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  1. Chapter 12

    Cameron smiled when he opened the door to see Kevin standing outside. “Come in.” He moved aside as Kevin brushed past him. “Mom is in the kitchen.” “Hello, Dear.” Mrs. Lynch walked up to Kevin and embraced him. “How are you this afternoon?” She set glasses of milk and cookies on the table. “Sit down, Boys.” They ate the cookies and stared across the table at each other. Cameron would blush occasionally and look down. When they finished, he invited Kevin to his room. “What did you want to see me about?” he asked as he closed the door. Kevin walked over and hugged him. “I’m worried,” he replied. “After what happened to me last night, I’m afraid someone is going to hurt you. Then you said Paul was going to hit you in the restroom.” He hugged him tighter. “I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Cameron held him tightly and enjoyed the closeness. He put his head on Kevin’s chest and could hear his heart beating softly. Kevin leaned back and looked deeply into Cameron’s eyes. “I love you,” he whispered. Cameron rose on his toes and kissed him. “I love you, too, Kevin,” he replied. He gave him a sad look. “I wish Mom wasn’t home.” “Why?” He reached down and rubbed his hand across Kevin’s erect cock. “I want you,” he replied. They continued kissing for several more minutes. Finally, Kevin stepped away and started pacing around the room. “We’ve got to be careful, Cameron,” he said worriedly. “I know Paul and Gordon are out to get us. It’s hard to say how many more guys there are.” “But what about Devin?” Cameron walked over and faced him. “He didn’t act like he wanted Paul to hurt me. He even hit him in the stomach.” Kevin gave him a puzzled look. “I can’t figure that out, either. At home he’s acting normal one minute, then the next minute he’s calling me a fag. I wish I knew what was going on inside his head.” “I always thought identical twins could read each other’s minds.” “That’s not always true,” Kevin replied. “We used to when we were little, but the older we got, it seemed like we tried to stop doing it. I guess I was afraid he’d realize one day I was gay.” “He knows you’re gay, now,” stated Cameron. “Don’t you have some idea how he feels about it?” “Yeah,” Kevin replied sadly. “He hates me.” He walked over to an easel in the corner and lifted the thin sheet draped over it. “Don’t!” Cameron hollered out, but it was too late. Kevin had already revealed what was underneath it. “Wow!” Kevin said admiringly. “When did you paint this?” Kevin was staring at the painting Cameron had started the day he returned from the fishing trip. It was a picture of Kevin as he stood looking out over the crystal lake with the sun hitting the side of his face. The intense colors seemed to jump off the painting. “This is beautiful!” Kevin stared at the picture admiring its beauty. “Is this really me?” Cameron looked at the picture and then back at the admiring face before him. “Yeah,” he said shyly. “It’s you.” He walked over and threw his arm around Kevin. They held each other as they looked at the picture. “I’ve never seen anything more beautiful,” commented Kevin admiringly. “The way the sun is shining over the lake is gorgeous.” Cameron giggled. “That’s not what I find beautiful.” He looked into Kevin’s eyes and kissed him again. Kevin almost lost his balance when Cameron pushed him back onto the edge of the bed. He then walked over to the door and locked it. “What are you doing?” Kevin asked when Cameron returned. Cameron lay down beside him and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. “Don’t say anything,” he pleaded softly, “Please?” He then unbuttoned his pants. Kevin lay back and closed his eyes. He lifted his body when Cameron tried to pull down his pants. Seconds later, he was completely exposed. “Mmmm,” he moaned when Cameron started stroking his hard cock. He looked down when he felt a warmth encircle his cock. Cameron had taken about half his erection into his mouth and was gently sucking him. “Oh, God!” he moaned quietly as he lay back and reveled in the intense feeling. Cameron was doing a good job for his first time. He reached down and gently held the back of Cameron’s head as he bobbed up and down on his cock. “Oh, God!” he moaned again after several minutes and warned, “I’m going to cum!” He grabbed Cameron’s head and tried to pull him off, but Cameron resisted. Kevin threw his head back just as he felt the first volley shoot into Cameron’s mouth. He heard him gag slightly, but then he continued to suck him. “Unggg!” Kevin cried out softly as he continued to fill Cameron’s mouth with his warm cum. Cameron jumped off the bed and hurried across the hall to the bathroom. He reappeared with a towel and wiped Kevin’s cock clean. Kevin leaned up on his elbows and smiled as he watched Cameron gently clean him. “That was great.” Cameron was looking at him and beaming. “Did it feel good?” he asked. “I really wanted your first time to be good.” Kevin leaned down and pulled him into a hug. “It was the best,” he said as he kissed him passionately. He could still taste the slight remains of his cum on Cameron’s lips. He looked at him and grinned. “I can’t believe you let me cum in your mouth.” “You let me the other day,” Cameron smiled back. “I wanted you to feel as good as you made me feel.” “Well, you did,” Kevin replied as he kissed him once again. “Boys!” Mrs. Lynch hollered out. “Dinner’s ready!” Cameron grinned and rubbed his stomach. “I’m not hungry,” he giggled. “I’ve already eaten.” Kevin laughed and then kissed him again before they headed down to the kitchen. ******** Devin was walking to class when he saw Ashley walking with Sherri. He approached her from behind, grabbed her arm and turned her towards him. “What the hell?” she blurted out before realizing it was Devin. A disappointed look appeared on her face. “We have to talk,” insisted Devin. He gave Sherri an angry look. “Alone.” Sherri took Ashley’s arm and started to lead her away as Devin held her other. Ashley turned to Sherri and said, “You go ahead. I’ll talk to you later.” Sherri gave Devin an angry look before storming off down the hall. Ashley looked angrily at Devin and asked, “What do you want?” “I want you to stop having people hurt my brother,” he insisted angrily. “Paul told me you told him to mess with Kevin.” He squeezed her arm tighter. “Got it?” Ashley pulled her arm away and then turned to head off down the hall. Devin pulled her back. “Is that all you think about?” she muttered angrily. “It’s always about Kevin.” “I just don’t want to see him hurt,” replied Devin. “He’s my brother.” “And I thought I was your girlfriend,” responded Ashley angrily. “Why don’t you go suck your brother’s dick.” She turned and walked away. Devin ran up and grabbed her, turning her towards him. His face was flushed with anger. “You Bitch!” he hissed. Ashley shouted, “I wasn’t a bitch when you were fucking me!” Devin looked around the hall to see everyone watching their exchange. Ashley covered her face and started crying. Devin squeezed her arm tighter. “What is wrong with you?” She looked up at him tearfully. “I’m pregnant, you fucker!” shouted Ashley. Several girls standing nearby gasped. Devin pulled Ashley’s arm and started to lead her away. “You told me I wouldn’t get pregnant,” she cried as they passed another group of students. Devin’s face was red with embarrassment as they walked down the hallway. She continued to cry as he led her through an exit door and out into the cold outside air. He pulled her against the building and tried to shield them from a cool breeze. He asked, “What are you going to do?” She looked up angrily at him. “What the fuck do you mean, what am I going to do?” she shouted. “This is your baby, too.” “I can’t be a father!” he shouted. “I’m only sixteen!” “Do you think I want to be a mother?” Ashley shouted back. “I’m also sixteen, just in case you forgot.” She began to slide down the wall, but Devin pulled her back to her feet. “You got to get rid of it,” he responded urgently. “I’ve got some money saved up. I’ll help you get an abortion.” “I’m not getting rid of IT!” Ashley cried. “The church says I’ll go to hell if I have an abortion.” “Well, you can’t have it!” Devin shouted back. “It’s half mine, and I say you have to get rid of it.” Ashley raised her hand and slapped Devin across the cheek. “You Fucker!” she cried. “It is a baby, and I’m going to have it. Whether you want to admit it or not, you’re going to be a father.” Devin fell against the wall and let his body slide downward. He sat on the cold ground and buried his hands in his head. “Dad is going to kill me when he finds out.” Ashley stood over him and said, “You should have thought about that when you were fucking me without a rubber.” “I know,” he muttered sadly. He rose and grabbed Ashley’s shoulders. “Listen, Ash. We’re only sixteen. We can’t have a baby. It’s going to ruin both our lives.” Ashley started crying again. “We should have thought about that earlier. Now it’s too late.” “No, it’s not, Ashley,” pleaded Devin. “You’ve got to get rid of it without anyone finding out.” He realized, though, that it was impossible to do it secretly. By now, half of the school probably knew Ashley was pregnant. He resented her for telling him she was pregnant in the school hallway. If she had done it when they were alone, then they could have kept it a secret. Ashley grabbed her stomach and rubbed it gently. “I’m keeping this baby, Devin. It’s mine, and I won’t kill it.” She gave him one last sad look and then started walking away. “It’s mine, too!” he shouted out as she walked into the building. His body slid once more to the ground. He buried his head in his hands and moaned, “I’m too young to be a father.” He rose to his feet and headed away from the school. He didn’t feel like going back in and listening to the gossip that would be swirling around the rest of the day. ******** When Kevin sat down at the lunch table with Cameron, Stanley and Charles, he immediately looked across the cafeteria to where his brother usually sat. The table was empty. He found it strange that neither Ashley nor Paul were sitting there. Stranger still was all the weird looks that he had been getting all morning from other students. It wasn’t the kind of looks he had received when they found out he was gay. Instead, it was a secretive look and an occasional giggle. When he glanced over, he noticed the worried look on Cameron’s face. Stanley and Charles had similar looks. “Would someone tell me what’s going on?” he asked as he sat down with his lunch tray. “Do I have a big wart on my face or something? I feel like everyone knows something except me.” Stanley asked, “You haven’t heard then?” He looked worriedly over at Cameron. “Heard what?” Kevin asked impatiently. He looked pleadingly at Cameron for an answer. He grew uneasy when as Cameron looked sadly at him. Finally, he told him, “Ashley’s pregnant.” “What!” he shouted. “Pregnant? How?” Charles giggled and said, “We may be gay, but even we know how girls get pregnant.” He coiled back embarrassedly when Stanley shot him an angry look. “Sorry,” he apologized as he looked over at a still stunned Kevin. “She told Devin in the hallway in front of everyone,” Stanley informed him. “The whole school knows. It’s all anyone is talking about.” “Damn,” Kevin hissed as tears filled his eyes. “Where’s Devin now?” He started to get up and find his brother, but Cameron grabbed his arm and pulled him back to his seat. “No one knows,” he replied. “He hasn’t been seen all morning. He probably left school.” Just then, Ashley walked in with several girls surrounding her. They were holding her as she walked over and took her usual seat. Sherri looked over and scowled. “What’s her fucking problem?” Charles asked angrily. “You didn’t get Ashley pregnant.” Cameron reached down, took Kevin’s hand and held it under the table. He looked worriedly over at Kevin. “Are you going to be all right?” Kevin’s eyes were still filled with tears as he looked over and forced a smile. “I think so. I’m worried about Devin, though. Dad’s going to kill him when he finds out about this.” Cameron tried to comfort him as he rubbed his knuckles gently. “He didn’t get mad when he found out you were gay,” he reminded him. “You thought he would be mad about that and he wasn’t.” Kevin responded, “I couldn’t help being gay. He could accept that. But Devin should have known better. He didn’t have to get Ashley pregnant.” He looked across the cafeteria and watched as the girls tried to comfort a crying Ashley. She briefly looked over, but then she turned her head away. “Dad will kill him.” “Not if Mr. Vance kills him first,” commented Charles. “He’ll castrate Devin when he finds out.” Stanley hit him on the arm. “Well, it’s true,” insisted Charles. “You’ve seen him at the games. He’s a mean son of a bitch.” Again, Stanley hit his arm harder. Kevin rose from his chair. Cameron tried to stop him, but he pulled away. “Where are you going?” Cameron asked worriedly. “I have to find Devin,” he responded sadly. “He needs me right now.” Cameron rose and tried to hold him. “Kevin, he wasn’t there when you needed him. Why do you care?” Tears appeared in his eyes when he turned and faced Cameron. “Because I’m not Devin,” he replied. “I love my brother.” He pulled his arm away from Cameron and walked quickly across the cafeteria. Cameron tried to catch up with him as he exited the building through a side door. ******** “What is wrong with you, Guys?” Coach Alston was clapping his hands as he attempted to get his players motivated. Their first game was Friday, and their performance at practice was troubling him. He also wondered where Kevin was. It was the first practice he had missed. Alston blew his whistle and motioned for his players to gather around him in the middle of the court. “If you guys play like this Friday, we’re going to start our season 0-1.” He looked into the faces of the boys assembled around him. After years of coaching, he could tell when something serious had happened. “All right, Guys.” He knew that it was senseless to continue practice when the boys’ hearts weren’t in it. “Go hit the showers.” He looked over at Stanley and Charles and pointed toward his office. They nodded their heads and trailed behind him. They sat in chairs while he walked over and sat on his desk. He waited for them to say something, but when they didn’t he asked, “What’s wrong? Does it have something to do with Kevin’s absence from practice?” Stanley looked sadly at him. “Yes, Coach,” he replied. “Devin walked out of school and no one knows where he is. Kevin and Cameron are out searching for him. I keep calling them, but so far they haven’t found him.” “Has he run away?” Coach asked worriedly. Charles nodded his head. “But why?” “You haven’t heard?” Alston gave Stanley a puzzled look and then shook his head. “He got his girlfriend pregnant,” Stanley informed him. “It’s all over school.” Alston shook his head sadly. He looked at the young men before him. Besides coaching basketball, he also taught a health class. One of the lessons he taught early in the year focused on teenage sex. He lectured on abstinence; but being realistic, he knew students would often succumb to peer pressure. He spent several class periods discussing safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases. He always hoped that he could save one girl from an unwanted pregnancy or a young man from acquiring HIV. It saddened him when his warnings went unheeded. “Does Ashley’s father know yet?” He was concerned about Devin’s safety. Mr. Vance was a construction worker and a very large man. Even though he didn’t have any children participating in sports, he was still an avid fan and attended many football and basketball games. Anyone who ever sat beside him also knew that he had an explosive temper. He could often be heard yelling insults and taunting the opposing team. Last year, he was removed from a basketball game when he threatened the coach of an opposing team. “If he doesn’t by now,” replied Charles, “he will soon. I’m sure some teacher will call Ashley’s mother with concerns about the rumors going around school. There’s no way he won’t find out.” “He’ll certainly know in a few months,” remarked Stanley. “Maybe by then, Devin could have made it to Mexico. Her father will kill him when he finds out she’s pregnant.” Alston looked down and shook his head at the two sad figures before him. Even though Devin had recently ended their life-long friendship, they still were concerned for him. It never ceased to amaze him how students could put aside differences when a friend was in trouble. “Why don’t you boys go hit the showers,” suggested Alston. They stood and started to leave the room. “Keep me informed,” he hollered out. The boys turned and nodded their heads. “I have Kevin’s cell phone number. I’ll give him a call later and see if he’s been able to find Devin.” They again nodded their heads as they headed out the door. ******** Kevin and Cameron walked for hours looking for Devin. They went to all the places that Kevin thought he might be able to find him. They spent an hour at the mall searching the arcade and sporting shops. They had to leave when a security guard questioned them why they were there during school hours. He escorted them to an exit and then threatened that if he saw them there again when school was in session, he would call their parents. “Like Dad would care,” remarked Kevin as he and Cameron walked away. “It would sure be better news than the one he’s gotten.” Cameron gave him a puzzled look. “How do you know he knows?” Kevin reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He opened it and looked at the small screen. “Oh, he knows,” he replied sadly. “My phone has been vibrating all afternoon.” He looked again at the screen. “He’s texted me six times.” He opened one of the messages and held the phone up for Cameron to read. WHERE THE HELL IS DEVIN! “Where do you think he is?” They sat down on a bench as Cameron looked worriedly at Kevin. “I don’t know,” sighed Kevin. “We’ve been everywhere I thought he might be. I’ve called all his friends. Even Paul doesn’t know where he is. I’m starting to get worried.” “You don’t think he’d do anything to himself, do you?” Cameron watched as tears appeared in Kevin’s eyes. “I don’t think so,” he replied. “It wouldn’t be like him. But this is pretty serious. I don’t think he knows how to face Dad and Mom. We’re only sixteen, and he’s going to be a father.” “So where are we going next?” Cameron asked. “Any more ideas where he might be?” “Why don’t you go on home?” Kevin suggested. “You’ve been with me all day. I’m sure your mom wants you home. I’ll just walk around for a little while longer and then go home and face Dad.” Cameron looked down at his watch. “I did tell Uncle Jerry I would come by his house. Uncle Dave bought me some more paints. Now I can finish that painting I did of you at the lake.” “I love that painting,” Kevin responded as looked around. He then reached down and took Cameron’s hand and squeezed it. “Can I have it when you get done?” Cameron started frowning. “What?” “You just ruined my birthday surprise.” Kevin looked around to see if anyone was watching, and then he leaned in and gave Cameron a quick kiss on his cheek. “I love you, you know that, huh?” He gently squeezed Cameron’s hand. “I’ve kind of figured that out,” giggled Cameron. He leaned in and gave Kevin a quick kiss. They stood still holding hands. “I guess I better go.” “I’ll walk you home,” volunteered Kevin. “No,” insisted Cameron. “I’ll take a bus to Uncle Jerry’s. You go do what you have to do. I’ll call you later. Good luck.” He smiled sadly at Kevin and then walked away. Kevin sighed and headed down the sidewalk in search of his missing brother. ******** Devin opened his cell phone and read the latest text message from his father: GET YOUR ASS HOME---NOW!!!!! He knew his parents were aware of Ashley’s pregnancy. After her behavior in the hallway earlier, he was sure that they would find out sooner than he had hoped. He also knew that if they knew, then so did Ashley’s parents. He recalled a conversation he had with Mr. Vance a few months earlier when he had been invited to stay for dinner. After dinner, as Ashley and her mother were in the kitchen, her father had attempted to make a joke. At the time, though, Devin knew that he was serious. “I hope you are respecting my daughter, Boy,” he commented as he leaned in menacingly toward him. He picked up a steak knife and ran his finger against the blade. “Because if I ever find out you aren’t.” He made a stabbing motion toward Devin. Devin jumped and almost fell out of his chair. Mr. Vance leaned back and roared with laughter. “Had you going, didn’t I, Boy?” Devin had quickly left the table and headed into the kitchen to be with Ashley. Several times since the incident, he wondered if Mr. Vance would ever really hurt him. Now, he was certain that he would. After leaving school, he went to the one place he knew no one would look for him- the public library. Sitting at a computer, he googled ‘teenage father.’ He spent the afternoon reading stories about other boys who had faced the same situation he was in. Many felt like him, that abortion was the best solution. However, most of their girlfriends had decided to keep the baby. They were now working part time jobs after school to support the baby. A couple of guys had readily accepted the fact that they were fathers, and they were doing everything they could to see that the child’s needs were provided. They had the support of their families in raising the child until they graduated from high school and could take care of it themselves. He thought of his family situation. He knew his parents would never accept him getting Ashley pregnant. His father had lectured him several times on keeping his ‘testosterone in check.’ He even warned him one time when he thought that he and Ashley were getting too serious, that he ‘better not make him a grandpa.’ He smiled when he said it, but there was a threat behind his words. To make matters even worse, he had fallen out recently with his father over Kevin. Since slapping him, they hadn’t said more than a dozen words to each other. His mother was trying to get them to talk, but her efforts had been futile. He was now beginning to realize that he had handled Kevin being gay wrong. He should have been more understanding. Instead, he selfishly considered his own image and how others would perceive him having a gay brother. He had even engaged in sex with Ashley to prove that he himself was not gay. He walked proudly down the hall with Ashley at his side, knowing that others didn’t think he was gay like his brother. Now he knew he had made a big mistake- a mistake that would cost him for the rest of his life. He put his head down on the table and sighed. An elderly gentleman sitting beside him asked if he was all right. “Yeah,” he sighed. He sat up and googled a name into the white pages. Seconds later, an address appeared: Jerry Alston 1876 Groveland Ave. He got up and put on his coat. He was going to go see the only person he thought he could trust. He just hoped that Coach Alston could forgive him.
  2. Chapter 11

    @empresslovesreading No, but if you know any after-school special producers, give them my email address.
  3. Chapter 11

    Kevin looked quickly around as Paul ran towards him. He saw a fence in the backyard of the lawn where he was standing, so he turned and headed for it. He jumped it easily and ran across the backyard and then jumped the fence into another yard. He looked back and noticed Paul struggling to get over the fence. “Mother Fucker!” Paul screamed and then he headed back to the car. Kevin tore off across the lawn and then ran into the next street. He heard tires squealing and saw the car racing toward him. He ran across the street and behind another house. He collapsed into some bushes and tried to catch his breath. When he heard the car squealing to a stop, he peeked out from behind the bush. Paul and Gordon were running around the house looking for him. When Gordon saw him, Kevin tore off behind the home next door. As he ran through the yard, he was suddenly tackled from behind by Gordon. Gordon was the running back for the football team, so he was easily able to catch up to him. “Stop struggling, Fag!” Gordon screamed as he tried to pin Kevin to the ground. Kevin managed to wiggle from Gordon’s grasp and then jump to his feet. Paul grabbed his arm, but he was able to break free and run around to the front of the house. Without looking back, he ran through the yards of several more homes before finally falling breathlessly to the ground. He gasped for air as he looked around to see if either boy had followed him. He crept close to the garage and peered out. Gordon’s car went slowly down the street. Paul had his head out the window trying to find Kevin. When they came to the corner and turned right, Kevin lay back on the ground and tried to catch his breath. He lay on his back for about ten minutes and listened for Gordon’s car to approach. When he didn’t see them, he assumed that they had probably given up looking for him. He cautiously made his way to the corner to see what road he was on. He had been in the neighborhood a few times visiting friends, but he wasn’t very familiar with it. The sign said Groveland Avenue. He was almost a mile from his home. He didn’t realize he had run so far. After looking careful around, he made his way slowly down the street. He walked on lawns because he was afraid to walk on the sidewalk or the street in case Gordon and Paul were still searching for him. He walked about four blocks when he noticed a familiar house on the corner. The living room lights were on, so he hoped they were home. He approached the door and rang the doorbell. Dave answered the door. He gave Kevin a puzzled look and then peered out to see if Cameron was with him. “Are you all right?” Kevin was standing before him sweating profusely and breathing heavily. “Can I come in,” he begged. “Please?” He looked down the street to see if Gordon’s car was anywhere in sight. “Sure.” Dave stepped back and let Kevin enter. He looked out to see what Kevin was searching for. He closed the door and motioned for him to have a seat. “Coach isn’t here right now,” he informed him. “Is there anything I can do?” He studied Kevin. “Are you in any sort of trouble?” “Kind of,” Kevin replied. “Can I have a glass of water?” Dave went into the kitchen as Kevin laid his head back and tried to catch his breath. Now that the adrenaline had worn off, he found himself exhausted. Dave sat down and handed Kevin the water. He watched with concern as he downed it. When he finished, he tossed his head back on the sofa and closed his eyes. “I almost got jumped,” he said softly. “Are you all right?” Dave looked at his face trying to see if he’d been injured. “Yeah,” he mumbled. “I was able to run away.” “Do you know who it was?” “Yeah,” Kevin nodded his head. Dave rose from the couch and grabbed the phone. “What are you doing?” Kevin asked. “I’m calling the police,” answered Dave. “No,” insisted Kevin. “I’m all right, and I didn’t get hurt.” “This time,” Dave responded. “But what about the next time?” “Please?” Kevin begged. “I can handle this. Calling the police will only make things worse.” Dave hesitated before putting the phone down on the end table. They both looked up when the front door opened, and Coach Alston walked in. “What’s wrong?” he asked when he saw Kevin sitting beside Dave. “Kevin got jumped,” Dave informed him. Alston walked over and sat down on the other side of Kevin. “Are you hurt?” “No, Coach,” Kevin said, but he could see the concern in the Coach’s eyes. “Honestly.” “Do you know who did it?” Kevin nodded. “Who?” “Paul Glenn and Gordon Johnson,” Kevin responded willingly. He didn’t want the police to be involved again, but he felt secure in letting Coach Alston handle it. After the incident of the lockers being vandalized in the locker room, the coach had informed the principal and the police were notified. A report was filed. However, without any witnesses, it was hard to determine who actually did it. Kevin explained what had happened after he left the restaurant. When he finished, Coach got up and left the room for several minutes. When he returned, he took his seat beside Kevin. “I’ve called your father,” he informed Kevin. Kevin nodded and put his head back on the sofa. “He’ll be here in a few minutes to pick you up.” “Thanks, Coach.” Ten minutes later, there was a pounding on the door. Coach went to answer it, and seconds later Mr. Williams came rushing into the room. He sat down beside Kevin. “Are you all right, Son?” Kevin nodded and assured him he had not been hurt. He explained what had happened, and how he had managed to hide from Paul and Gordon. After thanking Coach Alston and Dave for taking care of Kevin until he arrived, they got in the car and pulled away. Kevin looked around and noticed they were not heading in the direction of his house. He gave his father a puzzled look. “Where are we going?” “To take care of some business,” his father answered angrily. A few minutes later, they pulled up in front of the Glenn house. Kevin asked worriedly, “What are you going to do?” “Paul’s not going to get away with this,” his father responded angrily. “I’m going to talk to his father.” “No!” Kevin shouted as he attempted to grab his father’s arm, but he lost his grip. He watched as his father stormed up to the front door of the house. “What do you want?” Mr. Glenn asked angrily when he opened the door. “I’m here to talk to you about your boy, Roger,” responded Mr. Williams as he tried to enter the home. He had known Roger Glenn for several years. Even though they weren’t close friends, they had sat beside each other occasionally during basketball games and rooted their sons to victory. Mr. Glenn stepped in front of him and blocked him from entering. “Paul ain’t done nothing,” he insisted. “He’s been here all night. He hasn’t left the house.” “How do you know I wanted to talk to you about something that happened tonight?” Kevin’s father shot back. Mr. Glenn crossed his arms defensively. “You better leave, Lyle.” “Not until we talk about what your boy did,” insisted Mr. Williams. “I told you my boy ain’t done nothing,” he insisted. “Whatever that faggot son told you is a lie.” He moved back and slammed the door shut. Kevin’s father stood a minute and stared at the door before heading back to the car. Kevin slumped down inside the car. His father entered the car and angrily started the engine. “No wonder Paul’s the way he is,” his father shouted. “He’s as dumb as his jackass father!” Kevin rested his head against the window as they drove home in silence. ******** “Well?” Ashley grabbed Gordon’s arm as he entered the building. “Did you take care of him?” “Naw,” Gordon replied. “The son of a bitch ran away, and we couldn’t find him.” He looked over at Ashley. “Don’t worry, though. We’ll get him the next time.” “You’d better,” she warned before walking away and heading down the corridor to class. She had called Gordon the night before and met with him and Paul at his house. They had made the excuse they were working on a homework assignment, but instead they had planned how they would deal with Kevin. After her argument with Devin, she was convinced that Kevin was coming between them. Since she was giving Devin what he wanted, she expected him to give her his undivided attention. However, he was increasingly becoming preoccupied with his twin. Even after making love, he would often bring up Kevin’s name. She felt that if she could turn Devin against his brother, then she could reclaim the attention she deserved. They had worked out a plan to try and embarrass and intimidate Kevin and Cameron. She figured the more she made other students aware of Kevin, then it might turn Devin against his brother. She knew that he felt insecure about other students assuming that since his twin was gay, then he must have similar traits. The more she could get Paul and Gordon to expose Kevin, then the better chance she had to regain Devin’s love. ******** “Where’s Devin?” Cameron was looking across the table where Ashley was sitting with Paul. Kevin looked over and shrugged. “Dunno,” he said. “Dad told him last night he didn’t want him talking to her until he got his grades back up. I guess he decided to ditch lunch.” “You sure you haven’t seen him?” Ashley asked Paul as she looked around the cafeteria for Devin to show. She was worried that since their argument the day before, Devin had decided to break up with her. Just then, Sherri walked up and sat down. “Where’s lover boy?” she asked sarcastically. “He had an assignment due in history, so he’s in the library,” Ashley responded. She didn’t want to confess to her best friend that they had had a fight. “That’s funny,” Sherri replied coyly. “I was just in there, and I didn’t see him.” “He was probably sitting in a cubicle,” volunteered Paul. Sherri looked at him and rolled her eyes. Paul shot her an angry look and then rose from his seat. “I’m going to go see if I can find him.” Sherri watched him walk away and then turned to Ashley. “God, Girl! How can you stand that?” “What?” Ashley gave her a puzzled look. “Paul.” she replied. “He follows Devin around like a puppy dog. Doesn’t that bother you?” “I’m more concerned about Kevin,” she said. “I don’t want him coming between us.” She grabbed Ashley’s hand. “I know what you’re saying. I’ve heard several people say they wonder if Devin may be queer since he and Kevin are twins.” Ashley leaned back and laughed. “Trust me, Sherri. He’s not gay. I think I would know.” Sherri looked around to make sure no one was listening to their conversation. “Tell me, Ashley. Is he good in bed?” Ashley giggled before saying, “The best.” Sherri high-fived her gently on the hand. “You’re lucky, Ashley,” she giggled. “Half the girls in this school are jealous of you.” Ashley sat back and looked worriedly at Sherri. “What?” Sherri leaned forward. “I know that look. Spill it.” Ashley looked around to see if anyone could hear them. She then whispered softly, “I’m a week late having my period.” Sherri sat back and hissed, “Damn.” She leaned forward again, “You sure.” Ashley threw up her hands. “Well, duh,” she replied worriedly. “I would know these things.” Sherri whispered softly, “You don’t think you’re pregnant, do you? I told you Devin should have been wearing a condom.” Ashley’s face reddened. “He told me if he pulled out in time, nothing would happen.” “I told you not to believe that shit!” Sherri said loudly. She then looked around to see if anyone had heard. She looked worriedly at her best friend. “So, what are you going to do?” “First, I have to find out if I’m pregnant,” she replied. “I could just be late this month.” “I’ll come over to your house tonight,” Sherri responded. “I’ll get my sister to buy a pregnancy test.” “Don’t tell her it’s for me!” Ashley said excitedly. “I won’t,” assured Sherri. “I’ll tell her it’s for someone else. She thinks our friend Bev is a slut, so I’ll tell her it’s for her.” “Whatever you do, Sherri,” said Ashley, “You have to swear you won’t breathe a word of this to anyone.” “You got it,” promised Sherri. “Not a word to anyone.” She got up from the table and walked away. Ashley peered around the cafeteria looking for Devin. ******** Cameron was walking alone to his fifth period class. Kevin would usually walk with him from Spanish class, but today he said he had to talk to a teacher about a grade. He decided to use the restroom before the bell rang. As he entered, several boys were hurriedly leaving so they wouldn’t be late. As Cameron was washing his hands, he noticed in the mirror the door open. His heart stopped when he saw Paul walk in. Paul walked up, stood beside him and grinned at him in the mirror. Cameron stepped away saying, “I have to get to class.” Paul reached out and grabbed his arm. “Not so quick, Fag.” He shoved him up against a wall. “I couldn’t catch Kevin last night, and I’m damned sure not going to let you get away now.” Cameron struggled and attempted to break free. “Let me go!” Paul squeezed his arm tighter. “Shut up, you fucking homo!” He attempted to pull Cameron over to a stall, but he continued to struggle. Paul put his foot out and tripped Cameron to the ground. He then got down and pinned him to the ground. “You’re mine now,” he hissed as he pulled his arm back to hit Cameron. Cameron closed his eyes and waited for the blow to strike. Instead, he felt the weight of Paul’s body being lifted from his. He watched as Paul’s body was thrown against a wall. “I told you to leave him and Kevin alone!” Devin shouted. Paul moaned when Devin hit him in the stomach. Paul put out his hands to prevent any further blows. “I’m sorry, Devin. Ashley said this is what you wanted.” He shielded his body when he saw Devin raise his fist again. Suddenly, he lowered his hand and pushed Paul against the wall. “What did you say?” Paul looked down at Cameron who was still lying on the ground. “She said you told her you wanted me and Gordon to fuck these fags up.” Devin took a step back. “When did she tell you this?” “She called last night and then came over to my house. She said you wanted Kevin and this fag,” he pointed down to Cameron, “dealt with.” Paul closed his eyes when Devin raised his fist in anger. “Bitch!” He hollered as he walked over and hit the wall. He pulled his hand back and started shaking it. “Damn, that hurt!” He walked over and looked down at Cameron. “Get up.” He extended his good hand and helped Cameron to his feet. “Go to class.” He pushed him toward the door. Paul looked on with a puzzled look as Cameron hurried from the restroom. “Listen.” Devin approached Paul. “I didn’t tell Ashley anything like that. I’ve told you from the beginning to let me handle this.” “You’ve been saying that, Devin,” he replied. Just then the bell rang. “But you haven’t done anything about it.” “Christ, Paulie,” hissed Devin. “He’s my goddamned brother. Do you think I want to see him hurt? I just want him to stop messing around with Cameron.” Paul gave him an exasperated look. “I was going to take care of it, before you came barging in here like some fucking mad man.” He put his hand on his stomach. “You didn’t have to hit me.” Devin threw his arms around his best friend. “Listen, Paul. This whole thing has gotten out of hand. Ashley’s mad at me, and my old man is coming down on my ass pretty hard. And now, I’m fighting with my best friend.” “So, what do you think we should do now?” Paul looked into Devin’s face. “We are not going to do anything,” replied Devin as he stepped away. “Let me talk to Kevin. I should have done that from the start. I was so damned worried about everyone thinking I was like Kevin that I forgot what was really important.” “I still think they should get their asses kicked,” said Paul angrily. “What they are doing is wrong.” When Devin started laughing, Paul gave him a puzzled look. “You know what, Paulie. My Dad reminded me the other day about the time he caught us sucking each other’s dicks.” Paul’s face started to redden as he remembered back to that night. “If I recall, you didn’t seem to have much of a problem with it then.” “But... But...” Paul stammered. “We were just kids.” Devin continued to laugh. “Yeah, Paul,” he smiled. “We were just kids.” He turned and headed for the door. “I got to go. My Dad will kill me if I miss another class.” As he opened the door, he stopped and turned. “Listen, Paulie,” he warned. “Touch Kevin or Cameron again, and the next time I won’t be so forgiving. Got it?” Paul nodded as Devin exited the restroom. ******** “What’s wrong with you?” Kevin looked worriedly at Cameron when he came in just as the bell was ringing for Mrs. Strickland’s class. He turned around to tell Kevin what happened, but Mrs. Strickland started talking. Kevin waited patiently for forty minutes until she stopped lecturing. “I didn’t think she’d ever stop talking,” Cameron giggled as he moved his chair beside Kevin’s. Mrs. Strickland had given them an assignment, and she told them they could work together quietly. “You gonna tell me why you came to class late?” Cameron opened his history book and looked over at Kevin. “I had some trouble in the restroom.” “What kind of trouble?” Kevin gave him a worried look. “Paul was going to jump me.” “Paul?” Kevin asked angrily. “Did he hurt you?” “No.” Cameron gave him a puzzled look. “Your brother came in and stopped him?” “Devin?” “Yeah. Paul was going to hit me, and Devin came in and grabbed his arm.” He watched as Kevin’s face went from anger to disbelief. “He told me to get out. I don’t know what happened after I left.” “Devin helped you out?” Kevin was completely surprised. He thought his brother hated Cameron. “I know,” replied Cameron. “Weird, isn’t it?” “Yeah.” Cameron started working the assignment in the book, but Kevin couldn’t stop wondering why Devin had come to Cameron’s aid. Paul was his best friend, and he had been thinking that Devin had put him up to harassing him and Cameron. When Paul and Gordon chased him the night before, he somehow believed that Devin had been behind it. When the bell rang, they got up from their desks and faced each other. Kevin asked, “Can I stop by your house after basketball practice?” “Yeah, sure.” Cameron responded. “I’ll call Mom and tell her you’re staying for dinner.” “I’d better not,” he said. “I’m not sure my mom would let me.” “I understand,” Cameron replied. Both boys were aware that if they were to see each other, they’d have to be careful. “We’d better go.” Kevin walked Cameron to his sixth period before running off to his. He ran into the room just as the bell was ringing. ******** “That was a good practice, Gentlemen!” Coach Alston shouted to the eleven sweaty teens running maneuvers on the gym floor. “Go hit the showers.” They turned and started walking slowly toward the dressing room. “Barber, Tyler and Williams!” The three boys turned and faced the coach. “I want to see you in my office.” He turned and headed across the gym floor. Charles asked, “What do you think he wants?” “I don’t know.” Stanley let his hand brush lightly against Charles. Kevin was walking behind them and started grinning when he noticed. “Have a seat guys.” Coach Alston motioned for them to sit when they entered his office. He sat down on the edge of his desk. “You guys are looking good out there.” The three boys looked at each other and smiled. “There’s a certain chemistry that’s hard to find. It’s like you can read each other’s next moves on the court.” “Thanks, Coach,” responded a beaming Charles. “Keep playing like that and we have a good shot at the city championship,” he announced. “I’d love to kick Halston High’s ass this year.” Everyone started laughing. The coach looked down worriedly at the boys. “How are things going off the court?” He looked over at Stanley. “Is anyone giving you or Charles any problems?” “No, Coach,” Charles replied. “Things have quieted down.” “Not quite.” He looked over at Kevin. “Did you tell them what happened last night?” Kevin shook his head. Stanley and Charles looked at him questioningly. “I got chased going home,” he informed them. “By who?” Charles asked. “Paul and Gordon.” “Gordon!” Charles shouted. “That son of a bitch is watching every move I make anymore. He’s always peeking out his bedroom window. I swear the guy is a pervert.” “Just be careful, Boys,” warned the coach. “We start our season next week and I don’t want anything happening to you. Remember what happened last week.” “We’ll be careful,” Charles assured him as the boys got up to leave. He lifted his head and started sniffing the air. “What are you doing, Dickhead?” Stanley asked. He started blushing when he realized what he had said in front of the coach. “Victory,” laughed Charles. “The city championship.” Kevin started sniffing the air. “Yeah,” he laughed. “I can smell it too.” “You guys are idiots,” replied Stanley as he took both boys by the shoulder and led them from the coach’s office. ******** “Well?” Ashley paced around the room nervously while Sherri held up the strip and examined it. Sherri gave her a worried look and announced, “There’s a plus sign.” Ashley fell on the bed and started crying.
  4. Chapter 10

    Devin was lying naked beside Ashley. She was outlining circles on his chest. Occasionally, she’d lean in and plant kisses on him. It was the first chance they had been able to get together in a week. Since half the school now knew they were meeting during class under the stadium bleachers, they were afraid that the administrators would soon hear the rumors and catch them. Besides, both of their grades were hurting as a result of missing classes. “What are you thinking?” It had been several minutes since Devin had spoken. Ashley could tell that he was deep in thought. He rolled over on his side. “Do you think I’ve been too mean to Kevin?” She gave him a puzzled look which quickly turned to anger. “Why would you think that?” She asked angrily. “He’s queer. If you ask me, you’ve been too nice to him. I would have gotten your parents to put him out of the house.” “That’s not going to happen,” he replied. “For some reason, him and Dad seem to be pretty tight right now. Dad doesn’t seem upset at all. Even Mom is starting to treat him better. I don’t understand what is going on.” Ashley continued to draw imaginary circles on his chest. “I still don’t think you should be nice to him, especially after what he’s done.” Devin lifted himself up and looked at Ashley. “That’s just it, Ashley. What has he done?” “He... He... He...” She seemed at a loss for words. Finally, her eyes lit up and said, “He had you kicked off the team.” Devin laid his head back down. “No, he didn’t,” he admitted. “The coach got mad at me for not throwing the ball to Kevin, so I walked out.” She leaned in and kissed his chest. “He is still the reason for you not playing.” Devin leaned back up. “Seriously, Ashley. What has Kevin done wrong? I’m the one who has been a jackass.” “Damn it, Devin!” Ashley spoke angrily. “He’s a queer. He’s probably at that Cameron’s house right now sucking his cock.” She leaned down and took his limp dick in her mouth and started sucking it. She looked up at him and smiled when it began to harden. “See,” she giggled as she took it in her hand and stroked it. “This is the way it’s supposed to be.” Devin reached down and stopped her. “Not right now, Ashley. I’ve already cum twice. I don’t think I can do it again.” She giggled and stroked his erect cock. “You sure, Babe? It looks like you want it again.” She continued to stroke him gently. “Yeah, I’m sure.” She frowned at him and sighed. She then placed her head on his chest and continued to draw circles. “Why all this interest in Kevin all of a sudden?” He waited a moment before speaking. “I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem right not to be talking to Kevin. We’ve been close all our lives. He’s going through a bunch of shit at school, and it hurts to see him suffering. I just feel I should be there for him.” She pushed herself away from Devin, sat up in bed and pulled the sheet around her naked body. “I still think it is wrong,” she insisted. “I don’t want you talking to him.” Devin rose, sat on the end of the bed and looked angrily at her. “Are you telling me what to do? Kevin’s my brother, and if I want to talk to him, I will.” “Fine.” Ashley got off the bed and wrapped her bathrobe tightly around her. “Talk to him, I don’t care.” She walked into her bathroom and closed the door. Devin began to get dressed. Several minutes later, she returned fully clothed. Devin walked over and attempted to put his arms around her, but she pulled away. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” He stood back and shouted angrily at her. “Fuck you, Devin!” she yelled back. “You’re choosing your brother over me.” “What?” Devin shouted. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “When did this become a choice between Kevin and you? All I said was I thought I was being too mean to him. Why are you getting so upset?” “Sherri warned me this would happen?” “Sherri!” Devin screamed. “What the fuck does Sherri have to do with this?” “She told me your fag brother would come between us.” “He’s not coming between us!” insisted Devin. “You’re coming between us. You’re acting like a bitch right now!” Ashley walked over and slapped Devin on the side of his left cheek. He raised his hand to hit her, but he quickly withdrew it. He picked up his coat and put it on. As he headed for the door, he turned and faced her. “I thought I was falling in love with you. I’m glad I finally found out what you are really like.” “Fag!” she shouted angrily. “You’re just like your brother.” He approached her with his fist balled up, but he again stepped back. “I should have listened to Sherri.” He took one last angry look at her and then left the room. Ashley started to cry. She walked over to the window and watched Devin storming away from the house. She walked over and picked up the phone. “Gordon?” she asked. “Is Paul there with you? We need to talk.” ******** “Hi, Mom!” Cameron shouted as he entered the apartment. “I’m home.” His mother walked to the kitchen door and looked at her son as he returned home from school. “Hello, Honey. I’m in the kitchen.” Cameron took off his coat and sat at the table. A glass of milk and two cookies were awaiting him. “How was your day?” She walked over and ruffled his hair. “Mom!” Cameron shrieked. “I wish you’d stop doing that.” She laughed and then sat down at the table beside him. “Did you see Kevin at school?” “Yeah,” he replied. “I see him every day. We’re in two classes together.” “And he talked to you?” He replied, “Of course.” He gave her a worried look. “Why wouldn’t he?” “His mother called me this morning,” she informed him. “She’s having trouble dealing with Kevin being gay. She said she’s ordered him to stay away from you.” “What?” Cameron jumped up from the table. “She can’t do that!” He started pacing around the room angrily. His mother patted the chair, and he reluctantly sat back down. “I know, Dear,” she said soothingly. “I tried to talk to her, but she just refuses to believe she has a gay son. For some idiotic reason, she thinks you’re a bad influence on Kevin.” “I’m not,” he insisted. She patted his hand gently. “You know that, and I know that,” she said. “We just have to prove to Mrs. Williams that you aren’t.” “How do we do that?” She looked at him worriedly. “I don’t know. In an hour I wasn’t able to convince her, so I don’t know. Just be careful when you’re around him at school. From what she says, she has his brother spying on him.” “Devin is always staring at me,” Cameron replied. “I know he doesn’t like me.” “Has he done anything to you recently?” “Not really,” he said thoughtfully. It had been a week since Devin last said anything or pushed him in the hall. Even in class, he had stopped looking threateningly at him. Just then, the doorbell rang. Cameron jumped up to see who was at the door. When he opened it, Kevin was standing smiling at him. “Hey, you,” he grinned. “I didn’t know you were coming by.” Cameron had a confused look on his face. “I wasn’t planning to,” he admitted, “but when I got out of basketball practice, Dad was waiting on me. Well, actually, he was waiting on me and Devin. He didn’t know Devin had quit the team. He was pissed when Coach Alston said he hadn’t been at practice for two weeks.” “Why did he bring you by here?” Cameron caught himself. He didn’t want it to appear that Kevin wasn’t welcomed. It was just that earlier his mother said that Kevin wasn’t to hang around him anymore. “Not that I don’t mind,” he grinned. “I think he was going home to confront Devin.” A worried look appeared on Kevin’s face. “I guess he didn’t want me to be around.” “I wouldn’t want to be Devin,” replied Cameron. “You said it,” Kevin frowned. “Especially after he finds out he’s been going over to Ashley’s after school. He’s really going to be pissed when he finds out that her parents aren’t home.” “I heard some girls at school saying that they’re doing it.” Cameron’s face reddened. “That’s what Stanley told me,” Kevin replied. Cameron started to giggle. “What’s so funny?” Kevin gave him a puzzle look. “Well,” he smiled. “We are too.” “No, we’re not,” Kevin said as he looked around to see if Mrs. Lynch was nearby. He said softly, “We’ve only played with each other once, and that was out at the lake last week.” Cameron wiggled his eyebrows. “Want to go to my room and make it twice?” Kevin started laughing. “Perv. You’re mother’s home.” He looked around the house. “Isn’t she?” Cameron frowned. “Yep, she’s in the kitchen.” He took Kevin’s hand and led him into the other room. Mrs. Lynch smiled when she saw him. “Kevin,” she said cheerfully. “What a pleasant surprise. I guess your mother changed her mind.” He gave her a puzzled look. “Changed her mind about what?” “Oh, Dear.” She looked over at Cameron. “I guess he doesn’t know.” Cameron shook his head. She had both boys sit down while she explained Mrs. William’s earlier call. “I’ll kill her,” he said angrily afterwards. “She told me she was going to talk to you, but I didn’t believe her.” Mrs. Lynch reached out and patted his hand. “Don’t be too critical of her. She’s just doing what she thinks is best for you.” “Telling me who I can and can’t speak to is not doing what is best for me!” he shouted. “It’s just being mean and hateful!” Mrs. Lynch got up and walked over to the counter. “Why don’t you boys go to Cameron’s room while I bake some cookies?” She turned and smiled. “We’ll talk about this later.” Cameron grabbed Kevin’s hand and pulled him from the table. Once inside his room, Kevin started pacing angrily around the room. “I hate her!” He turned and looked sadly at Cameron. “She can’t keep us apart.” He walked over and gave him hug. “She’s not going to,” Cameron assured him as he gave him a kiss. Kevin wrapped his arms around him and kissed him more passionately. He could feel Cameron’s cock begin to stiffen. “Mmmmm,” moaned Cameron when Kevin reached down and started rubbing his cock. Kevin unfastened his pants and snaked his hand inside Cameron’s underwear. He could feel precum on the tip of it. He playfully coated Cameron’s cock with it. “Mmmmm!” moaned Cameron louder. Kevin giggled and then dropped to his knees. Cameron looked down as Kevin pulled his pants and underwear to his knees. “What are you doing?” Kevin looked up at him and grinned. “This.” He took Cameron’s cock into his mouth. His legs buckled, and he almost fell to the ground. Kevin tried to stifle a laugh as he continued to suck on his cock. “Oh, God!” moaned Cameron as he began to push his cock more forcefully into Kevin’s mouth. After several minutes he urgently announced, “Kevin, I’m going to cum!” He tried to pull away, but Kevin reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. Within seconds, he could feel the first volley of cum hit the back of his mouth. He started to gag, but he managed to catch his breath as Cameron filled his mouth with warm cum. Cameron pulled his cock out of Kevin’s mouth and gave it a few more strokes. Several more drops of cum emerged from the head. He pulled up his pants and quickly left the room. He returned and handed Kevin a blue towel. “Here,” he said. “Spit it into this.” Kevin looked at him and grinned. “I already took care of it.” “You swallowed it?” Kevin grinned and nodded his head. “It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would.” Cameron looked at him in amazement. “You actually swallowed it?” “Yep,” grinned Kevin as he patted his stomach. “Now I got a part of you in me.” Cameron approached him and started to kiss him. He wanted to return the feelings that Kevin had just given him. He pulled Kevin’s cock out and was ready to get down on his knees when his mother hollered out. “Come in the kitchen, Boys!” she shouted. “I’ve got some cookies for you.” “Damn,” Cameron swore. He rose and faced Kevin. “I’m sorry. I’ll have to do you later. If we don’t go now, she’ll come looking for us.” “It’s okay, Cameron,” replied Kevin as he gave him a kiss. “At least I got to show you how I feel.” Cameron reached down and wrapped his hand around Kevin’s erect cock. “I can’t leave you like this.” Kevin gently pushed his hand away and pulled up his pants. “There’s always tomorrow,” he said. “What if your mother won’t let you see me anymore?” “Are you kidding?” Kevin replied. “Nothing’s going to come between us. Besides,” he started grinning. “You owe me.” “Boys!” “Damn!” Cameron grabbed Kevin’s hand and led him towards the kitchen. ******** Kevin knew something was wrong as soon as he entered the front door. Devin was slumped down on the sofa with his father pacing back and forth in front of him. His mother was sitting in a chair with a worried look on her face. “What in the hell goes through that thing you call a brain?” His father asked angrily. Devin hung his head and didn’t answer. His father noticed Kevin enter and ordered him to have a seat beside his brother. Kevin gave Devin a quick glance before sitting. “Did you know what is going on with your brother?” his father inquired. Kevin looked at Devin and then back up at his father. “Like what?” he asked innocently. Since he hadn’t heard their previous conversation, he didn’t want to expose too much. “Did you know he got kicked off the basketball team?” his father shouted as he looked down angrily at Devin. Kevin didn’t answer right away. “Well, did you?” he shouted again. Kevin glanced over at Devin. Devin looked quickly at him and then turned away. “He didn’t exactly get kicked off the team,” Kevin replied as he attempted to save Devin. “Coach Alston said he can return any time he wants to.” Devin quickly glanced over and gave Kevin a puzzled look. He didn’t know that he would be permitted back on the team. “Then what in the hell is going on?” His father looked down at Devin. “You told me the coach kicked you off the team because you missed practice.” Devin looked pleadingly at Kevin. He couldn’t think of a response, and he was hoping his brother would help him out. “Um...” Kevin thought quickly. “He just thought he misunderstood the coach, I guess, when he told him to go hit the shower.” Devin looked at his father and hoped he would accept the excuse. “I can see how he would misunderstand that, Lyle,” said Kevin’s mother. “All he has to do is go speak to Coach Alston and clear things up.” He walked over and looked down at Devin. “And that is damn well what he’d better do, first thing in the morning.” Devin hung head and didn’t look at his father. He didn’t know if what Kevin had said was true. The last thing he wanted to do was make a promise to his father he knew he couldn’t keep. Mr. Williams then leaned down and picked an envelope off the coffee table. He threw it into Devin’s lap. Kevin looked over quickly and noticed that the letter was from their school. “Would you like to explain this to me?” Devin’s hands shook as he opened the letter. It informed his parents that he had missed six classes recently without an excuse. Kevin had read it the same time as his brother. When he finished, Devin looked over at Kevin. “Don’t look at your brother!” his father shouted. “I want to hear it from your own lips why you’ve missed six classes.” Devin hung his head and tried to think of an acceptable excuse he could give his father. “Well!” He jumped when his father leaned down and screamed into his face. Kevin gave Devin a worried look. He knew the real reason. He had heard the rumors of Ashley and Devin meeting for sex. His father would kill him if he found out the truth. “I’m waiting!” He had a frightened look on his face when he tried to answer. “Ashley had a big project in her science class, and I was helping her out in the library.” His father looked angrily down at him. “That’s the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard in my life.” He looked over at Kevin. “Do you know why he’s missed six classes?” Kevin looked nervously at Devin. He turned back to his father. “No, Sir.” He could feel Devin let out a slight sigh. He didn’t know if Kevin knew the truth, but he assumed he did since most of the school knew about it. “The boy told you he was helping Ashley in the library,” said Mrs. Williams from across the room. “In that case,” he spoke angrily. “I don’t want you seeing Ashley anymore?” “What!” Devin stood up and faced his father. “You can’t do that!” Even though he and Ashley just had a serious fight, he still didn’t consider their relationship over. He knew they would kiss and make up soon. “I can,” his father shouted back, “and I will!” He held out his hand. “Give me your cell phone.” “It’s in my room,” Devin shouted, “and you can’t have it!” Mr. Williams turned to Kevin. “Go to your brother’s room and bring me his phone. And while you’re at it, remove the keyboard off his computer, and bring that to me too.” Kevin sat motionless. He couldn’t believe what his father was asking him to do. “Move it, Kevin!” he shouted. Kevin reluctantly got up and went into Devin’s room. When he returned with the phone and keyboard, Devin and his father were still standing face to face. “You can’t do this!” screamed Devin. He looked angrily over at Kevin. “You let Kevin talk to that faggot boyfriend of his, but I can’t see Ashley.” There was a gasp from Kevin and his mother when his father slapped Devin across the face. Mrs. Williams jumped up and ran over to Devin. Tears were beginning to emerge from his eyes. She looked angrily at her husband. “Lyle, you hit the boy!” She pulled Devin’s tearful face into her bosom. “He was warned about using that word in this house!” he shouted. “I’ll not have him disrespecting me!” “But it was all right when Kevin disrespected me?” His mother looked angrily at Kevin. “I told him I didn’t want him associating with that Lynch boy, and you go off and take them fishing together.” He picked up the letter and waved it at her. “We’re not talking about Kevin right now. We’re talking about Devin missing six classes because of Ashley. I don’t want him dating her anymore until he shows he’s responsible enough.” “That’s unfair!” Devin pulled away and looked tearfully at his father. He then turned to Kevin. “I hate you! All this is your fault!” He hurried to his bedroom and slammed the door. “Lyle!” his mother looked angrily at her husband, “You’re wrong and you know it.” He looked over at Kevin before walking over to his wife and taking her by the arm. “We’ll discuss this in our bedroom.” Kevin stood in the middle of the living room as his parents left. He heard their bedroom door slam and then loud shouting. He sighed deeply, and then he put on his coat and left. He started for Cameron’s house, but then he remembered that he and his mother had rented a movie. They had asked him to join them, but Kevin knew that Cameron always looked forward to spending a night watching movies with his mother. He said they would put on their pajamas, make popcorn and then lie on the floor enjoying whatever movie they had decided to watch. Kevin smiled when he thought of going back home, getting his pajamas and joining them. Instead, he walked a few blocks to Taco Jacks. He was hungry since his father’s fight with Devin distracted his mother from cooking dinner for the family. He checked his pockets to see if he had any money. He had enough for two tacos and a soft drink. He ate alone in the back of the restaurant. A couple guys from his school came in and sat down nearby. They would look over at him as they ate and laugh. When one of them looked over at him and winked, the other boy laughed hysterically. He got up and walked out. He pulled his coat up over his ears. The temperature was getting colder in the evenings after the sun set. It wouldn’t be long before he would have to get his parka out of the closet. As he walked back towards his home, he noticed a car drive slowly past. He watched as the brake lights came on, and the car did a u-turn in the street. He stepped off the sidewalk and onto a lawn when it slowly approached. He panicked when the passenger’s side door opened, and Paul stepped out. He started running towards Kevin. “You’re mine now, Faggot!”
  5. Chapter 9

    “Mom?” “What, Dear?” Cameron was snuggled up beside his mother watching television. He was exhausted after his fishing trip with Kevin. It was dark when they dropped him off. He had taken a shower, put on his pajamas, and went into the living room to watch some television with his mother before going to bed. “How do you know when you’re in love?” Mrs. Lynch looked down at the innocent face of her son. She put her arm around him and tried to hide the tears that were quickly forming in her eyes. She had hoped that someday her son would ask her that question. It was her greatest desire as a mother that her only son would someday find happiness. She just wasn’t expecting it to come so soon. “That’s a tough question to answer, Cameron.” Her voice was filled with emotion. “I guess you just know deep down inside you when you fall in love.” “Does it hurt?” She gave him a puzzled look. “What do you mean, Dear?” His face started to redden. “I mean I’m sitting here with you and it’s really nice.” He sat up. “But I wish it was Kevin. It hurts me because I want him here and he’s not here.” She smiled and pulled him back into her lap. She reached down and gently stroked his blond hair. “Isn’t this a little sudden?” she asked. “You’ve only known him about a week. And besides, you’re only sixteen.” He sat back up and looked over at her. “You said you were sixteen when you met Dad. Didn’t you fall in love with him right away?” She let out a deep sigh. “And look how that turned out.” It was true. She had met Cameron’s father in high school. They began to date, and she fell head over heels for him. They became intimate, and then she became pregnant with Cameron. She was only a junior in high school. She had to drop out of school to take care of him. His father completed school and went on to attend college. He had never met his son. Like many teenage mothers, his mother had raised him without anyone’s support. She had asked his father to help financially, but when he refused, she didn’t pursue it. She had made the decision she would take care of him on her own. She had never once regretted the decision. The young man sitting next to her had become her life and reason for living. She kissed him gently on the forehead, and then he rested his head on her shoulder. “I think I love him,” he muttered softly. He waited for a response, but she remained silent. He looked up and saw tears forming in her eyes. “Are you upset with me?” She started to tremble, and then she reached out and held him tightly. They remained clutched in an embrace for several minutes. Finally, she pulled away and smiled gently at Cameron. “Of course, I’m not upset,” she said tearfully. “My only wish is that you are happy. I’ve never wanted anything more. I knew this day would come. I just wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon. I still think you are too young to become involved in a relationship, but I’m going to let you make your own decisions.” “Thanks, Mom,” he laid his head back on her shoulder. “I’ll be careful. I really think Kevin likes me too.” She gently rubbed his hair. “Loving and liking are two different things, Cameron. I don’t want to see you get hurt.” “I know,” he smiled. “But it’s just whenever I’m around Kevin, I get…” She laughed when his face reddened. “Get what, Dear?” She laughed louder when he covered his face with his hands. “Mom!” he shrieked. “I didn’t mean to say that.” He started to get up, but she pulled him back down. “It’s all right,” she assured him. “It happens to all boys.” “But you’re my mother,” he moaned. “I can’t talk to you about things like this.” “If you can’t talk to your mother, then who can you talk to?” He studied her face for a moment before deciding if he wanted to discuss what had been on his mind since he met Kevin. Finally, he let out a sigh. He turned and faced his mother. “Were you happy the first time you and Dad did it?” “Oh, My God!” She covered her face with her hands. “See,” said Cameron disappointedly. “I knew I couldn’t talk to you about this kind of stuff.” “Okay.” She sat up straight and faced him. “We can do this.” She brushed his hair back off his forehead. “What do you want to talk about?” She had read numerous books on gay sex, preparing for the day that Cameron would become interested in someone. She wanted to be informed in case he did raise the kind of questions he was now asking. In the back of her mind, though, she had hoped that she could avoid them. However, looking at the trust in Cameron’s eyes, she was glad he was willing to talk to her about such sensitive issues. “I really like Kevin,” he said. “I know he likes me, and I just sort of... Um...,” he started to blush. “Never mind, Mom.” He sat back and blankly looked at the television screen. Mrs. Lynch watched as he became sullen. She reached over and took his hand. “You want to have sex with Kevin?” Cameron’s face turned a bright red. Timidly, he nodded his head. “So, you haven’t yet?” “No. Well, not exactly.” She frowned. “What does not exactly mean.” “Mom,” he whined. “I can’t tell you everything.” She studied him for a minute. She was wondering just how far his relationship with Kevin had gone. They had just met, so it couldn’t have been too much. They had never been alone except for a couple of times in Cameron’s bedroom. Finally, he added, “We’ve kissed a couple of times.” “And?” His face reddened. “I touched him a couple of times.” It was her turn to blush. She thought she had been prepared for the conversation, but she was finding it harder to handle than she thought. She was beginning to think that perhaps this could be handled better by her brother. “Why don’t you discuss this with Uncle Jerry and Dave?” she suggested. He frowned and fell back onto the sofa. “Okay.” He became sullen as he watched the television. Mrs. Lynch realized that she had lost his trust. He had opened up to her and was willing to talk. Now, she had slammed the door shut on him. She rose and left the room. He felt embarrassed that he had tried to discuss sex with his own mother. However, she was the only person he could truly trust with his feelings. He had taken a chance, and now he felt hurt and humiliated. She walked back into the room and sat down. She placed a plastic bag in his lap. “What’s this?” He opened the bag and shrieked, “Mom!” He pulled out a box of condoms and held them up. “What are these for?” “I bought these about a year ago.” “For me!” he shouted. His eyes widened as he looked at the box. “I don’t need these!” He took them and placed them on her lap. She took them and handed them back to him. “You may not need these now,” she insisted, “but you will someday.” He pushed them back to her. “Well, I don’t want them now!” She gave him a puzzled look. “I thought that’s what you were talking about when you said you wanted to do something with Kevin.” “I do want to do something,” his face burned a bright red, “But not that!” She sat back and gave him a strange look. Finally, he smiled and started laughing. He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I love you, Mom.” She asked, “Now would you tell me what we’re talking about? I’m completely confused.” He started laughing. “I like Kevin,” he paused before adding, “A lot. I just want to know if it would be wrong if we kind of like did things together.” He handed her back the box of condoms. “But not things like this.” “I see.” She folded her hands and thought for a minute. She then turned to him. “You’re a smart boy, Cameron. I’ve always let you make your own decisions. Not once have you ever disappointed me.” She reached over and took his hand. “Do what you feel is right. Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. And never let Kevin or any other boy force you to do something you don’t want to do. You are the one who has to live with the consequences of your actions. “Personally, I feel that you are too young to become involved with someone. However, I know that I can’t stop you if you two do decide to do something. All I ask is that you use some discretion.” Cameron put his arms around his mother and hugged her tightly. “I love you, Mom.” “I love you too, Son,” she replied. He sat back and gave her an evil grin. “What?” “Can Kevin spend the night?” She picked up a pillow and hit him over the head with it. He fell back and started laughing. She gave him a serious look. “I’ve never had a problem with you being gay. I’ve always known you’d someday bring a boy home to meet me. I’m okay with that. However, I don’t want you to flaunt it in front of me. You’re permitted to hold hands around the house. Even an occasional kiss is acceptable,” she smiled. “But no tongue.” “Ewww,” said Cameron as he wriggled up his nose. “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it,” she laughed. “As for anything else, like I said, I can’t stop you. I just don’t want to know about it. If you want to talk to me about something, then I’m here for you. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to me about it, then go to Uncle Jerry. In fact, I want you and Kevin to sit down and talk to him and Dave sometime soon. I’m sure there are other things you need to discuss that I don’t have the answers for. All right?” “Sure, Mom.” He nodded and gave her another kiss on the cheek. “I’m going to bed now.” “Okay, Sweetie,” she said as she kissed his forehead. He started to walk away. “Cameron?” When he turned, she tossed him the box of condoms. “You forgot something.” “Mom,” he blushed. He then tucked the box into his pocket and headed for his bedroom. ******** Kevin was standing outside the school entrance waiting for Cameron to arrive. He looked at his watch. He was ten minutes late. He let out a sigh when he saw him approaching with Stanley beside him. Cameron smiled when he saw Kevin standing on the steps. “Hey.” Kevin wanted to walk over and hug him, but he resisted the urge. He then looked over at Stanley and asked, “Where’s Charles?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “I called his house, but his mother said something about him still being in bed. She said he was complaining of an upset stomach.” “I hope he gets better,” said Cameron. “There’s nothing wrong with him,” Stanley replied with a worried face. “I think he chickened out. He doesn’t want to face the heat.” Kevin asked, “What’s happened?” “You haven’t heard?” Both boys shook their heads. “Fletcher and TC came by my house Saturday afternoon,” he said. “They said Paul is planning to cause some trouble for us.” “Like what?” Kevin moved closer to Cameron as if to protect him. “They didn’t say,” he added. “They just said he and Gordon are going to ‘take us out.’” A couple of boys approached and walked up the steps. They brushed against Cameron as they entered the building. One turned and muttered angrily, “Watch where you’re going fag. Touch me again and I’ll knock the shit out of you.” Stanley stepped in front of the boy. “Keep on moving, Anderson,” Stanley warned. The boy turned and faced Stanley. “Now ain’t that sweet. The fags are standing up for one another.” Stanley balled up his fist. He was ready to hit the boy when Mr. Langdon, the school principal, appeared at the top of the steps. “Is anything wrong here?” He crossed his arms and stared sternly at the Anderson boy. “No, Sir,” replied Anderson as he cast an angry look at Stanley. “Nothing’s wrong.” “Then I suggest you get to class, Mr. Anderson,” he ordered. Anderson turned and headed into the building. He looked down at the others. “Come with me, Boys.” They followed him down the corridor until he approached a room, took out his keys and opened a door. “Go in and have a seat.” They sat down as Mr. Langdon stood before them. “I’m well aware of what is going on,” he said. “Coach Alston called me over the weekend.” Stanley gave Kevin and Cameron a puzzled look. It was the first time he was aware that the Coach knew what was going on. “Stanley.” He looked down at Stanley as he sat up erect in his chair. “I can’t be around to protect you boys every minute of the day. I have other responsibilities. One thing you can’t do is take on everyone who says something to you.” “But he called us fags!” Stanley said angrily. Mr. Langdon stepped back and crossed his arms once again. “You’re going to hear a lot of students say much worse than that. We have a zero tolerance here at Western High, but I can’t suspend every student who calls you a name. I have to pick my battles. If you are directly threatened or physically challenged, then I will take immediate action to protect you. But in the meantime, you must show some restraint. You can’t go around fighting everyone who calls you a name.” He stared at the boys. “Do I make myself clear?” “So, you just want us to use the sticks and stones approach?” Stanley asked sarcastically. “I think that is an excellent approach,” he smiled. “I couldn’t have said it any better.” “But...” Stanley began to complain. “No, buts, Stanley.” He looked down at Kevin and Cameron. “That goes for you too, Boys. Use some restraint. Ignore the small things. They aren’t worth getting suspended over. However, if someone does attempt to fight you, then you find the nearest teacher and inform them what is going on. Can you at least do that for me?” The boys looked at each other and then nodded. “Good,” sighed Principal Langdon. “You’ve just made my day a little bit easier. I’ll do all I can to keep you safe, but you have to cooperate with me. There’s only one of me and twelve hundred of you.” Just then, the bell rang. Mr. Langdon looked at his watch. “All right, Boys. First period starts in ten minutes. Go to class and try to have a good day.” “That’s easy for you to say,” snapped Stanley. He got up and walked out the door. As he was walking to class, a hand gripped his shoulder. He turned and was prepared to fight. Instead, it was Charles. “I thought you were staying home sick?” “I was,” frowned Charles. “But I couldn’t just leave you here alone to face everyone.” He looked at Stanley and smiled. “We’re in this together, all right?” For the first time that morning, Stanley felt he could make it through the day. “Come on.” He grabbed Charles arm. “Let’s get to class before I decide to kiss you right out here in front of everyone.” Charles laughed as they headed off to class. ******** The room was abuzz when Kevin entered Mr. Shepard’s geometry class. As he walked to his desk, there was a subdued hush. He could tell that everyone in the room was staring at him. He looked for Cameron, but he hadn’t arrived yet. After he sat down, the room returned to a loud clamor. Several times he heard his name being mentioned. The room became quiet again, and he looked up and saw Cameron walk in. He had his head down as he hurried to take his seat. He looked up briefly to give Kevin a quick smile. “You all right?” Kevin whispered as Cameron sat down. “Yeah,” he said softly without turning around. Kevin bristled when someone behind them mumbled, “Fags.” The room burst into laughter. Mr. Shepard rose from his desk and looked angrily around the room. The bell rang, and he quickly began the daily lesson. He worked several homework problems on the board, and then he announced there would be a quiz over the material. The students groaned as he handed out the test. Kevin was still working problems when the bell rang. “I don’t think I did very well on it,” he told Cameron as he placed his paper on Mr. Shepard’s desk. “For the first time in my life,” confessed Cameron, “I think I may have failed a test.” As they left the room, they were bumped from behind by another student. He turned and hissed, “Watch out cocksuckers!” Kevin looked over at Cameron. “Has your day been like this?” “Yeah,” replied Cameron sadly. “Someone knocked me into a locker on the way here. I don’t know why people have to be so cruel.” “I guess it makes them feel big when they can pick on someone when they’re down,” Kevin replied. He stopped and turned towards Cameron. “Are you going to be able to handle this?” “I think so,” Cameron replied. “I talked to Uncle Jerry this morning, and he helped me a lot. He told me stay strong.” Just then someone pushed Kevin into Cameron. “Sometimes that’s a little hard to do.” Kevin escorted Cameron to his class and then ran to make it to his own before the bell rang. ******** “What the fuck is that?” Paul asked angrily as he looked across the cafeteria. As usual, he was sitting with Devin and Ashley. Today, Sherri had decided to join them. “It must be the fag table.” Devin looked over to where his twin brother was sitting. Cameron was beside him, but today they weren’t eating alone. Stanley, Charles, Fletcher and TC were sitting with them. Fletcher and TC had talked about it over the weekend. After warning Stanley to be careful around Paul and Gordon, they had decided that they would not succumb to peer pressure, and that they would remain friends with Stanley and Kevin. If other students wanted to think they were gay, then they didn’t care. To them, friendship was more important than idle gossip. Sherri asked, “I thought Fletch and TC were straight?” “Naw,” replied Paul angrily. “You see them sitting with those fags. That makes them fags, too.” “Really, Devin,” stated Ashley harshly. “I don’t know how you can sleep in the same bedroom with Kevin. He might try to do something some night.” “Shut up, Ashley!” Devin responded angrily. “For your information, Kevin moved out of our bedroom. I hardly see him anymore.” “Good,” shuddered Ashley. “Just the thought of you two sleeping in the same bed makes me sick.” “We never slept in the same bed! We had twin beds!” “Well, good,” she replied. “I just wouldn’t want him trying to do anything to you.” “I still can’t believe TC is gay,” commented Sherri as she looked across the room. “I dated him a few times, and he sure didn’t act gay.” “What did you do?” Paul enquired. “Fuck off, Paul,” she hissed. “I don’t think that’s any of your business. Let’s just say he wasn’t gay when he was with me.” “Girl, you didn’t!” Ashley put up her hand and high-fived Sherri. “Why didn’t you tell me you slept with TC?” “Like you told me you were sleeping with Devin.” Her eyes widened, and she put her hand over her mouth. Devin looked over and gave Ashley an angry look. “Oh, forget it, Devin,” laughed Sherri. “The whole school knows you two are doing it.” “At least they know you’re not a fag like your brother,” added Paul. Devin stared across the cafeteria at his brother. He was laughing at something Stanley had said. “Yeah,” he said softly. “I’m not a fag like my brother.” ******** “That was a good practice, Guys” Coach Alston hollered across the gym. “Now go hit the showers. Williams, Barber and Collins, I want to see you in my office.” He turned and disappeared through the green double doors. Kevin, Stanley and Charles grabbed their gym bags and followed the coach into his office. He pointed for them to take a chair while he went over and closed the door. He then sat on the end of his desk and looked down at the boys. “How’s your day been,” he inquired. “Has anyone given you any problems?” “Not much,” replied Charles. “A few people have called us names, but it’s nothing we can’t handle.” He looked over at Kevin. “What about you?” “A couple of people shoved me and Cameron into the lockers, but it wasn’t too bad.” “Did Cameron handle it all right?” Kevin nodded. Stanley and Charles looked on with interest because they couldn’t understand why the coach was showing such an interest in Cameron. He then turned to Stanley. “How about you?” “I almost kicked some guy’s ass this morning,” he laughed, “but Mr. Langdon stopped me. He told us to not react when someone calls us names.” “That’s wise advice,” said the coach. “You’ll be kicking everyone’s ass in that case.” The boys started laughing. “And it’s a pretty big school.” He jumped off his desk and sat down. “I was watching the practice pretty closely. Did anyone on the team say anything?” All three boys shook their heads. “Good,” he said. “I didn’t think we’d have any problem.” He looked over at Kevin. “Now that your brother and Glenn are off the team.” Kevin asked, “Is he kicked off the team for good?” It had bothered him that Devin couldn’t play because of him. He didn’t want it to interfere with his father’s plans for them going to college on an athletic scholarship. To his knowledge, his father still wasn’t aware that Devin wasn’t playing. If he was, he hadn’t said anything about it. “I didn’t kick him off,” Coach Alston responded. “I merely told him to get off the court when he hit you with the ball. It was his decision to quit.” “So, he can come back if he wants to?” Kevin asked hopefully. “Why would you want him back?” Stanley asked. “He’s treats you like shit?” Kevin looked at him sorrowfully. “He’s still my brother, Stanley. I can’t turn my back on him that easily.” “He’s welcomed back anytime he feels he can play as a team,” replied the coach. “And that means he has to be able to play with all the team.” Kevin nodded his head. “Now go shower, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” As they left Coach Alston’s office and headed for the locker room, Stanley looked over at Kevin and asked, “Why did the Coach seem so interested in Cameron? I didn’t even think he was taking gym this year.” “He’s not,” Kevin replied. “Cameron’s his nephew.” “No shit?” Charles responded. “Why didn’t you say something sooner?” “I just found out yesterday,” explained Kevin. They stopped when they entered the locker room. Stanley was the first to approach their lockers. Charles and Kevin walked up and looked at the sight before them. Their lockers had been smeared with pink paint, and someone had written threatening words in red. FAGS MUST GO
  6. Chapter 8

    After showering, Kevin returned to his room and dressed. He sat down on the side of the bed and tried to listen if his parents were still arguing. The house was silent except for music emanating from Devin’s room. Kevin felt lost. He was overwhelmed with a feeling that his life was reeling out of control, and he didn’t know how to stop it from spinning. He needed help dealing with things. He knew he could depend on Cameron, but they had only met a week earlier. They were still in the first stages of developing a relationship. What if they realized that they really weren’t a good match? Except for a physical attraction, they had completely different interests. He liked sports and video games. Cameron was more scholarly and enjoyed painting and reading. Once the infatuation ended, could they possibly have anything that could keep them together? What if Cameron found him boring? Stanley was also there to give him support, but he had only just recently found out that he was gay. It took Stanley a week to tell him, and then he did so only after events made it necessary. Would Stanley really be there if he needed him? He had played sports with Charles for years, but he never really considered him a close friend. In fact, Kevin felt he had no close friends. The only person he ever felt he could trust unconditionally was now in a room down the hall with the door closed. He yearned for an earlier time when they could share secrets. Kevin needed someone to confide in, but the only person he could truly rely on in the past no longer wanted to talk to him. Kevin was jarred from his thoughts when there was a light knock on the door. It opened slowly, and his father peered in and asked, “Can I come in, Son?” Kevin nodded his head. His father walked across the room and sat down on the bed. He looked over at Kevin and smiled. “Want to go fishing?” Kevin was surprised by his father’s question. It had been years since they had gone fishing. When he and Devin were younger, his father would load up the fishing gear into the back of the car and then drive fifty miles to a mountain lake. They would rent a boat and spend the next four or five hours fishing. His mother would pack a lunch box filled with sandwiches and snacks. It was one of Kevin’s favorite childhood memories. However, over the years his father had become increasingly busy with work, and the fishing trips became less frequent. Four years ago, they stopped. Kevin looked questioningly at this father. “Why?” His father reached out and tousled his hair. “When did I need a reason to take my son fishing?” “Devin’s not going?” “I didn’t ask him,” his father responded abruptly. He stood and extended his hand to Kevin. Lifting him up, he put his arm around his shoulder and led him from the room. “I’ve got the car packed. This is going to be just like old times,” he said cheerfully. His mother was still sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper. She looked up when they entered, but she said nothing. “Kevin and I will be back before dark,” his father informed her. She nodded and then continued reading the paper. Once inside the car, Mr. Williams looked worriedly at Kevin. “Give her some time. This is all new for her.” Kevin gave his father a puzzled look. “Why aren’t you mad at me?” “Why should I be mad?” he asked. “You’re my son. I know I’ve been hard on you boys, but it’s only because I love you. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for either of you, and that includes accepting you for who you are.” He reached out and placed his hand on Kevin’s leg and squeezed it. “That Kevin, is unconditional love.” Kevin blinked away tears as his father backed out of the driveway. He looked at the kitchen window and saw his mother watching them pull away. “Does Mom hate me?” He choked back the tears. “I heard you yelling at each other.” “No, Son,” he assured Kevin. “She doesn’t hate you. She’s just having trouble understanding what is going on. She’s been rather sheltered, and she’s never been around many gay people before.” Kevin looked over at his father and asked, “Have you?” His father didn’t answer right away. He became quiet and drove in silence for about three blocks before answering. “My college roommate.” Kevin gave him a puzzled look. “Roger,” he muttered softly. “He was my roommate my junior year in college. It was before I knew your mother. When we started rooming together, he came out to me the first night. He told me if I didn’t want to share a room with him, then he would understand if I asked for another room assignment.” “What did you do?” Kevin asked. He was interested in what his father was telling him. He had shared many stories from his college days, but most had involved sports. “My first instinct was to ask for a room change,” he continued, “but Roger and I had been friends for two years. I thought I’d give it a try. I could always get another room if things didn’t work out.” “Did they?” “Yeah,” he laughed. “In fact, he was one of the best roommates I ever had. Boy, could he cook. It was almost like having a wife.” Kevin’s eyes widened. “So, you and Roger…” His father looked over and started laughing. “Oh, hell no!” He stopped laughing when he saw the hurt look on Kevin’s face. “Roger and I were best friends. I dated women, and he dated guys. Well, actually, he dated one guy, Larry.” “Do you still talk to Roger?” His father looked over sadly. There was another long silence. “When he and Larry became really serious,” there was a sad tone to his voice, “he decided he was going home one weekend and tell his parents. He thought they’d accept it.” “Did they?” He could tell by his father’s somber face what the answer was. “He came back to school and never said a word about it.” His father remained silent for a minute. Kevin watched as tears welled up in his eyes. “I came home from class the next day.” His father wiped tears from his eyes. “He had overdosed on sleeping pills. He was lying dead on his bed. There was a suicide note beside him.” “What did it say?” Kevin started to cry. He was deeply moved watching his father relive a very painful experience. His father looked over sadly. “This is hard. It’s the first time I’ve talked about it since it happened.” He paused again before continuing. “The letter was to his parents. He said he was sorry he had disappointed them, and that he couldn’t live without their love.” His father pulled the car off to the side of the road and broke down in tears. He reached out and pulled Kevin into a tight embrace. “I don’t want to lose you Kevin,” he sobbed. They sat for several minutes as Kevin reveled in the love he felt emanating from his father’s embrace. Finally, his father sat back and wiped the tears from his eyes. “I guess we should go fishing, huh?” “We don’t have to, Dad.” He figured that the real reason his father had asked to go fishing was to assure him that he still loved him. “Are you kidding,” he smiled. “I’ve been wanting to go fishing for years. I just thought you boys were getting too old to enjoy it anymore.” Kevin started to blush. “We were,” he laughed. “It was okay when we were little. But sitting on a boat all day just isn’t a teenager’s definition of fun.” “So, you don’t want to go?” His father asked worriedly. “No,” Kevin said quickly. “I really want to go. It will be fun.” “I know what will make it more fun.” His father started grinning. “What?” “If we ask a certain boy to go with us.” “Who?” Kevin started to blush. He knew who his father was talking about. “Do you have Cameron’s number?” “Yeah,” said Kevin as he pulled out his cell phone. “Call his mother,” his father insisted, “then give me the phone.” Thirty minutes later, Cameron was sitting in the back seat of the car wondering why he was going on a fishing trip with Kevin and his father. ******** “I’m telling you, Guys. I heard it myself. Kevin, Stanley and Charles are all a bunch of fucking cock suckers.” Paul had gone to the local recreation center to shoot some hoops with his friends like he had been doing most Saturday afternoons for several years. Devin usually accompanied him. However, when he called and asked him to go, he told Paul he was too busy. “No way, Paul,” replied Gordon, a senior on the reserve basketball team. “Stanley lives next door to me. I think I would know if he is gay.” “I know what I heard,” Paul insisted. “Stanley said he and Charles are boyfriends, and Kevin said he’s seeing that little faggot who just enrolled in our school.” “You know what?” TC remarked. He was a member of the Western High football team. He was too large to play for the basketball team, but he enjoyed participating at the rec center. “If you think about it, you hardly ever see Stanley without Charles being somewhere around.” “My sister tried to date him last year,” added Gordon, “but he just blew her off. He said he doesn’t date his neighbors. What a bunch of shit.” Paul asked, “Is Charles over there a lot?” “Yeah,” Gordon thought. “Come to think of it, I see him over there all the time.” “See!” Paul shouted excitedly. “I told you!” “I don’t know, Guys,” TC commented. “Me and Fletcher hang around a lot together.” He looked over at the slender boy standing next to him. “It doesn’t mean we’re sucking each other’s cock.” “You wish,” laughed Fletcher as he grabbed his crotch and pointed it at TC. “I’ve seen it, Fucker,” laughed TC. “Even if I was gay, I wouldn’t want that tiny thing.” Everyone started laughing when Fletcher began to blush. “So, what do you think we should do about it?” Paul asked when everyone stopped laughing. “We can’t have a bunch of fags playing for us.” “You walked off the team,” reminded TC. “You’re not even a member anymore. What do you care?” “I walked off because of that fag, Kevin,” Paul said angrily. “If it weren’t for his fucking ass, I’d still be on the team.” “You’d better leave it alone, Paul,” warned Fletcher. “Stanley and Kevin are pretty popular. No one is going to believe you anyway.” “I don’t care!” Paul shouted. “I’m not going to let those fags play on the team. I’ll go to Coach Alston and tell him. I’m sure he’ll feel the same way I do.” Gordon stepped beside Paul and threw his arm around him. “I’m with you on this one, Buddy. I’ve never cared much for Stanley, anyway. He’s always thought he was better than anyone else. Just because he’s tall and can play ball doesn’t mean shit to me. I’d love to see him taken down.” “Now you’re talking,” grinned Paul. “That’s what we’ll do to, bring those fags down.” “What about Devin?” TC asked. “He’s not going to like it if you start fucking with his brother.” “Don’t worry about Devin,” Paul assured him. “He doesn’t like the idea of Kevin being a homo any more than we do. He even told me he was going to deal with that blond fag Kevin likes.” “You mean Cameron?” Fletcher asked. “He’s a nice guy. He’s in my first period computer science class.” He gave TC a worried look. He didn’t like what Paul and Gordon were planning. Cameron had become somewhat of a friend. They sat beside each other in class and spoke often. He found Cameron to be rather interesting. “Nice guy my ass,” Paul responded. “He’s a fag.” He looked at the other boys. “Are you guys in or out? Who wants to bring these fags down?” “Count me in,” Gordon responded. Paul looked at Fletcher and TC. “Not me.” Fletcher took a step back. “Stanley and Kevin are my friends. It doesn’t bother me that they are gay.” TC stepped back and joined him. “Not me, either.” He looked over and smiled at Fletcher. Paul’s eyes narrowed in anger. “Fags!” he shouted. He turned to Gordon and grabbed his arm and pulled him away. “Let’s get out of here. I don’t want to be around these homos anymore.” Fletcher looked worriedly at TC after they left the gym. “I think we better go warn Stanley,” suggested Fletcher. TC nodded his head. They put on their jackets and left the gym. As they exited the building, they saw Paul pulling out of the parking lot. “Fucker!” TC lifted his hand and gave Paul the finger. They had been passengers in his car, and now he had left them stranded. They zipped their jackets and headed out to walk the two-mile journey to TC’s house. ******** Kevin looked out over the lake when he exited the car. It was just as he had remembered it. The water was crystal blue, and the sun glimmered on its surface. There was just a hint of fog still slumbering atop it. “Wow!” exclaimed Cameron as he stepped up beside Kevin. “This is beautiful. I wish I had brought my paints.” “No place like it,” responded Mr. Williams as he walked up and gently put his hand on Cameron’s shoulder. Cameron flinched at first, but then welcomed the gesture. He realized it was Mr. Williams’s way of showing he had accepted him. When they first picked him up, he was hesitant to go. However, Kevin assured him that it was all right. Kevin had been so excited when he asked him. He seemed overwhelmed by his father’s acceptance, and he was even more elated when his father had asked that Cameron go with them. “I think he wants to get to know you,” Kevin had said as he kissed him when they were alone in Cameron’s bedroom. “You know, bringing home the boy to meet the father,” Kevin had giggled. “You sure he doesn’t want to take us out into the wilderness and murder us?” Cameron asked worriedly. “They’d never find our bodies.” Kevin fell on the bed laughing hysterically. Another kiss guaranteed they would be safe. Kevin’s dad asked, “What do you think, Boys?” “It’s prettier than I remembered,” Kevin responded. He took a deep breath and held the clean air inside his lungs. Cameron looked over and then did the same. Mr. Williams smiled when he saw the looks they were exchanging. “Let’s go get the gear,” Mr. Williams suggested. “We’re not going to catch any fish just standing here.” The boys unloaded the car and then began the trek around the lake. Kevin remembered from years ago, that his father had a special place he liked to fish. He said it was his spot. He usually would catch enough trout to last several weeks. “I’m tired,” Cameron said exhaustively as he sat down on a rock. They had walked about a half mile around the lake. “How much further do we have to walk?” Mr. Williams started laughing. “I’m three times your age, and I’m not the least bit tired.” He started pounding on his chest. “They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.” Kevin looked at Cameron and giggled. “Thank God.” Cameron almost fell off the rock when he started laughing. “I heard that, Young Man,” his father smiled. “You boys stay here and rest a minute. I’m going to go on. I want to start catching some fish. They should be really large by now.” He picked up his fishing box and started walking away. “We’ll catch up with you in a minute!” yelled Kevin. His father turned and waved, and then he disappeared down the path. Cameron stared out across the river. “This is really nice,” he said admiringly. “When I get home, I’m going to paint it.” Kevin looked over and admired the handsome boy sitting on the rock. He appeared so serene and happy. When Kevin took his hand and held it, Cameron smiled. “I don’t think I’ve ever been happier,” he said. He gripped Kevin’s hand tightly. He looked over and their eyes met. Kevin leaned in and kissed him gently. Cameron put his arm around him and began kissing him passionately. He cautiously reached down and felt Kevin’s growing erection. Kevin grabbed his hand. “We’d better be careful,” he warned. “My dad might come back.” Cameron made a pouty face and Kevin started laughing. “You’re such a perv.” “I wish we were alone,” he said sadly. “Why?” Kevin asked. Cameron’s face began to redden. “Why do you think?” “I thought you wanted to wait?” “I did,” Cameron blushed. “But I think...” He stopped and looked out across the lake. “You think what?” He turned and looked into Kevin’s eyes. “I think I’m falling in love with you.” Kevin pulled him to his feet and hugged him tightly. “I think I am too,” he whispered in Cameron’s ear. Their lips met, and they kissed passionately for several minutes. They pressed their erections against each other. Finally, Kevin pulled away breathlessly. “Wow!” he exclaimed. “Yeah, wow!” Cameron grinned. “That was nice.” Kevin took his hand and started leading him away. “We’d better catch up with Dad. He’s probably wondering what’s taking us so long.” “Wait a minute.” Cameron walked over to a bush, pulled out his dick and started urinating. Kevin laughed, and then stood beside him and unzipped his pants. He looked down at Cameron’s cock. Cameron blushed and looked over and watched Kevin as he began to urinate in the bush. Seconds later, he started urinating. Both boys laughed as they watched each other. It was the first time they had seen the other’s cock. “You got a nice one.” Cameron continued to stare down at Kevin. Kevin finished peeing and then tugged on it a couple of times. When it began to harden, Cameron’s eyes widened. He could feel his own cock starting to become erect. “You do too,” Kevin said as he watched Cameron’s cock harden. Cameron’s face reddened. “Can I touch it?” Kevin stepped closer and took Cameron’s dick in his hand. Cameron reached out and wrapped his hand around it. He could feel it pulsing in his hand. He slowly began to stroke it. “Quicker!” Kevin moaned. Cameron stroked it about ten times before Kevin grabbed it. A few more strokes, and he shot several volleys of thick white cum onto the ground. Cameron’s eyes widened in amazement. “Wow,” he said excitedly. He moaned when Kevin stepped behind him and started stroking him rapidly. He put his head back against Kevin’s chest and closed his eyes. After a couple of minutes, he moaned, “I’m going to cum, Kevin.” Kevin watched as Cameron’s knees buckled, and cum started oozing from his cock and coated his hand. With his pants still around his ankles, Kevin shuffled over to his backpack and pulled out a small rag. He cleaned Cameron’s cum off his hand, pulled up his pants and then handed the rag to Cameron. Cameron blushed and then wiped himself clean. When he pulled his pants back up, he stepped over to Kevin and kissed him. “I guess we really are boyfriends now,” he grinned. “That was fun.” He turned and pressed his body against Kevin’s. Kevin put his arms around him and held him tightly as they looked out over the water. “This is perfect,” he said softly. Cameron’s placed his hands over Kevin’s. “It sure is,” he replied. They remained silent for several minutes and enjoyed the peaceful feelings they were sharing. Finally, Kevin pulled away. “Now, we must get going,” he insisted. “Dad’s probably getting suspicious.” “I like your father,” Cameron said. “He’s pretty cool.” “Yeah, he is,” Kevin smiled. “He’s a great dad.” ******** “Where is everyone?” Devin walked into the kitchen wiping the sleep from his eyes. He normally didn’t get out of bed until noon on Saturday. His mother came from the laundry room carrying a load of clean clothes. “Here.” She shoved them into Devin’s arms. “What do you want me to do with these?” “How about taking them to your room and putting them away.” Her voice had an edge of annoyance. Devin looked through them, and then took a pair of shorts out and threw them on the counter. “These aren’t mine,” he announced. “They belong to Kevin.” “It wouldn’t hurt you to take them to his room, would it?” She took the shorts off the counter and put them back in his arms. He removed them and tossed them back onto the counter. “Let him get his own clothes,” he said angrily. His mother pointed to a chair. “Sit down.” He stood defiantly before her, but her intimidating stare let him know that he should do what she requested. He pulled out a chair and plopped down in it. His mother walked over to the counter and poured herself another cup of coffee before returning to the table. He grew embarrassed by the intense stare she was giving him. “What?” He finally said after he couldn’t take it anymore. “Just how much do you know?” “About what?” “You know what I’m talking about,” she replied angrily. “How long have you known your brother is gay?” “Honestly, Mom,” he confessed, “I just realized it myself the other day. Ashley’s been trying to get him to date her best friend for a year and he wouldn’t. Stephanie is really pretty, and she has the biggest crush on Kevin. Ashley started thinking he might be gay. It wasn’t until he started hanging around with that Cameron kid that I started to believe her. You should see how they act around each other.” His mother took a sip of coffee. A somber look came over her face as she asked, “Are you gay too?” Devin jumped up from the table and started stomping around the room. “I knew it!” he shouted. “I just knew this would happen! If people know Kevin is gay, then they will start thinking I am too.” He looked down angrily at his mother. “Even you think I’m gay!” “Sit down, Devin,” she insisted. “I don’t think you’re gay. I just had to ask to ease my own mind.” Devin reluctantly sat back down. “This is always going to happen, Mom,” he replied. “Just the other day a friend made a joke and asked if me and Kevin have sex together.” Mrs. Williams buried her head in her hands. “I don’t know what to do.” “I’ll tell you what you have to do,” replied Devin excitedly. “You have to stop him from seeing that Cameron guy. He’s the one who started all this.” “I’ve already told him he can’t see him,” she responded. “I think he’s a bad influence on Kevin. He’s making him do this.” “That’s the same thing I was thinking,” Devin replied. “Nothing was wrong with Kevin until that kid came to our school.” “You let me know if you see Kevin talking to him at school,” she said. “I’m also going to call his mother and tell her I don’t want Cameron associating with Kevin. Maybe we can stop things before it’s too late.” “Good idea.” Devin nodded his head in agreement. Even if his father didn’t seem disappointed with Kevin, at least his mother was on his side.
  7. Chapter 7

    @Rndmrunner I agree completely with you Rndmrunner. Considering what he says about family sticking with family, his father disowning him does contradict that. I have changed it to him being ashamed of his son, not disowning him. I guess when I originally wrote it, I was going for drama; but like you pointed out, it doesn't fit how his father supports his sons. Thanks!
  8. Chapter 7

    Mr. Williams paced around the family room. Devin was sitting back on the sofa with a smirk on his face. He enjoyed watching the anguished look of his father as he let the news sink in. Finally, his father stepped before him and looked down angrily. “I am about to say something I never thought would ever come from my lips.” Devin grinned. He was expecting his father to say how disappointed he was about Kevin. As soon as Paul left, he had gone into the family room and told him what Paul had said about Kevin and Cameron. He left out the part about Stanley and Charles. That could wait until a later day. “I never thought the day would come when I would tell one of my sons that I was ashamed he was my son.” Devin tried to contain the smirk on his face. Mr. Williams towered over his son. “I'm ashamed you are my son, Devin.” “What!” Devin screamed as he jumped from the sofa. “Me! Didn’t you just hear me? I told you Kevin is gay!” Mr. Williams took his son’s shoulders and slammed him back onto the sofa. “I heard exactly what you told me!” he shouted angrily. “I also watched as you tried to destroy your brother in front of me.” He grabbed Devin, lifted him to his feet and shouted in his face, “He’s your brother for Christ sakes. Why in the hell are you turning against your own blood?” “But Dad!” Devin tried to pull himself away from his father’s grasp. “Kevin is a fag!” “As long as you live under my roof,” his father shook with anger, “I don’t ever want to hear you call your brother that again.” He shook him violently. “Do you understand me?” “I don’t understand why you’re mad at me?” Devin cried. “I didn’t do anything wrong.” “That’s the problem, Devin!” His father shouted with anger. “You don’t see anything wrong.” He tossed Devin’s limp body onto the sofa. He walked to the other side of the room and stared out the window. Devin tensed up when his father walked back over and sat down beside him. He looked over sadly at his son. “It’s hard enough to live in this world,” he said. “The only thing we can depend on is family. I thought I raised you to believe that. What have we got if we can’t trust our own blood? Kevin is your brother, your identical twin at that.” “But he’s gay, Dad!” Devin cried. He looked surprised when Mr. Williams started laughing. “I always thought you would be the gay one,” his father laughed. Devin started to blush. He knew the reason. “Did I say a word when I walked in on you and Paul when you were twelve?” He started laughing again. “You boys were really going at it.” Devin’s face brightened. He remembered the night very well. It was one of the worst mistakes he had ever made. Paul had spent the night, and he had brought one of his older brother’s Playboy magazines. They had gotten hard looking at the pictures. It began when Paul suggested that they touch each other. Touching lead to stroking, and stroking lead to sucking. His father had walked in on them when they were in a sixty-nine position. It was the first- and last time- he ever had sex with another boy. The next morning, he thought his father would say something, but the incident was never mentioned again- until now. “Dad,” Devin tried to explain. “We were just kids. I’ve never done anything since then.” “The point is, I never said anything. It bothered me at first, but then I realized that if you were gay, then I’d just have to accept it. You were still my flesh and blood.” “But I’m not a fa.., I mean I’m not gay,” he insisted, “Kevin is.” His father placed his hand gently on his knee. “And if Kevin is gay, then we, his family, have to accept it.” Devin jumped up from the sofa. “I can’t!” he shouted. “I don’t want a gay brother!” He ran from the room. Mr. Williams got up to follow him, but decided it was best to leave him alone. He hoped that in time, Devin would begin to understand. ******** Cameron took Kevin by the arm and led him to the sofa in the den. Kevin kept looking at Coach Alston and his friend, Dave. Looking around at the pictures on the fireplace mantle, it appeared they both shared the same house. In fact, it seemed to Kevin as if they shared even more. Many of the pictures had them embracing each other. “Would you boys like something to drink?” Coach asked. “A Pepsi, or perhaps some tea?” “Do you have any more peach tea?” Cameron asked excitedly. It had become one of his favorite drinks when he visited a few months earlier. “Of course,” laughed his uncle. “I always keep it around just in case you happen to pop in.” He disappeared from the room. Dave took a seat across from them and smiled. “It’s good to see you again, Cameron,” he said. “Are you still painting?” “Yes, Sir,” Cameron replied. “Thanks for buying me that paint set for my birthday.” “He’s really good,” Kevin added. “You should see the one he painted of me.” Dave looked at Cameron and raised an eyebrow. “I hope he had his clothes on.” “Uncle Dave!” Cameron screamed. “You’re so nasty. Of course, he had his clothes on.” He looked over at Kevin and playfully joked, “Maybe I’ll do him nude later.” Cameron and his uncle laughed when Kevin’s face reddened. “What’s so funny?” Coach Alston walked in carrying a tray with four beverages on it. After distributing them, he sat down beside Cameron. Dave started laughing. “Your perverted nephew is going to paint this young man in the nude.” Coach Alston started laughing as he watched both boys blush. After a few minutes of light conversation, he turned to Kevin. “I guess you must have a million thoughts running through your mind right now.” Kevin looked around the room and nodded. The coach got off the sofa, walked over and sat on the arm of the chair on which Dave was sitting. He gently put his hand on his shoulder. “The answer to your question is yes.” He looked wildly at Cameron, then back to the Coach and Dave. He managed to stammer out the question, “You’re gay?” Coach Alston smiled, “Yes, Son. I’ve known I was gay since I was about your age.” “But...” stammered Kevin. “You’re a coach.” Everyone started laughing at Kevin’s innocent statement. “We come in all sizes,” laughed Dave. “We’re bankers, lawyers, dentists, policemen, plumbers,” he reached out and took Coach Alston’s hand, “and sometimes even teachers and coaches.” Coach Alston walked to the fireplace mantel and picked up a picture of him and Dave. They were at a baseball game with their arms around each other. Alston walked over and handed it to Kevin. “Dave is my partner.” Kevin looked up at him. “You have a business together?” He glanced over at Cameron when he fell over on the couch laughing loudly. “What?” Kevin asked. Cameron started to laugh even louder. “Did I say something wrong?” After a minute Cameron sat up and smiled at Kevin. “They’re partners, like in a marriage.” “You’re married?” Kevin seemed surprised. He didn’t know two men could marry. “No, Kevin.” Alston walked over and sat down beside Dave. He reached down and held his hand. “Unfortunately, the laws of this state don’t allow us to do that. However, six years ago we did exchange vows of commitment. So, I guess in a way, you could say we’re married.” Cameron looked over at Kevin and smiled gleefully. “Isn’t that the coolest thing? That’s why I call Dave, Uncle Dave.” A serious expression appeared on Alston’s face. “Now Kevin, what I’ve told you here isn’t to go beyond this room, do you understand?” Kevin nodded his head. “Yes, Sir,” he responded. “I promise I won’t say a word.” He crossed his heart with his hands and kissed his fingers. “It’s not that big a secret,” Alston said. “Most of the staff at Western High know that Dave and I live together. In fact, we’ve had many of them here for parties and private dinners. I just try to keep it from getting out to students. You know how young people your age can be.” Cameron laughed nervously. “Boy, do I ever know.” Alston walked over and sat down beside him. “Now what is this your mother was talking about on the phone? She said you boys could be in some sort of danger.” Kevin spent a few minutes explaining what had happened in the gym locker room. He seemed upset by Devin’s reaction to Kevin being gay. He said it didn’t surprise him that Paul was homophobic because he had heard him call younger boys derogatory names in the gym before. However, he couldn’t understand how Devin could turn against his brother. “I’m really afraid the same thing is going to happen here that happened at my other school,” Cameron said worriedly. Without thinking, Kevin reached over and took his hand. He blushed when he saw his coach and Dave look at them and smile. “It’s all right, Kevin,” Coach Alston responded. “You can be comfortable to do whatever you want here in our house.” “Within reason,” Dave added. “If you make a mess of the sheets, you have to do the laundry.” “Ewww,” giggled Cameron. “You’re nasty, Uncle Dave.” “Well,” he laughed. “I know how boys your age can be. I was your age once.” “Back in the Dark Ages,” giggled Cameron. Kevin started laughing loudly. “That remark, Mister,” said Dave as he got up from the chair and approached Cameron, “just got you a noogie.” Cameron started yelping when Dave leaned down, pulled his head under his arm and rubbed Cameron’s head vigorously. “Help me, Kevin!” he yelled breathlessly. Unsure what to do, he jumped on Dave’s back and tried to pull him away from Cameron. Before he knew what happened, Dave released Cameron, grabbed Kevin and gave him several noogies. Alston stood back and laughed uproariously. After several minutes, they stopped and sat breathlessly on the sofa. “If you boys are done playing,” Alston said sternly before he began to smile, “we need to talk about what happened today.” “Can I ask you something, Coach?” “Of course.” Kevin gave Alston a puzzled look. “You didn’t seem surprised when I told you about Stanley and Charles. Why?” Alston started laughing. “What I’m about to tell you, you can’t repeat. Got it?” Kevin and Cameron nodded. “One afternoon last year after practice, I thought all you guys had left the gym. I went in to pick up some of the dirty towels on the floor. I heard some moaning coming from the shower. I peeked in and saw Stanley and Charles. They were, how can I say this? In a compromising position.” “You saw them having sex?” Kevin asked excitedly. “Well, they weren’t playing checkers,” he laughed. Kevin asked surprisingly, “You didn’t say anything to them?” “I realized later that I should have. I was concerned what would have happened if another student had walked in instead of me. I talked to Stanley about it the next day. It took them a month before they could look me in the face again.” “I’m not sure I could ever have,” laughed Kevin. “Well, don’t tell them I told you,” he warned. “So, they don’t know you’re gay, too?” Kevin asked. “No,” he looked over at Dave. “But something tells me they’re about to find out. This whole situation could get out of hand very quickly. I’ve seen it happen before.” He looked worriedly over at Cameron. “What are we going to do?” Kevin asked worriedly. “Nothing right now,” Alston responded. “Let’s just see what happens next. I’ll make a few phone calls and see if I can find out anything. I’ll also call Principal Langdon and let him know what is going on. I’m suspecting that Glenn boy will have told just about anyone who would listen this weekend about what he heard.” He looked over at Kevin. “Can you get in touch with Stanley?” “Sure, Coach,” Kevin replied. “I have his cell phone number.” “Good. Call him later and tell him and Charles to come by my office the first thing Monday morning. Tell him you were concerned about what happened in the locker room and you confided in me. That’s all he needs to know right now.” Kevin nodded. Just then the doorbell rang. Dave got up to answer it. He returned to the family room followed by Cameron’s mother. She walked over and kissed her brother on the cheek. She then looked over worriedly at Cameron. “What do you think?” “Right now,” Alston replied, “I think the best thing to do is wait. Cameron and Kevin know to come get me if anything happens at school.” He looked over at both boys. “Right?” They nodded their heads. “I’ll let the principal know what’s going on. We’ll do the best we can to provide for the boys’ safety. The last thing we want is for you to run away again." Kevin put his arm protectively around Cameron. “You don’t have to worry, Mrs. Lynch. I’ll watch out for Cameron.” She walked over and embraced him. “Thank you, Kevin,” she said warmly. “Cameron’s lucky to have a friend like you.” Kevin looked at Cameron and smiled. “No, Mrs. Lynch. I’m the lucky one.” She gave them both another hug. “We’d better get you home,” she said looking over at the clock on the wall. “It’s late, and I told your mother I’d have you home soon.” Kevin hung his head. “She wants me to come home?” When tears welled up in his eyes, Cameron reached out and took his hand. “Of course, Dear,” she replied. “Just give her a little time to adjust. She is your mother.” “She may adjust to it,” Kevin said sadly, “but I don’t think my father will. He’ll probably kick me out of the house when he finds out.” “I doubt that, Kevin,” said Alston. “I’ve known your father for years. But just in case, if anything happens, you’ll always have a place to stay here.” Kevin walked over and gave him a hug. He then turned and hugged Dave. “Thank you. I’m really glad you know, Coach. I’m not sure I could deal with this on my own.” “That goes for me, too.” Cameron walked over and hugged his uncles. After several more minutes, the boys put on their coats and headed for the car. Kevin’s hands shook as he opened the door. Cameron sat in the back with him and held his hand until they pulled up in Kevin’s driveway. After a quick kiss, witnessed in the rearview mirror by Mrs. Lynch, Kevin sighed deeply and got out of the car. “I’ll wait until you get in,” she announced. Kevin then walked slowly to the front door. A few minutes later, when she was reasonably sure he wouldn’t reemerge, she reluctantly pulled away. The house was quiet when Kevin entered. The clock on the wall told him it was already past midnight. He wondered why no one had waited up for him. He was sure that his mother would be waiting to talk to him, but it appeared everyone had already gone to bed. When he passed Devin’s room, he saw a light coming from under the door, and he could hear him talking to someone on his cell phone. When he heard him say ‘baby,’ he knew he was talking to Ashley. He still couldn’t believe what Stanley had told him about Devin and Ashley having sex. Perhaps, that was what was bothering him. In the past, they had shared all their secrets. Devin was the first to start jacking off when he was twelve, and he told him about it. For several weeks they had lain in bed late at night having a contest to see who could cum first. At that time, they only experienced dry orgasms, but it didn’t take away from the pleasure their young bodies felt. It was about a year later that Kevin was able to actually produce cum. Devin was heartbroken until he finally came for the first time four months later. They had continued to masturbate openly in front of each other until they were fourteen. Since then, both boys pleasured themselves in bed late at night when they thought the other was asleep. He stood a minute outside his old room and sighed. He missed Devin. The laughter he heard behind the door had always been shared with him. Now, Devin had moved on. Ashley had taken his place, and the love he had formerly shared with Devin was lost forever. Even if they could go back to speaking to each other again, the closeness they had shared for sixteen years could never be rekindled. He sighed again, and then walked sadly to the guest bedroom. He undressed and crawled into bed. He rolled on his side and was almost asleep when he heard the door slowly open. He opened his eyes, expecting to see his mother checking on him; but instead his father’s figure silhouetted the doorway. He stood a moment before tiptoeing over and standing before the bed. “Dad?” Kevin whispered. It surprised him when his father sat down on the side of the bed. In the darkness he could tell his father was staring down at him. “You all right, Son?” his father asked softly. He reached out and rubbed Kevin’s bare arm. “Yeah,” Kevin’s voice cracked as he choked back tears. This was not the reaction he was expecting from his father. Obviously, neither Devin nor his mother had told him what happened at school. “Good.” His father leaned forward and kissed him gently on the forehead. Kevin couldn’t remember him doing that since he was about seven. “Sleep tight, Sport.” He brushed Kevin’s hair back and then rose from the bed. Tearfully, Kevin watched as he slowly walked to the door and closed it. He then covered his head with the covers and cried. Fifteen minutes later, sleep finally overcame him. However, sleep wasn’t peaceful. He tossed and turned most of the night. Horrible thoughts kept running through his mind. Most of them dealt with Cameron. He was so afraid that he had exposed him to danger. He didn’t think he could live with the consequences if something happened to him. Even though it was a Saturday morning, he still got up before seven. After showering, he headed to the kitchen. He was surprised to find his mother up. She was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. “Hi, Mom.” He tried to sound cheerful. It was the first time he had spoken to her since her visit to see Cameron’s mother. He still didn’t know what they had talked about. “Good morning.” She replied without looking up from behind the paper. Kevin walked over to the cabinet and took out a bowel for cereal. When he went to the refrigerator to get the milk, he glanced down at his mother. Her eyes were puffy and wet with tears. He prepared his cereal and then sat down. There was an awkward silence. Usually, she would talk to him about school or basketball practice. Instead, when he looked over, all he saw was the advertisements on the back of the newspaper. Occasionally, he’d hear her sniff, so he knew that she was still silently crying. “I’m sorry, Mom,” he uttered almost inaudibly. He waited for her to respond, but she said nothing. He waited a minute before speaking again. “Are you mad at me?” Her hands started trembling as she began to sob. Finally, she put the paper down and attempted to smile. Her expression was forced, and the tears continued to roll down her face. “No, Honey,” she replied. “I’m not mad at you.” “Then why won’t you speak to me?” Tears began to well up in Kevin’s eyes. “I need time to sort things out,” she replied tearfully. “I wasn’t ready for this.” Kevin hung his head and whispered, “I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” “Kevin, look at me.” Kevin raised his head and peered into his mother’s wet eyes. “It’s not your fault. You’ve done nothing wrong. You can’t help it if you’re gay.” “Then why are you mad at me?” “I’m not mad at you,” she insisted. “I told you that. I can accept that you’re gay. It’s just...” She stopped and took a sip of coffee. “Just what?” “It’s just when I think about you having sex with another boy, it makes me physically sick. I can’t get over the fact that it’s wrong. It’s just the way I was raised. I’m sorry. I just need time.” “I’m not having sex with any boy,” Kevin confessed, hoping it would make her feel better. “But you will someday,” she responded. “Right now, I’d rather not think about it.” She lifted the paper and started reading it. Kevin quietly ate his cereal. After several minutes, she laid the paper down and looked at him. “I want you to promise me one thing.” “What?” “I don’t want you seeing that Lynch boy anymore.” A stern look appeared on her face. “Why?” Kevin shouted. “Why can’t I see him?” “I, um...” she hesitated for a minute. “I just think you’re too young to date right now.” “I’m not dating him,” Kevin insisted. “We’re just friends.” “For now,” she replied. “But that could change.” “Mother,” Kevin said angrily. “You’re being mean now. Besides, you let Devin date Ashley. You don’t think he’s too young.” “That’s a different matter,” she replied angrily. “We’re not discussing Devin right now.” Kevin pushed his chair back and rose to his feet. He looked angrily down at this mother. “Cameron is my friend. I’ll see him when I want.” “In that case,” she rose to her feet and stared at Kevin, “you’re grounded.” “Grounded! Why?” Kevin shouted loudly. “To begin with, Young Man,” she shouted back, “you’re being disrespectful to me. You’re also being disobedient.” “Disobedient because I want to see my friend?” “Yes!” she shouted. “I told you I didn’t want you to see him anymore. He’s a bad influence on you.” “Bad influence!” Kevin started to shout something else, but his father walked into the kitchen. “What in the hell is going on in here?” he asked angrily. “I could hear you two from the bedroom.” Kevin’s mother looked at him and then at her husband. “This child is being rude, disrespectful and disobedient!” Mr. Williams looked over at Kevin. “Go back to your room,” he ordered calmly. “But Dad!” “Go to your room, Son.” He pointed to the door. “I’ll come see you in a little while.” “But Lyle!” shouted his mother. “He needs to be punished. You should have heard the way he was talking to me.” He walked over and pushed Kevin from the kitchen. He whispered in his ear, “Please leave Kevin. Let me handle this.” Kevin gave him a questioning look and then glanced over at his mother. She was standing in the middle of the kitchen weeping. When he returned to his bedroom, he closed the door and lay down on the bed. Even though he couldn’t hear what they were saying, he could hear angry shouting coming from the kitchen. Several minutes later, he got out of bed and crept to the bathroom. He could still hear their angry words. Just as he approached, Devin’s door slowly opened. He peeked out and said angrily, “Way to go, fag. Now you have Mom and Dad mad at each other. You’re such a retard.” “Fuck off!” Kevin gave him the finger and then disappeared into the bathroom. He took a hot shower and wondered if he was losing his family.
  9. NCAA Men's Bracket Buster

    It's down to the final two- Michigan and Villanova. Anyone want to make a prediction? Mine: Villanova by 5 points.
  10. Chapter 6

    Kevin was breathless when he reached Cameron’s house. Since he had left school in a hurry, he didn’t think to borrow bus fare from Stanley or Charles. They had already left by the time he remembered, so he trekked the twenty blocks to Cameron’s home. “Hey!” Cameron’s eyes lit up when he saw Kevin standing on the porch. “I didn’t know you were coming by tonight. I thought you had basketball practice.” Kevin attempted to smile, but he was too worried about what happened. He was sure that Paul heard the conversation that he, Stanley and Charles had in the dressing room. Cameron’s smile quickly faded when he noticed the somber look on his face. “What happened?” “Can we go to your room and talk?” He brushed past Cameron without being invited in. Cameron closed the door and trailed behind him. Just then Mrs. Lynch stepped from the kitchen. She smiled when she saw Kevin. “Why hello, Kevin.” She looked over at Cameron. “Cameron didn’t tell me you were stopping by. Would you like some milk and cookies?” “No, Mom,” responded Cameron quickly. “Me and Kevin are going to my room. Okay?” “Kevin and I are going to my room.” Cameron frowned. It embarrassed him when his mother corrected him. “Kevin and I are going to my room.” She smiled and returned to the kitchen. Once inside, Cameron closed the door, walked over and sat down on the side of the bed. Kevin paced nervously around the room. “Would you tell me what has happened?” Cameron asked worriedly. Kevin walked over and sat down beside him. He stared at Cameron. “I think I fucked up.” He took Cameron’s hand and squeezed it. Cameron looked down at their entwined hands and then into Kevin’s worried face. “How?” he asked nervously. He knew Kevin long enough to know that he wasn’t the type of person to let small issues get to him. Whatever was bothering him had to be important. “You know my friend, Stanley? The tall guy you see me talking to at school?” Cameron nodded his head. “We were in the locker room talking. He had just told me that he is gay.” Cameron’s eyes widened. “Anyway, his boyfriend was there, and we got to talking.” He squeezed Cameron’s hand tightly. “I told them about us.” “But didn’t you say they were gay?” Cameron seemed confused. “I don’t see where that would be a problem. If they’re gay, they won’t say anything about us, will they?” Kevin looked into Cameron’s eyes. “That’s not the bad part?” Cameron waited for him to continue. Judging by Kevin’s reaction, it had to serious. “We were getting ready to leave when we heard someone slam a door in the outer locker room. We ran out to see who it was.” Cameron looked expectantly at Kevin. When he didn’t respond, he asked excitedly, “Who was it?” “Paul. I think he heard us talking.” A worried look appeared on Cameron’s face. “Paul? Isn’t that the weird guy who’s always with your brother?” “Yeah,” replied Kevin. “He’s Devin’s best friend. He also doesn’t like me, never has. I’m really afraid he’s going to out all of us. He’d get a kick out of doing it.” Cameron sank back on the bed. He stared across the room without saying anything. Kevin looked worriedly at him. “Are you all right?” “Kevin,” he responded sadly. “I’ve been through this once. I don’t think I can go through it again.” Kevin put his arm around his waist and pulled him in tightly to him. Cameron laid his head on his shoulder and sighed deeply. “Tell me what happened,” Kevin said softly. Tearfully, Cameron explained the events that occurred in the gym at his old high school. He cried when he told of the abuse and humiliation he had endured for several weeks. He explained that he finally broke down and told his mother what had happened. The following week he was taken out of school, and they tried to form a new life. “I can’t put her through this again,” he said sadly. “She doesn’t deserve to have a son like me.” He leaned into Kevin and cried. Kevin rubbed his back soothingly and attempted to comfort him. He was startled when the door opened and Mrs. Lynch peeked in. “Would you like…” She stopped suddenly when she saw the distressed condition of her son. She rushed over to the bed, sat down, and pulled Cameron to her. “What is wrong with him?” She looked worriedly at Kevin. “It’s all my fault, Mrs. Lynch.” For the first time, Kevin was becoming overcome with emotion. He could feel the tears starting to appear in his eyes. “I never meant to hurt Cameron.” She reached out and pulled him into her. She held both boys for several minutes, realizing that they were too emotionally upset to say anything further. She couldn’t begin to imagine what had happened to upset both boys. Cameron pulled back from his mother and grabbed Kevin. He kissed him gently on the cheek. “It’s all right, Kevin,” he assured him. “I’m not mad at you. You didn’t do anything wrong. It just happened.” “Can someone explain to me what is going on?” Mrs. Lynch insisted. Cameron began to explain what Kevin had told him. When they were through, Cameron’s mother pulled both boys into a hug. She then pulled Cameron away and stared into his face. “We’re not going to run away this time.” Cameron frowned and nodded his head. “We’re going to get through this. This time you have something you didn’t have the last time.” Cameron looked at her questioningly. “What?” She took Kevin’s hand and placed it in Cameron’s. “A friend.” Both boys looked at her and smiled. “This won’t be easy,” she continued. “You know what it’s like to be outed at school.” She looked over at Kevin. “Do your parents know you’re gay?” Kevin shook his head. “Are you kidding? My parents would disown me if they found out.” “I doubt that,” she said as she grabbed Kevin’s hand and squeezed it. “I’ve talked to your mother on the phone. She doesn’t seem like someone who would react unreasonably.” “I don’t know,” Kevin responded. “But I know my Dad and my brother would hate me.” “Don’t you have a twin?” she asked. “I remember Cameron mentioning how much you two look alike.” “He already hates me,” Kevin said sadly. “When Paul tells him what he heard in the locker room, he’ll really turn against me. He’ll probably tell Mom and Dad, if he hasn’t already.” She squeezed Kevin’s hand tightly. “I want you to give me permission to call your mother and have her come over and talk to me.” “Right now?” Kevin asked excitedly. “Yes,” replied Mrs. Lynch. “She’s going to find out soon, so it would be best to hear it from me. After all, we do share something.” “What?” Kevin looked questioningly at her. She smiled at the frightened boy before her. “We both have a gay son.” Kevin thought a minute before answering. Finally, he muttered softly, “All right, Mrs. Lynch.” Cameron reached over and took his other hand. “Do I have to be here when you tell her?” “Don’t you think you should be?” “I can’t,” he insisted. “I don’t want to see the disappointed look on her face.” Mrs. Lynch thought for a minute. Perhaps it would be better to talk to Mrs. Williams alone. That way if she reacted negatively, Kevin wouldn’t witness it. She knew from talking to members of PFLAG when Cameron came out to her that some parents do react angrily when they first hear the news. If she did, then it would give her time to talk about Kevin. She looked over at Cameron. “I want you to go over to your Uncle Jerry’s and tell him what happened.” “Mom!” Cameron shouted. “You said you’d leave him out of this. You promised me when we moved here that we wouldn’t involve him.” Jerry was her older brother. It was because of him that they had placed Cameron in Western High. He had spent several summers with him, and he had become somewhat of a surrogate father to his nephew. When Cameron was outed at school, Jerry was the first person Mrs. Lynch called. It was he who insisted that they move so he could protect Cameron if he needed it. “I know I promised you that,” she replied, “but things have changed now.” He looked worriedly at her, and then over at Kevin. “Are you sure? This could really cause problems for him.” She rose from the bed. “Let me go give him a call. I’ll see what he says. You two stay here until I get back.” She left, closing the door behind her. Kevin reached out and took Cameron’s hand. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Cameron smiled warmly at him. “I know.” He then leaned in and kissed Kevin. After a minute, he pulled away and asked, “You’re not mad at me?” Cameron giggled. “Does this look like I’m mad at you?” He leaned in and kissed Kevin again. He lay back on the bed and pulled Kevin on top of him. He could feel Kevin’s growing erection against him as he thrust harder into his body. They jumped away quickly when there was a light tap on the door. Both boys were flushed when Mrs. Lynch opened the door and walked in. She looked questioningly at them. Cameron had told her that they had kissed a few times, but by the looks on both boys’ faces, she was worried that they might be engaged in a deeper relationship. “I talked to your Uncle Jerry,” she said as she sat back down on the bed, this time between the boys. “He’s expecting you.” She then looked over at Kevin. “I also called your mother. I told her I’d like to talk to her, and I asked her if she could come right over. She said she would.” Kevin’s heart began to pound inside his chest. He knew that within the hour his mother would know that he was gay. It worried him how she would take the news. Kevin asked, “Can you call her back?” “You can’t change your mind now, Kevin,” Mrs. Lynch insisted. “She’ll wonder what is going on.” “It’s not that,” he replied. “Ask her to bring me a change of clothes.” “Why on earth do you want me to do that?” Tears appeared in his eyes. “In case she doesn’t want me to come home tonight.” She reached out and took Kevin in her arms. “Don’t worry, Kevin,” she assured him. “It’s not going to come to that. Trust me.” Kevin responded sadly, “I hope you’re right.” She ran her hand over his head and then looked at Cameron. “You boys walk over to Jerry’s,” she said. “I’d take you, but I have to put on coffee for Mrs. Williams. And cookies, I have to make cookies. Everything is better when you’re eating cookies.” The boys began to laugh. Cameron stood and grabbed Kevin’s hand and pulled him up. “Are you ready for the biggest surprise of your life?” Kevin gave him a quizzical look. “What do you mean?” Cameron smiled. “You’ll see.” ******** “I’m telling you it’s true!” Paul shouted. “Your brother is a fag. So are Stanley and Charles. I heard them talking in the locker room.” Paul had hurried to tell Devin about the conversation he overheard in gym. He had been in the stall using the bathroom when Charles walked in. Since he didn’t feel like confronting anyone about him and Devin walking out on Coach Alston, he thought he would wait around until everyone else had left. He wasn’t prepared for the exchange he heard from his former teammates. Devin paced around his room and stopped occasionally to look down at Paul who was seated at his computer desk. “Are you sure?” Paul rose, walked over to Devin and stood before him. “Why would I be making this up? I heard him with my own ears. He said he’s dating that fag, Cameron. I told you there was something going on.” “But what about Stanley and Charles?” He had known them both for years, and he couldn’t comprehend that they both were gay. “They told Kevin they were boyfriends. Can you believe it?” he asked excitedly. “We’ve played with them all these years, and they’re fags.” “Damn.” Devin stood before his window and looked out at the leaves that had fallen on the ground. “Damn!” He hit his hand on the window frame. Paul asked, “What are we going to do about it?” “We are not going to do anything about it.” He walked over to Paul and poked him in his chest. “I’ll handle this. Got it?” “But we got to do something about it!” he shouted. “We got kicked off the team because of them”. “I got kicked off the team,” Devin reminded him. “You walked out on your own.” “I couldn’t just let you leave by yourself,” Paul replied. “You’re my best friend.” Paul waited patiently while Devin paced around the room. He asked after several minutes, “So, what’s your plan?” “I don’t know.” Devin walked back over to Paul. “But I want you to stay out of it.” Paul stood up and faced Devin. “I’ll tell you what, though. I don’t want those fags riding in my car anymore.” “That’s your decision,” Devin replied. “Man!” Paul said excitedly. “I can’t wait to get to school on Monday.” Devin grabbed Paul’s collar and pulled him towards him. “If you tell one person about Kevin, I’m going to kick your ass. You got it?” Paul’s eyes widened with fear. He had never seen Devin so angry before. “Yeah, sure, Dev.” Paul stammered. “Whatever you say.” Devin released his collar and pushed him away. “I mean it, Paulie.” Paul grew nervous. He wanted to leave before Devin became angrier. “I got to go home.” He started pulling on his coat. “I have geometry homework to do.” He walked to the door and turned and faced Devin. “See you in the morning?” Devin nodded his head and he left the bedroom. Once in his car, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number of a member of the basketball team. ******** Mrs. Williams wiped tears from her eyes as Mrs. Lynch poured her another cup of coffee. She looked up angrily. “Why are you making up these lies about my son?” she asked angrily. “I know my son. He’s not gay!” Mrs. Lynch returned the coffee pot to the counter and then sat back down at the table. “I know that this is hard on you right now,” she said reassuringly. “But...” Mrs. Williams stood up and shouted, “Kevin isn’t gay!” She covered her eyes with her hands as her emotions overtook her. When Mrs. Lynch had called her and asked to speak to her, she assumed it had something to do with volunteering for some school activity. She had done it hundreds of times over the years. She had attended school functions so many times that she was often mistaken as a teacher by other parents. However, she wasn’t prepared for the discussion that had just transpired. In ten minutes, her world had completely changed. The hopes and dreams she had for Kevin’s future were being jeopardized by the woman who sat looking at her sympathetically. She refused to believe the lies the woman was telling her. Mrs. Lynch placed her hand over hers, but she quickly pulled it away. “I only told you because there is a chance that Kevin is going to need your support. He came by here earlier to speak to Cameron, and he said he’s afraid they may be outed at school.” “Cameron’s gay too?” Mrs. Williams appeared stunned. “Yes, of course,” Mrs. Lynch responded. “I thought you had assumed that.” Mrs. Williams looked angrily across the table. “That’s it!” she shouted. “Kevin’s not gay. Your perverted son seduced my son. All I have to do is talk to him and straighten him out.” Mrs. Lynch spoke softly and gently. She didn’t want to agitate Mrs. Lynch any more than she already was. “Mrs. Williams, Kevin is gay. No one has seduced him. He’s been struggling with it for quite some time according to Cameron. He was afraid to tell you because he was afraid you would react like you are doing now. Our sons are in danger, and he needs your help more than ever. I’ve been through this once before with Cameron. A child can’t bear this alone.” Mrs. William’s wept loudly. Mrs. Lynch took her hand and rubbed it gently. “Mothers are never prepared for something like this. However, you are Kevin’s mother and you have got to love him unconditionally. He’s no different today than he was yesterday. The only difference is, you now know.” “He can’t be gay,” cried Kevin’s mother. “Where did we go wrong? My husband and I tried to be supportive parents. We tried to do everything right. What did we do wrong?” Mrs. Lynch continued to gently rub her hand. “You did nothing wrong. Kevin is a great kid. I’d say you’ve raised a remarkable son. He just happens to be gay. Why? I can’t tell you. Even the experts can’t explain how one son can be straight and the other gay. All we know is that it happens, and we have to love them just as they are.” “What do we do now?” She reached for a napkin and wiped the tears from her eyes. “You say they could be in danger.” Mrs. Lynch explained what Kevin had told her about Paul hearing the conversation in the locker room. “Paul would never hurt Kevin,” she insisted. “He’s been Devin’s best friend for years.” “Boys change as they get older,” Mrs. Lynch explained. “When Cameron had his trouble at the other school he attended, I took us both to counseling. They said that teenage boys, and even as they grow older, are threatened by people who are gay. They may be insecure in their own masculinity, and as a result, become homophobic. They can often be dangerous.” “Are you saying Devin and Paul are gay?” “No,” responded Mrs. Lynch quickly. “I’m not implying that. I’m just concerned that other boys at their school may react in a dangerous manner if they learn that Kevin and Cameron are gay. The other two boys may also face problems.” “But Stanley and Charles?” Mrs. Williams looked surprised. “I’ve known them and their mothers for ages. I can’t imagine that they are doing something together.” “The doing something together is love, Mrs. Williams,” Mrs. Lynch said warmly. “They love each other.” “Oh, God!” cried Kevin’s mother. “That doesn’t even sound right. It’s morally wrong.” “Whatever prejudices you have right now, you must put them aside,” warned Mrs. Lynch. “Kevin needs your support.” She got up from the table and left the kitchen. She returned minutes later with a couple of pamphlets. “Here.” She handed the material to Mrs. Williams. “Read these. I got them from PFLAG when Cameron told me he was gay. It may help you understand some things.” She thumbed through them briefly. “What about his father?” Tears formed in her eyes again. “How can I even begin to explain this to him? He’d never accept the fact that Kevin is gay.” “I don’t know your husband,” she replied. “From the brief time I’ve known Kevin, though, I can’t see how he could turn his back on such a wonderful son.” “He’s had such high expectations for them,” she explained. “This is something I’m not sure he could possibly accept.” “Then perhaps you can put off telling him for a while,” suggested Mrs. Lynch. “Wait and see what repercussions, if any, come from all of this. Right now, though, I just wanted to make you aware that Kevin is facing a serious crisis and needs your help. After meeting you, I’m quite sure you don’t want to lose Kevin. That’s why I accepted it when Cameron told me.” Tears welled up in her eyes. She reached for a napkin and wiped them clean. “He’s the only thing I have in this world. He’s so precious to me. I’d die if anything happened to him.” She broke down, and Mrs. Williams found herself comforting the woman who just earlier had comforted her. Finally, she looked down at her watch. “I must be going.” She got up from the table and put on her coat. “My husband must be worrying about me. I told him I’d only be gone for a few minutes. We’ve been talking for almost two hours.” She looked around the kitchen. “Where is Kevin? I’ve been so upset I forgot to ask you about him.” “I sent him and Cameron to my brother’s house, his Uncle Jerry. He lives just a few blocks from here. I’ll go get them shortly and bring Kevin home.” She reached over and picked up the paper bag that Mrs. Williams had brought containing a change of clothes. “Here,” she smiled as she handed them to her. “I’m glad he won’t need these. He was so afraid you wouldn’t want him to return home.” Tears appeared in Kevin’s mother’s eyes. “Poor dear. What he must be going through. I only hope I can keep this from his father and brother.” “We can only do the best we can as mothers,” said Mrs. Lynch as she led Mrs. Williams to the door. “No one said it was an easy task.” “Amen,” responded Kevin’s mother as she opened the door and walked out. ******** Kevin and Cameron walked shoulder to shoulder as they trekked the four blocks to his uncle’s home. Occasionally, they would let their hands brush lightly. On one occasion, when they felt they weren’t in sight of any homes, they briefly held hands. “Who is this Uncle Jerry?” Kevin asked after they’d walked several blocks. “And what did you mean in your bedroom when you told me to get ready for the surprise of my life?” “You’ll see,” Cameron said timidly. “You said that too.” Kevin had a hint of exasperation to his voice. He felt like Cameron was playing some kind of game with him. Feeling that Kevin was becoming upset, he tried to explain what was happening. “Uncle Jerry is my mother’s brother. When I was involved in all that trouble in my old school, I came to stay with him for a week. He convinced my mother to move here and enroll me at Western High.” “I still don’t understand why you’re being so secretive about all this.” “I’ve wanted to protect him. I was hoping I didn’t have to involve him in my problems. He’s got enough now to deal with.” Cameron let his hand brush gently against Kevin’s. When they approached a large home nestled among several large oak trees, he stopped. “This is his house.” Cameron informed him. “Wow,” responded Kevin admiringly. “This is a nice home. Your uncle must be rich or something.” “Not really. He just works hard for a living.” “What does he do?” Kevin asked. “You’ll see.” He took Kevin’s hand and led him to the door. He rang the doorbell, and they waited a minute until they saw a silhouette approach from the other side. The door opened and a dark-haired man in his mid-forties opened the door. He smiled when he saw Cameron. “There you are. We’ve been expecting you.” “Hi, Uncle Dave.” Cameron walked up and hugged the man. “This is Kevin.” He extended his hand and they shook. “Where’s Uncle Jerry?” Cameron looked around the living room. Just then, a tall man emerged from the kitchen. Kevin’s eyes widened in astonishment. “Coach Alston?”
  11. Chapter 5

    And according to an article in Time.com, that is not cheap: For a middle-income family to raise a child born in 2015 through the age of 17, the cost of rearing a child has hit $233,610.
  12. Chapter 5

    “Well? I’m waiting.” Mr. Williams sat with his elbows on the table staring intently at the twins. They gave each other a side glance and then hung their heads. “Your father and I want to know why you two boys were fighting last night,” Mrs. Williams added worriedly. “It’s not like you boys not to get along.” Devin glanced over again at Kevin, and then he cleared his throat before speaking. Kevin gave him an anxious look. His body tensed when Devin started to speak. “Well, Dad,” he mumbled. “Kevin won’t play basketball.” Kevin let out a muted sigh. Devin was covering for him. He wasn’t going to tell his father what he suspected, at least not yet. “You hit your brother because he said he wouldn’t play ball?” Mr. Williams gave Devin an angry look. “That is no reason to fight. You should know better.” Devin looked over pleadingly at Kevin. “But he hit me first.” Kevin dropped his head and tried not to smile. “Is this true, Kevin?” Kevin looked quickly at Devin before answering. “Yes, Sir.” He saw Devin’s sigh of relief. If Devin could cover for him, it was the least he could do for his brother. “He called me a retard,” Kevin replied. “I’ve told him to stop calling me that.” “Devin,” scolded Mrs. Williams. “You’ve been told a hundred times not to use that word. It’s very rude and disrespectful.” “Yes, Ma’am,” Devin answered. Kevin could hardly contain his laughter. He had never seen Devin act so innocently. “You still have to be punished for fighting,” admonished their father. “But I didn’t start it,” whined Devin. He looked over at Kevin. Their father’s punishment usually meant the loss of use of their cell phones and computer. Devin had recently been spending a lot of time at the computer chatting with Ashley. He was afraid she would be angry if he couldn’t have any contact with her except at school. “Kevin may have thrown the first punch,” his father said, “but you calling your brother out of his name precipitated the fight.” “But, Dad,” whined Devin. “No buts,” warned his father. “You will lose...” Devin looked angrily at Kevin. “You don’t understand, Dad,” he shouted. “Kevin’s a...” Kevin’s eyes narrowed when he realized what his brother was getting ready to say. For a while he thought his brother was covering for him, but now he knew that to save himself from punishment, he was willing to disclose what he suspected. “Devin didn’t do nothing,” Kevin interrupted. “The fight was all my fault.” He watched as Devin smirked. Their father stared intently at the twins. He knew something strange was going on between the two of them, but it wasn’t the time or place to deal with it. Whatever it was, the boys would have to work it out on their own. He looked at Devin. “You’re excused.” Devin pushed himself away from the table. He looked down and gave a snide glance at this brother before leaving the room. Mr. Williams sat back and stared at Kevin. He had watched the change in both boys over the past few months. It concerned him that they were pulling apart from one another. He assumed that they were growing older and trying to adopt separate personalities. They had for over sixteen years been close, and it was hard to identify the two apart. However, it now troubled him that they seemed to exhibit an animosity for one another. Yesterday’s fight indicated that the rift between them had widened. “Want to tell me the real reason?” Kevin dropped his head. He had hoped that his father would announce his punishment and let him leave. He didn’t feel like discussing it any longer. Devin had already come close, and further questioning could reveal the truth. Kevin looked up at his father. “He called me a retard, so I hit him.” He looked away quickly when his father gazed intently at him. He knew the look. He was trying to read him, and in his vulnerable state, he was afraid. “Just because someone calls you a name,” said his mother sympathetically, “doesn’t mean you should hit them.” “I know, Mom.” Kevin looked at his mother and smiled slightly. “I’ll remember that the next time.” He looked over when his father started laughing. “You boys sure know how to pour it on,” he laughed. “The next time, I’m bringing a shovel with me. We have enough manure around here to cover the landscape for several years.” Kevin tried to keep a straight face, but soon found himself laughing as hard as his father. His laughter stopped when his father leaned in towards him. “Now would you like to tell me the truth?” Kevin dropped his head. “No, Sir.” There was a long period of silence. Without looking up, he could tell his father was studying him. “You may go,” he announced abruptly. “What?” Kevin’s head shot up. His father was dismissing him without giving him a punishment. “I can just leave?” “Isn’t that what I said?” His father replied sharply as he grabbed the newspaper on the table, opened it up and started reading. Kevin stood and waited for his father to speak. Mrs. Williams looked worriedly at him and then motioned for him to leave. Reluctantly, he left the kitchen. He was confused why his father had stopped talking. It was uncharacteristic of him to not mete out punishment quickly when he or Devin had done something wrong. In fact, he didn’t even mention that he was going to punish him. He headed back to the guest bedroom. Earlier in the morning, he had crept in while Devin was asleep and removed most of the clothing he wore to school. He refused to share a room with Devin as long as he was acting hateful toward him. For a brief period at the table, he thought that Devin was changing. However, when he almost told his parents his suspicions, then Kevin knew they could never be close again. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more resentment he felt for Devin. He couldn’t understand why he was reacting the way he was. Why was Devin so disgusted by the possibility of him being gay? If anyone should be supportive, it should have been his own brother; but he wasn’t. So far, he hadn’t even been willing to discuss it. As he passed Devin’s room, the door opened slightly. Devin peered angrily at him before slamming the door shut. Kevin walked to his room and began dressing for school. Fifteen minutes later, he heard Devin leave the house and watched as he got into Paul’s car. He knew it was going to be another long day. ******** Cameron was waiting impatiently for Kevin to arrive in geometry class. His eyes brightened when Kevin walked through the door. He blushed when he was rewarded with a smile. Cameron turned and giggled when Kevin sat down. “Hey,” he smiled broadly. When he noticed the student sitting next to Kevin watching them, he turned back around. “What’s wrong?” Kevin asked. He was confused by Cameron’s sudden action. “I’ll tell you later,” he whispered. “Not right now.” “Did I do something wrong?” Kevin asked worriedly. Cameron turned and faced him. He glanced over at the girl to see if she was still watching them, but she was talking to another student. “We need to be more careful,” cautioned Cameron. “About what?” “I’ll tell you later,” replied Cameron. “You already said that,” giggled Kevin. He stared intently into Cameron’s eyes. “That’s what I’m talking about,” Cameron replied as he turned back in his seat. Again, Kevin stared at the back of his blonde hair and wondered what was happening. The boys didn’t get a chance to speak during class. Mr. Shepard always gives a test on Fridays. He defended it by saying it was the best way to evaluate what the students had learned during the week. However, they knew it was because he didn’t want to teach on Fridays. “That was hard,” Kevin remarked as he stood when the bell rang. He flung his book bag over his shoulder. “I think I may have failed it.” “How could you fail it?” Cameron asked. “We’ve been studying hard all week. You know the material.” “It’s all your fault.” “What? My fault?” “Yeah,” Kevin insisted. “If you hadn’t been so weird before the test, then I think I could have paid more attention to the problems.” “That’s just stupid,” Cameron huffed as he headed for the door. Kevin grabbed him by the arm and stopped him. “Then tell me what’s wrong.” Cameron looked down at Kevin’s hand holding his arm gently. “That’s what I’m talking about,” he said as he moved his arm away. “We’ve got to be more careful at school. I can’t go through it again.” He walked out the door and headed down the hall to his next class. Kevin almost had to run to keep up with him. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “Go through what again?” Cameron stopped suddenly and faced Kevin. Tears welled up in his eyes when he responded, “Gay bashing.” “What?” Kevin asked worriedly. He grabbed Cameron’s arm again. “When?” “I can’t talk about it now,” Cameron said as he pulled himself away. “We’ll talk about it after school, okay?” He then turned and disappeared down the hall. ******** Devin and Ashley emerged from under the bleachers. Their clothes were still disheveled as they walked toward the school. Ashley took Devin’s hand and held it. They heard the bell ringing in the distance. “Damn!” exclaimed Devin. “This is the third class we’ve missed this week. My folks are going to find out I’m cutting classes.” “But it’s been worth it,” cooed Ashley as she gripped his hand tighter. “Hasn’t it?” “Yeah, Baby,” replied Devin. He stopped and kissed her. She pulled away and looked worriedly at him. “Are you sure we’re being safe?” she asked. “This is the second time you didn’t use a condom.” “I told you,” Devin assured her. “If I pull out before I cum, you can’t get pregnant.” “Are you sure? Sherri said that’s not true.” Devin exclaimed, “You told Sherri we’re having sex!” “Well, not exactly,” replied Ashley timidly. “I did one of those suppose questions. She guessed the rest.” “Well, you know Sherri,” replied Devin. “She’s the school gossip. Everyone will know we’re having sex.” “I don’t care,” Ashley stood on her tiptoes and kissed Devin. “We’re in love, so let them talk.” “But we’re only sixteen,” Devin replied. “We could get into some serious trouble if our parents find out.” Ashley’s smile faded to a worried look. “I never thought about Daddy finding out,” she said worriedly. “He’ll cut my balls off.” Devin reached down and grabbed his crotch. “He’d do even worse to me. I’d probably end up in a convent somewhere.” Ashley gripped Devin’s hand, and they walked into the building. Students were scurrying to their classes. “I guess we should be more careful then,” whispered Ashley. Just then three girls walked by and started giggling when they saw the two holding hands. They started whispering as they passed them. “I think it’s too late,” remarked Devin. “The Sherri Hotline has already told the entire school.” “I’ll kill her,” hissed Ashley as Devin escorted her to class. ******** “Williams!” Coach Alston motioned for Devin to join him on the sidelines. Practice hadn’t officially started, but he was getting some of the starters in shape for the season. Many of the members participated in baseball and track in the spring, but even a few months off during the summer could cause their youthful bodies to be out of shape. Devin ran over to the coach. “What?” Coach Alston looked angrily down at the sweating teen. “Can you tell me when the word team had an I in it?” “It doesn’t,” replied Devin. “Then why are you hogging the ball?” Coach Alston picked a ball off the floor and tossed it to Devin. He caught it and dribbled it on the floor. “I’m not hogging the ball,” insisted Devin. “Yes, you are.” The coach picked up another ball and tossed it to Devin. He dropped the ball he was dribbling to catch the one approaching him. He looked at the coach with a puzzled look. “You want to be a ball hog,” exclaimed Coach Alston as he picked up another ball and tossed it to Devin. Devin didn’t drop the ball in his hand fast enough, and the ball slammed into his chest. “Here, take all the balls.” “I’m not hogging the ball!” The other players on the floor stopped to watch the exchange. Stanley was standing beside Kevin as the coach angrily tossed balls at his brother. “Williams!” shouted the coach as he pointed to Kevin. “Get over here.” Kevin looked at Stanley and then trotted over to stand beside Coach Alston. “Toss the ball to your brother.” He looked angrily at Devin as he tossed another basketball quickly at him. Devin caught it and dribbled it as he stared defiantly at the coach. “Toss it to him!” The coach shouted. “We’ve been practicing for over forty minutes, and not once have you passed your brother the ball.” Devin threw the ball down angrily on the gym floor. It bounced once before hitting Kevin in the chest. “Why is he on the team anyway?” Devin shouted angrily. “He said he didn’t want to play this year.” Coach Alston’s face flushed with anger. “Go get dressed, Williams. Get off my basketball court.” “What?” Devin’s eyes widened. “You’re kicking me off the team?” He looked angrily at his twin. “You’re going to let him play over me?” Coach Alston took a deep breath. “You have five seconds to get out of my face or I’m going to come over there and remove you myself.” “Fuck it!” Devin shouted as he stormed away. He gave Kevin an angry glance as he passed. Paul ran over and walked beside Devin as he approached the gym door. “Glenn!” Coach Alston shouted at Paul. “Get your butt back here if you intend to play for me this year.” Paul stopped, looked at Devin and then back at the coach. Devin exited the gym. Seconds later, Paul turned and left. The coach looked around the gym at the six boys who were standing silently staring at him. “Team meeting!” shouted Coach Alston. “Come sit on the bench.” The boys cautiously approached and quietly took a seat. Kevin sat beside Stanley. The coach approached and stood before them. “All right, Men,” he began. “We are a team. The only way we win is if we play as a team. I will not have any member of my team disrespect me or another teammate. I don’t know what goes on off the court, but when you pick up that basketball and play for the Western High Dragons, you put aside any problems you have and give the team 110%. Anyone who can’t do that doesn’t play for me.” He crossed his arms and stared at each of the boys before him. “If any of you feel that you can’t do that, then walk out now.” He paused a minute and waited to see if any of the boys got up and left. When no one did, he continued. “If you have any problems with me or another teammate, then come see me.” He paced back and forth before the boys and looked into their faces. “And if I hear any of you call another teammate out of his name, then you might as well head for the dressing room. Do I make myself clear?” He studied the boys as they each nodded their heads. “All right then, Men,” he turned and headed across the floor. “Be here tomorrow. Remember, ten minutes after the last bell. No excuses.” The boys sat quietly as he disappeared into his office. Slowly, they arose from their seats and headed toward the dressing room. Stanley and Kevin remained seated in the bleacher. “Damn,” whistled Stanley. “That was intense. What was Devin’s problem anyway? I’ve never seen him act like that before.” “I told you he hates me,” Kevin sadly responded. “He can’t even stand me being on the team with him.” “None of this is making any sense,” Stanley replied. “Why is he reacting like this just because he thinks you’re gay? You’re his brother, for God’s sake.” “Maybe he’s afraid other people will think he’s gay if they find out I am,” suggested Kevin. “I doubt that,” laughed Stanley. “Everyone in school knows he’s fucking Ashley.” Kevin’s eyes widened. “What?” “You didn’t know?” Stanley looked worriedly at Kevin. “It’s all over school. Sherri’s been telling everyone for the past several days.” “When?” Kevin asked. “He comes home after practice and then goes to his room and talks to her on the phone all night.” “Rumor has it they’re having sex under the bleachers during class.” “Are you shitting me?” Kevin shouted. “My dad will kill him if he finds out!” “I know,” he replied. “I’ve tried to talk to him, but you know how it is when a guy gets his first girlfriend.” Kevin looked over and raised his eyebrow. Stanley started laughing. “Well, maybe you don’t. But when you get your first boyfriend, you’ll know.” Kevin’s face reddened. Stanley started laughing. “You have a boyfriend, don’t you?” He laughed harder when Kevin turned a bright red. “Who?” he pleaded. “You’ve just got to tell me. I swear I won’t tell anyone.” Kevin paused a minute before responding. He wasn’t sure if Cameron would want him telling anyone that they were going together. “Please,” begged Stanley. “Tell me.” Kevin started smiling. “All right, but you have to swear you won’t tell a soul.” Stanley crossed his heart. “I swear it.” “Cameron Lynch.” “Isn’t he that blonde kid you’re hanging around with a lot? He’s a new student, isn’t he?” “Yeah,” smiled Kevin. “I think he likes me.” “Cool,” Stanley returned the smile. “He’s really cute.” Kevin leaned back on the bleacher and roared with laughter when he watched the astonished look on Stanley’s face. “And what would you know about another boy being cute?” He grabbed his sides and laughed when Stanley began to stammer. “I didn’t mean it that way,” he insisted. “I just meant...” Kevin threw his arm around Stanley’s shoulder. “It’s okay, Stan, my man. Just don’t try to steal my boyfriend from me. Find your own.” “But, but…” stammered Stanley. Kevin started rolling on the bleacher. “Now you want his butt.” He was wiping tears from his eyes. Stanley sat up and looked seriously at Kevin. “What if it’s your butt I want?” Kevin’s eyes widened. Stanley’s serious expression quickly turned to amusement. “Gotcha!” he shouted as he stood and walked away. Kevin sprang from the bleachers and ran beside Stanley as he walked across the gym floor. “Wait a minute!” he said breathlessly. “What did you mean by that?” Stanley started laughing and continued to walk at a brisk pace. When they entered the dressing room, Charles Tyler, the starting forward was sitting on one of the benches. Charles was the second highest scoring player the previous season. He was rather short for a forward, standing only 5’9”, but he made up for it by playing energetically. He had been named the MVP at the team dinner at the end of the season. He also shared the backseat with Stanley in Paul’s car. “It’s about time you got here,” he said impatiently to Stanley. He looked at Kevin who had entered behind him. “Jealous?” Stanley laughed as he stood before Charles. Charles looked worriedly over at Kevin who was carefully watching them. “Shut up.” Charles jumped up and started to head for the door. Again, he cast a cautious eye at Kevin and gave Stanley a puzzled look. Stanley grabbed Charles and pulled him into a hug. Charles pushed him off and backed away. He had an astonished look on his face. “What the hell are you doing, Stanley?” He glanced quickly over at Kevin. “It’s okay, Baby,” Stanley replied as he looked over at Kevin. “He’s cool.” Kevin’s jaw dropped. He managed to stammer, “You mean you guys are...” “Yep,” Stanley interrupted as he put his arm around Charles. Charles tried to push him away, but he tightened his grip. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Kevin asked. “You let me tell you I am gay, but you didn’t tell me you are.” “I had to be sure I could trust you,” he said. “Charles and I aren’t out.” Charles looked over at Kevin. “You mean you’re gay, too?” Kevin started laughing. “Can you believe this? We’ve been playing basketball together for over five years and none of us said a word.” “It’s not something you just talk about,” replied Charles. “What did you expect me to do, Kevin? Just walk up and tell you that I’m gay and in love with Stanley.” He reached out and grabbed Stanley’s hand. “No, I guess not,” responded Kevin. “I guess no more than I would. But it’s cool now that we’re out to each other.” “You’ve got to promise us, Kevin,” pleaded Charles, “you won’t say a word to anyone.” “I told you he was cool,” Stanley assured him. “Do you think I would out us to him if I didn’t trust him? Besides, now we can double date with him and Cameron.” “Cameron?” Charles asked. “Blonde hair, short, cute?” Kevin and Stanley looked at each other and started laughing. Charles gave them a puzzled look. “What’s so funny?” Stanley walked over and put his arm around him. “I’ll explain it to you later,” he said. He looked over at Kevin. “Let’s get dressed now.” Just then they heard a door slam shut from the restroom area. The boys ran over and looked out the door. Paul was racing down the hallway. “Shit!” hissed Charles. Kevin looked worriedly into Stanley’s panic-stricken face.
  13. NCAA Men's Bracket Buster

    We're down to the Final Four: Loyola-Chicago vs. Michigan and Villanova vs. Kansas. Since all my favorite teams will be watching the finals from their La-Z-Boy recliners, I'll be cheering on Loyola-Chicago because who wouldn't root for a team who has 98 year-old Sister Jean as the head cheerleader?
  14. Chapter 4

    @Graeme I am actually a fraternal twin. (My sister passed away two years ago.) Anyway, my mother once told us that she was going to name us Patrick and Patricia. We would have gone through life as Pat and Patty! I also have twin cousins named Teddy and Freddy and another named Carolyn and Marilyn. I named Kevin and Devin after two paternal twins I once knew. I couldn't tell them apart.
  15. Chapter 4

    “Kevin?” Kevin was lying on the bed in the guest bedroom when he was awakened by someone gently pushing on his shoulder. “Are you all right, Honey?” He sleepily opened his eyes and looked into his mother’s concerned face. He turned and pulled the covers over his head. “What time is it?” It seemed like he had been asleep for hours. After the fight with Devin, he went straight into the guest bedroom, curled up on the bed and fell asleep. “It’s almost midnight,” she informed him. “Why are you in here and not in your own bed?” He turned and sat up. His mother sat down beside him. “Can I have this room?” A worried looked appeared on her face and she gently touched the side of his face. “Where did you get this bruise?” She turned his head and noticed his black eye. “What on earth happened to you?” He lay back down and turned away from his mother. “Nothing,” he mumbled. She grabbed his shoulders and forced him to sit up. “I want to know where those bruises came from,” she insisted. “You haven’t left the house since you got home from the Lynch’s.” Realizing she would find out sooner or later, he confessed. “Devin and I kinda got into a little fight?” “What?” she said loudly. “Why would you two be fighting? He’s your brother.” “Not anymore,” he mumbled as he once again lay back down and threw the covers over his face. “Let me go back sleep, Mom.” She sat for a minute looking down at the covered image. She gently rubbed his back and then stood up. Kevin heard her leave the room and go into their bedroom. He lay for about ten minutes until he heard her come out. She stood briefly outside his door and then walked away. He fell back to sleep, but he spent a restless night. He couldn’t understand why Devin had reacted so angrily. They were twins. They shared the same blood. If anyone would understand, then it should be Devin. If he couldn’t, then how would everyone else react? If Devin turned against him, then so too would his mother and father. He felt he was losing control of his life, and he didn’t know what to do. He was already dressed for school when he entered the kitchen with his book bag thrown over his shoulder. Devin turned and gave him an angry look. Kevin could hardly contain his laughter when he saw the dark bruise around his brother’s left eye. At least he too had also gotten in a good punch. He tried to turn his head away so his father wouldn’t notice his black eye. He was sure that he had questioned Devin about his. He didn’t know what story he had told them. “Bye,” he said. “I’m off to school.” As he was turning the door knob, his father shouted out, “Stop, Young Man! You have some explaining to do.” Without acknowledging his father’s warning, he closed the door and left. He knew he would eventually have to face his father about why he and Devin had been fighting. He just wasn’t in the mood to do it then. ******* “Whewww!” whistled Paul when he saw Devin’s eye. “What did the other guy look like?” “Shut up, Paul,” Devin shot back. He leaned his head against the window and watched the scenery go by. “Who’d you get in a fight with?” Stanley asked from the back seat. “Kevin,” stated Devin unemotionally. “Kevin!” Stanley shouted. “You got in a fight with Kevin? I’ve never seen you two say anything bad to one another, and I’ve known you guys since we were in diapers.” “Kevin’s a fag,” Paul snarled. “He deserves to get his ass kicked.” Paul almost lost control of the car when Devin reached out, grabbed his arm and squeezed it tightly. “Don’t you ever say anything about my brother again!” he yelled angrily. “Got it?” Paul slapped Devin’s hand away. “Sure thing,” he said nervously. He had never seen Devin react so violently before. “But even you said he was a fag.” “Don’t call him that!” Devin shouted. “I’m going to take care of this. You stay out of it.” “Whatever you say, Man.” Paul looked at Devin and nodded. Devin rested his head against the window and closed his eyes. “Damn,” muttered Stanley softly. “Kevin’s gay?” Paul looked at him through the driver’s mirror and raised his eyebrows. Stanley shook his head disbelievingly. When they pulled up into the student parking lot, Ashley was waiting where Paul usually parked. She ran up to Devin to pull him into a kiss. Suddenly, she stopped when she noticed his eye. When she reached up and gently touched it, Devin winced in pain. “What happened to you, Baby?” “I walked into a door,” he stated. Paul and Stanley started snickering. “Does it hurt?” She touched it again, and he quickly backed away. “Would you stop doing that, Ashley!” he shouted. “Of course it hurts.” “How did you do that?” She looked over at Paul and Stanley. By their reactions, she knew Devin was holding something back. “Why don’t you ask Kevin,” said Paul as he and Stanley briskly walked away when Devin gave him an angry look. She reached down and took Devin’s hand in hers. “You can tell me about it later,” she said. “Right now, I want to talk about yesterday. It was wonderful.” Devin leaned down and gave her a kiss. He put his arm around her waist and they continued to walk toward the school. “When can we get together again?” he asked. She looked up at him and grinned. “You got a condom?” He frowned. “No, damn it. I only had the one. Why?” She looked over at the football stadium. “I thought we could go under the bleachers for a quickie. One of my friends says she goes there with her boyfriend all the time to do it.” “Shit!” replied Devin as he reached down and arranged his growing cock. “If you had mentioned it last night, I could have gotten one from a friend.” Ashley looked down and started laughing. “Poor little Devin. He wants out.” “Little!” Devin shouted. “You didn’t say that yesterday.” “Silly,” she hit Devin on his arm. “It was just an expression. Of course, I’m not complaining.” She took his hand and started leading him toward the bleachers. “Where are we going?” he asked. “I told you I don’t have a condom.” “No, you don’t,” Ashley said seductively, “but there’s other ways to take care of that problem.” She pointed to his tenting pants. “Yeah,” smiled Devin. “Right.” He grasped her hand and they hurried away before anyone saw them. ******** “Williams!” Kevin was walking down the hall to his first period class when he heard a gruff voice call his name. He turned to see Coach Alston approaching him. He was dressed in his coaching uniform- sweats, sneakers and a whistle around his neck. He was tall and lanky. He loved to tell the students that he was recruited by the New York Knicks when he graduated from college, but a torn tendon ended his playing days. Since he graduated from a small, rural college in the South, no one really believed him. He walked up to Kevin, looked down and stared for a moment. “Now which one are you? I can’t tell you apart when you’re off the court.” “I’m Kevin, Sir,” he replied. “Good.” He threw his arm around Kevin and started leading him to the gym. “You’re the one I want.” They entered the empty gym and Coach Alston walked over, picked up a basketball and tossed it to Kevin. Kevin looked at it, unsure what to do. Finally, he ran towards the basket and sunk a shot. “Nice form!” shouted Coach Alston. He walked over, picked up the stray ball and ran toward the basket. As he began his shot, Kevin jumped up and knocked the ball out of his hand. He grabbed it and ran toward the basket for a layup. He turned and gave the coach a wicked grin. “Think you’re all that, do you?” Coach Alston retrieved the ball, and he and Kevin spent the next ten minutes playing a rough game of twenty-one. When they finished, Kevin walked over to the bleachers, sat down and tried to catch his breath. He laughed when Coach Alston sat down beside him, stretched out and groaned. “I’m getting too old for this,” he puffed. They sat for several minutes trying to catch their breath. Finally, Coach sat up and looked over at Kevin. “Your Dad called me this morning,” he said. “I’m supposed to talk you into playing for the team this year. He says you don’t want to play.” Kevin didn’t respond as he stared across the gym. “You mind telling me why?” he asked. “Is it something I did or said? I know I can be demanding at times, but it’s only to make you boys better players.” Kevin looked into his coach’s eyes. “No, Coach. It doesn’t have anything to do with you.” “Why, then?” “I don’t know,” Kevin responded. He was afraid to tell the coach the truth. “I just don’t want to play.” “I see.” Coach Alston sat quietly for several minutes before speaking again. “My whole program last year was built around you. You are one of the best players I’ve coached in several years. The team is depending on you. I’m depending on you.” Kevin sat silently and tried hard to blink away the tears that were forming. Finally, he looked at the coach and spoke. “I can’t play. If I do, I’ll only disappoint you. I’ll let the team down.” “Why, Kevin?” The coach looked into his eyes, trying to find an answer. He’d dealt with numerous temperamental players over the years, but Kevin didn’t exhibit any of their characteristics. Usually, when a player said he didn’t want to play anymore, it was over his position or lack of playing time. Most problems could be eliminated with a discussion. However, the boy sitting beside him seemed troubled. He knew that there was a deeper problem that would require more attention. “Is your Dad pressuring you too much to play? Sometimes fathers tend to live out their dreams through their children.” Kevin started laughing. “My father put a basketball in mine and Devin’s hands before we could even walk,” he said. “His dream is watching us play college someday.” “So, you can’t handle the pressure?” “No, Coach,” Kevin replied. “I’m used to it. That’s not it.” “What is it then?” Kevin became very quiet. He stared off across the gym. Finally, he said, “I really don’t want to discuss it.” “Okay,” said Coach Alston. “Can we make a deal?” “What kind of deal?” “Will you at least show up for practice that begins in two weeks? Give it a try. If you still feel you can’t play, then I’ll talk to your father. Deal?” Kevin thought for a minute. “So, if I decide to just walk away, you will let me?” “You have my word on it,” replied the coach. “Just give it a try.” “Okay.” Kevin reached out and shook Coach Alston’s hand. “Deal.” As he stood to leave, the coach grabbed his shoulder. “Kevin,” he said in a fatherly manner. “I know something is bothering you. I’ve been around boys all my life, and I can tell when something is gnawing at them. It usually involves girl trouble.” Kevin started laughing. “You don’t have to worry about that.” He turned and walked from the gym, leaving Coach Alston confused by his final statement. ******** “Wow!” Cameron exclaimed as he sat down beside Kevin in geometry class. He was staring at the bruise on Kevin’s face. “What happened to you?” “It’s nothing,” Kevin responded as he reached into his book bag and put the geometry book on Cameron’s desk. “Nothing?” Cameron said. “You have a shiner, and you tell me nothing’s wrong.” Kevin sat back and looked worriedly at Cameron. “Why didn’t you tell me Devin was giving you a hard time?” “Is that who you got in a fight with?” Kevin looked carefully around the room. “Listen,” he leaned forward and spoke softly. “My brother is suspicious. He thinks me and you are doing something. But I want you to promise me something.” “What?” “If Devin bothers you anymore, I want you to come get me.” Cameron stared at him before nodding his head. “I mean it, Cameron,” Kevin warned. “I don’t want my brother messing with you.” Cameron nervously opened the geometry book to the assigned page. He looked worriedly at Kevin. He didn’t want to come between Kevin and Devin. It was apparent that the two boys shared a closeness unlike most brothers, and he didn’t want Kevin to lose that brotherly love. If it meant losing Kevin’s friendship, then it would be worth the sacrifice. “Don’t even think it,” Kevin looked at Cameron and frowned. “What?” “You’re thinking about me and Devin.” He scooted his chair nearer to Cameron. “Look,” he said. “This was going to happen someday. Sooner or later he’d find out I was gay. If it wasn’t you, it’d be some other boy.” Cameron looked at him and attempted to smile. “I’m glad it is you, though.” He bumped his elbow into Cameron’s. “Me, too,” Cameron pushed his elbow against Kevin’s. Soon they were in a battle of which boy’s arm would remain on the desk. “Boys,” chastised Mr. Shepard. “That’s enough.” Several students in the classroom looked over at them. “Fags,” someone a couple of seats away said loudly. A few other students snickered. Kevin pushed his seat away from Cameron’s. Both boys realized they’d have to be more careful. ******** Kevin was at his locker after school when Stanley came walking down the hall. “Hey,” he smiled as he approached Kevin. “Hi, Stanley,” responded Kevin. “What’s up?” “Want to go shoot some hoops? The coach is having open gym now.” Kevin hesitated before answering. He knew there might be a chance that would run into Devin in the gym. However, he thought it might be better if others were around when they came face to face again. “Sure,” he said. He slammed his locker door and walked down the hall with Stanley. “Hey, Kevin.” Sherri walked up from behind and took him by the arm. “How has your day been?” “It’s been all right,” he replied as he removed her hand from his arm. She gave him a suspicious look. “Well, excuse me,” she snarled sarcastically. “What’s your problem, Kevin? I’ve been trying for months to get you to ask me out.” “I don’t feel like going out on a date with you,” Kevin shot back. “Why?” She stood back and stared at him. Stanley stepped between them and tried to defuse the tension between them. “You ready to go, Kevin?” He put his hand on Kevin’s shoulder as he led him away. “I guess the rumors are true,” Sherri said loudly as they walked down the hall. Kevin looked around and saw several students stop to watch the exchange. Stanley stopped quickly and turned towards Sherri. “Shut up, Sherri!” he shouted. “Don’t tell me Kevin’s your boyfriend?” Sherri shouted back. Kevin could feel Stanley’s hand grip his shoulder tighter. “I think you’ve said enough, Sherri,” he warned. “Fags,” she hissed as she stormed away. Several students rushed to catch up with her. Stanley kept his hand on Kevin’s shoulder as they walked away. He could feel the energy drain from Kevin as his shoulder drooped. He stopped and faced Kevin. “You all right?” “Thanks, Stanley,” Kevin answered sadly, “but I think you better go to gym by yourself. I’ve caused you enough trouble.” He turned and headed into the nearest restroom. Seconds later, the door opened, and Stanley walked in. Kevin was at the mirror staring into it. Stanley walked up and stood beside him. “Sherri was wrong,” Stanley said. “She shouldn’t have confronted you like that.” He looked down at the sad figure beside him. He turned and grabbed Kevin’s shoulders. “Look, Kevin,” he said gently. “We go back a long way. I’ve known you and Devin since first grade. It doesn’t matter to me who or what you are.” Kevin tried hard to blink away the tears that were quickly emerging. He turned and walked to the other side of the restroom and stood against the wall. “What if she’s right, Stanley,” he started to cry. “What if I am gay?” “Then you’re gay,” Stanley replied. “It’s not an issue with me.” “But it is to the others.” Tears were streaming down Kevin’s face as he looked at his friend. Stanley walked over and pulled Kevin into a brotherly embrace. “Then that’s their problem.” Kevin didn’t pull away. He let Stanley hold him as he cried softly. After a minute he pulled away, walked over to the sink and washed his tear-stained face. “Why are you being so nice to me?” Kevin asked. He couldn’t believe he had just admitted he was gay, and Stanley didn’t seem to be at all disturbed by the revelation. Stanley looked down at him and smiled. “You were my friend yesterday, and you’ll be my friend tomorrow. Just because you’re gay isn’t going to change that.” “But why?” Kevin asked. He couldn’t understand how Stanley was acting so unbothered about the whole thing. “That’s what friends do,” he replied. “We accept our friends as they are. Being gay doesn’t change the fact that we’ve known each other for over twelve years. You’ve always been there for me, Kevin. When my mother died two years ago, you were the first person to come see me. You stayed by my side for weeks. You helped me get through it. Do you think for one minute I’m going to turn my back on you right now?” “I could really use a friend,” Kevin acknowledged. “I think I’m losing everyone around me. Devin hates me, I can tell.” “So, Devin did give you the black eye?” Kevin nodded his head. “I never thought I’d see the day you guys would fight,” he said sadly. “You two are like ying and yang.” “Who’s that?” Kevin asked. Stanley started laughing. “Never mind,” he laughed. “Let’s go shoot some hoop.” He grabbed Kevin’s shoulder and started to lead him out of the restroom. Kevin stopped and looked up. “Thanks, Stanley,” he said appreciatively. “You’re a good friend.” Stanley gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze. “So are you, Kevin.” Stanley squeezed his shoulder tighter. “So are you.”

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