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  1. Another guy that looks like how I envision Kevin O'Malley in my mind...James Paxton (son of the late Bill) from the show Eyewitness: I can completely buy this guy being a smart, philosophical stoner/drug dealer at a rich kid's college. For some reason they always seem to have pale skin and intense blue eyes. Anyway, what I like about the relationship is that it's really the only kind of thing that could happen in college. In a normal life, someone like Kevin, and someone like Becker, are not going to run into each other. But college is this kind of bag filled with all these people you would never otherwise meet, and it equalizes everybody, at least on the surface. Super-rich kids socialize with people from Kevin's kind of background, and vice versa. That's one of the beautiful things about someone's college years.
  2. It was 1998... I think, lol.

    I was 12 in 1998. Thank you for making me feel old. LOL.
  3. DS9oxLfUQAAgPmF.jpg:large


    Detroit tigers player Daniel Norris with a gorgeous dog. How adorable.

  4. Faces for Mark's Stories

    Mark said that he pictured Alisdair more conventionally handsome than "quirky cute."
  5. Faces for Mark's Stories

    Alright. Dylan it is. What works for me about it is that they have a very pretty, very cute look, but they aren't going to scream "hunk" when you first see them. And their body type and face type basically means they can pretty much work whatever look they want to look like. They also look like they will be carded into their 30's, hence Cole being 24 and still playing 16. I picture JJ being similar. I really like Timothee Chalamet as Mouse, Brad's doomed high school friend and the eventual lover of JP in the 80's: He's got the same kind of oddball cute twink look I see Mouse having. He's also got an air of artistic sensitivity, which is also something I've pictured Mouse having. Also, can't you just SEE this guy playing someone with some kind of tragic life and tragic ending? His face and bod would also look great in the punk looks of the mid-1980's, which Mark specified Mouse as getting into in Man In Motion. I can also see Alisdair, but I lean more towards Mouse. I wonder if Private Tim still posts here? I think Timothee so looks like his type. He likes that nerdy cute twink look. Call Me By Your Name still hasn't played in Delaware yet. I'm starting to think I'm going to have to wait until I can Redbox it.
  6. I kind of get a kick out of the fact that Robert Pattinson will always be known as Edward Cullen.

  7. Chapter 51

    Or the budget. My god, the budget to put this series to on-screen would be insanely high.
  8. Black Widow- Music Recommendations

    Chapter 51 -When the guys sing "Stacey's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne. "Stacey's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne
  9. Black Widow (Story Discussion)

    Wait, the maternal grandparents have a Jersey shore house? Now I'm getting the mental image of someone like JJ trying to hang out with Bennies at the Jersey Shore, and I'm loving the mental image. Knowing Carullo, he probably does the Jersey Shore thing. I actually have relatives who live in Ocean County, in Tom's River. I spent about two years of my childhood in the neighboring county, Monmouth County. Brad mentioning the fact that JJ is about to turn 18 made me remember that of the 3 sons that Brad raised, Darius is the only one who didn't move out before he turned 18. LOL. I'm excited for the talent show. I'm also kind of hoping that Ryan gives Marie a chance even though he prefers women of color. Marie's pretty awesome.
  10. The Rams coach is hot.



    1. Headstall


      McVay? Hell, yeah! :) 

  11. California Culture: Circa 2000

    The Los Angeles Rams...good season, guys. Also, damn, your coach is sexy as fuck: I was actually rooting for them in this game because it would have been cool to see the Rams continue their Cinderella season. Oh, well. Still a good season. Mark said once that he was a Rams fan so I figure he had to be pretty happy with this season overall. Their last seasons in St. Louis were not too good.
  12. Sophomore Year - Chapter 3

    I just realized that you guys had first generation Iphones. My god, they were as expensive as shit. I remember they were a novelty back then, and most people did their texts on slide phones instead. Although there some people who could do them on an flip-phone but that took skills. (I never did get an IPhone- I stuck to generic smart phones once they became cheap.) I was in college from 2005-2010, so I get such a kick out of this story. Although frat life wasn't really a focus at University of Delaware. It was there, but it wasn't mandatory because there were plenty of independent parties everywhere that you could easily get to. Weird how 2007 feels like both yesterday and an eternity ago. These kids are going to be largely insulated by what's ahead in 2008-2009, but I still feel bad for the graduating seniors and the junior class in this story.
  13. I took a ride home with a complete stranger named Blair and he was a total gentleman. Unfortunately. Oh, well. I saved 26 bucks on an Uber ride home.Thank god he wasn't a John Wayne Gacy type. Happy 2018 bitches!

    1. sandrewn


      Thank you for the New Years wish and I wish you the same. Please remember there are 364 days left in the year, after today. You used up one life on the first day of the year. Use your remaining 8 lives wisely(more wisely?). People here do care about you, you know.


      Be safe


  14. Long haired chandler riggs on left short hair on right.

    His head was too small for such long and big hair. It overwhelmed his face. Good call in cutting it.
  15. Black Widow (Story Discussion)

    What makes JJ different from most of the CAP narrators that we have is that he's a bit of enigma. He doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. Anyway, I'm absolutely loving JJ's current plot. It's like something straight out of a late 90's/early 2000's romantic comedy, just the twist being that it's a same-sex pairing. I wanted so badly to say something about where this was going when Cent was despairing for JJ and convinced this would wind up all depressive, and I was like, "No! JJ's actually getting to have fun for once!" The whole thing is kind of reminding me of Josh and Cher in Clueless: You gotta love "opposites attract" stories.

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