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  1. Chapter 3

    Bryce is a nice addition, but I can see so many things that could go wrong. And what is the motivation for the mysterious caller who has finally spoken...
  2. Chapter 2

    I'm enjoying all the familiar places, as well as the fun interactions between Chezdon and Jayden. They're a real pair... Oh, in Australia, thongs are what some places call flip flops.
  3. Chapter 1

    To be fair to Chezdon's father, there are more weeks of school holidays during the year than most people can take time off work. We usually only took one of the three term break holidays as part of our annual leave and worked the other two. Of course, we don't own a business, which means we have less flexibility, but even most business owners can't afford to take time off every school holidays. An interesting start. Sadly, I've had similar experiences in some public toilets in Melbourne. Not many, but I have seen someone lurking like that guy more than once.
  4. Anthology Flashback: Spring 2007

    This is one of my favourite anthologies. It's just so different to all the others that it stands out, and that makes it special.
  5. Chapter 14

    Thanks, Ron! A beautiful ending to a wonderful story. Just the right mix of hope and trepidation that reflects the complexity of Gene and Joey and their relationship. This is a new start for them, almost a reset to that day twenty years earlier, and they still have a long way to go, but it's starting with realistic expectations (at least on their behalf; Nicky looks like he's more of a romantic) and after mature reflection. I wish both them well for the future.
  6. In the forums and notification lists, I would like completed stories to be shown differently to 'In Process' stories. Some of us have a preference for completed stories, so having an easy to see when a story is completed, without diving into the story itself, would be nice.
  7. Chapter 13

    I sometimes feel that for Joey, it's deliberate obliviousness when it comes to Gene. He knows, but he doesn't want to know, and has pushed the idea that Gene may love him away. Joey says he remembers their school days as if it were yesterday, so he has to remember what Gene said that night of the kiss. I can accept that his own feelings have taken him by surprise, but he has to know about Gene's feelings. Joey is too observant to have missed it, but he's been refusing to acknowledge it.
  8. Chapter 1

    No one in the story is explicitly gay, but that's because the story didn't allow the topic to come up. All the characters have more important things to worry about than sexuality.
  9. Anthology Flashback: Winter 2007

    LOL. I'm not good with subtle hints. Sledgehammers are much more effective...
  10. Chapter 1

    Thanks, Gary. This is one of several short stories that I would like to return to one day. Brat's life as a foster kid has the potential to be an interesting story, if I can find the time, motivation, and inspiration.
  11. Chapter 12

    A transition chapter as everyone prepares for Joey's homecoming. Eddie's reappearance was a pleasant surprise, and the way Nicky and Eddie reacted to each other is a delight. My only question is how devious is Nicky? Can he organise that parade without Star or Gene finding out.
  12. Chapter 11

    It's the little things that make life good. Like being able to pee... Or being able to hold the hand of someone you love
  13. We have the genres and tags from the authors, but sometimes they're inadequate, especially for some of the older stories. How about a mechanism where readers can recommend additional genres/tags? Maybe even descriptions for really old stories that don't have one? This would need to be moderated somehow, but it would improve access to the older stories.
  14. As an aside, C James had a short story in one anthology that he expanded into a novel for Premium. So, it's been done before
  15. Timothy has a similar idea to me, in that recommended stories be based on reader activity. The "readers of this story have also read..." approach. Linking it likes or follows is one way, but it may be we can do it simply from the reading history. Short stories don't get a lot of follows, and I wouldn't want them being inadvertently excluded.

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