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  1. 3 Nor'easters in 10 days


    That's why New Englanders are so hardy

    1. Daddydavek


      That's why so many retire to Florida...

  2. @TetRefine, I think you will enjoy it if you like Dark Knight Marvel did something different, Disney actually gave us a 3-D villain (not just a 3D movie ) with a point (I'm not African American, but I just can't help liking the villain as much as I do, he's smart, aggressive, and someone I can honestly feel for getting a bad lot in life.) If you do go and watch it, you will know what I mean Matt. Also, I learned a new concept I did not know existed in science fiction, Afro-Futurism. The movie highlights a lot of important cultural and social ideas about black identity that my friend pointed out to me (she's a lesbian African American). A great story teaches as much as it does entertains, which is one reason why I just can't help but like this movie. Sure there's over the top action sequences, a bit of hyperbole, and suspension of belief, but that's part of all Superhero movies. At times, this movie reminded me of a James Bond film, at times it reminded me of Lion King, and Dark Knight, because there was so much story and character, but all balanced without a need for understanding the rest of Marvel's universe. Also, unlike Thor 3: Ragnarok, Civil War, or the other Marvel films of late, there was very little comedic relief, it was there, but it was done casually with character development in mind. It was brooding, dark, honest, and tragic. It's almost like Greek epic from the streets of Oakland California (they chose that location because it was the birth place of the ultra radical Black Panther group, it's nuance historical nod) to a futuristic African nation, Wakanda, which shows the viewers what could one day be possible (Sci-Fi aspect appealed to me alot). There's something I can't put into words about this movie, it's just a feeling. "Wakanda Forever!" will be a catch phrase for 2018
  3. I was chatting with an old friend from high school about Black Panther. She's an African American Bisexual doctor and she literally was beaming. We talked about the political and social implications, which I won't go into detail here, but to sum up our conversation into 3 (or 4 if you break the contraction) words, "It's about time"


    There's something really magnetic about this movie, I don't know what it is, but something in it just feels so right on so many levels. This movie did surpass my expectations, but there's more to it.

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      It really does look good, and parts of it appear to be set in an Central African kingdom of some sort. :D

  4. I love the Avengers and I love batman Nolan series, but Black Panther is the first superhero movie that really strikes home run for me. It's expansive in scope, small in character, and heroic to the point of ovation. Black Panther is a hero of aspiration, not one forced on viewers by bad direction. Basically, it's a fun story with engagement and good chemistry. Like Wonder Woman, it's strength comes from the story and its moments of character development, not just a gimmick. If the MCU can continue down this path, they'll find success across the board.
  5. Black Panther is worth a watch!


    (I won't spoil it, but try it out for yourself, if you love plot and character this is your movie too!)


    For those of you who think I am a downer on action movies (or that I am just anti-SJW), because I was really angry at Star Wars Last Jedi for its heavy handed characters and bad plots, here's a movie that actually delivers everything I want and it's a universal success with one of the best Black heroes in movie history to boot.


    The box office also agrees with what I feel like is 2018 1st real blockbuster: 


    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, fluffy teddy. :hug: I agree, Black Panther looks good. Personally, though, I'd rather see Coco. :)

    2. W_L


      @Page Scrawler, Coco is colorful, but Black Panther has so many layers on top of layers.


      It's so aware of our world and mankind's many issues, but it also is able to laugh at some of our absurd traditional thoughts as well.

  6. Congratulations Philadelphia Eagles @TetRefine you have won the day Rocky
  7. Congratulation Philadelphia Eagles Fans, you have broken your curse and drought of Super Bowls


    A 5-3 Super Bowl record ain't that bad for Patriots, but still :(

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, fluffy teddy. :hug:

  8. The Patriots also have better cover songs:
  9. February 18th is a famous literary character's Birthday, the first American coming of age character, who we can both identify with and at times find really frustrating due to his southern drawl. For me, he is represented in one line that will be remembered through the ages.


    This is probably one of the greatest line in American Literature. Forget the politics or the words being used, but think about the character's mindset and struggle for "moral correctness". People get hung up on this book for its language and for its satirical elements, but it's still a story that many schools teach as required reading for a good reason. Sometimes what is "correct" according to everyone around us is not "Right" as many of us knows first hand being part of the LGBTq Continuum:




    1. SolarMaxx


      I’ve always loved this story! 

  10. What does love mean to a child???

    Real love is found in innocence.
  11. That's another one of my cautious hopes for Eps 9,. Like I said, I don't like what Rian Johnson did or his choice in plot points, but it's not as bad as Phantom Menace, it's Attack of the Clone in quality at least. I know JJ is really good at source material building, so there's still hope. PS: @CassieQ there were Padawan in Episode 8, they're just little "Annie" at the moment
  12. Uh, didn't you see my status posting after I watched the movie or the comments I made in chat, I don't think anyone would have mistaken me for a fan of Episode 8 Is it Bias? Yes Is it a Flop? Yes, when you expect to make $750-800 million domestically and come out with 610 million domestically after 2 month run. Also, it's a flop when a major market pulled your movie after 2 weeks of a run. A flop is not a Box office bomb, they'd have to do a really bad job to go below $200 million in overall gross. They made money, but failed to meet expectations. Well, if you like Episode 6, the Ewoks now have competition with the Porgs Also, did you like that arc with Admiral Holdo and Poe? I mean honestly, all she had to do was tell Poe, "Hey dude, we're doing this because xxx" and there wouldn't be any conflict or drama. It's empty tension and just shows off Poe as being too rebellious for his own good. Compare that to Lando's plight in Empire Strike Back, he couldn't tell Han and Leia about Vader et al, because he had a gun pointed to his head with Cloud City at risk. That's real tension within the plot and real necessity for an action to take place. As for another "new direction" plot point which I'd also note as weird: Kylo perhaps was the only one with redeemable character development in Episode 8, it's probably one of the reasons I can see a Episode 9 working out with JJ at the helm again.
  13. Don't trust anyone over 40 Matt
  14. Hey I "resemble" that comment Millennial are different based our birth year, I like to think guys like me who were born in the late 80's with our teen years during the internet boom and smartphone revolution being coinciding with 9/11 and Columbine, being one group and the kids who were teens during the Great Recession and the social media revolution with scary ramification for bullying as the other group. My generation is seeking connections, seeking new ways of being human in a chaotic world, where any moment can be your last due to some insanity. The popular media are shortsighted as to the motivation of my generation, @BHopper2 it is not just a SJW monolithic cause that propels people, prior to the causes, there's an "affect" or influence of historical events like technology and tragedy, and after a cause there's "effect", which is still evolving today with things like #MeToo. Movies today try to cash in on the causes from traditional standpoint without understanding the reason "why" they are important. Another name for my generation other than "Millennial" is Generation Y or "Generation Why?"
  15. Agreed, money is their main goal right now, not the story. If the story quality declines and all there is left are effects, then we get what we paid for. Still I am cautiously hopeful about episode 9 returning to form, I will note, I feel bad for JJ Abrams. Again, it might be me, but if you are going to do a revision of an existing universe like Star Wars, the least you could have done is do it under one writer/director's direction. Collaboration is something writers do a lot, but changing writers in mid-story is usually a bad idea.

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