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  1. Starrynight22

    New Beginnings

    This is super cute so far.
  2. Starrynight22

    Chapter 10 - Epilogue

    Beautiful story I really liked the interactions between the two boys and how Cole was so willing to go and learn for Jared
  3. Colin realizes jesse is,basically Charles only more nurturing But Charlie is definitely showing much more kind and considerate behaviors.
  4. Starrynight22

    Chapter 10 - Never Enough

    Wait. If he's not affected then why did he kiss ty and help him grind to orgasm on his lap????
  5. Starrynight22

    Chapter 10 - Never Enough

    Heck yes!
  6. Starrynight22

    Chapter 10 - Never Enough

    But also. Ty is still a kid. A kid with some severe emotional difficulties. From an adult perspective it's a bit user like, but he doesn't have that self perception yet. He is 16. I can't fault him for being like that when his short life has been through so much.
  7. Starrynight22

    Chapter 10 - Never Enough

    Whoa. Ok. So. Why hasn't Dane told his co-workers about Ty. Is he ashamed? Keeping it secret because he is aware of how this relationship will,end up and frankly it's gonna look bad and weird to them to be fucking a kid 10 years younger that you've raised from age 13? Being demisexual explains a lot. Ty is 5 days from 17. I feel like this physical development between them is gonna be complicated, because Ty isn't old enough. Will the midget make issue of it? Why the FUCK did Dane subject Ty to that cookout?? Knowing Ty was going to be a surprise for everyone but Wes and Russ Tiger. I love this story. Butbi have many many questions
  8. Starrynight22

    Chapter 4 - Concert with Jesse

    My favorite line in the chapter remains "Are you fucking serious. I’ve had two dress rehearsals to prepare for this and it never occurred to me it’d be strange to walk out of the parking garage with drinks and food from the cafe across the street."
  9. Starrynight22

    Chapter 12 - Ember

    Dang cliffhanger. Dangit!!!!!
  10. Starrynight22


    Wow. What is down there.
  11. Starrynight22

    Chapter 3 - Date Night

    The dancing scene.....hot.
  12. Starrynight22

    Chapter 9 - Lean On Me

    I second this idea.
  13. Starrynight22

    Chapter 9 - Lean On Me

    Oh?????? Well then. Guess you gotta write more.
  14. Starrynight22

    Chapter 9 - Lean On Me

    -You're mine ty- Wow. Tiger. I'm hurt over bunny. But I still love this story. Also. What's up,with Dane. He's no fool. He knows Ty's feelings. When does he admit. When ty is 18? And this new football,jock. Wnats happening here? Many excite. Much wow. -starry, story doge
  15. Starrynight22

    The Benefit of Silence

    I think most of us could spend more time choosing deliberate words. Thank you for putting this thought out Tim. It gives me much to reflect on

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