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  1. LolCats

    This is how you get eight cats. This is generally how it works.
  2. As you grow older what attracts you to a partner changes. Where once I thought tall, thin and muscular was where it was at, now I think cooks, cleans, handy and gainfully employed are hott as fire. :Steve2:

    1. BHopper2


      There's a meme that sums this up perfectly. It goes along the lines of:


      I'm at the stage of dating people like, "So are we going to do this? If not, I got things to do."

    2. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      @BHopper2 Lol.


      @jamessavik I can understand your concerns. And I am still waiting for cute and handsome fellow but now realising that work and worth is also important. 

  3. LolCats

  4. I hate telemarketers with a blazing fury. They have to be masochist because all they ever get from me is abuse.

    Me: hello
    Caller: hi, I’m Karl with...
    Me: hi Karl, thanks for calling on my favorite holiday!
    Caller: It’s a holiday?
    Me: Yeah, happy go *%$@ yourself day *click*


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      @AK79 I think your husband and mine would get along swimmingly. :gikkle:

    3. AK79


      @Page Scrawler Maybe.  Aaron tolerates me after all, what with my killing woodland creatures, being almost completely anti-social, being insanely driven to the point of being accused of being "impatient"  [as in I want the order fulfilled a week before I send it in, yeah I'm that bad] and having other issues like if this one guy at work calls me "buddy" one more time I swear I'm going to deck him--he's been there what half a week, I'm not his buddy, he's taking liberties I've not granted to him; I have a name tag, it has my name on it, call me that not buddy. 


      But then again he's also a foreigner to Southern Alabama and probably doesn't understand that the term "buddy" being used with someone you don't know fairly well is essentially picking a fight with them.

    4. SolarMaxx


      I HATE them too — and definitely wouldn’t want their job! 

  5. If you take a Nissan Altima mud riding, you're gonna have a bad time. :rolleyes:

    1. AK79


      Do I even want to know why someone would think that would be a good idea?

    2. jamessavik


      Mom's 90 and forgot it had been raining so much. Who knew parking on the grass would be so... messy and hazardous.

    3. AK79


      Well that's a good reason.  My husband won't drive his honda civic out to the hunting lodge I have if it rains or snows even slightly.  Now my truck handles that no problem though.

  6. Space Exploration

    It was just a rock.
  7. LolCats

  8. First Boil March 3rd!

    Crawfish season is coming!



    1. Puppilull


      We eat (and boil) in August. Very big in Sweden. With schnapps and singing.

    2. SolarMaxx


      • Auntie Em, Auntie Em — there’s no place like home ... That crawfish looks none too happy! Never been to a crawfish boil. Sounds like fun!  :P
    3. Puppilull



      Here's a short vid showing a crawfish party. In case you ever get invited to One, you'll know what to expect.



  9. LolCats

  10. LolCats

    Remember this guy when you are at your stupor-bowl party.
  11. LolCats

    This explains so much.
  12. LolCats

    I'll bet you could learn a thing or two from Master Katt. He looks pretty wise.
  13. LolCats

  14. LolCats

    Anybody know of a good small animal exorcist? Asking for a friend.
  15. LolCats

    All food in this house gets a cat scan.

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