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    Retired College teacher, enjoying reading GA stories. Someday I may contribute based on having lived in almost every state in the USA -- Father was in Air Force.

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  1. misterwill


    One time, now a decade ago, I had a similar experience. I was journeying through Portugal, my boyfriend's home country, visiting his hometown and touring to a number of locations in that country that were important in its history. While we were sitting at a table in a small cafe, an elderly man of his acquaintance joined us and we carried on quite a conversation in mixed English and Portuguese, with my companion translating to fill in the gaps in my understanding. My two table-mates had a beer and I enjoyed a Guarana, a local carbonated drink similar to Pepsi, as I drink only a very little alcohol, and we were brought a bowl of snails! Now there is something I had never had, tiny snails picked fresh off the plants in the garden, boiled in a little salted water and served as a finger food with drinks. An interesting interlude to say the least. Oh, and they were delicious!
  2. misterwill


    This is an experiment with me. You are an author with whom I am not familiar though I have done much reading on GA. The story has great promise however. Two men of similar ages and proclivities, but with different backgrounds meeting on a relatively isolated island in the Pacific Ocean. I look forward to the interaction between them.
  3. misterwill

    Chapter 16 House of Cards

  4. misterwill

    Chapter 9 All In

    I have been reading GA stories for about two years now and I have found a few authors whom I consider being worth my time -- your description of the first sexual encounter between Kendall and Michael is the finest I have read, on this site or anyplace else. Congratulations to you as an author and to Ace and Deuce as characters for finally getting it on together. Can Michael now finally admit he is in love with Kendall. It may be too much of a jump to have him come completely out of the closet, especially considering his police employment, but it is certainly possible for him to admit the seriousness of his relationship with Deuce. Congratulations on maintaining your high standard of writing ability especially on this virgin effort.
  5. misterwill

    Chapter 8 Playing to Win

    I am beginning to realize that there is a great gulf in my relationships with men. All my life I have been cursed with sinusitis, which means that my nose does not work as well as it should. Oh, I can smell a skunk or a blooming rose, but the smell of a man as being different from the smell of another man is something I have missed in my life. It is rather like being partially color-blind, being able to tell red from green, but not seeing different shades of red as being unique. I think that having a good sense of smell would have been a definite asset in my relationships with men. Ah well, what is not there cannot be missed when it disappears. The injury Ace sustained as a result of Lanny's attack is unfortunate, but it could have been worse for two reasons. [1], it is not life-threatening nor even totally disabling, [2], it gives Kendall and Michael the opportunity to develop the two-way relationship that has been missing for the, is it six, years they have known one another. Your writing continues to be superb!
  6. misterwill

    Chapter 7 Changing the Rules

    I love Michael's mother. By the time I was a teenager, my mother had died and her place had been taken by my older sister. She became my support with my father until she married and moved away. I only wish Sis had been there in my relationships with my stepmother. My father's second marriage was the beginning of the end as far as 'family' was concerned for me, but that is all now long in the past, I am the sole remaining member of my family still alive. I am pleased to see that there is some brightness appearing in the relationship between Kendall and Michael. They are both such nice guys, they deserve one another. Now to quickly go to the next chapter, I love being able to move through the story without waiting for a week between episodes!
  7. misterwill

    Chapter 6 Double Solitaire

    First, an apology, on checking back I find Kendall spelled with two 'l's' and Michael spelled the Irish way, sorry about those errors, I will blame them on being an old man! Now to comments, I tried at first to dislike Chet as being an opportunist, but his generosity of spirit has changed my mind -- I now feel he is one of the good guys, and Micheal is slowly getting away from the big, dumb, Irish cop image I had of him at first. Kendall, on the other hand, needs to get off his high horse and admit that Michael is not being the asshole that K. would like him to be. Kendall could fall in love [lust] with Chet, pull his head out of his ass and put Michale behind him as an old affair and move on in life. But then we wouldn't have a story, would we? I think you are handling the emotions of the principal characters just right, and I can see where Michaels mother is coming from. She figured her son out many years ago. Superior work, Gary.
  8. misterwill

    August 2015

    I, as you are aware from my posting dates, am reading the CJ stories much later than others. That means I am a pig and cannot wait for each new chapter to be posted. I just wish I had your ability to express emotion through dialog😡. As far as technical or English errors are concerned, I compliment you and your editor -- the looser construction of your dialog is well taken -- people do talk that way. The only thing I still occasionally pick up is the use of a homophone, 'there' where 'their' would be expected for example. One of those per book is acceptable really. Grammarly is very good a marking spelling errors, but it misses homophones. I rely on it for spelling and my bad habit of putting in too many commas. Well, enough crap -- back to my reading enjoyment!!!
  9. misterwill

    Chapter 2 Know when to fold 'em

    You have an amazing ability to carry character emotions through dialog. I am. as you can see, reading this series several years after it first was posted and add an additional compliment in that an author very infrequently reviews comments by his readers several years after first posting. That you are apparently doing so is greatly to your credit. Once a series had been posted to GA it does not fade into the mists of the internet, readers come along years later and a well-written story is just as much of a boon five years later as it is when first posted. Somehow I detect a high level of personal involvement in the characterizations which I have read so far. There is more than creativity here, though there is plenty of that, do I detect a bit of your own history with the emotions you have expressed? At any rate, with just reading the first two chapters, I am hooked and am looking forward to following postings. Congratulations, well done and keep up the good work!
  10. misterwill

    Reggie's Journal

    This series of chapters demonstrates Ronyx's really fantastic sense of humor. Pay particular attention to the boldface lines inserted into the writing at more or less random intervals. I may smile but seldom laugh aloud about something I read online. In this case, almost all brought a smile and even laughter at some of them. The characterization of the several friends the hero makes near the end of the series is excellent as well.
  11. misterwill

    Chapter 12

    As far as the question about the evolution of man's butt wiping -- I can answer that! Long before the first ape came down from the trees, the great apes were known to grab a handful of leaves and accomplish that chore. I seldom laugh out loud at anything I read on GA, but several of your one-liners have been very humorous. Are they products of your fertile mind, or do you have a source for them? In either case, they are very well chosen and add a great deal of enjoyment to my reading.
  12. misterwill

    Chapter 8

    I like the twist you have added to the usual 'coming out' story. I experienced somewhat the same thing with my father -- he seemed to accept my walking on the other side of the river even though my stepmother never did. Unfortunately, dad died before her. He left a small inheritance to me with the majority going to support her -- that is as it should be. When she died, she left everything to the school at which she had taught -- just to signal to me what her opinion of my lifestyle was, so I can relate to the events in your story.
  13. misterwill

    Chapter 4

    'Finally, he ran towards the basket and sunk a shot' sank is the past tense of sink. The overlooked errors I have spotted in this chapter are minor, but they imply a lack of ability, attention or skill on the part of your editor. By the way, Stanley seems to be a great friend.
  14. misterwill

    Chapter 2

    I fear your editor is not doing the best job possible. I detected at least one error in this chapter that was passed over. The correct word is 'shoo-in', not 'shoe-in'. I know that is a very minor error, but an error like that interrupts the flow of an otherwise wonderful story. It is called a homophone, that is a word that sounds like another, but is spelled differently. Homophones and commas are the two most frequent errors made, at least in English writing.
  15. misterwill


    Antiseptic -- I believe this is the word you were looking for.

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