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  1. Ronyx

    Chapter 10

    I was awake most of the night wondering what Alex had meant. He snored loudly all night. It certainly didn’t help me sleep, either. He awoke me when he got up before 5 and headed to his room. “Morning.” He yawned and looked down sleepily at me when he returned to my room. I noticed his morning wood outlined inside his underwear. He grabbed it and gave it a few strokes. “Hey.” I kept looking at his hard cock. He looked at me and smiled. “Sorry, not this morning,” he spoke to his cock and laughed as he gave it a couple more strokes. “We’re late for school.” He then walked across the hall to the restroom. Minutes later, I heard the shower running. I crept into the bathroom and quickly flushed the toilet. “Damn it, Scottie!” I laughed as I ran back to my room and began dressing. Fifteen minutes later, he walked into the room, dressed for school. He had on a tight white tee shirt that showed his muscular chest. His jeans were tight on his body, accenting his firm ass. There was also a very noticeable bulge in front. “What did you mean last night when you said we have a problem?” I asked. He looked at me with an expressionless face. “We need to talk about this later,” he replied. “We don’t have time right now.” “Alex,” I insisted sternly. “You can’t drop something on me like this and then tell me to wait. I didn’t get any sleep last night because of it.” “I’ll tell you on the way to school then,” he responded. We went downstairs, ate breakfast and then headed out to the barn to do the morning chores. Alex followed me around watching to make sure I was doing everything right. I knew that soon I would be doing it by myself while he slept. We finished and then went inside to get our book bags. After jumping in the truck, we headed down the lane and turned onto the main road. “Ok, now tell me,” I insisted. “After we dropped you off last night,” Alex started, “we got a twelve pack and went to the lake. David wanted to talk.” He looked at me like he was finished. “And?” I asked, not letting him leave me hanging. “He likes you.” He studied my face for a reaction. “I like him too,” I told him. “So, he is gay?” “It’s not that easy,” he replied. “Why?” I was becoming confused. David liked me, and I liked him. What was so complicated about that? “He thinks Devin likes you too,” he replied apprehensively. “We’ve thought for a few years he might be gay, but until you came along we weren’t sure.” “I don’t understand,” I said. “Devin never was interested in girls,” he explained. “And then after the accident, he shut himself off from everyone. Then you come along.” I continued to give him a questioning look. I didn’t know how this might indicate he was gay. “He hasn’t warmed up to anyone the way he has you,” he explained. “He even took his glasses off and wore his contacts. Then David saw him rubbing his leg against yours.” “About that,” I started to explain. “No, it’s all right,” he said reassuringly. “Actually, David’s very happy.” “Now you really have lost me,” I said. “David loves Devin,” he continued. “He’d do anything to make him happy. It’s torn him up to see him suffer the way he has the past couple of years. I’ve lost track of the times he’s cried on my shoulder because he thought he would never see Devin laugh again.” “And now you.” He looked over at me and smiled. “He laughs around you.” “So, what does this all mean?” I asked. “David really likes you,” Alex replied, “but he wants you to be Devin’s boyfriend.” I didn’t know how to respond. I looked out the window and watched the trees flash by as we drove. None of this made much sense. I couldn’t help feeling like a piece of property that they could just trade off. It appeared that I had no say in their decision. Alex and David went out and got drunk, and then they decided that I should be ‘given’ to Devin. My feelings hadn’t even been considered. What if I didn’t want Devin? What if I wanted to try and have a relationship with David? The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Where did they come off deciding what I should do? I looked over at Alex and scowled. “What’s wrong?” he asked worriedly. “This is so fucked up,” I spat angrily. “You and David get drunk and just decide to give me to Devin.” “It’s not like that.” Alex seemed astonished. He didn’t even realize what he had said to me. “We were worried about Devin.” “And who was worried about me?” His face dropped when he suddenly realized how hurt I was. “It didn’t matter how I felt?” We pulled into the school parking lot. I jumped out of the truck before Alex even brought it to a stop. “Scottie!” he shouted as I exited the car. “Please talk to me about this!” I shot him a deadly look and then headed into the school. I passed David in the hall. He started to say something to me, but I brushed past him without even looking at him. He had his nerve. What if I did like him? Over the past couple of days, I had started to fall for him. Then I learned he felt the same way. However, now he didn’t want to be with me because he wanted me to be with his brother. I might as well have skipped my morning classes. I couldn’t concentrate on anything that was being said. I was fuming at Alex and David. I wondered if Devin had also been involved in this little plot. Alex was standing outside my third period class when the bell rang dismissing us for lunch. He threw his arm around me as I walked out, but I reached up and removed it. “Scottie,” he said sadly. “I’m sorry. I really didn’t expect you to act this way.” “Act what way?” I stopped and said loudly. “Like a doll that you can just toss back and forth to whoever wants it the most?” “Scottie, please!” He reached out and grabbed my arm to stop me from walking away. I turned and pushed him against the lockers. Everyone around us let out a gasp. I’m sure they had never seen anyone angry at Mr. Perfect before. Surprisingly, he reached out and grabbed me, trying to pull me into a hug. I pushed his arms away and stormed off down the hall. Students in the hallway opened a path for me. I walked out of the building, unsure where to go. I didn’t have a car, and the school was miles away from anywhere I could walk. I walked over to the football stadium and sat down on one of the bleachers. Ten minutes later, I saw Karen, Alex’s girlfriend, walking toward me. She sat down and handed me a sandwich from the cafeteria. I had forgotten it was lunch time. “Thanks,” I said as I opened the sandwich and started eating. “He’s really sorry,” she said. “He didn’t mean to hurt you.” “I know that,” I told her. “They should have talked to me, though.” “Yes, they should have,” she said staring out across the field. “You’re new here. You don’t know what they’ve been through with Devin.” “He’s been just a shell walking around since his mother died,” she explained sadly. “He hasn’t wanted to live. We’ve been so afraid he’d might try and kill himself.” I looked over and saw tears forming in her eyes. “When David and Alex saw an opening of hope that he might have a reason to live again, they grasped it.” Tears were falling down her cheeks. I could tell that she really loved Alex. She was feeling his suffering. “I can’t just be a toy for someone to play with.” I tried to explain my feelings. “They decide to just give me to Devin. I don’t even know yet if I like him. I do know I like David.” “They were wrong, Scott.” She grabbed my hand and held it. “Alex realizes that now.” “So, what do I do?” I looked at her for an answer. I still felt animosity for the way I had been treated. I wasn’t sure I could be so forgiving. “Hear him out.” She squeezed my hand. “Give him a chance to apologize. He’s really crazy about you. You’re the younger brother he always wanted. He’s so happy you’re here.” We stood, and she gave me a hug. I don’t think I had ever met a girl as loving as Karen. I was really happy for Alex for having someone so wonderful in his life. We walked toward the school holding hands. I noticed Alex and David looking out the cafeteria window watching us. The bell rang as we entered the building. I headed on to geometry class. I saw Devin’s small body limping slowly down the hall. An immense sadness washed over me. I remembered what Karen had said about him. I couldn’t imagine the pain he must have suffered over the past four years. I know I had not had an easy life, but it was nothing compared to what he had endured. I watched has he walked into class and took his seat at the table we had shared the day before. I didn’t know whether to go over and sit with him or sit somewhere else. He looked up and our eyes met briefly before he looked down at the desk. “Can I sit here?” I asked as I stood before him. I still wasn’t sure if he knew what Alex and his brother had decided. Perhaps he was against it as much as I was. “Free world,” he replied sadly. I sat down and looked over at him. He seemed so small and fragile. I could understand why David and Alex were so concerned about him. There didn’t seem to be any life in him. After the bell rang, Mr. Stanford lectured for about a half hour. He went over the homework assignment. He asked Devin to work a problem on the board, but he said he didn’t want to do it. The teacher seemed surprised by his refusal. He then asked me to do it. I got up and walked to the board and worked out the problem, explaining the steps I had taken. Mr. Stanford seemed pleased, but Devin had put his head down on the desk and refused to watch me. It hurt me that he had not given me his attention. The daily assignment was passed out, and I expected Devin to share his book again with me, but he didn’t. He reached into his book bag and tossed me the book, and then he put his head back down on the desk. “Headache?” I asked worriedly. I knew from the day before that he suffered from migraines. He didn’t answer me. I finished the rest of the class in silence, working the problems alone. When I was done, I pushed the book back over to him. “Thanks,” I said. He lifted his head and looked at me. What I saw frightened me. It was if I was looking into a mirror and there was no reflection. I shuddered from the steely coldness in his brown eyes. The bell rang, and he got up and walked quietly out of the room. I tried to walk beside him, but he kept weaving in and out of students as he rushed down the hall. I could tell he was trying to avoid me. We walked into biology class. Instead of taking his lab seat, he walked over to Mr. Wiggins and said something to him. Wiggins took out a piece of paper, wrote something on it and then handed it to Devin. He looked briefly at me and left class. He never returned the rest of the period. I was hoping to see him in gym sixth period, but he never showed. I was becoming increasingly worried about him. I had no idea what was going on inside his head. By his actions, he must have known about Alex and David’s drinking binge. I figured David had the same conversation with him that Alex had with me. Football practice was tense. David did not show, and Alex and I hardly said anything to one another. I fumbled the ball every time he passed it off to me. By the time we were through, the team had seemed to lose the energy we had the day before. Coach Adams seemed disappointed. I took a quick shower and dressed. I walked out to Alex’s car to wait for him to come out. Soon, he emerged from the gym and walked slowly to the car. We drove home in silence. Neither of us knew what to say to the other. He dropped me off at home and then headed to his job at the animal clinic. He had told me earlier he worked about twenty hours a week assisting Dr. Vorhees. When I entered the kitchen, Aunt Marie started asking me questions about school. I gave her short answers, which didn’t seem to please her. “All right, what’s wrong?” she asked. “I’ve been a mother for almost nineteen years. I think I know when something is not right.” “It’s nothing, really.” I tried to leave the room, but she grabbed my arm and led me over to the couch. “Spill it.” She ordered as she gave me a concerned look. I told her about what had happened over the past twenty-four hours. I did leave out the part about Alex coming home drunk and passing out in my bed. “What a mess,” she sighed. “You haven’t been here a week and you’re already having to deal with this. Alex should have known better.”“Don’t blame him,” I said. “They were just trying to help Devin.” “Do you know his story?” I nodded my head. “Devin has too many problems to deal with,” she stated worriedly. “He doesn’t need to deal with his sexuality too. He hasn’t even dealt with his mother’s death yet.” “I never looked at it that way,” I said. “I was just upset because I thought Alex and David had tossed me like a piece of meat to him.” “And they probably did.” She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “But they didn’t think they were doing that. They’ve been so focused on Devin’s well-being. I guess they thought they were doing him a favor.” “What do I do now?” I asked worriedly. “Just understand things from David and Alex’s point of view,” she suggested. “Don’t be so harsh on them. Do you like David?” It seemed strange to be talking to Aunt Marie about my feelings for another boy. “I thought I did,” I replied sadly. “Now I’m not sure.” “Well, you can deal with David and Alex.” She squeezed my hand again tightly. “But don’t turn away from Devin. He needs your friendship. You may never want him as a boyfriend, but at least try to be his friend.” “I will.” I leaned in and gave Aunt Marie a kiss on the cheek. She reached out and pulled me into a hug. “I’m so glad you’re here.” She responded as she squeezed me tightly. I was blinking away the tears that were rapidly forming in my eyes. I tried to stay up and wait for Alex to come home. I wanted to talk to him about what happened. I knew the longer I let it bother me, the harder it would be to deal with it. When he hadn’t arrived home by 11:00, I decided to go to bed. I had just fallen asleep when I heard my bedroom door open. I opened my eyes and saw Alex tiptoeing over to my bed in his underwear. I rolled over as he pulled back the covers and got into bed beside me. He put his arm around my chest and pulled me into him. I nestled into his embrace. “I’m sorry, Scottie,” he whispered in my ear. “I know,” I whispered back. “Forgive me?” I could hear the sadness in his voice. “Yes.” I took his hand and gently kissed it. He let out a deep sigh of relief. Minutes later, we were both sound asleep. When I awoke the next morning, Alex was doing pushups on the floor. “What are you doing?” I laughed. “Getting in shape,” he breathed heavily. “Don’t you remember, today’s Friday? You make your big debut tonight.” With everything going on, I had completely forgotten that I would be playing in my first football game. Suddenly, my stomach knotted up, and I thought I was going to get sick. “You’ll be great,” Alex assured me. He stood and looked sternly at me. “Now get down, Olsteen, and give me 50.” I started laughing. “You have got to be kidding,” I moaned. “I don’t have the energy to crawl out of bed.”“Then let me help you.” He walked over and grabbed me off the bed like I was as light as a pillow. He then threw me over his shoulder. “Let me down, you freak!” I shouted with laughter. I tried to grab the door as we entered the bathroom. He pulled my hands away, carried me over to the shower and set me down. I started shouting when he turned on the cold water and walked away. “That will wake you up,” he laughed as he closed the door. I hurriedly turned on the hot water and pulled off my underwear. Since I was already wet, I went ahead and took my shower. I also took care of some other business while there. People in the South take their sports seriously. When we arrived at school, there were banners everywhere. I had assumed that since our team had a losing record, most people wouldn’t rally around the team. I was wrong. We were treated like kings all day. It was the custom for football players to wear their jerseys on game day. It also seemed like it was the custom for girls to wish the team good luck with a kiss. I didn’t mind the ones on the cheeks, but several girls tried to shove their tongues down my throat. I ran quickly away when I saw Old Lady Grisholm, the school’s elderly librarian, heading my way with a big grin on her face. The game was at seven, but the team members were to be in the locker room at five-thirty. We dressed and then met with the coach for our pre-game instructions. I found out one thing- the team was placing a lot of hope in my debut appearance. Alex beamed with pride as the other guys praised my performance at practice all week. David didn’t say a word to me. Alex had tried to get us together several times, but neither of us had said anything. I noticed that he was always watching me; but every time I looked over at him, he would quickly look away. Fifteen minutes before kickoff, we lined up to head onto the field. I managed to push my way past everyone and get behind David. Just as Alex let out a yell, and we prepared to run onto the field, I reached down and grabbed David’s ass. “Good luck.” I grinned as he suddenly turned around. A small smile crept across his face. “You too.” He ran beside me as we took the field. I wish I could say we won the game, and that I had played a great game. However, we did play better than we had over the past couple of years. The game was close until the other team’s offense blew us away in the fourth quarter. I ran the ball for over 75 yards. I even ran 22 yards for a touchdown. When I did, our side was cheering wildly. I guess it had been a while since they had had anything to shout about. I became an instant hero. When the game was over, people swarmed into the locker room congratulating me. A reporter for the town’s newspaper interviewed me briefly and took my picture. I was overwhelmed by the attention I was getting. In the past, large crowds and cameras were only around when my parents were entering the courtroom. David came over, grabbed my arm, led me into the coach’s office and closed the door. “Looked like you needed rescued,” he said nervously. “Thanks,” I replied appreciatively. “I was getting ready to have a major panic attack.” We stood in awkward silence for a minute. He finally spoke, “Look, Scott.” He turned and faced me. “I’m really sorry. Alex told me how you felt. We didn’t mean to hurt you. Honestly.” "I know,” I replied. “I guess it hurt because you didn’t even want to give us a chance.” “You have no idea how much I want that,” he confessed. “But Devin really likes you. I couldn’t hurt him like that.” “I know that now,” I responded. He walked over and pulled me into a hug. “Damn, I’m a fool.” He mumbled into my ear. I looked him in his eyes, leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss. His knees started to buckle. “That’s what you’re missing,” I remarked as I walked out of the office. I smiled when I heard him let out another, “Damn, I’m a fool.”
  2. Ronyx

    Chapter 9

    I was quiet during the ride home. I was trying to understand what had happened in the shower room. Even though I really enjoyed it, it left me with a lot of questions. Alex and David had seemed so comfortable with us jacking off. Alex knew I was gay, so why had he put me into such a situation? David also seemed to really enjoy it. His eyes never left my body the whole time. He came watching me stroking my cock. To anyone watching, they would have thought we were all gay. I knew Alex was straight, but I wasn’t sure now about David. Devin’s reaction also left me curious. Why did he get so mad at us? He obviously knew what the ‘initiation’ was, but why did he get upset when I had been involved? “Are you all right?” Alex spoke, startling me from my thoughts. He was looking at me curiously. “You’re not upset about what we did, are you?” “I don’t know,” I answered honestly. “It was just kind of strange.” “It was, wasn’t it?” he laughed. He looked over and saw me staring blankly at him. “All right,” he said. “You have to understand something. All of us guys have grown up together. We’ve known each other since we were five, and we’ve been taking showers together since we were in junior high school.” He watched my reaction, expecting me to understand. “We’ve watched each other’s bodies grow. They were there when I got my first pubic hairs when I was twelve. We’ve compared our cocks for years. So naturally, when we first started to have orgasms, we shared those too. We get horny, so we take care of it together. It really doesn’t mean anything. We’re just horny guys getting off together.” He looked at me again for approval. “Isn’t it a little gay, though?” I asked. “From your point of view, yeah,” he replied. “But we don’t do anything more than just jack off together.” “Never?” I raised an eyebrow, and he started laughing. “Well,” he smiled. “I suspect a few of the guys have probably gotten together and done a little more.” “Have you?” I knew I was probably crossing a line, but I was curious. “Honestly?” He turned and looked out the window. “Yeah. A few years ago. We probably all did when we were thirteen or fourteen.” “But I thought you said you were straight?” “I am.” He pulled the truck to the side of the road and stopped. He turned and looked at me. “A lot of guys mess around when they are young,” he explained. “It doesn’t make them gay. It’s a form of experimentation. I did some things, like jerking someone off. It was fun, but I outgrew it. I’m with Karen now, and she’s all I need.” “Did you and David mess around?” I asked. “You saw us in the locker room,” he laughed. “What do you think?” “Is he gay?” I was curious because he had seemed a little more interested than just jacking off in the shower. “You’ll have to ask him that question yourself,” Alex answered. He suddenly got quiet. He started the truck and pulled back onto the dirt road. We drove in silence for a while. “No,” I said, breaking the silence. He looked over at me. “No, what?” he asked. “I’m not upset by what happened in the shower,” I said with a grin. “Two hot guys jacking off, why would I be upset?” “Shut up,” he replied with a laugh. “Can we do it again tomorrow?” “Maybe.” He looked over and gave me a wicked smile. “Really?” I asked hopefully. He wiggled his eyebrows and laughed. We pulled onto the drive leading to the farm. It was starting to get dark and my stomach was growling from hunger. It had been a long and fun-filled day. When we arrived at school the next day, David was sitting in the car waiting for us. I didn’t see Devin with him. David got out of the car and gave me a huge smile. He then walked around and slapped me on my back. “Ready for another day in Hell?” he laughed. “Yesterday wasn’t that bad.” I replied. “I think I’m going to like it here.” “We’ll see if he says that next week.” He looked at Alex and laughed. We headed towards the school. “Where’s Devin?” Alex looked over at David, awaiting his response. “He’s sick.” David looked worriedly at Alex. “Another headache?” Alex asked. David nodded his head. “Headache?” I looked at them for more information. They seemed to be hiding something. “Devin suffers from migraines,” responded David. “Ever since the accident, whenever he gets upset, he gets a severe headache.” “What upset him?” I asked. I knew he appeared mad when he left school yesterday. I had thought about it the previous night. I couldn’t get the hurt look in his eyes from my head. “You.” David responded sharply. He grabbed Alex by the arm and led him into the building. I watched them walk down the hall talking, leaving me with more questions than answers. Why would a small, shy boy be upset with me? We had only met yesterday, and he seemed to bounce back and forth between moods. One minute he was joking and playful, then the next minute he was quiet and angry. The excitement of the first day didn’t carry over the following day. Why is it that no matter what school you go to, classes are the same? In the space of three hours, I had to endure a lecture on the Civil War, work 20 geometry problems, and read two chapters of Canterbury Tales. Talk about a boring morning. I met up with Alex and David at lunch. A few of the football players teased me about my ‘initiation’ the day before. One guy even remarked that I seemed to like it a little too much. Everyone laughed, but I noticed the look David gave me. I guess he was gauging my reaction. Normally, I would have retaliated with a snide comment, but I felt it was best that I keep my mouth shut. When the bell rang, I followed David out into the hall. Alex started to approach, but at the last minute turned and headed in the opposite direction. “Is Devin going to be all right?” I asked. I don’t know why, but he had been on my mind all morning. David looked over at me with a sly smile. “Why?” he grinned. “You only met him yesterday, and you’re already worried about him?” “Yeah.” My face started to redden. I didn’t want to admit it, but Devin had quickly gained my attention. I was standing before his brother, who was oozing with masculinity, but I was thinking about his frail younger brother. “He’ll be all right.” He assured me. “The headaches only last about a day.” “Good.” We continued to walk down the hall. He turned into a boy’s restroom, so I followed him in. I had drunk several cartons of milk for lunch, so I wanted to piss before going to class. We walked over to the urinals and pulled out our cocks. Since I had seen him naked the day before, I knew what to expect. He started to piss and looked down at me. “You’ve really got a nice one,” he said admiringly. “You’re not too bad yourself.” I looked down and saw his cock begin to grow in his hand. I felt the blood begin to surge into mine as well. After we finished pissing, he reached over and took my cock in his hand and stroked it. It became erect in his fist. I reached over and took his. We continued to jack each other off, carefully watching the door in case another student came in. After a minute, he pulled away and tucked his hard cock back into his pants. He looked over at me and smiled. “That was fun.” He looked at the door again and suggested, “We gotta be careful, though.” “Yeah.” I returned the smile. “It was fun.” “We’d better get to class.” he said. “We’re already late. Just tell the teacher you got lost.” He stared into my eyes and smiled. He gave me another quick wink and disappeared out the door. I was really confused. I couldn’t tell if David was gay or not. Did he like me, or was he just looking for a jerk-off buddy since Alex wasn’t interested anymore? He kept staring at me and giving me that sexy-as-hell wink, but did it mean he was attracted to me? By now I should have figured him out, but he was an enigma to me. The afternoon classes were more boring than the morning ones. Without Devin to keep me occupied, I found it hard to concentrate on school work. I kept thinking about David and Devin. I found it strange to be drawn to two brothers with such diverse personalities. Football practice was fun. Again, Alex and I connected well on the field. The coach would watch every time Alex handed me the ball. I was able to sneak around the defense almost every time and either make big yardage or score a touchdown. I didn’t know if I was good at carrying the ball, or if our defense sucked. With the team’s record, I tended to think the latter. We didn’t repeat our jack off session after practice, although David did watch me shower. I teased him by bending over and washing my ass really well. I laughed when he left the shower room trying to cover up his erection. When I passed him on the way back to my locker, I winked at him. His face reddened as he sat down to put on his shoes. “You want to join me and David for dinner?” Alex walked up and placed his hand on my back. “My treat.” “Yeah, sure.” I said, looking over at David who was watching us. “Great.” Alex smiled. “We’re going over to his house and drop off his car, then head out for eats.” We followed David’s white Toyota to his home. Once there, he invited us in. We followed him to his room. It was a typical athlete’s room. Posters of football and basketball players adorned the walls. There was also a bookshelf with trophies and pictures. I stood before one of Alex and David with their arms wrapped around each other in a tight embrace. “That was taken when we were in the ninth grade.” Alex walked up, took the picture from my hand and looked at it admiringly. “We’d just won our first game of the season. Unfortunately, it was also the last game of the season.” David walked up and punched him in his arm. “Hey,” he laughed. “At least we won a game.” I looked out the bedroom door and noticed Devin go walking past in his pajamas. He peered in the room as he passed. Our eyes met briefly. I asked David if Devin was alright. “Yeah,” he replied. “He’ll be better by tomorrow.” “Can I go talk to him?” I asked. “You know, tell him what we did in class.” “I don’t know.” David gave me a thoughtful look. “When he’s like this, he doesn’t like talking to anyone.” He stared into my eyes and let a small grin appeared when I gave him my best puppy dog face. “Across the hall,” he pointed. “But remember, I warned you.” I walked across the hall and found the door ajar. I slowly opened it and saw Devin curled up on the bed with his back to me. I walked over and sat gently down on the bed. “Leave me alone, David,” he said angrily. “I’m not in the mood.” “It’s me, Scott,” I responded softly. He lay silently for a minute without saying anything. “I better go,” I apologized. His silence had made me feel uncomfortable. “I’m sorry I disturbed you.” “You can stay,” he mumbled into his blanket. I sat back down as he rolled over and faced me. I could see that his eyes were wet with tears. “Hi.” I smiled at him. He tried to blink away the tears. He didn’t have his glasses on, and I thought he looked cute with his hair mussed up. His brown eyes were twinkling from the tears. “Hey.” He lay staring at me. He seemed so small and vulnerable lying under the covers. “You hungry?” I asked. I reached out and ran my hand through his hair. He instinctively pulled away, but then stopped. “We’re going out to get something to eat. I’d like it if you went with us.” He studied my face for a minute, before responding. “Yeah.” A smile began to creep across his face. “If you’re sure you want me along.” “I would like that a lot.” I returned the smile, as I gently brushed away a tear that had fallen down his cheek. “Get out and let me get dressed,” he ordered as he sat up, careful to keep himself covered by the blanket. “Want me to help you?” I wiggled my eyebrows. “Perv,” he laughed. “You wish. Now get out before I change my mind.” I crossed the hall and told David and Alex that Devin was going to join us. They looked at each other with stunned looks on their faces. They looked at me like I had just said something unbelievable. David asked, “You’re kidding, right?” I shook my head. He looked back over at Alex. “He’s never gotten over a headache this fast. What are you, a miracle worker?” “No.” I looked at them as they continued to stare unbelievingly at me. “I just invited him to go with us.” “You talking about me?” I turned and saw Devin standing in the doorway dressed in a light blue sweat suit. He looked really cute. He had combed his hair, and some color had returned to his face. “Go get your glasses, Devin,” David ordered, “and we’ll get out of here.” “I have on my contacts,” responded Devin. David gave Alex a surprised look. I looked at them and wondered what was going on. David put his arm around Devin and led him out of the room. “He hasn’t worn his contacts since the accident.” Alex whispered in my ear as he led me down the hall. “You are a miracle worker.” He put his hand on my neck and squeezed it gently. We drove to a nearby Italian restaurant. I was glad to see that they ate something besides fried chicken and hamburgers. It seemed that all the places I had eaten so far served those items. We walked in, and the waiter led us to a booth. Alex and David sat on one side, leaving me sitting beside Devin. He seemed so small sitting with us. It was hard to believe he was the same age as me. The waiter took our orders and then brought us our drinks. Naturally, the subject of football came up immediately. Alex and David were excited because they thought that with me on the team, we might actually win a game. As we talked, David rested his foot against mine. Soon, he moved his leg so that is was rubbing against mine. I looked at his face, and he smiled. He was intentionally trying to play with me. My face reddened when he placed his bare foot in my lap and began to rub my cock. I removed his foot and gave him a warning look. It was one thing to play in the restroom when no one was around, but I didn’t feel adventurous enough to do it in front of Alex and Devin. He grimaced and then excused himself to go to the restroom. I had a feeling he expected me to follow. Alex continued to talk about Friday’s game while David was away. I then felt Devin rest his leg against mine and rub it up and down a few times. I froze in disbelief. First, his brother attempted to come on to me, now his little brother was doing the same thing. David returned to the table, but before sitting, he looked down and saw Devin’s leg pressed up against mine. He gave Devin an angry look, causing him to move away from my side. My mind was in overdrive as I tried to figure out what was going on. We ate in silence the rest of the meal. Alex tried several times to get everyone to talk, but neither David nor Devin seemed interested in saying anything. They just kept exchanging glances at each other. I felt awkward, because they seemed to be fighting over me. I was attracted to David the moment I saw him. Who wouldn’t? The encounter in the shower and the boy’s restroom indicated that he really liked me too. I was even beginning to think that we could have something more than just some random sexual encounters. I liked Devin; however, he was very complex. I understood that he had a lot of emotional problems created by the death of his mother. One minute he seemed to like me, then the next minute he could be cold and unemotional. I assumed that David was probably gay. Alex hadn’t exactly confirmed it, but he did give me a strong indication that he was. Now I was confused if his younger brother could also be gay. Was it possible that both brothers liked me? We left the restaurant and drove home in awkward silence. I could tell that Alex was confused about what had happened. One minute, we had been four lively boys talking about an upcoming football game. The next minute, no one would say anything. He dropped Devin off at home first. I expected David to go in, but he asked Alex to step out of the car. They went around to the back and spoke for a few minutes. They returned and got in the car. We drove home in silence. Alex pulled up to the house and stopped. “Scottie,” he said. “You go ahead and go in and go to bed. David and I are going somewhere to talk.” I nodded my head and exited the car. I watched as they drove down the drive and pulled out onto the road. I lay in bed tossing and turning, waiting for Alex to return. It was after 2:00 when I heard his truck pull into the drive. Several minutes later, he stumbled into my room. It was obvious he had been drinking. I watched as he stripped down to his underwear and crawled into bed beside me. He scooted over and threw his arm around me, pulling me into his warm body. “We got a problem, Little Cuz,” he slurred. Seconds later, he was snoring gently in my ear. He had passed out without explaining what the problem was. I lay awake the rest of the night wondering what he meant.
  3. Ronyx

    LGBTQ Anthems

    This song, The Last Song by Elton John, affected me so much that I titled one of my stories about a character with AIDS from a line in the song. I've listened to it many times, and it still brings tears to my eyes. We lost so many loved ones and friends back then. Yesterday, you came to lift me up, Light as straw and brittle as a bird
  4. Play Clue, the Haunted Version. Dibs on Jason in the road with a crowbar.
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    Chapter 8

    When the bell rang ending geometry, I asked Devin where Room 212 was. He looked at me and giggled. “We have the same class,” he grinned. “Biology. You’re going to hate Old Man Wiggins.” “Why?” I asked. “Just wait,” he laughed. “You’ll see.” We walked to class together. When we entered the biology lab, a man about 70 years old was asleep at the teacher’s desk. “Is that him?” I whispered, careful not to wake him up. “Yeah,” Devin giggled. “If we come in quietly, he sometimes sleeps all period.” I watched as students tip-toed quietly into the room. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If this had happened in Phoenix, by now I would have probably thrown a dirty eraser at him. Everyone took their seats as the bell rang. Mr. Wiggins briefly opened his eyes, then fell back to sleep. We sat talking quietly, so as not to awaken him. “Does he do this all the time?” I asked quietly. “Yeah,” Devin grinned. “But you’re not learning anything.” “He wouldn’t teach us much if he were awake,” he replied. “They need to get rid of him.” “Why don’t they?” I asked. “I don’t know,” he answered. “He’s been here like forever.” We spent the next hour getting to know each other better. I found out that Devin was sixteen, just like me. He liked school and made good grades. He didn’t participate in any extracurricular activities like his brother. When I asked him if he had a girlfriend or dated anyone, he quickly changed the subject by asking me how I had liked California. I tried to raise the subject again several times, but he always managed to avoid it. Looking at him, though, I already knew the answer. He was very small and immature looking. None of the girls our age would be interested in him. He was only 5’6” and weighed about 110 pounds. If he removed his glasses he’d be considered cute. However, he didn’t seem to be concerned with his appearance. His mousy brown hair looked unkempt and his clothes were wrinkled. It was hard to imagine him being David’s little brother. His brother was buff and well-dressed. It was like looking at a before and after picture in a muscle magazine. “How did you hurt your leg?” I blurted out without thinking. I had been curious why he walked with a very noticeable limp. Immediately, a hurt look appeared on his face. “I’d rather not say,” he replied as tears welled up in his eyes. I thought he was going to cry. I quickly changed the subject and started talking about something else. I decided I would just ask Alex later. When the bell rang, everyone rose to go to their next class. We started laughing when Mr. Wiggins tried to call us back to give us a homework assignment. “What do you have next?” Devin asked me as we walked out of the room. I looked at my schedule. “Gym,” I informed him. Devin’s eyes widened in amazement. “Hey, cool!” he said excitedly. “We have all our afternoon classes together.” I followed him down the hall to the gym. After we walked inside, Devin told me I should go see the coach and get some shorts and a school tee shirt. When I was returning to the locker room, a large boy had Devin pinned against a locker. “I told you what I’d do if you didn’t bring me some money.” The large kid pulled his arm back, ready to hit Devin. I reached out, grabbed his hand and began to crush it in mine. “What the fuck?” The boy turned and looked at me angrily. “Leave him alone,” I said coldly. He stepped back and stared at me. “Who the fuck are you?” he asked. “His boyfriend?” Without thinking, I hit him in the face, sending him reeling backwards. He fell against a locker and then to the floor. Angrily, he got back up with his fists balled. “Fight!” I heard someone shout. “Thurman’s going to get his ass kicked!” Boys came running from everywhere. They circled us, waiting for us to resume the fight. Thurman ran towards me. I quickly turned and grabbed his shoulder, sending him flying across the room. The boys in the locker room started shouting. I didn’t know who I was fighting, but he didn’t seem to be well-liked. He got up and looked angrily at me. I raised my fists, ready to hit him again. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm and pull me backwards. I turned to hit him, expecting it to be one of Thurman’s friends, but it was David. He put his hand around my shoulder and started to lead me out of the locker room. “What is going on in here?” I heard a booming voice shout. It was Coach Adams. “Nothing Coach,” responded David. “Just a little misunderstanding.” The coach looked at David and then eyed me suspiciously. He looked over at Thurman, who by now was rapidly developing a swollen eye. The coach smiled slightly. “Right,” he grinned. “A little misunderstanding.” He looked over at David and nodded his head towards the door. “Get him out of here.” David led me towards the door. Devin started to follow, but David told him to go back to class. Dejectedly, Devin walked back into the locker room. David gripped my arm and led me out the side door to the parking lot. We walked over to his car, and he unlocked the doors. He told me to get in. We sat quietly for a few minutes. Occasionally, he would look over at me. I could tell he was trying to decide if he wanted to talk to me. He started the car, pulled out of the parking lot and drove away from the school. “Where are we going?” I asked. I wasn’t afraid. I knew he was Alex’s best friend and that he would never do anything to hurt me. “For a ride,” he stated calmly. I sat and looked out the window as we drove into town. Once there, he pulled up outside a local hamburger place. He got out, and I followed him in as he sat down at a booth in the back. A young waitress walked up and smiled when she saw us. “Hey, David.” “Hi, Susan,” he smiled back. “The usual, only make it a double.” She nodded and walked away. “Girlfriend?” I asked jokingly. “Nope,” he said coldly. He sat and continued to stare at me. I began to feel uncomfortable. Susan returned with two Cokes and two orders of fried chicken. He motioned for me to start eating. The chicken was really good. I had never eaten anything like it out west. “About Devin.” David looked over at me and studied my face. “You’re going to find out sooner or later anyways. Alex will probably tell you.” “Four years ago, there was a bad accident.” I watched as tears formed in his eyes. “A truck ran a red light and hit the car my mother and Devin were in. My mother died on the scene.” More tears emerged. “Excuse me.” He got up and went to the restroom. I sat there stunned. I knew he was overcome with emotion, as was I. It was hard for me to imagine what he and Devin must have gone through over the past few years. I had always dreamed of my parents being in an accident, and their mother had actually died in one. After a few minutes, David returned, still teary-eyed. “Sorry,” he apologized. “It’s still a little difficult.” “I’m sorry.” I knew it was a weak response, but I didn’t know what else to say. “Devin took it hard,” he continued. “He watched as she took her last breath. He still wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. The accident shattered his leg and bruised a kidney. But worse, it took away his will to live.” I sat looking into the teary eyes of David. I almost got up from the table. I hardly knew David and Devin, but their story of sorrow was too much for me to bear. “You see how small he is,” he explained. “He hardly eats anything. It’s like he’s punishing himself. He thinks he caused the accident.” I gave David a questioning look. “There was nothing they could do to prevent it,” he said. “But they were arguing when the truck hit them, and Devin blames himself for the accident. You just met him, but you’ll see. He’s become an easy mark for other boys because he won’t fight back. It’s almost like he wants them to do something to him. I’ve tried to protect him, but I can’t always be there.” “Is that why you were so hard on me this morning?” I asked. He nodded his head. “I thought you were going to bully him too,” he stated. “I probably would have,” I confessed. “if you hadn’t stopped me.” “He could really use a friend.” David looked at me hopefully. “The only way I got through this was because of Alex.” Again, he started to tear up. “He was there for me after the accident. He never left my side for two months. I’ll always love him for that.” It was now my turn for tears to form in my eyes. I knew Alex was special, but now I understood just how much. In one day, he had shown me more concern than anyone had ever before. “I’ll try,” I said. “Although, we didn’t exactly get off on the right foot.” “Just give him a chance,” he smiled. “And thanks.” “For what?” I asked. “Kicking Thurman’s ass,” he laughed. “I’ve wanted to do that for two years, but I didn’t want to get suspended. If I had known I could do it and Coach wouldn’t care.” He looked at me and started laughing. “Man, when you grabbed him and sent him flying on his ass,” he laughed. “That was priceless. Where did you learn that?” “When you had to put up with the shit I did, you learn fast.” He gave me a questioning look. “I’ll explain it to you later.” He nodded his head and we finished eating the chicken. He filled me in on some of the things going on around school. I realized one thing- schools are all alike. It doesn’t matter if they are in California or Arkansas. He looked at his watch and started to rise from the table. “Football practice. Come on.” “I don’t know about this,” I responded nervously. “I’ve never played before.” “You’ll be fine,” he laughed. “Once you see our sorry team, you won’t have anything to worry about. We only won three games last year, and we’ve already lost two games this year.” We drove back to school. As we pulled into the parking lot, Alex was sitting on the hood of his truck waiting for us. I noticed the passenger door opened. I looked in and saw Devin sitting inside. He had a worried look on his face when he saw me with David. “The next time you leave school, let me know,” Alex shouted as we got out of the car. “Let me cut with you too.” He walked over and playfully slapped David upside his head. “You had chicken!” he said excitedly as he grabbed David’s hand and smelled it. “Where’s mine?” He slapped him again. “Damn, Alex,” David moaned as he rubbed the side of his head. “You’re going to give me brain damage.” “Too late for that,” Alex laughed. They put their arms around each other and headed toward the gym. “Come on.” Alex motioned for me to follow. “Give me a minute,” I told him. I looked inside the car and saw Devin reading a book. He kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat of Alex’s truck. “Hey.” I looked over at Devin. He was trying to ignore me. He finally looked up and stared into my eyes. “He told you, didn’t he?” he asked softly. I nodded my head. He continued reading his book. “I’m going to the gym,” I said. “You coming with me?” “Nope,” he answered tersely. I leaned my head back on the headrest and closed my eyes. “I thought you were going to football practice,” he said after a couple of minutes of quiet. “Nope,” I replied with my eyes still closed. Several minutes later, he opened the door. “Dumbass,” he muttered as he got out. I smiled as I watched him limp toward the school. I walked into a locker room filled with about 30 rowdy guys. They were in various stages of undress. I looked across the room and caught a brief glimpse of David quickly pulling up his jock strap. He had an average sized cock. It hung about four inches, but his ass was tight and firm. It was forming nice mounds around the straps. I could feel my own cock growing hard. I was still staring as he pulled his football uniform on and adjusted his cock. He looked over at me and smiled. I walked over and stared at his bare chest. He had a small amount of hair in the center that traveled downward and disappeared. I looked into his brown eyes and knew he had caught me looking at him. “Have you seen Alex around?” I asked hoarsely. I was trying to avert my eyes from his body. “He’s in with the coach.” I looked down, and he was again adjusting his cock. It looked like it had stiffened slightly. “Thanks.” I turned as my face reddened. I couldn’t believe that David had this much effect on me. He knew I had been looking at him, and he seemed to be playing a flirtatious game with me. I went to the coach’s office and peeked in the open door. Alex was down on the floor doing pushups. The coach was at his desk on the phone. He looked up, noticed me and then waved me into his office. “Olsteen!” he shouted as he hung up the phone. “Get down and give me one hundred.” “What?” I asked surprisingly. “Why?” “Fighting in my locker room.” He stood and walked over to me. “Get down and give me one hundred pushups.” Alex looked up and nodded for me to get down and do what the coach asked. “85!” Alex shouted. “45,” Coach Adams said sternly. “Now, Olsteen!” I got down beside Alex and started counting out my pushups. Coach Adams watched us for a minute, and he then walked out into the locker room. “What did you do?” I whispered as I continued to count out loud. “12.” “Let you fight,” he whispered back. 72.” “You weren’t even there,” I said. “18.” “I know,” he replied. “78.” “45!.” Coach Adams shouted from outside the door. I looked over at a very exhausted Alex. He could hardly hold himself up. We finished our punishment after several more minutes. When we entered the locker room, Coach Adams had set out a complete uniform on the bench. Alex went and joined the team on the field while I got dressed. Coach motioned me over as soon as I walked onto the field. “Ever play football, Son?” he asked. “No, Sir,” I responded. “By looking at our school record,” he replied. “you’d never know these guys did either.” He looked at me, expecting a laugh. I was able to manage a small smile. “I’ve looked at your transcripts,” he informed me. “You’ve got good grades. Shouldn’t be a problem getting you eligible. Take the field and show me what you got.” I walked over to Alex who was standing in the middle of the field watching my exchange with the coach. He gave me a questioning look as I shrugged my shoulders. I had no idea what they wanted me to do. I had attended football games at my old school, but I usually socialized with my friends. I rarely paid any attention to what was happening on the field. “Stand over there.” Alex pointed to a spot on his right. “When the center hands the ball off to me, I want you to run around behind me and take it. Then move around to my left and run toward the goal post.” I looked down the field about forty yards and nodded. He called out some numbers, then the center handed him the ball. He stepped back about four paces and looked over at me. I tore off, took the ball from him and tucked it tightly under my arm. As I turned the corner, I saw several guys running toward me. Instinctively, I turned right and saw an opening. I heard clashing all around me. I saw the goal post in the distance and started running for it. I looked back and saw several guys chasing me, but I was too fast. I crossed the end zone and started jumping wildly. I looked over at the side line and saw the coach and several team mates applauding me. I glanced into the stands and saw Devin smiling. He gave me a thumb’s up. We practiced for the next hour. I was beaten and battered when it was over. The first play was fun, but I took a lot of punishment after that. I did manage to repeat my earlier performance, but I paid for it. When we were through, I almost had to crawl back to the locker room. “You looked good out there,” Alex praised me as I started to undress. “I think you may have a place on the team.” “I don’t want a place,” I replied exhaustedly. “I can’t do this anymore. I’m hurting in places I didn’t even know existed.” “You’ll get used to it,” he laughed. Just then, David stepped up beside me with just a towel wrapped around him. “Nice, Scott.” He slapped me on the shoulder, causing me to wince. I looked down and saw his cock bulging from under the towel. I could feel my cock begin to harden slightly. “No, dear God!” I prayed to myself. “Not here!” I had undressed to just my pants, and I was afraid I would be erect by the time I removed them. Just then, several members of the team grabbed me and lifted me into the air. They carried me shouting and kicking into the shower room and placed me under a cold shower. I stood freezing as they looked at me and applauded. “Welcome to the team!” Alex shouted. “This makes it official.” Everyone began to walk away. I turned on the hot water and removed the rest of my uniform. I tossed it aside just as David and Alex came walking in naked and took the shower next to mine. All the other boys had left the shower room. My eyes wandered over their naked bodies. Both had sculptured bodies formed by years of athletic training. Within seconds, I was totally erect. David’s eyes widened as he saw me spring to full length. “Damn!” David muttered as he grabbed his cock and started stroking it. “Told you,” Alex laughed as he grabbed his and began to jack off. “Someone’s going to see us,” I said worriedly as I looked around the shower room. “We do it all the time,” Alex responded. “No one cares. It doesn’t make us gay just because we’re jacking off together.” I watched as he and David leaned against the wall and masturbated rapidly. It was as if they were having a race to see who could cum first. I stood in the middle of the shower and began to masturbate as the water continued to cascade over me. “Mmmmmm!” David moaned as cum started to shoot out of his cock and land on the shower floor. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, enjoying his orgasm. I had a sudden urge to crawl across the floor and catch the remaining spurts in my mouth. “Unnnnnnngggg!” Alex gasped as he began to shoot. Watching them, I could feel my own orgasm quickly approaching. “Oh, God!” I moaned as I erupted onto the floor. I opened my eyes and saw David and Alex smiling approvingly. My chest was heaving as the cum slowed to a few dribbles. “Cool,” Alex smiled. “Now you’re really an official member of the team.” My face reddened as other members of the team entered the room and applauded. Most were dressed, and it appeared they may have been watching us from the locker room. They left as David, Alex and I finished showering. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. We had jacked off in the locker room with everyone watching, and not one person called us gay. It was as if it was something they did every day. We dressed and headed out to the parking lot. Devin was sitting on the hood of Alex’s truck. “It took you long enough,” he said harshly. “What did you do, initiate him?” Alex, David and I started laughing as Devin gave us an angry look. He looked over at me and a sad look appeared on his face. He jumped off the hood, walked around to David’s car and got in the passenger seat. He looked out the window, refusing to look at us. David got in his car and drove off. I could tell he was trying to talk to Devin, but his little brother was ignoring him. Alex put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him, giving me another noogie. He started the truck, and I sat quietly on the ride home wondering why Devin had acted so strangely.
  6. Ronyx

    LGBTQ Anthems

    One song I've always considered to be the 'gay anthem' is 'We Are the Champions' by Queen. We are the Champions
  7. Twenty years have passed since Matthew Shepard was abducted, brutally beaten and left for dead, tied to a fence outside Laramie, Wyoming. He died October 12, 1998. His death sparked a national conversation on hate crimes, particularly against the LGBTQ community. We've made progress, but much is left to be done. Remember Matthew Shepard. https://www.matthewshepard.org/
  8. Ronyx

    Chapter 7

    I was startled out of my sleep when someone jumped onto my bed. I felt a wet tongue licking the side of my face. I slowly opened my eyes to see Cricket looking at me and wagging his tail. Alex was laughing in the background. “Get up!” he ordered. “It’s time for school.” I looked over at the alarm clock and noticed it was a little after five in the morning. My eyes looked across the room at a naked Alex standing in the doorway with a morning hard on. I let my eyes stare at the erect image in front of me. He started laughing and rushed over to the bed, tossing back the covers. “Yeah,” he laughed. “Like you don’t wake up with one.” I tried to cover myself, but he had taken me by surprise. My hard cock was pointing toward the ceiling. Even though we had jacked off together the night before, I was still embarrassed being totally exposed to him. “Get your ass up!” He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed. We were both standing naked before each other. He let his eyes wander over my body appraisingly. “You’ve got a nice body,” he remarked. “Did you play sports back home?” “No,” I replied. “It never really interested me.” "Well, with a body like that,” he said, “you’ll definitely be on the football team.” “I’ve never played football,” I informed him. “Besides, the season has already started.” “I’m the quarterback,” he smiled. “If I want you on the team, then it can happen. Now get in the bathroom and take care of that.” He reached out and thumped me on the head of my hard dick. I bent over moaning in pain. He left the room laughing. I took a shower and jacked off. I exploded against the wall thinking about Alex sitting on the toilet seat the night before with cum on his chest. Once done, I returned to my room and dressed for school. Alex came in, sat on the side of my bed and talked to me as I put on my shoes and socks. “Would you tell me why we are up so friggin’ early in the morning?” I looked at the clock and it was only a ten to six. “We’ve got chores to do.” He looked at me and grinned. “We?” I laughed. “Do you have a mouse in your pocket?” “You live here now,” he replied. “And since you’re the youngest, they become your chores.” “What?” I said loudly. “That’s not fair!” “Who said life was ever fair.” He hit me upside the head and disappeared from the room. I finished dressing and went into the kitchen. Aunt Marie and Melanie were also dressed and eating breakfast. “It’s about time,” my aunt remarked. She set a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and grits in front of me. She then poured a large glass of milk. I looked at the enormous plate of food. “I can’t eat all of this,” I informed her. “Good.” Alex grabbed my plate and shoveled half the food onto his now empty plate. “Alex!” my aunt shouted, “Remember your manners.” “But he said he didn’t want it.” He looked at me, and I just shrugged my shoulders and started to eat the now half empty plate. After we finished, I followed him out to the barn. I hadn’t noticed the day before that they had farm animals. He first led me to the chicken coop in which there must have been about 20 hens. He grabbed a basket and started collecting eggs. “Watch what I do,” he grinned, “because tomorrow you get to do it.” I started to protest, but he grabbed my head, pulled it under his arm and started giving me another noogie. I pulled away and rubbed my head as he laughed and continued walking around the barn. He feed the chickens, and then he grabbed a bale of hay and walked around to the back of the barn. Two horses were waiting for him. They were beautiful. One was a roan and the other was a dapple gray. “This is Sarah Belle.” He walked over and rubbed the roan’s nose. “And this is Pistol Pete.” The horse nudged him and put his face against Alex’s shoulder. Alex pulled away and started throwing hay over the fence. I started to help him. I had never been around a horse before, so I was scared. I kept watching them to make sure they didn’t nip me. “They ain’t going to hurt you,” Alex laughed. “I’ll take you riding this weekend.” I nodded; however, I wasn’t sure I wanted to try to ride a horse. After completing the chores, we went back inside while Alex got his book bag. He walked over to the corner of the kitchen, picked up another one and tossed it to me. “Here,” he said. “Everything you need is in there.” We left the kitchen and headed to his pickup truck. “What about registering? I asked. “Doesn’t Aunt Marie have to come with us?” “Naw,” he replied. “She already took care of it. All you have to do is stop by the office and get your schedule. I’ve already seen it, so you should be all right. Just remember, we ain’t California.” He laughed as he started up the truck. He told me the school was about twelve miles away. I wouldn’t be able to walk to school like I was accustomed to doing. A bus did run by the house, but Alex told me he would drive me to and from school. However, I would have to wait for him until football practice was over. I wasn’t looking forward to sitting around for about two hours waiting for him. I started to ask him how to go about riding the bus home, but I was afraid I would hurt his feelings if I did. He seemed to want me to wait for him. After riding down side roads for about twenty minutes, we finally pulled up outside the high school. Alex parked his truck between two other cars with guys sitting inside. It seemed like they were waiting for him to arrive. Four guys emerged from both cars and headed to the truck. “You’re late, Cantrell.” A guy about Alex’s age walked up and patted him on the back. He was tall and muscular with short black hair and dark brown eyes. He looked over at me and smiled. "Damn, Alex!” he said excitedly. “You didn’t tell me you had a little brother.” He looked at me and extended his hand. “David Gordon,” he said with a heavy southern drawl. He grasped my hand tightly. I tried to return a firm handshake. “This moron is my best friend,” Alex informed me. “We have been friends since we were in diapers.” David started laughing. “Yeah,” he laughed. “Mine didn’t have poop in them, though.” Alex slapped him on the side of his head. Alex spent the next few minutes introducing me to his other friends. All of them were members of the football team. They couldn’t get over how much Alex and I looked alike. “He’s going out for the team.” Alex grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into him. “What position?” David asked. I looked at Alex and shrugged my shoulders. “Running back.” Alex gave David a smirk. “Hey!” he shouted. “That’s my position.” “Was,” Alex stated as he led me into the school. David ran next to Alex begging him not to let me replace him on the team. Alex looked at me and winked while David continued to plead. The high school we entered was nothing like the large schools I had previously attended. It could have fit into the corner of the one I had attended in California. It was also old. There were cracks on the ceiling, and the walls could use a coat of paint. One thing that was different, though; everyone seemed friendly. I guess I was experiencing what I had heard was southern hospitality. I don’t think I had ever shaken so many hands. Alex was extremely popular. There wasn’t a person in the school he didn’t know; and everyone seemed genuinely happy to see him. He kept introducing me as his little brother. Everyone was amazed at how much we looked alike. It was a little awkward trying to explain how I had suddenly just popped up in Arkansas. “His parents are separated,” Alex explained to David and a few people. “He’s staying with us until things settle down.” I was proud of Alex. He hadn’t told them the truth, but at the same time he hadn’t lied. My parents were separated. He just didn’t tell them that they were separated by iron bars. I also found it unusual that no one seemed to suspect that I was gay. At other schools, boys immediately began to hit on me. No one here seemed to pay that much attention to me, at least not in that sort of way. I was being treated like one of the guys. I guess being Alex’s cousin helped. Alex led me to the office where I met the principal, Mr. Waters. He seemed like a friendly enough man. Like everyone else, he was surprised that Alex and I looked so much alike. He told me he hoped I would be a good student like my cousin. I was beginning to worry that a lot of people were expecting too much of me. I had been a failure all my life, so I knew I would probably mess this up also. The first three periods went well. Everyone kept asking me if I was Alex’s little brother. Teachers went out of their way to help me with make-up work that I had missed. My second period literature teacher said she would assign me a tutor so that I could catch up. I left third period and headed to the cafeteria for lunch. Alex told me he would meet me there. He said he ate with the football team. I had met most of them when we arrived earlier that morning, so I was looking forward to sitting with Alex and his friends. As I was trying to find my way to the lunchroom, a student stepped back from his locker and knocked my books out of my hand. He was a rather small and skinny. He reminded me a lot of Bobby. He had medium brown hair and big brown eyes. They were masked by the large glasses he was wearing. “Watch out, fag!” I said angrily as I pushed him back into the locker. He shrunk away from me, expecting me to hit him. He muttered, “Sorry.” I started to push him again, when I was suddenly grabbed by my neck and lifted off my feet. Someone was carrying me through the hallway. I was trying to stop them, but they had a vice grip on my neck. I couldn’t make out who it was. Everyone stopped in the hallway and watched as I was quickly whisked into a boy’s restroom. The grip was released from my neck, and I was grabbed by my shoulders and spun around. I was staring into the angry eyes of David. His face was flushed, and he had his fists balled tightly. I took a step back, waiting for him to hit me. He put his fists down and started pacing around the room. He would occasionally stop and look angrily at me. “If you ever touch that kid again,” he spat angrily, “I’ll knock the shit out of you! Got it?” He was standing directly in my face, staring intently into my eyes. I nodded my head. I was afraid to say anything because I felt he still wanted to hit me. “And if I ever hear you call another kid a fag again,” he warned, “I’ll personally make sure it will be a while before you can say anything at all.” He just stood and looked at me angrily. I couldn’t understand why he was so upset. I had been doing this at my old school, and no one had reacted like he was now doing. It was the first time anyone had ever challenged me. I would have fought back, but I knew he was Alex’s best friend. “Sorry,” I muttered apologetically. I walked over and washed my hands to avoid showing my nervousness. I felt awkward the way he was staring at me. I guess I hadn’t made a very good impression with him. “Remember what I said.” He spoke in a low, angry tone. He hit the door and then stormed out of the restroom. I knew he would probably tell Alex about the incident. I wasn’t in the school for more than four hours, and I had already fucked up. I walked out of the restroom and headed to the cafeteria. This time I was a little apprehensive about going in. I was afraid by now the entire football team would know I was a bully. When I entered, Alex was standing at a corner table looking for me. He excitedly waved me over. David was sitting beside him, giving me a disgusted look. “You’re just in time for pizza,” Alex exclaimed. “Our boy Ollie went out and got them. I’ve already paid him for our share, so eat up.” I sat down across from Alex and David. I could tell that David was still upset with me. Alex tried to get him to talk, but he was still angry. I looked up and saw the small boy I had pushed in the hall heading toward our table. He was walking with a noticeable limp. My heart began to beat rapidly because I was sure he was going to say something to Alex about the way I had pushed him into the locker and called him a fag. “Devin!” Alex shouted. “Sit down. I have someone I want you to meet.” The small boy sat down beside me. I could tell he was scared that I would do something again to him. He looked over and gave me a nervous smile. “Scott,” said Alex. “This is Devin Gordon. He’s David’s little brother. He’s in the same grade as you.” I looked over at David and saw him watching me intently. Now I understood why he had gotten so upset. “Hi, Devin.” I cast my eyes down at the pizza on my plate. I was embarrassed by the way I had acted earlier. I don’t think I had ever felt this way before. “Hey, Scott,” he responded nervously. He extended his hand for me to shake. I apprehensively took it in mine. It was so small and soft, but the handshake was firm. I looked over and noticed a slight smile form on David’s face. Lunch was awkward. I kept waiting for David to mention to Alex how I had bullied his little brother, but he never said anything. Devin took a slice of pizza, but he just picked at it. The main topic of conversation was football. The team was playing an annual rival on Friday night. Our school had lost the past two years, but they seemed confident that they could win this year. Five of the opponent’s key players had graduated last year, so they thought they might have a chance. Alex kept insisting that I try out for the team. I tried to tell him that I had never played sports before, but he said I had a natural body for it. He and his teammates were finally able to convince me to at least come by practice after school and meet the coach. Everyone, but David, that is. I still felt he hadn’t forgiven me for the way I had treated his brother earlier. “I’m sorry,” I blurted out. I looked over at David and met his eyes. “Really.” “I’m sorry, Devin.” I extended my hand to him. He reluctantly took it. “What’s going on?” Alex threw us a questioning look. “Nothing.” David looked at me and shook his head. “Everything’s cool.” The rest of lunch was more comfortable. Devin and I spoke for a while. He loved to play video games. He bragged to be the best Grand Theft Auto player this side of the Mississippi. When I told him I was the best the west side, he challenged me to a match. “How much, Big Mouth?” I laughed as he gave me a smirk. “Twenty bucks,” he responded. “You’re on,” I giggled. “Name the time and place,” I said challengingly. “My house, Saturday morning.” He looked over at David for his approval. David smiled and gave him a nod. “Scott,” Alex laughed. “You’ve been had. You might as well hand him the money now. I’ve seen him play. He’s awesome.” “I’m pretty good too,” I informed him. “I lived at the arcade back in Phoenix.” “Guess we’ll see Saturday, then.” David looked over at me and smiled. “Alex can bring you over, and you and Devin can play while we go to football practice.” Just then the bell rang. Devin got up, looked over at me and said, “Bring your money.” I laughed as I watched him limp away. Alex threw his arm around me and walked me to my next class. Halfway down the hall, he stopped and turned toward me. “What’s going on?” He stared me into my eyes. “I’ve never seen David upset with anyone before the way he was with you. Did something happen?” “Can we talk about this later?” I asked. I didn’t want to confess what had happened in the middle of a crowded hallway. He gave me a puzzled look and then nodded his head. “Don’t forget football practice after school,” he reminded me. “Come by my locker, and I’ll take you to meet the coach.” I told him I would see him later and then headed off to class. I saw Devin walking ahead of me. I was curious why he walked so slowly with a limp. I stepped up beside him and began to talk with him. “Hey.” I looked over at him and smiled. He cringed when he noticed it was me beside him. “Hi, Scott,” he responded nervously. “You’re not going to push me into the wall again, are you?” “Look, Devin.” I stopped and grabbed his arm. He looked down at my hand. “I’m sorry about that. I didn’t know you were David’s brother.” He looked up and met my eyes. “So, if I wasn’t David’s brother, it would have been all right to pick on me?” I was suddenly puzzled. It was probably true. I would have continued to pick on him if David had not threatened me. “I said I was sorry.” I was becoming uncomfortable. Devin was staring me into my face as if he was trying to figure me out. “Yeah, sure. Whatever.” He turned and started limping quickly down the hall. “What class do you have now?” I asked as I ran up beside him. “Geometry,” he said coldly. “Mr. Stanford.” I looked quickly at my schedule and noticed I had the same class. “Cool,” I said. “Me too.” I walked beside him, occasionally looking over at him. He didn’t seem particularly interested in speaking to me. In the cafeteria he had appeared to like me; now he was distant and aloof. He walked into class and took a seat at a table in the front of the room. I was expecting him to invite me to sit with him, but he didn’t. I looked around the room for another table to sit. Mr. Stanford walked in and introduced himself to me. Like everyone else, he remarked how much Alex and I resembled each other. When I asked him where I should sit, he pointed to the chair beside Devin. He rolled his eyes when I sat down. “What is it with you?” I whispered. “You seemed to like me in the cafeteria.” “I was being nice to you because I like Alex,” he whispered back. “He’s like a big brother to me. I didn’t want to hurt him.” “Why don’t you like me?” I looked over at him and met his eyes. “Because you’re a bully,” he stated angrily. “I’ve dealt with guys like you before.” He took his book from his backpack as he spoke. “You think because I’m small, I’m an easy target.” Suddenly, I envisioned guys like Mark and Bobby. What he said was true. I did enjoy picking on smaller boys. I had been ridiculed all my life; so, when I finally developed physically, I took advantage of my size to bully boys smaller than myself. Mr. Stanford handed out the assignment. He told me that he had no extra books, and it would probably be a week until he could obtain one. He asked Devin if he would share his book with me. I looked over and gave him a pleading look. “Yeah, sure,” he replied reluctantly. I scooted my seat next to his. He looked over and gave me a hesitant smile. I knew that I now had a new start at a new school. Perhaps the incident this morning did serve a purpose. It made me realize that I would have to change my behavior if I was going to make a new beginning. I looked over at Devin. He was working diligently on the assignment. I stuck out my hand to him. He gave me a puzzled look. “Hi, I’m Scott,” I said with a smile. “I want to start over.” A wide grin appeared on his face. He took my hand in his and shook it. “Hi, I’m Devin.” We both sat grinning at one another. I knew the next few years were going to be much different than they had been in the past. I had just made my first real friend.
  9. Ronyx

    Chapter 6

    “Boys!” Aunt Marie shouted. “Stop running in the house.” I had chased Alex into the kitchen. Cricket was racing beside me, trying to grab my arm. I didn’t know if he wanted to play, or if he was trying to protect Alex. I followed him into his bedroom. I didn’t realize that he was hiding behind the door. “Gotcha!” He put out his foot, causing me to trip. I went sailing across the room, landing on the floor. He came up behind me and put me in a head lock, giving me another noogie. “Ouch!” I screamed. “Stop that!” I was laughing uncontrollably. “Say Uncle!” he insisted. “Never!” I laughed. “Then say Humpty Dumpty.” I thought I was going to pee my pants because I was laughing so hard. He continued to roughly rub my head. “OK! You’re Humpty Dumpty,” I laughed. He let go of me and helped me up. “Come on.” I followed him into the bathroom. He grabbed a pair of scissors, clippers, a mirror and a couple of towels. I looked at him skeptically. “What are you going to do with those?” I asked. “You’ll see,” he replied with a wink. “Dinner will be ready in half an hour, you two heathens,” Aunt Marie said as we walked through the kitchen, heading toward the barn. He walked in, grabbed a bale of hay and carried it outside. He then asked me to sit on the hay. “Why?” I asked. I was becoming worried. “What are you going to do?” I took a seat on the hay. “Cut your hair,” he replied nonchalantly. I jumped up from the hay, surprised by his statement. “You’re going to do what!” I shrieked. “You can’t cut my hair! It’s been like this since I was a baby.” I was proud of my long blond hair. It was the first thing people noticed about me. It flowed down the side of my face, curling just below my collar. I also had bangs that I was always pushing back. “Look, Scott.” Alex grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back down on the hay. “You’re in Arkansas now. You’re not in California anymore. That may have been the style there, but around here people are going to make fun of you.” I gave him a questioning look. “What do you mean?” I asked. “I don’t really know how to say this gently, so I’ll just say it.” He looked at me and smiled. “You’re too pretty. Guys around here don’t like pretty boys. You’ll be branded gay the moment you walk into school tomorrow.” “But I am,” I replied. “And that’s all right,” he said. “But you don’t have to look it. Understand?” I stared into his eyes. I understood what he meant. I knew he was trying to look out for me, just like a big brother would do. It was already going to be bad enough starting a new school a month late. “Do we really have to do this?” I looked into his eyes and already knew the answer. “Yeah.” He brought the scissors to my hair. “Ready?” “I suppose.” I could feel tears forming as he began to clip at my hair. I watched the beautiful locks fall silently to the ground. After he had cut most of the hair away, he took the clippers and began to shape the hair up. When he was done, he stepped back and looked admiringly at his work. “Not too bad,” he remarked. “Definitely an improvement.” He handed me the mirror to look at myself. I cautiously held it up and looked into it. Before me was a stranger with short blond hair and big blue eyes. I had never imagined myself looking like this. “Come on.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. “Let’s go show Momma.” “Wait!” I hollered, pulling away. I leaned down and grabbed as much of my hair that I could. Alex reached into his pocket and pulled out a plastic bag. “I thought you might want to keep it,” he laughed. We then headed back to the house. “Oh my God!” Aunt Marie shouted when we walked into the kitchen. “You two look like twins!” Alex grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom. We stood side by side before the mirror. Shivers ran up my spine when I saw the image before me. Alex was grinning as he looked at me. We did look amazingly alike. We both had short blond hair and penetrating blue eyes. We could easily pass for brothers. We went into the kitchen and sat at the table waiting for dinner. Aunt Marie kept looking at us and shaking her head. She found it amusing that we looked so much alike. Alex’s sister came home after spending the afternoon at a friend’s house. I was surprised to see her. She didn’t look anything like Alex. She was nine years old and had mousy brown hair which was looked like it hadn’t been brushed recently. She was rather chubby, and she wore clothes that seemed to be two sizes too small. To add to her rather unattractive features, she wore thick glasses which she kept pushing back on her small nose. She stopped suddenly when she saw me sitting at the table beside Alex. “Who are you?” she asked skeptically. “This is Scott,” Aunt Marie said. “We told you about him coming to stay with us.” “You’re the guy from California whose parents are in jail?” A light seemed to come on inside her head. My face began to redden. It seemed like this was the only thing she knew about me. “Melanie!” My aunt shouted. “Be respectful, young lady!” “Sorry, Scott.” She looked at me sheepishly. She knew she had embarrassed me. “It’s all right,” I insisted. I looked at my aunt to let her know I was not insulted. I was given the fifth degree during dinner. If Alex wasn’t asking me questions, then it was Melanie. Hers tended to be a little off the wall; like had I seen Brittany Spears when I was in California. I tried to explain to her I had not lived in Hollywood. However, to her, Hollywood was California. After dinner, Aunt Marie disappeared to her room while Alex and Melanie cleaned the table. I assumed that I was supposed to help, so I began to take dishes into the kitchen. I was balancing the four plates carelessly, and one dropped and broke. I felt tears start to form as I ran from the kitchen. My first night and I was sure I would be sent back. If Aunt Marie was like my own mother, she would never accept me being so careless. I ran out to the barn and sat on the bale of hay where Alex had earlier cut my hair. I buried my hands in my head. I had just gotten here, and I would probably be asked to leave. After a few minutes, I could see a shadow standing over me, blocking the sun. I looked up and saw my aunt standing before me. I started trembling with fear. She sat down beside me and pulled me into a hug, holding me tightly. I started to cry even harder. I was used to the slaps. I wasn’t used to being hugged when I did something wrong. After a few minutes, the tears began to subside, and I sat up and looked her in the eyes. “You’re not mad at me?” I asked. “Oh, you poor baby!” She pulled me into her again and held me. “What has my sister done to you?” This time I didn’t cry. I just reveled in the love she was giving me. She gripped my shoulders as I looked into her gentle face. “There’s nothing you can do Scott,” she promised, “that will make me want to send you away.” "Give me time,” I replied sadly, “and I’ll probably give you a reason.” “Look, Honey,” she explained. “Your mother used to call me all the time and complain. I felt so sorry for you. There were several times I wanted to get on a plane and come get you. But I was having marital problems with your Uncle Dwight,” she continued. “We’re divorced now, and things are much better. I’m so glad you came here to live with us.” She pulled me into another hug. “How much do you know?” I pulled back and looked again into her face. “A lot more than you probably want me to know,” she smiled. “Your uncle in California made things quite clear to me.” I hung my head in shame. “Does Alex know?” I asked. I don’t know why, but I felt embarrassed by the fact he would know about my past. “I thought it best to tell him.” She looked at me for my approval. “I wanted him to know so he could protect you at school.” I nodded my head and then let it drop dejectedly. She pulled my chin up and made me look at her again. “You’ll be safe here, Scott,” she smiled. “Trust us, please?” I nodded my head then held her tightly. We must have spent five minutes like that. I guess I was making up for all the years my own mother had not held me. “I’ve got some apple pie in the oven.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. “And vanilla ice cream.” We walked all the way back to the kitchen holding hands. I was beginning to feel as if I was finally home. We watched television while we ate the pie and ice cream. Aunt Marie was a great cook. She said she won first place in the county fair for her pies year after year. I had just missed the fair by about a month, but they promised me they would take me next year. Shortly after ten, Alex rose and said he was going to bed. He gave me a look like he wanted me to go too. I followed him down the hall to my room. They had fixed up the guest room for me. It was across the hall from Alex’s. Aunt Marie and Melanie’s were on the other side of the house. Alex and I would share a bathroom. He followed me into my room and sat on my bed, staring at me. I was becoming increasingly nervous. I knew he had a girlfriend and was straight, but I couldn’t quite read the signals he was sending me. I could tell he was anxious to ask me something. I knew I didn’t have the will power to refuse him if he asked me to have sex with him. “Can I ask you something?” he asked nervously. “Yeah, I guess.” “Is it true?” I gave him a questioning look. “Is what true?” I had already admitted to him that I was gay earlier, so I didn’t know what he was talking about. “Did they really tape your naked ass to the goalpost?” He tried to look serious, but he couldn’t contain a smile. Suddenly, he burst out laughing. “Shut up.” I picked a pillow up and threw it at him. “No, seriously,” he laughed. “Did they? I don’t mean to laugh, but we have this asshole on the team who everyone hates. Ever since I heard what happened to you, I’ve been thinking about getting together some of the guys and taping him bare-assed to the goalpost.” He started rolling around on the bed laughing hysterically. I took a running leap at him, but he raised his foot instinctively and caught me square in the nuts. I started screaming out in pain. “Ouch!” I shouted as I held my balls and rolled around trying to find a position that wouldn’t hurt. “Damn, Scottie.” He tried to hold me still. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. You just came at me so fast. You were warned that I have a black belt.” “Ohhhhhhhh!” I moaned. “It’s a good thing I never wanted to have kids.” Our eyes met, and we started to laugh. I was still holding my balls moaning in pain. Every time I moaned, I would look at him and laugh. His laughter was infectious. I knew I was traveling a dangerous course. I couldn’t let myself fall in love with Alex. “I’ll go run you a hot bath.” He jumped from the bed and headed across the hall. I could hear the water come on in the tub. A few minutes later, he returned with a towel. “Here.” He tossed me the towel. “Go sit in the hot water. It will help. I’ve gotten hit in the nuts before during a football game. Sitting in hot water will make them feel better.” He left while I got undressed. I wrapped the towel around me and headed to the bathroom. When I entered, Alex was standing naked in front of the mirror shaving. “Oops, sorry,” I apologized as I started to close the door. He ran out into the hall and grabbed my arm. “Listen, Scottie.” He pulled me back into the bathroom. “We’re going to be living together and sharing the same bathroom. I’ve been showering with guys since I was in junior high. You’ve got nothing I haven’t already seen, and I’m sure I’ve got nothing you haven’t seen also.” I started to blush. My gorgeous cousin was standing naked in front of me. I could feel my cock start to harden. He was ripped. His muscles were glistening with sweat from the hot bathroom. He was about five inches soft with trimmed pubic hair. He didn’t have the thick bush that most guys have. I tried not to look, but I couldn’t help glancing down. “I can’t do this.” I pushed him aside and started to walk out. “Why?” he asked as he stopped me. “Because you’re gay?” “Yeah.” I hung my head. “You have no idea just how hot you are.” “Yes, I do,” he responded. However, he didn’t sound conceited. I guess he was just used to people telling him that all his life; in the same way they had always made comments about my appearance. “Look.” I looked up into his deep blue eyes. “I’m not gay, but I realize that you are, and I’m all right with that. If you look at me, it isn’t going to bother me at all. Hell, I might even be flattered.” He flashed me his broad, beaming smile. “We’re both guys here,” he continued. “You do your thing and I’ll do mine.” His eyes widened when he realized what he’d said. “What?” I giggled. He looked at me and started laughing. “Hell, yeah,” he laughed. “You’ll probably catch me dating Rosie Palms a lot. I am a horny teenager, for crying out loud.” I laughed, "Dating Rosie Palms?" Since he didn’t seem to mind talking about sex, I decided to ask Alex a few questions. “So, you’ve never done anything with a guy before?” He looked at me and shrugged. “Not really,” he replied nonchalantly. “Me and a few of my friends have jacked off together, but that’s all. Guys do that all the time.” “You’ve never let them suck you?” I could feel my cock start to tent out the towel. Alex looked down and smiled. “Naw,” he laughed. “A few guys have asked, but I just couldn’t let another guy do that to me.” “Has your girlfriend?” I asked without thinking. Alex’s face began to turn a crimson red. I started howling with laughter at his reaction. “You tell Mom, and I’ll kick your ass back to California,” he warned worriedly. “Hey,” I assured him. “What happens in Arkansas stays in Arkansas.” He looked at me and started grinning. I dropped my towel, and my hard cock started to bounce. He looked at me and laughed. “Guess your nuts don’t hurt now.” I jumped into the bath and tried to cover my erection. He walked over and sat on the toilet. He took his cock in his hand and started stroking it. I watched in amazement as it grew to over seven inches. “All this sex talk has made me horny.” He looked over and saw me looking at him. “Might as well take care of yours. We’re both guys here.” He continued to jack off as I started stroking my hard cock. “We do look like twins,” he said holding his erection upright. I did the same. We both appeared to be about the same size. He leaned back and continued jacking off. I was stroking mine and watched as he stretched out his legs and closed his eyes. “Unnnnnngg!” he moaned. He raised his ass and shot a huge stream of cum onto his stomach. I moaned and shot onto my chest. One shot hit my chin. I had not had sex since that afternoon with Ryan, so I was ready for an intense orgasm. I lay back and caught my breath as Alex grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the wet cum from his stomach. He looked over at me and grinned. “We’re going to have fun together,” he smiled. “I’m really glad you’re here, Scottie.” He got up and walked out of the bathroom. I watched his tight ass as he closed the door behind him. I lay back and grabbed my still hard cock and started jacking off again. I envisioned Alex sitting on the toilet with his hard cock in his hand. After a few minutes I came again. It was not as much as the first time, but it was just as intense. I finished bathing and returned to my room. I put on my boxers and walked across the hall to Alex’s room. The door was open, and he was watching a football game on television. I walked over and sat down on the side of his bed. “Thanks, Alex,” I said appreciatively. “You’ve been so nice to me.” “You’re my little brother,” he said pulling me into him. “Nothing’s going to happen to you now.” I put my head in his lap and watched the game with him until I fell asleep. I slept for about an hour until he gently woke me, led me across the hall and put me into bed. “Night, Scottie.” I felt him kiss my forehead as I drifted back to sleep.
  10. Ronyx

    Chapter 5

    I tried to sleep on the plane, but it was useless. I couldn’t get the past twenty-four hours out of my mind. Ryan had used me. I knew that now. I cried several times, remembering how he had fucked me just so that Bobby could tape it and show it to the school. I guess I should have expected it. I should have known something was up when he agreed to meet with me. No one could go from bitter hatred to eager anticipation so suddenly. He had refused to talk to me for days, and then he readily accepted my apology. I was too blindly in love with him to notice. However, I was helpless to control anything after I was kidnapped by Randall and Richard. They were out to humiliate me. As I sat on the plane, I realized that I had deserved everything they did to me. I had tormented almost everyone at school. I had walked around like a Greek god, expecting others to bow to my every whim. I had manipulated others to satisfy me sexually. I had unmercifully attacked Mark and Bobby, just so I could receive some sick retribution for the way my father had treated me. Now I was on a plane heading hundreds of miles to a place I knew absolutely nothing about. Arkansas. Where the hell is it even located? If I had paid attention in geography, I might have some idea where I was heading. I knew it was a southern state. I think it was where President Clinton was from. That’s about all I knew. I knew even less about my aunt. She was my mother’s older sister. Her name is Marie Cantrell. She divorced my Uncle Dwight a couple of years ago. My mother had wanted me to go live with her when she was imprisoned, but at the time she was trying to piece her life together. She had two children- my cousins. One was a girl who is about nine. The other was a boy who was a couple years older than me. He must be around eighteen now. I only met them once when they visited us in Phoenix when I was about eleven. I knew I hated my life. At sixteen, when most guys are enjoying the adventures of boyhood, I was swimming in misery. I don’t think there has hardly been a day in my life when I have been truly happy. Looking at me, you would think- why is he complaining? He’s got it all- tall, handsome, wonderful build and intelligent. Most guys would die to have what I have. But most of the things people admired about me are exterior characteristics. If they remove the handsome shell; they will find an ugly core. They’ll find a boy filled with so much hurt and sorrow; a boy longing for love and affection. “Are you all right?” The nice flight attendant asked me when she noticed the tears streaming down my face. She handed me a handful of tissue. “Yes,” I replied embarrassedly. I didn’t expect anyone to see me crying. “Are you afraid of flying?” she asked as she sat down beside me. There were not a lot of passengers on the plane, so we were alone. "No, Ma’am,” I replied politely. “I’m not a Ma’am,” she laughed. “My name is Sheila.” “Hello, Sheila.” I wiped the tears from my face with the tissue. “I’m Scott.” “What’s a cute boy like you doing back here crying?” she asked worriedly. “If you knew me you wouldn’t think I was so cute.” The tears began to reappear in my eyes. “Then tell me about it.” She held the side of my arm and squeezed it gently. I don’t know why, but I had a sudden urge to release everything that I’d been holding back for years. I found myself telling a complete stranger my entire life story. I left nothing out. We must have gone through a box of tissue, wiping the tears from our eyes. At one point the captain came back to see if everything was all right, but she just waved him off. After spending an hour bearing my soul, I felt better. Sheila had been patient. She let me cry and release a wave of emotion within me. When I was done, she gave me an enormous hug. “Well, Scott,” she said as she wiped her eyes dry. “You can put the past behind you. You’re going to a place where no one knows your past. It will be a new start for you. I know it’s really cliché, but today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make the best of it.” “Thanks, Sheila.” I leaned in and gave her a hug. She had me sit back and close my eyes. She remained with me until I finally fell asleep. When I awoke later, I noticed that she would walk down the aisle, checking to make sure I was all right. We arrived in Little Rock around six at night. I took a seat in the waiting area after getting my bags from the luggage stile. I figured I would probably have another long wait as I had when I arrived in California. I had no sooner sat down when a young guy headed my way. He was really hot. If all the guys in Arkansas looked like him, then I might just like it here. He was about 6’2” and had the look of a southern farm boy. He didn’t look like the guys in Phoenix or California. He had a tan that appeared natural on him. His hair was blond and cut very short. He was built nicely. His biceps were almost busting out the seams of his shirt. I could see him working long hours shirtless in a field. He was staring at me with piercing blue eyes as he approached. He walked quickly over to me and flashed me a smile. He had two really cute dimples. His teeth were white and perfect. It was infectious. I couldn’t help but smile back. “You Scott?” he asked with a slight southern drawl as he continued to smile. “Yeah.” I stood and extended my hand. He ignored my hand and pulled me into a hug. “We don’t shake hands around here,” he said as he squeezed me tightly. “We give hugs.” I felt safe wrapped in his strong arms. I’m nicely built, but I felt like a dwarf in his arms. He released me and stepped back, giving me another toothy grin. “I’m Alex Cantrell,” he grinned. “Guess we’re cousins, huh?” “Yeah,” I returned his smile. This guy was definitely hot! I’d just met him, and I already liked him. He just had a genuine friendliness about him. He probably didn’t have an enemy in the world. “Where’s your bags?” He looked around and saw my luggage sitting on the floor. He grabbed the two largest, leaving me the smaller one. I could hardly lift them when I had taken them to the airport in California. I had to make three trips because they were so heavy. My uncle had refused to help me. Instead, he sat in the car drinking a beer. However, Alex picked them up like they were pillows. He looked back at me. “Ain’t you coming?” he asked. “It’s a long walk if you stay here.” He started laughing as he walked away. I watched his strong back and tight ass as I followed behind him out of the airport. His jeans were cut tight and accentuated his nicely rounded ass. I was definitely going to like Arkansas. He led me to a red pickup truck. He tossed my bags into the back. “Come on.” He pointed to the passenger’s side. “Let’s head for home.” I don’t know why, but him saying ‘home’ made me want to cry. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. I quickly winked them away as I got in the truck. Home was something I had never really experienced. The way he said it made it seem so natural. It sounded like a place he really wanted to go to, not run away from. He drove us out of the airport area and onto an interstate highway. After about five miles we pulled onto a narrow road, heading south. “Might as well relax,” he said. “We got a 100-mile drive ahead of us.” He looked over and laughed when he saw the surprised look on my face. “Hell, Scott,” he laughed. “This here is Arkansas. We don’t have airports everywhere like they do in California.” As we drove, I learned a lot about Alex. He was eighteen, turning nineteen in a month. He was a senior at a rural high school. He played football, basketball and baseball. It wasn’t until later that I found out he was the star player in all three sports. As pitcher, he had led the baseball team to three consecutive state titles. Not only was he an athlete, he was a scholar. He was in the Honor Society and had a 3.9 GPA. He embarrassingly admitted he would be the school’s valedictorian. He had received four athletic scholarship offers to major universities, and he was considering an academic scholarship to Florida State. He wanted to be a veterinarian. He said the local vet, Dr. Vorhees, was getting old and ready to retire. Alex had been working for him since he was twelve. Dr. Vorhees had helped him get the scholarship on the condition he return and take over his practice. Alex started to choke up when he talked about the doctor. It was obvious he felt very close to him. I kept looking at him in amazement. No one could possibly be this perfect. He was ruggedly good looking, intelligent and caring. I was falling fast for this guy. Until… Until he started talking about his girlfriend, Karen. I stared out the window dejectedly as he talked for over twenty minutes how wonderful she was. They had been dating for the past three years, but their relationship had become serious the past year. He said they were still virgins, but admitted with embarrassment, that she had given him a couple of hand jobs. They would be going to the same university and then marry after graduation. Alex had his whole life planned out. He was the kind of guy who would make his dreams come true. I could see him happily married with three kids, two dogs, and several horses. Everyone would respect him. He was everything I wasn’t. I was the unloved kid. The kid whose dad had whipped and beat him until he had no self-respect left. The kid who only felt loved once, and then he messed up that relationship. No one cared about me. If I died today, they would have to bury me in a pauper’s grave with no one in attendance. Suddenly, the tears began to flow again. I began to sniff. I felt Alex’s hand on my arm. “It’s going to be all right, Scott,” he tried to reassure me. “You’re with family now. Mom told me all about it.” I burst into tears. I couldn’t stop crying. I was so embarrassed that Mr. Perfect beside me was trying to comfort me. “Please stop and let me out!” I shouted. I unbuckled my seatbelt and reached for the door handle. I heard the brakes squeal as Alex stopped the truck. I jumped out and started running into the brush. We were on a desolate road, miles from anywhere. I had no idea where I was running. I only knew I had to get away. I must have run a half mile through the brush. I could hear Alex running behind me. I knew he could have caught me if he wanted, but he just let me lead. My lungs began to hurt, and I was having trouble breathing. I stopped and fell to the ground, grabbing at the dusty dirt. I started wailing like a hurt coyote. Alex stopped and looked down at me. “Scottie.” He knelt and pulled me into him. He sat on the ground and placed me in his lap, wrapping me in his arms. He started gently rocking me and humming a song. I continued crying for several more minutes, trembling in his strong arms. He continued to hum a song as he rocked me. “Why are you doing this?” I cried. “I’m no good. Everyone’s told me that all my life.” He didn’t respond. He tightened his grip around me and rocked me. “I’m a goddamned fag!” I screamed. “Everybody hates me!” I expected him to let me go when I admitted I was gay, but he didn’t. He held me tighter and continued to hum in my ear. After a few minutes, I stopped crying and relaxed in his arms. He stopped rocking, but he never stopped holding me. “Momma used to do this to me when I got upset,” he whispered in my ear. “Feels good, don’t it?” I nodded my head as I relaxed even more. I rested in his arms for about another five minutes. I wiped the tears from my eyes. “I’m all right now,” I said softly. “Thanks.” He hugged me a last time, and then he released his arms from around me. I immediately missed his caress. I stood and held out my hand to help him up. He grinned at me as he stood beside me. “You’ll be all right, Scott,” he said. “No one’s going to hurt you here.” He stepped away and unzipped his pants. He pulled out an enormous cock and started to piss in the brush. “Damn,” he laughed. “I’ve had to do this for the last twenty minutes. You were pressed up again my stomach so tight.” “I gotta go too,” I remarked shyly. I started to step away and go behind a bush, but he stopped me. “Hell, Scott” he said. “We’re both boys. Here in Arkansas it’s rude not to take a good piss with your buddy.” He was giving me another of his signature smiles. I walked over beside him, pulled down my shorts and started pissing beside him. He looked down and watched as I pissed. I took it that I was also allowed to watch him as well. For the first time in my life, I felt I had a brother. Standing in that desolate field, standing side by side pissing into a bush, I felt closer to Alex than I had anyone in my life. When we were done, I walked over and gave him a hug. He grinned and hugged me back. “Thanks Alex,” I said appreciatively. “Hey, that’s what family is for.” He smiled that toothy smile. “And don’t start crying again.” We both laughed as he threw his arm around me, and we headed back to the truck. “Lucky we haven’t stepped on any snakes,” he said, looking cautiously around. I could hear him laughing when I tore off in the direction of the road. The rest of the ride was more enjoyable. He asked me questions about my past, but this time I was able to speak about it without getting upset. I told him about my parents, and how I had been treated horribly by my classmates. I went into some detail about my experience in California, but I left much of the information out. It was hard to tell him how I had treated Mark and Bobby, and how they had gotten revenge on me. I definitely didn’t want to discuss the goal post incident, although I assumed that he had already heard about it. After about another half hour, we pulled onto a dirt driveway that went about 500 feet to a small wood frame house. It looked exactly like the pictures I had seen of southern homes in rural areas. It even had a wrap-around porch. There were several chairs sitting on it. I could picture Alex and his family sitting there on a hot evening drinking a cold lemonade or iced tea. An old German shepherd rose and lazily walked over to the truck. He gave a warning bark when I climbed out of the car. “Hush, Cricket.” Alex reached down and scratched him behind his ears. “This is Scott. He’s going to be here a while.” As if he understood, he walked over to me and waited for me to scratch his ears. I leaned down and started petting his head. “Cricket?” I asked. “That’s an odd name for a dog.” Alex started laughing. “Yeah, well when he was a pup, he was very curious,” he stated. “One day I heard him howling in pain. When I came out, a cricket was sitting on his nose. Funniest sight I ever saw. You would of thought he’d been hit by a car. Since then he’s been Cricket.” The old dog seemed embarrassed. He walked over and lay down under a tree, turning his back from us. We both began laughing. Alex threw his arm around my shoulder and led me toward the house. My Aunt Marie appeared on the porch, wiping her hands on her apron. She was a pretty woman. She didn’t seem like she belonged in a farmhouse in rural Arkansas. I imagined her sitting at a desk on Wall Street. She had an air of sophistication about her that seemed out of place here. “Scottie.” She approached me with open arms. She embraced me as I hugged her back. “I’m so glad you’re here.” I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes, but I started laughing when I looked over at Alex, and he made a crying face. “What is up with you two?” she laughed. “I see you’re getting along.” “Yeah.” Alex pulled me into him, giving me a noogie. “I’m going to have fun tormenting my new little brother.” “I can take care of myself,” I laughed, as I tried to pull free. He wrapped his leg around mine, sending me flying to the ground. “Did he tell you he’s taken judo since he was six?” Aunt Marie laughed. “He has a black belt. I wouldn’t try to mess with him if I were you.” I thought I would catch him off guard as he was looking at his mother, but he sensed me approaching and sent me flying once again to the ground. “If you’re smart,” she laughed, “you’ll stop while you can still walk.” I reached out and grabbed Alex’s leg, pulling him to the ground. I then jumped on him and pinned him. He was laughing too hard to fight back. “Boys!” Aunt Marie laughed as she disappeared into the house. We continued to wrestle. He rolled me over and sat on top of me. I could feel my dick getting hard as he wiggled around on top of me. He kept looking down and giving me that heart-breaking grin. Suddenly, I realized he would never be interested in me. Why couldn’t I have a boy like Alex? However, he was straight, and it wouldn’t be fair for me to try and take advantage of his natural kindness. “Let me up, please,” I begged him before I started crying again. “What is it now?” he said in exasperation. “You sure are the moodiest kid I’ve ever met.” “You wouldn’t understand,” I said as I headed toward the barn. I had no idea where I was going. It was just the nearest place around. Cricket rose and started walking beside me. I walked inside and looked around. There was hay stacked high, and it had a musty odor. It didn’t smell like the exhaust fumes I had been accustomed to in California. As I was standing looking around, Alex stepped beside me. “Look, Scott,” he said, “I know you’ve been through some bad shit. Your mother used to call Mom and complain to her. And that Uncle Roger, he was a real card. I can’t imagine what you had to put up with. But you’re here now. All that’s now in the past. You have to look toward tomorrow.” “You’re the second person to tell me that today,” I laughed. “It’s true, Scott.” He took me by my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. “It’s just hard to imagine anything good happening to me,” I said sadly. “Look at you.” He shook my shoulders and continued, “You’re cute, smart and sensitive. You’ve really got a lot going for you.” “It hasn’t gotten me much so far,” I replied sadly. “Well, tomorrow’s a new day.” He threw his arm around me and led me back toward the house. “The sun will come out tomorrow,” he started singing the song from ‘Annie.’ I laughed and started howling like a dog. “Bet your bottom dollar…” “Ooowww!” I giggled. “Hey, I’m not that bad,” he laughed. “You’re not that good.” I elbowed him in his side. We walked back to the house. Alex never dropped his hand from my shoulder. I put my arm around his waist and pulled him into me. “You think I’m cute, huh?” I giggled. “Not as cute as Karen, though.” He quickly kissed me on my cheek, gave me a stupid look and tore off for the house. I chased after him, laughing as I ran. Maybe it won’t be so bad here after all.
  11. Ronyx

    Chapter 4

    I’ve emailed Ryan at least fifty times. I called him several times, but he turned his cell phone off. I’ve tried to apologize to him, but how can I when he keeps ignoring me? I don’t know what came over me. I really liked Ryan; I may have even been falling in love with him. It’s that fucking Bobby and Mark’s fault. If they hadn’t been around trying to have sex with me, then none of this would have happened. Bunch of fags. And then they have the nerve to sit in the cafeteria and look at me. I wish Randall wasn’t so tall. I’d fight him, but he’d probably kill me. He’s always flipping me off. I don’t even know his ass. What the fuck does he have against me? They are going to get theirs, though. They came on to me. When I gave it to them, they cried like babies. I don’t know how, but I’m going to get even. Now I’ve lost Ryan because of them. I tried to kick Mark’s ass in gym, but that fucking behemoth stopped me. He grabbed me around my neck and then hit me in my stomach. Everyone saw it. He humiliated me in front of all my friends. That’s all right. I have a surprise for them. I’ve got some connections. One of my friends told me about someone who sells guns. They’re expensive because they have the serial numbers filed off, but I can afford it. I have a few hundred dollars I’ve had for a couple years. I emailed Ryan again in class, and he finally agreed to meet with me. I told him I loved him and begged him to forgive me. He seemed mad at me, but that was to be expected. He said he’d meet with me on one condition- I’d let him fuck me. I don’t know why he made that demand. I’ve never bottomed for anyone in my life. I always swore I would never let anyone do it to me. I’ll suck a guy, but I really don’t like the idea of letting some guy stick his dick in my ass. However, I really want to see Ryan again. If it means giving up my virginity to him, then I guess I will. He wants me to meet him at his aunt’s home next Saturday. He said she was on vacation, and we would have the house to ourselves. I will do anything to see him again. This time I’m not going to mess up. I really hate Mark and Bobby. They keep staring at me like they know something. I would kick both their scrawny asses, but I’d have to go through Randall and Richard to do it. I could ask some of my boys to help me, but I don’t think they would be willing to fight the star basketball player. He and Richard also seem to be a little too close. I know that Richard’s a fag, but I wouldn’t think someone like Randall would be. He is, after all, Mr. BMOC. No way could he be gay, could he? I can’t wait until tomorrow. I finally get to see Ryan again. I’m riding my bike to his house and then we’re going over to his aunt’s. It should be fun. We won’t have to worry about making noises while we have sex. Of course, if we scream loud enough, her neighbors might hear us. I was looking out my window and saw Mark ride by on his bike. I think I’m really going to think of something good to get revenge for all the trouble he and Bobby have caused me. I grabbed a handful of my aunt’s barbiturates from a bottle in the medicine cabinet. If I can somehow get one of them alone, I’ll slip it in a drink. Then I can take him someplace and fuck him. He won’t know what happened. That would be so cool. I arrived at Ryan’s house around one. He was sitting on the porch waiting for me. He walked down to meet me, and we walked about three blocks to his aunt’s house. I thought it was strange that the door wasn’t locked, but I guess in a small town like this you can live without worrying about someone coming in and stealing everything you own. Ryan told me to have a seat on the couch while he walked into the kitchen and made me a drink. I’ve had a few beers at parties before, but this was my first time drinking real alcohol. He said it was a rum and coke. It was really strong and burned my chest going down. As soon as I finished one, he would make me another. By the time I was on my third drink, I was beginning to feel light-headed. I noticed he was still sipping on his first one. The drinks were also making me extremely horny. We made out for a few minutes. I took his shirt off and rubbed his hard cock through his pants. I then stood and grabbed his hand to find a bedroom, but he insisted we have sex on the living room floor. I thought it was weird at first, but then I realized that his aunt would probably come home and notice someone had been in her bed. After a few minutes, we were lying naked on the floor. I was trying to put him in a position so I could fuck him, but he reminded me that I had promised to let him fuck me. When he tried to shove his finger in my ass, I told him I couldn’t go through with it. He rose and started to dress. “Go to Hell!” he spat angrily. “Don’t ever call me again!” I knew I would never see him again if I didn’t go through with it; so I told him I would, “Just for you.” He pushed my knees back to my shoulders and began licking my ass. God, it felt good! If I had known I’d like it so much, I would have let guys do it to me before now. Suddenly, he shoved his middle finger deep into my ass. “Ouch!” I screamed. “That hurt!” He told me to, “Quit acting like a baby and take it like a man!” Next, he lubed his cock and poured some on my ass. I thought we’d make out a little more before he fucked me. I was giving my virginity to him, and I wanted to make it feel special. Instead, he moved up to my ass and shoved his cock into me. The pain was excruciating. I couldn’t stand the searing pain. I looked into his face, and he seemed to be enjoying hurting me. He was looking down at me and smiling. He continued the assault on my ass. After a while, it actually started to feel pleasurable. He kept hitting a spot that was really getting me turned on. My cock was hard as a rock. I was thrashing around on the floor, moaning in pleasure. “Fuck me!” I screamed. “Yeah, fuck me harder!” “Yeah, Bitch!” yelled Ryan. “You got a nice pussy ass.” He pushed my legs back further and continued to violently fuck me. Suddenly, I felt his cock expand as he began pumping his cum into my ass. I couldn’t hold mine any longer, and I began spewing cum onto my stomach. It may have started out painful, but I had really enjoyed Ryan fucking me. I tried to kiss him, but he suddenly got up and started dressing. When I asked him why he was leaving, he gave me some lame excuse about having to mow his yard. An immense feeling of remorse swept over me. I felt cheap. I had given him my virginity, and he was acting like I was a whore he had fucked in an alley somewhere. Of all the things that had occurred in my life, his lack of emotion caused me the most sorrow. I wanted to cry as I followed him out the door and trailed behind him to his house. Not once did he turn and say anything to me. I had really felt that I was falling in love with him, but I knew that he had taken advantage of me. I had been set up. I realized he was merely paying me back for what I had done to Bobby at the theater. “Can I see you next week?” I asked sadly, already knowing the answer. “I have something to do,” he said without looking back at me. “Can I call you?” I asked. “Yeah,” he responded. “Whatever.” I could feel tears forming in my eyes. I didn’t want to cry in front of him and give him the satisfaction that he had gotten the best of me. Suddenly, a car pulled up beside us. I looked over as Randall jumped out and grabbed me. Richard was sitting in the driver’s seat. “Let me go!” I screamed. “You mother fucker! Get your hands off me!” I tried to pull away, but he had a strong grasp on me. “What’s going on?” shouted Ryan. “What are you doing to him?” “He’s going for a little ride,” replied Randall as he dragged me over to the car, opened the back door and shoved me in. I could hear Ryan yelling that he was going to call the cops. At least I knew he had nothing to do with what was happening. Randall got in the back seat with me as Richard drove away. I tried to open the door, but Randall was sitting on me as he tried to get my hands behind my back. I continued to struggle but I was in an awkward position. When I felt him tying my hands with tape behind my back, I started to panic. When I began to scream, he pulled some tape off and put it across my mouth. It pulled on my lips when I tried to yell, so I knew it was useless to continue to struggle. “You’ve been nothing but trouble since you got into town,” Randall said angrily. “You’ve made life a living hell for Mark and Bobby, even Richard. Now you’re going to get a little bit of your own medicine.” I was scared. I had no idea what they planned to do to me. Randall sounded angry. Although, he seemed to be a pretty decent guy at school, I wasn’t sure what he was capable of doing. “You cooperate with us,” he said. “and we won’t hurt you. We’re just going to teach you a lesson. Understand?” I nodded my head. It was worse than anything my father had ever done to me. I felt completely helpless. I was taped up in the backseat of a car with two guys who didn’t like me. I was afraid of what they had planned for me. It must have been about a half hour later when we pulled into a driveway. A garage door opened, and we pulled in. The door closed, and it got dark inside. Randall opened the door and pulled me out of the backseat. “Sit over here,” he ordered as he led me to a patio chair. “We’re going to keep you here for a while.” I nodded my head as he pushed me into the chair. When he taped my legs and arms to the chair, tears began to flow down my face. “Not so tough now,” Richard said as he stepped in front of me, “without your friends around.” I looked at him and continued to cry. His smile faded to a sad expression. Randall grabbed his arm and pulled him from the garage. I must have sat in that dark garage for hours. I could tell it was getting darker outside as the light under the garage door disappeared. Another problem began occur- I had to take a piss. I was afraid if I sat there much longer, I would pee all over myself. The garage door opened, and Richard and Randall came walking back in. They approached and circled around me. “You all right?” Randall asked. “We’re not going to hurt you, so relax.” I nodded my head. I started jiggling so they would understand I had to pee. “What’s he doing?” Richard asked Randall. “I think he has to piss,” laughed Randall. I started nodding my head quickly. They removed the tape from my feet and then walked me outside behind the garage. Richard unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to my knees. I immediately started pissing. They laughed as I relieved myself. “Damn!” giggled Randall. “I guess he did have to go.” They led me back inside and returned me to the chair. Randall ripped the tape from my mouth, and I screamed out in pain. I think he took half my lip with it. “Now listen, Shithead,” he said angrily as he leaned down into my face. “I already told you, we’re not going to hurt you. Make a sound and we tape you back up, got it?” I nodded. “Here.” Richard held a glass of water to my mouth. “Drink this.” I greedily gulped the cold water. It had been hours since I had anything to drink. “What are you going to do with me?” My voice shook with fright. “Didn’t I tell you not to speak?” Randall walked over and leaned again into my face. “One more word and the tape goes back on.” I could feel tears welling up once again in my eyes. “And don’t cry!” he yelled. But it was useless. Tears were once again streaming down my face. I don’t know if I was more scared or hurt. Feelings of once again being under someone’s control overcame me. I recalled all the beatings my father had given me over the years. “Do we still have to do this?” Richard asked. “It doesn’t seem right now.” “Damn, Richard.” Randall looked over at him. “This was your idea. I thought you wanted to get even with him.” “I do,” he said. “But it doesn’t seem as much fun now that we’re actually doing it.” “Well. We have to go through with it now,” he replied, “or he’ll have us arrested.” “No, I won’t!” I shouted. “Honest. I won’t say a word to anyone.” “Yeah, right,” he said angrily. “As soon as we let you go, you’ll sing like a canary.” He walked over and raised me from the seat and led me over to the car. He opened the door and shoved me once again into the back seat. “Where are you taking me?” I was beginning to panic. I had felt safe in the garage, but now they were going to take me somewhere else. “I told you to shut up!” Randall responded as he sat in the back seat with me. “Don’t try anything funny.” Richard opened the garage door, and we pulled off. I was afraid of where they were taking me. They said they weren’t going to hurt me, but it didn’t still didn’t ease my fears. We must have driven for about ten minutes. Randall held my head down so I couldn’t see where we were going. The car slowed, and we rode for another minute before stopping. “We’re here,” Randall said. “Get out.” He pulled me up and helped me out of the car. It was dark out, but I realized right away where we were. We were in the parking lot of the football stadium. Randall turned me around and ripped the tape off my wrists. I screamed out in pain. He held my arm tightly so I couldn’t run away. Richard also stood before me, watching carefully. “Take your clothes off,” ordered Randall. I stood stunned before him. “What!” I shrieked. I couldn’t understand why they wanted me naked. The first thing that crossed my mind was that they were going to rape me. “I said take your clothes off, or I’ll rip them off.” He gave me a deadly look. I slowly toed off my shoes and began removing my clothes. Soon, I stood before them naked. “What are you going to do to me?” I started to cry. “Please don’t rape me.” “Shut up, Scott!” Richard shouted. “No one’s going to hurt you.” Randall held my arm tightly as he led me out to the stadium. I was trying to fight my way free, but he was really strong. There was no way I could break the grip he had on me. He led me over to the goal post, stood me up against it and placed my arms around it. Richard started taping my arms around the post. “No, Please!” I screamed. I knew what they were planning to do. They were going to leave me here naked so that everyone could see me when they arrived at school in the morning. “Please!” I begged. “I’ll do anything you want. Please don’t do this!” Tears were falling down my cheeks. They ignored my pleas and continued taping me to the goal post. They tested the tape several times to make sure I couldn’t break free. When they finished, Randall pulled out a switchblade. I could see its shiny blade glistening in the moonlight. I thought my life was over. They were going to kill me and leave my dead body tied to the goalpost! I started screaming hysterically. “Would you just shut the fuck up!” Randall screamed. He walked over and grabbed my balls and held the knife to them. “Now listen,” he said coldly, “and listen good. If you tell anyone who did this to you, I’m going to bring you back out here and cut your nuts off. You understand me.” I continued to cry as he ran the blade against my rapidly shriveling balls. They were trying to disappear into my body. I nodded my head. “Say it,” he ordered. “I won’t say anything,” I cried. “I swear!” “You better not,” he replied. “Unless you want to be a eunuch. Nice piece, by the way.” He laughed as he stroked my cock. I could hear Richard giggling off to the side. “Too bad if I have to cut it off.” I started crying again as they walked off. “No!” I shouted. “Please don’t leave me here like this!” They continued walking, never looking back. I shouted at them to come back and let me free, but they got in the car and drove off. I was left alone, naked and taped to the goalpost. I had no idea what time it was. It had been dark for several hours, so I assumed it must be past midnight. After what seemed like several hours, my arms were getting extremely tired. I had been trying to tear the tape by working my hands free, but I was bound tightly. Because they had also bound my legs, I was becoming weak from standing. I don’t think I stopped crying all night. I knew that in the morning students would arrive and notice the predicament I was in. I would be the laughing stock of the school. How could I ever return after everyone seeing me tied naked to the goalpost? I had always hated my life, but I don’t think I had any more than I did that night. Throughout the night I remembered every whipping my father had given to me. I relived the two years I was shunned at school because of my father’s trial. I could feel every time I was pushed into a locker or hit in the back by an unknown student. I even saw the poor, pathetic faces of Mark and Bobby as I made their lives a living hell the past couple of months. I was beginning to regret everything I had done to them. My cruelty had brought me to the place I now was. And I hated myself. I hated my life- past and present. I was hoping that a storm would come up and a bolt of lightning would strike the goalpost and kill me. The nightmare was only beginning as the sun began to peek above the horizon. In another hour the buses would begin to arrive. As they let students off in front of the school, I would be clearly visible to them. When the buses did pull up, students started hanging out the windows and pointing at me. I closed my eyes and hung my head. I had never been so humiliated in my life. It seemed like within minutes, the entire school had emptied out and was standing around the goalpost laughing at me. I looked up and saw Mark and Bobby approach. Mark fell to the ground laughing. I screamed out that I was going to kill him when I was freed. It only caused him to laugh harder. Dr. Johnson finally appeared with a security officer. He cut me down and handed me his jacket to cover myself. He grabbed me by my arm and quickly led me back into the school. Students were laughing wildly as I walked through the corridor to the office with my bare ass exposed. Once in Dr. Johnson’s office, she appeared and handed me a blanket. I wrapped it around myself and broke out in tears. “Can you tell me who did this to you?” she asked angrily. I could only shake my head. I remembered what Randall had said about cutting my balls off. If he had done this to me, then I didn’t think he would give it much thought to carry out his threat. “No, Ma’am,” I cried. “I was blindfolded the whole time.” She could tell I was lying, and she kept insisting I had to know. I continued to deny it. “I’ve called your uncle,” she said. “He’s on his way.” I started shaking uncontrollably. I knew the temper he had. He definitely would not be happy with what had happened. “Where is my fucking nephew?” I heard him shouting outside the office minutes later. He came barging into the office with the school secretary trying to hold him back. Dr. Johnson assured her it was all right. She rolled her eyes and walked out. My uncle took one look at me and started swearing again. “Where are your fucking clothes?” he shouted. Dr. Johnson explained how I had been taped naked to the goalpost, and that the entire student body had witnessed the event. “Call the god damned police!” he insisted. He walked over and picked up the phone. “If you don’t, I will. Some pervert needs to be arrested!” Just then, the security officer entered the room with Bobby. He looked over at me and lowered his head. I knew he had to be the one behind the plot. “Who the fuck is this?” My uncle rose from his chair and headed over to him. The security officer stepped between them. “You the pervert who did this to my nephew?” he shouted. Bobby seemed visibly shaken. Before he could say anything, a well-dressed man entered the room. I was told he was the superintendent of the schools. He asked me what happened, as my uncle continued to rant. When I said I didn’t know who it was, Uncle Roger rose and headed towards me. “You fucking liar!” he shouted as the security guard grabbed him. “You know who did this. Tell them so they can be arrested.” I looked over at Bobby. I was getting ready to tell them that I suspected that he and Mark were responsible. But just then the secretary opened the door and told Dr. Johnson to turn on the television. My heart started pounding when I saw the screen. I was lying on my back with Ryan’s cock deep inside me. I was begging him to fuck me. My face began to redden as tears filled my eyes. First, the entire school had seen me naked at the goal post. Now they were witnessing me being fucked by another boy. Dr. Johnson turned off the television and disappeared quickly from the room. My uncle rose and headed towards me with his fists balled. “You fucking fag!” he screamed. It took the security officer and the superintendent to hold him back from hitting me. All I could do was sit wrapped up tightly in the blanket and cry. They finally managed to drag my uncle from the room. I was left alone with Bobby. I looked up and saw him staring at me. “You happy?” I mumbled through tearful eyes. “Yeah,” he said confidently. “I am. You deserved it.” We sat quietly for another minute until Dr. Johnson, the superintendent, the security guard and my uncle returned to the room. The security guard remained close to Uncle Roger. “Get your ass up, Boy!” he shouted. “We’re going home. I’m calling your aunt in Arkansas. You can take your faggot ass there and live. You’ll not stay in my house another day!” “What about the police charges?” Dr. Johnson asked. “There will be no charges!” My uncle shouted as he looked down angrily at me. “He got what he deserved!” He grabbed my arm and pushed me out the door. He pulled me down the hall as I clung to the blanket. After we left the office, I saw Mark, Richard and Randall standing in a corner talking. They stopped and looked at me. I expected them to laugh, but they didn’t. However, I knew they were happy seeing me totally disgraced. I guess my uncle and Bobby were right- I did deserve what happened to me. The next few hours went by quickly. I was told to pack my belongings while my uncle called my mother’s sister in Arkansas. I had only met her a few times. Uncle Roger didn’t even give her a chance to refuse. He told her if she didn’t take me, he was going to kick me out into the streets. So, at 4:37 in the afternoon, I was on a plane to Arkansas. California was now a part of my past.
  12. Ronyx

    Chapter 3

    I went home that night worried that by morning I would have no friends. Sure, James and William had been impressed, but that wasn’t hard to do with two shallow people like them. They had, after all, followed me around all summer. But I wasn’t sure how the other students would react. However, I didn’t need to worry. The phone rang all night. My uncle kept shouting that I was tying up the phone. I had been here for weeks, and not once had anyone called him. Everyone wanted the story about my parents. By the time I went to bed, I had a father who was a hit man for the Mafia. He had supposedly killed nine people one time in a shootout. My mother was his accomplice. She had killed at least three people herself. I didn’t volunteer any of this information. I just didn’t dispute it when they would ask me something bizarre. When I entered school the next day, I was treated like a celebrity. I was the son of a gangster. I had even adopted a kind of New Jersey accent to make it seem more real. Kids moved away from me in awe when I walked down the hall. I guess they were afraid I was going to pull out a machine gun and start spraying the hall with bullets. I tried to intimidate Bobby for putting up the posters, but that dumbass principal kept watching every move I was making. One time I accidentally ‘bumped’ into him in the hall, and she took me into her office. She told me if I messed with him or Mark again, she would see that I was expelled from school for sexual harassment. What was that all about? Mark had been the one who had attacked me. Why was she now on my case? My newfound celebrity status gave me many rewards. Even teachers showed a renewed respect for me. I guess they were afraid my father would send out a hit man if they gave me a bad grade. Girls approached me in the hall and literally asked me to sleep with them. One girl even told me she wanted to have my baby. I guess she thought her child would be heir to a fortune. Several guys even asked me to have sex with them. Mark returned later that week to school. Bobby was always beside him. I was surprised when I entered the cafeteria on Friday and saw Richard sitting with them. He had been ignoring me for several weeks, but now he had joined the enemy. I couldn’t believe it. I started over to say something to him, but Dr. Johnson stepped in front of me and gave me an angry look. I wish my father was a gangster. I would certainly put out a hit on that bitch. I went to the mall on Saturday night with some of my friends. We went to the food court and then headed off to a movie. While we were standing in line, I saw a really cute boy. Have you ever seen someone and really wished you knew them? It’s as if your whole world stops and you are totally drawn to that person. That is how I felt when I saw this guy. He didn’t go to our school, or I would have noticed him before. I felt I really had to know him. He was with a couple of other guys. I thought it was strange, because with his looks, he should have been with a girl. “Ryan!” William yelled. The cute boy looked over at my friend, as he rushed over to him and gave him a hug. William knew this boy! I stood stunned as he took his arm and led him over to us. I couldn’t stop looking at the dark, brown eyes and curly eyelashes. This guy was definitely hot! “Ryan,” William brought him over to me, “I want you to meet my good friend, Scott. His dad is a gangster,” he said admiringly. Ryan stood and looked into my eyes. It was as if we were locked into a stare, and neither of us was willing to break it. “Uh, guys,” William giggled. “Enough already. Get a room.” Both of us started blushing. “Ryan is my cousin,” he explained. “He lives in Riverside.” William invited Ryan to join us for the movie. Ryan sat beside me when we took our seats. William was on my other side. About ten minutes into the movie, William reached over and started stroking my cock through my jeans. I couldn’t believe he was doing it in front of his cousin. Ryan looked down and saw William’s hand. I started to push his hand away, but Ryan leaned over and whispered, “No, don’t.” I could tell by his shaky voice that he was getting excited. William unbuckled my pants and then unzipped them. I was wearing boxers, so he snaked his hand in and pulled out my erect cock. I heard Ryan gasp when he saw it. William began stroking me, as I watched Ryan’s mesmerized eyes. He soon reached over and placed his hand over William’s. William pulled his hand away, and Ryan began to stroke me. I couldn’t believe it. This extremely cute guy sitting next to me was gay. It seemed like all my dreams had finally come true. I reached over and placed my hand in his lap. He was hard as a brick. His cock was begging to be set free. I placed my hand on the top of his shorts, and he sucked his stomach in, letting my hand snake into his pants. He was already wet with precum. He also had a very large cock. I positioned it upward and it appeared out of the top of his shorts. We looked into each other’s eyes as we continued to stroke each other. I heard William make an angry huffing noise. It was obvious he was jealous. We had been playing around for weeks, and now his cousin had stepped in and gained my attention. Since he had introduced me to his cousin, I guess I owed him a favor. I reached over and began feeling his hard cock. He readily opened his shorts and let his cock out for me to get a better grasp. Knowing he would cum fast, I stroked him rapidly a few times. I heard him moan softly, and then I felt his warm cum begin to flood onto my hand. He took some tissue from his pocket and wiped himself off. He gave me another one to wipe my hand. When he finished, he whispered, “Thanks.” Then he got up and headed for the exit. I guess he was going to the restroom. “He never could hold it long,” Ryan giggled. I continued stroking him, only more rapidly. I figured he wanted to cum also. “Let’s wait,” he whispered. “You want to go home with me tonight?” “I’ll have to call my uncle,” I told him. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. Uncle Roger usually didn’t care what I did as long as I didn’t bring the police to his house. William returned from the restroom a few minutes before the movie ended. As we were walking out, Ryan suggested that I call my uncle before his mother arrived to take him home. I had come with William, and his dad was probably already outside waiting on us. William begged Ryan to let him go with us, but Ryan refused. William became angry and then began to pout. He knew we were probably going to Ryan’s house for some fun, and he didn’t want to be left out. Ryan kept insisting that we weren’t going to do anything. However, William knew better. When we left the theater, William went and got in his dad’s car. He slammed the door as he angrily looked out his window at us. Ryan shrugged his shoulders and led me to his mom’s car. We rode about twenty minutes to Riverside. It was my first time to visit the small town. It only had one stop light in the whole town. I also noticed an ice cream parlor. It was still open, and I was hoping we could stop for some. “Mom!” shouted Ryan. “Pull over.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the car. “See you at home,” he told his mother as he closed the door. She gave him a nod and pulled off. “You’ll love this place,” he smiled. “It has the best ice cream.” We went inside and ordered our ice cream in waffle cones. I had rocky road and Ryan ordered cherry vanilla. We then went outside and sat at one of the umbrella tables. The ice cream was delicious. I looked over at Ryan, and he was licking his cone seductively. He kept looking into my eyes and smiling. My cock began to harden in my pants as I watched him. He was really turning me on. When I reached down and rearranged myself, Ryan started giggling. “How’s the ice cream?” he asked as he licked the cone. “Is it hard enough?” “Mmmmmm,” I moaned as I licked seductively around my cone, “It’s really hard.” We both started laughing. We continued to talk and play sexually with the ice cream. After a half hour we headed toward his house. He said he lived about three blocks away. After we had left the bright lights of the ice cream parlor, Ryan reached down and held my hand as we walked. It worried me at first that someone might see us, but it didn’t seem to bother him. After a few minutes, I relaxed and enjoyed the togetherness we were sharing. I had never felt like this before. We reached his house and entered. He introduced me to his father. Ryan looked remarkably like him. He was an exceptionally attractive man; that is, for someone as old as he was. He had to be at least thirty-five. After stopping by the kitchen for a snack, we went upstairs to his bedroom. He turned on the light and locked the door behind us. Once inside, he grabbed my hand, pulled me over to the bed and pushed me onto my back. He then straddled me. “I’ve wanted you all night,” he murmured as he began planting kisses all over my face. “Mmmm,” I purred, “me too.” I began to kiss him deeply. He started to squirm on top of me. Both of us were hard and throbbing. He pulled my shirt over my head and began to nibble at my nipples. I was thrashing around on the bed. He giggled, knowing he was exciting me. He then pulled his shirt off. I rubbed his hairless chest and felt his velvety skin. He suddenly jumped off the bed and started to undress while I lay back and watched. He was absolutely beautiful. The more he took off, the more excited I got. He stripped to his yellow bikini underwear. There was a small patch of precum that had formed. His cock was straining to get out. He seductively grabbed the side of his underwear and began to pull them down. Before he exposed his cock, he quickly turned around and pulled them down over his ass, showing me a perfect bubble butt. I reached down and started rubbing my erection. He bent over as he removed his bikinis. I could see his hole, pink and hairless. He turned, and his hard cock protruded nicely out from his body. He took hold of it and stroked it a couple of times as he walked over to me. I leaned up and pulled him by his legs until his cock was facing me. Quickly, I sucked it into my mouth. He moaned as he rammed it into the back of my throat. He pumped it into me several times before he stopped. “Not yet,” he whispered breathlessly as he climbed back onto the bed and straddled me once again. He unbuckled my pants and pulled down the zipper. He reached in and grabbed my steel hard cock and started stroking it. “Nice,” he smiled. He pulled my pants and underwear off and threw them on the floor. Then he sat back and leaned in and took my cock in his mouth. I closed my eyes and reveled in the immense feeling he was giving me. It was obvious he had probably pleasured a few boys this way. I’m sure he and William had done it a few times. Suddenly, he leaned forward and started kissing me once again. He took my shoulders and rolled me over on top of him. I began rubbing our cocks together. We were both hard, and I was afraid I was going to cum too quickly. He reached down between us and grabbed my cock and started stroking me. “Don’t,” I said breathlessly. “I’m going to cum if you keep that up.” “Good,” I heard him say, as he continued to rapidly stroke me. Suddenly, I felt my balls begin to tighten as I shot load after load into his hand and onto his stomach. He giggled and rolled around on top of me smearing the sticky mess between us. “I didn’t want to cum yet,” I said dejectedly. “I thought you wanted me to fuck you?” “I do,” he smiled. “We have all night. Now we can do it right, and you won’t have to cum so fast.” Talk about experience. He knew if he made me cum now, my next one would take longer. “Let’s go get in the shower.” He jumped from the bed and grabbed my hand, leading me into the adjoining bathroom. We showered slowly, making out as we washed each other’s body completely. He insisted that I clean his ass. He didn’t object as I inserted my finger in him as he held me tightly, moaning into my shoulder. “I can’t wait any longer,” he said excitedly, pulling me back into the bedroom and onto the bed. He lay on his back and raised his legs, bringing them to his shoulders and wrapping his arms around his knees. “Open the first drawer of my night stand,” he said. “Now get a condom and the lube.” I giggled when I noticed that all the condoms were a different color. I held up three- a yellow one, blue one and a red one. He pointed to the red one. I opened it up and began to pull it over my cock as he watched intently. He pulled his legs back again, and I poured some lube on my finger and inserted it in his ass. He hissed as he pushed back, wanting more. I poured some more lube in my hand and rubbed it on my cock. “Ready?” I asked excitedly. I couldn’t wait. Ryan was hot and extremely willing. Of all the boys I’d ever had sex with, no one had been as sexual as he was. He was taking me to a level I had never before experienced. “Yes,” he said as he wrapped his arms around his knees. I placed a pillow under his hips so he would be easier to penetrate. I knew I wouldn’t have to go slow with Ryan. It was obvious he was no virgin to anal sex. It didn’t take me long to cum. When it was over, I collapsed onto his chest. We both lay there with our chests heaving against one another. A few times we managed to kiss each other. “That was fantastic,” Ryan smiled. “I have to have this again,” he said as he caressed my soft cock. “Anytime.” I kissed him tenderly. “Anytime you want it.” He lay on his side and threw his arm around me. We kissed and then fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning, he was still wrapped around me. I felt I could awaken every morning like that. After breakfast, his mother drove me home. She kept looking at us suspiciously. I had a feeling she knew what we’d done the night before. We hadn’t exactly been very quiet in our lovemaking. I’m sure she and Ryan’s dad heard us. Ryan had given me his cell phone number and email address. We had agreed to meet the next weekend. His mother was going to pick me up, and we were going to the mall to see another movie. I was going to spend another night with him. I couldn’t wait. Things at school were getting strange. Richard had become close friends with Mark and Bobby. He was sitting at the table eating lunch with them. A few times I tried to talk to him, but he would walk away when he saw me approaching. I didn’t have any interest in having sex with him. Besides, I now had Ryan. Something else happened that I didn’t understand. Randall Thompson, one of our school’s most popular students, started hanging around Ryan, Mark and Bobby. Randall was a star basketball player. I could understand him hanging with Richard, but Mark and Bobby? They didn’t have anything in common with him. Randall was also protecting Mark in gym. Anytime I would try to do something to him, Randall would retaliate. Once he grabbed me and told me to leave Mark alone. On the way to the locker room, I asked Mark if he had hired Randall as a body guard. It was becoming harder to do anything to Mark and Bobby. It seemed like everyone was protecting them. If Dr. Johnson wasn’t watching me, then Randall was. He would stare at me when we were sitting in the cafeteria. A few times he flipped me off. Things were definitely not going as I had expected. I also had a feeling they were planning to do something. They had already plastered pictures all over the school with my parents’ prison pictures. I had no idea what they were capable of doing. I just had a feeling they were watching me, waiting for me to mess up. I really fucked up one Saturday night a couple of weeks later. Ryan and I had been emailing each other all week. We were going to attend a movie. When we got there, Mark and Bobby were at the theater also. I tried to act like I didn’t know them. I was with Ryan, and nothing was going to spoil the evening. All week long we had chatted about me giving Ryan a blowjob during the movie. I had been looking forward to it. About thirty minutes into the movie I reached over and started stroking Ryan’s dick. He pulled it out. After looking around, I leaned in and took it in my mouth. He held the back of my head while I sucked him. Five minutes later, he came in my mouth. I sat up and looked around as he put his cock back into his pants. As we sat and watched the movie, I noticed Bobby head to the lobby by himself. I figured he was going to use the restroom. I can’t explain it. Maybe I was horny because I had just had sex with Ryan, and I hadn’t gotten off yet. As I watched Bobby’s ass as he left, an enormous urge swept over me. I wanted to fuck him. I had always wanted to fuck him. He was so vulnerable. He was so much like me just a few years ago. I told Ryan I would be right back as I got up and followed Bobby into the men’s room. He was standing at the urinal pissing when I walked in. I waited until he finished. Before he could zip his pants back up, I grabbed him and pulled him into a stall. He was screaming and struggling as I pulled his shorts to his ankles. He tried to fight me off, but I was able to restrain him as I directed my large, stiff cock toward his narrow ass. Suddenly, someone grabbed me and threw me out of the stall. Since my pants were down around my knees, I lost my balance and fell to the floor. I looked up and saw Mark’s angry face just before he kicked me in my side. The pain was excruciating. Flashbacks of my dad beating me filled my mind as he continued kicking me. The men’s room door swung open and Ryan walked in and looked down at me. “What the fuck’s going on in here?” he shouted as he headed over to me. “Ask your boyfriend what happened.” Mark spat as he kicked me one last time. He walked over and helped Bobby pull his pants up, and they left. Ryan knelt beside me as I writhed on the ground in absolute pain. He looked into my eyes and then stood up. “Did you try to rape that boy?” he asked angrily. I couldn’t even respond. I was so ashamed of what I had done. I couldn’t explain what had happened. Ryan and I could have had a good future together, but now I had ruined that. “Fucker!” His words were filled with venom. I knew he hated me. I heard the door open and close. I lay in pain with tears running down my face. Again, my world was crashing down around me. I should be used to it by now, but it still hurt. Hurt like hell.
  13. Ronyx

    Chapter 2

    I don’t know what happened to me in that bathroom. Suddenly, I felt empowered. For so many years I had been the whipping boy and brunt of so many jokes. When I saw the frightened look on Mark’s face as he ran from the bathroom, I felt like a new person. I had control over someone’s life. It was like I was the hunter and he was the prey. I knew something about him that he had probably never told anyone else. This was going to be fun. I could now make someone fear me. When I went into the kitchen, my uncle was downing another beer. He’d been drinking all morning. I think he was now on his fourth one. “What happened to Mark?” he asked. “He went running out of here like a scared rabbit.” “Did you know he was queer?” I asked my uncle with a smile on my face. This was great. Never would my uncle suspect I was, if I told him about another boy. My secret could finally be safe. “What the hell did you say?” My uncle’s face reddened. “Yeah,” I tried to sound upset. I think I was even trying to squeeze a tear out. “He tried to grab me in the bathroom.” It was awesome! My uncle ranted and raved the rest of the afternoon. He called Mark’s house several times. Finally, I heard him talking to his mother. He was pissed. He was accusing Mark of practically raping me. I should have felt guilty, but I didn’t. He was a fag, so he did deserve it, didn’t he? I was convinced that the only way to prevent being picked on and abused by others was to be the attacker. Mark had made it easy for me. Seeing the fright in his eyes that morning made me realize that I could have power over others. For the first time in my life, I could control the forces around me. I was able to put it to the test a few days later, when I was out in the yard and saw a very small boy coming down the street on a bike. At first, I was going to ignore him because I thought he was much younger than me. But as he approached, I could tell he was about my age. He looked like a nerd, though. He was wearing a white shirt, black pants and black shoes. He was cute; however, his small stature kept him from being appealing. He cautiously approached me on his bike. After appraising me for a minute, he decided to speak. “Hi,” he said with a boyish smile. “You new around here?” “Yeah.” I extended my hand and shook his frail hand. “My name is Scott.” “Bobby,” he responded as he stared into my eyes. I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he found me attractive. With so many people having commented on my looks over the years, I had developed a ‘feel’ for those who were more than just friendly. Bobby was definitely interested. “Wanna play some ball?” I asked, throwing him the basketball. He looked at me and frowned. “I’m not very athletic,” he admitted timidly. He awkwardly threw the ball back. “Well, then. Let’s go inside and play a video game,” I offered. “Can you play Grand Theft Auto?” “Enough to beat you,” he grinned. I was going to have fun with this kid. He seemed to be a really easy mark. “We’ll see,” I replied with a smirk. I led him inside to the living room. Since I didn’t have a computer, I had hooked my game up on the television. No one was home. My aunt and uncle had left to go to work. I was told not to have anyone in the house while they were gone; but they weren’t here to know, right? We played for about a half hour. He was pretty good. In fact, he was killing me. I had been a good player in Phoenix, but I was no match for him. It was obvious he had been practicing a lot. “I’m tired,” I said, putting down the control. I leaned back on the couch. I made sure that my shorts were tight and that my cock could be seen through the material. Bobby looked down and his eyes widened as he saw it protruding out. “I better go,” he said nervously. He started to get up, but I grabbed his small arm and pushed him down on the couch. “Hey,” I remarked angrily, “not so fast. Things are just getting good.” He fought to get up, but I held him down. “I know you’re a fag,” I said. “I saw how you wanted this.” I pushed against my cock, which by now had hardened considerably. He continued to struggle, but his gaze never left my shorts. “Please let me go,” he pleaded. “I’m not like that.” “Sure you are,” I said. “I want you to do me a favor.” He started to cry as I opened my shorts and reached in and pulled out my cock. I was excited. I was actually going to make someone else do what years ago I had done. I pulled his head toward my lap as he resisted. “Listen, fag!” I shouted. “If you don’t do this, I’m going to tell everyone you’re a cocksucker. So you might as well do it.” He continued to resist, but I kept pushing his head into my lap until he had his mouth against the head. His lips were pursed tightly. “Open your mouth fag,” I insisted. “And don’t bite me.” He refused, so I pinched his nose. He gasped, opening his mouth. I slipped my head in, and he began to gag. “Yeah, suck it,” I moaned. He was shaking with fear. I can’t begin to explain the feeling of power I had. I was forcing someone suck me. He continued whimpering as I shoved more of my cock into his mouth. He would try to raise his head, but I held him tightly in place. I continued fucking his mouth. I soon felt myself getting ready to cum. “Oh, yeah,” I moaned. “That feels so good.” Just then, I began to cum. Bobby raised his head and looked at me wild eyed. Tears were staining his cheeks. I should have felt guilty, but I didn’t. I felt, I don’t know, proud. I was able to have complete control over someone. It was probably the same feeling my father had when he used to whip me. Suddenly, he jumped up and stared at me. I saw fear in his eyes. Tears flowed down his face as he turned and ran toward the door. He looked disgustedly at me before finally running out onto the lawn, getting on his bike and riding away. I laughed as I saw him racing down the street. I went back inside and took a shower, where I masturbated thinking about what had just happened. Before I went to bed that night, I called his home. He had given me his number earlier so we could get together and play video games again. His father answered when I called. I told him that Bobby had made a pass at me and had asked to suck my dick. I was kind of disappointed that his father didn’t sound upset. He simply told me thank you, and then he hung up. What father acts that way when he’s just been told his son is a disgusting faggot? He’s supposed to rant and rave, right? Isn’t he supposed to go into his room and beat him? He’s not supposed to just say, ‘thank you for calling.’ What kind of a father is he, anyways? I was going to tell my uncle what happened, but then I thought he might wonder why all these boys were coming on to me in just a few days. He might begin to become suspicious that perhaps I was encouraging them, so I kept my mouth shut. Anyways, he was still raging about that Mark kid. The next day I was out in the driveway shooting baskets when I saw Mark heading down the street. I remembered how he had wanted me, so I thought I would give it another shot. I disappeared into the garage and dropped my shorts, giving him a nice look at my hard cock. He took one look and tore off down the street. Here I was going to help the queer out and give him some cock, and he just high tails it away. Some guys really have a lot of balls. Can you believe that Bobby came by a few days later and was going to tell my Uncle Roger that I had made him suck my dick! He’s really got some nerve. First, he stares at me and wants it. Then when I give it to him, he goes home crying. Now, he wants to make it sound like I raped him. After hitting him in the stomach and then pushing him into the bushes, I was finally able to convince him that telling my uncle wouldn’t really be in his best interest. Just as I was doing that, Mark came by on his bike. He looked like he wanted to say something. I was really hoping he would get off his bike. I was going to kick his ass good. I was still mad because he hadn’t given me a blowjob, when I knew he really wanted it. He rode on down the road and turned the corner. After Bobby dug himself out of the bushes, he hightailed it down the street, crying as usual. He was too easy a prey. He was so weak; it almost wasn’t fun picking on him. However, I had been weak, and my father had delighted in whipping my ass. I made a few friends during the summer. Being new in town, I guess guys were intrigued by me. I was also an asset because I was a chick magnet for the girls. Guys knew that wherever I went, there was always a bevy of girls following me around. The guys I didn’t mind too much, but the girls I could have done without. But I knew without the girls, the guys might just start picking on me. I had an image to uphold. I kissed a few of the girls, just to make it look good. Most of the time I would ignore them, and they would hook up with one of my friends. One of the guys I let get close to me was a boy named Richard. He was really cute, and he wasn’t like the other boys. Like me, he really didn’t get into the girls. With his looks, he could have had all the girls he wanted. Instead, he would follow me around wherever I went. Richard invited me to spend the night at his house about two weeks after I arrived. We played video games and shot basketball most of the evening. Around midnight I was starting to get tired, so I asked if I could take a shower before going to bed. He got me a towel while I undressed. I was standing naked with my back to the door when I heard him let out a gasp. I turned around, and he was staring at my cock. This time I felt different, though. Instead of humiliating him like I had with Mark and Bobby, I felt an attraction to him. I walked over slowly and took the towel from his hand and crossed the hall to the bathroom. I could feel his eyes boring into my bare ass. When I returned, he was sitting at his computer playing a video game. He looked over at me and blushed. He looked really cute. It was obvious he had never played this game before and he didn’t know what to do. As he sat staring at me, I dropped the towel. His eyes widened. I walked over and stood beside him, stroking my growing cock. He couldn’t take his eyes off it. I noticed that his cock was hardening through his shorts. I approached him with my cock in my hand. “Take it,” I said softly as I reached for his hand and placed it around my cock. “It won’t bite.” He cautiously began to stroke it, looking into my face for approval. I smiled down at him to give him courage to continue. After a minute, he leaned forward and took it in his mouth. I let out a moan when I felt him wrap his lips around me. He continued to slowly suck me. It was obvious he wasn’t very experienced. He scrapped me with his teeth several times. After he sucked me for a while, I took his hand and headed to his bed. “Come on,” I said softly. “We’ll be more comfortable here.” I led him to the bed and had him lie down. I then lay down beside him and started stroking my cock to get it hard once again. “Suck it,” I told him. He leaned in and began to suck me. He was trying to pleasure me, but I didn’t want to come too quickly. This was my first time in bed with a boy since I was with Jimmy when I was twelve. I wanted to enjoy the experience. Hungry to feel a cock in my mouth once again, I moved around, and we got in a 69 position. He let out a moan when I took his hard cock in my mouth. I loved the feeling. We continued to thrust into one another’s mouth. I could feel myself quickly reaching an orgasm. With a final thrust, I shot in his mouth while he gulped rapidly to swallow my load. I could feel his cock head expand and knew he was getting ready to cum as well. I pulled his cock from my mouth. He rolled on his back, and I stroked him about three times before he began to shoot a large load onto his stomach. He moved around on the bed and lay beside me. He rested on his elbow and stared at me. He leaned forward and tried to kiss me, but I pulled away. It was one thing to have sex with him, but I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend. He looked disappointed when I turned my head. He got up and disappeared into the bathroom. I put my head on the pillow and fell asleep before he returned. Richard became a good friend, or should I say suck buddy. I could depend on him to be there when I needed release. It seemed he was always happy to please me, and I let him please me a lot. I was also becoming very popular in the neighborhood. Popularity was something that had eluded me. I had always been extremely cute, and I had my share of other boys and girls who wanted to know me. However, I was always afraid of bringing anyone home because of my mother and father. I never knew when my dad might snap and whip me in front of a friend. So, for the first sixteen years of my life, I was a loner. But in California, I was almost like a god. With my long blond hair and beautiful tan, I was admired by everyone when at the pool. I loved to tease others by wearing white Speedos which were a size too small. I had been blessed with a rather large cock, and I loved to parade around showing just what I had. Not only would girls ogle me, but boys as well. Before long I had a rather large number of groupies who tended to follow me where ever I went. Girls would swoon if I even spoke to them, and there was always some guy who was willing to get down on his knees and make me happy. One afternoon after having sex with Richard in his bedroom when his parents weren’t home, I convinced him to call Mark and just fuck around with him. I dialed his number and handed him the phone. I had already told him what to say. He was to tell Mark he heard that he was gay, and he wanted him to come over and take care of him. Richard at first refused to do it because he went to school with him and liked him. When I threatened to stop messing around with him, he relented and made the phone call. I listened with my ear against Richard’s. It was priceless. Mark became very upset and started cussing. I was howling with laughter. I watched as Mark and Bobby became friends- probably fuck buddies. They were always together. Mark tried to protect Bobby from me, but he couldn’t fight worth shit. Once I took Bobby’s swim shorts in the locker room and left him standing butt naked. It was so cool. Later, I saw the two losers sitting on the bleachers outside the pool. They were watching me angrily. Like I’m supposed to be scared! There was nothing they could do to me. I had guys all around me. The two of them were alone. Fat chance they could hurt me. A few weeks later they were alone in the locker room when I went in, followed by some of my boys. I tried to get Mark to suck my dick in front of everyone, but he refused. He even tried to fight back. Stupid mistake. I knocked him flat on his ass. When I got home later, this stupid, crazy woman stormed into our house and started yelling obscenities about me. She called me a dirty little bastard. She said I had been picking on her poor nephew and his friend. My uncle went off on her when he found out she was Mark’s aunt. He said the fag deserved everything he got. I had been hiding in my room during the exchange. I was afraid of what she might do. Uncle Roger called me out to the kitchen after she left. He pulled a cold beer out of the fridge and offered it to me. He said I had earned it for beating up those queer boys. Richard seemed to change after that. He quit hanging with me. Every time I called and asked him to come over, he always had an excuse. I really wouldn’t have cared, but I enjoyed having sex with him. School started after Labor Day. I was very hesitant about the beginning of school. I had earned a reputation as a ladies’ man during the summer, so I was fairly confident that my reputation would stay intact. However, being in school, I would have less control over situations. I was worried that students might start picking on me again. Although, I had nothing to fear. Mark unknowingly cemented my reputation as a hard ass. He walked into class and sat in the front. A friend had handed me a water balloon, so I threw it at him, hitting him square in the back. The balloon exploded, soaking him. It was hilarious. He got up and charged me like a mad man. He was screaming and throwing his arms in every direction. I was a good fighter, but I had trouble defending myself against his wild tirade. The dean eventually grabbed him and hauled his sorry ass off to the office. I had to go and tell my side of the story. Of course, I played up the part of being the helpless victim. The dean bought it- hook, line and sinker. Mark was suspended three days for assaulting me. I thought it was unfair, because it should have been ten days. I froze when I left my last period class. My heart seemed to jump up into my throat. There were posters of my mother and father everywhere. It had their prison pictures on them. I hadn’t seen them since they last appeared in a Phoenix newspaper. Now it would all start over again- the laughter and ridicule. I would again become the butt of all prison jokes. I had to endure this for two years while my mother and father were going through their trials. I had no friends at that time. Everyone had tried to avoid me. Now I was sure it was going to happen again. I didn’t know who had put them up or how they had gotten hold of the pictures. I was pretty sure it was probably Bobby. I had heard that he was some kind of a computer geek. He certainly looked like one. I was determined I was going to hurt him the next time I saw him. I tried to hurriedly escape the school, but I was stopped midway down the hall. Some of my friends were holding the posters up and shoving them in my face. “This your old man?” James asked as he thrust it in my face. “This guy really your daddy?” “Yeah,” said William, another friend. “He really do this shit?” I just hung my head with shame. How was I going to explain that both my parents were in jail, and I had to come to California because I had nowhere else to go. “Damn!” remarked James excitedly. “This is so fucking cool! Your parents are gangsters!” “My old man’s just a plumber,” William stated. “Your dad belongs to the mob!” A small smile formed in the corner of my mouth as I looked at the excited faces of my friends. Maybe this wasn’t going to be too bad after all.
  14. Ronyx

    Scott's Story

    Scott tormented Mark and Bobby unmercifully. Deciding they'd had enough, they sought revenge. In this sequel to Mark's Revenge, discover the events in Scott's early life that made him a bully. After the embarrassing 'revenge' at school, he is sent to live with an aunt and his cousins in Arkansas. Will he continue his bullying behavior in his new surroundings, or will he begin a new chapter in his life?
  15. Ronyx

    Chapter 1

    All right. Enough already. Everyone’s mad at me for the way I treated Mark and Bobby. I know you applauded when they got revenge on me. Right? Maybe I did treat them like shit. But they deserved it, didn’t they? They tried to have sex with me. They really weren’t anything but fags, and the world is supposed to hate fags. Right? That’s what has been drummed into my head ever since I was small. Even when I thought that I actually might be gay, I tried to deny it. Maybe some guys can just say, ‘Hey, I’m gay,’ and not be bothered by it. But what do you do when your own father hates the sight of you because you are a fag? Huh? Then tell me what am I to do? “You little fag!” My father grabbed me around the collar and lifted me off my feet. “Can’t you do anything but cry when I talk to you?” “I’m not going to have a sissy for a son!” he yelled angrily. I was only eight and he was mad at me because I had spilled some milk on the kitchen floor. When I saw the anger in his eyes, I knew he was going to spank me again. He was always spanking me. He didn’t beat me, but my butt was constantly sore from his large hands hitting my soft bottom. If he was really mad, he would use his belt. And I didn’t know what a fag was, but he was always calling me one. I knew it had to be something bad. He pushed me to the floor and threw a towel at me. “Clean up your fucking mess!” he screamed. My mother walked into the kitchen and didn’t say anything. She never said anything. When I had cleaned the milk off the floor, I walked over to the sink and put the towel down. My mother smacked me upside the head. “Damn it, Scottie!” she said angrily. “You just wiped that on the floor, and now you’re putting it up on my clean counter.” “I told you he was nothing but a fag,” my father remarked as he looked over his newspaper at me. “Must be from your side of the family,” he mumbled. “Go to your room!” Mother pointed towards the stairs. “I don’t want to see you anymore today.” That was my life. It had been like that since I could remember. I could never do anything right for them. And God knows I tried. “Here, Mommy,” I said proudly as I handed her a Valentine card I had made in the second grade. I had spent all day pasting and putting pretty sprinkles on it. She opened the envelope and jumped off the couch. “What the hell is this!” she screamed as she brushed her dress off. “You’ve made a mess of my dress, and I have a meeting in fifteen minutes!” Colored sprinkles were all over the black dress she was wearing. I had waited all day to surprise her with the card, and now I stood crying in front of her because she didn’t like it. “Now I’ve got to go change my clothes.” She looked at me scornfully. “I’m going to be late to my meeting.” She dashed off to her bedroom and returned several minutes later with a new dress on. “Go to your room,” she ordered. “I’m calling your father and telling him what you did.” I went to my room and threw myself down on the bed and cried. I knew when my father got home I would be spanked. I was. That time he used his belt. My only comfort was that they were hardly ever home. My father was president of some big company. He was always bragging to his friends about all the money he had. We lived in a huge house in Phoenix, Arizona. It had a big swimming pool in the back yard. We also had a lower level that had a pool table, bar and exercise equipment. I was never allowed to go down there. My mother worked for a women’s clothing company. She ordered things from around the world so that they could sell the latest fashion. I can remember her always wearing some really pretty clothes. The only time my parents wanted me around was when they were entertaining friends. They threw a lot of pool parties. Most of the people were older. It seemed like the men were always much older than the women. My mother would parade me around and show me off to her friends. She was always calling me her ‘pretty little boy.’ I had long blond hair that flowed down my face. She would make me wear bangs that covered my eyes because she said it made me cuter. I also had deep blue eyes. Occasionally, she would put lip gloss on my lips to make them shiny. I hated it when she did that. Women were always grabbing me and saying, “Isn’t he just the cutest thing you ever saw?” I would be the center of attention while the party was going on. My parents would brag about how nice a son they had. But once the last guests would leave, I would again become the bad son. They would order me to clean up the mess. Sometimes it would take me hours, and I wouldn’t get in bed until late. If they got up in the morning and I hadn’t done a good job, my father would spank me. I grew up hating my parents. Sometimes before I would go to sleep, I’d imagine them getting in a bad car wreck and dying. Some of the gruesome scenes I imagined in my head would sometimes scare me. Most of the time I’d go to sleep smiling. They were generous when it came to providing me things, though. They didn’t do it for me. They liked to brag to their friends that I had all the latest toys and gadgets. I was the first of my friends to have a laptop computer, an Ipod, any video game that came out and a DVD player with a large assortment of movies. You get the idea. I couldn’t wait until I turned sixteen because I was going to ask my father for a Lamborghini. Things had always been bad, but when I was twelve my world came crashing down. I had suspected that I might like other boys. Girls didn’t interest me at all. I would try to avoid them if I could. I thought it might be because I was still young, but I had a fascination with other boys. I couldn’t wait until we had gym, so I could watch them undress. Many times my little dick would get bone hard in the shower. I really didn’t care. Almost all the guys at one time or another would get hard. I just stayed hard. I’d be the first one in and the last one out. I would memorize the naked body of all my friends. All our bodies were hairless with small dicks. The ones I really liked looking at were the boys who were beginning to grow some hair down there. I still didn’t have any. I never thought of doing anything more, until one night. One of my dad’s friends had a son my age. Actually, he was a year older. The party went late into the evening, and Jimmy had fallen asleep in one of the lounge chairs. When it was time to go, he put up a fuss about waking up. His father took him up and put him in my bed. I watched as his father undressed him down to his white underwear and then tuck him under my covers. He asked me if I minded if Jimmy slept there for the night. I couldn’t say a word. I just shook my head. I couldn’t believe another boy was sleeping almost naked in my bed. I went back downstairs and let my mother tell all her friends how pretty I was. Around 1:30 everyone had gone, and I was left to my cleaning chores. My dick was hard thinking about Jimmy asleep in my bed. I couldn’t wait to get back upstairs. After about an hour, I had finally finished cleaning up and went to my room. Jimmy was still asleep, snuggled deeply under the covers. I undressed and slowly crawled into bed beside him. He stirred a little as I settled in. My heart was pounding out of my chest. All I could think about was that he was almost naked beside me. I was only inches from his cock. I had seen the small bulge when his father undressed him, and I was dying to see more. After about fifteen minutes, he still hadn’t moved. I figured he was asleep. Breathing heavily, I let my hand creep under the cover and touch his cock. I could feel its outline through his underwear. I just rested it there, afraid any movement might awaken him. Then I felt it begin to grow. Slowly, it went from a curled state and began to stiffen. My heart was pounding with excitement. I was feeling my first dick! It grew until it was completely hard. It must have been about five inches long. Suddenly, he moved and grabbed my hand. I had been caught! Instead of getting angry, he started rubbing my hand against his dick. He looked over at me, but he didn’t say a word. He then raised and pulled his underwear down. In the dim light I could see it jutting upwards toward the ceiling. He had a small amount of brown pubic hair. “Suck it!” he ordered angrily. “If you want it so bad, then suck it.” I tried to pull my hand away, but he had a strong grasp on me. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards his hard cock. “Suck it, fag!” he insisted harshly, “or I’m going to tell your dad what you did.” He had said the magic words. He was going to tell my dad. I knew my father would probably kill me if he found out I was feeling on the son of one of his friends. This time he wouldn’t use a belt. He would probably use a baseball bat. He pushed roughly on the back of my head, leading me towards his cock. I whimpered, and then opened my mouth and sucked in the head. It had a musty smell, and I started to gag slightly. “Open your mouth wider!” he ordered. He then thrust deeper into my mouth. I wanted it to end. It was nothing like I thought sex would be. I always thought it would be with someone who would tell me they loved me. Jimmy was mean. He didn’t care how I felt. He continued thrusting harshly into my mouth. With each thrust, he would go deeper. Several times I gagged. Once I felt I was going to vomit. “Yeah!” he moaned. “You’re a good little cocksucker.” I didn’t hear the door open, but I was blinded by the overhead lights. I was on my knees with Jimmy’s cock down my throat. I pulled back and saw my father standing in the doorway. His face was red with anger, and his fists were clenched. He stormed over to the bed, grabbed me around the waist and threw me off the bed. “He made me do it!” Jimmy shouted. “Honest Mr. Olsteen. I was asleep, and I woke up and he was sucking me.” “Get out!” My father pointed to the door. Jimmy ran naked from the room. He didn’t even bother to gather his clothes. I will not go into detail what he did to me that night. It is too horrible to tell, even today. I was out of school for two weeks because of the bruises he put on my body that night. When the school called asking where I was, he told them I was sick with a fever, and the doctor had ordered me to stay home. When I finally returned to school, he had one of his doctor friends write me a note. He didn’t even examine me. My life was a living hell for the next two years. He never let me forget for one day that I was a fag. I think he forgot my name was Scott. Anytime I talked to a boy, he would ask if I was letting him fuck me. I didn’t have any friends come to the house because either he or my mother would say something about my sexuality. I went so deep into the closet that for a while I even forgot I was gay. I would get a quick glimpse in the showers during gym, and occasionally I’d go into a gay website and masturbate over some cute boy’s picture. But for the most part, I led a sexless life. My friends talked about masturbating or getting blowjobs from their girlfriends, but for several years I lost all interest in sex. After the verbal and physical abuse I received from my father, sex seemed dirty and filthy. To make matters even worse, things were no better at school than they were at home. Jimmy quickly spread the word that I was a cocksucker. The torment I received from my fellow classmates was relentless. I was pushed in the halls, my books were occasionally stolen, and on two occasions I was stripped of my pants right in front of the school. I would have to go in with only my underwear on. I quickly became the target of any and all gay jokes. My life took another whirlwind change when I was fourteen. It was turned completely upside down. My father was arrested by the police for some bad things he was doing at work. They also arrested my mother. I didn’t quite understand what was going on. We lost almost everything. I learned that the government had seized his bank accounts, and we had no money. I went from being the rich man’s son to the son of a criminal. The newspapers carried his picture for almost two years. From what I could understand, he had taken a lot of his friends’ money and kept it for himself. I think they called it embezzlement. No one came to our house anymore. It seemed like the only company we had was his and my mom’s attorneys. It took two years for them to go to trial. In that time my life was agonizing. My father was always irritable, even more than he had ever been. One thing that happened, though, he didn’t seem to notice me being around. He also stopped hitting me. I guess he was too worried about going to jail. I think he was afraid that the media would notice if I had bruises on me, since we were constantly being followed by reporters. Anywhere we went, a camera was being thrust in front of my father’s face. It was almost like he was a celebrity in town; but I knew it was because he was a crook. He was tried first. The trial dragged on for weeks, and all the friends my parents had over for the pool parties testified against him. It appeared he had taken millions of dollars from them. It’s no wonder we lived so well. A jury found him guilty, and he was sentenced to twenty years in jail. I never saw him again. I was too young to visit him in prison. In a way I was glad. I hated him. My mother fell apart after his sentencing. Her trial would be a month later. She was being accused of helping him do stuff with the money. I guess she knew he was stealing it, and she was opening bank accounts to hide it. A jury found her guilty. She was sentenced immediately, and I never saw her again either. I became like an orphan overnight. It scared me. After all the years I had wished them dead, they were now gone out of my life, and I didn’t know what to do. My mother had contacted her sister to see if she would take me, but she said she couldn’t. She was going through a divorce with my uncle and she couldn’t take on the added burden. I was going to be put in state custody, which meant I would have to go to a foster home. At the last minute, my father called his brother who lived in California, and he reluctantly agreed to take me in. I later found out my father had loaned him the down payment on his house, and he forced him take me to pay off the debt. So, on June 16, I was placed on a plane and flew to my new life. I was going to live with my Uncle Roger and Aunt Theresa. I had only met them once, and I was very small then. I remember Roger as being a rather large and mean man. I think he only spoke to me once when he and my aunt visited us in Arizona. They had four children, but they were grown and married. They lived in a small house. It was very different than the home we had in Arizona. They didn’t have a pool or even a basement. It did have a basketball rim on the garage. I was told one of their sons had been a basketball star when he was in high school. I knew things wouldn’t go well when they didn’t even meet me at the airport. I sat around for two hours before I finally called them to see where they were. Uncle Roger got upset when I told him I was here. He thought I wouldn’t be arriving until the following week. After a few harsh words, he hung up on me. I wasn’t even sure he would come to get me. After about an hour, Aunt Theresa finally arrived to take me ‘home.’ Yeah, right. I knew I wasn’t welcomed the moment I walked through the door. “Thought we got rid of all the damn kids,” grumbled Uncle Roger when he saw me walk through the door. “I can’t even enjoy my fucking retirement.” “Hush, Roger.” Aunt Theresa was trying to come to my rescue. “He’s blood.” “Yeah,” he spat. “The blood of that no-good brother of mine. Good blood he’s got. His father is in prison.” He ranted and raved for about a half hour. I was beginning to think that a foster home back in Arizona would have been a better option. “Well, you’re going to earn your way around here,” he said as he drank another beer. I saw five empty cans sitting on the table in front of him. “Yes, sir,” I responded meekly. “Starting tomorrow,” he informed me, “you’re going to help me clean out the garage. I’ve asked the boy who mows my yard to come by and help you.” “Yes, sir,” I said again. This wasn’t going to be any better than the life I had lived back in Phoenix. My only hope was that my uncle wouldn’t hit me like my father did. I looked over at him. He was sitting at the table downing another beer. ‘Yeah,’ I thought. ‘This is going to be fun.’ Uncle Roger woke me up early the next morning. I was still tired from the plane flight. I would love to have slept late. I can’t remember the last time I saw six in the morning. I hope he didn’t expect me to get up every morning this friggin’ early. I walked sleepily into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I had thrown on a pair of shorts and a white wife beater. “Bout time you got ur ass up, Boy,” he growled. “You ain’t in Arizona now.” I sat down and poured a bowl of cereal. The only thing I could find was Bran Flakes. The stuff tasted awful. I can’t believe people actually eat it. I looked around for something else, like a banana. “This ain’t ur house, Boy,” Uncle Roger said angrily. “Ask permission before you start nosing around.” I sat at the table and drank some milk. I guess I was permitted to do that much. When he finished, he let out a disgusting burp and then rubbed his large stomach. “Well, Boy,” he said. “Let’s get started on that garage. It’s not going to do by itself,” he laughed. I guess he expected me to find humor in the statement. I followed him out of the kitchen to the garage. It was a mess! I don’t think it had been cleaned since they had moved in years ago. There were boxes, old paint cans, broken furniture and bicycles with flat tires. I couldn’t even identify what some of the other stuff was. “All right, Boy.” He sat down on an old patio chair. “Let’s get busy.” Getting busy meant I would do the work, and he would sit and drink a beer and order me around. I kept waiting for the other kid to show so he could help. I was on a ladder having trouble putting a box in the storage area above the garage, so I asked my uncle to help me. “I’ll give you a hand,” I heard a boyish voice say. I looked down and saw a boy my age standing on the first rung looking up at me. From where he was standing, I could tell he had a good view up my shorts. When I looked down he seemed to be blushing. “Hand me those boxes over there,” I told him, “and I’ll put them up here.” We worked for the next two hours together. He said his name was Mark. He was cute. It had been a long time since I had been interested in a guy. He seemed to be interested in me also. He was always staring at me. I could sense that every time I climbed the ladder, he would look up my shorts. Once, I opened my legs wide so could get a good view. I even think my left nut was hanging out. I’m sure he was enjoying the show. We finally finished, and Uncle Roger was actually acting nice. He told us to go clean up, and he would buy us some ice cream. I headed into the restroom, and Mark hung around outside. I told him he could come in with me. I had attended a boys’ school in Phoenix, so I was used to using the bathroom with other boys around. As he washed his hands, I had to take a piss. I didn’t really think anything of it until he turned and watched as I peed. My cock started to get hard, and I rubbed it until it reached its full length. I could tell he was having trouble breathing. He was getting excited watching me. “You wanna suck it?” I asked him. He acted extremely shy and wouldn’t answer me, so I asked him again. He nodded his head. Suddenly, I had images of my father taking off his belt. I didn’t want him to beat me again. “Just what I thought, a fucking fag,” I said angrily. I couldn’t take another beating. If my father knew I was with a boy again, he would kill me this time. A startled look appeared on Mark’s face, and he fled from the bathroom. I knew then that I had to protect myself. No one here was going to know I was gay; even if I had to out other boys to protect my secret.

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