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  1. centexhairysub

    Chapter 13

    Excellent chapter; hated the way it ended though. You have to believe a lot of the pack will think and believe like Chris. Even if Milan is Rory's mate; will they allow that to stand?
  2. I loved this chapter; clearly made up for the last one. Shane getting that nervous just because the hospital might be the one that Donovan worked at; then it was. The way the kids fronted Donovan in front of Shane was hilarious. The writing was so crisp and just spot on. I do think they need to talk when neither is drinking or hung over. They need to be able to clear the air and decide for "themselves" if they actually want to give it another try, declaring one of the strikes a foul ball, or truly move on from each other.
  3. centexhairysub

    Chapter 13

    Truly loved this chapter; Amara and Drew showed Aria so much support. There are more out there that identify with Aria then most would be prepared to admit. I can't wait to see what happens next. The c&%t needs to be put down.
  4. centexhairysub

    Chapter 3

    In my humble opinion, the number of lives ruined in Christ name may well exceed those saved by it.
  5. So very disappointed in Donovan and all the DONNAS.
  6. centexhairysub

    Chapter 3

    This just keeps getting better and better. I can't wait to see what the gift from the Elder gets them on their next adventure. The power exchange that is occurring during the temple massage is bound to be effecting the attempts by those in the other realm; but how is it effecting each of them???
  7. centexhairysub

    Chapter 2

    Some great descriptive dialogue about some of the most interesting locations in Australia. Really gave you a feeling of actually being there. I do wonder about the zap of power that occurred during the massage; did it reverse what they were trying to do from the other realm, or did it cause some other as of yet unforeseen consequence.
  8. centexhairysub

    Chapter 1

    An interesting start to this story; I wonder if the other three that were really mentioned are all someone from the other realm? Can't wait to see what happens next.
  9. centexhairysub

    Chapter 12

    Lovely chapter; but who is the wolf/shadow? Is it someone that does not want Rory to be the future Alpha? So many questions, can't wait for the answers.
  10. centexhairysub

    Heavy Branches

    Well, thank you, finally Rulf and Esthor came together; lets just hope that their secretes don't tear them apart. The prince may be in for more of an adventure then even he thought about.
  11. centexhairysub

    Chapter 15 - The Dawn of Day

    A truly grand adventure for these three humans; but said that they discovered that the humans of Earth managed to destroy themselves; over something totally idiotic probably. I honestly have no doubt that will probably be our fate in the end. Well written from start to finish; and the plotting and characterizations were excellent. Enjoyed the journey.
  12. centexhairysub

    Chapter Five

    Well is Ben really Ben, or did whatever tried to possess him get him before Cash was able to pull him back? Did the entity possess Travis, is that why he acted so horrible to everyone else, especially his brother? Good chapter, but left the reader with lots of questions, can't wait for the next update.
  13. centexhairysub

    Chapter 8

    I feel like Oak has something good up his sleeve when it comes to being there for the big meeting of the Elders, boy are they in for a surprise. Not sure that Galen seeing the ghost of the widow was a good thing, but we will see. Steger comes across as a total ass, the sister and wife and kids could do much better. Trying to decide if Thunder is smarter than Galen or not. LOL.
  14. centexhairysub

    Chapter 1

    The older that I get; the less that any organized religious house of worship appeals to me. I consider my self quite spiritual but have found that organized religion is full of hate, intolerance, and blatant hypocrisy.
  15. centexhairysub

    Chapter 2

    I will say that your technical writing ability is much better than average; but the plot is something that for me is very hard to deal with. The fact that any parent can treat a child like this is just beyond my ability to understand. I know it happens and much more than the general public even begins to understand; but it is still heartbreaking to me.

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