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  1. W_L

    Managing time to write

    I need inspiration to write, I can write a full novella in days if I am inspired. However, I need to shut myself away from the world and sparingly eat, drink, or have human contact to do so. For me the creative process is one of absolute focus, like an arrow leaving the string, a writer can not hold back his imagination, our stories are an extension of ourselves until we hit a wall. Then, we must wait until the next arrow is loaded and ready for firing.
  2. Watching Syfy's new series, Kyrpton, the story of Superman's home planet and his ancestor.


    Pilot Episode is fun romp of DC universe tie ins, if you are a Superman fan, or even a Justice League fan (there's a guest appearance from the future).


    Problem with shows like this on a non-network station, it's hard to maintain good quality. I like the pilot and how it sets up central struggles, plus they're are exploring an area of Comic book lore untapped from interpretation to general audiences.


    Still this is no Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's a consolation prize at best for DCEU's failure.

  3. Lol, Gurlmance, Ponytail is sort of like an earring, it's kind of cool, but not all gay guys can carry it. Sounds like a really good friendship though. @Ashi, careful of the beefcakes, you might end up with a mad cow with too much drama Physical attraction hooks you in, but emotional attractiveness keep you coming back at least from my experience of gay romance and Bromance. If a person is hot, but he has a bad attitude, it's hard to stay in a relationship of any kind.
  4. Anyway, do bi/Lesbian girls have something equivalent to a Bromance? Maybe a Sismance?
  5. And I am the adventurous one for french kissing my boyfriend in public Real life is not a storybook romance, @jamessavik is right but there's more to it. When you become close to someone in a bromance, if there is reciprocation, the two parties might not feel the same way with each other. Gay/Straight are just labels we attach to one another, when some guys get hot and intense with one another, the gender question is the least important concern. The expectation of "finally I have him" after a long bromance of unrequited love is met with the cold reality of a One night stand. Afterwards, the friendship is soured and will never recover to a point prior to the event. There's nothing wrong with being in a bromance, but if you are hoping for fulfillment from it and get it, life doesn't always follow our stories. Sometimes getting your cake is not as fun as people imagine. I think unrequited love is a magical feeling as much as "true love" with a soulmate. The dream of love keeps the person motivated and the desire for a "chance" makes/gives motivation. It's something I probably will explore in my stories as I start to write again. Love is selfish and selfless paradox
  6. @Page Scrawler You got to teach us your gay jedi mind tricks It's not so weird to shower with other guys, like hot tub and pool parties among male friends meant a lot of us are just sometimes naked and engaging in horseplay. Nothing sexual about a bunch of guys naked together. As for male friends and snuggling, the only ones I know of who do it are gay, but I can vouch that I did share an intimate moment with a boy, who I had a crush on, under a quilt, who I still cannot figure his sexuality (like Jesse, he never has/had boyfriend, girlfriend, or as far I know been intimate with anyone to this day). Asexuality is something we're only beginning to chart in the spectrum, maybe that's the answer. A Bromance between a gay man and an Ace man might be more common than we all realize.
  7. Being disabled is a weird reality I never accepted, but my boyfriend did.


    Despite being blind, I chose to persevere through my school work, getting out of special education program and attending regular classes then advanced courses, and challenge myself to achieve more. I become an accountant, a very detail oriented profession.


    Being deaf, my boyfriend went through the special education program of the US education system, one that while well meaning, is not directed to challenge students. Like many disabled kids, he went through school haphazardly and is still having issues finishing his college courses years behind his peers.


    I know I am different, but I don't want people to look at me with sympathy. I have bank, retirement, and investment accounts I manage personally, plus I own and maintain a home (no small feat of upkeep). While I cannot shoot or own a gun, I still like marksmanship and own a crossbow which I practice with (being blind in one eye doesn't affect that).


    Still despite all that I know I compensate myself and work harder than most to maintain my own life, but is it self deceit? If I just slowed down a little bit during my life, I think my boyfriend and I really aren't that dissimilar.


    Sorry for the random thoughts on life, I think I should get back to writing



    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, fluffy teddy. :hug: How are you and the boyfriend faring? :)

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      I think you should be proud of not letting a disability prevent you from achieve what you wanted in life. :hug:

  8. I understand and I'd rather we take it to a privacy of our homes, but sadly, it's not possible in my case. Part of our problem, he doesn't drive due to his disability, relying on rides from his protective parents, and I can't either, relying on public transit and Uber. Mobility limitation makes our relationship difficult, we face a problem most gay couples don't have to face as we're both disabled. However, because of that we understand each other far more and I think it contributes to the level of passion we share. My prior lovers were more amenable and did not have mobility issues. So when I go on dates, I have to pre-plan almost everything for us both to meet. It's more effort, but it's worth it for us both. A Day trip maybe our best chance, but I know we both have limitations and he has transportation limits.
  9. Well, I think I am at that point in a relationship where day trip planning probably should be considered. Other than that, maybe it would be easier to express our affections at a LGBT coffeehouse? Or, would you guys think it falls into the same category as too public? Also, it sounds like most members are less inclined to be public with their lover, which I understand and would likely agree with in the past. My problem is that sometimes I think we get lost in each other's passion, it's hard to explain what I am talking about, it's a feeling and state of mind, like we're the only people in the world and we want to enjoy each other. Since I am partly blind and he's partly deaf, we're kind of the perfect complement to each other, when we are together, if that makes any sense. I don't know what gets over me, or if this is love? Even though I feel shame about what happened, part of me doesn't want to apologizee and want to be selfish about what we were expressing with each other. Sorry for the rambling...I was hoping maybe some of you guys or ladies would understand this crazy messed up feeling that overrides my common sense and logic, maybe even helping me to figure out how we can be open and still respect social norms
  10. Sometimes I think you and I are far more similar than we might initially appear. I never express myself or my gayness like I have done with him, sometimes it's hard to know what is right and what is not anymore. Passion is something I never really developed with a partner, maybe dating a younger man is making me open to new experiences (and politically let's say he's far on the other side of the spectrum to me). I wonder if P-town would be more accepting of such displays versus Boston's tourist destination, it should be equivalent of Folsom street Have you ever been to P-Town, Matt?
  11. Kind of feel embarrassed to ask this, but probably should: How much affection do you guys think is appropriate in public? So what happened: I just came back from a lunch date with BF at a food court. We try to do lunch every sunday now. Anyway, we sat down and ate, then began sharing our foods, think lady and the tramp but with french fries/Chicken Tenders, and we got into some heavy french kissing. One of the staff asked us to tone it down as there were families around, so we did, both feeling a bit embarrassed at how our playful passion should have been cut back a bit. To be honest, I never had to cut back on my passion as I usually only explored it in private with prior lovers. My current boyfriend is the 1st person I am publicly displaying it. So here's the question: Was what we did a bit too much for public affection? Would an heterosexual couple be treated differently if they had playfully re-enacted "Lady and the Tramp" spaghetti scene? This is after all Pride Weekend in Boston so most people understand, it's part of the city's culture, so it's not like we're the only ones doing it in public, just not in a food court filled with tourists.
  12. Happy Pride !


    Heading out to parade and hearing the weathergirl concert,


    Too bad my BF is still too shy to join me :( I will celebrate for us both!


    1. BHopper2


      Enjoy yourself today. Sorry to hear about the Boyfriend. One day he will be ready.

    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, fluffy teddy! :hug: Sorry to hear about the bf. Hopefully you two can go together next year. :) The Pride Parade in T.C. isn't for another two weeks or so, (the 25th, I believe) but Morgan and I will be accompanied by Mickey and his boyfriend, Remy, this year. :D

  13. W_L

    Need help with my Google Drive

    I'm old fashioned and don't save videos like that "cough" "cough" over a cloud, ( @Drew Espinosa I thought you were innocent 👼 now I know you have ) Jokes aside, @BlindAmbition is right that is the right solution to getting sync option separate.
  14. Woah, Avenger's Infinity war.....I don't know what to say without spoiling


    You won't be able to predict the story, it's great, but it's so tragic

    1. Drew Espinosa

      Drew Espinosa

      Didn't Mark Ruffalo spoil the ending last year?

  15. W_L

    Gay Shifters - Why?

    You know, werewolves are just the beginning Ancient Eastern Mythology has foxes who turn into beautiful maidens that destroy nations (China, Korea, and Japan have loads of stories), deer turning into well endowed young men (it's the horn thing) luring young hunters into their dens (I've always wondered what happens after those guys get captured, the stories usually stop there and assume they are brutally massacred by their prey, maybe they had other intentions), spiders taking human form as a well- dressed (transparent silk) young person, and of course one of the most famous is the White snake that take human form in order to be with the man she loved, only to be submitted to prejudice by Buddhist/Taoist monks who consider their relationship to be amoral. and locking human man away in a temple to keep them apart, possibly a little mystical conversion therapy too (I've been toying with the idea of updating this tale for LGBT audiences, anyone interested) For me, I identify with the White Snake story, her only real crime was falling in love with a human man. It is not conventional love and against natural law, but if the story is told literally true as it was, the Gods/Immortals made this romance in the first place due to their actions, so its consequences should not be faulted on those who fall into the relationship. It's like being gay in the modern world.

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