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    James Aaron Wright

    *James’ POV* “JAMES! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THAT FUCKING BED AND INTO THE SHOWER!” his older brother screamed through his door. “CORY ANTHONY WRIGHT! YOU WILL NOT USE SUCH LANGUAGE FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIVE UNDER THIS ROOF!” his grandmother shouted, coercing an apology out of Cory. “The people in this house are fucking insane!” I fumed internally as I jumped out of bed and went to his bathroom to take a shower. James Aaron Wright. Son of Angela and Matthew Wright. Grandchild of Amy and Alexander Wright and the little brother of Cory Anthony Wright, is a 16-year-old boy who attends Elemental High School. He is currently number three in the Junior Elemental Division and specializes in both earth and air manipulation. He was a bright, fun, outgoing boy until a certain event occurred that took away his light and plunged him into darkness. About a week after Tom’s return, his parents who were scientists for Elematrix, were brutally murdered and Ms Oakley, the CEO of the company and current Vice-President, covered it up and called it a 'robbery gone wrong' and nothing more was said. She threatened their household and paid them money to never utter a word about this. Ever since then, James has had a vendetta against the Oakley’s and Tom was the only person he could use as a venting outlet. After taking my shower, I headed downstairs to eat breakfast with the family. To my surprise, it's just me and Cory in the kitchen. Cory, my only sibling, is 23-years-old and he is an earthbender. He just completed his studies and is pursuing the route my parents once took. I’ve been trying to talk him out of it but he is as stubborn as I am when he’s made up his mind. “I want to find out what happened to our parents, James. I just want closure for you because I can see this hurts you to the point that you don’t want to make friends. You treat everyone like an enemy and such an outlook in life will lead you to become lonely one day.” “But what if you die trying to find out the truth? You know how powerful she is. She could get you killed and cover the whole thing up like your life didn’t matter. That lady is pure evil and she always gets what she wants.” “This discussion is over James. I start working there today and there’s nothing you can do about it.” He said to once again end our morning bickering. “I constantly fear for his life. He’s always been sticking out his neck to ensure I don’t get hurt. He is the only reason I participated in the games last year and am still in school. He’s always fighting for me and I love him for that, even if we disagree at times,” I thought to myself as a smile enveloped my face. My brother saw this and returned with a warm smile of his own. “Well, I better head out. I’m still a low-level grunt at the office and I still have to do all the grunt work. It’ll be a while before I can even work in the lab and even longer before I can get to the more restricted areas. Have a good day little brother. Love ya!” my brother shouted as he rushed to the door. “Hey Cory, I love you and hope you have a great first day, even if you work as a grunt,” I replied with a warm smile on my face. That would probably be the last smile until I get back to the house from school today. I left the house while my grandparents were still in their room. They had a late night last night, so I’ll let them rest a bit. Besides, I need a walk to freshen me up. “Today’s going to be a great day, even if it’s only day 2 of school. I’ll avoid Tom Oakley and have myself an even better day if that happens,” I muttered to myself as I neared the school. I activated my façade and walked into school. What is the façade I put on when I get here? Well, I pretend to hate everyone in sight and that keeps people away from me. Win-win situation for everyone. “Oh great, my day has already been ruined because the person I was avoiding is currently leaning on my locker,” I thought to myself as I neared my locker. There’s nothing wrong with Tom really. I actually have the biggest crush on him but him being related to that evil bitch is what makes me this bitter. There was a time during the first day where I wanted to greet him, even if it wasn’t too polite. I think I fucked up my chance to do so when I started giving him my award-winning death glares which even keep teachers away from me. I walked up to my locker and in the rudest way possible, I ‘asked’ him to move. “I am such an amazing flirt!” I mocked myself as I saw him slightly flinch when I spoke but then he did something that completely surprised me. He ignored my rude approach and tried to make me an acquaintance. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!!! Why was he being nice to me even after I rudely approached me. I was rude to him again, hoping he’d back off, but not even that shook him enough to get him to walk away. “He’s persistent and stubborn. I think I like him even more now but I can’t ever show that. He’s the enemy and I cannot fraternise with the enemy!” I thought to myself as I rudely walked away from the scene. As I looked back after I’d put some considerable distance between the two of us I saw a guy about our age, watching Tom with the look I’d probably have if I wasn’t so ‘angry’ with him. “Who the fuck is that guy? And what’s with that creepy look he has on his face?” I questioned myself as I walked away toward the ‘meeting’ spot. Every morning, us as the 5 members of the top ten meet up to discuss practice times and also to walk together to our first class like a pack of damned wolves. We always walk in late to get major attention, but I’d prefer it if I could arrive early so I could avoid attention. Besides, I’m not the most sociable person in the class as I don’t really present a welcoming face. “On well, sacrifices must be made in order for me to avoid people,” I thought to myself as I walked into the class. “WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING HERE?!!?” I thought, almost losing my façade and making an ass of myself as I walked int the class. “To make matters worse, he’s taken a seat next to mine so I can’t avoid him whatsoever. So much for a great day… Wait, isn’t that the guy from earlier? He’s in this class?” I thought as I went to my seat. “Oh fuck, he’s got that sexy as smile on his face. I need to say something before I completely melt and lose my composure,”. “What the fuck are you grinning about?” I asked in my most menacing voice. “Way to go, James. Now you’ve gone and shown you actually dislike him and that’s really not the case,” I fumed as I took my seat next to him. The teacher began the class by asking the newcomers to introduce themselves. The first person to go up was that creepy guy from earlier. His name is Raymond and he’s a dual elemental like me, Cameron and Blake. I need to keep an eye on that bastard. I don’t like him at all. He gives off this weird aura that doesn't sit well with me. After him was Tom, and my oh my, did he give us all a shock. Who knew a person could manipulate all 4 elements with such ease? Blake is probably jealous of his former friend’s achievement and intimidated, judging by the look on his face. “Wonder what broke them up as friends, but more importantly, how can Tom manipulate 4 elements? My parents vaguely spoke of something like this a few days before their death and it seemed to be stressing them. I wonder…” We were told to pair up and await further instructions. I was so tempted to pair up with Tom, but then I would be betraying my 'way of life' thus far. I had promised to not get associated with Tom, no matter what. After I paired up with Max Wellington, the former number 10 (he lost to Janie when she challenged him in challenge month), I noticed that Tom had paired up with that creep. My scowl deepened at the scene as I watched him make advances on Tom. “He’s not worthy of Tom. He’s such a creep!” I though to myself. I guess I am jealous of anyone that tries to get close to Tom, but then I don’t make advances, so that makes me look like shit. “I hate that I built this façade at times. I could have been his partner, flirting with him and…” “Uh, James, I’m going to go draw a name out of the hat to see who our opponents are, okay?” Max spoke disturbing my train of thought. I merely nodded and went to look back at the two but only found Ray glaring at me. I glared back, determined not to lose this little battle occurring between us. As soon as Tom returned to Ray, I turned away so he didn’t see me. Max came back and told me who we were facing. We’d be facing Ian and Cameron after Tom’s match. “Also, while I was there, I heard Tom and that Ray guy are facing Janie and Blake! The first match is going to be AMAZING!” Max said, obviously excited to see how strong the new guys are and obviously to see Blake in action. I swear this guy probably has a shrine in his room dedicated to Blake because his obsession with the guy is borderline creepy. “Blake and Janie vs Tom and Ray… Interesting match-up.” I thought as I looked at Tom who looked visibly nervous about the match. Blake on the other hand, looked a little to excited if you ask me. “This match may be as 'amazing' as Max pointed it out to be. Former best friends and a guy who doesn’t like Blake. What a team.” I thought as I took a seat. “Alright boys and girls, now that the teams have been chosen, it’s time to begin today’s matches! Can Tom, Ray, Blake and Janie please enter the arena?” Ms Elkins asked, starting the mini tournament.
  2. Emanon

    Crime and Punishment

    Been waiting for you to release a new chapter. Great chapter by the way. Seems Harris finally got what was coming to him.
  3. Emanon

    Raymond Charlie Edwards

    *Ray’s POV* Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!! “I need to buy a new fucking alarm clock. This thing reminds me of the school bell, which reminds me of school and that is something I hate more than anything!” I thought to myself as I got out of bed. I had 45 minutes to get t school so I quickly hopped into the shower, hoping that I only took 15 minutes to shower and ‘spank my monkey’. Raymond ‘Ray’ Charlie Edwards. Origins unknown. Parents unknown. Currently living with foster parents Peter and Paul Edwards. Both Paul and Peter are lead scientists at Elematrix, mostly involved in rather ‘inhumane’ experiments. Ray, on the other hand, is an enigma. No one knows where he comes from and who his parents are. He’s been seen entering and leaving Elematrix since he was 7 years old and was adopted by the Edwards at age 9. He has never dated and never had any friends at his old school. He was labelled a ‘weirdo’ and a ‘creep’ due to his actions. He has a huge crush on Tom that runs a little deeper than one would like to know. “Raymond, come down and grab some breakfast before you head to school,” Paul said as he passed my room on his way to go downstairs and have breakfast. Breakfast at this household is more business-like than warm and fuzzy like most families. All we do is relay any messages we deem important to one another. Thereafter, I just leave and so do they. There is no real love between us, just 2 scientists and their former ‘lab rat’. Sometimes I wonder if they keep me only to please Ms Oakley. Anyways, all negative things aside, I got to school and saw Tom locked in a heated altercation (well at least that’s what it looked like) with the current 3rd seat, James Wright. I’ve never really liked the guy. His attitude sucks and he’s been ignoring my Tom since day one. Tom on the other hand is perfect in all aspects. He just exudes this confidence and that white hair is such a turn on. Today, his eyes are a beautiful shade of blue as opposed to the brown they were yesterday. How do I know all this? I may have a small obsession, that’s all. It’s not like I can’t live without the guy… Anyways, today I am in the advanced classes because I want to partake in this years Elemental Games but only because Tom is entering which means he’ll be in my class today. “There goes my chance to try speak to him,” I thought to myself as he went to sit on the opposite side of the class. Five minutes after class had started, the ‘royals’ decided to enter the class. There is one person I dislike more than James and that would be Blake. He’s by far the most arrogant bastard and what really pisses me off is that he has the skill to back up what his mouth spits out. Another reason I hate him is because he was Tom’s former best friend and now he treats him like he doesn’t exist. Just because his father is the President doesn’t give him the right to treat Tom like that. After the teacher started the class and the introductions were complete (I already knew about Tom’s powers and when he placed me on the ground, it took a lot of effort to hold back some sexual desires I wanted to express to him. “He finally noticed me!” I thought excitedly as I glanced over at him when he went to take his seat. The teacher decided that we’d have a mini tournament to test out our strength. I paired up with Tom who was actually surprised to see someone pair up with him. Like I’d ever NOT pair up with Tom… Anyways, Tom went up to draw, I looked over to James, not really noticing that I was glaring at the guy. When he noticed that I was glaring at him, he also glared back at me. I could sense Tom return but before I turned away, James did first, as if he was avoiding Tom. “Probably can’t handle my angel’s beauty anyways,” I thought as I turned my attention to Tom. He looked a little pale and when he told me why, I sort of understood. Our first opponents would be Blake and Janie. “Just fucking great…” I fumed internally as I looked over at the pair. Blake had this smug look and Janie looked like she’d just won the lottery. I’m pretty sure they were both elated to face off against the guy who insulted Blake and the guy who was once Blake’s best friend and now seems stronger than Blake. I turned back to Tom to comfort him and try and encourage him about the match but it looked like he was too nervous to hear me. “It’s probably his first time using his powers against people,” I thought as I tried to read his expression. “Alright boys and girls, now that the teams have been chosen, it’s time to begin today’s matches! Can Tom, Ray, Blake and Janie please enter the arena?” Ms Elkins said, starting the mini tournament. “SHOWTIME!” I thought to myself as I hyped myself up and entered the arena. *Meanwhile, on a planet, 5 light years away from Tom’s Planet* “Prince Jordan, Prince Alec of the Air Kingdom is here to see you,” the butler said. “Let him in. I have much to discuss with him!” Prince Jordan commanded as the butler opened the door to let the other prince in and take his leave. “Babe, how are you doing on this fine day?” Prince Alec asked as he advanced toward Prince Jordan. “I’d prefer it if you called me Jordan, thank you very much. Please take a seat, we have much to discuss,” Jordan said as he turned to face Alec. “As you know, the planet you, not so long ago, removed me from has recently sprung up on our radar and it seems to be emitting the exact same energy signature as our planet, meaning that they have successfully managed to merge their DNA with our own. This presents a huge problem as the Water and Fire kingdoms are displeased that such ‘low-life scum’ has managed to replicate and infuse our sacred DNA with their own. The reason for this meeting is that I am proposing we send a message to this world and let them know that in exactly 6 months, we will descend upon them and wipe them out, unless they agree to partake in a tournament for their survival. The Fire and Water kingdoms have already accepted this proposal and I was wondering if you, as the Prince of the Air kingdom, would like to travel with me and the other princes to this planet and personally deliver this message? We’d also get to stop by at the location where the energy seems to be most dense and personally deliver a separate message. Are you in?” Alec looked at Jordan and smiled a rather sinister smile. “I would enjoy nothing more than to go and show these lesser beings what true power looks like,” Alec said as he stood up to shake Jordan’s hand. “We leave in 5 minutes. Meet up by the teleportation pad and well set off then.” Jordan said as he faced away from Alec, essentially dismissing the other prince. “Yes, your Highness,” Alec said mockingly as he walked out of the room. Jordan looked out the window as he thought about the boy he left on the planet and was wondering how he was doing. He also hoped to meet with him just to see how he was doing. Realizing it was almost time, he put on his robe and walked out the door, toward the teleportation pad that would take him to see his former ‘lover’ once again.
  4. Emanon

    The Year I Stopped Being Invisible

    A beautiful story, with epic highs and really dark low. It's beautifully written and the songs in certain chapters just add an extra dimension to how the story should be read.
  5. Emanon

    Chapter 7

    I've BEEN waiting for some progress between the two.😍 Another amazing chapter was just served.😎
  6. Emanon

    Thomas Riley Oakley

    *Tom’s POV* “Well, that was smooth. Congratulations Tom, you probably just blew your only chance.” I thought to myself as I headed to class after leaving Jay and Leena where the ‘fight’ had occurred. I still thought that I had done nothing whatsoever to incur such a wrath but I guess I probably did something before my ‘return’ to make James hate me, but what would that be? I wasn’t that popular before the gap in my memory appeared so, that couldn’t be it. I never made enemies or anything. In fact, I didn’t even know the guy as he only transferred here yesterday. What have I done to James to make him so angry? “Whatever, I’ll just try again tomorrow after he hopefully lets off some steam,” I decided as I continued to the advanced classes. Thomas ‘Tom’ Riley Oakley. Son of Natalie Amber Oakley, father unknown. Grandparents unknown. Tom’s life is shrouded in mystery. His memories begin on his 7th birthday and from then until his 14th birthday, his memories are crystal clear. Then with the abduction, which he has no recollection of, his memory once again becomes hazy until he is found on his 15th birthday. He had jet black hair and dull, grey eyes prior to his abduction. A month after his ‘return’, he discovered that he was an elemental and that his capabilities were out of this world. He discovered this when he lifted all the water out of their Olympic sized pool and held it 2m above the pool for twelve hours straight with little to no fatigue. Thereafter, he feared that his powers may be to great and that he may be taken in by the government to be experimented on due to his immense capabilities. He has trained since and refuses to let his powers slip, even just for a second. Up until now, no one know what his element is and if he’s even good enough to be in the advanced classes. I almost forgot, today I’m moving up to the advanced elemental classes where the top ten are situated. The name of my school is Elemental High (pretty unoriginal, correct?). It was the first school founded as soon as the elemental population grew to quite a substantial number and prior to the first Elemental Games being hosted. It is ranked number 1 in the world based on elemental expertise and the capabilities of the students at the school (weird for a school and thing that hasn’t existed for that long to have ‘experts’ already). Well, I guess the government is really influential if they can get the public to believe such (I’m sure you’ve guessed that I’m not a huge fan of the government by now). As I walk into my first class, which is advanced element manipulation, I take note of the seating arrangements and my classmates. Why did I take note of such a seemingly meaningless thing? Well, the top ten in the school are treated like royalty in these classes, so their seats are basically reserved for each member of the top ten. “Well I guess ‘royalty’ doesn’t have to be as punctual as the ‘peasants’ I guess,” I though bitterly as I walked to an ‘unreserved’ open seat at the back of the class. The bell rang at least 5 minutes ago and still the top ten were nowhere to be seen. “Good morning class. I’m pretty sure most of you know me. To the new kids, being those that transferred here due to their participation in the upcoming games, I’m Ms Elkins, your teacher for advanced element manipulation. Now, before we begin class…” “Sorry we’re late, Ms Elkins,” someone said as the top ten finally ‘graced’ us with their appearance. Entering first was the current number ten, Blake’s girlfriend, Janie Phillips. Janie has stunning long, straight blonde hair and really green eyes. She is rather slim, extremely beautiful (to the heterosexual guys that is) and stands at a height of 1.8m. I wasn’t particularly surprised by her appearance as she was pretty bad-ass and had quite some skill. Just because I didn’t particularly like her doesn’t mean that I couldn’t acknowledge her skill. It was her presence that I couldn’t stomach. Oh, Janie is an earthbender whose capabilities have further evolved into allowing her to manipulate metal and lava. She recently began her training in manipulating one’s gravitational force, meaning she could make the person have their own gravitational pull (from zero gravity up to 5 times that of the planet’s gravity) with no effect on her, but an effect whomever she chooses and the earth she can manipulate. She may become quite a force to be noticed this year (note to self: keep an eye on her). Following her was the current number five, Blake’s best friend, Ian Cruz. Now, he was an interesting guy. Jet black wavy hair and warm, hazel eyes made up this very well built, 1.85m sixteen-year-old who’s a firebender. He is able to also manipulate lightning which makes him quite dangerous to waterbenders in combat (I’m pretty sure you can decipher that yourself). Since he’s Blake’s friend, he’s not really fond of me (a story for another time). After Ian came… JAMES!!! WHAT?!!! HOW?!!! I started squirming in my seat as the current number three walked in. Apparently, he recently transferred from our rival school, balancing the number of members in the top ten in each school, but putting an imbalance in power as majority of the top five was in our school now. Anyways, he’s here and giving me death glares yet once again. “I guess he’s still fuming over this morning,” I thought to myself as I cast my gaze to the front. After him came the current number two, Cameron Haddock. Cameron is somewhat odd. He’s 1.76m, has fiery red hair and the sexiest blue eyes (his eyes are just too much at times), but what makes him odd is he, just like our number one, is know as a ‘dual elemental’. This means he can manipulate 2 elements, rather than the common one. This trait is EXTREMELY rare and hard to either master or control. Cameron has total control over his water and air elements. He can manipulate each one to their maximum potential (water: can manipulate into ice and can manipulate the blood in your body but that puts a heavy strain on him and thus he avoids it. Air: he can cause the air to be as sharp as razor blades and can stop the airflow around you, but that is also rather taxing). And finally, the current number one in the junior division and my former best friend, Blake White. This Adonis is 1.89m tall, has the softest blonde hair and the most interesting eyes. Just like mine, they alternate colour, but only between blue and a soft, warm orange. He is easily one of the sexiest guys after my friend Jay (whom I once had a crush on) and was voted so in many teen magazines. He’s a ‘dual elemental’ with the ability to manipulate earth and fire (he also has the same abilities to manipulate both elements like his girlfriend, Janie and his new best friend, Ian). He has a black belt in karate, which has enabled him to dodge and attack in a more ‘controlled’ manner. He’s arrogant and can be very vindictive, but the vindictive side shows only if you’ve done something to hurt him. “Well, glad you could join us,” Ms Elkins began. “In future, can you please try not make such a grand entrance, especially when there are new students in the class.” “Sure, Ms Elkins,” Cameron replied politely. “Found the teacher’s ‘pet’ already,” I mused internally. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as internal as I thought. “What the fuck are you grinning about?” James hissed as he took his ‘reserved’ seat beside me. “Nothing,” I muttered while wiping the unexpected grin off my face and turning to look outside. “Fucking idiot,” James muttered, either not caring that I heard him or thinking I wouldn’t hear him. “My day just keeps getting better and better,” I bitterly thought as I clenched my jaw and continued staring out the window. “Now class, we shall begin class by asking the two new students to come forward and introduce themselves to the class,” Ms Elkins said finally about to start the class. “Can Mr Edwards please come forward and briefly introduce himself.” “Thank you, Ms Elkins. My name is Raymond Edwards. I prefer to be called Ray. I’m 15, turning 16 in 5 days and I am quite excited to be here. I haven’t really been interested in partaking in the tournament until recently, but I want to give it a shot and go for the number one spot. I am a ‘dual elemental’…” At this point, the whole class erupted and started getting rowdy over such a proclamation. “Another one, huh?” I thought to myself as I quietly observed Ray. “Okay class, settle down. You can all ask him question afterwards.” Ms Elkins said in a slightly raised voice to get the attention of the class. The class soon quietened down and Ray just chuckled at the scene that unfolded and then continued. “Yeah, quite a shock that you guys have another ‘dual elemental’ among your ranks. I specialize in water and earth. I hope to further refine my skills before the upcoming games and I wish to become the next first seat. Thank you.”. Blake couldn’t help but snort and arrogantly look down on Ray. “And just what makes you believe that you can take my spot, newbie?” “Just wait and see, Blake. You’ll get what’s coming to you.” Ray retorted with a bit of malice while he glared at Blake. “Great, he’s making enemies and it hasn’t even been 10 minutes into the class,” I thought to myself as I observed Ian and Janie giving Ray looks of disgust and contempt. “Alright you two, wait for the next student to at least introduce himself before you have your showdown. Mr… Oakley! Can you please come to the front and introduce yourself?” All eyes turned and looked in my direction as I slowly stood up to go to the front. “Great, my favourite thing to do, public speeches. I hate standing in front of people an introducing myself. Okay Tom, breathe and just get this over and done with.” I thought to myself as I headed towards the front of the class. When I made it, I suddenly felt aware of all the eyes looking at me like I’m a piece of meat. “Oh shit! What the hell?!!!” I thought as I started panicking. Blake was grinning like he’d just learnt my darkest secret and Ian was no better. Janie just had this awfully smug look on her face and James, well, he had his resting bitch face on and was glaring at me like he was daring me to speak so he could do something about it. “Am I really ready to reveal myself to these people? This could lead to a massive outrage amongst them.” I thought as I was about to begin. “Well, here goes everything.” “M-My n-n-name i-i-i-…” I stuttered as I began and the class burst into laughter. “Wow, you are such a retard!” Blake shouted as he laughed, tears rolling down his face. The class got even rowdier after his announcement. “Well that was a clusterfuck!” I internally fumed as my face reddened from embarrassment. “EVERYBODY, SHUT UP!” The whole class was instantly silent. Ms Elkins had reached her limit in terms of tolerating bad behavior and most students knew her bad side. She was on the committee that governed who was in the games and who was out based on disciplinary issues. The class knew that this could ruin their chances of participation so they kept quiet. “Alright then, Mr Oakley. Please try again. Also, don’t be so shy. These guys cannot harm you.” If only she knew that was the least of my worries. “Thank you, Ms Elkins. Alright. My name is Thomas Oakley. I’m better known as Tom. I turned 16 just a month ago. This will be my first time partaking in the games and I am quite nervous and excited to be partaking in this event. My element… Uh… My element… Hmmm… Ms Elkins do I really have to disclose this?” “Tom, dear, it’s important that you do so. It allows everyone to have an even advantage when we do duels in a minute.” “Besides Tom, what are you hiding? That you actually don’t have any powers and you’ve been lying the whole time?” Blake goaded while snickering at his own little ‘joke’. “Well, if it is really that important I’ll tell you,” I finally resolved while thinking back on what mom said on my birthday. “I love you my baby. I really wish it hadn’t come to this. If you really want to participate in the games, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure the government doesn’t take you away because of what you have.” I drew a breath in and let it out. “My element… No that’s wrong. My elements are water, fire, earth and air. I can manipulate all 4 of these elements making me a ‘quad elemental’.” The class was dead quiet for a few seconds, then everybody erupted into laughter, not believing a single word I had said. Even the teacher was amused by this. “Now, now Tom. I know you’re quite the comedian at times but you don’t surely expect us to believe you about this,” Ms Elkins said amused by the whole build-up and the delivery but not believing a single word that he had uttered. “I knew this would happen so I prepared in advance,” I replied as I ran to get the item out my bag. I pulled out a water bottle and returned to the front. I placed it on the teacher’s table (Who still has an amused look on her face) and I began my demonstration. “First and foremost, water.”. I pulled the water out of the bottle. Everybody still looked amused but only slightly. I then froze the water and turned it into steam the made it liquid again before putting it back in the bottle. “Thanks for demonstrating your element, Tom and for the comedy. You may now take a seat so I can begin…” She didn’t get that far when I suddenly produced fire from my hands. She looked a little intrigued by this, so she looked and waited to see if I’d continue. The class had also lost their amused looks and now traded them with more serious faces. James had even stopped glaring at me with a very curious look on his face. I continued and made the fire become lightning. I wanted to go even further, but this wasn’t the place to use that move. I eventually let that element go and paused for a little bit. I’d trained so much that this demonstration wasn’t the least bit taxing but I couldn’t let them think that. Next, I lifted a piece of earth under Ray because I felt he could take the joke well, and he did. He got a little fright but soon settled down and smiled at me. “He is actually kind of hot,” I thought to myself, making myself blush in the process. I slowly and gently laid him down and the proceeded to shift the air. I made the breeze coming into the class a little stronger and the to prove I was doing it, I made the wind blow in such a manner that it blew up Ms Elkins’ dress. She jumped and looked at me with a menacing glare as she tried to keep her dress down. I then decided to stop my little demonstration and wait to see what the class was going to say. Everyone was FLABBERGASTED! No one knew what to say and Blake looked confused at first, then a bit fearful and then had full on rage written all over his face. “Great. Now you’ve gone and incurred the wrath of Blake White. Hooray for Tom!” I thought as I cursed myself internally. “Well…” Ms Elkins began after finding her voice, “that was rather unexpected. Uh… Tom, thank you for that introduction and please take your seat and we will now begin the class.” She was still in shock after seeing me manipulate all 4 elements and the rest of the class wasn’t doing any better. They looked at me like I had grown a second head or something. “Alright class, for today, you can pair yourselves up and I’ll let you know as soon as you have your pair as to what the plan for today is.” As people paired up with people they knew or trusted, I just sat there and watched to see if anyone wanted to pair up with me. As the numbers diminished, so did my hopes. Janie paired up with her boyfriend, Ian paired up with Cameron, James found some guy whose name I didn’t know (not like he was going to pair up with me anyways). I was about to just sit there and wallow in misery when Raymond walked up to me. “Want to pair up with me? I feel a little left out here and us being the new guys, we should band together,” he said with that smile that I was starting to like more and more. “Sure. Not like anyone wants to be my partner after my demonstration. They all probably think I’m some freak cause I can do that,” I replied with a weak smile on my face, kind of upset that people didn’t want to associate with me. “Ignore them, man. You got me to partner up with. Unless I’m not good enough…” he replied with a little smirk that was sexier than his smile. “Can he not do this! Can’t he see what it’s doing to me?” I thought as I stared up at him, a blush crossing my face as my thought passed. “NO! You’re perfect! I mean- you’d make the perfect partner,” I replied, trying to hide the blush that had now claimed my entire face. “Cool then, let’s get started!” he said enthusiastically. “Alright, now I need member from the pair to come forward and draw a piece of paper from the hat. The name on the paper will determine who you'll both be facing,” Ms Elkins stated, moving the hat up and down to shuffle the papers inside. I moved forward first to go draw a piece of paper for our pair and when I got there, I dipped my shaky hand in. As I withdrew my hand, the paper fell, so I had to draw another piece of paper. This time I kept my grip on it and pulled it out. Once I unfolded the paper, I gasped at my choice. Our opponents would be none other than Blake White and his girlfriend Janie Phillips. “SHIT!” I muttered to myself. *On a planet, 5 light years away from Tom’s Planet* A figure stood on a balcony overlooking a glorious, golden kingdom. The figure’s attire signified that the figure was royalty. The figure was male. He had beautiful, golden, wavy hair that just covered his neck and a bit of stubble from refusing to shave. He looked up at the bright, orange sky as the sun set and uttered the words, “Oh Tom, my love, I hope you are well.”
  7. Emanon

    The Beginning

    2 years later. “In other news, 2nd Elemental Games will be held in the Capital Arena. Elementals around the world are hyped and cannot wait for the games to begin. Right now, we have the current junior champion, Blake White, here with us. Mr White, how does it feel to be the current number one?” “Well, to be honest, it’s a little annoying. Everybody in the junior division gives me nasty looks because they can never be as great as me. It’s just ridiculous for them to try partake this year, because once again I’ll win and there is nothing they can do.” “So, you believe that you’re going to win again this year?” “I don’t believe I am going to win. I know that I am. I have further refined my fighting style since last year and I know that no one is as great as me in that aspect so prepare to LOSE!” “Well, there you have it. The current junior division’s number…” “Wake up Tom, or you’ll be late for school,” his mother shouted when she walked past his room. “Great, another day in hell,” Tom muttered to himself as he got out of bed and padded across his room naked. He walked into his bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. What he saw staring back was a 16-year-old boy with rather oddly coloured eyes, white hair and a beautiful, caramel coloured tan. His eyes changed colour frequently, so today he was looking at his azure blue eyes in the mirror. He was quite the teen heart throb at his high school. He stepped into the shower after examining himself and washed down quickly and got out the shower, with no time to please himself. After that, he dressed in his 'preppy' clothes and headed out of his room after making sure his hair was perfect. “I wonder why I have white hair,” he muttered to himself as he walked into the kitchen. He had been a little self-conscious about his looks lately ever since a new boy enrolled at their school yesterday. He was yet to speak to the beautiful, blonde haired, brown-eyed kid. He had seen a him a few times but had not mustered up the courage to speak to him. Besides, the kid kept casting Tom evil glares every time Tim tried to approach him. “Something the matter honey?” his mother asked as he sat there, lost in thought. “Nothing really,” he replied snapping out of his thoughts. “Just thinking about the upcoming competition.” “Ah yes, the state elemental tournament is coming up. You excited?” his mom asked, curious about his son’s response. There was a time where he had been missing for a year, then a phone call came through to her with regards to her son. The police had found him and said he was okay. They had found him naked, confused and wandering around the edge of town, with no recollection that he had been missing for a year. He still believed that it was the day after his birthday when he had run away from home with someone he could not remember anymore. A few days after that, ‘elementals’ appeared on the scene. People who could manipulate elements. A few people thought it was a hoax, until a man lit up a whole building with fire that came from his hand 2 towns over from where Tom lived. Since then, more and more elementals appeared and it seems to have become quite a norm among society. Mostly, kids had this ability as many adults had rejected the medication to transition to these ‘elemental’ beings. Kids, however, were forced to take the one-time dosage. The element selection was random and you had no idea what element you’d get until ‘the transformation’ was complete. About 9 months ago, something was started by the government known as ‘The Elemental Games’. These games were made to test the elementals in combat against other elementals. Through this, a ranking system was developed where the 10 best elementals are displayed for all to see. The rankings should theoretically change annually (at the end of the games) but they can also change monthly, as members of the top ten can be challenged once every six months for their position by either another member of the top ten or someone who believes they can be in the top ten. “Mom, are you okay? Seems like you zoned out on me,” Tom asked, a little concerned about his mother’s behaviour. “I’m okay baby, just thinking that so much time has passed since your return. You look so much healthier than when I found you and I just can’t believe so much time has passed is all,” his mom answered, looking like she was close to crying. “Aww mom, I won’t partake in the games if that’s really what’s bothering you.” “No son, I’ve see how hard you’ve been training for this year’s games. Besides, I think this will be a great opportunity to showcase your powers since you’ve always been hiding them.” “I guess so. But I am scared. What if the government tries to take me away? What if this is too unnatural? I mean...” They were interrupted by a knock at the door. “That’s probably Jay,” Tom said as he ambled towards the door. “Tom! Ready to go school? Is your mom still here? Can you move out of the doorway so I can come in?” Jake said all at once the second Tom opened the door. “Well, good morning to you too, Jay. I’m great thanks, and I assume you are doing well as well,” Tom sarcastically stated as his friend proceeded to the kitchen. “Oh, stop being so dramatic. Good morning Ms Oakley. I hope Tom has been treating you well, because he cannot treat his guests well at all,” Jay teased. “Good morning Jay. Well, he has been rather grouchy, but nothing a mother cannot handle,” Ms Oakley teased as well. “Great. The forces have allied and decided to gang up on me. What a good morning it is,” Tom muttered sarcastically. “Well mom, me and Jay should get going. Don’t want to be late for school.” “See you later honey! Oh, and Jay, say ‘Hi’ to your mom for me!” “Will do, Ms Oakley! See you later at dinner!” “So, what’s your plans for after school?” Jay asked as they neared the school. “Probably going to go train a bit more and then sign up for the tournament. I’m a little nervous about partaking. Mom just says that I worry too much when it comes to partaking in events.” Tom answered. He started looking around for boy wonder as they entered the school. “You know, you’re making your obsession with him somewhat obvious,” Jay teased his best friend. Tom glared at Jay who had already left his side and had decided to go greet his girlfriend, Leena. The two of them are the HOTTEST couple in school currently with Blake and his girlfriend/whore Janie. Janie is his cousin and Leena’s former best friend. Jay and Leena started dating a month after Tom's return. The two had a fallout when Janie tried to sleep with Jay, who was drunk at a party but luckily Tom was around to prevent that from happening. Leena and Jay’s relationship was a little strained but the two of them really loved one another and after a month of not talking to one another, Jay finally took the initiative and apologized to Leena, in front of the whole school, for what an idiot he had been and told her that he couldn’t live without her. Leena cried and jumped into his arms, telling him to never do what he did that night. They have been happy since and that was 6 months ago. Tom smiled sadly at his best friend’s happiness, hoping that one day someone would also love him like that. “Uhm, can you please get your ass off my locker?!” someone rudely asked Tom, snapping him out of his thoughts. “Huh? Oh shit, sorry about that…” he started, until he saw who addressed him. In front of him, standing at 1.79m, with blonde hair, brown eyes and a nasty scowl upon his handsome face, was none other than the boy of his dreams. Tom didn’t realize he was staring until he noticed that his crush getting noticeably angrier by the second. “Do you FUCKING mind moving out the FUCKING way?!” he asked, his mouth spitting his words out as he spoke. “Oh, sorry. I zoned out for a bit. Uh, my name’s Thomas, but I prefer to go by Tom. What’s your name?” Tom asked as he quickly shuffled out of this guy’s way. “Why the fuck would you like to know my name?” he replied angrily. “Because I want to make a new friend and also apologize for standing in front of your locker,” Tom replied, ignoring the tone his crush had been using. “Humph, my name’s James. Happy now?” James asked, walking away from Tom before he could reply. “What a prick!” Jay exclaimed as he walked up to his friend. Having been one of the many people to witness the exchange between the two, he disliked James a lot. “Wonder why he hates me so much?” Tom asked no one in particular. Having heard his Tom, Jay quickly replied, “I’m sure it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with him. He has such a rotten attitude towards everyone. No wonder he is so alone.” Watching him walk away, Tom resolved to make James his friend, even if it meant continuously being insulted and shamed in the corridors. During the exchange, Blake watched the exchange with no interest but then he noticed someone watching Tom intently. “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” he thought to himself as a smug, evil grin enveloped his face. “Looks like Tommy boy has a love interest he isn’t interested in while the one he is interested in doesn’t want him. Oh boy… What could go wrong?”.
  8. Emanon


    “Jordan, come on!” screamed a frantic Tom. The boys had been on the run for the past two hours. Fatigue had started to creep into their bodies and all seemed grim. “Keep going on ahead without me,” Jordan replied. “I’ll catch up with you are the bridge.”. Tom, unsure of what his friend’s plan was, was reluctant about leaving until he heard the footsteps of the people they had been running from. He was torn between staying or leaving his only friend behind. “Tom, please go on ahead,” Jordan pleaded with tears in his eyes. “I’ll try distract them or at least give you time to escape.” “What do you mean by ‘time to escape’?” Tom asked incredulously. “Either you come with me or we both stay here together!”. Jordan sighed and lowered his head. “I wish it hadn’t come to this,” he started, “but I guess I have no choice but to use what I’ve always never wanted to use in my life.”. Tom, utterly confused by his friend’s statement, asked to clarify what he meant. “What I am about to reveal is something I have suppressed for years. I never liked using it and I sure as hell won’t enjoy doing it now, but you leave me with no choice Tom. What you need to remember is that what you see today, you are to never utter a single word about it as not a lot of people will understand what I possess. They’ll tear me apart and find what makes me tick. They’ll take me away from you and you’ll probably end up with your memory wiped so you never remember who I was or who you were even.” Tom, still not sure what was happening or about to happen, nodded his head and promised to never speak about what was to occur. What was about to occur, you see, is more of a supernatural experience for the people on Tom’s planet, but where Jordan was from, it was a natural occurrence. Jordan had superpowers. Well, to him, this was more of his mental capability rather than some comic book gimmick. Jordan had the ability to manipulate elements, but specifically earth. He was what was know on his planet as an earthbender and could manipulate rock, metal and lava to name a few earthy substances. He was a powerful earthbender on his planet, however one day, something he did got him sent to this planet, Tom’s planet. Jordan began by gently shifting the earth so not to alert the men after them. He was going to cause the earth to collapse beneath them but needed to ensure that they did not notice this. “What are you doing?” asked Tom, still confused as to why his friend was on one knee, with his hand to the ground like he was trying to feel the earth for something. “I’ll explain this to you when we get out of this,” Jordan replied mysteriously. After a few more seconds, Jordan had manipulated the earth enough for his plan to play out. Without any further delay, he let out a grunt and the earth beneath the men pursuing them collapsed and they were swallowed into a deep, dark abyss. “What just happened?!” Tom asked with a hint of fear in his voice. “Let’s keep going. As I said I’ll explain all of this to you when we reach our destination,” Jordan replied, a little tired of his friend’s curiosity. Before either boy could move, Tom was suddenly flung into the air by some mysterious force and knocked his head against a tree. Jordan, a little stunned, turned to face what his tribe called an airbender. Normally, they we a very peaceful group of people who preached peace, but before leaving his planet, he had heard of some rouge airbenders lurking around and causing chaos. “Who are you? Identify yourself!” Jordan shouted in the direction of the hooded airbender. “My, my, how you’ve grown, Babe,” the hooded person replied coolly. Jordan was confused at first, but then he recognized the voice, body structure and the use of the term ‘Babe’. Fear ran across his face as he realized the one person he tried to run from was now standing before him and showed no hope of letting him escape once more. Remembering that Tom was still there, he turned around only to see that Tom hovered above the abyss he had opened. It was then that he realized that he hooded guy was here to take him ‘home’. “Ah, I see you noticed my ultimatum,” the hooded guy remarked with a smug look on his face. “Return home with me, and lover boy over there will live to see another day, but he will never see you again. Refuse, and I’ll kill him and still take you with me. The choice is yours.” Jordan hung his head in shame. He knew there was only one option and he had no choice but to take it. “Fine, I’ll go with you as long as he is safe. Promise me his safety and I’ll go without a fight.” “I see no problem with that. It would not benefit me to kill or spare the kid, but I see you have an emotional attachment to him, so I’ll spare him, for now,” the hooded airbender responded with no emotion in his voice. “Can I at least say goodbye to him? I don’t know if we’ll ever meet again,” Jordan said while tears ran down his face. “Fine. You have 2 minutes then we must get going. I have spent enough time on this horrible rock. The air here is horrible and difficult to manipulate.” Walking up to Tom’s unconscious body, Jordan looked down at the boy he loved. “I love you,” he whispered before he kissed Tom’s forehead and walked away from Tom and took off to go back to his planet Tom woke up a few minutes after Jordan had left. “Jordan? Jordan??? JORDAN???!!!” he screamed as he suddenly realized that he was all alone and Jordan was nowhere in sight. His head hurt and he had no idea why. He just remembers that Jordan had opened the massive hole, that he was now sitting next to and then everything else was black. He then came to the suddenly realization that he was still sitting next to the massive abyss created by his friend and quickly stepped away from it. "What’s going on here and where the hell is Jordan?" he thought to himself. Dusting himself off, he decided to head home. Tired, alone, confused and missing his best friend, he started crying. He didn’t know why, but he felt like a part of him was missing with Jordan being absent from his side. After 2 and a half hours of walking, he neared the edge of his town. Just when he was about to embark down the hill to his hometown, he was ambushed by some men in black. He tried to struggle, but to no avail. They administered a drug into his system and he soon began to fall asleep and all the while, whimpering for Jordan to rescue him.
  9. Emanon


    It just keeps getting better and better. First Jeffrey saw them, now Sean sees one and had his first blackout. Intrigued buy whats to come. Amazing stuff.😁😁😁
  10. Emanon

    Making Frenemies

    His lie caught up to him quite quickly.😂 I wonder what August truly thinks about Andrew... Otherwise, beautiful chapter.❤️
  11. Emanon


    I really enjoy this story. Aiden is starting to come see a side of himself he didn't know existed and that's really fascinating to watch.
  12. Emanon

    The Elementals

    "I can't remember a single thing about a particular year of my life.". This comes from 16 year old Tom Oakley who seems to have been missing for a year and so was his memory of that entire year. Join Tom as he embarks on a journey of self discovery and uncovering what happened to him in his past while battling to survive in the present. Who knew being 16 was so demanding?

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