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  1. Chapter 16

    We're getting really close to a battle and a victory by Prince Yoshi. Exciting!
  2. WSD Chapter 5

    I wouldn't be surprised if he is in the office because of Mr. Darlington complaining to the headmaster. Big mistake on his part if so.
  3. Chapter 10

    So sorry to hear about Murray. It seems like suicide, but knowing Lance and the Headmaster I would definitely believe they had something to do with it. As for Mandy sure got a surprise. I wonder if we'll hear any more about it knowing that Lance is involved and Robert is aware of what's going on as well. I don't recall seeing Robert talk to Bart about this and I'm curious about that.
  4. Don't Give Up On Me

    Arabella has a boyfriend! That's so cool. They're all great kids though and each in their own special way. I love this story. Can't pick a bone with any of it.
  5. Looking Out for You

    I'm so looking forward to Nan meeting Levi. It'll be a riot.
  6. Chapter 3

    It's probably better to focus on one as you've been doing. If you have too much on the go at once it can be overcoming, unless you need a change from time to time.
  7. Chapter 3

    I somehow missed this story only to find it was last updated in October 2016. Are you planning on continuing it?
  8. We Lift Them Up To The Lord

    I enjoyed this very much. I read it because Sean wrote it and I like reading his stories. Thanks for this.
  9. Epilogue

    This was my second time reading this story. I read it about 4 years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it - again. Thanks
  10. Chapter 12

    Good ending. I like that you ended the story here. Though it wasn't long and some of us (myself included) have been critical of Josh I think many of us have experienced the same emotions in the past. Falling in love with someone who was not attainable because they were already in a committed relationship or straight brings up all kinds of emotions in us and we don't think rationally. The "rejection" is hard to deal with. Thanks, Stephanie
  11. Chapter 2 - Troy Fucks Up

    I wasn't too sure when I started reading this story, but decided to give it a try. Now after only 2 chapters I am starting to get hooked. It's a very interesting context. Now it's getting even more complex with the appearance of Mary. Where did she come from?
  12. Chapter 11

    I'm not sure Josh has really come to his senses about loving Glenn. I sure hope that is true so that Glenn doesnt get hurt anymore - especially after they marry. Glenn is a great guy and good for Josh. Life could be really good for them. He just has to stop being so lovey dovey with Gregg (always these long hugs, etc.). Just give a quick hug and shake hands - that'd let us, and especially Glenn know that he was being honest with Glenn as well as himself.
  13. Chapter 9

    And I'm starting to not like Josh. He's so immature.
  14. Chapter 7

    I don't know why Greg should apologize for hurting Josh. That's all Josh. He was expecting more than he could ever get from Greg and almost wanted Greg to have an affair with him even though he was straight. Maybe that will change in the future,but it doesn't change the past.
  15. Chapter 5

    The truth is finally out - at least as far as Josh is concerned. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. Thanks for this story.

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