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  1. Though we can share some fun false perspective illusion: I'll start with this one first: it looks like 2 people are about to kiss right? Or is it?
  2. Just won 2 tickets to Hamilton!

  3. "Live Long and Prosper" Does that mean we have to find Romulus next? They kind of go together in Star trek
  4. To all my friends and readers in American Southeast, stay safe and out of harm's way.



  5. W_L

    Happy Birthday Page Scrawler!

    Happy Birthday Pagey
  6. W_L

    RIP John McCain

    Senator McCain was a great statesmen and Patriot. He was a great stateman, he might not have been a perfect man, nor someone I could agree with in all things, but he did what he thought was right and necessary for the country he loved. In an age where truth and political polarization dominates perspectives, people who put country before politics are hard to find.
  7. Whether you are a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, or any number of space dramas, one thing is inescapable about our vision of space exploration: we wil need something big to shoot with. I know this can devolve into a political issue rather easily, but I want to discuss the technology aspect. Take Lasers for example, scientists have been developing theoretical designs for laser weapons since the 1980's and now we're seeing real life applications: Beyond lasers, other weapons are on the experiumental table from plasma based bolts to electromagnetic disruption technology to old fashioned rail guns There's a lot of technology to cover and a lot of innovations around the world
  8. Lol, seriously this is really funny recap of Godfather part 1


    It's not really millennial thing though, just a modern take on mafia



  9. I feel old :(

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      and what's wrong with that? I'll take old and wise over young and foolish any day. :hug:

    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      You're still our sweet, huggable teddy bear. :hug:

  10. W_L

    Do You Identify As Gay?

    @Graeme, there's something I always wanted to ask you, after 2 decades of being with you wife and having kids, have you ever been tempted by another guy, who you knew would be open to having an affair with you? Have you been in any situation that could have allowed that possibility? Straight couples have the same wandering eye question as well, which is one reason why half of all marriages end in divorce. I am wondering if you are actively trying to avoid compromising situations or gay guys who could be potential lovers. Emotional investment, resolve, or even guilt alone don't prevent many people from straying out of relationships if given opportunities. For those who choose not to leave hetero relationship with active Cognoscenti, this is an "open closet" situation, where these people are able to say they are gay/bi and admit their true emotions, but unwilling or unable to leave the closet. (That's another spectrum few people talk about, it's not just that you are "in the closet" or "out", there's gray area with varying personal acceptance) I know its a personal question and the internet is no longer as anonymous as it used to be.
  11. They exist here in Boston as well, there's a breakfast brunch buffet place that I've been dying to try out, if I can ever get him to wake up early enough. I'm not a big club guy, dancing is fun and all, but that never appealed to me. I prefer spending time in a giant bookstore, museum, or flea markets. Restaurant wise, I like New American, Asian Fusion, Rustic Italian, and simple French cuisines. @Puppilull Gay-Only establishment should be something from a bygone era, but we're still far from a "blended" society. Chain restaurants are okay as no one cares about you or who you are eating with, but higher end establishments are as "old fashioned" in mindset as they are in their traditional methods of cooking. Even shopping is kind of haphazard, I don't know why we went into Bloomingdale a few weeks ago (I joked with him that I thought they had gone out of business) but the mentality of the sale staff was kind of "off" seeing two guys walk in with interlocking arms. Now at Macy's, I've seen guys doing the same thing witho0ut an issue and I even got a discount card from a sales guy (obviously on our team) that I got a new pair of Nike. Maybe as I am getting older, I am just noticing this stuff more.
  12. Something that has been circling my mind recently as I am dating and engaged, should there be places just for us? This not a political issue, but one that I think a lot of people of different backgrounds have had to deal with. Personally, I am not in favor of separate facilities for people, nor am I in favor of practices segregating people like restaurants of putting gay couples away from eye view of other customers, which I am learning is more and more frequent than I thought even in Liberal Massachusetts. It's not direct homophobia, but it is no less prevalent or apparent than someone calling you F word in public. The worst thing is that no one is around to support you. Is it nicer being around other people like you at LGBT friendly restaurant/cafe? Definitely, and you can definitely tell, when you are welcomed, especially with a guy in drag making jokes a few feet away. After the food court episode, we've been more conservative and kept our tongues safely apart in restaurants and only kiss in parks with few people around or dark movie theaters. I don't know if it's just the vibe we give off or the body language or in my choices of restaurants, which have Zagat ratings and a few stars (Yes, I do eat well sue me ), but it's kind of isolating. Starbucks and movies are cool for smaller dates, but beyond that, all couples need to find a place to call their own. And I doubt I am the only one with this problem, I remember this clip from "what would you do" that kind of highlights the problem, it's not as openly hostile but it's still kind of isolating
  13. W_L

    Do You Identify As Gay?

    Well, it could drop you to silver status I dated girls, but never went that far; there's just no interest there for me. I have friends who are effeminate and hooked up with a few fem guys, but none of them identify as female. I know there's a separate spectrum on gender identity as well, you can be masculine/neutral/effeminate without identifying as a certain gender. There's an unexplored area between Cisgender/Transgender
  14. This chapter is really hard to write for Book 2 of 0's and 1's, so I will share with readers its problem: I feel like I can't skip an important event, but if I write it, I am never going to hear the end of it. This will mark probably the darkest chapter I have ever written, maybe one of the darkest chapters on GA. I am making sure the guidelines are followed, nothing graphic or explicit, but the implication is more than enough with a dark imagination. And to top it all off, I have to make sure people know why it's needed for the future of the story and the future of the characters. This ain't gratuitous plot point, it's a revolutionary spark, a call to arms against an injustice that transcends LGBT fiction. It's something our society and many of us are guilty as indirect participants. I call this chapter by a nickname, "the Crucible". If this chapter gets completed, the rest of the story can follow, but it must be done right or nothing else after it will matter. Anyone who has any ideas, thoughts, or is just curious as to what I am doing, feel free to PM me.
  15. W_L

    Do You Identify As Gay?

    I identify as a homosexual and "gay", to a degree. Being gay is more than just the sexual aspect, to me homosexual label fits that part of who I am. "Gay" is a state of being within society, you seek commonality with those like you for engagement and shared interests. There's cliques and tribes as you guys mention among the LGBT community, but I prefer not to join those. I'll defend my partner and my friends from persecution, but I am not into showing off. On why I am not part of gay community, People on the anti-gay/anti-LGBT side fear and dislike the idea of being forced by group pressure to accept us. At the heart of it, they fear us, because we're part of this "other group". However, when I meet people like that I try to tell them that LGBT/gay community formed our groups as a response to fears from the anti-LGBT/gay side that were persecuting us in the past. Truth is fear and persecution are intertwined, if we want to rise above it, we need to rise above community and fear built up over time

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