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  1. Idle Hands

    .................Wow, a lot in that chapter, Dustin acknowledges the truth, Billy is confronting the truth. And Brett is about to learn the painful truth. (and here I thought Brett was spending his time looking up the value of the coin collection ). This is going to be very awkward telling Brett the truth and painful for both of them. The mess that unravels from this confrontation is going to hurt a lot of people, I can't even imagine what Joey will do! Great Chapter1
  2. Chapter 11

    .....................Sorry, I don't buys Cindy's pathetic excuse.................You just don't leave your kid behind when you know how violent the husband is. I understand why she left, I'll never understand how she could have left Devon behind with. She most definitely should called the cops, no excuse at all. I really don't see how she can make this up to him.
  3. Bella's Birthday

    .......................Very nice chapter, no drama (unless you count Tony's family intro)
  4. Chapter 95 The Adoption

    ......................There is always somebody that takes things too far, naturally it had to be Nicola. The only bright spot of 'Robbie's' party is Nathan and Tom's participation, I mean what could go wrong with Alex's appearance?
  5. The April Fool

    ....................I always thought that Billy was the complex one, but why did he use his anger against Brett dominating him was never something I would have expected him to do with Brett. I should have known that Dustin's problems extended beyond just his father; I always knew his and Billy had a tight friendship, but never saw how close Dustin thought it was. Although I can't see another way around the Prom being run as dictate, it would be hard to see Billy just stand by and take it. But maybe someone else has a plan to deal with it, looking forward to more, great chapter!
  6. WSD Chapter 14

    ......................Ag, another great chapter! Is he planning to buy the whole island?
  7. WSD Chapter 13

    ..................I think you nailed it on Lloyd, he has a crush on Grant, I had hoped the other guys (Kyle) earlier would have brought him down to earth. I guess Grant is going to have to do it! Hopefully, they can keep their location secret from any other intruders. Great chapter!
  8. Blame It on the Rain

    ................Yeah, my thought too, except I DO believe he already knows,
  9. Blame It on the Rain

    ..............Well that brought quite things in a clearer picture of the deception and why the continued ruse. I think I'd have to agree to the conspiracy of silence, but now I fear it may be Joey that may crack and spill the truth in a hateful tirade at his father. Ah, I thought that coin collection would play a role sooner or later, and I bet a bored Brett will find out its total worth! Great chapter!
  10. WSD Chapter 12

    ...........Ah I see, I just assumed that when she signed 'Elspeth Wellstead, nee Patterson.’ she was using her lawfully married name, and she was the blood relative. Shame it was otherwise/
  11. WSD Chapter 12

    ..................I do wonder if it wouldn't have been wiser to prosecute Mr. Patterson first then deport him, it could have helped in expediting both the divorce and application for citizenship. Plus having his mug shot taken with a conviction of breaking and entering and burglary on police files in case of an unwelcome return. I do hope that Loyd is confronted by Kyle during the separation and soon apologies to Grant for his juvenile antics. I guess I would have liked to hear a bit more about the great barrier reef on their trip. (I understand it is pretty much dead now) Greay 2 chapters!!
  12. WSD Chapter 10

    ....................... Hi, sorry for the lateness in replying to the chapters. Great continuation of the story. Addressing Kyle and Grant connection? I didn't think so, however Kyle and Christoper was more likely to me as Christopher seems to be living with his (judge) uncle and aunt and to the unanswered question why! When you think of it Grant has not had a real 'vacation' since after his parents death. I was most surprised that the party interruption came from Mrs. Parkes, I don't know why, But I rather thought it would either be both the parents of Kyle and Quinn's, or maybe just the father, but I didn't expect just the mother. However I did expect the discovery to happen, it seemed to be preordained in these stories!
  13. Liars' Club

    ............True, but his father fears exposure more!!
  14. Chapter 10

    ....................From the beginning I called out Cindy's callousness attitude towards Devon's plight, she has no defense for her actions. in fact a psychologist should start his sessions by slapping Cindy! At least Jeff is finally understanding how deep Devon has been wounded, when is going to dawn on him how much damage Devon has really suffered, I doubt he has seen Devon's chest and back, I'm sure Devon is going to parade himself at those 'fab' summer pool parties. However, Cindy MUST have been informed by the doctor and how long the abuse has been going on. scars don't lie. Perplexing is 1) His grand-parents never contacted Devon nor his mother and brother. 2) If they claim otherwise, why didn't they follow through after not hearing from him? 3) His mother (Cindy) works for children's rights and welfare as an advocate lawyer, WTF!! I think Jeff will push for healing and not be swayed to let this slide.
  15. Liars' Club

    ..........................Nah, a repeat performance of the 'Harper Valley PTA' as desirable as it would sound, would probably do more damage then it would be worth! However, as it stands Billy won't be valedictorian anyways if politics has its way, Sarah will be giving the speech unless she does something very stupid publicly and gets caught. As far as Joey goes, if he does have the 'knowledge' of the affair and his relationship with Brett, if I were him I'd blackmail dear old dad into a summer job and money for college. I still wonder if Billy's father did leave him more them a coin collection, or if part of the collection is worth more money then he would need for college. Should be interesting to read further chapters!

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