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  1. Starrynight22

    Just a dance

    I can understand that totally. Everyone has different motivations and desires, and that can change over time.
  2. Starrynight22

    Just a dance

    Oh I don't know. Alcohol lowers our inhibitions like say...... against fucking people we know are awful and mean but that we think are not. And hate fucking is a thing
  3. Starrynight22

    Chapter 12 - Sluppies or Sloppies

    Well wouldn't that depend on if any males in this world can get pregnant. Why would walker voice a fantasy?
  4. Starrynight22

    Chapter 12 - Sluppies or Sloppies

    Ten. TEN? T-E-N!!?! Tiger, wtf. Also. Yay sluppies!!!! Is the pack gonna accept this?
  5. Starrynight22

    Chapter 3

    I am enjoying your storytelling. As someone who has done foster care social work, that's a fairly accurate portrayal,at least from a child's POV. I look forward to reading more.
  6. Starrynight22

    Chapter 1

    I really like the child's point of view here, even though the subject is a difficult one. It reads very true to having a young narrator.
  7. Starrynight22

    Boi's Night

    Another missed opportunity to dip some toes. Also. Glitter is the in thing I guess. I went to do many things this summer with youth just dripping in sparklies
  8. Starrynight22

    Chapter One

    Ok. I'm interested. So is he gay and that's why he broke it off with Claudia? Also who gets engaged in high school. Did the owner of the severed hand die? Was she hurt or just traumatized?
  9. Starrynight22

    Tink Party

    "I pulled my phone back as the room filled with giggles and chants about Donovan and Drew kissing in a tree. Ha, I wished!" WE ALL WISH THAT #toedip
  10. Starrynight22

    A Friendly Wager

    Isn't it. Team #dipthetoe
  11. Starrynight22

    A Friendly Wager

    :flips hair: Its in progress. Lol.
  12. Starrynight22


    My heart felt heavy and sore reading this. How will Kieran cope ? How will,Kennedy? Will Kelly Anne Marie talk some sense into Kennedy regarding his love aquisition?
  13. Starrynight22

    Kill him...with kindness

    Also. Fun fact. I started my L account just because I wanted to comment on gnomies story. And the rest as they say was history
  14. Starrynight22

    Kill him...with kindness

    Sloths 4evahhhh
  15. Starrynight22

    Kill him...with kindness

    GA is better because no cop out anonymous commentary

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