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  1. Dr. John NYC

    The Union of Darkness and Light

    Thanks, @Lugh, for such a delightful fairytale! When @Cia listed it for one of this month’s discussion-reads, I thought I had read it before based on the name. What a treat when I realized I hadn’t read it! Like a previous reader I was waiting to hear what a null is. I also wanted to learn more about Zoë and what would happen when they moved back to Amadeus’s ancestral home. Particularly if Zach’s grandma is still living, there should be some interesting developments as Zach learns about his ancestry and what his gifts mean. Anyway, I do hope the possibility of a sequel still holds true.
  2. Dr. John NYC

    Dolphin Delivery

    I’m hooked, too. Any chance the dolphins will be shifters?
  3. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 8

    What everyone has already said! May your muse be kind and swift.
  4. Dr. John NYC

    Equis Camp

    So much deliciousness in this chapter, but like most of the other commentators, what struck me were the words that closed the previous chapter about Phuong & Rhava juxtaposed to these words at the end of this chapter: “Yes, I must. This is my best friend and soul mate, Marcus. The only man who will ever share my heart and my bed.” ...& he didn’t say “person.” Hmmm...
  5. Dr. John NYC

    The Night and the Moon

    I’m glad Khonsu is not the total bastard/bitch that s/he has appeared to be until this chapter. Clearly, Khonsu has some atoning to do for being immature and petty before the rift, but the time since then, s/he has been “under the influence” — of who or what, we will be finding out in the week(s) to come. Thanks for an outstanding chapter — as well as a delightful-to-read primer (or reminder) of Middle Eastern mythology!
  6. Dr. John NYC

    Congratulations Graeme!

    A belated CONGRATULATIONS, Graeme. The respect you have across the community is undeniable, and for years, you have been promoting authors without the title, so the appointment is quite apropos. Just remember: no good deed goes unpunished. May your punishment be pleasurable!
  7. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter Nine

    So, I just slowed down from reading chapter after chapter, and I wanted to share my appreciation for this story. I enjoy the new take on the Filipino mythology of people who can manipulate light. Like the others, I’m wondering who Travis is/was. My hypothesis is that it was Rory, whom Ryan now resembles, whose middle ( or frat, third, etc.) name could have been Travis. Well, now to see if the next chapter supports or refutes my hypothesis. ...& to see if Maria from the Philippines might know something more than the experts.
  8. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 1

    Being behind in reading and commentingn has one advantage: I don’t have to wait for chapter 2. But before I open it, however, I wanted to add one specific comment (in addition to sending “likes” & “agrees” to those folks who already posted, in particular about Graeme’s masterful balancing act of reintroducing old friends and introducing new ones). My comment is actually a “Thank You, @Graeme!” for the closing scene of Chapter One. What a marvelous affirmation & reaffirmation of the depth of Kevin’s feelings for Daphne—& the distance he has come in his own journey. It was truly an incredibly heartwarming and inspirational moment to wrap up our reintroduction to the Leopards—former and current—as well as their associated friends, family, and lovers. 👍🏽🤗
  9. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 31

    With this chapter, especially the end, and most importantly this last sentence: “Captain squeezed my neck. “On this ship? You are the most important thing to me.””, I hope that Kohen starts to believe the intensity & never ending nature of their bond. Stay tuned...
  10. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 11

    So, I’m late to the game, but perhaps my tardiness will bring this delicious story back to the sunshine so folks that missed it the first time around might discover it. I so appreciate why Kian has to go back to Raja Securities to rescue permanently the lives of those people he loves — & the soul of one Máster Assassin: himself. Nonetheless, my heart was cracking as I finished this chapter. I trust Sui to ensure a HEA ending, at least for most of the characters, but it did not prevent me from being saddened to the depths of my soul. That ability to wrap one up in the story to the point of forgetting the HEA is the power of Sui’s writing. Thank you, Sui! 🤗
  11. Dr. John NYC

    Heading In

    I love this story! I probably haven’t said it before, so I wanted to start there, but the mixture of a variety of shifters, sexualities, and now shamans is totally captivating. I particularly like that, for some of them, sexuality is fluid, which I think would probably be true of a lot more people if society were less rigid in its need to categorize and were more supportive. Can’t wait to see what comes next!
  12. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 30

    Playing off the comments of @drpaladin, “...& from whom?” We now have another possible conspirator in Kekillill. For that matter, it could even be Deke, if the Trepharo is still at large — except that I would presume Kohen would have smelled him. At any rate, in Cia’s inimitable way, the tension on one front subsides as the tension on another front ramps up. Well done!
  13. Dr. John NYC

    Tech Tuesday - Forum 4.3.1 Update

    To a successful rollout @Myr: Merde! (As in the ballet tradition, of course...)
  14. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 4

    As I said in my comment the first time I read this story, I really hope, @Cia, that the ending means there is more to come for these three and their land. So much still to learn and so much more love to share!
  15. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 3

    One of the gifts that keep on giving is someone leaving a reaction about a comment from the past: it often prompts me to go look and remind myself about the story. So, thank you @Timothy M. for your reaction to my comment in the story, “Best-Solution”, by @Cia. It is such a delightful story! I immediately remembered how much I loved the characters, but I had forgotten just enough of the plot to make it doubly fun to read the story again. Plus, with the expanded reaction options, I could change my reactions to reflect better how much I enjoyed them. Now, on to the denouement!

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