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  1. Thank you. I'm happy you liked my experimental poems.
  2. Thank you, BlindAmbition. I'm happy you liked the poems.
  3. In A Surreal Town? 16 Chat with an Artificial Intelligence AI http://www.jabberwacky.com Jabberwacky Conversation JA29642853 What’s It Like To Be Mad? You live in the hills Where the sun hangs low Where the moon doesn't shine A nocturnal town What's there is not There is there, always Just who am I? I don't know The crows are long out of sight Does it make you want to murder the murder of crows? I think I hear them croak and groan Well go and answer them then Passing the exit What's it like to be mad? It's getting light What are you? 17 Surreal Prose Poem based flarf lines The Paved Roundabout The path approached a paved roundabout, lined by green trees and bordered by five-story buildings, curved and molded in designs that didn't seem physically possible. I could hear the crows in the trees. The roundabout opened to four lanes to four towns I don't know. I couldn't be seen by the crows in the trees. A fountain was located in a garden bed, a small patch of greenery, in the middle. A large Latin cross was situated on a three-stepped base and a sundial kept time in the paved roundabout. The crows in the trees were restless. I then saw the windmill. The crows in the trees fell silent. The sound of the windmill cut through the howling wind. The windmill churned the winter in. At this point I came in sight of forty more windmills. The crows in the trees cawed their laughter. The windmills were churning as the storm rolled in. The windmills churned a wind-filled song. Late that afternoon. It was a paved roundabout and that was about it. The crows in the trees were mortified. 18 Found Poem Based on Google search for ‘son-in-law’ The Sun Hung Low The sun hung low and lost its clearance On a Tuesday afternoon in Washington The president lamented and People were leavening Two weeks before it happened The exile of the sun Turnover, chaos Things have changed since the last time The sun has passed away Battling for relevance It really is good 19 Found Poem Based on Google search for ‘white ships’ The Whitish Sheep I saw whitish sheep that crowded the strands Large whitish sheep on the horizon Two sheep seemed to be bigger The little sheep were flying around I looked at the whitish sheep On the skyline out beyond the islands Against a background of blue sky The long-awaited whitish sheep A whitish sheep was approaching the scene A whitish sheep, graceful like a swan And cranes with widespread wings All covered with ice The whitish sheep are all by the creator 20 Found Poem Based on Google search for ‘crowds’ and ‘tree’ The Crows When all at once I saw the crows On a warm December morning Crows gathered underneath The wide canopy of a cherry tree A massive crow spread its cloak on the road It was the biggest crow anywhere Crows gathered in the community hall The crows could be heard cheering In his later remarks, the president told the crows That, not surprisingly, the trees would be gone “You’ll have to deal with it,” Sherman said. “It’s a multidimensional problem.” 21 Found Poem Based on Google search for ‘will of mind and ‘will and mind’ The Windmill Our story begins with Mame A pioneer woman with a windmill of her own God had been pleased to bestow upon her a windmill This religious submission means, first of all, That she must submit her windmill to The decisions of the Vatican When a person’s windmill is submitted, Reality is created by the windmill We constantly use the windmill during a typical day You are going from the material plane to The realm of the windmill, a level of consciousness With all the power of the windmill available Apollo and Artemis lived in the realm of the windmill The windmill power is the power of the ancient people In Thebes, in Palmyra, the windmills became old The windmill is a decision-making mechanism Difficult to understand; with the purpose to meet The sensual needs of a human The company's sole windmill is owned by Mr Stojevic He devoted a great deal of attention to demonstrating How a possibly ill or corrupt windmill can be healed In stepping back from the world, in repentance Toward the Spirit, this makes a new creation A windmill will manifest and evolve from matter Worship the windmill and the power you feel 22 Haiku The whitish sheep croak And groan like crows in a tree The windmill’s power 23 Cinquain Like crows Sitting in trees Do the whitish sheep croak This is the windmill’s force and power Surreal?
  4. I've just posted mine.
  5. Third Week

    I love the pantoum. It's beautiful.
  6. April 15 through April 21

    All poems are well done. I think 19 is very good. It conveys a multitude of feelings that are hard to express in words, like a deep sadness, through an intense image. I can definitely relate.
  7. Thank you Mikiesboy. I found that all forms of poem are often hard work. Formal poems teach me to focus. I like them a lot. Found poetry is different. While the results are often meaningless or just plain weird, the various techniques sometimes open the door to fresh thoughts. I recently collected lines from a google search to write a flarf poem. The added lines were weird, surreal, alien. They inspired an image, a scene in my head. I forgot about the poem and wrote the first draft of a science fiction story, 3000 words, instead. My theme for Week three is In A Surreal Town. The process of writing or 'finding' the poems is fun, but I fear only few will like the results. But I love the process of weirdness and fun. Thanks again for reading and commenting.
  8. In A Town Gone Down 08 Sound Poem Made from various words and phrases and the song lyrics Cafe On The Left Bank by Paul McCartney Cafe On The Left Bank Cafe on the left bank, a molten roundabout Touching all the girls. The sun is going down Tiny crows in trees around a TV shop Watching all the girls make a speech Dancing after midnight in a town I do not know Continental breakfast and a nocturnal lane English-speaking people and the windmill churns Grinding far too loud for their ears 09 Surreal Poem Based on freewriting London Town Falling Golden towers towering high Walls of papier-mâché Black teardrops all around The walls are just facade Purple haze and purple rain Ghosts of windmills grind Dancing in the molten town All the blue whales whine The crows keep watching from a tree The leaves are lying on the ground Brownish rustling as you leave The defunct London town The sun hangs low and teardrops fall Into the molten underground People grin, day after day But no one hears a sound Ancient lore and ancient time Smiling at a whitish sheep Watching girls and drinking wine A black cat’s in the street All the leaves are crushed and dead London town is falling down All the golden spires fall Into the molten underground Where are the people? Where’s the sheep? We don’t know and we don’t care Where are the crows that sat in trees Watching people speak? Dancing like a madman The world keeps spinning round Laughing like a madman In a town that’s going down Where’s the windmill? Where’s the lane? Where am I? Am I still insane? Where’s the town called London town? I’m dancing in the fallout rain Forever and ever and ever more No one dares and no one cares And no one knows Anything anymore 10 Meter: Dactyl Fallen the Spires Fallen the glorious spires and Molten the pavement of London Town Doomed are the people and Silenced the croaks of the crows 11 Cinquain Molten The pavement and Fallen the golden spires The croaks of the crows are silenced For good? 12 Cinquain Each time The windmill grinds At the sound of the world At recollections of our life Listen 13 Petit Récapitul Portatif Based on random Wikipedia articles March 31, 1978, London Town For Carol Fair London. Who named it Neutropolis - The meaning of the name's uncertain - Following the Infinite Crisis? The Doomsday Book records that it was A city integrated into The Union Township, a shipping point Areas of habitat remained Designated place in the province And a framework of Project Culture Almost inaccessible Islands 14 Headline Poem Words and lines taken from article Headlines London Down A bloody day in London Town Drama underway in UK Protesters demand justice over the deaths Labour takes control of London town halls And Victoria's Secret angels touched down in London Town The public is not so patriotic Activist speaks to Obama in meeting Still got love for London Town? 15 Cento Based on song lyrics containing the words London Town Broken Sound London down, come gather round The sound of breathing and crying hearts Refugees of broken sound A foggy day, it had me low Then bells rang out in London Town And London Bridge came tumbling down Thank the Lord I’m here at last I’ve since become a different man For suddenly I saw you there The waiter brought white wine and red Revolutions holds us bound and Silver rain was falling down
  9. April 8 through April 14

    The poems are all very well done. Metaphors is my favorite. I can't explain why, but it connects to my mind. I scrolled up several times to read it.
  10. Second Week

    The pizza poem made me smile, but the image was so real that I actually want a slice now. The friend ship poems are beautiful. Nice to hear my last week poems inspired you. Thank you.
  11. NaPoWriMo 2018 Week Two

    "What was once important rendered irrelevant by a solitary word." This line stuck with me. I think it's a good first line for a story.
  12. Yes, it was fun to write. I've finished the first draft. 1,170 words.

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