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  1. It might help to give an example. This is one I did recently. At the time it had no description and no tags: Suggested Description: Iain and Bryan have a relationship built from secrecy, pain, isolation and need. Despite this, there is still a secret that Iain hasn't shared. Suggested Tags: teen. no sex, coming out, abuse, friendship The above has been applied to the story already, but this hopefully give everyone an idea of what we're looking for.
  2. Chapter 8

    It only takes a moment, one misjudged action, acting on impulse, to stuff things up. Randy has a chance to make things up if he and Dean can convince TJ that their kiss was just a joke (though given TJ's lack of self-esteem, that will still be a challenge), but Carter has taken away TJ's trust, and at the same time, TJ's last safe haven. That's going to hurt...
  3. Photo taken by David Nadlinger, The University of Oxford Read the article for more details : http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-14/atom-photo-taken-with-ordinary-camera/9445288
  4. Chapter 7

    Parts of this chapter are interesting studies on perception and perspective. Previously, Randy was upset with Deanna and how she acts, only to find himself doing the same thing. He's suddenly realised that what she's been doing isn't that strange, after finding himself on the other side of the fence. Looking at things from a different perspective has changed his perception. Similarly, TJ's perspective on Carter is different to how Randy (and some readers) see him. TJ sees Carter as being protective, while Randy sees him as being possessive. We don't get to see inside Carter's head, so we don't know what he's really feeling, but given TJ's description of him, it sounds like Carter is lonely. How that affects things between him an TJ remains to be seen.
  5. Good News Thread

    I'm not sure if this is going be a flop, but I'm going to try anyway What I'd like this to be is a thread on Good News stories. I was surfing the Internet the other day and stumbled across the CBS Good News Page. I'd like to see if we can do the same, with a thread on just good news stories. As they state on their page, this will be for: Stories that show the best of human nature; people helping people, triumphs of the human spirit. I'll start with my favourite from the CBS Good News Page: Michigan Middle School Football Team Conspires for Touching Touchdown Feel free to add your own!
  6. Return of the jerk

    Is this the icon you're looking for? I'm sorry, but that icon has become restricted, so only those who are truly worthy are allowed to use it.
  7. Chapter 6

    TJ is emotionally starved, so it's natural for him to take attention whenever it's offered. But just like a starving man can eat too much, or eat something that's unhealthy, TJ is taking unhealthy input from Carter. Carter may believe what he's saying, or he may just be manipulative, but TJ isn't capable of working out things for himself. Not yet. He's been starved for too long and can't resist eating the tainted meal that Carter has put before him. I think the fact that Carter described what happened so accurately is significant. I suspect it's happened to him in the past and maybe he doesn't want TJ to go through what he's been through. That's a guess, because the main alternative is that Carter is a spiteful jerk...
  8. Chapter 5

    I don't have much to add to what's already been said, but I'm not sure it's Deanna who vandalised the locker. That whispered 'fags' in the classroom indicates there are other possible suspects. I hope Randy is what TJ needs to build some self-esteem, because I think he's going to need it. If Butch believes TJ has some weed stashed, I think TJ could be walking into a minefield when he gets home.
  9. Character Flaws

    I like characters that are human, that I can relate to (for the good guys), or that I can understand (for the bad guys). That means they can't be perfect. There are many types of flaws, but the easiest to write about are the emotional and physical flaws. Emotional flaws can be as simple as being shy, lacking confidence, having a short temper, or even being too quick to forgive. They don't have to be extreme, they're there to make a character distinctive. The guy whose friends don't understand how he can keep forgiving the bullies, or the quiet member of the group who everyone listens to when he speaks because they know that means what he's going to say is important. Physical flaws can be extreme, such as being in a wheelchair, but can be milder, such as colorblindness or diabetes. Other simple physical 'flaws' that are not difficult to write about include being short, abnormally tall, overweight, underweight or even being so fairskinned that they get sunburned easily. Each of these will dictate behavior in some situations, and that will make them more human. Thanks, @Comicality. This is an essential part of the writer's craft and shouldn't be forgotten.
  10. Leopard Spots

    I know, and I'm sorry. I'm working on a fourth book, but it's going much slower than I would like.
  11. Ben Goes To The Zoo by Hamen Cheese Kyle's younger brother Ben has always been different and has been treated as such. For Ben's ninth birthday, Kyle wanted to do something special for him by bringing him to the zoo. :nuke: :nuke: Spoilers Below!!! :nuke: :nuke:
  12. Chapter 4

    So sad... TJ's life is pretty tough, but he can't see that Deanna's opinions are not Randy's, or Dean's. We don't get to see what Wilson and Trisha think about TJ, but they're not as important to TJ as Randy. The interesting part will be how Randy reacts during the afternoon. Does accept that he's been outed, or does he play it as Deanna being annoyed because he's got a new friend and laughs it off? I'm going to make a guess and say that worrying about TJ will make him slip up if he doesn't acknowledge he's gay, but I'm hoping he'll acknowledge it if he's asked.
  13. Epilogue

    Thank you! This is the first story I had written since I finished school, and I learnt a lot while doing so. A number of people have complained about the guys getting grounded, but as a parent myself, I know we're not perfect and we make mistakes. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...
  14. Chapter 3

    TJ is ashamed of his life and doesn't want others to know. Randy isn't ashamed, but he equally doesn't want others to know who he is. The two of them are lucky that they're able to connect in the way they have, because it would've been so easy for each of them to hide inside their shells and keep the other out. Of course, if they had done that, we wouldn't have much of a story, would we?
  15. How to upload a story.

    You need to have author status to do so. You can find the above and more from the FAQ help page, in the Author section. https://www.gayauthors.org/help/
  16. Chapter 2

    Interesting how TJ stood up for himself against Deanna. For someone in his position, becoming a doormat is just as likely, but I wonder if experiences have helped develop an inner strength to deal with conflict. He can't depend on anyone at home, so tries to only depend on himself. When challenged, he doesn't fold...
  17. Chapter 1

    I'm late, as usual, but I'm looking forward to another Ron classic. The start is certainly engaging. Cute, even, if stories can be cute...
  18. Cheating? Academic dishonesty?

    While it is probably cheating, it depends on who owns the test and who takes responsibility for passing this information on. I remember being told of a teacher at my old school (back in the 70s) who spent several periods going through practise questions with the students, with a test to follow. The test was exactly the same questions... The teacher in question said it wasn't something they could do very often, but it was a deliberate decision on their behalf to do what they did. It was their students, their subject, and their responsibility to make sure the students learnt the material. Regarding what the student aides did, if they did it with the teacher's blessing, and if it wasn't for external qualifications (ie. it was an internal test set by the teacher), then, no, it's not cheating. However, that's a lot of ifs. That's why I said it's probbaly cheating, but it's not certain.
  19. Make us laugh!

    Saudi Arabian camels disqualified from beauty contest due to botox injections https://www.9news.com.au/world/2018/01/25/12/00/camels-botox-beauty-contest-saudia-arabia
  20. Chapter 9

  21. Chapter 3

    Bryce is a nice addition, but I can see so many things that could go wrong. And what is the motivation for the mysterious caller who has finally spoken...
  22. Chapter 2

    I'm enjoying all the familiar places, as well as the fun interactions between Chezdon and Jayden. They're a real pair... Oh, in Australia, thongs are what some places call flip flops.
  23. Chapter 1

    To be fair to Chezdon's father, there are more weeks of school holidays during the year than most people can take time off work. We usually only took one of the three term break holidays as part of our annual leave and worked the other two. Of course, we don't own a business, which means we have less flexibility, but even most business owners can't afford to take time off every school holidays. An interesting start. Sadly, I've had similar experiences in some public toilets in Melbourne. Not many, but I have seen someone lurking like that guy more than once.
  24. Anthology Flashback: Spring 2007

    This is one of my favourite anthologies. It's just so different to all the others that it stands out, and that makes it special.
  25. Chapter 14

    Thanks, Ron! A beautiful ending to a wonderful story. Just the right mix of hope and trepidation that reflects the complexity of Gene and Joey and their relationship. This is a new start for them, almost a reset to that day twenty years earlier, and they still have a long way to go, but it's starting with realistic expectations (at least on their behalf; Nicky looks like he's more of a romantic) and after mature reflection. I wish both them well for the future.

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