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  1. sat8997


    Carl I'm in the same place you left me. 😏 I can always be reached at sat8997@hotmail.com.
  2. Just for you!


    Image result for happy birthday sharon

  3. sat8997

    Back From The Aether

    I am an old timer...I will always remember.
  4. Happy Birthday Sharon!

    1. George Richard

      George Richard

      Sorry I missed it. Happy belated birthday!

    2. sat8997


      Thank you.

  5. sat8997

    An Update On My Life....

    You will do exactly what your doctor tells you to do or I will have to hunt you down and make you. Just so we're clear...
  6. sat8997

    Where the &#!* have I been?

  7. sat8997


    I always like it when you guys get all het up over your (well...not really yours, but you know what I mean) fictional characters. And danged if I'm not seriously irritated by being put in the position of agreeing with PrivateTim.
  8. Happy Birthday Sharon!!! Hope it is a good one :)

  9. Happy Birthday Sharon! P.S. Please tell Mark you really would like another chapter about Granger to edit! Pretty Please!

  10. Happy Birthday!!

  11. Happy Birthday Sharon! :) I hope you're having a great day! :)

  12. sat8997

    Author Interview: Mark Arbour

    Just goes to show you should never, ever open any email that says "Hey I need a favor". He still amazes me.
  13. sat8997

    Happy Birthday Conner

    I'm late. My bad. Happy birthday, Conner!!!!
  14. sat8997

    Tribute To Trebs

    I'm in. Hi Marie!

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