...interesting. The outside of his thighs are not entirely covered. They have a thin veil of fabric that makes it darker. Yet they aren’t covered like the rest of the suit. Well, the inside of his biceps are the same way. After questioning it, Remelia says it’s to help give off the pheromones that he releases. I don’t see why anyone else should be smelling those pheromones but if it helps him in combat then it’s fine. I guess. It's a lot tighter than our suits. I guess since he is doing more stealthy things “behind the scenes” that will help him keep quieter. His helmet even has places for his ears to be. It’s like his helmet was given cat ears. I think its cute. It's all black with purple accents around the legs and arms. He looks pretty good in the suit. I would personally like to take it off of him but that thought will come for another day. “Come on, guys! Just one picture. I promise.” Remy calls out with his phone in his hand. “We should take a picture for Mekaias’ first mission with us.” He turns to him and nudges his shoulder. “You’re one of us now.” He smiles up at him and then nods. Remelia and I just groan and roll our eyes. Remy holds the phone above him and pulls Mekaias next to him. Remelia brings up a peace sign and I just pull a wide smile. George is in the far back with his hand raised. Not even going to smile I guess. “What does that mean?” Mekaias turns to Remelia and copies the peace sign with both of his hands. “It means peace. Now turn to the camera.” Remy says all that with his teeth closed together and not even taking his eyes off the camera. Mekaias turns to the camera and pulls two peace signs on other side of his face, pulling the brightest smile ever. My own smile doesn’t feel so fake after seeing that. “Wow you’re better at taking pictures than these two. Remind me to take more pictures with you. I’m sure we’ll get loads of reactions for that.” Remy winks and falls into a chair, cackling to himself. “Save yourself while you can.” Remelia smiles and goes to prep her weapons. Mekaias wanders off to look at my battleaxe. I do love that weapon. It can be a regular large ax or a nice big gun when I point the tip and pull the trigger. Why would I need anything else? He runs his claws against the blade. He has claws now apparently. I don’t know how I didn’t notice when I met him, but I sure felt them a few nights ago. He must have moved while he was sleeping and snipped my stomach. “Squads one through six, prepare to move out.” The Director’s voice calls through the speakers. Here we go! I am sure it will all be fine. ~~ ~~ Well, I didn’t realize I would feel so stressed during something as simple as this. Mekaias doesn’t really seem to like replying to our questions from the comms in our helmets. The Director does say he is alright however. A little frustrating but I trust him. He can handle himself. Just have to keep repeating that in my head every three seconds. “Behind you!” Remelia shouts and shoots at two androids that seemed to have popped out of nowhere. “Concentrate, Norian!” She practically glares and turns her back to me. Right. I need to concentrate. Don’t freak out about your soulmate who is alone in a Firelight base filled with androids. Who’s idea was this? Why didn’t I think that Mekaias should go alone? Stop it, Norian. The androids are out here now. He is fine. He is safe. He can handle himself. “An android has spotted our shuttle. I’ll find somewhere clear and send map to your helmets.” George says. Okay so we don’t have a way out now. Hopefully Mekaias doesn’t get the information quickly. About twenty androids begin marching out of a door that opens beside us. I cross my arm over in front of me and then a shield materializes and completely covers the front of us. Remelia and Remy immediately point their guns and start shooting through our shield. The androids fire at us and their bullets just get absorbed. One by one they begin to fall over until there are none to come for us. All of a sudden, a gigantic purple explosion goes off above us. The top of the base has glass falling down and smoke beginning to fly out. “Mekaias! Are you ok?” I keep the shield up and let the siblings gun down any others that try and come our way. I feel my heart beating so hard in my chest right now that it feels like it’s going to burst. “I’m fine.” I hear his voice whisper. I give a sigh of relief. I’m so damn happy to hear his voice. “It’s not here.” He says more clearly. Shit. All of this was for nothing? I had high hopes for this one. “That’s ok, Mekaias. It happens. We need to get out now. Do you need help coming down?” I turn to look at Remy and Remelia and they nod. Were ready to go up to help. “No I can come down on my own.” He says but then Director’s voice comes out. “All squads clear out and head to homeship, now.” He doesn’t sound too happy. “Tell me when Mekaias is out.” George calls out, “I’ll try and pick you up over there.” ~~ ~~ “And did he give you permission to check the footage?” The Director crosses his arms and doesn’t move from his seat. “No, but I doubt he would even care. I always check the video footage after every mission anyways. Why are you hiding this one?” I look down at him and frown. This isn’t normal. What could have possibly happened in there that I shouldn’t see. “I don’t know how you are going to handle this one. It was...pretty big.” He sighs and then begins typing on his monitor. Eventually a video pulls up and he waves me over to watch. Would you like me to start from the beginning or get straight to the point? ~~ ~~ I gently push a vent open and slip down onto the ground in a hallway. Inside seems just like the outside. Cold metal everywhere with blinking blue lights in several places. “Ok Mekaias, are you ready?” Kane’s voice comes in through my helmet. “Im ready.” I look up and see a small camera sitting in the corner of the hallway. “They can’t see you right now. We have full control of the cameras.” He says. “Now, turn to the left, there is an android there but his back is to you.” I follow his directions and I am greeted with the smooth grey back of an android. These are aren’t very human looking. Like their skeletons instead. I sneak up behind it and summon a blade to cut into its neck. Blue fluids slide out as the wires and tubing are ripped apart. It falls down and the lights of its eyes fade into grey. Good to see they are just as easily destroyed as the ones from home. “Right then,” I jump a little at Kane’s voice in my head. “Sorry. You’ll want to make another left up here.” I wander around the base. There aren’t very many androids as of now. They are all outside with the squad. I hope they are ok. Almost instantly I hear Norian’s voice. “You alright, Mekaias?” I just mentally sigh a bit and keep going. I can’t exactly speak right now. I look towards a camera and then Kane seems to get the message. “He is fine.” Kane says. Not exactly what I was hoping for but good enough I guess. An android pops out from a corner and instantly makes a grab for my neck. I duck down and punch out at it knees. The power behind the punches practically cuts through the metal and wires. It falls down to the ground and I punch into its head. It stops moving instantly. “Well, you sure have changed.” Kane huffs into my ear. “Use the elevator at the end of the hall.” I push the button to call it down. Instantly I hear metal clicking behind me. I turn to the side and see the wall has pillars on the sides that should be easy enough to hide next to. I press myself tight against the wall and wait for the android to come out. The clicking stops close by. “It’s checking the downed robot. It’s heading your direction now.” The clicking starts up again. I wait for it to be in front of me and then lash out. I summon a long staff and swing at its chest. It grabs the staff against its chest and throws it, along with me, onto the floor at its feet. I huff at the impact and it moves one of its hands to my face. It’s palm opens up and what looks like the end of a gun is pointed at my nose. With a wave of my hand, pink energy pushes the android into the wall. I jump up and summon a knife and cut into it’s back, opening it up and pulling out wires. When it stops moving, the elevator dings and opens. I give a small sigh and walk in. “Anything I should be expecting when I get to the top?” I ask. “As soon as the door opens, you will be in a room set for their security. Lasers will be involved. They move back and forth so you need to be very careful. On the other side of the security room, there are three humans. All loaded with guns by the way. I believe one is talking to a hologram but they aren’t picked up on cameras unfortunately.” I give a nod and stretch my arms over my head. The elevator opens and bright blue lines of light begin move back and forth in this gigantic hallway. It is incredibly tall. Why would they need such a tall room? I take a deep breath and walk into the room. Every Now and then a laser would come in my direction and I just have to jump over or roll under it. This is fairly easy to do. I am already halfway to the door. All of a sudden the floor beneath me starts sliding up. The floor in front of me is slower to rise up and it begins to make me slide down, the lasers coming at me faster now. I use my gloves to push onto the ground to slow me down but it's no use. I start breathing a little faster and I practically throw myself into the air as a laser swipes down at my feet. I plant myself as low as I can be to the floor as another laser is too high for me to jump. I turn my face to the side and grit my teeth as it grazes the top of the helmet. Thankfully I don’t feel anything touch my ear. The lasers stop coming and the floor falls back down to the ground. I am at their door now. That’s a stupid design for security. It brought me right to their door. I stand and bring my hand to the door but then the sides of the walls open up little holes. A sound of a machine starting up goes off and I duck down as fast as I can. Over my head, blue lasers run side to side in a perfect line. After about ten seconds they disappear and the holes in the wall are covered. I let out a small breath of air and stand up. “Nothing to say about that?” I ask with a smirk. I am only met with silence. “Kane?” I frown and look at the door. I can only go one way now, I guess. I already forgot how I can up here. I ready a shield with one hand and a dagger in the other. I push the door open. Instantly I am being showered with bullets. The shield stops them all easily and the bullets fall down at my feet. I throw my knife at one of the shooters and they fall dead immediately. I hide behind a column and put away the shield. Using that too much makes me head hurt. The other shooter shouts for someone else to hurry. I don’t know where the third human is. I peek over and the shooter is facing whoever he is shooting at. I lunge in front of me and teleport on top of him. I land on his shoulders and cross my thighs on either side of his head. I throw my body to the side and in front of him. The twist causes his neck to break and we both fall to the ground. I twist myself enough to land on my feet. I look around for the other person and find them looking at me in horror with another person in front of them. I instantly feel my blood run cold. The man with the scarred face is looking at me in shock. It soon turns into an evil grin. It’s the man who killed my mother. Tanner. “Well well. You’ll be happy to hear that the information you’ve been looking for has been deleted. Was old news anyway.” He gives a small shrug then a smirk. “I’ll be seeing you soon, pet.” He starts laughing and shaking his head. I growl and raise both my hands in front of me. All around me energy begins flowing into a ball that grows larger and larger. The human in front of Tanner starts screaming and trying to back themselves against the glass windows. I throw the ball of energy at Tanner and it just goes through him. He disappears into static. I am confused only for a moment as the ball instead hits the human cowering in fear. A bright explosion goes off and glass shatters everywhere. Smoke from machines near the glass windows are now on fire and cause smoke to trail outside. I fall to my knees and slam my fist into the ground, energy comes out in the hit and smashes the floor. It was just a stupid fucking projection. He wasn’t here, yet he was so close. “Mekaias! Are you ok?” I hear Norian cry out into my head. It sounds as if I am underwater and his voice is calling to me. I blink and whisper a reply. I am not even sure what I said. I just hear ringing in my ears. I sigh and stand. “It’s not here.” Kane’s voice finally reaches me as I leave the room. “Mekaias? Are you alright? I believe I can reach you now. I believe they put a block in the room that stopped us from communicating. I saw everything however. Are you alright?” I nod but remember he doesn’t see me. “Ok well...I want you to keep this between us for now. I don’t want everyone to get riled up about this.” Oh wait he can see me. I look over at a camera in the middle of the laser room. I nod again and walk to the elevator. No lasers or floors turning into gigantic slides this time. “Mekaias?” There is a slight pause. “Do you want to talk about it?” I just sigh and look straight at the camera in the elevator. “Please leave me alone right now, Kane. Just tell me how to get out.” I lean over to rest my head on the wall and keep silent. I stay silent till I get to Norian. I’m glad he pulls into the tightest hug without asking. I throw my helmet off and bury my face into his neck. Where is smells most like him. It smells like what I imagine Alentia would smell like. Wood and maybe magic if it had a smell. I keep myself together on the ride back. I just need to get to the shower. I need time alone. Time to bring myself together. I don’t want to think about what just happened. It...it hurts. As soon as I am back into the room. I strip from the suit on the way to the restroom and blast the shower on. I need it to burn me. I sink down onto the ground and summon a blade. I even add a little energy to really make it hot. I need as much pain as I can get right now. I don’t want to think about my mother. I don’t want to think about Tanner. I just don’t want to feel it right now. All I have is the ringing from before that has not stopped since I have left. It’s hurting me. Before I can even bring the blade to my arm, the shower is cut off and a shadow is over me. I look up and see Norian’s face filled with worry. I glare at him with hot tears spilling out. I throw the knife onto the floor but it disappears into nothing before it hits the ground. Norian picks me up and places me onto his lap. He covers me in a towel and just rocks us back and forth. He rubs my back and I just cover my face with my hands to stop the shaking my body is doing. I do not want to cry. I do not want to feel. I press my hands hard into my eyes. I don’t want this fucking power. I don’t want any of this. A faint voice calls over the ringing in my head. I try and listen for it but the ringing keeps going. Norian lowers his head on top of mine and the vibrations of his voice seem to help soothe me. I keep trying to concentrate on him and the ringing begins to slowly die down. Soon it's enough that I realize Norian is singing. It’s not a language I know, yet it sounds so calm and peaceful. I-I think that’s what I want. Calm and peaceful. Norian keeps singing until I stop shaking. He keeps himself wrapped around me like a shield. “Should we move to the bed, Starshine?” He asks softly. I just give a small nod. He lifts me up and carries me to the bed. He doesn’t even put clothes on me. He just wraps himself around me again and starts humming the song again. I turn to look out the window at all the stars. I don’t need to count this time. Norian’s soft humming slowly draws me to sleep.
  10. JujuTheDruid

    Mirrors of Chocolate

    “Yes, I think this one is nice on you.” Remelia asks me to turn around in some tight black pants. For someone that said my clothes were too revealing, this doesn’t exactly feel any different. “Oh my god! We should get you a crop top! It would look so cute on you. I'm sure you can pull it off.” Before I can ask what a crop top is, she runs off in the other direction of the store. I just stand in the middle of a room that allows people to change into the clothes. I find that very weird. Wouldn’t people be able to steal stuff easier? A group of three female humans walk into the room and one walks into a small cube for privacy. The two female humans whisper and giggle to themselves. Every now and then they would cast a glance in my direction. I hear the words “fag” and “alien” thrown around. I don’t exactly know what the first word means but I do know the second. I notice now that sometimes their eyes look at me in disgust. Before I can ask what is wrong, Remelia shoves past them and dumps a pile of clothes into my arms. The two humans instantly glare at her and call to their friend that they are leaving. I am pushed into another cube and asked to put on various clothes. Some are too much for me. Especially long sleeve shirts. I can’t stand them. I end up mostly choosing the tank tops,shorts, and maybe a few crop tops. I like feeling as open as I can. I’ll blame being tied up for long periods of time for that. Remelia said I needed at least four pairs of pants if the squad ever has to represent U.U.P.P. in public, so I got two blue and two black ones. I don’t like them because they are still too tight. How do people live with these everyday? I did get a weird jacket with the sleeves cut off. I am not sure why they are cut off but it’s a plus in my book. I find it weird that I have to get any of these at all. Remelia said she has already made my suit for combat. I feel like this is all just a waste of money. Speaking of money, I find it a little frustrating how much everyone just throws their money at anything. They all have to be rich or something. They never stop buying things or replacing things that aren’t even that broken. Norian says that Kane likes to have everything looking its best. We are now in a line to buy the clothes at the front of the store. Again, I am weirded out by how easily we could just grab everything and run out the door. There aren’t any guards or anything here. Yet we just stand here and wait for our turn. Apparently there is only one worker in this giant store that can take care of everyone’s purchases. A little ridiculous. “Next!” The worker calls. Remelia walks up and dumps the giant bundle of clothes on the table. The man gives a small sigh and starts shooting it with a laser. It doesn’t burn a hole into the clothes however. Must just be a light. I hear voices of the three humans from before behind us now. I flick one of my ears back to better listen to them. “Oh gross. The alien fag is back.” One says. “I don’t know. It’s following the butch fish one. Maybe she is his little master?” Another giggles. “Nah, he got crop tops and he’s wearing makeup. Definitely a fag.” The first voice answers. What the hell is a fag? I reach forward and poke Remelia’s shoulder. “Remelia? What’s a fag?” I ask and tilt my head in question. The worker stuffing the clothes in bags pauses for a second and looks at me in pity. Remelia looks at me confused, then she looks behind me and practically fumes fire from her nose. “Excuse me a second.” She smiles to the worker and then walks past me to the human group. They seem to get scared and try to walk away but she follows. They get out of earshot and I don’t hear anything she is whispering to them. She doesn’t look angry. She looks pretty calm honestly. However she must be saying some scary things because each of their faces begin to pale and then they are nodding their heads frantically. She turns and walks back to pay. She flashes me a smile and then we leave. “What was that?” I grab two of the bags. There are six giant bags. I am a little annoyed after realizing this all much have cost too much money. “Oh nothing you should worry about.” She grins and carries the four other bags with ease. We arrive at a restaurant that smells so incredibly sweet. What is that amazing smell? I let my nose follow its way to a glass case. Under the case are strange...puddings? Of different colors. Being closer now, it feels a lot colder than before. “What is it?” I point and turn to Remelia. She grins and drops the bags at a table near the front. “That is ice cream. Choose whatever flavor you want. Just not the orange or yellow one. Those are citrus and I don’t want another birthday disaster.” I nod and decide on a really pretty white one that has little blue and pink dots in it. Remelia pays for two cups for each of us and we sit at a table. She takes a bite out of hers and then motions for me to eat mine. I get a small amount on a spoon and sink my teeth into it. A sharp pain then spikes into my teeth spreads to my head. I drop the spoon and grip my head. The cold goes away almost instantly. “Wha-what was that?” I glare at Remelia, who has a smug grin on her face. She then starts laughing. “I believe that would be a brain freeze.” She giggles behind her hand and then offers me a new spoon. “Don’t bite into it. It’s good I promise.” I frown but try again without biting it. It’s a lot better and the taste is absolutely heavenly. I immediately stop scooping up more into my mouth. “No don’t do that! You’ll just get another brain freeze.” She laughs but then offers her ice cream. “You can try some of mine.” Its a brown ice cream, I don’t exactly want to try it because it looks like a certain disgusting substance. “It’s chocolate.” She says with a push. I get a bit on my spoon and eat it. I don’t know what comes over me, but I think I found possibly the best food in the universe. Remelia must have noticed this because she orders a bunch of little chocolates wrapped in weird metal sheets. I ate them all. I think I may have discovered an addiction. Remelia just keeps pushing it onto me. She bought even more. I eat so much that I feel like I am going to throw up. When we finally arrive at the house, I have a giant bag of chocolates to take with me on the ship. ~~ ~~ “Come on, Mekaias. Lift me!” Remy is standing in front of me with pillows and blankets strapped to his body. He looks like a walking cloud. “Are you sure this is a good idea? What if you get hurt?” He wants me to blast him into the air to “fly.” “Yes, yes, it’ll be fine. We have these pillows here to soften the blow in case I fall. Now hit me.” He readies himself and grins up at me. I sigh and with a wave of my hand a blast of purple energy pushes Remy high into the air, he gives a yelp and starts laughing when he is in the air. I try and concentrate and make these purple chains that go around his wrists, ankles, and hips. They help me level his body in the air and I make him around the training room. He actually does look like he’s flying and enjoying himself. I twirl him around in the air and flip him this way and that. He just keeps laughing. “This is the best thing ever!” I laugh and make him float around faster. A boom of a door opening startles me and I almost drop Remy. I steady myself and lower him gently to the ground. He gives a groan at me ending his fun. I giggle and look over to who came inside. It’s George. He gives me a smile and turns to the pool as always. He hasn’t really spoken to me anymore. I try and talk to him and he just comes up with some excuse to get away from me. I hope I haven’t offended him in any way. “I’m going to hangout with George for a bit. I’ll see you later, Remy.” I give him a hug and walk over to watch George swim. I sadly don’t have a bathing suit to join him. “Hi Mekaias.” George nods in my direction and moves himself into the middle of the pool. I sink my legs into the water and sit on the edge. “Hi George! How have you been? We haven’t spoken in forever.” I smile and lean back to rest on my hands. “Yeah it’s been awhile. Sorry, just been super busy talking with an old friend recently. What have you been up to these days? You know we are leaving tonight right? I would expect you to be getting ready instead of messing around in here.” He smiles and floats on his back and starts drifting towards me. We are leaving on a gigantic metal ship that is supposed to carry us deep into space. I’ve been in a pretty good mood all day. I only got a small peek of it when we traveled from Utrio to Earth. Finally being able to really take it in will be fun. “Oh I am already packed and ready! I am just passing time with Remy while Norian and Remelia are talking to Kane.” At the mention of Norian, George’s smile fades away. I tried asking Norian why they can’t just get along. All I was told from Norian is that George is an asshole. George just says that Norian is a jerk who is full of himself and takes the spotlight from everyone. I personally don’t see either of them that way. “Are you packed and ready then? Will Poofs be joining us as well?” I scrunch my nose while talking about that ugly house cat. It’s so ugly. He laughs and shakes his head. “Poofs stays here on Earth. I have a few things to pack, but I need to talk to my friend first. I was going to take a swim while I wait for his call, but I am fine with talking with you.” He winks and pulls himself out the water to sit next to me. “I discovered chocolate yesterday.” I grin and pull some out of my pocket and offer him some. He just laughs and takes one. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” I shove one in my mouth and enjoy the smooth sweetness of it. “I hate to break it to you, but I think you have an addiction already.” He smiles and eats his piece. “I won’t fight it.” I giggle and stand up to leave. “I’ll leave you to swim. I don’t want to bother you. We really should talk more.” I wave and turn to walk away. “Yeah we should.” He calls out. “I’ll try and make more time for it.” I know we barely talked this time. The wink he gave me only made me a little uncomfortable. I tend to try and keep away from things that do that now. Like mirrors. I haven’t looked in a mirror ever since Lucain freed me. It’s not that I don’t want to see myself, well that’s probably a small part. The bigger reason is because the masters would get a mirror and make me watch as they did things to me. Be it cuts or other things. Mirrors just bring those memories back and I don’t want those. Lately it’s been hard not seeing them flash in my mind when I close my eyes. Sometimes it could just be because I happen to see something or someone that reminds me of the masters. Red hair is a big one that tends to make me think of King Talemo. Norian seems to realize when I have an episode when I forget where I am and that I am living in a small scene where it almost feels like I am there. He just calmly whispers in my ear and rubs my back or cheek. Eventually it brings me back and then he just holds me and after awhile I feel like I am safe again. I had told him that I should sleep alone. We still haven’t slept a night away from each other. I still get scared that I’ll wake up and find that I have hurt him or worse. Because of this I don’t sleep. I wait for him to think I am sleeping and then when I feel he is sleeping, I get up and go to the training room. I close a door off in the middle of the training room and just sit in my ring. I don’t even spin. All I really do is sit there and just wait. I don’t know what I am waiting for, but I wait. If I feel like something is going to happen. I tie my hands up to something and wait for whatever is to come. Nothing ever does. If I see the sun beginning to rise in the giant window, I walk back to the house and get back into bed with Norian. When he wakes, I fake sleep until he leaves. If I’m lucky I will actually pass out. This happens every night now. How I am going to do it on a ship in the middle of space will be interesting. ~~ ~~ It is a little weird to see the stars moving as we fly along in space. Unfortunately Norian and I have to share a room. While that probably sounds bad, I must say that I really don’t like the idea of having my mind taken over in a metal thing floating in the middle of space. So many bad things could happen. I am trying not to think about and enjoy the fact that I am finally doing something I’ve always wanted to do. The tiny pit of fear still resides inside me though. The room Norian and I have been assigned has a gigantic window on one end of the wall that shows everything outside the ship. I’ve practically had my face glued to it ever since we left. Norian even helped me move the bed to be right next to it. Watching all the dots move as we go past is just so beautiful. There are even some different planets that we go by that are all different beautiful colors. I feel a weight fall on the bed next to me. “Dinner is served.” Norian smiles and places a tray of food onto my lap. I eat but keep my eyes on the window. He laughs next to me. “I was the same the first time I left my planet. It is rather beautiful isn’t it? I still love watching it now after all these years. I lean back and rest against him, “You know I’m glad I met you. I know Kane had a lot to do with it too, but I’m happy to have met you and the squad. It’s like I have another family. I lost my family and now I have a new one. I don’t feel so alone anymore.” I smile and lean up to kiss his cheek. He looks at me with food in his mouth and his cheeks look all puffy. I giggle a little and hug his arm. He swallows his food in a loud gulp. “I would say sorry for this but I still refuse to apologize for it.” He leans over and grabs my face in his hands, “I love you so much, Mekaias.” I just smile and he kisses me softly on the lips. I kiss back and then pull away. “I think I do too. I’ve never really said it to anyone but my mom.” I blush at how lame that sounds, but he just gives me the biggest smile and pulls me into a tight hug. “I’ll take it. Also you’re super cute when you blush.” I laugh and then we move to get under the covers. I feel something in the pocket of my shorts and then I remember I have chocolate. I reach down and try and open the wrapper under the sheets. “Mekaias?” I look over at him but keep trying to open the wrapper. “Are..are you doing what I think you’re doing?” He lifts the sheets and his face goes blank before he starts laughing. “I’m opening a chocolate bar.” I smile and lift it up. I cut it in half and offer it to him. He keeps laughing and takes it. “For a moment I thought you were touching yourself while I was in the bed with you.” He shakes his head with a smile and wraps an arm around me. I giggle and turn to rest my forehead on his chest. “Of course not. I just found chocolate in my shorts and opened it.” He rubs a hand up and down my back. “Yeah Remelia told me about your new chocolate addiction. Don’t eat too much or you’ll get sick.” He pauses for a moment and then says, “can you get sick?” I nod and finish my half of the chocolate bar. “I’ve been sick. It’s not exactly fun. My body tries to get rid of it as fast as it can and so it gets a bit severe.” “Should I be worried? We wouldn’t need to go to a hospital would we?” “No of course not. I’ll be fine. I just let it happen and wait to get better.” “That...doesn’t sound smart but if you say so. I’ll take care of you when you’re sick.” He pulls me closer to him but then he tries to turn me around. “You should watch the stars. Let them put you to sleep. It’s very relaxing.” He does sound a bit sleepy. He has probably been watching them this whole time. I have my back to him and he has both arms around me. He leans down and kisses the middle of my head. “Sweet dreams, Mekaias.” At that I frown. “Sweet dreams, Norian.” I keep my eyes on the stars passing by. Norian’s breathing eventually evens out and then I am left to think if I should leave. I take a deep breath and then start counting down as many stars as I can that pass. I keep counting until I finally go to sleep.
  11. JujuTheDruid

    Weird, but Pretty

    I pull myself out of sleep with a gasp and breathe air in gulps. I reach my hand out and only feel the soft bed and pillows. Where is Norian? I need comfort right now. I had another dream as the one from a few days ago. This time there wasn’t any light to help me. The phrase was different too. It was screaming that it knows where I am and that I will be taken again. I can’t help but feel like these aren’t ordinary dreams. I need to speak to Kane. I get up off the bed and go to shower. I know Norian said it will be up to me to stop harming myself, but I am a bit on edge from that dream. I need something to ground me down. I am careful this time and don’t cut on my arms, but instead cut along my ribs. Not deep cuts, but they are deep enough to last at least half the day. I press down on them with my fingers and even slide my claws into them. Ever since being freed, my nails have gotten longer and have grown the point as before being taken from the circus. The old masters would cut and file them down so that I wouldn’t hurt them if I ever decided to struggle. It is a little strange that thinking about the masters helps calm me down. Makes me remember that this is real and that I am not being choked to death by some dark slime. After getting out the shower, I put on some clothes. Remelia says I need new clothes that aren’t only made for the sun and that don’t show off too much skin. I personally don’t see the problem with it, but I guess things are different here. I am a bit concerned that I can’t find Norian. I guess he is at the training room with the rest of the squad? I am sure he is fine. I’ll just ask Kane if he knows where he is. On the walk to the main building where Kane works, a strange creature with colorful wings flies around a few flowers. It lands on one and seems to lay down to rest. I walk slowly to it to inspect it. It looks very strange, yet beautiful. It has a curly line sticking out its face that slips deeper into the flower is is on. “It’s a butterfly.” A voice says behind me, I smile and end up receiving a kiss on the cheek. “It’s pretty.” I say and look over at Norian. “What is it doing?” “It is drinking nectar from the flower.” He moves to stand next to me and puts an arm around my shoulders. His movement must have startled the butterfly because it flies off and away. “I wish I could fly.” I smile and pull Norian to walk with me to Kane’s. “Me too, but I don’t think any wings would be able to lift me up.” He laughs and slows his steps to not outpace me. “Where are we going?” “I am going to speak to Kane.” I say, my smile disappears at remembering the events last night. I press against my ribs on my side. “Are you not enjoying it here? We are about to go off-planet soon. We will be exploring the stars together.” He smiles and drops his arm to hold my hand. Does he know about the cuts? I tried being discreet about it this time. “No I am enjoying it here.” I give a forced smile to hide the small pain. “I just need to speak with him. He says he wants to check up on me.” “I can tell him to back off if you don’t want him getting in your space too much.” He says and rubs his thumb on my hand. “No it's fine, you have nothing to worry about.” He gives a nod and then we walk in a nice silence. When we get to the building, Norian kisses my cheek and says he’s be in the training room again. Apparently he was coming to wake me up but found me outside instead. I am a little surprised I didn’t make such a mess in the room as I did before. I know somehow my powers were going off while I was sleeping before. Maybe it is because Norian was in the room before? I walk to Kane’s office and find he is talking to Aileta on the screen. I come up behind his chair. “Pruaq Aileta!” I smile and wave. “Pruaq Mekaias!” She smiles. “See! I mention him and then he comes. I am pretty much his godmother after all.” Kane just rolls his eyes. “Yes well goodbye you stubborn woman. Go get some sleep now that you have finally seen him.” “Ixtasen Mekaias!” She calls and then the screen turns dark. “Rude. She didn’t say it to me.” He shakes his head then turns to me. “What can I do for you, Mekaias?” “I just wanted to speak to you. It's about two things.” I sit on the chair in front of him. “First, my mother says that there is someone that is tracking other life stones for other Alentians. She says there is possibly another Alentian trying to kill the rest of us off. I am not sure why they would be doing such a thing.” He nods before speaking, “I did not know the spirits are able to communicate to other life stones. If you aren’t feeling safe then you should know that this is pretty much the safest place in the universe for you right now. You live in an area surrounded by other squads. You are fine. What is your other reason?” “I have been having strange dreams. Only two so far, but they were the same. It feels as though someone else is in my head. Yet they are able to somehow torture me in a way? I don’t know how to explain it. It feels too real. I think the one that is tracking the stones is able to get into my mind. I am not sure how. I know there were some Alentians that could use mind control but I thought they had all been banished or dead.” “And you think they are getting into your mind to…do what?” He says with his arms crossed. “I am not sure. They haven’t controlled me. At least I don’t think they have. I am pretty sure they have only just been giving me messages.” He nods his head in thought. “What do you think we should do? Should I move you down below ground to keep you under surveillance? I am sure I can have people watch over you from time to time when you sleep.” I shudder at the thought and shake my head. “Absolutely not. I can’t go through that again.” I think for a second. I have an idea, but I don’t think Norian is going to like it. “I should get my room back. Maybe get it fixed so that I don’t destroy anything again, but is there a way that there is a window or something? I don’t want to just be surrounded by plain walls again.” I hate feeling like I’m in a box. If I think about it too long, it feels as though It gets smaller and smaller the longer I am in there. I can’t even stand being here in Kane’s office underground. “I think I can have something done. It should be ready tonight if you plan to be out. You might even like it.” He smiles. I nod and then stand to leave. “Thank you for helping me, Kane. Sorry for taking so much of your time and resources.” “Don’t be sorry. I am glad to see a familiar face again.” He smiles and then I walk out. ~~ ~~ “You know I could always just sleep in my battle form, right?” I frown as Mekaias just keeps balancing on his hands. He is in a handstand and doing a split in the air. “I hurt you the first day I met you and you were in your battle form then. This is only for when I am sleeping. It should be fine.” He changes his position and somehow is able to bend his back so far, his ass almost touches his head. To say it leaves some nice ideas of what sex with him could be like, would be an understatement. However, he wants to be locked up in his room at night. “Is there anyway that I can convince you to stay with me? I’ll even move into your room, even if the bed is super small.” “I’ve already made up my mind. I’ll be fine, I swear. I just don’t want to risk hurting anyone.” He straightens out and then stands. He smiles and kisses my cheek, then turns to go to the pool. I follow. He strips down and reveals that he finally has something other than panties under his clothes. Not that I was complaining, but he finally has a swimsuit at least. Remelia told me he was swimming with George in his panties. I am glad she stepped in when she could. While the speedo covers about as much as the panties did, I can be at peace with the fact that he wouldn’t decide to possibly swim naked. I actually had to talk to him about that. It was a very awkward talk. It soon turned dark when he said he didn’t realize how bothersome it was when his old torturers would just make him strip naked in front of not only themselves, but for others that were with them. He thought it was normal after some time. As he is stepping in, I see something that makes my gut twist. On the left side of his ribs, are cuts. They are more so faint scars that look almost fully healed, but I know he must have done that this morning. I knew I shouldn’t have left to do an early workout. I have purposely been skipping that to stay with him at all times. I know he wouldn’t ever cut in front or around me. Now the second that I think he’s alright, he does it again. I want to say something about it. I just don’t know what I can say. What do you say to someone who has most likely been doing this for years. I can’t even think of a reason someone would do that. He went through years of pain, and he only wants to inflict more on himself? How do you talk him out of that? I sit on the pool’s edge and watch him struggle to swim from one end of the pool to the other. It would honestly be kind of funny if it weren’t for what I just saw. Not even two laps later, he stops and rests on the steps before climbing out. Who knew this perfect being would be such a shitty swimmer? He walks over to me and just lays on my back, resting his head on my shoulder. Now I am covered in water. Great. “I hate swimming.” He says, out of breath. “Then why did you decide to swim?” I laugh. “I need to learn.” He huffs. “My feet drag me down though.” He sighs and sits next to me and drapes his legs on my lap. His scars on his ribs are completely gone. “You did so well so I am sure you will be the best swimmer soon.” I smile and reach down to poke the bottom of his feet. Just as I suspected. He has the cat toe beans. Absolutely adorable. “You liar. I am awful. George says I swim ok too but I know he’s lying as well.” He still smiles about it though. “If the both of us say it, we must be telling the truth.” I lean over and kiss his nose. He laughs and moves to stand, I get up as well. “So what were you talking about when you said we would be exploring the stars together?” He smiles and puts his clothes on. We somehow end up walking to the cave without thinking. “Well, we are going to a mission where we are hoping you can infiltrate a Firelight base. They hopefully have some plans held there. We want you to get them. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad and I will be distracting the guards outside their base. We are going to try and give you enough time to get it and get out.” “Doesn’t sound like exploring stars to me.” He laughs. “Oh we will be exploring the stars along the way.” We arrive at our special spot and sit in the patch of grass in the sunlight. “Usually on the way back we stop by some other planets to explore or stop to resupply. It’s always pretty fun. We have a nice room where the window shows all the stars as we fly by. It is pretty amazing.” “I can’t believe I am going to be able to do that. I’ve always wanted to fly among the stars.” He practically lights up the cave with his smile and I can’t help but lean down and kiss him. “You’re flying in the stars with me, baby.” He laughs at the name and rests his head on my shoulder. I see him running his finger along the horn’s shape in the little pouch on his necklace. I smile and intertwine my fingers with his. “Am I going to have to kill people?” He asks out of the blue. I look down and see a frown on his face. Thankfully I have a good answer for him. “Nope. This base is controlled by their androids. They aren’t the best fighters. They are better shooters. Inside however, they are built for hand to hand combat, so you should be careful. I am sure you can handle it.” He gives a small smile and nods. “I’m not really good with technology. How will I get all this information?” “Remelia has made a special hard drive that you just stick into the computer at the very top floor. That’s your target. It should be pretty easy.” “Ok, sounds easy enough. I kind of understand all that.” I smile and check the time on my phone. “We should probably head back to the house, I’m sure the Director would want to show off your new and improved room.” I can’t help the pout in my voice. I want to sleep with my mate dammit. Even if he is scared of being Mind Controlled. ~~ ~~ “Welcome to Utrio!” Kane says as he presses a button by the door. The walls shimmer all around the room and all the walls change into what looks like a video of the desert plains outside the city. There is a small body of water looks as if it is inches from my bed. I even know where this small body of water is. It's close to where Lucain and I found our small hideaway home. “How...how did you do this?” I ask looking around, I reach my hand out towards the water next to the bed but only feel a wall. “Special walls that everyone else in this house has. Your room was the only one without it. Don’t worry about possibly breaking it. This is the toughest steel we’ve got.” Sounds of the wind moving sand softly fill the room. “Thank you, Kane.” I smile and sit on the bed. “Thank Norian for coming up with where we should put a drone.” I look behind Kane and see Norian give a small wave and smile. “I’ll leave you to it. If you want to turn it off or put it to a different picture, just click anywhere on this monitor.” He points to a box next to the door and then leaves. Norian comes in and sits on the bed with me. “Are you sure I can’t stay in here with you?” He sounds like he’s about to beg. I refuse to give in. “Yes I am sure. It’s only for when I am sleeping. I promise.” I smile and hug him tight. “Thank you for this. I am not sure how you did this so fast.” “Well it’s pretty easy to take control of a drone.” He hugs me back and pulls me to lay next to him. “What if someone takes control of this one?” I ask. He chuckles before saying, “I would love to see them try and beat Remelia at that. Unfortunately we are leaving in three days.” “No it's fine. I am ready to go out. I want to explore everything.” I wink and start kissing his neck. He freezes and bites his lip. I grin and kiss up to below his ear. “Mekaias? I wouldn’t push your luck right now.” I frown at that and look up at him. “What do you mean?” I ask. “Are you sure you are ready for that? I don’t want you pushing yourself to do something you possibly aren’t ready for.” He turns and runs a hand over my side. “You don’t think I could handle you? I know I haven’t seen it but I can handle a lot.” He blushes and shakes his head. “That’s not what I meant. I mean it all in general. Wouldn’t exploring it after dealing with those assholes kind of...I don’t know...make you uncomfortable.” “I-I don’t think so. I haven’t exactly tried since I've gotten out.” I look down and avoid his gaze. I haven’t really thought about what I personally think about having sex now. Now that I can however, I just start thinking about the masters. There was a time where not even they would touch me. They had made machines with metal tentacle things that were rough and did not give the warmth that their bodies at least had. It was a very cold period of time. There were so many cold nights that sometimes I would lay down next to the machine if they ever forgot to turn it off. It gave off a small amount of heat, but I was so desperate for anything that I curled as close to it as I could to try and soak up as much heat as I could. In the mornings when I would wake, Weslum or Demetrius would laugh and say I am falling in love with a machine. I would just stay silent because if I responded I would just get whipped or a kick to the face. “Mekaias?” I blink and look up at him. “Lost you there for a second. Stay with me, Starshine.” He wraps his arms around me and I breathe in the warmth radiating off his body. I curl as tight as I can to him and just sigh. Maybe he is right. I don’t know if I am ready. “You can stay tonight only.” I whisper and close my eyes. I will not cry. I have let loose too many tears recently. I need to be strong.
  12. JujuTheDruid

    A Stone for a Horn

    “You want me to talk to your mom?” Norian asks in a way that clearly shows he is uncomfortable. “Yes. I want her to talk to you if we are going to do this.” I smile and run my fingers along his shoulders. It has been a few days since I’ve accepted to be with Norian. He has been nothing but the sweetest. He is unbelievably affectionate which I am all for. The only issue is I don’t understand how it could be someone like me. I am nothing special and I do not deserve someone like him. He tries to reassure me that I am “perfect” for him, but I just don’t see it at all. I’m just someone that has been ruined. However, If we are going to be together, he should meet my mom. “How are we going to do that exactly?” He asks. I can tell he is trying to be careful with his words. Probably trying not to offend me by saying she is dead. I know she is. “From something called a Life Stone. I’ll be back.” I kiss his cheek, get off his lap and go to find it in my old room. I officially moved into Norian’s room last night. His idea. I claw a panel off the wall and carefully pull the stone out. Instantly it begins to warm in my hands and I smile. “Pruaq Ma’tiem.” I whisper with the stone against my lips. I walk back into our room and pull the blanket onto the floor. I sit on it with my legs underneath me. I motion for him to do the same. He sits in front of me and looks a little nervous. I rest my hand under his and then place the stone on his palm. “Do you feel that?” I ask with a smile. He stares with wide eyes at the stone and then back to me. “What’s happening?” He is whispering now. Maybe he’s scared to talk loud in front of the stone? I find it cute. “You are feeling the souls of my ancestors. If you are feeling warmth right now, that is most likely my mother on the surface waiting to reach to us.” He stares down at the stone and he almost looks like he wants to drop it. I reach out and take it from his hands. “Don’t be nervous. They can’t haunt you.” I giggle and stand. I hear Remy and George playing something on the monitor in the living room. It’s too loud. I need somewhere silent for us to be able to talk in peace. “Something wrong?” He asks and stands up as well. Is it weird of me to say that for once I am glad I am so short? I love how tall he is compared to me. He can easily surround me with himself and I feel just so protected. Not to mention he is some pretty nice eye candy. Oh I am getting distracted. “Um, we need somewhere quiet. Maybe the training room is empty?” I start to make my way out the room. “Remelia is there training some people from other squads. It’s going to be extra busy in there today.” He thinks for a moment and then grins. “I know! I haven’t been to this place in forever and I am pretty sure nobody else has found it yet. Promise to keep it a secret for us?” He wiggles his eyebrows at me and I giggle. “Sure, but where is it?” ~~ ~~ We walk hand in hand to a cave under a hill that is hidden beneath tons of green vines. We brought little flashlights but apparently there are old lanterns inside. Norian says they need new batteries. We walk a small ways inside till we come to an area that is lit up from a hole in the ceiling. The light shows that there is a nice green patch of grass in the middle. There is even a small pool of water. We set up a blanket on the patch of grass and then get back to our sitting positions. I set the stone between us. “So when was the last time you talked to your mother?” He asks. “Um, ten years ago. Soon to be eleven I think.” I shrug and grab one of this hands. I place the stone on his palm and then lay my hand on top of his. He doesn’t say anything else about not talking to my mother. I have had many chances to speak to her now. I just don’t want her to try and change my mind. I know she will try and tell me not to avenge her. That I should stay hidden and live the rest of my life in peace. I will think about peace when I kill Tanner. I just won’t tell her about my plans. She may already know, but I don’t want to fight with her. There is also the fact that this will be the first time I see her since I was taken away. I am not exactly excited. I am more nervous than anything. “Ok, I need you to just clear your mind. Think only of the stone in your hand. If you want, you can use both hands on it. I don’t really need to touch it right now to connect with the stone.” I go to move my hand and he grabs onto it and lays it back down over his. I give a small smile and close my eyes. “We aren’t summoning a ghost are we?” He asks, clearly very nervous. “No,” I laugh, “We are just going to connect with the stone. I don’t really know how to explain it other than that we are going to connect with thousands of spirits. It is perfectly safe. My mother and Aileta used to use the stone together.” I forgot what exactly they used it for. I never really asked, nor cared. “Ok...I’m ready.” I hear him say. He goes silent and instantly I feel the colors splash around in my mind. A few strands of color begin to take shape into a tall figure and then my mother is fleshed out in front of me. Her black hair reaches all the way to her waist and is completely straight, not a single curl in sight. She has the same tan skin and white marks on her skin as me. Same black ears and tail as before. She is wearing a long dress that is in different shades of dark blues and greys. My mother is rather beautiful if I can say so myself. Then only main difference from before is her eyes. They are no longer violet, but they are a shiny green. She smiles and pulls me into a tight hug. “Pruaq yun tuaon!” She says and pulls back to place her hands on my face. “Pruaq Ma’tiem” I smile and place my hands over hers. Then she lightly flicks one of my ears. “Why have you taken so long to talk to me, Tuaon?” She starts nagging me. “I was busy.” I shrug, trying to keep my cool. I summon a chair to sit on. She creates one as well and sits beside me. “So are you going to introduce this handsome young man to me or not?” She gestures behind us. Norian is standing in the open. He is looking around in awe, just taking in all the different colors swirling around us. I smile and almost feel bad for having to ruin his sightseeing. “Norian, come here please!” I summon another chair next to me. He walks over carefully, as if he is going to fall through the colors underneath our feet. He then slowly lowers himself into the chair, possibly to make sure it is solid enough for him. “Where are we?” He asks. Before I can answer, my mother interrupts. I just smile. She loves trying to sound the smartest. I am glad that hasn’t changed. “You are inside the stone.” She smiles. “Well, mentally anyway. If you wanted to go back right now, you only have to think about going back. You are free to leave or join whenever you want. Only if Mekaias is with you that is. Welcome to the life essence of our family!” She extends her arms out and Norian just looks around in wonder. “My name is Camiya. I am Mekaias’ mother.” At that he freezes and looks over at me. “Oh don’t be so nervous. I have always been pushing for my little yebia to find someone for years. I am just glad he found someone so strong.” He blushes and stands to walk over to her. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. It is a huge honor to meet you. I am very happy to have the chance to be with your son.” He offers his hand to shake hers. She ignores it and stands up. I see him take a step back at that. I give a small laugh. She is taller than him. I am sure he wasn’t expecting that. Alentians are very tall. I am sadly a runt compared to all of them. At least it wasn’t completely rare for Alentians to be my height. She grabs him into a tight hug. “Oh Mekaias! You chose such a gentleman! Welcome to the family, Norian. I am very happy to have met you, but I must ask you to leave. I need to speak to my son.” She says the last sentence in a stern voice and I almost want to leave with Norian. “Very well ma’am. It was very nice to meet you. I’ll see you on the other side, Mekaias!” He kisses my cheek and then he disappears in a puff of purple smoke. “Now then, I am glad you brought a little distraction. Don’t get me wrong, he does seem like a very nice boy, but we have more important matters to discuss.” She says and pulls her chair in front of mine. “You better tell me what you are up to.” She glares at me with her arms crossed over her chest. “How do you know I am up to something?” I look at her in surprise. “I am your mother. Just assume that I know all.” She smiles and then reaches her hands out to hold mine. “If I may ask. Where are you right now? Surely not Utrio.” I hold onto her hands tight. “I am on Earth with Norian and Kane.” I say. “Earth? Why would you be at the home of our planet’s destroyers? Is there a way to move somewhere else?” “This is the best option I have right now. Also my planet is Utrio. I wasn’t ever born on Alentia.” I let go of her hands and lean back into my chair. “Yes, I know. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Have you met any other Alentians by chance? None of the other spirits here can hear from the other lifestones. We believe that someone is trying to track our people using the stones. Possibly another Alentian.” “What? Why would someone try and finish us off?” “I have a feeling it has something to deal with you, Mekaias. It started a little while ago. I am not sure what you have been up to. I know you have spoken with some of the old warriors in our family. You had better not have gotten into any trouble.” Those jerks. I bet they ran off and told her as soon as I finished learning from them. “I-I haven’t. I just wanted to learn to take care of myself.” She stands over me and stares down into my eyes. I try and stare back but I just lower my head. “Wha-what was that? That isn’t how we do this. We stare until you feel bad enough to tell me your secrets.” She reaches out and wraps her arms around me. “What have they done to you my tuaon?” “You don’t want to know.” Is all I say. I hug her back, I might as well tell her what I have done. She should know that I’ve gotten my revenge. I owe her that more than anything. ~~ ~~ Mekaias is still sitting with the stone in this hand. It has been about an hour since I left the world of colors. It was very beautiful. I almost forgot why we were there. He looks so much like his mother. She was scary beautiful. Not to mention super tall. I am a flat 7 feet tall and I just met some lady that was taller than me. How Mekaias isn’t tall at all is a mystery. She was terrifying. Here I thought my dad would be scary to meet. Oh wait. My dad. I haven’t even told my parents about Mekaias yet. I even promised I’d tell them as soon as I met them. I don’t know how they are going to take it honestly. I’ve never heard of soulmates being the same sex. I think my mom will be alright with it, maybe a little weirded out. My father will most likely say I am joking or just possibly want nothing to do with me. I could care less if they didn’t support me. I just don’t want Mekaias to witness their shaming. The last thing I need is for him to feel bad about something as stupid as my family’s feelings for our bond. I watch him for awhile, I must say that it is kind of creepy. Here his body is out in open, but his mind is inside the stone. It’s very weird. Magic and spirits in rocks. I used to think my kind were interesting. This is just something on a whole other level. Mekaias gives a small sigh and then he blinks his eyes open. He looks around and when he sees me he smiles. I can’t help the warm bubbles going off in my stomach at that and I move to hug him close. I pull him into my lap and with his back against my chest. We sit in the sunlight slipping in from the hole above us. I kiss the side of his jaw and he begins to speak. “Norian? Can I ask you something?” He leans his head to the side to give me more room. “Anything you say, it's a yes from me.” I say and kiss down his neck. He gives a small squeak and continues. “Can you hold onto this and protect it from harm?” He holds out his life stone in his hand. “It is very important to me, it is what gives me my healing. This means that I am trusting you with my life.” I turn him around to face me. Big purple eyes staring right into mine. “I trust you, Norian.” “You do? I promise to keep it and especially you safe.” I smile and lay my hand over the stone in his hand. “I have something for you too. I want you to keep it as close to you as possible. I know you asked me not to say I love you yet, but this will symbolize that I will love you forever. Understand?” He gives a small nod and places his hand on my chest. “And what are you going to give me?” He asks. I reach up and wrap my hand around the left horn sticking out of my left temple. With a firm grip I pull my hand down as hard I can and with a loud crunch, the horn snaps clean off. “What? What the hell!” Mekaias shouts and smacks my arm. “Why did you do that?” He press his hand against where the horn was. I don’t feel any bleeding. I don’t think I'm bleeding. “Am I bleeding?” I ask. “No, but why did you do that? Didn’t that hurt?” I just shake my head. I thought it would, but I didn’t feel a thing. I push his hand away and then cut the horn in half. I throw the base that was attached to my head to the side and then place the other half into his hand. It’s a lot smaller cut in half, about the size of his pinky finger. “This if for you to keep with you at all times. It means I’ll always be with you and I’ll always love you no matter what. It's a promise.” I smile and place my hand on his cheek. His eyes are starting to shine with tears. I lean forward and capture his lips with mine. ~~ ~~ “Norian?” Mekaias lifts his head up from his slumber. He doesn’t even open his eyes. Just tries to feel around for me with his hands. When he finds my face. He reaches up to kiss me but then falls flat on his face against my chest and goes straight to sleep. I chuckle and kiss the top of his head. I use a finger to trace the new necklace around his neck. He made a small necklace that also has a small pouch to hold my horn. It’s a soft black necklace. A bit tight in my opinion but he says it stretches so it's fine. I am just happy he is so willing to keep it that close with him. I was going to wear his stone as a necklace as well but he said it is meant to be kept hidden at all costs. We both agreed that the cave was the safest place. I didn’t expect him to bestow something that important to me. Know that he trusts me that much just makes this feel all the better. He begins some light snoring and I just smile and kiss the tips of his ears and pull the blanket over him. I am not sure what I would ever do without him now. "I love you, Mekaias." I whisper, and wraps my arms around him.
  13. JujuTheDruid


    I am not sure what happened last night. I was literally gone for about thirty seconds and next thing I know, I hear Mekaias screaming and then loud banging on the other side of his door. When I opened it, swirls of purple energy were going crazy and just pushing everything against the walls. Mekaias was tossing and turning in his bed, clawing at his neck. Without even thinking, I just pushed my way in and tried to get to him. As soon as I was holding him, everything calmed down. The only real damage was to the TV monitor. He had asked me to protect him and I almost wanted to laugh because I already know I am and always will. Now here we are, just sitting on his bed in the morning. I brought him his breakfast and he silently ate it. No matter how much I ask, he won’t tell me what happened. After finishing his breakfast, he is now sitting on the edge of the bed, wrapping and putting beads on two lengths of hair on the sides of his face. I notice he seems to take great care of the beads so I decide to find a question that isn’t about last night. “Do the beads represent anything? You seem to take great care of them.” He freezes at first when I speak, but eventually relaxes. “They represent my fallen friends and family.” He is holding a golden bead that has a word carved on it in his planet’s language. “What does that one mean?” I point at the one in his hand. He peeks over his shoulder at me and then pushes it in place in his hair. “Camiya.” He says. He rubs it between his fingers then gets to working on the other beads. There are about nine extras. “I am sure they must have been an amazing friend.” I give a smile as he looks back at me when he’s finished. “She is my mother, and she was an amazing friend.” He gives a small smile. Shit! Way to go, Norian. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I shouldn’t have said anything honestly.” I almost want to start getting up to leave. I’d rather not make a fool of myself any more. I need to be here for him though. “It’s fine. I’m sure she would have loved to have met you.” He actually looks happy with the thought. My brain decided to become stupid however because I then blurt out, “My parents would love to meet you too.” I instantly feel my face going red. Thankfully his face goes a slight pink as well. “That would be nice.” He graces me with a shy smile. I so badly want to kiss him. It is honestly killing me. I stole two kisses so far but those sure don’t count. “Where are your parents?” He asks. “They are on my home planet, Meton.” I stretch my arms over my head and with a groan, get off his bed. He nods and gets up as well. “Do you visit them often?” We start heading out to the training room. “The last time I went was about fifteen years ago.” “Why did you leave?” I was afraid he would ask that. I have been mentally trying to prepare a lie. I can’t exactly think of anything when I can smell the reason I left. I decide to just tell him the truth. Well the half of the truth. “I left in search of my soulmate.” I space out my words to not ramble and become nervous. This is pretty much dangerous territory. If I scare him off then I am screwed. “Soulmate? You save yourself for one person? That’s sweet.” He sounds a little excited about the idea, but his eyes seem to show a little pain. I am not sure how to take that honestly. “Have you met them yet?” Oh shit. The hell do I say to that? Yes it’s you! Now please accept me and let me love you. If only that would work. I am just going to try and go around the question that will most likely come after. “Yes I have.” I try and keep myself from looking down at him now. I refuse to see his face. If I do I am pretty sure I will tell him the truth. After a small pause of silence, the scary question never comes. “Oh, that's nice.” Is all he says. He didn’t even ask who it was. I look down at him in surprise and just see he has his head down and pulling at one of the lengths of wrapped hair. I vaguely see a frown on his face. I-Is he sad that it isn’t him? Holy shit! Wait no. He is already in a bad mood. I am just getting my hopes up. Why is this so damn hard? I really want to take the risk and just straight up ask him to be with me. I really feel my heart telling me to do that right now. But my brain is telling me that I will die if he declines. It is all frustrating. So frustrating in fact that I almost run into the door to the training room. I open the door and find Remelia holding Remy in a chokehold on the fighting mat. George is lifting weights. Guess I’ll be helping the siblings train. Sure as hell don’t like swimming. “You ok?” Remelia asks as she tosses Remy to the side. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” I look over at Mekaias, who is walking to the middle area. I then feel a small cold feeling in my chest, it goes away after a few seconds. Um...what was that? ~~ ~~ So much for thinking I had a chance. Of course someone like Norian would have someone else picked out for him. Someone else just as sweet and kind no doubt. I knew not to think about being romantic with someone. Now look at me. I feel even worse than before. I juggled the thought of being with Norian for about two days and when I learn he is pretty much taken for, I instantly feel my heart broken. That is absolutely ridiculous. Barely met the damn rock and now I am just sitting and spinning on the ring wallowing in my depression. I am stupid. I should try and distance myself from him. What would even be the use in trying to convince him to be with me? He is taken for and I should respect that. Since I will be working with him, I shouldn’t make these feelings get between us. I will just need a small distance to get rid of these feelings. Move onto someone else. “You ok?” I look down and see George standing below me, wiping a rag against his sweaty forehead. “I am fine.” I simply say and hop down next to him. George is pretty nice too, in a more quiet kind of way. Actually never mind. The way he sometimes looks at me reminds me of the masters. I don’t like it. He is a lot nicer than them though. “I wanted to show you something.” He smiles and motions for me to follow. I look back at the three others at the fighting mat. Norian and Remelia are fighting and Remy is watching over them. “They won’t notice us gone. They never notice me leaving anyway.” At that I frown and look over at him. He just turns and walks out the door. I follow. We walk back to the house and then he lets me into his room. He tells me to sit on the bed and then to wait. He leaves and then I am left staring around his room. After a minute he walks back in and in his arms he is carrying a small animal. He walks closer to me and I yelp and push back onto the bed until my back is in the corner. “What is that thing?” I screech and make a small shield in front of me to keep him and that thing from getting closer. He just laughs and sits on the other end of the bed. The animal just stays sitting on his lap. “This is Poofs! My housecat.” He grins and pets the cat between the ears. “That is what I am nicknamed after? It is so hideous.” I scrunch up my nose at it but lower the shield. “Ha! Well a lot of people find this kind of cat to be ugly. Poofs is a Sphynx. His name is more a joke than anything.” He smiles and rubs the cat’s pink back. “You can touch him or let him smell you if you want! He is very friendly, I promise.” Hesitantly, I reach my hand out to it and it sticks its head out to sniff my fingers. “You are so ugly.” I say to Poofs. I pull my hand back but sit next to George. “Very much not an Alentian.” He giggles at that and wraps the cat up in a blanket. Instantly it closes its eyes and starts purring. I guess I can kind of see how people give us that nickname now. I hate when I start purring. I can’t exactly control it. It is embarrassing. Lucain would constantly try and get me to purr before. I give a small sigh. “Everything alright?” He asks, he nudges me with his shoulder. “Yeah, just thinking of an old friend.” I smile and rub the cat's ears. ~~ ~~ “You are not ok.” Remelia stands over me with her hands on her hips. She just beat me in combat. I would probably care for it more, if it weren’t for my whole right arm freezing up. In the middle of the fight, I couldn’t move it. It just fell limp and now it won’t move from my side as if it is frozen. I would say it is time to panic. “Um...can you take me to the regeneration room?” I ask. She pulls me up and we practically run to the healing room. It is an all white room that is padded. It uses some kind of alien technology that uses waves of energy that heal the body. You could say that Mekaias has a mini regeneration room everywhere he goes. As soon as I close the door from inside, the walls begin to give a faint blue glow. I wait for the feeling to come back to my arm but nothing is happening. If anything, it seems to have gotten worse. My left leg has locked into place now and won’t move. Ok, Norian. You just need to stay calm. Obviously I have screwed up and pushed Mekaias away. Somehow he had already accepted me and now he is starting to reject me. I almost want to cry with joy that he had accepted me, but now he starting not to. My body is trying to shut down and become a statue now. Usually this takes a few days but because he has accepted me already, it is shutting down faster. He is rejecting me now, simply because I was too chicken to tell him when I had the perfect chance. “Remelia! Shut it down. It’s not working.” I bang on the door for her to shut the room off. When the blue lights disappear, Remelia opens the door. “What do we do? What’s happening?” She is freaking out and Remy is just silent behind her, his face clearly shows that he is terrified. “I need you to take me to one of the medical beds. Remy I need you to find Mekaias and bring him to me now. No pressure but you may need to run.” Remy immediately turns and dashes out the building. Remelia puts my one good arm over her shoulders and we slowly make out way to a bed in the room next door. “Do you mind telling me what the hell is going on?” Remelia practically hisses. She almost tosses me onto the bed. “Mekaias is rejecting me,” Remelia’s eyes seem to burn with rage as she looks towards the door, “do not get angry with him. It is not his fault. It’s mine. I may have given him the wrong impression.” “Wrong impression? The fuck did you do? You’ve been acting like a school girl ever since we saw him.” I feel my other leg locking up in place. I only feel what I can describe as cold air biting at where all the skin is. It is a little scary. Ok never mind, it is very terrifying. “Um...I may have told him that I found my soulmate. I think he automatically assumed it was someone else.” She breaths a small laugh though there isn't any humor behind it. “He accepted me already, Remelia!” I can’t help but let a few tears fall. My mate accepted me for just a few moments. Knowing that now would honestly make this all worth it even if he keeps rejecting me. I would still love to have him accept me again however. “Was it not obvious? He let you sleep in his bed, Norian.” The cold starts spreading onto my other arm now. “He let the bouncer sleep in his before too. He says he needed body heat. Of course I was more than willing to oblige.” I give a small laugh. Here I am. Possibly about to die and I am laughing. “Remelia, If I do die. I want you to know that you and Remy were the best family I have ever had.” “I am going to have to stop you right there and just say, shut the hell up.” She has a grin on her face but her eyes are beyond worried. “Where the hell are they?” She growls. Next thing I know I hear the door barge open and then Remy, George, and Mekaias rush in. “What’s happening?” Mekaias asks with wide eyes. I hate that I ever bring worry into those pretty eyes. I’ve done it twice now. “Uh,” I look around at everyone standing around me. Remelia gives a smile and a nod, “Mekaias, I wasn’t entirely honest with you before.” “About what?” He looks between me and Remelia with a confused look. “A-About the soulmate thing.” I feel my neck starting to heat up. Good to know that still happens when I am possibly about to die. “What about it? What is going on?” He walks over to stand next to Remelia at my side. “Um,” I look at Remelia and then at Remy and George, “Can you guys give us some space? I can’t really do this with an audience right now.” Remelia scoffs and walks out the room, pulling the other two and just leaving me and Mekaias. I try and reach out for Mekaias’ hand but I can’t sadly. “Mekaias, I...um, well.” I mentally groan and just take a deep breath. No going back now. “Mekaias, you are my soulmate.” I shut my eyes tight because I will happily admit that I am fucking terrified. “What?” Is all I hear. I open my eyes and look over at him. He is wide eyed and his mouth keeps opening and closing but no sound comes out. “Yeah. It-It’s you, Mekaias.” I give a weak smile and try to give a small shrug. Can’t do that either. “You’re not joking?” He asks, he actually looks at me in question. “Not at all.” How he even thinks for a second it couldn't possibly be him saddens me. “W-Why didn’t you tell me before?” He almost looks like he’s about to cry. Does that mean he accepts me again? “I was scared.” I laugh, “I didn’t want you to reject me.” “Reject you? Why would I reject you? You’re the nicest person I have ever met.” He reaches a small hand out and places it on mine. I can feel the warmth of it but I still can’t move. “If you did, I would have died. Apparently I messed up and pushed you away.” I feel my eyes starting to water. To hell with looking weak right now. “I’m sorry,” He actually looks guilty, I would feel bad for making him feel that if he didn’t look so damn cute. “Mekaias?” I whisper. He looks up at me in question. “Will you accept me? Will you be with me?” I practically beg. If I could, I would be on my knees right now. He crawls on top of the bed and curls at my side, his head on my shoulder. “While I find that a weird question, I accept you.” “You know what that means right?” I ask him. I want him to realize how important this is. He just shakes his head. “If means that we’d be together. We don’t have to at first, since we just met each other. I do want to get to know you more. I want you to be happy with me. No rushing things.” He just stares into my eyes. “I’m scared.” He whispers. I lean my head down to rest my forehead against his. “Why?” “I-I’ve never done this before. I don’t want the fear of possibly losing you.” He reaches his hand up and rests it on my cheek. “My mother lost my father and she said she was never the same. I’m scared to go through that. I’ve lost too many people already. The last thing I want is to lose someone as close as I could be with you.” He looks like he is about to cry and I just gently shush him. “Listen, I am scared to lose you too. That is a normal feeling that everyone goes through. You don’t ever exactly lose that feeling. You should be living in the now. Not the future or the past. That only messes your brain up and then you never know what to do.” He nods against me and hugs me tight. “I-I accept you, Norian.” His voice shakes a bit as he says that. I just smile and lean down to kiss his temple. “Thank you, Mekaias.” I really need to hold him right now. “Mekaias? Can you tell Remelia to stop peeking in the window and to come here and pull me to the regeneration room? It should work now.” He comes with me into the room. The cold was going away while he was with me in the bed, but now it is going away a lot faster with the blue energy. I remove the battle form and as soon as I can move my arms, I grab him and pull him to me into a tight hug. He smiles and looks up at me. His bright violet eyes glowing in the blue lights. “Mekaias, can I kiss you? I know I said I wouldn't rush things but I so badly want to kiss you right now.” I whisper, I run a finger along his cheek. His eyes turn into slits at that. Very much like a cat after all. Never seen him do that. He gives a small nod and wraps his arms around my neck. I lean down and brush my lips against his. It was a small kiss, just a small taste, then I lean down again for more. I just feel warmth spreading throughout my body and I just keep pushing for more. He tastes just super sweet and absolutely heavenly. I could very much get used to this. When we part for breath, we both just start giggling. Mekaias is pink in the face and his lips swollen. I lean forward and kiss the tip of his nose. I have my soulmate now. I don’t know what else could possibly make this any better. ~~ ~~ "They are pretty cute together." Remelia says with a sigh. We are sitting on the other side of the window waiting for them to come out. Apparently Norian has a soulmate. Who just so happens to be Mekaias of all people. That is just perfect. I wish I had known about that. Remy and Remelia knew. Figures these assholes wouldn't tell me. I actually thought that maybe I could get with the new recruit, but of course, Norian just has to take all he can and get the spotlight. I'll get back one day. Just not for now.
  14. JujuTheDruid

    Drinks and Oranges

    Morning has come and as soon as I open my eyes, I am greeted with bright purple ones in front of me. I yawn and pull Mekaias closer to me. “Why aren’t you telling me to stop?” He says in a whisper. I feel a small shiver go down my back from remembering the sight of last night. “Shouldn’t you be yelling at me or even tying me up to keep me from harming myself?” I just shake my head. “It hurts me to see you like this,” I try and choose my words carefully. I haven’t exactly had the experience of dealing with something like this, “but I know I can’t stop you from summoning another blade.” I run a hand over his arm to search for the scars. There are none to be felt. “You have to be the one to stop that, but you need to know that I am here for you. We are all here for you. You are safe here. I promise. You are apart of our family now.” He nods against my neck and pushes himself up. The sight of him sitting on my lap immediately starts to cause some stirrings below, but now is really not the time. Thankfully he gets up and goes over to his bag to put on some clothes. I turn my back to give him privacy. He sure doesn’t seem to mind getting naked in front of others. While that is a blessing for me, I must say that I don’t want others to see him in that state. “What are we doing today?” He asks. “The siblings have planned a party for today. Mostly for you joining us, but also because today just so happens to be my birthday.” I look back over and almost jump, seeing him standing right next to the bed. He sure is quiet. “Birthday? You celebrate it?” He tilts his head to the side in question, one ear flopped over. That would be the cutest thing if it wasn’t for how confused he sounds about something as normal as birthdays. “Do you not? It’s pretty common around the universe.” “Not at all. Today is my birthday as well I suppose.” He gives a small shrug. “I know.” I simply say, but I immediately realize how weird that sounds. “I mean the Director told me.” I almost panic. Thankfully he nods, accepting the lie. Of course he has the same birthday as me. I’ve been connected to him as soon as we were both born. We are both turning fifty-one today. “I may or may not have already told Remelia to plan for two.” I grin. I get up and make a move for the door. “We are all also going to be training today. Meet us at the training room when you can.” I give a wave and go out and walk to my room. As soon as the door closes, I give a sigh then rest my back against the door. ~~ ~~ After having to change again into clothes that are comfortable enough to move in, I find everyone in the training room. George is in the pool, Remelia lifting gigantic weights, practically with ease, and Remy and Norian are on the fighting mat. I must say it is rather strange to learn that Remy and Remelia are siblings. Norian told me that Remelia was adopted by Remy’s human family when she was just a baby. She is a Syren, a race of beings that live on an aquatic planet. They are known to be quite amazing fighters. Remelia’s skin is a very light blue, her eyes are a bright blue. She has these two floppy cones of tough skin that come up from her cheek bones and they go over and behind her head. In the middle her hair is in long white dreadlocks. She has been the nicest to me so far. Remy is a tall human with blonde hair that is cut on the sides. He is pretty funny at times, thought everyone else seems to be annoyed by his actions. I still think he is rather interesting. George is the other human, he is the shortest of the others but still very much taller than me. He is their pilot. I guess mine too. It is probably rude of me to think so, but I am not sure why he must build his body so big to just fly an aircraft. He is probably the second most muscled one here, though Remelia is pretty close. He is very strange however. I catch him staring at me from time to time. I have been trying to talk to him, but he never seems to be with everyone. Always separated and on his own. That is why I decided to go to the pool with him. Remelia waves at me through the glass as I walk past her. I wave back and then turn to George, who is swimming back and forth in the water. I’ve never actually learned how to swim. Not exactly much water to swim in back home. The river was too dangerous and gross from all the bodies tossed in from executions. I go over to the steps at one end of the pool and dip my foot in, it’s fairly warm. I toss my shirt and shorts to the side and slip lower into the water till it comes to my chest. I sigh at the warm water and finally George stops swimming laps. “What are you doing here?” He asks while wiping water from his face. “And why are you wearing panties in the pool?” “Panties? That’s what they are called?” I look down at the fancy underwear. Funny name. Glad I can call them something finally. “I wanted to learn how to swim. Can you teach me?” He seems to stare down at them for a second and then he shakes his head, “Um, yeah of course I can.” He shows me how to keep myself afloat and keeps reminding me that I just need to hold my breath if I happen to go under the water. I must say that I don’t really like swimming. The fur at my feet tends to weigh me down and that tires me out. In the middle of trying to do a lap, I feel exhaustion starting to hit me and I ask for help. George comes over and offers his back for assistance. He gives a small ride to the steps and we just sit on the stairs. “Not bad for your first time. Usually people can’t seem to understand that you just need to hold your breath if you go under.” He smiles. “I don’t really like it. It makes me feel heavy.” I frown at the water. "Plus I knew I had you to save me just in case." He laughs and then nudges me, “You really are a cat! You should meet my cat, Poofs.” He grins. “You own an Alentian?” I ask. A little spark of anger flares up in my stomach. “A what? No no it’s a house cat. A pet. I can show you later today if you want.” I am not sure what a house cat is but I am curious. I am about to answer back to meet Poofs, but then Remelia comes over with a stern look in her eyes. “George, can you help me with some of the decorating right now? I need some help.” She doesn’t even wait for an answer and just turns to leave. Never seen her like that before. George gives a sigh and gets up. “I’ll see you later, Mekaias.” He waves and walks off. I dry off, change back into my clothes, and then make me way to the middle. I see the ring and instead decide to just watch Remy and Norian. Unfortunately they finish as soon as I get there. “Ha! I win.” Norian stands up and poses like some kind of superhero and flexes his arms. Quite a nice view honestly. Remy groans and gets up, rubbing his shoulder. “You win every time. This match-up is all one sided. Not even Remelia can beat you.” “Mekaias almost beat me.” He looks over at me with a wink. I actually feel my face burn at that. I don’t think I’ve ever blushed to something as small as that before. “That doesn’t count. We saw him knock you into the ground literally the first second we saw him. He practically made you a pancake. Not that you were complaining.” Norian pushes him onto the ground but Remy just cackles on the floor. Now Norian is the one red in the face. I smile and then turn to leave. ~~ ~~ “Happy Birthday to you!” The squad finishes the tune, while Mekaias stands next to me somehow looking both amused and confused. George cuts up the cake into giant pieces for everyone. We are all sitting in the living room eating. Mekaias takes one bite and then not so subtly lets it fall back onto the plate. I laugh at him and he actually blushes again. It’s so cute! Remy doesn’t find it cute however. “How can you not like my cake?” He pretends to be offended and brings a hand over his chest. “I'm sorry,” Mekaias seems to curl into himself and his ears actually fall back onto his head, “I’ve never had it before.” “Leave him alone. He doesn’t need to like it.” I give a look at Remy to back-off. I don’t like seeing him shrink himself like that. “Yeah no sweat! It’s fine. I hate it too anyways.” He shrugs and grins, still eating his slice. Remelia next to him rolls her eyes and gets up to get some beer bottles. I am surprised to see her come back with an orange as well. “What’s that for?” I ask, pointing at the orange. “I thought he should try this instead of the cake.” She tosses it to Mekaias. He lifts it up to his face, sniffs, then licks it. He almost gags. “You take the peel off first.” I laugh and take the orange to help him. Once its fully peeled I give it back, not before taking a piece for myself. He carefully takes a piece off and holds it up in the air. He looks over at me. I just nod and he puts it in his mouth. As soon as he bites, he shivers and almost looks like he is being electrocuted. He then falls limp as if he has passed out, except his eyes are open. “Mekaias?” I immediately rush over and grab his hand. He doesn’t respond. “Mekaias can you hear me?” His eyes move to look at me. Only one of his fingers twitches in my hands. “Don’t worry,” The Director rushes into the room and comes to the other side of Mekaias, “Alentians are allergic to citrus fruits.” “How do you know? Is he ok? What’s happening?” He puts a hand on my shoulder and tries to calm me down. “He is perfectly fine. He is just temporarily paralyzed. He should be fine in about thirty minutes. He will most likely fall asleep because this is the first time his body will be healing against it.” Remelia stands behind me, “I am so sorry, Mekaias! I didn’t know! Fuck!” She pulls on her wrist over and over. She does that when she is nervous. Somehow Mekaias looks at her and tries to smile with his eyes. It seems to work because she nods and sits down. “I can take him to his room.” George says, “I am sure he would be rather embarrassed as of now from all this attention.” I want to fight him off and argue that I can do that myself, but this is my squad and I should be able to trust them. Even if George is an ass. The Director nods and then Mekaias is carried off to his room. “I’m such an idiot.” Remelia sighs and chugs her beer. “It’s fine. None of us knew.” I say. I can feel a small bit of myself wanting to get onto her for doing this, but that is ridiculous. I need to get myself in check. I am being way too protective. While I am glad I haven’t really acted on it. The amount of times I almost have is stupid. “Allergic to oranges. Damn. Not even lemonade?” Remy asks. He has somehow stolen the oranges and is eating them. I just shake my head in response. George walks back in and sits next to the Director. “Do none of you know what species he is?” The Director asks. We all say no. “He’s an Alentian. The endangered race the Humans almost destroyed?” He says the last part as if to point out the obvious. I knew the Humans had destroyed a planet with a big weapon. I didn’t know what the alien species was. They always talk about that in the history books, yet they never speak of what planet was destroyed. “I didn’t know any of them had survived.” Remelia whispers. “Very few families have. They were sent out in shuttles hundreds of years ago. They have slowly been trying to grow, but I am afraid they are a lost cause. Too many planets have turned their backs on them. I fear he may actually be the last Alentian alive now.” He seems to have a deep sadness in his eyes at that. I take it he knew of other Alentians. Possibly more of Mekaias’ family. “Wait so how old is Mekaias? He isn’t like, three hundred years old is he?” Remy asks. “He’s fifty-one.” I say, I just stare at my drink in my hands. “Yes he is quite young.” The Director says. “That’s young?” Remelia gives a small laugh at that. “Hey! I’m fifty-one too!” I glare at her then smirk. “I am not entirely sure how old they can live up to, but I know his mother was almost two hundred years old.” The Director seems to give a fond smile at the mention of the mother. I guess they must have been close. “Damn! That’s insane.” Remy gasps and looks over at me. “And how old can you live up to?” “My Grandpa was about four hundred from what I remember. Maybe even a little more now.” I shrug. Not exactly new to this talk. I will say it makes me happy that Mekaias can live long like me. Means plenty of time for us to be together. We chat for a bit, mostly asking the Director what he knows of the Alentians. He tells us they have the special healing and also how some families can unlock special abilities if they are near death. He says he is pretty sure that he is the only Alentian that at least has powers. Most likely the others, if any, can’t unlock them. When it was finally time for bed, I go into Mekaias’ room. I am just getting settled into the bed with him when I realize what I am doing. He did not ask me to sleep in here tonight. I watch him sleep for a second, he has a frown on his face. Bad dream I guess. I sneak out the covers and put my clothes on. As much as it kills me to leave him here alone, it would be wrong to just let myself into his own bed without his permission. I give a sigh and make my leave. Just as I am about to open the door, I look back at his sleeping form. This is probably the alcohol thinking for me, but I decide I will take one small birthday wish to bed. I go back over, take a deep breath, and then very gently kiss him on the cheek. He stretches and gives a small squeak. I freeze with my lips still on his cheek, too scared to move. He just sighs and buries his face into his pillow. With my heart pounding, I turn away and leave the room as fast as I can. Only when I am behind my own door that I allow the giant smile on my face. His skin is so soft and warm. It even tastes sweet. I sigh and fall onto my bed. ~~ ~~ Something isn’t right. There is darkness all around me. I reach out and don’t feel anything. As if I am floating in a mass of darkness. It swirls around me like a fog. Its tendrils sliding up and around my legs. It keeps climbing higher and higher until a light above me shines on top. The darkness retracts itself from me. The light shines and then a nice warmth spreads around me. It begins from my cheek and then seems to spread around my body. A small shield protecting me. It settles inside me for a time, but then it starts to fade away. Instantly the darkness begins to try and close in around me again. It is spreading faster than before, as if racing to finish before the light comes to save me again. It is across my arms, pulling them tight to my sides. I struggle and I barely budge from the grip. The darkness starts snaking up my chest and closing around my neck. I start to scream for help. My voice echoes into the dark fog. The darkness is starting to crawl behind my head. I try and wiggle free but it does nothing to save me. Then I feel the blackness begin to pour into my mouth, causing me to gag. It doesn’t have a taste but the feeling of this oozing slime-like substance is just being shoved down my throat. An evil voice keeps whispering in a distorted gravelly voice. It keeps repeating a phrase, The phrase seems to get louder and louder the more of the substance is pushed inside me. “You will never win. I will get to you.” The voice seems to get louder and louder and I squint my eyes shut in the darkness. I can’t cover my ears and the voice just won’t stop getting louder. It is just stabbing into my head and I feel like I am going to explode from this pain. Just as I feel like this is the end, a voice is shouting my name and then a warmth circles around me. Instantly the darkness begins to disentangle itself from me and tries to run away. The voice calling me is softer and just brings warmth and peace. The pain disappears and instead the warm feeling of being safe is back. I open my eyes and then I find myself in my room. I am pulled into Norian’s lap and he is holding me tight, calmly whispering my name and saying that I am safe. Remelia, Remy, and George are standing at the doorway, all clearly worried. One look around the room shows that everything has been knocked over and there are large cracks on the monitor. I turn and bury my face into Norian’s neck. My body is shaking and I can’t get it to stop. I feel tears running down my face and I just hide into his neck. “Norian?” I whisper, my voice shaking as well. “Yes? What can I do for you, Mekaias?” He pulls back and looks down at me. He was the voice that saved me from the darkness. “Please protect me.” My vision starts to become blurry as more tears start to build. “Always.” He whispers and pulls me close to him. I swear I feel him kiss my head. The warmth coming from his body stops me from shaking. The squad has left and it is just me and him. He pulls me down on top of him and we are laying on the bed. We both don’t sleep at all that night. We just lay there in a peaceful silence.
  15. JujuTheDruid

    A Small Light

    When I wake, I am confused by the small weight on top of me. I look down and see the covers over a lump with two ears poking out of the top. I smile and carefully move my hand up to try and rub the fuzzy black ears. Almost instantly the lump begins to start purring. I almost laugh out loud at that. I lift the sheets a little to see Mekaias’ face. He looks so vulnerable and soft. Learning what the tattoos represent sadly almost ruin it for me. I can’t help but hug him a little tighter. He sees me in my living form and didn’t seem to care. It was a small test for him, but it was a bigger test for me. I never show my living form to others. Not even Remy and Remelia. Mekaias just took my hand and pulled me in as if it was the most normal thing in the world. It brought a soft feeling in my chest. I keep rubbing the ears for a bit, the purring getting louder, and then cover him back up. I just lay there feeling him breathe against my chest. I wait for him to wake up, but he just won't. I at least know he is alive since I feel his breathing, but it is pretty late. Almost nine in the morning. I refuse to move. I must wait for this perfect being to wake up first. After about an hour and a text from Remy asking where I am, I gently nudge the sleeping cat to try and wake him. He just groans, stretches his back and somehow curls tighter against me. It is very sweet but jeez he is a heavy sleeper. I slowly and carefully lift him up and slide out from under him. I set him back down and then rush to the bathroom to pee. Holding it in all morning didn’t feel so good. Not to mention smaller me was pretty excited from being with our soulmate in bed. I get back in my stronger form and tiptoe out the door. Instantly I am in the face of Remelia. She just giggles and walks to the kitchen. “Breakfast was ready an hour ago. You better have gone easy on that Cat.” I feel heat rising up my neck, and down my groin at the thought, and practically run to my room to shower and take care of the issue. I come back out and eat breakfast for lunch. It is twelve now and Remy, Remelia, and George have gone to the Director to learn about Mekaias' past. He is still not out the room. I knock gently on his door in case he is awake. No answer. Knock a little harder. Still no answer. What is this monster? He just doesn’t wake up. I open the door and peek in. He literally hasn’t moved an inch since I left him. “Mekaias?” I call from the door. All I get is a flick of an ear. I mentally take a breath and just walk in and nudge his side and calling for him to wake up. I even brought some food. I sit on the bed and hold the plate near his nose and I see him start sniffing and moving to get closer. I laugh softly and shake his shoulder gently. I should probably be more forceful but I can’t help but be gentle with him. Remy and Remelia would give me hell for this since I practically push them off their beds. He yawns and starts to wake up. I stand to give him space and he finally opens his eyes. Still somehow looking sleepy and perfect at the same time. “Good Morning,” he says softly. I mentally scream at how cute that is. Man, I sound so stupid. “It’s actually noon right now.” I smile and set his food on the side table. “I’ll leave you eat and get ready. I am taking you to our training room.” That was pretty much all I could come up with. I can’t exactly take him on a date immediately, as much as I’d love to. ~~ ~~ “This here is our training room.” Norian smiles as we walk past a door leading to a giant room. One wall is fully made of glass that looks out to the city below. It gives some not so splendid memories but at least this window has a view. The room is split into three areas, all divided by glass walls. What is with all the glass? The left side is a large pool. The middle is raised up higher than the rest and has various ropes hanging from the ceiling, various machines, and weights. They even have a ring up there. Norian tells me that the ring had been put in place while they were sent to pick me up. The right side is wider than the rest. In the middle is a giant blue mat that is used for fighting. “What do you usually do?” He asks me. “Nothing special,” I shrug. “All I did was fight training robots, run an obstacle course, stretch, and use my aerial ring.” “Well I am going to lift some weights for a bit. If you’d like, we can use the mat for combat training.” I nod and he goes up some stairs into the middle area. I follow and go to a mat to stretch. Once I feel that I am ready I then go to stand under the ring. I jump on and begin my little routine. Stretching my legs out, hanging from only one arm or leg, splits in the air or on the top of the ring. After about an hour, I stop and see Norian watching me. He is even sweating through his shirt, which seems to reveal everything nicely. Can't exactly blame me for looking at his muscles. “How do you not get dizzy?” He asks. “You just get used to it.” I smile. “You could probably fly an aircraft if you can handle spinning on that thing so fast.” He shakes his head and pulls out a water bottle. “I think I saw you performing. Well, at least your shadow.” He starts to blush. I giggle and hop down. “Well I wouldn’t mind giving a small performance.” His eyes go wide at that and he turns even redder. “Not like that!” I laugh. “It’s the same performance I used when I was in the circus with Kane.” “He was in a circus? Imagine that.” He laughs at that. “Would you like to go combat training now?” I ask. “Sure!” He seems excited about that. We walk over to the blue mat. “No weapons. Just for fun.” He says. “Can I use power to make my punches and kicks stronger? You are rather tough and big.” I poke at his arm where rocks stick out. “Yeah go ahead. Just no weapons and don’t kill me please.” He grins and stands across from me. I get into a stance and then he calls to start. For a good moment we are just circling around, every now and then I would strike out but he would just dodge easily. For such a big guy he sure does move fast. He throws his fist out and I duck down and punch his side. He stumbles back a little but attacks again, kicking his leg out high. I roll under and behind him and use my hands to push myself into the air. I land on his shoulders and use magic to pull him backwards to the ground. He lands on his back and I wrap my legs around his neck. He manages to pull my legs off and throws me to the other side of the mat. I grunt from landing on my side and immediately get up and pounce back to him. I punch out but he catches my arm and holds it in place. I try and punch out with the hand but he just grabs that one too. Next thing I know, I am being lifted and pinned onto the mat. I huff in frustration and try to push the weight off my back. Then I feel something pushing against my butt. Instantly, Norian freezes and rushes to get off me. “I am so sorry! I swear I don’t get turned on from fighting.” He turns his back to me to hide his embarrassment. “I believe that would be my fault.” I wince at the pain in my hip. Must have landed wrong. “It’s not your fault. I swear I don't know what came over me.” He refuses to turn to look at me. “I believe it is more along the lines of me burning off pheromones. I knew it would be annoying somehow. I should have remembered my body does that.” I get up and walk over to him. He peeks over his shoulder. “It’s fine. I promise.” I smile and nudge his shoulder. “If it helps. You pretty much won that fight.” “That explains why you aren’t sweating at all.” He breathes out a laugh. He seems to wait for a second and then says, “explains the spice smell too. It is practically drowning the room in it right now.” “You can smell it?” I raise an eyebrow at that. “Y-yeah. It's a um, Metonian thing.” He seems very unsure of himself. “Yeah we are great smellers!” He sorta laughs at himself then excuses himself to the restroom. I stand there a little confused and kind of fascinated. I think I would like to research Metonians. He is the first one i’ve met and that rock transformation is rather interesting. ~~ ~~ That was possibly the most embarrassing thing ever. Meanwhile, little Nori thinks otherwise, practically grinding against Mekaias’ ass. Kill me. It was weird to learn he gives off pheromones. Would have loved to learn about it a different way. It was very interesting to learn it gives off the spice smell. That only I can smell. I had to lie saying it was a Metonian thing. It is not a Metonian thing. Well kind of not. You can smell your soulmate in a large room but that's about it. I can’t believe I left saying we are great smellers. Who says that? I sound so stupid. After finally getting the stupid boner to die down, I walk back out and find Mekaias using a small towel with ice against his side. Shit. “Did I hurt you?” I rush over and help him sit down. “No no it’s fine.” He waves me off and presses the ice against his side, he hisses and gives a small smile. “Absolutely fine.” I frown and sit next to him. He starts to apologize about earlier but I stop him. “I’d rather forget about all that. Just no more one on one for us.” I smile and stand. “We should probably head back and shower before the squad gets here. Those siblings will probably try and question you.” Not to mention the smell is getting to me again. I help him stand and we begin our walk back to our rooms. “Kane wants to talk to me. He said I should see them after everyone comes back to the room.” He says when we enter the floor. “Well I’ll try and save some food for you.” We head to our rooms and clean ourselves up. I am out first and sit in the living room. Eventually the squad comes back. They don’t seem their happy, goofy selves now. Not that I can blame them. We don’t exactly talk. Just sort of sit there in silence. Thinking of what this new member has been through. How they manage to even look happy. I think I should ask him tonight how he does it. Mekaias comes out his room finally and sees us all sitting. “Everyone ok?” He asks with a smile. We all look over at him and without a word just go over for a group hug. I guess I am not the only one that will try and protect him now. We are just standing there in a silent hug for a good few seconds, then Mekaias whispers in my ear, “Is this a normal thing? I'm not sure I can handle it.” We all laugh at that and let each other go. ~~ ~~ “Pruaq Kane.” I smile and slip onto the chair in front of him. “Pruaq Mekaias.” He puts down his monitor and smiles. “How are you liking it here so far?” “It’s very interesting. I like it so far. Though, from what happened earlier I can guess you told them something.” “Yes I told them what you have been through. Aileta wanted me to let them know. Said that they should kind to you.” I roll my eyes. “I am fine.” He chuckles, “yeah I know you are. They still needed to know about your past.” “You think I couldn’t have just told them myself?” I raise an eyebrow at him. Pretty sure he should have asked me first at least. “Would you have told them?” He asks. Would I have? I honestly don’t know. I can’t exactly hide from it. I have the tattoos on my face. I know I would have tried to put it off for as long as I could. However, I like talking to Norian. Opening up to him seems easy. So maybe I would have told him at least. When I would have told him is another question. “I don’t know.” Is all I say. “They are your new family now. They will open their arms to you gratefully.” He says. “They already did.” I say with a smirk. It was very awkward to me. All quiet and just hugging. Still sweet nonetheless. “Good. Well I want you to go on a small mission with them soon. It’s nothing big, but it should be good for you to bond more with the team.” “Oh sure I will. It could be fun.” I smile. “There is one thing I was hoping to talk about.” The way he says that makes my smile go away instantly. “Aileta has informed me of the man that killed Camiya.” It feels like the room has gotten colder after hearing that. “I want you to know that avenging your mother will not be such an easy task. He isn’t just some random worker in Firelight. He is Firelight. He is in charge of everything they deal with. He recently was promoted to the head of Firelight due to his father’s passing. He is a very powerful man.” I just sit there in silence, all plans on how to kill this man vanishing. “His name is Tanner. Tanner Williams. We unfortunately do not know where he stays. I will try and find any information on where he could be. I want to help you. Believe me I do. It is just that it will take a great amount of time before we can plan for something right now. We have been trying to find his base of operations for years. I am terribly sorry if this information displeases you.” He frowns and reaches out for my hand. I just nod and stand. I give my thanks for the information and walk back to the squad building. The squad is all watching something on a monitor in the living room. Norian looks up at me instantly and smiles. I give a small wave. Seeing him smile helps lighten my mood a little, but not enough. I keep walking to my room and close the door. I go to the restroom and turn on the shower. I stand there in the hot water and feel a familiar numbness inside. I thought this would be easier than King Talemo. Learning that the one who killed my mother is practically a King of another kingdom just brings a heavier weight onto my shoulders. I have been trying to numb the pain since year four of being in the glass cage. The only thing I know that helps is actual physical pain. I used to get excited when one of the masters would decide to bring bloodplay. It meant that pain would be involved. While it was always involved, it wasn’t the same as feeling a blade slice through my skin. It made the inner pain seem to go away for a small bit. I sink down to the ground and let the shower continue to fall over me. I summon a blade and hold it up in the air, examining the sharpness of the edge. I take a small breath and bring it to my arm. I never have a fear of hiding my arms. The evidence of it ever happening disappears as soon as I wake up. Even if I do have to be somewhere before it disappears, it already heals fast enough that I can say I messed up a few days earlier. As if it is nothing. Nobody ever knows. I am fine with keeping it that way. It helps with keeping the act that everything is ok. I don’t want people to ask me over and over if everything is ok. Everything is not ok. Don’t be stupid enough to ask me that. Drops of blood fall into the water between my legs, it swirls around and then disappears into the drain. I will say that the victory of being freed and then killing my masters was a nice breath of life from the numbness, but that breath has passed now. Everything is catching up to me again. The darkness of being alone in a cage, of losing my family, of being used in ways that nobody should. It is eating at me. The pain starts to flare up after more cuts are made. I added some to my thighs for good measure. When blood stops flowing I get up and dry off. The sting of the towel against the cuts being welcomed. Immediately I see the scars already beginning to heal. I sigh and walk out into my room, only to be greeted by Norian sitting on my bed. He looks at me at first in embarrassment, but then there is shock. “Please leave.” I whisper. I don’t want to deal with this right now. I can’t. I need to be alone. I don’t want to deal with explaining things to people. Especially not Norian. Sweet Norian. Why he bothers being nice to me, i’ll never know. He almost makes the numbness go away. I don't want an almost. I want it all gone. I grab a robe from my bag and put it on. It barely covers the scars at my thighs. Damn you, Aileta. I wait for Norian to do something. Yell at me maybe. Scold me for being stupid. He just holds a hand out to me. I glare at his hand. He isn’t in his rocky form right now. I guess that is his way of showing weakness? I don’t know. It makes me feel a little better honestly. Like I am not the only one put on the spot with my weaknesses. I sigh and place my hand on his. He gently tugs me towards him and next thing I know he has me sitting on his lap and he is rubbing his hand along my back. I don’t know if it is the fact he didn’t yell at me or scold me. Maybe the fact he is being as gentle as he possibly can in a universe that has forcefully taken things from me. It causes me to break down. I just bury my face into his chest and just cry. Sobbing into his shirt. He just keeps being gentle and whispering words that I don’t even hear. He uses his other hand to trace gently against the scars, barely even touching them. I feel his body shaking and then I feel wetness against my head. I look up and see he is crying too. I reach up and pull his head down to rest my forehead against his. I keep crying. Letting the tears run. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me close. I don’t know how long we stayed like that. Maybe a few minutes, but it felt like an hour. We finally move to lay on the bed. Side by side. Forehead to forehead. I don’t know why I feel so attached to this man. I’ve barely met him but already he knows more about me than anyone else right now. Alive that is. I would almost wish to be with him romantically, but I wouldn’t want that for anyone. I don't want to be in a relationship because I will outlive them. They would disappear like a ticking time bomb. I don’t want to live through losing them. My mother said she wasn’t the same after my father died. He had died as soon as I was born. Trying to protect me and my mother from a thief. That night had unlocked my mother’s powers. Unfortunately, it was not unlocked in time to save my father. I never got to meet him sadly. Norian falls asleep before me. He has one arm around me. I reach up and rest my hand on his cheek. He leans into my hand even in his sleep. Maybe I can give it a chance. A way to not be alone. He is awfully sweet and caring. A small light in a dark universe. Would it be selfish to try and keep a small light for myself? Maybe it would be best for me to try and find someone like him. Or it could be him. He sighs against my palm. Yeah, I think I have made up my mind. I want that light. Now all I need to do is try and get him to like me enough to be with me. I am pretty sure he isn’t attracted to females. He is in my bed again after all. So maybe I have a chance.

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