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  1. Emanon

    Odyssey - Part 1

    *Tom’s Memory* Its my 14th birthday today. Jordan is coming over in a few minutes and I am still not ready for school. Sure, it’s Friday, but mom believes that education is too important for me to skip because I’m a year older now. It’s not that I hate school, I just dislike how long classes are. I mean, is it necessary for us to sit for so many hours in one place? Torture method of the millennia. Also, I am hosting a party tonight WITHOUT mom being present which means… ALCOHOL!!! Sure, it’s not good for our developing bodies, but I just want to finally let loose and enjoy myself. Jordan is supplying all the booze so that’s a major relief. Tip: get yourself a friend who can score you alcohol even when they are underaged. Any who, I’m currently in the car with Jordan and mom and we’re headed to hell (okay I mean school) and him and mom have sung and teased me since we left the house. Honestly, they are embarrassing me and it’s a good thing it’s just us in the car. I’d be embarrassed if anyone else heard what’s going on in here. We arrive at school and mom demands a kiss goodbye. She usually never asks for one, so I find her request odd, but still fulfil it anyways. It grants Jordan the right to tease me for the rest of the day, but I can handle it. I have always wondered if he likes me back. I mean, I’ve been trying to read him since we met 2 years ago, but he shows no signs of even liking me beyond friendly terms. It’s kinda sad because I have fallen in love with the boy. I am head over heels in love with him. I think my infatuation started last year on my 13th birthday when he got me a gift I had hoped mom would get but she didn’t and then that night I had a tummy bug and he stayed by my side the whole night. He hardly slept for my sake and since then I have been smitten. I just wish I could have him for this birthday because I don’t think any gift would be better than him. Classes were boring as per usual. I’m too smart for my grade, but I refuse to be placed in higher grades as I’ll no longer be a child who still wants to enjoy their childhood. Mom was a little disappointed, but she has respected my wishes so far. It’s been a boring but fulfilling journey as I got to meet Jordan. I also got to meet my ex-best friend Blake White in the schooling system. Why ex? Because he decided that hoes come before bros and started dating that bitch Janie Phillips. That was over a year ago but I’m still bitter about it because I was Blake’s first and only friend. I also blame the fact that he chose popularity over our friendship. It still hurts but at least I have Jordan to fill the void (also, Blake didn’t even come to my party last year and our friendship ended then). Another person I have met is one of the hottest, yet creepiest guys yet. His name is Raymond Edwards. He likes it when I call him Ray and has been giving me and Jordan death glares ever since we got close. Before Jordan entered my life, he was always following me around like a lost puppy. It was cool and all, but then it started getting creepy cause he’d follow me EVERYWHERE! I eventually let him know it was uncool and rather creepy and he tried a different approach. He basically became my friend until Jordan stepped in and suddenly, he just stopped being my friend. He ignored my calls and essentially became a ghost. I only see him rarely and when I do, he has a death glare waiting for me and my future husband (ignore that part!!!). So, as I was saying earlier, there is a party tonight. No guest list so anyone can arrive. I have already packed away any breakable items and locked my mother’s room. I’m just waiting on Jordan to arrive with the booze and then this party is a go! Jordan arrived at 19:00 with the alcohol and we set up some snacks around various points in the house. I made sure to place a table with some alcohol by the pool, as I know most people will want to be outside and swim. I did mention to them (the “guests”) to bring something to get wet in. I didn’t mention that there would be alcohol so they’re in for a surprise. The guests begin to arrive at 20:00 with Blake and his posse arriving first. When they learnt that there was alcohol, it was only a matter of time before I was hosting the entire 8th grade at my house. Soon, people from other grades had gathered and by 22:00 the party was wild… I was not expecting such a turn out but the again, alcohol attracts the masses. I was a little tipsy at this point, having joined a drinking game not too long ago and I was losing so I left. Jordan on the other hand looked like he hadn’t touched a drop, but I had spotted him on various occasions nursing a drink. I even took a sip to be sure that he was drinking, and he was as far as I knew. He looked so approachable at this moment in time, so I took my chance to finally get something off my chest. I clumsily made my way over to him and when I was about to reach him, I trip over something and land safely in someone’s arms. To my surprise (and disappointment) it was Ray’s arms that I was in. He looked down at me and flashed me a really dazzling smile, but Jordan intervened and took me away from Ray. I didn’t see his expression, but I’m sure he was wearing his scowl for the way Jordan took me away from his rather warm and comfortable arms. Maybe I’m a little beyond tipsy, I guess. Jordan escorts me to my room and lets me lay down on my bed. At this moment in time, I didn’t realise that he had also closed the door and that we were in darkness because I had closed my eyes and quite frankly, the alcohol was affecting my senses. I then felt someone lay beside me and assumed that it was him. I don’t know what prompted me, but I began to confess my love for him to him. I told him about when my feelings began and how I’ve always wanted to tell him. I then begin to babble about how he can hate me if he wants to when he silences me with my first kiss ever. OMFG!!! His lips are something words cannot begin to describe. The feelings I experienced in that moment transcend anything I had ever felt in my life. I felt like I was floating away and the only thing that was sort of anchoring me was Jordan’s lips. We didn’t get too passionate because Jordan heard commotion downstairs and we had to go check it out. I hadn’t realised at the time that we had been in the room for almost an hour. Apparently, my confession was delayed cause I kept nodding off at certain times and he was flabbergasted by my admission of love that while I was blubbering apologies and prayers for forgiveness like an idiot, he was processing all that I had said. I had sobered considerably after the kiss and was now in the process of kicking everyone out because Blake and Ray had a “disagreement” and that lead to a large fight that almost couldn’t be stopped. After that, Jordan and I just chilled on the couch in the entertainment room when everyone had left, and we just cuddled. I don’t know how or why, but we were on the run suddenly. It felt so surreal. I didn’t know whether it was a dream, but the pain of fatigue felt realistic enough for me to admit that we were running from someone. I turned back to see who was following us and noticed something odd. These people had my mother’s company logo on the front of their outfits. What’s going on here? Why are we running? I was about to stop and ask until I saw the look of worry and extreme desperation on Jordan’s face and realised that this was a serious fucking situation we were in and that questions would slow us down. We ran for some time before Jordan did something my mind couldn’t fathom, not even in a million years. He caused a massive rift to form and the guys following us fell into that. I asked him about what just happened, but he seemed annoyed by my questions and gave me a rather vague reply. As we were going to continue running, something happened, and I cannot remember it. The next thing I know, I wake up by the rift Jordan made, but there was no Jordan in sight. I found that weird and I began walking back to town in tears cause my feet hurt and I couldn’t find Jordan. I was dazed and confused by the entire night. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I’m ambushed by some men and I’m tied up. I try calling out for Jordan to help me, but to no avail. Help wasn’t coming, hell was. Hell that I hadn’t imagined. Hell I’ll never forget.
  2. Emanon


    I apologize.😂 I will try limit the amount of torture I subject my viewers to to a bare minimum.😂
  3. Emanon


    There are two things in life one cannot evade. Death and tax. Death is one thing we certainly cannot avoid. From our very first breath, we are fated to die. It’s inevitable. Why am I thinking about death at such a time? Well, simple. Rudolph is giving me death glares in the rear-view mirror that could obliterate me if looks could kill. I wonder why he agreed for me to come with them if he’s going to look at me like I killed his favourite family member and then I shat on their grave while in his presence. “So, Arnold…” Grayson began hesitantly. “What would you like to do when we get to the mall?”. “Is this guy for real? I have no idea what to do at the mall anymore. I mean, I haven’t had friends in 2 years and he’s asking me what I’d like to do when we get there? At this rate I’d like to go home, but that reply would not earn me a place in Grayson’s good books.” I pondered as I looked blankly at Grayson. “No idea. I don’t go out a lot and well, I don’t have friends to go to the mall with, so I guess I’ll follow your lead.” I replied with a shrug. “Great. We got ourselves a boring one.” Rudolph remarked, not caring to hide what he just said. I ignored his remark as I had no energy to deal with his idiocy at that point in time. I merely lay my head against the window and watched as the scenery went by. Grayson kept looking back to see what I was doing. I noticed him doing this quite frequently and eventually I assumed he had something on his mind. After being isolated for 2 years, I’ve learnt to read people and their intentions at times. “What do you want Grayson?” I finally asked, tired of watching him swivel round to constantly look at me. “I was just wondering about what you said about friends. You said you don’t have any friends and well I was just wondering why because you’re the kid with the wealthiest parents. I mean, don’t the rich kids stick together?” Grayson asked, fidgeting a lot after asking his question. It seems he was rather nervous as to what answer I might give or if I’d answer at all. “Well, 2 years back my boyfriend killed himself. I lost a lot that day and well I became a shadow of my former self. None of the rich kids cared about me, so when I hung out at my table they didn’t even raise an eyebrow. They just went on as normal and replaced me like I was an outdated car model or something.” I replied not daring to face either of the two. I didn’t care what people thought of me. I’d cut off that part of me the day Alex died. But in that car, I didn’t want to be judged by these 2 for some odd reason. “We’re almost at the mall,” Rudolph announced. “I hope you have your smile ready, Captain Grouch.” “Scowl? Check. Idiot in the driver’s seat? Double check. Yeah, I all prepared to hit the mall.” I said in a mocking tone. That didn’t sit well with Rudolph at all, but Grayson was amused by our bickering. “You two argue like an old married couple. It’s adorable.” Grayson mused as he looked ahead. “Well, here we are, Captain. Welcome to the mall. A place where high school kids, being us, come and hang out when we have nothing better to do. Usually we just come here for the food court.” “Wow. I had no idea that this is where teenagers came when their minds have no alternate entertainment or when they felt the urge to eat something unhealthy. I’ll document this discovery as soon as I return home.” I retorted as I got out the now parked car. It seems the place underwent major renovations since my last visit here. 2 years is a lot of time and in that time, they have added an ice-skating rink and a second bowling alley as the one used to be crazy full. I remember all this because Alex and I used to come here after our food dates. It feels like that was decades ago, but it has only been 2 years. “Are you going to stand there all day or are you actually going to follow us inside?” Rudolph asked as he went on ahead into the mall. ********************************************************************************** The mall. A massive gathering place for people of all ages. It’s also the place where a group of 3 people were currently navigating in hopes of finding something to do. I was just following the 2 idiots while they argued over where we should eat and what to do after getting food. I swear these 2 guys think with their stomachs and nothing else. As we approached the food court, a familiar face caught my eye. This person’s name had escaped my mind, but his faced is forever etched into my mind. It was my twin brother’s friend. I hadn’t seen him since my brother left and Alex entered my life. He averted his gaze as soon as I spotted him and walked into the gaming store he was standing in front of. That guy has always been a little odd for my liking with his staring and him averting his gaze when he finally realizes that I have caught him (usually takes him 5 seconds to realize that I have caught him staring). “Arnold, we’re going to get some burgers and a milkshake. Want to tag along or do you want to sit at that table over there and wait for us to bring the food over?” Grayson asked. “I’ll go sit at the table. I’m a little tired of walking because you 2 couldn’t decide on where to get food,” I replied as I headed towards the table Grayson had pointed out. “Also, I’d like a strawberry milkshake thank you very much.” As I sat down, my phone began ringing. It was my mom. “Weird. She never calls me at this time.” I thought to myself as I answered the call. “Hello mother. What do you require of me at this hour?” I enquired. “Well hello to you too Arnold. I just wanted to find out where you were as your father hasn’t come back and he never called me to let me know what’s going on. It sounds like you’re at the mall. Are you safe? Do you have your card with you? Who are you with there? Do you need me to pick you up?” mom began asking as I grew a little unnerved by her concern. She hasn’t doted on me in a while, but lately she seems to be doting on me a lot and I don’t think I’m ready for that due to her distant behaviour in the past few years “Yes, I am at the mall. Dad probably forgot to mention that after I called him. He is extremely busy after all. I am safe here and I do have my card with me. I am with Rudolph and Grayson, my new friends. No, I do not need you to come and pick me up thank you very much,” I replied quickly trying to end this conversation before it escalated into a full-blown interrogation. “Alrighty then. Please be home by 17:30. We have some very important guests coming over tonight. Your dad told me this morning that he got a new business associate that’s loaded and well, you know how he is, so he will be basically showing off his house and family. Also, he has a son about your age. Maybe the son could help take your mind off Alex for a while.” Mom said issuing me my curfew for the day and the reason for it being so early. “Alright mom. I’ll make sure I’m home at 17:15 latest to prepare for our guests. I must go now; my friends have returned with the food. Bye!” I shouted as I ended the phone call before she could get another word in. “What was that all about?” Grayson asked as he took his seat next to me handing me my food. Rudolph took a seat next to Grayson which placed him opposite me. “That was my mom. She just wanted to serve me with my 17:30 curfew because my dad has guests to entertain tonight and so I need to be home early as dad usually arrives at 17:40 if he’s going to entertain guests,” I replied as I grabbed my food. “Thank you by the way for the food and milkshake.”. “No problem. We’ll see to it that you are at home by 17:15 latest so you can prepare if need be. Also, it’ll give you time to catch your mom up on your day,” Grayson said, thereafter digging into his meal. Rudolph had long begun his journey into his meal and so I decided to join in as well. After 3 minutes, I felt like someone was staring at me and as I looked up, Rudolph looked like he was staring straight at me. “Do I have something on my face?” I asked as I returned his stare. “Sorry to burst your bubble; I wasn’t looking at you but the guy that’s been staring at this table or more specifically at you since we sat here.” Rudolph replied, finally looking down and resuming his meal. I turned around to see that guy from earlier. He had a different look on his face this time round though. It looked like he was jealous or angry. I didn’t worry myself about it too much and turned back to face Rudolph and Grayson who had decided to converse between themselves. After our meal, we walked around for 30 minutes before heading to the ice-skating rink. It was rather packed, but it was alright to skate. I had been to skating rinks before and had had lessons on how to skate. I was no professional, but I used to really enjoy it. I picked it up relatively fast and was a natural by the 7th visit. I haven’t been there since mom and dad divorced. We skated for about an hour before we decided to call it quits and go grab something to drink and maybe some doughnuts. We did that and left the mall at around 16:30 to go to the park in town to just eat our doughnuts and enjoy our milkshakes. The park was just a 5-minute drive from the mall, so we arrived there at 16:35. We ate our doughnuts and had our milkshakes. As promised, I was at the house by 17:15. I promised to see the guys tomorrow and bid them farewell. There wasn’t much said after we had discovered my stalker at the mall and I was glad. ********************************************************************************** As I prepared, I started thinking about my earlier “death” thoughts. I thought of something we all evade but cannot escape besides death and tax. Our past. It comes back to haunt us when we least expect it and when it does, our reaction to it is bizarre at times. At 17:40 on the dot, we heard dad’s car pull up. I knew it was his because he loves revving it when he is parking it. I went to the door to greet dad and our guests. Mom was also there waiting. We heard 2 loud voices, with the second voice being a familiar one. I looked over at mom and she had paled considerably. It seemed my suspicion about who the voice belonged to was confirmed. As my stepdad walked through the door he announced he was home. “Honey, Arnold, we have visitors. This is…” “Good evening, David,” mom began. “Good evening to you too, Catherine,” dad replied while returning the dark glare she was giving him. “Arnold.” “Isaac,” I replied coolly. “Well, it seems everyone is already acquainted…” my stepdad nervously chuckled to try ease the tension in the room. “Yo, I hope I’m not too late in meeting our…” Cameron began, trailing off as he came down the stairs and saw who our guests were. Without another word, he turned around and headed back upstairs and slammed the door to his room. “What a great way to kick off our family reunion,” I spat coolly towards our guests. Isaac shot a rather angry glare at me and I shot one back. Mom and dad were having their own little glaring competition and my stepdad was feeling a little flustered by the whole situation with him being the odd one out. “Uh… I think supper is ready. If we could all make our way to the dining table, we can begin the evening.” Stepdad announced trying to diffuse the situation. We all walked to the dining table expecting to be full solely on food, but it seems fate had other plans and the knowledge we were about to acquire that night would keep us filled for days to come.
  4. Emanon

    The Times Are A 'Changing

    The death of his entire family is just too coincidental. The Jacobs are truly powerful I guess. I'm hooked though. Amazing story.😁😁😁
  5. Emanon

    Captain Grouch

    Thanks for the comment. Only time will tell...😉
  6. Emanon

    Captain Grouch

    Humans are fascinating creatures. They claim to be the most intellectual species and they believe they are social beings but fail to socialise with people and vocalise their pain. Odd but fascinating creatures indeed. They are also the most annoying. Which brings me to why I started this rant in the first place. My brother thinks it’s fun to go through my stuff and move things in the hopes that I’ll find what he has taken and what he has moved from my room. At age 18, you’d think he’s the more intellectual one with a sense of maturity. Wrong! He is as immature as a toddler and quite frankly, as thick as a brick. A jock to boot, he believes that he is the definition of what a man should be. My parents don’t really care about what he does or his beliefs as they expect us to be independent people. Cameron Wells, my brother. Not the brightest bulb but he is one of the best athletes at his school (note I said his school). He attends the athletics academy on the other side of town. When my parents saw he had no intellectual aptitude, they enrolled him in a place where his skills would shine (and other skills would rot). He’s not much of a social butterfly but he’s not afraid to speak to people. ********************************************************************************** Dinner is a… how can I say it, business-like affair in our household. There are no social activities held around the table. It’s more like a boardroom meeting where we just state what each of us did that day, pass any notices that need to be passed, eat and go our separate ways. The maids come and clean the table once everyone has gone. It wasn’t always like this. There used to be happier days. I guess I didn’t explain that Alex isn’t the only person I’ve lost. I "had" a twin brother. Now, he’s not dead so don’t worry about that. It’s just that, we don’t connect like other twins. From the moment we were born, we’ve competed against one another but even then we were happy I guess. The man I call "dad" now is actually my stepdad. My mom and dad got divorced when we turned 12 and my twin brother chose to go off with our dad. I haven’t seen him since. Mom hasn’t been the same since then and the family portraits stopped after she remarried. The man she’s married to now is more business-like than family-oriented and she seems like she aims to please him. I guess he has a fair bit of money to contribute, but I don’t understand why mom is so desperate to keep him around. I mean, she is the richer one between the two, so it can’t be money. He’s so mechanic that I doubt he could show love, so love itself is out of the picture. What keeps her so bound to this man? What kept me bound to Alex? ********************************************************************************** Another school day. Same old idiots. Grayson and Rudolph seem to think I’m their friend because they both ambushed me as I walked into the school doors. “Good morning Captain grouch!” Grayson stated with a salute. “How may I be of service?” “You can start by not calling that,” I replied, choosing to ignore his whole charade. “Why are you so happy this morning anyways?” “The sun is shining. Birds are singing. What reason do I have to not be happy?” Grayson responded with a smile on his face. A smile. Something I haven’t been able to muster since Alex’s death. It looks like such an interesting thing to do. I was once capable of producing such a captivating thing. Wonder if I’ll ever be able to again... At this point Rudolph spoke up, “Did you guys hear? There might be a new kid coming in tomorrow. I heard that his parent’s wealth rivals yours, Arnold.” “I wonder who that could be…” I thought out loud just enough for Grayson to hear. “You look like you have a clue as to who it might be,” Grayson stated, clearly observing me way too close for my comfort. “It might be him, but I don’t want to believe it,” I replied vaguely. “Could they really be back in town?” I thought to myself as we walked to class. ********************************************************************************* Classes are a major bore. I mean we need to learn but can’t they do it in a manner that doesn’t make me want to fall asleep every time I enter? Sure, I don’t really care about school anymore, but you’d think they’d care to try get me to get my grades up. No, they just care about getting their salary and the rest they’ll make up as they go along. I feel like some of them don’t even have the qualifications to be a teacher. Ugh, why isn’t the bell ringing for my favourite time of the day? Gosh… Finally, LUNCH TIME!!! About the only thing at this school that makes it worth attending. As per usual I have my special table, but alas, it has been defiled by Grayson and his sidekick Rudolph. “I should just accept the fact that you two are going to be permanent thorns in my ass and that I have no chance of getting rid of you?” I asked as I approached them at my table. “You make it sound like we’re the unsociable one,” Rudolph said rolling his eyes at my statement. “Come on now boys, play nice,” Grayson said playfully as I said down across from them. I haven’t taken time to notice their physical features because I really don’t want to connect with them. Human interactions leave one emotionally vacant if unchecked. “So, how have classes been, former valedictorian?” Rudolph asked me, coming off as more an insult than a question. “Rather fantastic! I have discovered various methods to sleep in class and a fool proof method of failing tests and assignments. Nothing can stop me now,” I retorted, not allowing this bastard to get the better of me. He looked annoyed by my reply but Grayson, however, was thoroughly amused. “You two get along like oil and water,” he stated as he took a bite of his burger. “Better yet, you get along like the middle-class and upper-class students lately.”. I turned back to see what he was looking at only to see the current leaders of both tables ready to bash it out in the cafeteria. “Just great, a food fight is just what the doctor ordered today.” I groaned internally as I picked up my tray getting ready to leave. “I’m not exactly in the mood for detention so if you guys want to follow, I’ll be eating outside,” I stated to the 2 then I made my way to the park situated just outside the cafeteria. “Look at you. Inviting us to eat with you and get some sunshine. Maybe you aren’t so cold-hearted after all,” Rudolph said taking a seat next to me on the grass. “Thanks. And you’re not as stupid as I was led to believe,” I replied while picking at my food. Grayson took a seat next to Rudolph and they started talking about their after-school plans. I blocked them out and started thinking about the new boy. Rudolph had said his parent’s wealth rivals my parent’s wealth and there was only one person I knew who could rival mom and that was dad. I have a gut feeling that this is dad, but it could be someone else entirely. Hmmm… I guess we’ll see what tomorrow will bring us. “ARNOLD!” someone was shouting at me. “WHAT???” I replied, frustrated that my thoughts had been broken. “Uh, me and Rudolph were wondering if you’d like to hang out with us after school? We’re heading to the mall and well, we just wanted to see if you’d come with…” Grayson asked shyly while Rudolph looked at him with an annoyed face. “Uh... Are you sure cause Rudolph the red-faced guy here has a facial expression that’s more hostile than welcoming,” I said trying to piss Rudolph off even more. I think it worked cause the guy looked like he was about to explode. I guess I should piss people off for a living from now on. “Sure, he does. He’s just jealous that you have my attention lately,” Grayson said, likely teasing him but I think there’s more to the pair than meets the eye. They stared at each other as if to send some secret message that the other could read just by looking at one another. “They must be a couple,” I thought to myself as I observed them. “Ehm, sure, I’ll accompany you both to the mall then,” I said to get their attention and break up their staring contest. It had begun to unnerve me. “Great! We’ll leave straight after school and head to the mall then. Do you have to notify anyone or…?” Grayson asked me. “Just my dad as he is supposed to pick me up after school. Let me do that quick before the bell rings.” ********************************************************************************** While I was on the phone and the pair were once again conversing amongst themselves, we were unaware of someone watching me from not too far away. Their eyes had been fixated on me the whole time we were there. This person had been able to catch parts of our conversation and knew I was going to the mall. “Maybe I can finally talk to him,” this person said to themselves. This person has been watching me since before the departure of my dad. This person has been a part of my life at some point. This person was once important to me. ********************************************************************************** “The mall is a go,” I said as I approached the “love birds”. “Great…” RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!! “Ah shucks, I guess we’ll hash out the details at 2pm then. Be at the parking lot. We’ll go from there. See you in a bit Arnold!” Grayson shouted as he rushed to his last class. Rudolph didn’t say anything as he walked away. How rude… Anyways, last class is always uneventful (like every other class), so I just block out what the teacher says. I focused my thoughts this time on Rudolph and Grayson. My acquaintances. Acquaintances? Is it alright to call them that? I mean socially speaking that is what they are, but can I really call them that? I mean, it would be weird to call them that in public today… Maybe “friends” will do for today’s excursion. Then they go back to be my acquaintances. That’s how it’ll be then. The final bell rang, and I left class in a bit off a hurry. I’m not sure as to why I was in a hurry but boy, was I in a hurry. Maybe I was nervous to do this because I haven’t had fun in so long. Fun. Yet another word that is foreign to me. I haven’t had fun in 2 years. I have closed myself off from people. Why? Why did I close myself off? Am I afraid of people or of their intentions? I wonder why… “Yo Arnold, over here!” Grayson shout, waving his hands for me to see him. When I got there Rudolph was already in the driver’s seat, tapping the steering wheel impatiently. “Let’s get a move on. We’re burning daylight here,” he said as we climbed in. We headed off to the mall, unaware of the surprises that lay ahead.
  7. Emanon

    Chapter 1

    Interesting start. Elliot intrigues me and I want to see where his story goes. He seems rather desensitized to murder that even the concept of committing murder isn't such a heavy burden on his mind. I look forward to the second chapter.
  8. Emanon

    Blast from the Past

    I'm just having trouble seeing the direction I want the story to take. In the meantime, I'm trying to write a more light-hearted story to keep people distracted until my brain has overcome this problem. But it won't be on hold for too long. Hopefully I'll return before September to it. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I want to keep the story interesting.😥
  9. Emanon

    Little Did I Know

    “You’ll find love once again, A. You’ll be able to smile just like you have in the past. I’ve completely lost my light and I’m afraid nothing can reignite it, not even the love I hold for you. I believe you can reignite your light after this. It may take time, but I know that someone will come and reignite your light once more. I’ll always love you A. Now and forever…” That whole messed up scene is from 2 years ago. The person who said those words was my last boyfriend and best friend, Alex Packard. He killed himself right in front of me after saying those words. The reason, you ask, is because he’d “lost his light”. Essentially, his parents and his entire family passed away in a car accident leaving him as the sole survivor of his family name. He was at the crime scene that day and the horrors he saw, he was never able to un-see and that basically ate away at his soul. He started becoming a mere shadow of who he was then one day he called me over to his house to see him and BANG! He shot himself in the head and was gone. Just. Like. That. Me? I’ve just had to go on living. Obviously, I’m also now not the same person I was. In fact, I don’t even know who I was. I walk into my house every day and see the pictures of a happy, beautiful boy with his beautiful family and they all have smiles on their faces. I wonder if that boy was me because whenever I look into the mirror, all I see is this hideous monster with a permanent scowl, long hair that hides his face, pale blue eyes that hide behind his hair and an attitude that no parent should deal with. Yes, I am absolute hell on earth. I have no friends; my family avoids me, and my grades aren’t the best they’ve been since his death. I just don’t have it in me to care anymore. My home life isn’t too bad, it’s school that’s the problem. “Ugh… Another fucking “everything is perfect” love song…” I internally bemoaned as mom drove up to the school. Mom loved listening to the pop song radio stations everyday and today, it seemed like she’d changed it to love songs. Just great. “Have a great day at school honey. Your father will be here to pick you up at 2 and you need to see to getting a haircut. It’s been 2 years and well…” my mom started then trailed off as she saw the look of indifference on my face. She realised that she was fighting a lost battle already and bringing up the fact that it’s the 2 year “anniversary” of my friend’s death wasn’t aiding her efforts. Yes, the last time I cut my hair was the day he killed himself, so today is the “anniversary”! Yay! Not. “I’ll try have a good day and stay out of trouble. I’ll be here when dad arrives. I’ll see you later mom,” I said as I hopped out the car and walked towards the school. Fairdale High School. A place where only the rich may go. It has no real rivals nearby as it was quite easily the most expensive school you can send you child to. Honestly, I didn’t care that my parents were the richest, yet I dressed like “middle-class scum” as some of the snooty kids here would put it. I couldn’t care less what my appearance looked like. I felt no need to put any effort into life anymore. Too much energy expended and honestly, no one here is worth the effort. Recently I got a new nickname. “The boy who never smiles”. Neat, huh? A rather accurate description of me. I don’t smile at all anymore. After that day, I’ve never found a reason to smile and so all people see on my face is a scowl. Even my so-called “friends” keep their distance because of my upkeep, or lack thereof, of my life. Quite frankly, I stopped caring about things like relationships a long time ago. As much as you see me as a horrible person, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what you thought. You are entitled to your opinion of me and at the end of the day, that’s for you. I came out before the whole saga occurred, so people have a vague understanding of what occurred, but no one has approached me to ask what really happened and if I am okay. That kind of built my nonchalant attitude towards life and everything in general. At lunch I sit alone. Not the “He’s a loser, don’t sit with him” alone, just… Alone. No one sits near me or at my table. No one tries to interact or socialise with me. I stopped caring about such trivial things and spend most of my time just sitting and eating my lunch. Occasionally I’ll spice it up and look around and see what’s going on. I rarely do this (about once every two weeks) so I’m bound to miss quite a lot. Today’s glimpse saw me starting by looking at the lower-upper class kids. These are the “rich but not quite there” kids. They seem to have gotten a new addition recently. Good for them, they need the numbers. Then there are the middle-upper class kids. A rank higher than the previous group but not quite on top. They still seem to have the same numbers, although it looks like some friction is starting up between them and the upper-upper class kids (sounds weird… upper-upper…). The top tier with parents who have more money than they know what to do with. I’m naturally still at the top, but I don’t care for all that, so some dope named Tristan Wells is at the top. Good for him I say. Wait, there seems to be a new table in the cafeteria. This table is so weird cause it is a mix of all the other groups. Wasn’t there 2 weeks ago, but I guess 2 weeks can change a lot in this place. Looks like 2 of them are boyfriends. Lovebirds. Lucky for them. I just hope one of them isn’t a suicidal psychopath like my boyfriend or they’ll end up like me. Ha-ha (I have no sense of humour at all). There is one boy in that group, however, who seems… off… Like he doesn’t belong there. Like his existence wouldn’t be missed if he were to vanish tomorrow. Well, to me it appeared that way until someone appeared and took residence next to him and they engaged in conversation. Guess I completely misread the situation. Oh well, back to my lunch. Observation time is over. “Can we sit here?” came 2 voices from in front of me. “Who in their right mind would volunteer to sit with me?” I asked myself as I looked up. “Don’t know if you possess the ability to do such, but if you do, then you may be seated. I am sure my imaginary friends won’t mind,” I replied going back to eating my lunch and ignoring my uninvited guests. “My name’s Grayson and this is my friend Rudolph. We noticed you were sitting here alone and we decided to come over and sit with you. We’re new here and well, we don’t think we fit in with the other groups,” the guy named Grayson said as he and Rudolph took their respective seats opposite me. “So, what’s your name if you don’t mind me asking?” “Wait, they aren’t here to eat their lunches in peace, but are rather here to socialise and make a new friend and have probably mistaken me for a new kid. Just great.” “My name…” I began, stopping myself as I realised that I hadn’t given someone my name as an extension to becoming acquaintances with them in quite a long time (over 2 years to be exact). I briefly looked up and just as briefly responded, “My name is Arnold Williams. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”. “So, you actually have a name? I thought that was a myth,” Rudolph tried to joke, but sadly the joke never reached my face that was still as straight-faced as it had ever been. “And the lack of a smile was also true.” He muttered without really trying to hide what he was saying. “Be nice, Rudolph. Geez,” Grayson scolded his friend and then turned his attention to me. Just when he was about to start speaking the bell rang, signalling the end of break and time for me to head to my last class of the day. “Oh fuck, before we got to know you better.” He said clearly unhappy about the situation. “You’ll be here tomorrow, won’t you?” Grayson asked eagerly. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I replied standing up and walking away from the pair that was now chattering amongst themselves. “Weird…” I thought to myself. After my last class I headed outside and put on my earphones while waiting for dad. “He’s later than usual…” I thought to myself as I gazed up into the sky. As the music hit me, I started to think as to why I wasn’t a good enough reason for Alex to stay. The song I was listening to was I song I heard while his body was being carried off as a corpse. It made me wonder why I wasn’t good enough for him to keep on living, why I was good enough to leave behind. Was I damaged goods? Was it because my parents were crazy rich, and they could buy back my "love”? They could just buy me a new “light”? Why had Alex abandoned me? Little did I know, but someone had been watching me as I stood there, looking at the sky; listening to music; lost in my own thoughts of Alex and waiting for my dad. Someone had taken notice of me and someone wanted to know me. Little did I know that I had someone who was obsessed with me. Little did I know…
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    Blast from the Past

    Thank you.🤩
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    17 year old Arnold has seen his fair share of life, plus interest. He navigates everyday without hope or interest until someone takes interest in him. Can he regain his "light" or is he fated to be consumed by the darkness as well?
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    Blast from the Past

    Before we get into the chapter, let’s just refresh who has what elements (For the purposes of the chapter) and the arena setup: · Blake White – Water and Fire · Janie Phillips – Earth · Raymond Edwards – Earth and Water · Thomas Oakley – Water, Fire, Earth and Air. The other characters in the chapter will only have their elements revealed as the story progresses. The ARENA is a 100M x 100M place with each essential element present. Water, in the form of a river, runs through this place and there is an equivalent amount of earth. This allows for limits to be placed on these elements. Fire and air also have their own disadvantages as the air isn’t easy to manipulate and fire is a little harder to combust. Note: Manipulation of elements uses mental capabilities and thus places strain on the mind. Over exertion may lead to permanent brain damage or death. “Alright. The match is a team ‘deathmatch’ where if you force one of the opponents out of the ring or if you knock them out, then it is a point for your team. Basically, first team with 2 points wins, meaning you need to knock both parties out of force them out the ring to win. Good luck and begin,” Ms Elkins said to start the match. “Shit! There isn’t any time to come up with a strategy!” Tom thought to himself as Janie began to attack him. Blake had decided to go for Ray just so he could test out his strength against him. “I’ll let Janie observe Tom so we can get some kind of advantage over him,” Blake thought as he went on the offensive against Ray. Knowing that they both use water put both fighters at a disadvantage. Sure, they had another element, but both were weak to water and the water was weak to them. While Ray and Blake began sparring without the use of their elements, Janie was attacking Tom full force. She’d weaken the ground he stood on, making it into a quicksand so he’d sink in it. Tom, nit really in the mood to fight earth with earth, decided to have a bit of fun with Janie. He started using fire, an element which has little to no effect on earthbenders and even less of an effect on Janie. “Take this fight seriously, you piece of shit!” Janie screamed as each fireball Tom hurled did more damage to her ego than on her physical appearance. “Now, now Janie, I don’t want my first fight to end too soon,” Tom replied with a smirk on his face. His bait had worked as Janie let out one really loud battle cry-like scream and started attacking Tom with relentless amount of earth that she effortlessly lifted and flung at him with no real thought. “She’s still as easy to piss of as always,” Tom mused as he decided to take the fight seriously and go on the offensive. He began to annoy her once again with fireballs, while preparing a large mass of water to wipe her out of the arena with. “The timing has to be perfect,” He thought to himself as he kept annoying her. Blake was too engrossed in his own battle to notice Tom’s plan. Besides, his hands were full trying to handle the rather calm and calculating Ray. He seemed to be a black belt as well and showed no opening when they were sparring. “I guess it’s time to get offensive,” Blake thought to himself as he launched himself away from Ray. Ray realised that this meant that it was time to begin using their elements in the fight. They both decided to play it safe and use water from the river for now, until the one could find a flaw in the other and overwhelm them. Unbeknown to everyone in the arena, 4 strangers arrived just outside of Elematrix. “Uh, Ms Oakley mam, we have 4 unidentified people on the premises. They just suddenly appeared out of nowhere and their energy readings are off the chart,” one of the lead scientists said to Ms Oakley. She looked rather unfazed by the appearance of these figures. In fact, it was as though she had been expecting them to come. “So, they have finally come to check things out huh,” she said, confusing the people she worked with as they had no idea who or what these people are. “Let them in. I need to hear what brings them here so unexpectedly.” First to enter the building was Prince Jordan of the Earth Kingdom. He is the son of King Tyron and the first in line to the throne as he has a 12-year-old brother, Prince Martin. They are like two peas in a pod with them looking exactly like one another, except that one is obviously physically older than the other. He is 16-years-old and stands at a height of 1.80m. He has jet black hair and oddly he possesses blue eyes. His brother shares the exact same features which is why they are usually referred to as twins. Next to enter was Prince Alec of the Air Kingdom. He is the son of King Aidan and the only one in line to the throne as he has no siblings. His mother passed away after his birth, so he never knew her, and his father has been rather cold towards him. Alec has wavy, silver hair and rather dull grey eyes. He is also 16 and stands at a height of 1.84m. Following him was Prince Ryan of the Water Kingdom. He is son of King Arthur and another sole heir to the throne. He is already engaged to the princess of one of the major cities in his Kingdom. His mother left his family when he was 5 and he has been raised mainly by the maids. He is now 18 and stands at a height of 1.90m. He has fiery red hair and baby blue eyes. He is also the eldest of the princes. Last, but not least, is the youngest of the group; Prince Drake of the Fire Kingdom. He is the interesting one of the group as he was taken in by the ruling king of the Fire kingdom when he saw great potential in him after finding in the poor sector of his kingdom. Not able to have kids of his own, he adopted this boy and raised him to take over the kingdom. He is 1.77m and has warm, orange hair and brown eyes with golden specks in them. He is 14-years old. Jordan was the first to arrive to the room Ms Oakley was in. “Well, well. Long time, no see Ms Oakley,” Jordan said as he looked around the room. “I see not much has changed from my last, not so social visit to your place of ‘work’.”. “Ah, Jordan. Always eager to kiss ass,” Ms Oakley replied with a smug grin on her face. “So, what brings you to my planet?” “Well, if you must know, we are here to not propose, but essentially give you a message. You really have no choice but to comply with this. In 6 months, you are to gather your 10 best fighters for a tournament hosted on our planet. Since you guys have tampered with our DNA, we saw it fit to run over here and test out the results. I mean, we are merely curious to see how half-breeds match up to the real deal.” Alec stated coolly while staring into Ms Oakley’s dark and unwavering glare. “And what if we were to refuse such a ‘message’?” Ms Oakley asked. “Simple,” Drake began. “We’ll destroy your planet and everyone on it before you can notify your fighters.” “Hmm. Well, I’ve always wanted to see if we made a breed better than yours, so I accept your challenge. 6 months from now, we’ll head to your planet and we’ll partake in your little ‘experiment’ provided that you also partake.” “Fine. We accept that, and we will comply with it. Well it was nice seeing you and all, but I think it’s time to head out. There is still one more thing I’d like to check out though.” Jordan said as he looked at Ms Oakley who’d finally figured out he was talking about seeing Tom. “Don’t you dare!” she hissed in a threatening tone. “Leave Tom alone!” “Now, now Ms Oakley. I don’t want to hurt Thomas, I merely wish to see him. Unless you have motive for me not to see my friend,” Jordan stated as he inched closer to Ms Oakley. “What have you done to Tom?” “We erased his memories of you and did some tests on him and erased those memories as well. The mind is a very weird thing as his memories are more suppressed than erased so he can regain them. I fear that you may trigger something we don’t need at this point, so stay away from my boy.” “You’re such a cold-hearted bitch. Experimenting on your own son and then suppressing the memory of having done such? You’re not fit to be called a moth…” The sound of Ms Oakley slapping Jordan caused the other 3 princes to jump into action, but Jordan indicated he required no assistance. “It’s alright guys. We were just having a mother-in-law and son-in-law moment, right Ms Oakley?” Jordan spat questioningly at Ms Oakley. “Yeah, we had a ‘moment’. Now Jordan, if you don’t mind, I have some work to do. Take your friends and go pollute someone else’s airspace.” Ms Oakley said, essentially dismissing the princes as she turned her back to them. They turned and walked out with Jordan leading them. “Time to go pay an old friend a visit,” Jordan said to the other guys. They all looked at him as to where they were headed, and Jordan punched in the co-ordinates and the teleportation devices took them to their next destination, Elemental High. Tom was still trying to get the upper hand on Janie and it seemed he was about to get his chance when suddenly he sensed energy readings that had not been present in the arena. It seemed he wasn’t the only one to notice them because even Janie stopped and turned to face the new arrivals. Blake and Ray stopped their fight to investigate this ominous presence and turned to find the 4 princes facing them with rather blank expressions on their face. Jordan’s eyes scanned the faces until his eyes landed on Tom and they didn’t move off him. Everyone present noticed this and were rather curious to see what would happen next. Blake, ever impatient, spoke up, “Uh, hello. You guys are currently interrupting our sparring session so if you’d be so kind as to get your asses out of here, I’d be happy.”. “What a large mouth you have there, boy,” Alec said looking Blake once over. “Why don’t you come say that to my face?” Janie, sensing how dangerous this person was, intercepted Blake and stopping him before he did something that could get him hurt. “No, Blake. Don’t do that. Something about these 4 doesn’t feel right.” Janie stated as she cautiously eyed each of the 4. Tom and Jordan hadn’t broken their staring contest and Ray was getting quite jealous of the attention this new guy was receiving. “What do you guys want here?” Ray asked Jordan in particular. “I’m just here to see an old friend,” Jordan replied, his eyes not leaving Tom’s. “Hello Thomas Riley Oakley.” “How do you know my name? Why do you look familiar? Have we met before?” Tom asked as his memories slowly started rising to the surface. Then, suddenly, a name formed in his head. It was a name he felt hadn’t graced his tongue in years and a name he’d enjoyed saying. “Jordan?” he asked before collapsing to the ground. This would ultimately be the first step in Thomas Riley Oakley remembering what had occurred the days following his 14th birthday.
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    James Aaron Wright

    *James’ POV* “JAMES! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THAT FUCKING BED AND INTO THE SHOWER!” his older brother screamed through his door. “CORY ANTHONY WRIGHT! YOU WILL NOT USE SUCH LANGUAGE FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIVE UNDER THIS ROOF!” his grandmother shouted, coercing an apology out of Cory. “The people in this house are fucking insane!” I fumed internally as I jumped out of bed and went to his bathroom to take a shower. James Aaron Wright. Son of Angela and Matthew Wright. Grandchild of Amy and Alexander Wright and the little brother of Cory Anthony Wright, is a 16-year-old boy who attends Elemental High School. He is currently number three in the Junior Elemental Division and specializes in both earth and air manipulation. He was a bright, fun, outgoing boy until a certain event occurred that took away his light and plunged him into darkness. About a week after Tom’s return, his parents who were scientists for Elematrix, were brutally murdered and Ms Oakley, the CEO of the company and current Vice-President, covered it up and called it a 'robbery gone wrong' and nothing more was said. She threatened their household and paid them money to never utter a word about this. Ever since then, James has had a vendetta against the Oakley’s and Tom was the only person he could use as a venting outlet. After taking my shower, I headed downstairs to eat breakfast with the family. To my surprise, it's just me and Cory in the kitchen. Cory, my only sibling, is 23-years-old and he is an earthbender. He just completed his studies and is pursuing the route my parents once took. I’ve been trying to talk him out of it but he is as stubborn as I am when he’s made up his mind. “I want to find out what happened to our parents, James. I just want closure for you because I can see this hurts you to the point that you don’t want to make friends. You treat everyone like an enemy and such an outlook in life will lead you to become lonely one day.” “But what if you die trying to find out the truth? You know how powerful she is. She could get you killed and cover the whole thing up like your life didn’t matter. That lady is pure evil and she always gets what she wants.” “This discussion is over James. I start working there today and there’s nothing you can do about it.” He said to once again end our morning bickering. “I constantly fear for his life. He’s always been sticking out his neck to ensure I don’t get hurt. He is the only reason I participated in the games last year and am still in school. He’s always fighting for me and I love him for that, even if we disagree at times,” I thought to myself as a smile enveloped my face. My brother saw this and returned with a warm smile of his own. “Well, I better head out. I’m still a low-level grunt at the office and I still have to do all the grunt work. It’ll be a while before I can even work in the lab and even longer before I can get to the more restricted areas. Have a good day little brother. Love ya!” my brother shouted as he rushed to the door. “Hey Cory, I love you and hope you have a great first day, even if you work as a grunt,” I replied with a warm smile on my face. That would probably be the last smile until I get back to the house from school today. I left the house while my grandparents were still in their room. They had a late night last night, so I’ll let them rest a bit. Besides, I need a walk to freshen me up. “Today’s going to be a great day, even if it’s only day 2 of school. I’ll avoid Tom Oakley and have myself an even better day if that happens,” I muttered to myself as I neared the school. I activated my façade and walked into school. What is the façade I put on when I get here? Well, I pretend to hate everyone in sight and that keeps people away from me. Win-win situation for everyone. “Oh great, my day has already been ruined because the person I was avoiding is currently leaning on my locker,” I thought to myself as I neared my locker. There’s nothing wrong with Tom really. I actually have the biggest crush on him but him being related to that evil bitch is what makes me this bitter. There was a time during the first day where I wanted to greet him, even if it wasn’t too polite. I think I fucked up my chance to do so when I started giving him my award-winning death glares which even keep teachers away from me. I walked up to my locker and in the rudest way possible, I ‘asked’ him to move. “I am such an amazing flirt!” I mocked myself as I saw him slightly flinch when I spoke but then he did something that completely surprised me. He ignored my rude approach and tried to make me an acquaintance. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!!! Why was he being nice to me even after I rudely approached me. I was rude to him again, hoping he’d back off, but not even that shook him enough to get him to walk away. “He’s persistent and stubborn. I think I like him even more now but I can’t ever show that. He’s the enemy and I cannot fraternise with the enemy!” I thought to myself as I rudely walked away from the scene. As I looked back after I’d put some considerable distance between the two of us I saw a guy about our age, watching Tom with the look I’d probably have if I wasn’t so ‘angry’ with him. “Who the fuck is that guy? And what’s with that creepy look he has on his face?” I questioned myself as I walked away toward the ‘meeting’ spot. Every morning, us as the 5 members of the top ten meet up to discuss practice times and also to walk together to our first class like a pack of damned wolves. We always walk in late to get major attention, but I’d prefer it if I could arrive early so I could avoid attention. Besides, I’m not the most sociable person in the class as I don’t really present a welcoming face. “On well, sacrifices must be made in order for me to avoid people,” I thought to myself as I walked into the class. “WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING HERE?!!?” I thought, almost losing my façade and making an ass of myself as I walked int the class. “To make matters worse, he’s taken a seat next to mine so I can’t avoid him whatsoever. So much for a great day… Wait, isn’t that the guy from earlier? He’s in this class?” I thought as I went to my seat. “Oh fuck, he’s got that sexy as smile on his face. I need to say something before I completely melt and lose my composure,”. “What the fuck are you grinning about?” I asked in my most menacing voice. “Way to go, James. Now you’ve gone and shown you actually dislike him and that’s really not the case,” I fumed as I took my seat next to him. The teacher began the class by asking the newcomers to introduce themselves. The first person to go up was that creepy guy from earlier. His name is Raymond and he’s a dual elemental like me, Cameron and Blake. I need to keep an eye on that bastard. I don’t like him at all. He gives off this weird aura that doesn't sit well with me. After him was Tom, and my oh my, did he give us all a shock. Who knew a person could manipulate all 4 elements with such ease? Blake is probably jealous of his former friend’s achievement and intimidated, judging by the look on his face. “Wonder what broke them up as friends, but more importantly, how can Tom manipulate 4 elements? My parents vaguely spoke of something like this a few days before their death and it seemed to be stressing them. I wonder…” We were told to pair up and await further instructions. I was so tempted to pair up with Tom, but then I would be betraying my 'way of life' thus far. I had promised to not get associated with Tom, no matter what. After I paired up with Max Wellington, the former number 10 (he lost to Janie when she challenged him in challenge month), I noticed that Tom had paired up with that creep. My scowl deepened at the scene as I watched him make advances on Tom. “He’s not worthy of Tom. He’s such a creep!” I though to myself. I guess I am jealous of anyone that tries to get close to Tom, but then I don’t make advances, so that makes me look like shit. “I hate that I built this façade at times. I could have been his partner, flirting with him and…” “Uh, James, I’m going to go draw a name out of the hat to see who our opponents are, okay?” Max spoke disturbing my train of thought. I merely nodded and went to look back at the two but only found Ray glaring at me. I glared back, determined not to lose this little battle occurring between us. As soon as Tom returned to Ray, I turned away so he didn’t see me. Max came back and told me who we were facing. We’d be facing Ian and Cameron after Tom’s match. “Also, while I was there, I heard Tom and that Ray guy are facing Janie and Blake! The first match is going to be AMAZING!” Max said, obviously excited to see how strong the new guys are and obviously to see Blake in action. I swear this guy probably has a shrine in his room dedicated to Blake because his obsession with the guy is borderline creepy. “Blake and Janie vs Tom and Ray… Interesting match-up.” I thought as I looked at Tom who looked visibly nervous about the match. Blake on the other hand, looked a little to excited if you ask me. “This match may be as 'amazing' as Max pointed it out to be. Former best friends and a guy who doesn’t like Blake. What a team.” I thought as I took a seat. “Alright boys and girls, now that the teams have been chosen, it’s time to begin today’s matches! Can Tom, Ray, Blake and Janie please enter the arena?” Ms Elkins asked, starting the mini tournament.
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    Crime and Punishment

    Been waiting for you to release a new chapter. Great chapter by the way. Seems Harris finally got what was coming to him.
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    Raymond Charlie Edwards

    *Ray’s POV* Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!! “I need to buy a new fucking alarm clock. This thing reminds me of the school bell, which reminds me of school and that is something I hate more than anything!” I thought to myself as I got out of bed. I had 45 minutes to get t school so I quickly hopped into the shower, hoping that I only took 15 minutes to shower and ‘spank my monkey’. Raymond ‘Ray’ Charlie Edwards. Origins unknown. Parents unknown. Currently living with foster parents Peter and Paul Edwards. Both Paul and Peter are lead scientists at Elematrix, mostly involved in rather ‘inhumane’ experiments. Ray, on the other hand, is an enigma. No one knows where he comes from and who his parents are. He’s been seen entering and leaving Elematrix since he was 7 years old and was adopted by the Edwards at age 9. He has never dated and never had any friends at his old school. He was labelled a ‘weirdo’ and a ‘creep’ due to his actions. He has a huge crush on Tom that runs a little deeper than one would like to know. “Raymond, come down and grab some breakfast before you head to school,” Paul said as he passed my room on his way to go downstairs and have breakfast. Breakfast at this household is more business-like than warm and fuzzy like most families. All we do is relay any messages we deem important to one another. Thereafter, I just leave and so do they. There is no real love between us, just 2 scientists and their former ‘lab rat’. Sometimes I wonder if they keep me only to please Ms Oakley. Anyways, all negative things aside, I got to school and saw Tom locked in a heated altercation (well at least that’s what it looked like) with the current 3rd seat, James Wright. I’ve never really liked the guy. His attitude sucks and he’s been ignoring my Tom since day one. Tom on the other hand is perfect in all aspects. He just exudes this confidence and that white hair is such a turn on. Today, his eyes are a beautiful shade of blue as opposed to the brown they were yesterday. How do I know all this? I may have a small obsession, that’s all. It’s not like I can’t live without the guy… Anyways, today I am in the advanced classes because I want to partake in this years Elemental Games but only because Tom is entering which means he’ll be in my class today. “There goes my chance to try speak to him,” I thought to myself as he went to sit on the opposite side of the class. Five minutes after class had started, the ‘royals’ decided to enter the class. There is one person I dislike more than James and that would be Blake. He’s by far the most arrogant bastard and what really pisses me off is that he has the skill to back up what his mouth spits out. Another reason I hate him is because he was Tom’s former best friend and now he treats him like he doesn’t exist. Just because his father is the President doesn’t give him the right to treat Tom like that. After the teacher started the class and the introductions were complete (I already knew about Tom’s powers and when he placed me on the ground, it took a lot of effort to hold back some sexual desires I wanted to express to him. “He finally noticed me!” I thought excitedly as I glanced over at him when he went to take his seat. The teacher decided that we’d have a mini tournament to test out our strength. I paired up with Tom who was actually surprised to see someone pair up with him. Like I’d ever NOT pair up with Tom… Anyways, Tom went up to draw, I looked over to James, not really noticing that I was glaring at the guy. When he noticed that I was glaring at him, he also glared back at me. I could sense Tom return but before I turned away, James did first, as if he was avoiding Tom. “Probably can’t handle my angel’s beauty anyways,” I thought as I turned my attention to Tom. He looked a little pale and when he told me why, I sort of understood. Our first opponents would be Blake and Janie. “Just fucking great…” I fumed internally as I looked over at the pair. Blake had this smug look and Janie looked like she’d just won the lottery. I’m pretty sure they were both elated to face off against the guy who insulted Blake and the guy who was once Blake’s best friend and now seems stronger than Blake. I turned back to Tom to comfort him and try and encourage him about the match but it looked like he was too nervous to hear me. “It’s probably his first time using his powers against people,” I thought as I tried to read his expression. “Alright boys and girls, now that the teams have been chosen, it’s time to begin today’s matches! Can Tom, Ray, Blake and Janie please enter the arena?” Ms Elkins said, starting the mini tournament. “SHOWTIME!” I thought to myself as I hyped myself up and entered the arena. *Meanwhile, on a planet, 5 light years away from Tom’s Planet* “Prince Jordan, Prince Alec of the Air Kingdom is here to see you,” the butler said. “Let him in. I have much to discuss with him!” Prince Jordan commanded as the butler opened the door to let the other prince in and take his leave. “Babe, how are you doing on this fine day?” Prince Alec asked as he advanced toward Prince Jordan. “I’d prefer it if you called me Jordan, thank you very much. Please take a seat, we have much to discuss,” Jordan said as he turned to face Alec. “As you know, the planet you, not so long ago, removed me from has recently sprung up on our radar and it seems to be emitting the exact same energy signature as our planet, meaning that they have successfully managed to merge their DNA with our own. This presents a huge problem as the Water and Fire kingdoms are displeased that such ‘low-life scum’ has managed to replicate and infuse our sacred DNA with their own. The reason for this meeting is that I am proposing we send a message to this world and let them know that in exactly 6 months, we will descend upon them and wipe them out, unless they agree to partake in a tournament for their survival. The Fire and Water kingdoms have already accepted this proposal and I was wondering if you, as the Prince of the Air kingdom, would like to travel with me and the other princes to this planet and personally deliver this message? We’d also get to stop by at the location where the energy seems to be most dense and personally deliver a separate message. Are you in?” Alec looked at Jordan and smiled a rather sinister smile. “I would enjoy nothing more than to go and show these lesser beings what true power looks like,” Alec said as he stood up to shake Jordan’s hand. “We leave in 5 minutes. Meet up by the teleportation pad and well set off then.” Jordan said as he faced away from Alec, essentially dismissing the other prince. “Yes, your Highness,” Alec said mockingly as he walked out of the room. Jordan looked out the window as he thought about the boy he left on the planet and was wondering how he was doing. He also hoped to meet with him just to see how he was doing. Realizing it was almost time, he put on his robe and walked out the door, toward the teleportation pad that would take him to see his former ‘lover’ once again.

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