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  1. Starrynight22

    Chapter 2-Bumpy Landing

    Wait. Why can't he access his trust? He's 26?
  2. Starrynight22

    Efrain And Cory By Dayne Mora

    I can't wait to see Preston again. And I guess efrain and Cory too.
  3. Starrynight22

    part v

    Beautiful. The tension and worry was extremely authentic and relatable. Not too overblown. And the many relationships were charming.
  4. Starrynight22

    Chapter 4

    Thanks for letting us meet Show Pony. I would have never guessed poly love would sound so appealing and warm, but that's on me. Thanks also for helping me chip away at bias. All of your stories are incredibly enjoyable. You are a wonderful story teller Sasha
  5. Starrynight22

    Word Association

  6. Starrynight22

    Trash Talking and Walking

    Wow. What a thing for Shane to say. And for Donovan to hear. Davis is a smarmy biatch. Hate level for him : 10/10
  7. Well. Its as good as it'll get I guess
  8. I'm still working. Ahhhhhhhh
  9. Starrynight22

    Love & Need

    Ooof. I could foresee so MUCH going wrong here.
  10. Starrynight22

    Chapter 3

    I love it. I do wonder how the dynamic will be challenged once 2 of them graduate.
  11. Starrynight22


    What they will all intersect?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Ahhhhhh!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  12. Starrynight22

    In the Next Breath

    Big sigh. Its a hard life to live, trapped in a world of narrow expectations. Will we see what happens next for narrator and Megan?
  13. Starrynight22

    September, 2018 (C)

    When I read the first three chapters of the story I can't say that I liked it a whole lot because wrestling just isn't my thing but after you had posted like 8 of them I started to reread and I'm really glad that I did I feel really bad for Diego he's kind of a dick and dumb and I've never seen anybody with less awareness of how he moves around the world but I like him. he's nice and he generally tries he's just really bad at life Sean wow that was disappointing I get that he was stressed and had a guilty conscience and he was grieving over the loss of his animals but.......... that was a dick move and now what's going to happen?? how are they all going to work together
  14. Starrynight22

    Chapter 27

    I loved this. So different A happy fairytale at the end but a thrilling tale before hand

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