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  1. Terry P

    IOI Chapter 15

    6 months isn't very long on this job - an important one at that. However, the danger of burnout was indicated so Lewis has to think of his health first. Kudo's to him for doing that.
  2. Terry P

    Chapter 3

    I was looking forward to reading this story but only got partway through this chapter and decided I'd had enough, but did finish the chapter. I don't agree with how Charlie has responded to Bobby's demands for sex. Hopefully that will change with Stan joining them. The kid needs serious counseling. The kid has been through hell and back, but still needs proper guidance. I'm not so sure Charlie is the best one for it.
  3. I was getting notifications whenever new content was added, but recently I'm getting notifications about all kinds of things, i.e. when an author makes changes to previous chapters (even on stories that are completed); whenever someone makes a comment on a story, etc. I checked how my notifications were set up and I don't see any way to change that.
  4. Terry P

    Chapter 11 - Brady

    I can't believe November really did what I think he did. He actually followed Mikey to the bathroom to tell him Brady was already involved? Really cool!
  5. Terry P

    Dec Chapter 1

    I' liking this story very much so far. It could turn out to be one of your best.
  6. Terry P

    Chapter 4 - Dealing with Monsters

    Can anything ever happen between Ty and Dane? It seems clear (or maybe not) that Dane is straight. But Caitlyn was right that TY is a Man-child, although using that term to him was not exactly tactful. Do I wish that there could be more between Ty and Dane? Not necessarily. But if Ty could at least make friends outside of the home it would be good for him. A boyfriend maybe?
  7. Terry P


    Frankie's insights are amazing. while a bit extreme I have notice to some extent some of the similarities to today. I guess being in such a small and intense environment makes it even more apparent.
  8. Terry P

    Chapter 8 - Ember

    He's getting there, but it has to be on his own time (which better not be too long though, or I'll change my mind).
  9. Terry P

    Chapter 15

    I hope Carlo realized the situation the guys were in and called the police. Sure doesn't look good though. But, maybe there is a sooner end in sight for Kyle and Mike.;
  10. Terry P

    Chapter 15

    I didn't know you could do that with Groogle (?) I appreciate the tip.
  11. Terry P

    Chapter 2: Getting to Know

    I'm thinking it's the mother (or mother -in-law) who took it when she touched it. I sure hope it wasn't Daniel. I'm getting to really like the kid.
  12. Wow! What an ending! I'm glad Arnold and Fidel found each other before something terrible happened to one of them. Now I have an answer to a previous question about a story mentioned in one of the later chapters. It referred to a story called "NumbaCruncher". I look forward to reading it, despite the strange name.
  13. Terry P

    A Meeting of Minds

    A great chapter. Also very nice to see Jarek and Sebastien reappear. While the whole premise of this type of society seems unrealistic we've seen in the past how governments and religions have sought to control the daily lives of their citizens. You've only taken it to a whole different level. Is it possible that something like this could happen? I sure hope so and there are enough good humans around to prevent it from happening provided we make sure that tyrants don't take over. (Let's not get into Trump as he is just a blip) I'm glad we've moved away from Oasis as I was getting tired of that kind of live. I look forward to seeing we're you're going to take us now. I don't recall the story NumbaCruncha. It's not listed as one of your posted stories in GA.
  14. Hi, Terry,

    Thanks for reading my stuff and commenting and reacting. Without readers there's little point in writing. :)



  15. Terry P

    Peter & Jon's Forest Retreat

    It's so cool to introduce Peter and Jon into this story. At first I was confused since I recognized the galerie, the names, etc. and when the light went on in my head I was thrilled.

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