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  1. centexhairysub

    Friends in Low Places

    Karma is a bitch; and the mob still has a lot of pull in some areas of New England and the Boston area is one of them.
  2. centexhairysub

    A Solid Bond

    Thoroughly enjoyed this story from start to finish, the writing, pacing, and character development were all first rate. Would not mind another visit with this group or perhaps a spin off of some type. Truly a delight...
  3. centexhairysub

    Chapter 50

    The wedding and reception was a delight and Maria is adorable. I will truly be sad to leave these characters behind. Can't wait to see what happens at the festival. Great Job...
  4. centexhairysub

    Chapter 26 Surprises in Zurich

    Truly enjoyed the update; can't wait to see what happens during the actual reunion. I would imagine it would be hard on both of their parts. The writing and pacing are both first rate as usual. I know it is funny but true that often the staff of the very rich can be more snobby about their employers and their actions the people with the wealth are themselves. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  5. centexhairysub

    Chapter 49

    Another great chapter, the pacing and writing were both first rate. Maria was featured quite a bit and that can only be a good thing. Ilya is going to go to town on more than a few people that Di Silva and his family were allowed to get as close as they were to the men, but especially Maria, and that is just as it should be. Will be sorry to see this story end; but I could see several possible ways for a sequel or spin-off. Keep up the great work, and can't wait for the next update. Why do I see a wedding in the future for Maria and DJ, maybe right here at the same venue.
  6. centexhairysub

    Frantic Friday

    I truly hope they bar-b-que his maternal family, aunt and grandparents.
  7. centexhairysub

    Chapter 15

    Well, I am taking a different tack from sojourn and Canuk: I don't think that Daventry and Granger will ever get together. Daventry as shown no inclination toward taking a male lover; there are those that don't. It would not hurt for Granger to have a few straight male friends, I am sure that there were straight males in service to his Majesty at the time. I sort of hope that Granger finds a wonderful Russian lover; full of passion and pride. Granger read the situation with both the Danes and French perfectly. Loved how the Danish Lieutenant tried to translate what he thought was best; always good to have someone try to calm the situation. Can't wait for the next update; splendid job as always Mark...
  8. centexhairysub

    Chapter 23

    Truly loved the ending; was glad that Diaz did nothing else to stop the relationship from going forward. I half expected him to show up and do something to delay the wedding. When you get right down to it; this was just a sweet simple love story between two people with a few obstacles but often those are truly the hardest to write and pull off well. You did both, the writing and pacing was good throughout. Thoroughly enjoyed this story on so many levels.
  9. centexhairysub

    Heading In

    Great chapter; a lot of information to absorb though. Can't wait to see what happens next; keep up the great work.
  10. centexhairysub

    Beauty and the Bat

    Oh Lord, I think I may be slipping into a diabetic coma that was so sweet....
  11. centexhairysub

    Game Over?

    Some people are just beyond redemption, and in the end they usually end up with what they truly deserve. Did we ever find out who the mysterious guy was that kept popping up?
  12. centexhairysub

    Hustle and Bustle

    Damn, the Young and Restless has nothing on this story...
  13. centexhairysub

    Home of Our Own

    Now, I am worried about Christopher. Even if he did something horrible, I would not want anything permanent to happen to him.
  14. centexhairysub

    New Tomorrows

    Oh Lord, we all need people like this in our lives... Sort of worried about the limp though; strange from just tripping over a box; but sometimes something weird will cause the most damage.
  15. centexhairysub

    Let the Cards Fall

    You can't control anyone worth controlling with money and those you can control are not worth having in your life.

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