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  1. Daddydavek

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    ENJOY Even Nick just outed you. OUTED
  2. Thunderstorms before dawn again with more due shortly.  

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    2. Edward


      Today is the first time in about week we didn't have rain.... where my parents live has seen record flooding. Thunderstorms are the best... I like to sit on the porch and watch. 

    3. dughlas


      Chill and dreary wet in Milwaukee *sigh*

    4. Daddydavek


      The sun broke out this afternoon and it's hot and muggy with a chance of thunderstorms redeveloping this evening....seems like we are in that weather pattern of rinse and repeat....

  3. Daddydavek

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    DEVIL Daddy enjoyed viewing Izzy licking..... THERE
  4. Daddydavek

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    never again
  5. Daddydavek

    Last Post Wins #45

    ...and back to DDK!
  6. Daddydavek

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    GAMES Giving Andy my expressive smile. SMIRK
  7. Daddydavek

    Happy Birthday, Myr!

    Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday Myr!
  8. Daddydavek

    Forward Base

    So much in play and it looks like the set pieces are about to execute and we will see what is destined to happen. I can't wait. I hope your next post is as timely as this one was!
  9. Happy 20th Anniversary of your 21st Birthday!

                                                                        See the source image

  10. Daddydavek

    5 Letters

    RIGID Rob is getting it destroyed... STIFF
  11. Daddydavek

    Last Post Wins #45

    ...and back to me!
  12. Daddydavek

    5 Letters

    NUDES Never underestimate deceit, especially sexual. DECEI(t)

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