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  1. Chapter 2

    So, yes, I am re-reading. I went to look at the comments that others were making and got hooked—again. I am entranced with these characters and their interactions. What made add a second comment was that I changed my original “like” of this chapter to “sad” because of the ending. Anyone who can appreciate Shelley still has some ember—be it ever so small—remaining in their soul. I can’t recall so it will be like reading the first time to find out if that ember can still be coaxed into a flame.
  2. It's A Shame

    Ya dun good for CJ, Carlos. I won’t say more to avoid any spoilers for people still working their way through the series, pero ¡muy bien hecho!
  3. Chapter 2

    I agree with the consensus: the pace is good as presented. If something had happened, it would certainly have changed the arc of the story. Of course, you could always do an alternate universe version where something does happen so that we can do a side-by-side comparison for a more informed decision. 😉
  4. VIII. The warrior

    To continue the thoughts already expressed, like and trust not only take time but also events that transmute fear, pain, & distrust into like and trust—and, if they are lucky, into love, whether of friends, brothers, or lovers. Still to come is the meeting with Tistan’s former paramour. Will Tistan‘s feelings toward him continue to evolve? Will Aaru help him in their meeting? What does the voice of his sister mean? It certainly feels like more than fever dreams. All in good time as the muse moves you, gor mu. Thanks for sharing your story with us!
  5. Chapter 3.1

    So, I wonder if Simon is going to be rewarded or punished now that Kitryn is having a hissing fit...😱
  6. Chapter 10

    Such a lovely, gently moving forward chapter , and then that granddaddy of a cliffhanger! Only coal for you... 😉
  7. Chapter 9

    So glad that Arpoe’s actions reinforced that the room is Kohen’s, & he is the one who can refuse or allow entry. My curiosity is definitely peaked as to what Arpoe was going to say before the idiot’s mass encountered some reasonably unmovable object. One question that was probably answered earlier but I couldn’t find quickly: why did Kohen refer to Arpoe as “they?”
  8. VII. The gentle heir

    Well done, and "Hear! Hear!" to what previous commenters have said. I am definitely looking forward to how the relationships with Aaru and Castas are going to play out. The ending was an intriguing cliffhanger: why is Tistan dreaming of Aaru's people, and who are the individuals that he saw?
  9. Rumors, Bargains and Lies

    This chapter needs more than one emoji. In fact, one section near the beginning needs at least two: one laughing & one angry. The section ends with: “They were too tired to gag.” My first response was to laugh out loud. From those few words, I got an immediate mental picture that added the other 994 words. Then I was pissed 😠 😤 (in the American English sense): you put a mini-cliffhanger — what was going to happen to Percy — right in the beginning. Pure evil. Luckily, laughter won out or I might not have left the Love emoji as my overall response. Cheers & congratulations on another compelling chapter!
  10. Revelations

    Your writing in this story is quite incredible, Myr! I’m so pleased to have found it. Andy78 expressed what I was thinking as I finished this chapter: if I had not already known it was your story, I could have easily believed it was the work of JKR, who had finally seen the light... that Harry was much better off with Draco than with Ginny. Thanks, Myr! Now, onto the next chapter!
  11. 05

    Once again, I ended the chapter with a repeated chuckle as I continued thinking about the antics of Zane and Pip. Like Timothy, I loved the mix of dialogue from an eclectic bunch of films. It reminded me of some of my more humorous gaffes in Spanish and French, some of which continue to be used good-naturedly when I'm present. Thanks for a delightful morsel before I have to start work!
  12. Distractions

    I love your take on consultants giving Hell a makeover. So close to reality & too, too funny!
  13. Peril at the Embassy

    Add me to the list of I-didn’t-see-it-coming. I can’t imagine, however, that Cameron will be fooled long. At least I hope he sees through the ruse and goes to rescue the Colonel before he’s hurt.
  14. Chapter 10

    So fabulous that they talked the future out so that their individual, hidden concerns should not be distracting them in the difficult days and weeks ahead. Not sure what it was, but something in your writing gave me the sense that Yoshi wasn't worried about this aspect of their relationship. Wonderful chapter, Sui! So much we learned: I suspect I will need to re-read this chapter again to absorb it all.
  15. Chapter 8

    So, I'm definitely back to liking Yoshi now that he took the responsibility he was groomed for and took the initiative to keep Midori close. I especially liked that he insisted that Midori call him "Yoshi", just Yoshi. I really admire Almira: she is an amazing person. I loved how she was just slightly "disadvantaged". You can also see that she and Naria are close relatives: both strong, determined rulers who live to serve their people. I can imagine there's a good story about them growing up and taking on the roles that they have --but first Yoshi & Midori have some work to do (...and some more loving to do, too, I hope).

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