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  1. jamessavik

    Readers: Do you read Prologues?

    Prologues are an authors way of orienting the reader. They define the setting, place in time and set the tone for what the reader is about to experience. Not reading the prologue is a lot like embarking on a journey without reading the map. You may have just gotten on the highway but, did you get on at the right interchange? Did you need to pack suntan oil or a combat knife? Example: The Wassari Jump Prologue In the year 2312 the Greater Terran Union embarked upon its most aggressive military campaign to date. It invaded the planet Wassa on the edge of its space for no greater reason than the Wassari civilization was beginning to tinker with space flight and might become a threat. It was from start to finish a real shit show. The troops landing in the first wave instantly knew it had been a dreadful mistake. The Wassari are a cute and fuzzy mammal species that most resembled the Terran meercat. The space marines dropped on Wassa ended up protecting the very civilization that they were there to subdue and conquer. The GTU, abused into paranoia by it's own pre-starflight invasion by a powerful alien race, had finally grown up to be just the kind of bully that it had grown to detest. _______________________________ Do you see what I did there? I answered several key questions: Who? The Greater Terran Union and the Wassari When? 2312 Where? The planet Wassa on the edge of GTU territory What? Invasion Why? The GTU was paranoid because of its history. All of this could have been done in exposition but the prologue shortens that process and makes the authors life a little easier.
  2. jamessavik

    It's not just nostalgia

    It's not just nostalgia. Despite the scores of made for TV series being made, the older ones were better. MUCH BETTER. Chances are if you turn your TV on, you will watch one of several formulas: situation comedy (shit Comms), medical dramas or police procedurals. There are a few variations but not very many. It's what Hollywood knows how to do and they make them like an assembly line of Toyotas. It doesn't take too long to notice that there are really only about fifty themes and they make them over and over again. You can blame writers unions. There might be something to that. You can blame the studios. There's definitely something to that. Blame the viewer for not turning them off. Blame the advertisers for branding their mediocrity. There is a REAL difference between golden age TV and the shit that is being excreted today. The difference is in the writing. The writers for golden age TV were not TV writers. They were writers of plays, short stories and novels. They had writing experience outside of the movie and television echo chamber. If you want to see something really different, there are three old series that are really worth looking up: Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Should you look these up and watch a few episodes here are a few things to look for. In Perry Mason, look at the way the episodes are structured. The writers used the traditional 5 act structure. It's not brilliant. It just the same thing that's been working since Aristotle's Poetics. If you look at the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits, notice that these are plays derived from short stories. Also notice that they were originally written by some pretty big name sci-fi authors. What we're getting now is... Modern telecommunications technology can deliver hundreds of independent channels. There's just no excuse for there being nothing worth watching on any of them. Things are happening. Billion dollar productions are falling on their face. It will take a few of them going broke on their formulas. It will be the innovators that survive and thrive. The innovation that can most easily and most likely turn things around is looking to the traditional elements of drama and apply good writing. That will work and has worked every time it's been tried.
  3. jamessavik

    Big & Tall Blues

    XXL does not equal 2XLT. XXL means short and fat. 2XLT means large, tall and amazing. XXL is big and wide. Sorta like a circus tent. It does not fit well. It fits like a tarp. It often exposes the innocent public to the dreaded plumber's crack. 2XLT is a large size but it's long for tall people. Not short for W I D E people. Insist on 2XLT on all of your internet dating and orders for large, tall and amazing. It shows off my six pack abs and pecs best.
  4. Working in the yard, I was startled by a giant spider. I think her name was Shelob.



  5. We 70s and 80s guys didn't have cell phones and still manged to get laid. :lmao: We had to talk to people face-2-face. Imagine that. :P

    1. ancientrichard


      Most of we 40's and 50's folk didn't have any sort of phone :-)

  6. Pentagon's New Super Weapon Kinetic Bombardment (wikipedia)
  7. That's great, it starts with an earthquake
    Birds and snakes, and aeroplanes
    And Lenny Bruce is not afraid
    Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn
    World serves its own needs
    Don't mis-serve your own needs
  8. jamessavik


  9. beware-of-falling-cows.jpg

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Don't you mean: how long was this sign there before some joker put a cow silhouette on it. :lol:

    2. wenmale64


      That exact thing DID happen a few years ago about 60 miles north of me. Sad to say neither the cow or minivan survived the event....

  10. jamessavik

    Make us laugh!

  11. Sarchotic- when you are so sarcastic, people aren't sure if you are joking or just psychotic.

  12. "When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains 
    An' go to your Gawd like a soldier."


    My squad hates it when the old man quotes Kipling. That means there's a real shit storm a coming.


  13. jamessavik

    When it's not just about you

    A few years ago I was fat and out of shape. I got tired of it and decided to do something about it. Over several years I went to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. I didn't do anybody's insanity workout. I studied and talked to some people and came up with plans that would work for me. Sometimes I missed. Sometimes things came up and just didn't have time. I was sick on occasion but, more often than not, I went. I went down from 300 to 240- over time. I haven't looked or felt this good in years. Fast forward to February of this year- I discovered that my older brother has bone marrow cancer and needs a stem cell transplant to have any chance at remission or a cure. The hospital he went to, SCCA(1), immediatly began screening me as a donor. They didn't like my age. People over 40 don't produce as many stem cells. They tested me and found me to be a 10 point match. Earlier this month I flew out to Seattle and underwent the physical from hell where I discovered: 1) I'm healthy 2) I'm not just healthy but in the top 10% for men my age bracket healthy 3) My cardiovascular health was such that I could be a donor. I know WHY I decided to get in shape. It was something I did for myself. It turned out to be about more than just me. That fat guy from 3 years ago- he wouldn't have made the cut. _________________________ 1- Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
  14. Whenever I hear the word "bonus"- I stop the speaker and ask if that's one word or two.



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