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  1. Losing Kevin

    Another one of my favorites. Happy to see it here.
  2. The movie is in no way shape or form a flop. That is just ridiculous. I would also point out the Mark Hamill story was widely misrepresented. He has been pointing that out well before the movie's release. Personally, your entire premise reeks of bias.
  3. Song of the moment

    hmm, well that didn't work.
  4. Chapter 36

    Gonna have to disagree with many and say that Derek was entirely in the right to try to make sure Will understood the enormity of what he was getting into. Will was the one who immediately made it all about himself, shut down and walked out. Will was the one who refused to listen to anyone, and Liam didn't even try to find out the full story before barging in ranting, then storming out. As commendable as it is of Will to have a plan, do the research and such, Derek is the one who ultimately has to place the interests of the youth over someone else's fragile ego. I sincerely doubt Will is the first enthusiastic individual who genuinely cares, and wants to help. Even people with good and true intentions to help occasionally fail to grasp the enormity of what such an endeavor entails, emotionally as well as financially. My boss runs a LGBT youth center, and we have had plenty of people, good people, who absolutely wanted to help, but were unable to come through, either because of financing problems or personal life problems. Didn't change the fact that the kids still didn't get something they were looking forward to. At this point, we just don't say anything to the youth unless it's already a done deal.
  5. Sci-fi makes for poor reading!

    I think it worth pointing out that a single study means nothing. It merely shows that one group reached certain conclusions based on their research. It takes many others repeating the experiment, as well as checking the process used to actually verify a study as anything other than a curious anomaly. Now show me dozens of independent, quality controlled studies which bear out the same conclusion and I might take it seriously. But as Cia pointed out, this study alone is seriously flawed, and is not likely to be corroborated in peer review.
  6. Brittle as a Bird

    This was one of my favorites. Glad to see you bring it over.
  7. Happy Birthday!

    1. Headstall


      I'll piggyback because I know Dave doesn't mind :)  Happy Birthday, Hermetically Sealed!!! :wizard: 

    2. Hermetically Sealed
  8. Chapter 10

    My take has always been that she realized from Brett's poor performance that Corey had not, in fact, talked like he promised he would.
  9. Chapter 66 Mind Games

    Whoever did it charged him from behind. The witnesses outright said they purposefully hit him down the stairs. I don't think Daniel would have done that, and Nicola not heard it was him. I am more thinking it's one of the people who have been harassing him.
  10. Happy Birthday, Hermetically! Hope you had a great day today! :)

  11. Happy Birthday! I hope this past year has been good and the next one is even better!

  12. Chapter 50-Final Chapter

    I have to wonder at Brad throwing himself so fully into the relationship with Marc. I have a feeling that despite his words to the contrary, he isn't as over Robbie's death as he thinks. Seems like he is using the relationship as a form of avoidance.
  13. Fifty Shades of Grey Being Released This Week

    I wouldn't take anything related to this story as being truly representative of BDSM. It's purely about an abused sociopathic stalker who forces a woman into an abusive relationship. It just uses BDSM tropes as window dressing.
  14. Chapter 23

    Something tells me that JJ taking two of the pills is going to lead to a significant effect on his next performance.

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