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  1. Epilogue

    Thank you. I'm very glad about that. I'm grateful for you taking time to tell me
  2. IGosh, I am so terribly bad!!! Time moves so fast, I must be getting old :D Waves. I'm still around. A lot of exciting things are happening this year. If you want to keep updated on what I'm up to then subscribe to my newsletter from my blog http://nephylim-author.blogspot.co.uk/ or website http://cherylheadford.com/

  3. Gosh, I am so terribly bad!!! Time moves so fast, I must be getting old :D Waves. I'm still around.

    1. Headstall


      <waves back>

    2. Reader1810


      *waves hello*

    3. Valkyrie


      *waves* :D  

  4. Epilogue

    Thank you! I'm just so very sorry it's taken me so long to respond. You've made my day, too
  5. Epilogue

    It was about five or six years later so they would be in their late twenties. Opps, forgot to say thank you. Thank you!!!!
  6. Chapter 29 - It ends... It begins.

    I have to admit that I've neglected GA horribly and also, I used to get notifications in my email when anyone commented on a story but that doesn't happen anymore and it's made me lazy. However, I very much appreciate every single comment I receive and I try my hardest to respond to them all. Thank you SO much for all your comments. I'm very glad you enjoyed the story. IT was a complete departure for me. An experiment that I think worked better than I could have hoped. It's a testament to my readers and proof that readers are not lazy and can keep up with a complex story.
  7. Chapter 28 - Revalations

    It's always the quiet ones you have to watch
  8. Chapter 27 - The Choir and the Wheel

    An angelic choir can do anything, including the impossible. It can create and destroy matter, which is why it hardly ever happens. It's is very rare that angels, at least those powerful enough to summon a choir, involve themselves in human affairs at all .Except, of course, this is not a human affair
  9. Chapter 26 - Dragon

    As with everything else - It's great but has its down side. There is a certain peace and power in ignorance, and you can never go back
  10. Chapter 25 - Angels

    The fight never ends.
  11. Chapter 24 Fading and Shining

    I completely agree
  12. Chapter 24 Fading and Shining

    Just breathe and remember I rarely kill major characters. I'm glad you get so invested in my characters. That's he highest praise any writer could receive so I thank you so very much for making me happy. Aaaand I still haven't got to this new system and I responded twice. Ah well
  13. Chapter 23 - Sam and Alex

    Sadly, there are way too many people like that about.
  14. Chapter 22 - Seraph

    I think you're probably right that and he knew Luma just wasn't ready to hear it
  15. Chapter 21 - Fey

    Me too
  16. Chapter 20 - Discussions

    The key point here is that these beings are cursed. This doesn't happen to everyone, by any means. Most of the main players in this story were involved in a huge event that happened a very long time ago, As a result of that event most of them were punished by being cursed to live out of time. With the exception of Sacha none of them are human, and if you think about it, he's the only one who doesn't have a nightmarish back story, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  17. I'm not sure if it's possible to time travel. My brain wasn't quite able to get around that one. The spiral is "The spiral of rebirth/reincarnation". Every life is a turn of the spiral. You start off and end in the same place birth/death, but every time you're a little highter, a little purer, a little closer to the top where you can step off the carousel. I could TOTALLY see Astaria and Lauralei.
  18. Chapter 18 - Gifts

    I was hoping it would come as a shock Luma is this all powerful, often cruel, always arrogant, very much in control vampire...who looks like an angel
  19. Chapter 17 - Ravaging

    Sacha is a mother hen. He is so absolutely in his element being able to keep his little family happy. He definitely definitely deserves to be loved and to be told that he's loved. Everything that's happening at this moment in time int he story is designed to cement the family closer because they will be tested. Oh yes, they will be tested.
  20. Chapter 16 - Blazing Star

    Because they're all being punished for something that happened a long, long time ago
  21. Chapter 15 - Thawing

    To be fair, it did start off very small
  22. Chapter 14 - Twins

    Love it!!!
  23. Chapter 13 - Revenge

    Generally, that is true. However, in this case, Luma is not the kind of person to have any regrets about killing. In fact, he is the sort of person who would never be able to rest until he knew the man who hurt Bridge was dead. There is so much back story to this book that I never wrote into it I'm not sure if sometimes I rely on it too much and make it confusing for readers. As a tantalizing extra just for you - almost all the characters in this book are being punished by hardship and torment in this life for things that happened in another life.
  24. Chapter 12 - Serif

    Oh, if you had been Serif, you definitely would have Serif is far more than he seems and he is a monster
  25. Chapter 11 - Worry and Trust

    Bridge is an eternal optimist and so positive that sometimes it makes my teeth itch I would LOVE to live in this household but not as one of the boys. There is no way I'd handle being dominated. No way

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