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  1. Dr. John NYC

    No Surrender, No Retreat

    I almost tagged this chapter as Sad or Angry although I stuck with Love (I didn’t want to give the impression that I didn’t like the chapter). Like some of the other readers, I also got a bad vibe from the interaction between Adam and Danny. Danny’s words sounded like someone who has something to hide and the harshness of his attitude reminded me of someone who can become nasty if he doesn’t get his way. Hope I’m wrong...
  2. Dr. John NYC


    One other thought, Paul(ette) seemed like a little Harpie. Maybe Kevin is going to need help again from Warlock... & Admerion???
  3. Dr. John NYC


    So, I will go out on a limb with my guesses. As much as I love Kev-Kev, I just don’t see him as Admerion, despite his hazel eyes. While I’d be delighted to have him come over to the gay camp, I’m not seeing him there —& as Chad said earlier, he and Kevin together romantically or even just sexually, just feels like incest. At first, seeing Chad’s immediate initial response to Danny, I was ready to to believe Admerion had been found. After a few more interactions, however, not so much. I think Danny is just a pretty, shiny bauble that entranced Chad’s ADD. Now, Adam: he has the serene, composed personality that I sensed in Admerion and the strength to stabilize Chad so Chad’s leadership skills can come to the fore. Nevertheless, the proposal from @IBEX that he’s a Seer is intriguing... Anyway, we will learn in due course who is who. Thanks, @xTony, and now onto the next chapter when I have another break.
  4. Dr. John NYC

    Geometry of Animosity

    What they all said above: I was suspecting that Killian was a Chosen even before the dream of Apollo. The earlier comment of Nathaniel about souls tending to “travel together” plus the whole frenemy internal monologue that Chad had was too hard to ignore. Then, after the dream, the frenemy-bitch had a name: Apollo. Something tells me that they are going to learn more about each other than about Bengal tigers on this field trip. Now Kevin being Admirion is intriguing although being straight in this reincarnation could make for some challenges. Time will tell us...
  5. Dr. John NYC

    Tribunal Trouble

    Whew-eee! That was some serious butt-kicking (butt-frying?) from two of my favorite characters. So, Anthony was at the root of Jon’s tribulations back at ECP. Wonder if he was connected to Dylan’s kidnapping & near-death experience? And what about all those missing members from various packs? How fitting if Dylan et al. solve the case of missing pack members AND avenge his own kidnapping. Now, how is Marcus going to fit in to a Rhava-Phuong relationship? Another 3-some? I can imagine some dynamite progeny from them.
  6. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 11.2

    Maybe a little jealousy over Carl’s teasing “the kitty” will do Kitryn a favor by pushing him to acknowledge his feelings for Simon. 🤔
  7. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 44

    What an incredible journey for Kohen: from being subdued into paralysis to leading the kickoff for the “We’re going to kick some butt” convention. That is, assuming that Cia does not have some more nasty twists for us. Allez, allez, allez, Kohen!
  8. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 26

    Like so many others, I found this chapter to be wondrous: touches of humor and silliness paired with the intense emotions after Declan solved the puzzle that had been eluding him: that Bailey is cutting. I have to say that the fervid emotionaity of the scene and my own looming fears of what could happen meant that I had to start the chapter more than once before I could push through the confrontation. Despite my dread, the astonishing job they both did in reaching a tentative plan was far more than I would have expected from high school seniors. In fact, there are not many people of any age who could have managed the situation as deftly as Declan or as open to facing his own psyche as Bailey. Nonetheless, the breakthroughs for Bailey--admitting he has been cutting and why, confessing just how deep the anguish of his father's death remains, and acknowledging that his mother might be finding resolution in Daniel to her own anguish--were astounding, and I hope that this confrontation becomes a key turning point for Bailey even though I have no doubt that tumultous times remain ahead.
  9. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 2

    Skipping the serious stuff, I enjoyed the bit of humor that ended the chapter. It was a delightful counterpoint to the intensity of the characters. Thanks, @Nephylim! Lots of good insights already presented, but as anyone who has read any of her other stories knows, the twists will be turned & the turns will be twisted. At the moment, any speculation that turns out correct will basically be coincidence. Nonetheless, @Nephylim gives us all pause, cause, and license to become conspiracy theorists.
  10. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 5 - Ember

    Precisely the line I was going to use... good thing I read the end of the comments before starting mine. When AJ first introduced Novy to Brady, I almost stopped reading to add a comment about how Ricky and now the boys are potential facilitators to bridge the gulf between Ember & Brady, but the way the situation played out was way faster and more intense than I imagined. Nice job putting major spin on the story trajectory.
  11. Dr. John NYC

    The Union of Darkness and Light

    Thanks, @Lugh, for such a delightful fairytale! When @Cia listed it for one of this month’s discussion-reads, I thought I had read it before based on the name. What a treat when I realized I hadn’t read it! Like a previous reader I was waiting to hear what a null is. I also wanted to learn more about Zoë and what would happen when they moved back to Amadeus’s ancestral home. Particularly if Zach’s grandma is still living, there should be some interesting developments as Zach learns about his ancestry and what his gifts mean. Anyway, I do hope the possibility of a sequel still holds true.
  12. Dr. John NYC

    Dolphin Delivery

    I’m hooked, too. Any chance the dolphins will be shifters?
  13. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 8

    What everyone has already said! May your muse be kind and swift.
  14. Dr. John NYC

    Equis Camp

    So much deliciousness in this chapter, but like most of the other commentators, what struck me were the words that closed the previous chapter about Phuong & Rhava juxtaposed to these words at the end of this chapter: “Yes, I must. This is my best friend and soul mate, Marcus. The only man who will ever share my heart and my bed.” ...& he didn’t say “person.” Hmmm...

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