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  1. Palantir

    What Are You Reading Right Now? (Non-GA)

    Alan Dean Foster's 'Pip and Flinx' novels.
  2. Palantir

    Spreading the Word

    Thanks, Rigby. I smiled from start to finish, and what a delightful turn of phrase you have.
  3. Palantir

    2010: The Year We Made Contact

    I watched 2010 last night (prompted by this post) and I'd forgotten how good it was. Thanks, Myr.
  4. Palantir


    Wow! Thanks DD. Those videos are spectacular Yay for the Hubble telescope.
  5. Palantir

    Best Sci-Fi short EVER

    WOW! Thank you, James.
  6. I don't use a 3d printer myself but because I have a suspicion that with a few more advancements they will revolutionize engineering and industry, I used the idea of a future 3d printer giving an AI independence from human support as a tenet in my Mparntwe story.
  7. Palantir

    What Are You Reading Right Now? (Non-GA)

    I'm re-reading the Modesty Blaise series. Superbly written adventures!
  8. Palantir

    PFTA Cover

    Oh my! Look at those eyes.
  9. Palantir

    Losing Work And Starting Over

    This is the method I use - in combination with the day's date eg filenameFeb25a -then I change the 'a' to a 'b' for the next Save As, and so on. This way I know at a glance when a file was made and which is the most up to date.
  10. Palantir

    Losing Work And Starting Over

    Sage advice!
  11. Palantir

    Happy Birthday Curti!

  12. Palantir

    Chapter 5

    Thanks Stephen, It's always a delight to hear when one of my stories has 'got through' .
  13. Palantir

    SpaceX Launch

    OMG! Goosebump stuff to watch. Thanks @Myr
  14. Palantir

    The road home by Tyler Peel

    I also knew Tyler and edited some of TRH for him. For your interest, another of his projects was a story site called 'Closettales'. I have no idea if it still functions. edit - Oops. Closettales is the link Myr provided

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