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  1. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 3

    Thank you for your comment. See the replies to Wesley8890 and mfa607. As I said before, I believe I am close to being seriously mentally ill due to my inability to stay away from the dark side and my writing is beginning to suffer. As I see it, this will be my last long story and it's only going to be five chapters. I am trying to write a longish short story to tidy up the ending of the 319 Winesap Lane series, but it's not going well and I'm falling into a general funk.
  2. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 3

    I once knew a pastor who was married to a nice girl, but he was gay and had been a drug dealer. He claimed he saw the light of Jesus, but in the end he tried to fight the "gay agenda" from the pulpit. Imagine two to three hour sermons on the evils of LGBTQ kids and adults trying to turn "normal" people, but that was after we left. Last I heard he had returned to his home territory and was living with a man. Oh, yes, the future does not bode well for Bobby.
  3. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 3

    Yes, this story led me down a path where even I, who isn't afraid of killing off characters, felt enough was enough. This has definitely slowed down my writing production, if not completely stopped it.
  4. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 3

    I woke in the morning and immediately became aware that Bobby was still in my bed. In many ways I welcomed the comfort of his young body although it went against all that I was trying to instill in my home. I jostled him and said, “Hey sleepy head, time to get up.” He opened an eye and stared at me. Then, surprisingly, he climbed up on his knees and straddled me. His young cock stared me down. “Suck it,” he said as he leaned forward, pressing his hardness between my lips. I pushed him away, refusing to comply with his perversion. “Get away from me,” I said. “I want you to have sex with me.” “No way little boy!” He climbed off me and said, “If you were decent I’d let you fuck me, but we both know you’re not going to do that.” “I’d do it, but you don’t have the capacity to appreciate what I’d be doing to you.” “What do you mean?” “Think about it buddy boy.” I got out of bed and went looking for Nana. I found her in what was to be Stan’s room. “Out, Nana?” I said. I followed her to the back door and outside. She found a spot to take care of her business and ran back to the door. “Good girl,” I said. “Breakfast?” That got her jumping with excitement and we hurried inside where I filled her food bowl and went to get water. Nana looked up from her food bowl and went, “Woof!” I looked out the back draperies and saw Frank Larson standing in the backyard holding a pistol. Other than the .45 caliber I owned, I didn’t know much about pistols, but that thing looked big. “Bobby, use the land line to call 911,” I hissed. “Tell them there’s a man with a gun in our backyard.” “Is it Dad?” “Please make the call.” I don’t know why I didn’t make the call. Maybe, I thought I could somehow protect the boy from the bullets. I went back to the draperies, but didn’t look through thinking Frank might see me doing that and shoot me. It’s surprising how time slows down in stressful situations. I imagined police cars pulling out of the station downtown. My mind measured their progress to my home. All the while I feared a bullet piercing the lock on the back door. Would he shoot and kill dear, sweet Nana? What would I do without her? I felt one of my eyes fill with tears. There was a knock at the front door. Was it the police or Frank playing a trick? I went to the door and looked out the peephole. It was a policeman. I opened it and he came in. “Go to a room away from the backyard and hunker down,” he said. “Come on, Bobby,” I said. We went back to my walk-in closet and sat on the floor. Soon, Nana joined us. “It’s my dad. Isn’t it?” “Yes.” “God, he’s such a stupid fuck.” We couldn’t hear anything until a loud boom seemed to reverberate throughout the house. Bobby got up and ran out before I could stop him. I followed and saw he’d gone outside. When I got out there I saw one of the officers holding Bobby in a comforting embrace. On the ground, Frank’s body was quivering spasmodically. Thankfully they had covered his head. “Come on, Bobby, let’s go back inside,” I said as I pulled him away from the officer. He was weeping as he clung to my side. I took him into the house and into his bedroom. I lay him down on his stomach, covered him with a sheet, and said, “Rest, I’ll be back in a little bit.” “I want you to fuck me,” he said. “Sorry, not going to happen.” “You don’t know what it means to me to be raped by my father. I want you to fuck me.” “It’s not right that I should fuck you.” “The hell with that. You don’t know what he did to me. I want you to fuck me. I want it to be normal like. Please, do this for me.” “We’ll see,” I said. I looked down at him and realized if I fucked him it would be as if his father was doing it. “We’ll see shit. He’s dead and gone and you’re going to fuck me like I want.” “Do you really want me to fuck you like your father was going to do it?” “Yes!” “Without lube?” “Yes!” “Without caring how you feel?” “Yes!” “That’s rape child and I will not do it.” “Fuck me!” “Okay, when the police leave.” “Yes!” I went outside and the medics were putting Frank into a body bag. The police had gotten the hose out and were spraying the grass to dilute the blood and brain matter. “The boy was naked,” one of the police said. “He was whipped by his parents and is more comfortable without clothes,” I said. “Plus, the clothes they sent aren’t sufficient for him to wear.” “This man, who was he?” another policeman asked. “The boy’s father,” I said. “I don’t understand.” “He hated Bobby because he is gay. I suspect he came here to kill him.” “That’s sick.” “Yes, but it was also the man’s religion.” “No, religion doesn’t have any right to do what that man intended. To want to kill your own son goes way beyond any religious principles I know of. If the boy needs any help, please have him call us down at the station and one of us will talk to him.” “Thank you, I’ll do that.” They left and I walked back into the house. I walked back to Bobby’s room and said, “The police have gone.” “Fuck me,” he said. “Why?” “What do you mean why?” “Why do you want me to fuck you?” “Because my father raped me.” “Do you want me to rape you, too?” “No, I want you to fuck me normal like.” “Why?” “Then don’t. I’ll live with the memory of my father raping me.” “That’s a horrible memory. I refuse to leave you with that memory.” “Then fuck me as a man fucks another man. Like you fucked your husband.” “No! Sure, you’re past the age of consent, but I cannot do that. For god sakes child, you’re barely out of childhood.” “Fuck that! Fuck me like I want you to do it.” I went into my bedroom where I took off my clothes. I went into the bathroom and spread some lube on my hardening cock. Then I went back to Bobby’s room. “Turn over onto your back.” He looked up at me and did that. “Pull your legs up until your knees are over your chest. I am going to fuck you as I desire. Do not ask for this again because I will not do it beyond this one time.” I knelt between his legs and placed the head of my cock against his hole. He turned away from me, but I reached down and forced his face to look at me. “Stop!” he yelled. “No, you wanted to be fucked like a man and I'm going to fuck you,” I said. He looked away from me again, but I reached down and turned his head, forcing him to look at me. He struggled to turn away, but I tightly held his head. “No, stop!” he yelled. “This isn’t right.” I sat back on my haunches and looked down at him. “Do you forever give up your claim that I fuck you?” I asked. “Yes!” he exclaimed. “Okay then, go into the bathroom and clean up,” I said. “We still haven’t had breakfast.” I went into my bathroom and washed my cock. I put on my pajamas and went out to the kitchen. I took down a saucepan and took the Cream of Wheat down from the cupboard. Bobby came out of his room and, surprisingly, he was wearing his nightshirt. It wasn’t much and barely came down below his cock, but at least he was trying. He looked at me and there was much sadness in his eyes. He said, “When my dad fucked me I was on my stomach. Why didn’t you do it that way?” “When your dad fucked you with you on your stomach he was raping you, not fucking you,” I said. “I was in position to fuck you as one gay will fuck another. If you don’t like being fucked that way, I suggest you go to the high school this fall and find some stud who likes to fuck little gay boys so they know they’re being fucked.” “You’re mean.” “No, my dear little boy, I’m gay and I expect my lovers to treat me as such. You’re just a little boy who thinks I’m going to have sex with you just because you think you’re appealing. But, dear child, you are not appealing. You’re small, skinny, and have little to offer sexually.” “Why are you being like this?” “Dear child you want being gay to suit you, but you have to understand that, for the most part, gay sex is determined by the other party. You are small, skinny, and your genitals are insignificant. Even your ass is small and lacks structure. You want me to have sex with you, but you don’t have anything to have sex with. If anything, you might be a good fuck, but a dirty hole is all you have to offer.” He stared at me as I served up the Cream of Wheat. He looked at the off-white substance in his bowl and said, “What do I do with this? It looks like warmed over cum.” “Here’s some sugar, brown and white,” I said. “Plus, here’s the milk. Don’t over dress it. That’s enough sugar; now put some milk on it. You can stir it up if you want.” “We had oatmeal,” he said. “Hate the stuff and I won’t buy it for you.” “You know, this isn’t half bad.” “And, it isn’t slimy like oatmeal.” “Charlie?” “What?” “Will you fuck me again if I ask nice?” “I think we’ve gone past that. Plus, do you remember what I said about your body?” “Yes, but you can change your mind.” “No, I can’t. Bobby, you just have to accept the fact you’re not attractive to me in that way.” “Will you suck me?” “Well, we have a problem with that. In a few days, Stan will be coming here and me having sex with you in any way will not work.” “He could find a friend and go to that boy’s house. Then you could suck me.” I stared at him until he turned away and said, “No, that won’t work either. But, what am I going to do about sex?” “This fall you’ll be starting up at the high school. Be on the lookout for a boy who may be gay. It may take you awhile, but if you’re careful and watchful, you just might find such a boy. Okay, rinse the breakfast bowls and saucepan and put them in the dishwasher. I’m going to give you your bath and then take the paperwork into the office. If I have time on my way back, I’ll stop and get you some clothes. What size do you wear?” “I don’t know, Mom took care of that.” I went into his room and looked through the clothes they sent. It looked like they included his sister’s clothes and what must have been well worn clothes belonging to his father and mother. After sorting out everything that didn’t belong I was left with four pair of baggy underwear, three gym socks, five baggy t-shirts of three different sizes, no pants, and no shirts. I hated those people and was glad Frank chose to take himself out of the equation. “Are you going to give me my bath now?” Bobby asked. “Yes, I’ll run your water, but you’re going to have to do this yourself one day soon,” I said. “If I do, will you suck me afterward?” “Bobby, that’s not going to happen.” “Why can’t you just take me in your mouth and satisfy my need?” “Why won’t you simply beat off your cock?” “I want you to suck my cock.” “I cannot, dear child, because your desire for sex from me exceeds my ability to provide the sexual release you desire.” “Why can’t you?” “Bobby, look at me. What do you see?” “A man probably of advanced age.” “Honestly, now, do you want some old fart sucking your cock?” “No, but what am I do to?” “Take care of it yourself.” “But,” he cried. “It doesn’t do anything.” I looked at his erection and small ball sack and had to admit they probably weren’t going to give him anything close to an orgasm very often. I kind of felt sorry for him, but, equally, I wasn’t going to sacrifice my own principles and give him sexual pleasure. “Will you please suck my cock?” he asked. “No, Bobby, you can take care of it yourself,” I said. “But, I can’t! It doesn’t cum every time. Please, sir, suck my cock.” I stood up and helped him out of the tub. I pulled the plug and looked at him. “You know this is not going to happen,” I said. “I don’t care, just suck my cock,” he said. “I’m sorry Bobby, but I refuse to have sex with you. You’re going to have to take care of yourself.” “But, it doesn’t feel like anything and I don’t know why,” Bobby said. “It never feels like anything. If anything it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Why is that?” “Bobby, you’re just growing up. You’ll get regular orgasms, eventually.” “You’re not going to have sex with me, are you?” “Nope.” “Shit!” I went to my desk and began rifling through the middle drawer. Do you remember having something and putting it away in a place you’d remember putting it? I remembered having a clothing tape, but couldn’t remember putting it anywhere. Finally, back in the middle of my desk drawer I saw the probable image of a clothing tape. It was white and it was round. I pulled it out and was presented with my goal. “What’re you doin’? Bobby asked. “Looking for my clothing tape,” I said. “What’s that for?” “To measure you for clothes.” “But, Mom always took care of that.” “Oh, Mrs. Larson, are you there? I need you to give me Bobby’s sizes.” “Oh, very funny, ha-ha. See I’m laughing.” “Come over here and stand still. Gee, you are a small boy. I think I’ll deck you out in clowns and balloons. Just a cutsie little boy.” “You do that and I’ll kill you.” “Okay, I think I got everything. Let’s see, official paperwork, clothing sizes for the little boy. Yep, got everything. Remember, no one inside this house, especially your family.” “Yeah, yeah, I know.” “Bobby I’m serious about this. No one comes inside.” “Yes, sir, no one comes inside.” I left, hopefully assured the house was under the protection of Nana. The people at the CPS office were officiously uninterested with my submission of paperwork. They said they would contact me if anything was amiss. Even Beth Sommerfeld was busy in meetings and could not meet with me. Gloom hung over the city when I drove out to the suburbs. I didn’t know where to go, so I picked a big box store and went in to see if they could help me with my clothing search for Bobby. The sales clerks all seemed to be up at the counters and when I approached they all appeared to have something to do that kept them away from me. I was at a loss as what to do until I noticed a cluster of young people, seemingly at an age relative to Bobby. I went up to them and said, “Excuse me, but a friend of the family was thrown out of his house and I need to find clothes for him. I have his sizes. He’s a young teen. Could you please help me?” “What is he … gay?” one girl asked. “Well, yes, he is,” I said. “Does that matter?” “Oh, no sir, we’re cool,” a boy said. He seemed older than the others and stepped up to take control. He took my copies of Bobby’s sizes. “Boy, he certainly is small. How old is he?” “Sixteen.” “Okay guys we’re looking for smart teen boy in small sizes. Hi, my name is Devon.” “Pleased to meet you, I’m Charlie,” I said. The crowd of children spread out into the store looking for clothes for Bobby. “Are you sure this is going to work?” I asked. “Oh, I trust them implicitly,” the boy said. “Oh, if your protégé should need replacements have him call me. Give me your cell and I’ll enter my name and number in your contact list. I’ll be happy to assist him explicitly.” Okay, as Devon entered his information into my phone my mind wondered what kind of young teen used words like implicitly, protégé, and explicitly, all the while named Devon. The kid was a walking, talking, faggot from suburbia. I got out of the store without spending over $500 and was equally surprised none of the kids would take any recompense for their assistance. Devon helped me carry the bags to the car. “If you don’t mind, have Bobby call me,” Devon said. “We can chat.” “I live out in Twin Forks,” I said. “My dad will ferry me out if we hit it off.” “Sure, Devon, I’ll do that,” I said. “Do you mind if I ask you for a hug?” “No sir.” Although he appeared quite robust, in my arms he was next to nothing, feeling almost like a runner, a swimmer, or heaven forbid a fag. “You held me two seconds longer than normal,” he said. “Sorry, I didn’t realize there was a time limit to hugs,” I stammered. “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you just liked the feel of the material.” “Yes, that must have been it.” “If you must know, if my friends weren’t here I’d suggest a parking stall a few lots over. Men your age have said I have a remarkable mouth and tongue. I can take you quite deep.” We stared at each other for a few seconds and then he smiled with incredibly white teeth. I’d been right, again. Sometimes, we are so stereotypically true to form it’s scary. The drive home, via the preferred back way shortcut, was uneventful. Almost before turning into my cul-de-sac, I remembered I had to buy a bed and get a nightstand and lamp for Stan. Finally, after being out too long I pulled alongside my house. There in the middle the front door looked as if it had been attacked by an angry beaver. I pulled into the garage and turned off the engine. Bobby was right there, along with Nana. He said excitedly, “Mom was here with Connie and Uncle Ralph.” “Who’s Uncle Ralph?” “He’s like Mom only worse.” “Did you go outside?” “Are you kidding, she had a hammer.” “Are you okay?” “Sure, but what are you going to do about Mom?” “I need to make a phone call. When I’m finished, I have a gift for you.” “What?” “A boy. I’m pretty certain he’s gay and he wants to be your friend. Try on your clothes. Anything you like, you can tear off the labels; the others leave so I can take them back.” I went out of the room and placed a call to CPS in the county seat. When the line picked up, I said, “Beth Sommerfeld, please.” “May I ask who’s calling?” “Charlie Hughes, for Robert Larson.” “One moment while I check if she’s available.” After a few moments the line came on and Beth said, “Charlie, we must stop meeting like this.” “They came to my house today while I was out buying clothes for Bobby.” “Who came to your house?” “According to Bobby, it was his mother, older sister, and an uncle named Ralph.” “Okay, we have to escalate this. Be in my office tomorrow morning by nine, suit and tie if you have them. We’ll be going before a judge. We need to get a restraining order to keep them away from Robert. Can you make it?” “I’ll get in line with all the other commuters,” I said. “Good, we just have to make sure they can’t get at Robert. Damn, I hate dealing with Fundamentalist Christians. They’re so set in their way they think they can override normal laws because they have a Bible in their hands. See you tomorrow morning.” “What?” Bobby asked. “I have to go into the county seat,” I said. “They’re going to get restraining orders.” “Paper isn’t going to stop them. They’re going to walk right through your front door and try to kill me.” I wish now I’d taken him to heart and moved him and Nana to a motel in town.
  5. I’m at a juncture in my writing where I seriously think I need to stop it. The problem is basically for the most part I write violent shit and I don’t like it. I’m tired of having likeable characters die in the most horrible ways. For chissakes, how many assaults, rapes, and murders have to be written before I go down to the local sporting goods store and buy a pistol to blow my diseased brain out of my head? I suppose I could call my new therapist, but what the fuck will she do? I try to throw marshmallows, but bricks leave my hand. I tried to start a sequel to 319 about the remaining four boys in the house. But, I threw a brick and hit one of the boys; and, then the last he was seen crying on his bed with his pants and underwear around his ankles with blood and shit smeared across his butt and on the bedspread. After the police were called, he was found stuffed in the chest freezer in the pantry, near death from hypothermia. All my other choices for the next story are also chock full ’o nuts, bricks, knives, guns, homophobes, and every other evil I can think of. So, once The Angel of Retribution has finished posting, I’m going to concentrate on raising our new puppy. Sara, another purebred German Shepherd imported from Germany will be arriving sometime around the end of July/beginning of August. Plus, I’ll return to trying to learn how to play jazz guitar. I have to buy a new (or, refurbished used) guitar, but that shouldn’t cost over $500. I’ve got to go now because my attention whore (purebred German Shepherd), Nana, is begging to go out and chase cats out of the backyard. Maybe, after discussing my situation with my therapist, I can think about going back to writing. Or, possibly, she’ll just tell me to give it up until I can get the evil out of my mind. (Therapists really do not like patients who get suicidal.)
  6. I think I've decided to do another sequel to 319 Winesap Lane with the other foster children: Billy, Jamie, Ian, and Steven. Unfortunately, I see dark times ahead for all four boys considering they're now living in a group home in Lyons, New York.

  7. Whether thou goest: The story I'm currently posting should run out by the end of July, but where to next. So far, I've got three possible storylines. 1) After his father dies of cancer a young teen goes to live with his ex-Marine grandfather in a house full of ex-Marines; 2) A young prince is suddenly thrust into the possibility of becoming king if he can murder his three older sisters and their families; and, 3) While inexplicably sitting in the middle of a railroad crossing, a locomotive destroys the family car killing only a teen's parents and he is taken in by his grandparents. Or, maybe, I could go back to one of my earlier short stories and expand it to a full-fledged novella or novel. The possibilities are endless.

    1. BHopper2


      Number 2 sounds interesting.

  8. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 1

    Thank you for your comment. I really enjoyed writing this story because it was so uplifting.
  9. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 1

    Thank you for your comment. Like some of my stories, there always seems to be something unsaid when I finish them.
  10. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 2

    Mrs. Larson will be making an appearance in Chapter 3.
  11. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 2

    Luckily, we'll find out about "what Frank gets" in Chapter 5.
  12. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 2

    I can only say, "we shall see."
  13. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 2

    I woke and immediately became aware that I was alone in bed. I slipped out and walked down the hall to Bobby’s bedroom where I saw Nana lying on the floor beside the boy’s bed where he was lying on his stomach out from under the cover and totally nude. I saw his stripes and wanted to go and comfort him, but held myself back knowing that any physical contact between an adult man and a youth wasn’t permitted. “Nana, out?” and she jumped up. We went out and she did her morning job. Inside I fed her and gave her some water. After she ate, she returned to Bobby’s bed. I went to my office and placed a call to the local CPS office. “CPS, how may I direct your call?” “Yes, some people I know kicked their son out of the house and I would like to see if I can become his foster parent.” “One moment, I’ll transfer your call.” “Beth Sommerfeld, how may I help you?” “Yes, some people I know kicked their son out of their house last night and I would like to see if I can become his foster parent.” “Where is the child at this moment?” “Hopefully, he’s still asleep. You see they beat him and whipped him before kicking him out of the house. He’s in quite a bit of pain.” “Did you take him to an emergency room?” “Yes, Cross Lake Hospital.” “Do you have post-admission instructions?” “Yes, sitz baths three times a day and pain medication as needed.” “What is your contact information.” I gave her what she needed and she said she’d be out later in the day to meet with me and Bobby. I went to Bobby’s room and gently woke him. He looked at me and then said, “I’m naked.” “Don’t let it bother you. I’m going to see a lot more of your skin before we’re through with this. Come on, get up, it’s time for breakfast.” “Do I have to put on any clothes?” “I’d prefer you did, but since we haven’t sorted out your clothes, you can remain undressed. Cream of Wheat okay for you?” “I don’t think I’ve ever had that.” “Okay, Cream of Wheat it is,” I said. And, then the phone rang. It was Bobby’s ringtone. “Hello?” I asked. “What are you doing with my son?” “Frank, what are you calling for?” “I want to know what you’re doing with my son.” “You threw him out. What business is it yours what I’m doing?” “I just want you to know. I’ll come after you if you do my son evil.” “Look, you stupid fucker, you threw your son out of your house. You threw him out. You have no right to ask what I’m doing with him.” And, I hung up. “My dad?” Bobby asked. “Yeah, stupid fucker seems to think he can worry about what happens to you.” “He’s like that.” “Well, not with me. Fuck! I’m completely off with having breakfast. How about McDonald’s?” “I don’t know where my clothes are.” “Tell me what you want and I’ll go get it.” When I returned from Mickey D’s there was a strange car in the driveway. I called the local gendarmes and they arrived practically in an instant. “That car doesn’t belong in my driveway,” I said. “Stay here, sir, while we check it out,” one of the officers said. They went in, weapons drawn. Soon, Frank was pushed out the front door and I heard the wail of an approaching aid car. I walked up to the front door. “Do you know this gentleman?” an officer asked. “He claims you are his friend.” “What happened inside?” I asked. “He is the spawn of the devil and must be punished,” Frank said. “No, this man is not my friend. He whipped his son last night and kicked him out. If it weren’t for me, the boy would be on the streets. No, this man deserves everything he gets.” “That’s all we need to know, sir,” the officer said pushing Frank to the patrol car. “Hey! What do I do about his car?” I asked. “Don’t worry, we’ll have it towed.” The aid car pulled up and the two medics got out. I went inside with them. They went about their duties and finally asked Bobby’s situation. “We were at Cross Lake Hospital last night after he had been whipped and beaten by his parents. This morning his father somehow got into my house and I believe he whipped him, again.” “Yes, that’s what it looks like. The contusions are rather severe, but if you have care instructions from Cross Lake, you should be able to care for him without us transporting him to Twin Forks.” “Do you mind if I go speak with him?” “No, go right ahead.” I went into Bobby’s bedroom where Nana sat looking at me. “Bobby, how are you doing?” I asked. “He said he was going to forgive me,” Bobby whispered. “I let him in and he started whipping me, again. Nana started barking at him and she forced him out into the living room until the police came.” “Do you feel you need to go to the hospital?” “No, I’m okay, as long as you’re here.” “I’ll never leave you alone, again,” I said “Don’t be silly, sir, you know you have to go on errands until I’m better.” “Yes, but you’re not to open the front door unless I’m here.” “Yes, sir.” I went out to the living room where the medics were being guarded by Nana. They were doing everything they could to avoid provoking the dog. Little did they know she was just as likely to roll on her back for a paws up tummy rub. “Nana, go to Bobby,” I said and watched her bound into the hall. “Well, sir, if you don’t need us, we’ll be off,” one of the medics said. “I just can’t imagine how a parent can do such a thing to their own offspring,” I said. “Religion can make people act quite irrationally,” the other medic said. “Yeah, I have to agree with that,” I said. “Well, thank you gentlemen for responding to the call. It’s appreciated.” “I hope the boy has a speedy recovery,” the medic said as they walked out the door. I got in the Denali just as a tow truck showed up. The aid car left and I got out to ensure the tow truck had come for Frank’s car. “I’m here for a police impound,” the tow truck driver said. “That’ll be the Impala,” I said. “Break-in?” “Kind of like that.” “I meet all kinds in my job. Nice car like this and breaking in houses. You wonder what kinda job they had before they turned to crime. Well, at least they left it unlocked, makes it easier for me to roll it up on the bed.” “Can I put my Denali away?” “Oh, sure, let me get out of your way. Hey! Are you aware there’s a cellphone in the car seat?” “Do you mind if I take it. I think I know who it belongs to.” “Not the perp?” “Oh, no, definitely not him.” “I didn’t see it.” I pulled the Denali into the garage and the door closed on its own. I grabbed our breakfasts and went inside. Bobby was standing naked in the kitchen feeding treats to Nana. “You don’t have to feed her a lot of treats; she’s already your friend,” I said. “Besides, there is a specific feeding schedule as far as treats go.” “I’m sorry.” “Don’t be; you didn’t know. Do you have anything loose you can wear? You’ll need something when the CPS woman comes.” “I have an old nightshirt.” “Well, that’ll have to do. Oh, here, I believe this is yours,” I said handing him the cell. “Where did you find this?” “In the front seat of your dad’s car. Are you ready for breakfast?” “Oh, I completely forgot.” “How about I heat these up a bit?” “Yeah, sure, that’ll be great. Sir?” “Yes?” “Do you have sex?” “Bobby, let me tell you something about gay sex. It is very youth oriented. Young guys like having sex with other young guys. They definitely do not want to have sex with an old fart like me. Besides, I just haven’t been much interested in sex since Bill died.” “I’ll have sex with you.” “Bobby, I told you before you’re too young for me, we’re not going to have sex.” “But, I know I could be good to you.” “Look young man, we in an adult/child relationship. Parents do not have sex with their children. Period. Now, drop it.” “I just wanted to be nice to you,” he cried. Real tears welled up in his eyes and he ran from the room. Our first fight and I felt like I lost it. Too bad I really wanted him in my home. I felt like I could do him some good. It was hard enough being young, but not having support at home could make a world of a difference. I cleaned up the kitchen and went into the guest bath which I scrubbed and rinsed. I ran a few inches considering the smallness of Bobby’s body. “Bobby, time for your bath,” I called out. He came in just as naked as at breakfast. He said, “Please help me.” I steadied him as he stepped into the tub and slowly, wincing all the way, sat in the warm water. I made to leave, but he said, “Could you stay? I want to talk.” I sat on the toilet cover and said, “Okay, what’s up?” “Do you think I’m attractive?” “Well, as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” “Yeah, but do you think I’m attractive.” “Let’s see, we might as well start at the top. Your mop of auburn hair is quite attractive in its general unruliness. Let’s see about your face. It’s longer than broad with prominent cheekbones and a lack of acne. Yes, I would say your head and face are attractive.” “What about the rest of me?” “Well, Bobby, to tell you the truth you’re small and emaciated. Your skin is a sickly pale color. Have you ever been out in the sun?” “No, that’s sinful.” “Figures.” “What about my cock?” “To be honest it’s small and doesn’t have much substance to it. That may because of your general lack of physical structure or quite possibly you were just given a small dick. Shit happens.” “Do you have a small cock?” “No, six and a half, soft.” “Can I see it?” “No, parents do not show their children their equipment except under special circumstances such as changing into swimming gear at the community pool or at the gym. You’ll have sufficient opportunity to ogle when I take you to the gym.” “I saw my dad’s every time he whipped me and it would be hard, too.” “I’m not your father. I hate to say it, but that man is certifiably nutso. How’s the water?” “Kind of cooling off.” “Let me check,” I said getting to my feet. I put a few fingers in the tub and felt that the water had gone off. “Okay. up you get. Let me help.” He winced a bit, but came right up to his feet. “Look, I’m hard,” he said showing off his erection. “Want to rub it for me?” I pulled the plug in the tub and pulled the curtain closed. “There you can take care of yourself,” I said. “Spoil sport,” he said. “Call me when you’re done and ready for your ointment.” I went out into the living and sat in the recliner. Nana came over and put her chin on my knee. “Out? Potty?” She ran to the backdoor and I got up to follow. I called out to Bobby, “Potty break for Nana. Be back in a bit. Be sure to wash your cum out of the tub.” When I got back and had given Nana her treat, I went to the bathroom. The curtain was still pulled close. “Bobby, are you okay, boy? I asked. “It won’t work, sir. I can’t make it shoot.” “Considering you’re living in a strange house with a stranger and you’ve been severely abused by your parents it’s little wonder you’re having trouble having an orgasm. Come on, let’s get you out of the tub and I’ll get the ointment on your back. When we finish I’ll give you some cream that will help you have an orgasm. Come on, step out of the tub.” He stood on the bath mat and I put the towel over his cock to dry it. He stared directly into my eyes as his body shuddered. “Why you little stinker you played me for that,” I said. “Yeah, I did.” “Well, did you enjoy it? “Yes, I did and I’m going to enjoy the next one and the next one, too.” “Well, that’s going to be difficult because you’ll be drying your own cock from now on. In fact, if it’s up front you’ll dry it.” “You’re no fun. Want to smell my stuff? It’s tangy.” “Throw the towel in the sink. I’ll get you a new one.” “Why don’t you want to have any fun.” “Bobby, I don’t consider having sex with a sixteen-year-old who is living in my house fun.” “But,” and he started to blubber. “Turn around so I can put this ointment on you and finish drying your front.” I finished with the ointment and asked, “Have you finished drying your front?” “No,” he blubbered. “Turn around.” I took the towel and began to rub him down. I got up between his legs and felt how incredibly small his testicles were. I removed the towel and felt them again with my fingers. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Well, I’m not a professional, but I think your testicles are too small.” “What will happen?” “Don’t know, probably testosterone supplements.” “Will they make my cock bigger?” “Probably not. I think you’re a little too old to be adding heft and length to that little worm between your legs.” “Little worm? I swear I’ll make you suck it. I will, sir. Promise.” “Not going to happen, Bobby. No sex between us. You didn’t have sex with your real parents and you’re not going to have sex with me.” “Dad raped me when I was twelve.” “Oh, Bobby, where does this end?” “He’s already raped Stan.” “Oh my god, that man is an animal.” “I just thought you should know.” “Oh, Bobby.” I spread my arms and enveloped him in my embrace. So many horrors in one family, I could barely fathom the evil in that house. He started to cry and I took him back to his bedroom. I looked at what clothes I could see in the boxes and they were just rags. “Lay down,” I said. I covered him with a sheet. “Rest.” “Yes, sir.” At that moment the doorbell rang and I went to the door. There was an officious woman standing on the porch. I opened the storm door and she said, “Hello, Mr. Hughes, Beth Sommerfeld with CPS. Can we talk?” “Oh, yes, certainly, come in.” “Lovely home you have. Is Robert settling in.” “Well, yes, but I never realized what a bag of emotions teens are. The recliner is the best seat in the house.” “What about the sofa?” “You might end up with a German shepherd in your lap.” “Oh, I don’t mind about that. I have three at home. Do you have a girl?” “Yes.” “Girls are best, none of that dominance shit. We had a representative go out to the family home as they are in a different county. They claim that Robert is dead.” “That sounds about right. They’re a bit religious.” “More importantly, when the representative was given access she found a naked young boy who had been severely beaten and raped.” “Dear ol’ Frank. What a father.” “The boy is in a hospital now and will be there for a couple days. Do you want him? Do you have room for him?” “I have an extra room, but I can rearrange things to turn it into another bedroom.” “Very good, I was hoping you would agree to take the boy. Keeping brothers together is so important. Don’t you agree?” “Oh, yes, definitely.” “May I speak with Robert now?” “Oh, yes, though he is resting from his sitz bath.” After about half an hour she came out of the hall and confronted me, “When I was speaking with Robert he said that you touched his testicles. Why did you do that?” “After his sitz bath, I was drying him and in the course of drying his scrotum I noticed his testicles felt unusually small. So, I felt his scrotum with my bare fingers and confirmed that both testicles do seem improperly small.” “Very good, Mr. Hughes, you acted as a parent should. Here’s your paperwork. Please get it into our office as soon as possible. Okay?” “I’ll get on it today,” I said as I let her out. I went into the extra bedroom and tried to decide how I was going to arrange things. I noticed Bobby was at my side and said, “You’re naked.” “I’m always naked. What’re you doing?” “I have to turn this room into a bedroom. Stan is coming to join us.” “Stan? Is he okay?” “No, he’s in the hospital from what your father did to him.” “I’m going to kill him. I swear I am.” “No, you’re not. We’ll let the courts deal with this.” “Can I help?” “Yes, take that TV monitor off the wall and take it into your room. I’ll mount it there.” “Why don’t you leave it here and get a new one for me?” “Oh, yes, that’s probably the best way. I have to move the treadmill into my room and the recumbent bike into the family room.” “Why don’t you move both items to the family room?” “Yes, that’s probably best.” “Sir, are you okay?” “Huh? No, no, I can’t think right now. Stan was hurt and you’re hurt, too. Bobby, you don’t have any clothes on. You need to wear something, anything will do.” “Sir, come into your bedroom. I think it’s time you had a little lie down.” “Yes, a little nap.” The next thing I became aware of was lying on my back on my bed and Bobby lying beside me with his cast across my chest. I don’t know how long I slept, but in the middle of my sleep I had the distinct sensation of having an erection and the sensations of having a wet dream. I felt my trousers being filled with cum and suddenly my eyes opened wider. I looked down, but my erection had subsided. I stuck my hands in my trousers, but I was completely dry. Then I noticed Bobby had left the bed. I went into the extra bathroom and saw Bobby beating off. I stood there quietly and watched him. After a few minutes, he arched his back and shot small droplets of cum onto his tummy. He turned to me and said, “Enjoy the show?” “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Did you suck my cock?” “Did you enjoy yourself?” “I thought I was having a wet dream. But, Bobby, you know the rule. We do not have sex. Especially, with Stan coming to live here. Do you understand?” “Yes, when Stan moves in you and I stop having sex.” “That isn’t the rule. You and I do not have sex. Period.” “No, sir, we do have sex because you want it and I need it. I’m going to suck your cock because you like it when I do that. You’re going to fuck me because I like that. My dad raped me, but he forgot one thing. I’m gay and I like being fucked. So, tonight when we go to bed you’re going to fuck me because I like it and you want me to feel good.” “I can’t acquiesce to any of your demands. I am the adult in this relationship and I will not perform sex acts with you no matter what you say.” “Then I have only one choice. I’m going to call CPS and tell them you’re forcing me to have sex with you. You’ll be ruined. You may even be arrested.” “Bobby, you forget one thing. Yes, you may report me, but you and Stan will be put in foster homes that may not be to your liking.” “Won’t you at least kiss me?” “Kiss you, hmm, that’s an interesting question. Do you want me to kiss you as I might kiss a lover?” “Yes, can’t you at least do that?” “But, Bobby, dear, we are not lovers. You said so yourself. We are only sex partners. Do you want me to kiss you as a lover?” “Oh, sir, you’re confusing me,” he blubbered. “Look, child, you want to have sex with me in many of the ways your father had sex with you. He raped you and now you want to rape me. You can’t have it both ways. You’re forcing me to submit to your sexual demands in much the same way your father forced you. But, I will not submit to your demands to save my place in society.” “Why can’t we just have sex?” “Because just having sex carries with it the demands of good society. We can’t have sex as you wish. If we have sex, it will be without love, caring, or hope for better times.” “No matter how you say it, I don’t win.” “This isn’t about winning or losing, it’s simply about sex. You get your jollies by getting off. There’s nothing more.” “There has to be something more.” “Sorry, Bobby, but your terms of sex with me do not carry additional benefits.” We went back to the second bedroom and finished getting it ready for Stan. I was going to have to go into town and get a twin bed and maybe a headboard. Then I saw the need for a nightstand and lamp. I would go into town tomorrow and get all of that. I gave Bobby his second sitz bath and true to form he came up out of the water fully hard. He stared into my eyes, but I refused to satisfied his need. There was no feeling, no expectation of recompense. I ignored his youthful desire and let him dry his body. I put the ointment on and told him I was going to finish his paperwork and that he should finish sorting through his clothes so that I could go to the store and buy him new. That night we ordered in a pizza and ate it at the dining table. After dinner, Bobby asked what there was to do. I offered a video and we watched it. Afterward, I gave him his third bath of the day. When he came up out of the water, he was hard again and asked me to suck him. I told him we weren’t going to have sex and he stared bullets through me. I applied the ointment and said I was going to bed. He could do as he pleased. Not surprising, he followed me into my bedroom. He watched me undress and put on my pajamas. I looked at him and said, “Well?” “You have a good-sized cock,” he said. “Thank you, I like it.” “Will you fuck me?” “Do you need a fuck?” “Why are you being like this?” “Like what?” “You know, you’re making it like I want it,” he blubbered. “Bobby, don’t cry; children cry; you’re not a child. Now, do you want me to fuck you?” “No, not really.” “Now, go turn out the lights and come back here. You can sleep with me tonight.”
  14. CarlHoliday

    What Are You Reading Right Now? (Non-GA)

    Just received my first edition copy of Blood's a Rover by Harlan Ellison and his editor Jason Davis. This complete rewrite of the story of Vic, Blood, and Spike was just published. The joy of reading has been redefined.
  15. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 1

    The horror of Bobby's family continues to the very end.

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