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New Stories

  1. Twelve Gays of Christmas

    By lomax61, in Fiction. 11/10/2017 (Updated: 11/23/2017)

    For five years, Trevor McTavish has planned a vacation for twelve close gay friends to enjoy Christmas together in remote country locations. Stratham Lodge in Scotland, hugging the shores of Loch Arkaig, is this year’s rental destination. Except grim providence has stepped in and friends have dropped out. Nevertheless, they decide to brace themselves and endure with a much reduced, and contentious party. Until the son of the owner, Rudy Mortimer—gloriously shirtless on horseback—appears, and the fun begins.

  2. Disasters, Delights and Other Detours

    By Parker Owens, in Poetry. 08/22/2017 (Updated: 11/23/2017)

    A second book of poetry, posted in no particular order or schedule. Maybe it's better than the first. Or not.

  3. Struggling Forward 2. Worth the Struggle

    By Dahawk, in Fiction. 11/07/2017 (Updated: 11/23/2017)

    This is the continuing story of Kyle and Blu's lives and the difficulties Kyle's parents present to them.

  4. Life's Revised Expectations

    By kuragari129, in Fiction. 11/23/2017 (Updated: 11/23/2017)

    A retelling of my first story ever written. Several boys experience a coming to age tale, each in their own way. Join Shane, Isaac, Nick, Gage and more as they go through life with their own expectations.

  5. My Shorts, and Flash Fictions

    By BHopper2, in Fiction. 11/13/2017 (Updated: 11/22/2017)

    This is a collection of stories in the form of One-Shot Shorts, Flash Fiction, and Prompts Responses from here on GA; a wide variety of different types of genres and styles.


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