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  1. KevinD

    Chapter 16

    Always love reading new chapters of George’s exploits and want more! Thank you Mark & Team! 🤗
  2. KevinD

    Chapter 60

    I can only speak for myself but I expect you will soon remedy that situation? Zach needs to be just a roadbump in Will’s past and you”ve set Dillion up to seemingly be ideal on sooooo many levels.🔥🔥🔥
  3. KevinD

    Chapter 58

    Thanks Mark for not leaving us in agony with a cliff-hanger, even if it got a bit tense for a bit!
  4. KevinD

    Chapter 13

    Loved every bit of this chapter especially the fact that everything seemed so nice, happy and friendly that once George was alone with the prince, the “real situation” cames out. I’m sure that the prince considered all of George’s exploits as he worked to paint a picture of what difficulties lay in front of our hero in an attempt to preempt the mission. Thank you Mark and team!
  5. KevinD

    Chapter 12

    I am a bit distressed but it certainly has nothing to do with Mark in the story… I can’t seem to figure out why it is that I’m not getting notified in a timely manner when my favorite authors post stories that I am following. I’m reading this on the evening of April 29, well beyond the date it was posted. I will have to contact One of the site admins to figure out what is wrong with my settings. OK, now on to the story - It certainly is wonderful to see Cavendish return to his normal state and also that George recognizes the importance of his renewal of affection, confidence and trust in Caroline. I love the way that Granger forced the hand of the Danes to get recognition of the white flag and even more thoroughly enjoyed his facing down Admiral Dickson. It’s fun to think about the legend of Granger spreading when the junior officer shares how Grainger handled Dickson. Thank you Mark and team for another stellar effort!
  6. KevinD

    Tangled Webs

    And to make matters even worse, it was the accursed garlic crusher that betrayed Trevor...
  7. KevinD

    Réunion or Bust!

    I can only wonder if Trevor’s drawn picture of a goat’s head bears any resemblance at all to our very own cliff(ie)-denying author? This is my third read of Circumnavigation and since it has been a while since the second read, I am finding this to be just as enjoyable as the first time around – bravo CJ & Team!
  8. KevinD

    Chapter 57

    My feelings echo the reviews prior to my entry here...and i will add: “ It was a dark and stormy night in the Virginia countryside when…”. Oh, a cliffhanger! Bravo Mark and team!
  9. KevinD

    Merry Christmas 2017!

    Merry Christmas Mark! And I echo the comments of the other posters before me and especially want to call out my delight was at your improved health which is most important. Nothing but the best for you as we head into 2018, and I look forward to the day when you are able to get back to a more normal life and posting schedule for your readers pleasure. I’m sure it gives you a lot of satisfaction to know how much we enjoy the efforts of you and your team!
  10. KevinD

    Return of the jerk

    Welcome back CJ - And we already have a cliffy, waiting for your new story’s first chapter post! 😬 How appropriate that you have a cliffy without anyone being in danger - 😳 Though you have been gone for a while I was able to compensate (somewhat) by re-reading your stories hoping/knowing that someday, you would be back entertaining us once again - thank you, thank you, thank you… 😉
  11. KevinD

    Chapter 49

    😳 If JJ really has gotten the message then I suppose his face would be like the emoticon. I hope as part of this realization and his apologies to family and acquaintances, let me get to see the scene between Carullo and JJ... Bravo Mark and team Arbour for delivering in their usual fine fashion!
  12. KevinD

    Chapter 6

    Another great installment to a wonderful story. As usual I enjoyed it so much that it seemed to be over way too soon… 😮
  13. KevinD

    Chapter 48

    I am sure JJ was wondering what "rabbit hole" he fell through... Will he learn from this, and more importantly change his ways?
  14. KevinD

    Chapter 11

    It is clear that the quality writing in the story has made us care for these characters just as much is if they were real people in our lives – bravo Dan! It is clear that the quality writing in the story has made us care for these characters just as much is if they were real people in our lives –Bravo Dan
  15. KevinD

    Chapter 1

    Huzzah! The return of Lord Granger is a happy event – let us see what happens next... Thank you Mark and team Arbour!

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