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    Chapter Twenty: Finale

    That does sound interesting, I'll think about that!
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    Chapter 19: From Heaven

    Wow thank you!
  3. Stalking my sister-in-law's Facebook for pics of the nephew and niece and accidentally liked the posts from 2 months ago 🤦

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    Chapter Twenty: Finale

    Good point there.
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    Chapter Twenty: Finale

    https://youtu.be/Hu0xlyLwK7Q Chapter Twenty: Finale Arty sat in the peace of Jack’s study, with his laptop on his husband’s desk. Geil was asleep in his room, his medicine having made him drowsy. Daniel was still out with Laura, doing whatever they had decided to do. So, Arty had been using this time to look at the things Cameron sent to him. An accident report from Daniel’s previous orphanage in Scotland. The file was confidential, but Cameron had gotten passed that. May 24, 2014: Accident Report Charlie Anderson, 14 years old, was found deceased at 6 p.m. this afternoon, four miles north of Cauvlin Children’s Home. Police officials said he had been deceased since 1-2 pm that day, of suffocation due to anaphylactic shock. Questioning of the children in the Home has placed Daniel Scott as a witness. Arty closed that file and opened Daniel’s witness statement, which Cameron had also gotten a hold of. In total, there were two cases that Cameron had sent to Arty, both involving Daniel in some way. I, Daniel Scott, of 503 Burwood Rd, Cauvlin Children’s Home, state: On May 24, 2014, Charlie and I were walking along the fields for a last time before his adoption, at eight a.m.. We stopped to break at an old maple tree and I took a nap. When I woke again, he was gone. I looked for him for a bit, but I assumed he had left me, so I started back to the Home. I returned at five and looked for him, but I didn’t find him. I told the Headmistress that he was gone and she called the Yard. I believe that the contents of this statement to be true and correct. Signed: D. Scott Dated: May 25, 2014 Arty closed his eyes and sighed. That was the shortest witness statement he had ever seen. If these documents were in Confidential, that meant that the orphanage didn’t want anyone to see them. Probably to keep a good image. But, that could mean that Daniel lied. And they let him. Charlie and Daniel left at eight a.m. and stopped for a nap. Charlie’s body was four miles away, that gives the time of their stop at about noon. Okay, so Daniel napped at noon. Then he took a four hour walk back to the Children’s Home and got there at five. He should have gotten there at four. Had he slept for an hour? No, rather… had he lied about napping? Could he have done something else instead of sleep against a tree? Why would Charlie just leave him? The orphanage could have helped cover up whatever happened. Arty ran a hand through his hair, smoothing it back, out of his face and sighing. Daniel could have murdered Charlie in that hour nap. How, though? ...Why? Arty looked at the computer screen again and closed the witness statement. There were a lot of ways to die of anaphylactic shock, he didn’t have to think too hard on that. Daniel had simply found a way to do it and not get caught. At thirteen years old. He had killed someone at thirteen years old. Theoretically. There was another document, on the death of another boy, so Arty opened that one to look. Death Scene Investigation Report: Investigator : John Lee Date of Death : April 14, 2016 Case Number : 22165 Primary Rationale for Medical Examiner Activity: Other: Suicide Decedent Identification: (Last Name) Reid (Middle Name) Anderson (First Name) James Aliases: Jimmy Date of Birth: August 12, 2002 Age: 13 Gender: Male Home Address: Cauvlin Children’s Home Secondary Parties: Identified By: (Last) Langstien (First) Marla Relationship: Other: Orphanage Headmistress Means Identified By: Appearance. Witnesses: Found Decedent. Name: Daniel Scott . Address: Cauvlin Children’s Home Scene Information: Describe how death occurred: Suicide by hanging, with- Arty cursed and sat back in his chair. The rest was blacked out. There certainly were factors the orphanage was hiding. One thing was certain, though: Daniel was transferred to the US half a month after this incident. He closed the browser and shut his laptop before getting up. Shaking his head, he left the room so that he could cook dinner. Opening the fridge for ingredients, it was getting pretty empty. He hadn’t been going out too much for groceries. Jack couldn’t, because the stores were closed by the time he was back. “Ugh, fuck.” The brunette shut the fridge again and pulled out his phone. He’d just have to order pizza or something. Dialing in the number, he suddenly hung up and put his phone into his pocket. Where were Daniel and Laura? It was almost dinner time. Turning to leave the kitchen, he walked to the back door, sliding the doors open and stepping outside onto the porch. He looked around the snowy outside for the teens but didn’t see either. “Daniel!” he called. He crossed his arms and leaned against a porch beam. “Daniel, Laura!” He was about to call for them again, but Daniel suddenly came up behind him from inside the house. “What, Arty?” Arty turned around to look at the teen. He dropped his arms to his sides and pushed off of the beam. “Where were you?” Daniel smiled. “Why? Miss me?” He tilted his head with his smile. Arty shook his head with a scoff. “Where’s Laura? Where were you two?” Daniel straightened up and rolled his eyes. “We were in my room. Her parents came to pick her up. A-nd I tried to tell you...but we couldn’t find you. Shame; her parents wanted to meet you.” He turned to head back into the house, but Arty grabbed him by the arm to stop him. Daniel looked back at Arty, who was looking the teen over. His pants were wet. The bottom, associated with drying snow. “What’d you do, sneak in the front door?” Arty scoffed. Daniel rose an eyebrow. “Why would I do that?” “Because you have a way with lying.” Daniel laughed. “You think I’m lying? I’m flattered, but no. Can I have my arm back now?” Arty held him for a moment before letting go and shaking his head. He brought his hand up to run his fingers through his hair. Daniel continued going into the house, and then Arty spoke up again. “Tell me about Charlie and James. What really happened?” Daniel glanced back at Arty. He smirked, although his eyes held contentment. “I wonder what strings you’ve pulled to get those files. Confidential, aren’t they?” “You killed them.” Daniel sucked his teeth. “That depends on what you’re willing to believe. If I told you the reports weren't true, you’d still think I were a killer, wouldn’t you? Stubborn.” Arty gave a humorous laugh. “Stubborn? You don’t get to call me stubborn! You put Henry in the hospital!” “And you lied to me about him!” Daniel snapped, turning to face Arty fully. “All you’ve done is lie to me! Why do you keep lying!” He rose his voice exceptionally and Arty glared at him. The man walked over and put his hands on Daniel’s shoulders. “Daniel. You need serious help.” “What, are you threatening me? You think you can threaten me with something like therapy ?” “No, not therapy. And I’m not threatening you.” Arty pressed his lips together. “...Just stop while you’re ahead.” Daniel sneered. “Stop what ? Maybe you should focus on your own things. Like Geil, or your naive husband . Or better yet,” he leaned in close to Arty’s face. “Dealing with your own demons. You’ve too many for me to help you with.” He twisted out of Arty’s grip and left to the stairs, to his room. Arty bit his lip and looked at the floor. He growled to himself and spun around to hit the glass doors. His phone vibrated. He was going to ignore it, but it was persistent, a phone call. He reached into his pocket to pull it out, to which he saw his mom’s caller ID. He took a deep, calming breath, and answered it. “Hello?” he asked, wondering why she was bothering to call him this late when she had other things to do. Like dinner parties. “Arthur, it’s your mother,” Sandra’s voice sounded. Arty closed his eyes. “I know. What?” “I’m coming over in a few days, so make sure you’re not… asleep.” That in particular made him more annoyed with her, because that had only happened once. And the word “sleep” was something he wasn’t keen on hearing anymore. “Sure, okay,” he said, “Anything else?” “No, nothing in particular. How is Geil? After what I've been told.” “He's fine.” “And the new one, Daniel?” “...He's fine too.” “Good, though I don't really believe you,” Sandra said softly, not out of emotion, but because she was preoccupied by brushing stray hairs out of her face in front of her vanity's mirror. Because she was headed to a dinner party, like Arty knew. Her son leaned against the glass sliding doors and put a hand on his forehead, closing his eyes and trying to mentally hang up on her, because physically doing so would just make her come back with a vengeance. Sandra cleared her throat into the phone, gently because she had 'manners', despite being trailer trash once. “Anyhow, I expect you to be home and aware, because I have matters to discuss,” she said and tapped her finger against her red lips, making sure that her lipstick looked perfect in her reflection. “Like what Mom? I have things to do.” “Oh, son, we both know you don't. I'll be there in a few days, so keep your “schedule” open.” Sandra hung up her phone and Arty gladly threw his phone at the sofa in the living room. He dropped down to sit against the doors, where he pulled his knees up to his chest and rest his head against them. l.l “What'd you tell your dad?” Joe asked Daniel as the two walked down the school hallway to their classes. Daniel shrugged a single shoulder, his arm still cast and in a sling. “Her parents came for her.” “...Why isn't anyone asking about her yet?” No one was. All the students were going about their own business, and no one mentioned her name. “She's just a nobody. She told me once her parents don't care if she's gone.” Daniel turned a corner with Joe, but the two came to a stop when they saw some police officers. Joe puffed. “...Sure about that?” “Damn. Must have been her aunt. Come, get inside the bathroom,” the brunette grabbed Joe by the shoulder and quickly ushered him to the bathroom, but before he could follow after, an officer looked over as a student pointed at the teen. The slightly bigger man started making his way over, and Daniel let the bathroom door shut, shutting himself out of the safety of hiding. “Daniel?” the cop asked. Daniel nodded, putting his hand in his pocket. “...Yes?” “Could you come into the counselor's office? We need a word.” Daniel nodded again. “Sure, don't know what about, though. Is it about Kaiden? Because I didn't know him too well,” he said, walking with the officer down the hallway. The officer glanced at him. “No, it's about someone else. Let's wait until we get into the office.” Daniel gave a light nod and followed after the officer. When the man turned his attention back to the office at the end of the hallway, Daniel looked back at the bathroom door, which was still shut. He wasn't one to scare easy or anything, but man, did he wish he was in there right now. In the principal's office, Meathead left him to the officer and apparent police chief's mercy. The three sitting in chairs with Meathead in the hallway, the police chief introduced himself and his colleague. “Daniel, I'm Lieutenant Downy. This is officer Laine,” he spoke. His hair was white and coarse, as was his mustache. The officer that had brought Daniel in, Laine, had hair of such a red shade that it looked brown. Perhaps it was auburn. Daniel nodded in greeting. “Hello.” Downy gave the teen a smile and shifted in his seat to get more comfy. Then he cleared his throat, to get back into his seriousness. “Well... We hear you're a relatively good student. Wouldn't you say?” Daniel gave a small, single shouldered shrug. “I suppose. Have I done something wrong?” “Laura Givens,” Laine spoke up, “She's also a good student here. Perfect grades, perfect attitude- and she's been missing since yesterday.” “What? Laura?” Daniel laughed, his laughter dying into a snicker and shake of his head. “No, that isn't Laura. You're right, she's a good girl- she must just be sick, mate. Have you talked to her parents?” Downy nodded solemnly. “We have. Her aunt reported her yesterday after school. Do you know if she has any enemies? Or problems at home? Maybe she told you some secrets.” “Mm, she said that she had to go home after school, that her mom was working a lot. Maybe... maybe she felt neglected and ran away. She never had any enemies- she was my first friend when I moved here. She made me feel welcome. Is she really gone missing? Are you sure she isn't home? Maybe if I call her-” “No, she's gone missing. She isn't home. ...maybe you should go about your day,” Downy said, earning a very upset glance form Laine. Daniel took the opportunity though, standing from his seat and looking at the two men. With his lips pressed together in “worry”, he gave the two a small nod before leaving the room. Meathead gave him a firm, comforting pat to his shoulder as the teen made his way from the adults. In his escape from the doom, he was caught by Joe, who caught up jogging from behind. “What happened?” he asked. “Get away from me.” Daniel elbowed Joe in the ribs, the latter giving a hefty “Ow”. “We need to keep a distance. If they ask, Laura didn't tell you anything. She maybe seemed a little off, but she didn't let on. Alright?” “...Yeah, sure. ...I'll see you in art, I guess.” Daniel gave the noirette an annoyed look. “No, you won't. You're still upset over Kaiden, look it.” l.l Arty walked Geil into the house. The boy was tired and wanted to be carried, but his father wanted him to walk to stay awake and alert; the boy was sleeping excessively all week, and he was starting to look like it. Daniel walked in front of them, moving his bangs from his eyes with an exasperated breath that he didn't mean for Arty to catch. Really, he was also exhausted. He hadn't been sleeping well. He hadn't nightmares, but he kept tossing and turning, and staring at the ceiling. With that, he hadn't been painting. It was a bad case of idle hands- he desperately needed something to do. And add school, with the persistent girls and mourning students, and police interrogations. The teen glanced back at Arty, whose beautiful blue, tired eyes were on the teen. Daniel would smile at him, usually. Or make him fluster. The exhaustion of everything seemed to affect their gazes. Daniel just saw Arty looked at him and turned away again, his mind void of thoughts. He didn't even have any thoughts for Arty. A single thing came into his head regarding the goddess of a man. It's probably time to kill him, too. It was a pained thought, much like when your dog becomes too viscous and has to be put down. It was probably time to put Arty down. As much as he adored him. For Arty, he was still racked with disgust and anger at Daniel- emotions brewed from the teen's shenanigans: murder, almost killing Henry, torturing Geil, drugging Arty. It was the same as with Daniel though; he was exhausted. He wanted to shake his head at the teen, or spit in disgust, but instead, he just watched the tall brunette who seemed to be a little taller than he was before, brush his hair from his face and sigh tiredly. Stripped of his jacket when he entered the house, Arty could see how Daniel's dark grey t-shirt moved against his torso, his waist slim but thick from athletic activities that garnered him a tight body of light muscles. As the teen moved his hair from his face, Arty could see the tendons in his forearm roll and shift. Then Daniel looked at him before looking away, as though he barely saw him there. Arty looked down at Geil. “Go on to your room and do your homework. If you fall asleep, I'm taking your crayons.” “Daddy...” Geil whined, looking up at his father with his choppy hair and wide yet tired eyes. Arty pointed to the stairs. “Go on, don't make me say it twice.” “Come Geil, I'll help you,” Daniel sounded, stopping to look back at the two again, Arty shutting the front door and beginning to strip of his coat. He unconsciously gave Daniel a distrusting look, which made the teen roll his eyes. “I'll keep him awake. That's all.” He and Arty held each other's gazes for a moment, as if searching for truth and lie; similar to a spurned couple having a cold war, to which one could blow the bombs at any moment. Arty gave in first. “Okay Geil, go on with your brother.” “Da-” “ Go , Geil.” Daniel stepped up and took the boy's hand so that he could pull him along to the stairs. Once the two were out of sight upstairs, Arty planned to sit on the couch and relax for a bit, but there was a sudden knocking at the front door before he could relax. Turning direction, the man left to the front door to open it. Sandra stood on the porch, looking more decked out than usual. She gave her son a look. “Did you forget I was stopping by?” she asked. Arty rolled his eyes, because he didn't really care for remembering anything anymore. But, then, he did remember something. The case files. “Mom, I have to show you something,” he said and grabbed her by the skinny arm, pulling her inside the house. She scoffed. “Arthur, what is it?” He always hated his name, but hearing her say it every time she saw him was deadly. “It's something about Daniel- there's something wrong with him, and I've got to show you.” “He's a boy, puberty isn't a weird thing. You should know,” Sandra rolled her eyes, her lashes coated in some rich mascara. Arty gave her a look before focusing on the task at hand and dragging her along to the stairs. His laptop was in his room; he had been looking at the files last night to make sure he didn't miss anything, and it instead just got him to know the cases better. Dragging his mom up the stairs, the woman's phone went off before they reached the top, and she pulled her son to a stop to look at the notification. Arty wasn't going to pay it mind, but he found himself looking at his own phone when it also went off. An amber alert. With his car model. “Isn't this your car?” Sandra asked. Arty shook his head. “No, it's the wrong model. What are you even here for?” he asked, since she had stopped his quest for his laptop. It was his car, though. Laura was missing, and she was last seen getting into his car. What exactly had Daniel done to her? Had he lied to Arty? Of course he had! The two had been lying to each other like they were saying “hello”! “I'm moving,” Sandra said in response, shutting off the buzzing amber alert and putting her phone up. “I've just come over to tell you.” Arty blinked in surprise before staring at his mother. “Moving where?” “North Carolina. I've met someone and we're moving there. I wanted to see you before I left.” “...What, are you moving now? You're moving right now?” Arty scoffed, disbelieving. “Yes. I'm taking a plane. And you'd better straighten things out, or those kids of yours won't be here anymore. Someone will take them away,” his mother said in a weak, condescending voice. Arty laughed. “Why the hell would they take my kids? I'm there for them a hell of a lot more than you ever were for me.” “I may not have been the mother you wanted, but your father is the one who abandoned you. Not me.” “He didn't abandon us! He left us money when he died, and you spent it all of jewelry and country clubs instead of paying for Andrew's hospital bills! That money was for us!” Arty stared at his mom, eyebrows furrowed. “You chased Dad away, and you killed Andrew,” he said. “ Now you're trying to forget that they ever existed!” “Why wouldn't I! Have you seen yourself?” Sandra's eyes wandered over her son, like she were looking on at a monster that she had once known. That's how he was looking at her . “Your obsession with those two is making you a mess- you can't even sleep at night! I'm leaving, Arthur,” she spoke. “And you need to learn how to take care of yourself.” “All you care about is money! Dad died and you never gave us a cent of what we were left behind! You killed my brother! You killed Andrew! You killed him! ” “Art-” “You only care about yourself!” Arty shoved his mom and it was like a switch went off. Everything froze as they looked into each others' eyes, hers growing wide and his burning with hatred. A gasp, a little breath was all that came from her before she fell down the stairs, tumbling and rolling down the steps with sick thudding and cracks. She lost a stiletto in the fall, and by the time she was at the bottom of the stairs, her eyes were staring vacant, her head turned to the side and looking off. Arty started blinking, realizing what he had done. He raced down the stairs, hopping over her stray shoe. He knelt down beside his mom. “M-mom, are you okay?” he grabbed her shoulder and shook her, her head rolling limply to the other side. One of her arms were bent underneath her, her collarbone misshapen. Arty brought his hand to his mouth, staring at his mom and panting heavily. “...Oh my god,” he pulled himself up to stand and watched her, in case she was going to blink or say “Ow”, but she didn't do anything. “What's that noise?” Daniel asked, peering down the staircase. Geil wandered in behind him, keeping a distance from the scary teenager but also hearing something strange. Before Arty could yell at the two to go away or not to look, Daniel looked at Geil and pushed the boy back. “Back to your room, lad!” he scolded. Geil looked up at the teen, his plump lips trembling at the look in Daniel's eyes. The boy turned on his heel and ran back to his room. Then, Daniel shook his head and made his way down the stairs. “My god Arty, is she dead?” “I don't fucking know! Oh my god,” Arty cried, putting his hands over his face and then running them through his hair. “I didn't mean to!” he sobbed. “Did Geil see?” “No, or he would be screaming his arse off.” Daniel knelt beside Sandra to look her over, and then he looked at Arty, who was pacing in a small area. The man stopped and pulled out his phone. “I have to call an ambulance!” “No, Arty!” Daniel got up and ran over to steal the man's phone away. He pointed at Sandra's body. “It was an accident, yes? Then we'll make it an accident. Call and tell them she fell- tripped. You'll go to prison, Arty. Tell them you found her like this, alright?” “I-I can't-” Arty got weak in the knees and dropped down to sit on the floor. Daniel left back to Sandra and started moving her body, lying her onto her stomach and staging her broken arm once more. It was difficult with only one hand, his other still in his cast and sling, but he managed to get her how he wanted. Then he looked back at Arty. “I'm giving you the phone. Call and say you found her- it's okay if you cry, they'll believe it more. Do it.” He slid the phone across the floor to Arty, who wiped his tears and brushed his hair from his face. He looked at Daniel. “I'm not a killer,” he whispered, his eyes glassy. Daniel watched him for a moment before smiling, the smile that he would give before they got so tired of each other. “You are now.” Did he really think of putting Arty down? No, Arty isn't like Charlie or James; he didn't know what he was doing. He didn't meant the things he'd said before. And Daniel didn't mean the things he'd thought. He'd miss Arty too much if he got rid of him, he knew that. And now he could really keep Arty to himself. “Call before it comes suspicious,” he said to his sinful angel. “I can't have you going away. You mean too much.” Arty looked good with blood on his hands. The man swallowed and picked up the phone to dial 911, his hand shaking. “911, what is your emergency?” “M-my mom, I think she fell down the stairs! Please, you have to help me!” “Okay, your mother fell down the stairs, is she breathing?” “No, she's not! I can't- I can't- I need help!” “Alright, are you alone? I need you to start CPR, I'll help you through it.” “My son is here,” Arty breathed, looking at Daniel. Daniel met his eye and kept him there. “How old is your son?” “Sixteen.” “Can he help you with chest compressions?” “No, he has a broken arm- are you sending help?” “I need your place of address; hand the phone to your son, please.” Arty gave the phone to Daniel, who put it on speaker phone and told her their address. Then she started telling them how to do CPR. When Arty went to do so, Daniel stopped him. He shook his head. “The CPR isn't working, M'am,” the teen spoke into the phone, watching Arty. Arty stared at the teen. This was how he killed those kids. So calmly, he just... faked it. He faked everything. How many times had he done this before? He had killed Laura. There's probably an APB out for Arty's car. They think he killed her. When the ambulance gets there, there will be police- Arty grabbed Daniel's arm tightly, making the dark brunette look at the man. “They know Laura got in my car yesterday,” he whispered, his voice barely coming out. Daniel watched him for a moment before his eyes widened in realization. He gave Arty a look as though it were his fault, and turned his attention back to the operator on the phone. “M'am, the cellphone's dying. I don't know-” the teen hung up the phone and quickly shut off the power. Then he looked at Arty again. “Drive your car out to the woods, make sure it's deep inside. I'll dust the tire tracks.” Arty shook his head, breathing heavily. “You can't just hide a car , Daniel!” “You can if you can't do anything else! Now go and hide it, we have just fifteen minutes if we're lucky.” He watched Arty sit there, the man lost on what to really do. “Go!” he ordered, pushing Arty's shoulder. The man stood and turned to leave the house, going out the front door. Daniel stood up himself and went off to get the broom, to which he followed after Arty to start dusting the tracks as the man drove the car to the woods. Sweeping the snow took a while, but it was double that time and Arty hadn't returned. Daniel stood on the front porch, jacketless, as presumably was Arty. The teen was worried. He could hear the police sirens echoing through the snowy fields. They weren't close, but they were in the vicinity. Then Arty emerged from the woods. He looked like he had been running, so he had probably hidden the car far in the woods and run to make up for lost time. Daniel waved him over quickly. “We have to warm up! Hurry before they get here!” he called. He waited for the older brunette to reach him before going inside the house with him. Arty started making the fireplace, his hands shaking from the cold. The fire lit up and the two knelt in front of it, rubbing their arms and chests to help the heat take over. They were both chilled to the bone, but the fire's heat gave condolences to their skin. When they got to a nicer temperature, the sirens were ringing outside. - A few days later - “I'm moving,” Daniel spoke. He plucked at loose fibers on his cast, his arm itching underneath. Joe furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the brunette, dumbfounded. They sat together on the ledge of a bridge in town, the water a light current beneath them, looking beautiful and calm, but holding a bite chilling to the bone. “Are you serious? Why?” “My family wants a fresh start, simple enough.” “...Will you call?” Daniel looked at Joe, who's blue eyes were still on him. “Call you?” the brunette asked. “Well, at least like, write,” Joe looked away, abashed. “Or something.” “Do you want me to?” “...Yeah, sort of.” Daniel watched Joe's flustered face before looking down at the current. “I'll call you.” l.l “Is that it?” Jack asked, looking back at Arty. Art shook his head, arms crossed while he watched his husband lift the boxes into the moving van. “No, there’s one more in the kitchen,” he spoke. Then he brought a hand up to his mouth to bite his nails. Jack watched the man for a moment before tossing his hands up. “Well?” “A-am I getting it?” Jack rolled his eyes and stepped away from the truck to leave back into the house. Arty watched his husband until the man disappeared, and then he looked at the house, big and... void. He'd lived in this house for eight years. Now it was just... It looked so bare. He'd gotten his mother's inheritance when she died. Plenty enough for a new start. He didn't feel guilty about her death- it was an accident. And it wasn't her money to begin with, anyway. No, he was just... scared. Of getting caught. Of what came next. “Art! Arty!” Daniel called from the truck. He was in the front seat with Geil, the two keeping warm with the heater. Arty walked around the truck to the two, Geil on the older boy's lap, looking drowsy and uncomfortable. He had been upset about the move, and then excited, and then he tuckered himself out. Or it was his medicine. One thing was for sure, he looked like he wanted Arty to hold him, but Arty was too… he just didn't want to. And Daniel revelled in that. He owned them. “What?” he asked. Daniel motioned for him to come close, so the man climbed up the truck's door step and perched on the edge of the seat. “What?” he asked again. Daniel leaned over to the brunette, his mouth so close to Arty's ear that he could feel the hot breath on his chilled appendage. Whispered words that released more heat against the side of Arty's face, making the brunette close his eyes in silent pleasure, because it was very cold outside. And then Daniel dipped his head down into the crook of Arty's neck and pressed his lips against the side of the man's throat, kissing him tenderly along his pulsing vein.
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    Chapter 19: From Heaven

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    Chapter 19: From Heaven

    Marriage is supposed to be 50/50, but Jack's already had a previous marriage, so most of the effort went into that. Now he just thinks that providing for the family is good, and that nothing is wrong. He's sort of blind because of his ambitions. Also, the hospital did call Jack, but he keeps his phone off for work. Aside from that- we'll get to learn more about Laura's "disappearance" in the next chapter, aka, the finale. Thank you for your long comment! I liked reading your though on things.
  14. AmosLee1023

    Chapter 19: From Heaven

    “We’ve managed to resuscitated him and he’s stabilized,” the doctor spoke to Arty in the hallway of recovery rooms. “But his oxygen was cut off for a long time.” Arty dragged his hand down his face, sighing. “...You don’t know how this happened?” “No, we don’t. We’re really sorry.” “You said this happened around four?” Arty dropped his hand to his side, suddenly feeling like he hadn’t slept last night, when he had. “Yes, sir.” Four. Four p.m. That was about the time that Arty was there with Daniel and his friends. At least, the kids. Arty had stayed out in the car with Geil. It was six p.m now, because Jack was at work and Arty had misplaced his phone at the house when the hospital tried calling. By the time he found his phone, he had six missed calls. Almost seven until he’d finally answered. “And… you don’t have any cameras over on this part?” The doctor sighed. “No, I’m afraid we don’t.” “...Okay,” Arty cleared his throat and brought his hand back up to run it through his hair. “He’s going to make it?” “...If he does, he’ll most likely never wake up. I… can give you paper work for-” “No, no, we’re not pulling the plug. Again. How much is it going to cost to keep him on?” “If we’re being honest, thousands. Monthly. With all of the snow here, we get hundreds of accidents- more than what rooms we have available.” Arty bit his lip so that he wouldn’t cuss up a storm. He couldn’t help himself though and let out a loud “Fuck!” while gripping his hair. The doctor didn’t seem to be too fazed. He probably got that a lot. “Fuck! Fuck, okay,” Arty crossed his arms, since he couldn’t seem to stand still, “I… need to go. Just make sure that nothing else happens to him, okay?” “We’ll certainly try, but-” Arty turned away from the doctor, cutting the older man off. He had to leave. Daniel and Geil were outside in the car, which Arty had to argue with them about because Daniel wanted to… Daniel. Arty stopped walking. Daniel. He turned back to the doctor, but he had gone. There was a nurse walking by, though, so he grabbed her by the arm. “Ma’m, did you see a teenager around this room earlier today? Curly brown hair, tall-” The nurse shook her head. “Er, I wasn’t here earlier. You could ask the morning shift, but they won’t be in until tomorrow.” Arty sighed and shook his head. “No, that’s okay.” He let go of her arm and watched as she walked away, the woman glancing back at him while scampering away in her blue hospital scrubs. She’d offered him a small, apologetic smile, but he just turned away to leave to the elevator. Elevator L was around the corner, which would take him to the first floor. He stopped walking again. ...He should visit Henry. Yes, he was in a coma. Yes, he would probably never wake up. That was precisely why he needed to visit him. He felt at fault for what had happened. If he hadn’t let Daniel get to him, he wouldn’t have had Henry drive Daniel and Geil around- Daniel was trying to get to him. He was trying to get to him, and he knew that he could. That’s what he was doing. He was trying to own him. Arty turned on his heel and started off to Henry’s room. Room 302. There was no check-in at the front desk, there were no cameras, there was no nurse or security waiting outside of the room- there was only an empty hallway with dying patients in lonely, empty rooms. There were no lights on in their rooms. Henry was no exception. His room was dark and lonely, besides the life support breathing and his heart monitor beeping. These rooms are absolutely perfect for killing someone. Daniel could have pulled the plug and gotten away with it five times over. Arty couldn’t stop questioning himself- why did he think he could help Daniel? Why didn’t he notice anything sooner? No, he did notice. Why didn’t he do anything sooner? Arty walked to Henry in his bed, where he looked the opposite of what you see in movies. In movies, there are only bruises and scrapes, and casts. Reality had a way to change those pictures. With Henry, it was scary. Life had no censorship. Even with Arty’s brother Andrew was in the hospital. His amputated limbs were swollen and yellow with sick bruises; stitches that looked like black hair sticking out of his surgically removed legs and left arm. Henry looked like that, swollen with yellow bruises where the stitches had taken to his right cheek and head, which had been shaved to allow for surgery. Bandages took his arms, and his legs were covered by the blanket, a luxury that Andrew wasn’t allowed. He wasn’t allowed bandages, because his amputated limbs needed to breath for proper healing. Arty started crying. He dropped his head into his hands and sobbed in the seemingly lifeless room. Life was so ugly. No, death was. Death, when it claimed Andrew due to an infection in his blood. When it claimed Jack’s youngest son Avery, hanging from a noose in the art room for Arty to find. When it took Arty’s father, David, in a motorcycle crash in his childhood. Now, as it tried claiming Henry. All of that had the capacity to be avoided. Arty didn’t have to talk Andrew into going to that ski trip. He didn’t have to leave Avery alone that day. He could have tried harder to make David stay home. He should have done something about Daniel before the crash. Why was he so weak? He couldn’t even look at Henry for a minute. The bruises and stitches and swollen eyes made him think of Andrew, and he couldn’t look at Andrew. He sniffed and wiped his eyes, shaking his head. Suck it up. He told himself that, but he didn’t look at Henry again to gain the upper hand on his weakness. Instead, he dried his eyes and walked back out of the room. So that he could face Daniel. Daniel was in the car with Henry and Geil. He was at the hospital when Henry’s life support stopped. It had to have been him. After walking back to elevator L, Arty waited until he was on the third floor; the first floor before the morgue and another, and left the hospital to his car. There, he got in and buckled his seat-belt. Daniel looked at him from the passenger seat. “What’s happened to him?” he asked. Arty looked at the teen before taking his gaze to the steering wheel. “He’s dead.” He turned the key in the ignition. Daniel rose an eyebrow before shaking his head softly. “...Wow. I mean, I can’t believe it happened that fast. ...I’m sorry, Arty.” He looked at Arty’s face, the man’s blue eyes glaring at the steering wheel. “...It’s okay. We’re still a family, with or without the extensions, huh?” Arty looked at Daniel with his eyes. Daniel watched him for a moment and then smiled, showing his dimples that Arty found so cute before. “Yes, with or without.” l.l Laura waited for Daniel to arrive for lunch. That was really the only time that she could see him anymore- he was always quick to get to class or talking to Joe. She didn’t want to be a nuisance and take Daniel away from Joe when Kaiden was dead, but she didn’t have any other friends. The girls in class would talk to her and laugh with her, but they weren’t her friends. Laura glanced up from the table, where she fiddled with her fingers atop of. Daniel was coming into the cafeteria, alone. He looked at Laura and she smiled, standing up from the table to get his attention. He decided to walk over. “What’s up, Laura?” he asked while setting his lunch on the table. Laura sat back down, putting her hands in her lap. She cleared her throat and waited for him to sit before speaking. “I um, heard about your uncle. Sorry.” “Yes, it’s a shame he’s passed.” Laura furrowed her eyebrows. “Uh, no… my aunt said that they revived him. I’m sorry that he’s in the hospital.” She tilted her head curiously, noticing that Daniel looked as confused as she felt. “...They revived him after his life support-” “Y-yes, I am aware of what you said,” Daniel said, eyebrows knit together. Arty had said… The teen blinked and let out a breath. He’d been played. He sucked his teeth. “Um… what’s going on with you?” Laura sounded, prompting Daniel to look at her. She looked like a puppy, head cocked to the side. “You just...” she straightened up and twisted her lips. “You keep hanging out with Joe, and you don’t tell me anything anymore.” “Since when did I tell you things?” Daniel’s voice came out a little soft; he was still in amazed awe that Arty had the guts to lie to him like that. It sort of made him excited, the more he thought of it. “Daniel, really.” “Alright,” Daniel snapped into full reality, looking into Laura’s small brown, haunted eyes. What had she seen in her short years? Kind eyes, but haunted by something unforgiving… what were her secrets? “What do you want to know?” “What’s going on between you and Joe? Are you guys doing things that I don’t know about? Like, are you doing something that’s going to get you in trouble?” Laura’s eyes looked worried. Like she actually cared for Daniel. Daniel laughed. “What, like drugs? No, silly. I suck him off. Is that simple enough for you?” Laura shifted like she had been slapped upside the head. She was filled with the utmost confusion. “What?” “Joe is gay. He doesn’t think people will accept him, so I invite him over because he’s scared. Is that what you wanted to know?” “...I just… feel like you’re keeping secrets.” “Well of course I am. Are you trying to know my secret life? It’s secret for a reason.” In the small silence that followed, Laura had time for something to click in her head. The cogs had been turning for a while, but she didn’t want to believe anything like what her brain was telling her. Even if Daniel was… sucking off Joe, the looks that went on between them and the two always leaving in the manner they did- it was like they were hiding something… else. “...Daniel, um… Wasn’t Kaiden bullying you, before?” Daniel watched Laura’s thinking face. “...I’ve told you before, it’s just boys being stupid. Stupidity probably caught up with him.” He dropped his gaze down to start unpacking his lunch. Laura stared at Daniel, biting her lip. Should she bring it up? No. Yes. No. “Do you think… Did you try to teach Kaiden a lesson? I understand if he tried to hurt you or something and you had to hurt him in self defense, but did you-” “Laura, you are seriously thinking I’ve done this? You think that I would kill someone?” Daniel scoffed. “What is wrong with you? I may have hated him, but I didn’t-” “I know that I’m probably annoying or something to you, but you could have told me! I mean, whatever happened, you could have told me, not… Joe- why do you trust him so much?” “First off, Laura,” Daniel brought a hand up. “If I ever… killed Kaiden, I would not have told his best friend, Alright? And second, I did not kill him. Maybe I don’t tell you that Jessica raped me, or that I suck cock, or that I was being pestered every day by Kaiden because I knew that you would bring it up during lunch with the most loudest voice and then accuse me of killing an idiot who could have killed himself with his stupidity.” Daniel rose his voice a little, but just to get his point across. His point of: Your mind is getting the better of you. Because he knew that she wasn’t wrong. In a sense; Daniel didn’t kill Kaiden by hand. And it seemed to get across. Laura’s eyes had fallen to the table. “...I’m sorry, Daniel. I just...” Daniel clicked his tongue and pointed at her in “realization”. “You’ve never been to my house, have you? You feel left out.” Laura twisted her lips and breathed through her nose. “...Yeah, I guess so.” She did feel left out, that was true. Every time she asked, Daniel seemed to beat around the bush. Riding in the car with Arty and Daniel and Geil, such a functional family… she wanted to do that again. How silly she was, accusing Daniel of… murder. “Then why not come over today?” “What about Joe, though?” “He’s off at Kaiden’s locker paying his respects, you know, the little memorial thing they’ve set up.” Laura reached up to rub her neck. “...But won’t he want to come over?” “Laura, have some confidence. He’s upset over his friend, he won’t be coming over.” Daniel gave Laura a smile and she gave a small one back, her previous worries fading away. When school ended, Daniel took a happier Laura to Arty’s car. Geil seemed to remember her instantly, because he smiled at her with his small teeth and wide eyes. Arty glanced to the side at Daniel when the teen got in the seat beside him. “Inviting a friend over?” he asked dully, tired from lack of sleep lately. And from all of the research he was having to go through on Daniel. It was appearing to be very hard to get the information he wanted, even with Cameron’s help. Daniel looked at Arty and nodded, smiling to the man. “That’s alright, isn’t it?” he asked. Arty gave a light shrug and pulled the car out of the driveway. While Arty was driving, Daniel pulled his phone out of his pocket, keeping it hidden against his thigh. Pulling up Joe’s number, he sent the teen a quick text message, one that he almost hesitated to send. Laura looked around once inside the shed with Daniel, eyes wide in admiration of an abandoned shed filled with snow. Something about it was aesthetically pleasing. “Wow, this is yours?” she asked, looked at Daniel with an open-mouthed grin. “I found it, that makes it mine enough, hm?” Daniel glanced at Laura. She chuckled. “Come here,” Daniel added before walking further into the shed. He walked her to the bedroom, where the metal bed-frame still had blankets thrown over it, but a thin coat of snow had gathered atop of them. He motioned around. “It’s very baren, isn’t it?” Laura nodded. “Yeah. Are you gonna do stuff with it? Like, decorate it?” Looking around, she could already see where things like Christmas lights would make it look fun and homey. A proper place for friends to hang out. Daniel looked at her, slipping his hands into his pockets. Over her shoulder, he could see Joe creeping up behind her from the bathroom, where he had been hiding. He averted his gaze to look around the room again. “Maybe. Any recommendations?” He could see a grin find its way on Laura’s face, that he purposely avoided looking at. “Are you really asking me that? Maybe-” A creak. A creak on the old wood behind her. She turned around to see what it was and her eyes found Joe. Before she could do or say anything, Joe thrust a knife into her stomach. As soon as the pain struck in, Laura shoved him back and ran passed him into the hallway. Daniel yelled at him, “Don’t let her go!” Joe pushed off of the hallway wall and turned to run after Laura, catching her by the back of her coat and pulling her back inside of the shed just as she managed to get a single foot out of the front door. Wrapping an arm around her throat, Joe held onto her tightly and slammed the knife into her abdomen- again and again and again until she got weak in the knees. She couldn’t scream because of the tight hold that gripped her around the throat, choking her- smothering her. After holding her for a while, Laura slumped in his grasp and he let her go, her body falling to the ground. He panted heavily from the chase. “Clean your hands with the snow,” Daniel said as he stepped into the room. He watched Joe nod and leave the shed. Then he walked to Laura and knelt down beside her body. Taking her yellow hair, he moved it from her face, her haunted brown eyes open and lips parted; teeth stained with blood that dared to come out. He cut through the tears that trailed down her flushed cheeks with his thumb before petting her head softly and breathing deeply through his nose. “Just sleep, Laura.” Joe came back inside, hands cold and fingers flushed from the snow. “Is she dead?” he asked. Daniel nodded, keeping his eyes on Laura’s pale, flushed face. “Yeah.” Joe walked to Daniel and knelt beside him, grabbing Laura by the arms. It went unspoken, but the two picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, where the giant pile of snow was from the hole in the ceiling. They silently buried her in the pile of fluffy white. Like a grave from Heaven. “Her body will stay preserved longer in the cold,” Daniel finally spoke. Joe nodded and glanced at the brunette, who was looking at the snowy grave. “You okay?” he asked. Daniel didn’t nod or reply, so the noirette reached out to take Daniel’s hand, but the teen pulled it away. “...Are people going to know where she is?” Joe asked after a moment of silence between them. Daniel shook his head. “She didn’t tell anyone she was coming over.”
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    Scarlett Delacroix

    I feel so bad for Scarlett! There's something up with this hospital, I'm telling you 👀

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