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  1. Benji

    Chapter 2

    😎……….…..Nothing like renewing an old friendship! He he!
  2. Benji

    Chapter 1

    😎……….…………..Hmmm, how quickly Rick has moved on past Taine as if he just recovered from a bypass surgery of his heart. His dating girls is perplexing to me, it seemed to me that he was infatuated with Taine beyond anything and everything else. It was like he shut that door and never opened it again. His mother was really a piece of work, taking his inheritance money and spending it on herself. Oh well, good to see Rick back and continuing his life in College, thanks for the continuance of the story!
  3. Benji

    Chapter 99 Niagara Falls

    😎……….….. I think that there were little hints earlier in the story that also led me to believe this relationship may not last. Nathan's curious probing of a threesome question is an alarming sign of a yearning of further sex play (with no real commitment). Is Nathan bored with Robbie already? And in truth wasn't Robbie strangely more excited with Alex's domination of him while he stayed with Alex? Don will always be Don, just a stick in the mud.
  4. Benji


    😎………..Indeed a sad ending, I wonder what motivated him after 32 years? A great story!
  5. Benji

    Chapter 46

    😎……….………….It was almost like we were hearing a scene played from out from one of Taine's macabre written scripts. The forgotten long ago nightmare being reminisced of Rick's rape seemed to be a bizarre part of a chapter. I could see an angry Rick even a spiteful one, but I don't see coming with that.
  6. Benji

    Chapter 45

    😎………….I love Blaine's POV on his brother, it explains a lot of his recent actions except; 'why now'? I'm divided as it seems that Blaine is on the up and up. So the break up is all 'Taine's doing' with none of the 'other' family involved. I think Rick hit it on the head with Taine just wants to hide and fail.
  7. Benji

    Chapter 44

    😎……………..I thought the woof woof, mf was to throw Rick off. And they just heard about the dogs killing and wanted to gloat back at Rick. And Kevin in his fear didn't want any part of a crazed kid called Rick. There fore wanted no more drama upon himself.
  8. Benji

    Chapter 44

  9. Benji

    Chapter 44

    😎…………………….Well that had to be the suckiest explanation for a brake-up I have ever heard in my life. I wonder how much of Taine's reasoning was true or if Blaine did not talk him into it, after all we still have the mysterious stalker and animal mutilator running around. Blaine has not been exonerated of suspicion of that. Could be the attacks ere all aimed to break up Rick and Blaine, and force Sly to move. Could Blaine be that much of a manipulator?
  10. Benji

    Rick & Taine at the Hop

    😎………....Interesting little side tale, gives a different aspect to their relationship.
  11. Benji

    Chapter 43

    😎……………..I agree, the perfect, perfect hand was obviously Taine's hand. As for Rick's roaming eyes, I think he does need to be more careful, however given his mood, lack of sleep and the only thing else on his mind, I can emphasize with his condition. Good chapter!
  12. Benji

    Chapter 42

    😎…………..Well, continuing the dark path of Rick after being abandoned by Taine. Meanwhile Nathan had his taste of the other-side and is long gone.
  13. Benji

    Chapter 41

    😎…….……..Well, I'm starting to believe Taine about the evil that follows him!
  14. Benji

    Chapter 40

    😎…….……..Holy crap, what kind of madness is this? I wonder if Rick is suffering a psychotic break down?
  15. Benji

    Chapter 39

    😎………..……….Well. on second thought that wasn't a good trusting move Rick. When just a moment ago you described this guy as dangerous! What ere you thinking? Sign on fence yes, 'Warning Beware of Dog' You don't put your hand over the fence to pet it!

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