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  1. Dolores Esteban

    Happy Birthday, Baby J! Renee's baby is here!

    Congratulations! 🎈🌝🌺
  2. Dolores Esteban

    Out of Bounds

    Thank you. Glad you liked the piece.
  3. Dolores Esteban

    Out of Bounds

    Thank you! I'm glad you liked the result of my experiment, too.
  4. Dolores Esteban

    The story

    I liked this story very much.
  5. Dolores Esteban

    Out of Bounds

    Out of Bounds This was a sad situation on the eve of our gay pride celebration. It was a blustery winter eve, the sun was sinking into slumber and in the town square, people were gathering for a meeting. Here, chance meetings and encounters create a mood where anything can happen, even murder. We have laws on murder, but, tragically, we still have murders and killings in this country. The affairs of the town, the country and the outside world means little to them. The site is outside of any defined development boundary. Grey weathered posts, with white ant mounds creeping up around them, mark the boundary. Gates of bamboo or weathered wood will typically let you know where you're not welcome. We were unlikely to receive the warmest of welcomes. Those investigating the case say they won't rest until the person responsible receives a prison term. I, and all the officers who worked on the case, were utterly shocked at the callous level of violence he used. More than rage, it was a pity that filled me on seeing this callous indifference all around. .
  6. Dolores Esteban

    Newsletter Game: Pride Month Headline!

    I posted mine. It's short.
  7. Dolores Esteban

    Newsletter Game: Pride Month Headline!

    I have one, too. Man behind machete attack plan at gay pride event detained in hospital
  8. Dolores Esteban

    Happy 20th Anniversary Comicality!

    Happy Anniversary!
  9. That's interesting. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Thank you, deville. I'm glad you liked my experiment.
  11. Dolores Esteban

    The Last Two Days

    Your final poems are very good. Very well done. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Dolores Esteban

    NaPoWriMo 2018 Weeks Four and Five

    The poems are all great, Valkyrie. I can't say which is my favorite. They are all amazing. Very well done.
  13. Dolores Esteban

    Neural Boosters

    Thank you, deville.
  14. Thank you, BlindAmbition. I'm happy you liked the experiment. I actually would have liked to add smell. Perhaps in the not so distant future. Who knows? May I ask? Do you use a special software to read internet sites? I ask because of embedded media and links. It's hard for me to imagine how it works.
  15. Thank you, Valkyrie. I know it was very experimental. Thanks for giving it a try.

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