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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Chapter 10

    Great chapter as always, Mark and team. Sorry to have to say this but I believe you got the UK drinking laws a bit wrong regarding youngsters drinking alcohol with a meal (with adults/parents) in a restaurant/bar. Not entirely sure but I think it is 14 not 16. Even younger at home LOL. Looking forward to the next chapter, anyway. Love the references to "the ancestor". Mike (in Liverpool, UK)
  3. Chapter 1

    Great start to a new story. You just had to involve horses LOL. Can't wait for more.
  4. Chapter 19

    Another great chapter of part 3 of a great story. Initially, I didn't expect that I would get into this as I never had much knowledge of, or contact with horses. I am pleased to say that I am not only hooked, but am learning new things. As others have said, can't wait for more. Thanks.
  5. Chapter 73: Homecoming

    Fantastic chapter and an (almost) end to George's miseries. In reaction to JimCarter's comment, some of us ARE involved in Merry Old England! LOL. As always, a great read, congratulations to you and your team. I hate reading a good story that is let down by poor editing, so it is always a treat to receive a new chapter from you. Thanks for this early XMAS present.
  6. Chapter 33

    OMG this could split the family apart or force them to come back together. Hopefully the latter.
  7. Chapter 60

    So sad to lose such a great ship and so many men. I wonder how Granger will grieve. Wonderful writing as always Mike
  8. Chapter 23

    WOW. I never would have guessed about Kai's evenings. Very powerful writing as expected from you and your team. Great work as always.
  9. Chapter 86

    WOW, what a chapter. I can imagine Brad deciding that he also wants to be where the love flows. Thank you, Mark and team.
  10. Chapter 2

    I only found this story today and I have to say that I am enjoying it very much. There is plenty of scope for development and look forward to the next exciting instalment. Mike
  11. Chapter 36

    What a great way to start a new day, seeing the start of the resolution between Will and Brad. However, as usual, Mark so brilliantly leaves us wondering about Robbie and how he will come to terms with what has happened. Great chapter Mark and team, thanks so much
  12. Chapter 30

    As with everything that Mark writes, I'm loving it. I'd hate to be in Brad and Robbie's shoes if war breaks out. They seem to forget that there are many skeletons in their own closets that could make for their undoing.
  13. Happy Birthday my Friend, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year :)


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