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  1. methodwriter85

    California Culture: Circa 2000

    I'm really active on Reddit, and over on the Delaware subreddit, there's a thread going on that explains Delaware to a Santa Barbara, California resident who plans on moving here. This is how one person put it: *** Welcome, former Cali resident here too. Get ready for cold/hot/snow/rain/wind/flooding. Drive slow in the snow and ice (ice is worse). Other than the freeway expect roads not to be plowed till it’s really bad. Get ready for potholes. By comparison DE DMV is amazing and you’ll get it all done in record time. Don’t trust gps if you drive into PA. Yes, NYC is 2hrs away but $40 in tolls, so jump on a bus. Wilmington is our Compton/Oakland. Dover is our Modesto/Fresno. Newark is our college town. The state is tiny so it’s less that 10 miles to MD/NJ/PA from anywhere. Go to WaWa and get it out of the way early, AT&T wireless sucks here. You will be disappointed by our beaches. Get ready to cry at our low house prices and property taxes. Dog parks and farmers markets are not that prevalent here. No lane splitting motorcycles but you can pass on the breakdown lane if the person in front of you is turning left. Watch speed limits. That’s how we get away with no sales taxes. Expect to mow your yard weekly unlike California. All of the jokes about how boring DE is true. Go with it. *** To add to this, given what I've learned about California from you beautiful people all these years... -Expressway, not Freeway -We don't put "the" in front of expressway/highway names. "I'm going to Newark and I'm taking 273 to get there." -There's a really high percentage of private/charter/magnet school enrollment. Even if you're in a nice area, that in no way guarantees a good school the way it seems to do in California. -Herr's chips. -An insanely early last call of 1 a.m. -No big cities, but you CAN go to Philly, DC, or NYC pretty easily.

    Shaun Cassidy sure was purty.

  3. methodwriter85

    Upcoming Trends, Slang, Pop Culture, Etc

    It would be incredibly unrealistic for a 2018 Will to not be sporting at least some facial hair. I can see JJ and Wade refusing to go the facial hair route (I think JJ might not even be able to grow one), along with the older generation, but yeah. Will, Carullo, Matt, Zach...they'd definitely have facial hair to varying degrees. It's so pervasive. And then there's that whole No-Shave November stuff, which seemed to become a thing around 2010. Facial hair and buzzcuts with shaved-in sideparts is definitely one of the big looks for this decade. I wonder if Will would rock a manbun? I can see it.
  4. methodwriter85

    Upcoming Trends, Slang, Pop Culture, Etc

    I went to my niece's college graduation, and there a LOT of beards even on the preppy guys. I can see the beard craze bothering the shit out of Mark if and when he gets to covering this time period. He doesn't seem like a fan of them.
  5. methodwriter85

    Black Widow (Story Discussion)

    We also might want to remember that Will is 17. He doesn't need to find his "for life" partner just yet. Dude hasn't even hit college. LOL. Anyway, I wonder if JJ will consider starting a lifestyle brand. People really do seem to lean on him for fashion advice even though he's not a designer.
  6. In honor of that, I'm going to post a playlist of my favorite period-appropriate breakup songs. Becker's Break-up Playlist 1.) "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" by Stars 2.) "Everything We Had" by The Academy Is 3.) "Sway" by The Perishers 4.) "Nothing Like You And I" by the Perishers 5.) "If You Leave" by Nada Surf 6.) "Boys Don't Cry" by Grant Lee Phillips 7.) "You Could Be Happy" by Snow Patrol 8.) "Cry Me A River" by Justin Timberlake 10.) "Foundations" by Kate Nash 11.) "Smile" by Lily Allen 12.) "White Flag" by Dido 13.) "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton 14.) "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey 15.) "Cool" by Gwen Stefani Just embrace the feels, man.
  7. methodwriter85

    Sophomore Year - Chapter 8

    God, that was brutal, but inevitable. I'm now going to listen to a period-appropriate break-up song to cope with this chapter: Anyway, I get why Kevin did this. I wonder how he'll handle his decision, though. Now I want Patrick to comfort Becker. Sexually. (Okay, old habits die hard, but they did have pretty hot chemistry in their hookup.) I do wonder if Becker will be turning to ManFind for some more comfort. I remember back in the day, it always seemed like you'd see personals online surge for hook-ups right around finals/Christmas time. LOL.
  8. methodwriter85

    Black Widow- Music Recommendations

    Chapter 61 -When Will has sexy times with Dillon. "Temperature" by Sean Paul -When JJ runs into Mary Kate Olsen. "Fashion Jr. High" by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen I kind of wish I had watched more of those Direct-to-Video movies they had made. Okay, not really. LMAO. I do think their sister Elizabeth is an awesome actress, though. - -When JJ enjoys his whirlwind fashion world, only to come home and find out that Carullo is moving out. "Heart of Glass" by Blondie
  9. methodwriter85

    Faces for Mark's Stories

    This is a really old-school pick, but Kristy McNichol for Mari, Mark's girl next door from On the Mark: For some reason I've always pictured Mark as having been with at least a few lesbians.
  10. methodwriter85

    Black Widow (Story Discussion)

    This is the movie that Mary Kate and Ashley were working on: This is also the last movie they did together. Mary Kate got treated for anorexia right before her 18th birthday in June of '04. They would both attend NYU for a few semesters before dropping out to attend to their fashion empire. I didn't really watch most of their stuff but eh, it does kind of feel like I grew up with them. They have had some pretty interesting, eccentric lives. And I honestly felt like JJ would probably like them. Being a child star isn't that different from being a child athlete (except of course JJ didn't make millions from it) and they just seem like they would have run in similar circles. I did really like the banter that Mark gave them. Anyway, I could just hear Will's enthusiasm for Dillon deflating when he revealed himself as a dumb pretty boy. Will could have the guy as a friend with benefits, but in the long-term I can't seem prodigy Will being able to be with a guy who wasn't intelligent. As for Carullo, I loved the touch that West Coast raised JJ wouldn't get that where he's working in Connecticut is not a commutable distance. Poor JJ. He'll rebound, though. I did not follow their clothing, but yeah, when I think of mid-2000's fashion, I tend to think of pastels and boho peasant skirts on girls.
  11. methodwriter85

    Adulthood Sucks

    Can someone make it stop? Please? Ugh. I miss the days when I only really cared about the next party I was going to and whether or not I'd pass my classes. Backstory: I've been using Medicaid since 2015. I got rejected for this year because I made 61 cents over the limit. 61 cents. So now basically I need to work less if I want to get my Medicaid back, or I have to buy insurance on the Marketplace. And I've got to get this all done by June 21st or else I won't be able to get discounted insurance on the Marketplace. Although I guess it's progress that I'm now on the edge of eligibility. I mean, in 2014, I made like 2500 dollars total. Anyway, I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks trying to work less, and then I'll re-apply for Medicaid. I really only care about this because I don't want to pay the tax penalty.
  12. methodwriter85

    Black Widow- Music Recommendations

    Chapter 60 -When Will and Dillon bond over their love of surfing. "Everybody Got Their Something" by Nikka Costa -When Brad declares that Jake makes him feel like he's 19 again. "You Make My Dreams Come From" by Hall and Oates -When Brad and Jake go for another round. "And Then He Kissed Me" by The Crystals
  13. methodwriter85

    Faces for Mark's Stories

    He's legit a funny guy. He seems to really like his dogs, posting photos of junk food, and his 80's childhood nostalgia. He comes off as a geeky kid in the body of a really hot man. LOL.
  14. methodwriter85

    Faces for Mark's Stories

    In case you guys don't know the Trevor Donovan reference...here he is when he was a new AF model back in '03: He really does have lips that look like they came courtesy of collagen injections. And damn, does he totally look like the aesthetic of that time period. Anyway, I know him when he briefly appeared on Days of Our Lives, and a few years after that, he played a gay character on the lame reboot of 90210. Of course, the fucking CW panicked and basically sidelined his character. Now he does a lot of Lifetime and Hallmark movies. I really, really, really wanted Trevor for Cody, but Klip/his brother Dillon it is, then. I actually follow him on Twitter. He's got kind of this ADD mindset where he talks about everything and anything, which makes his feed fun to follow.
  15. methodwriter85

    Black Widow- Music Recommendations

    Chapter 59 -When Brad has marvelous sex with Jake. "Head Over Heels" by Tears for Fears -When Will's 17th birthday party kicks off. "In Da Club" by 50 Cent -When Will gets introduced to Klip's hot younger brother, Dillon. "Never" (Past Tense) by Tiesto

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