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  1. Chapter 10

    What a perfect treat you have given all us of Bridgemont fans with this Valentine gift. I am always left wanting whenever I finish a new chapter of this remarkable saga; but then I stop and realize another will inevitable follow. For all of Granger's astute insight, I think he completely misread what Cavendish was implying when he said that John Ward had allowed him to stay with him. I think on some level Granger can not be impassionate about Cavendish and that all ways colors his reaction to Cavendish in some shade of green. I hope that Granger and Cavendish are able to resolve this issue before a fissure grows between them that will make it too difficult to do so. Lt. Grenfell got to experience both sides of Granger in a very short time. I hope this is someone that Granger allows to grow and experiment in a way that helps both of them in the end. I could see a time in the future that the improvement with the shots could prove more than useful. Granger handled Daventry and Whitworth with aplomb and just the right amount of bite. Can't wait for this adventure to get started... Well done, Mark.
  2. Chapter 56

    Honestly, I don't even know where to start; so let's start with the easiest. I think that JJ will find that he is truly happy with his life now versus when he was competing in skating at the highest level. Yes, he enjoyed the glory, but I am not sure anything was worth the code of conduct that he had to live under at least for him. The fact that he was on such an even keel when Carullo returned, kept Carullo calm and hopefully will lead to an honest conversation between the two of them. Will handled himself perfectly under the circumstances. He was able to do what maybe no one else present at the meeting would have been able to do; and that is bring everyone into the present and get them past the issues of the last year or so. Everyone will have to be unified and supporting of each other in order to face what is going on right now; and the past would have been an impediment to that, it should not be now. Could there still be ramifications from it yes; but nothing will stop an united front while facing the present issues. Sort of surprised that Wade does not have more security on a regular basis at Goodwell when all of them are in residence. Jake is right this would be a perfect place to strike them and get rid of the Duke and Alex but also do damage to JP, Stef, et al; for their allies in Mexico. I am sure that JP, the Duke, Alex, Wade, Mary Ellen, Nana, and probably Darius will turn out to be better than fair shots. Unsure of the rest; but with something like a shotgun you don't have to be a great shot; just have the nerve to use it and let the person get close enough. I guess I am just not vicious enough of a person; but I could never see killing one child to help another one out; of course if Lord Preston is that cowed of his wife, she maybe able to force him into anything. Magnificent chapter, Mark; can't wait to see where you take us next with this wonderful story...
  3. Home to Roost

    Such a wonderful chapter and a delight for this Valentine Day; I am so glad that Mama Brig will soon have another little one. Kao and Dean will be great Betas and make the pack stronger. I loved their visit with Jessup and Brig. Can't wait to start on the issue of the missing pack members. Keep up the great work.
  4. Chapter 55

    Another interesting chapter with so much going on, but you keep it moving in a way that allows it to flow naturally and seamlessly. I feel each chapter seems to bring some new insight not just into what is going on with the current situation but with those that we have known and loved for so long. I do think Brad wants to trust Jake. Should he, I am not sure that we have enough information to make that decision yet, and I know he doesn't. You can tell that there is more to Brad's interest in him than just getting him in bed. He seems to have a connection with Jake that isn't easily definable. I do believe that Jake is being honest about what is going on with Lord Preston, at least in that he is giving them the information that he has on the current situation. I just am not sure that Jake has all the information yet, and I know we don't. I think they are getting closer though; I think the key is who is Lord Preston's wife. I think she is the Black Widow. I feel that she has some connection to the past, perhaps Robbie's sister that disappeared or her daughter??? I am going back and re-reading the older stories to see what I can find. I can't wait for the meeting at Goodwell, there is so much to cover and so many different angles to explore. Glad that JJ is staying in New York to deal with Carullo. I do think Will is right, he can't chase Carullo but he has to find out what his real issue is, and they may not be very easy. JJ has to figure out what he really wants from Carullo; an encounter, a friends with benefits, a relationship, or something more... I am sorry, Stef's reasoning about Zach not calling just does not fly. This soon after 9/11, you could not be involved in anything and not be aware of the anniversary. It just was not possible on any level. Zach is just more self absorbed than Will or anyone else is willing to admit at this point. Can he grow out of it, who knows at this point but Will needs to put some space between them so he can view the situation with more clarity. Darius found a cougar before anyone knew what it was... LOL. JP and Stef are not competitors, I don't think they ever viewed their relationship like that; but I still don't think they are on an even keel. Even with Stef's enormous wealth, JP is still the one that calls the shots on anything truly important. They are more equal now than in the past but still not quite on the same level. The gathering of the families at Goodwell will be so interesting on so many levels. I can't wait for the fun to begin... Bravo, Mark...
  5. Chapter 14

  6. DSJ Chapter 17

    Well, I was frankly expecting more of an uproar from the Earth group, but I guess since everything that was suggested really was a benefit in some way; they could not find much to grip about. Another good chapter, I keep expecting the worse from the Earth group, maybe I am being to bitchy but we will see...
  7. DSJ Chapter 16

    Enjoyed the chapter and update; did we find out who caused the death of the Emperor and the injury to the new Emperor? They keep helping the Earth groups in subtle ways; but I worry about someone trying to take advantage and causing problem. Keep up the good work.
  8. DSJ Chapter 15

    Good chapter, although I wish it was a little longer. I was expecting to get a little more information on the situation on Sahndrol with the regent and the investigation. Glad to see that the individuals in the Space agencies seem to want to coordinate; although have to wonder how effective the no interference from political forces will prove to be. Keep up the good work.
  9. Chapter 54

    Stef's plan to get the government to take the land as part of the tax burden is truly brilliant. Not sure why JP feels that the Duke, Alex, or by extension Lord Preston is owed anything; just really don't get his reasoning. Joaquin would seem like someone they have more of a connection with; after all, he did save Stef twice and the family fostered his son, Alejandro for years. I am not saying they should be actively involved; but between the two sides the longer and deeper connections would appear to be with the Rubio Cartel. Will giving Stef so much adulation for his and Darius's actions was smart, and even true in several ways. I am sorry, Darius annoys me so much the last couple of stories. Isn't it time for him to disappear into the military yet? Can't wait for the meeting at Goodwell. Keep up the great work, Mark.
  10. We Lift Them Up To The Lord

    Truly lovely, sitting here bawling like a baby; but I really did love the story. Well written and the pacing was first rate, truly evocative.
  11. Chapter 13

    Jake may have been drunk, but I think he meant every word he said; both the I love you and the I am going to fuck you... This was a real delight. Can't wait to see what is next...
  12. A New Step

    Good writing and pacing; I really enjoyed this chapter. Good to see that the Betas have the confidence from their Alphas to handle things. Can't wait to see what is next.
  13. Alternate Ending

    No more changes.... LOL... Can't say I liked this version more or less; I guess that is why I really don't care for the audits after the fact. I prefer you pick one and stay with it regardless of what the readers feel should have happened; after all this is your story...
  14. Chapter 53

    Really enjoyed the chapter, thought the writing was really excellent in this one. I like how JJ and Will handled each other. I think that Will is right about Carullo; whatever it is about not wanting a relationship is deep rooted and really has nothing to do with JJ. I think the deal with Carullo and Luka isn't as much about sex as it is something else; but we will see. I have heard about people like Jake, but the condition is so rare that little is actually documented about it. I can see why Brad would have an issue with how Jake lives his life. I really surprised how open Brad was with Jake about the fisting with Robbie; says a lot about how much he actually trust Jake. And I wonder who Darius is spending the night with; hmmm, could we be having a repeat of the last time he was in town??? Inquiring minds want to know.
  15. Chapter 52

    Okay, sorry to disagree but I don't think JJ is acting as much like a child as several others are. I have carefully read the last two stories and just don't see the behavior that some of you seem to think is so childish and rude. Yes, he was rude to Carullo but that was because they did not talk to each other; and initially that was JJ's fault, but this last outburst was clearly Carullo's issue. He had to know that while he had JJ may not be exclusive, JJ is the kind of person that is going to want to know the parameters of their relationship; he simply is not the slut that most of the rest of his family usually are. I still don't like how Will and Darius, et al played the situation at the party; and think it is about to bite them on the ass, deservedly so. I do find Brad's reaction to Jake hard to read. He clearly wants him, but at what level, just as a sex partner or something more? Stef and Brad both got played with the land and cartel issues. JP is calm, cool, and collected; but I think he was wrong about JJ. Wondering what the chances are of a link between the Ortega cartel and Lord Preston in South Africa??? Can't wait to see what comes next...

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