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The summer that began with Rules of the Road is drawing to a close. Brian and Jeff have become close, despite their inability to have their relationship out in the open. But time and events - and people - have a way of adapting, and the closing days of summer are just the starting days of new things.


The story of Gres Langton, a recent graduate of Veterinary Nursing, who worked two part time jobs, one on a horse farm, and the other at a veterinary clinic. After the sudden death of his mother, Gres learns of some deception, by distant relatives, to stop him receiving an inheritance from his great uncle.

Book 3 of Marco *****

Brian has joined Sam and Ben as part of the Montgomery family and begins his college education, meeting many new people and beginning his new life.


Tony is from the North. Mitch is from the South. Tony is Catholic. Mitch is Baptist. Tony drives a Mercedes. Mitch drives a pickup truck. Tony wears designers. Mitch wears jeans and t-shirts. It's a mismatch made in Heaven

Book 2 of Tales of the Underground *****

Aidan “Static” Taylor is a 15 year old Mixed Martial Artist who grew up in the rich suburbs of New Jersey. His speed and respect have helped him climb his way to the top, but when he comes into contact with a fallen angel will he lose his humility or keep pushing through?

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