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  1. Quick and short, I like it. Can't wait for the Cairo and Abel's relationship to blossom. Hope the next update is soon.
  2. Wattelec

    Love, Simon- A Coming Out Movie

    It was an amazing movie that I watched on the airplane, totally recommended.
  3. Wattelec

    Chapter 23 - Broken Restraints

    Gosh! I love it Comsie! Excellent update. At least Jason is out of Tris' main conscious for a while. Can't wait for Tris and Jesse's second outing! Quick post script: I just realized this update came out on my B-day! That was a surprise.
  4. Wattelec

    Chapter 4 - Bridging The Gap

    OMG! Rereading it for the umpteenth time made me have this crazy thought. What if "unknown" mentioned in the Q&A is Scotty?
  5. Ugh... this is one of my five favorite storylines that you created, Comsie. Probably ranked second place or third place in my book. Tristan, Jesse, and Artie's personalities are so adorable that I wish I could hug them. I cannot wait until the chapters where... 1) Scotty and Artie's meeting. Hopefully they become close friends, at least. 2) Jason finding out about Tristan's relationship with Jesse. Hopefully, Jason will be "so jealous he'll bust a testicle". 3) Tristan's YouTube debut? Anyone? No? Okay... I tried. Anyways... please update soon. I feel just like Tristan waiting for Jesse to upload a new video.
  6. Wattelec

    Chapter 11 - Dreaming While Awake

    I think one of my favorite section in this chapter is the girls' reaction when Tristan told them about his date with Jesse. All in all, this is probably one of my favorite chapters of this story.
  7. Wattelec

    Chapter 6

    Oh my gosh! The suspense is going to kill me! Great work, Comsie!

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