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  1. Happy Birthday Curti!

  2. Chapter 5

    Thanks Stephen, It's always a delight to hear when one of my stories has 'got through' .
  3. SpaceX Launch

    OMG! Goosebump stuff to watch. Thanks @Myr
  4. The road home by Tyler Peel

    I also knew Tyler and edited some of TRH for him. For your interest, another of his projects was a story site called 'Closettales'. I have no idea if it still functions. edit - Oops. Closettales is the link Myr provided
  5. Events & Items Of Interest

    Lol - almost perfect. I'm envious (but only slightly) of my sister in Perth WA where the moon is just now rising so they have the Super moon effect as well as the total eclipse. Yep! The sky is clear as clear and the moon is now an eerie dark red and I've been watching through my binoculars. Amazingly, the total eclipse lasts a whole hour and in a few minutes reaches what they call maximum eclipse - so I'm heading out again.
  6. Vale Ursula Le Guin.

    Oh No! I've just learnt that one of the all time great fantasy authors has died. Ursula K Le Guin bewitched my mind with the beautiful imagery and ideas of her Earthsea series. Time and again I have re-read these wonderful stories and now the next re-read will have an extra poignancy. The sadness of loss when a great creator leaves us is tempered by the magical idea that part of them will stay forever with us through their work.
  7. The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey

    lol - you've got some wonderful reading ahead of you Myr. M L's Urban Fantasy stuff you mentioned is brilliant (I reckon) and that links to similar stuff by Tanya Huff ('Blood' Series) and the wonderful worlds of Charles de Lint.
  8. The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey

    Five or six weeks ago I read Mercedes Lackey's Collegium Chronicles - somehow I missed this particular Valdemar series - and a reference somewhere in one of the books caused me to pull my copy of Magic's Pawn from my bookshelf to check something. Result! A re-read of all three. You might like to have a try at Diane Duane's 'The Door Into Fire'. Like Mercedes Lackey, she had no hesitation in publishing mainstream fantasy novels featuring gay characters as the main protagonists. And also like M L, they are characters who grab your heartstrings (IMHO)
  9. Linked Words

    Animal Farm
  10. Happy Birthday Krista

  11. Ask An Author 2.0 #3

    Thanks Carlos, As usual always, 'Ask An Author' gives us that extra bit of insight into the people behind the names.
  12. Happy Birthday, dughlas

  13. Your Favorite Artist?

    Leonard Cohen.

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