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    AC Benus

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    With a degree in Fine Arts, and a long professional career in design, AC brings unflinching attention to detail to his writings and poetry. He strives for emotional realness in all circumstances, and excels at structure and dialogue. A love of history, philosophy, and the humanities informs his work, while having honed his craft from his adolescence has allowed him to delve into the workings of the human heart. He also has a wicked sense of humor.
  1. Dignity - a novel 1. Linked

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 05/16/2014 (Updated: 07/12/2014)

    Jack Shaw has a problem: he hates being Jack Shaw. He pulls his best friend Dawn into a solution, and both wind up in tough positions. What, if anything, can lead them back?

  2. HUBBLE Man and Machine - Oratorio

    By AC Benus, in Non-Fiction. 05/10/2014 (Updated: 05/13/2014)

    A multimedia tribute to the man and machine who were able to open our eyes on the Universe

  3. The Round People - a Novel

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 03/27/2014 (Updated: 04/19/2014)

    10 people; 8 hours – conflict and opportunity

  4. A Marriage Below Zero - opera libretto

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 01/14/2014 (Updated: 01/26/2014)

    Elsie breaks her vow. She promised to never love him, but fell for the man she married.

  5. MOBY-DICK – Revenge and Redemption – A Filmscript 5. The Secret Melville

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 11/22/2013 (Updated: 01/21/2014)

    November 1843 to February 1844. In probably the greatest same-sex love story ever told, one man's soul is redeemed by an act of self-sacrificing love, while all the rest are damned by a single man's hate.

  6. Becoming Real

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 12/14/2013 (Updated: 12/29/2013)

    One Coming Out in Seven Short Stories

  7. MARDI - At the Crossroads of Life and Art - A Film Script 4. The Secret Melville

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 09/25/2013 (Updated: 09/23/2013)

    1843. In a Polynesian paradise, something haunts Redburn. His dreams blend with the waking world, and he is driven to find himself while he seeks the lost love of his life.

  8. Song of the 70s

    By AC Benus, in Poetry. 09/22/2013 (Updated: 09/21/2013)

    Do you recall what it was like to be a kid back then..?

  9. As You Like It and Touchstone - Opera and Intermezzo

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 08/30/2013 (Updated: 08/31/2013)

    Gender-Funk at its finest: Orlando loves Rosalind; Orlando loves Ganymede - he accepts that loving a girl is the same as loving a boy, thus he lets Love win the day!

  10. OMOO - A Lost Soul in the South Seas - A Film Script 3. The Secret Melville

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 07/15/2013 (Updated: 07/15/2013)

    1843. No lost soul is born into the world, but the world makes it so. Redburn must find Toby, nothing else matters, and on three ships of contrasts - well-governed, and hopeless - he thinks of only getting to land, and looking for the man he loves.

  11. To Defend Marriage, Act! - Operetta Libretto 2. Gilbert and Sullivan go to Washington

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 06/16/2013 (Updated: 06/18/2013)

    The spring of 2013. Reality TV takes over the 'Peoples' Court,' and camera crews vie for the best angles. While real couples, with real lives, are barred from entering the Chambers, corporate interests have 'free-speeched' their money around and bought a spectacular Reality event broadcast Live! from the Chambers themselves. Stay tuned.

  12. Do Ask, Do Tell! - Operetta Libretto 1. Gilbert and Sullivan go to Washington

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 06/12/2013 (Updated: 06/14/2013)

    The spring of 2010. Congress must decide the fate of Gay folks serving the the military. Witnesses include a pop star, a foreign-born media mogul, and a comedian - all with a secret!

  13. TYPEE - In the Valley of the Shadow of Death - A Filmscript 2. The Secret Melville

    By AC Benus, in Fiction. 05/27/2013 (Updated: 06/10/2013)

    The South Pacific, 1842. These are powder-keg times, and in the midst of French Imperial gun boat diplomacy, Redburn has had enough of the sea. He draws a reluctant Toby into an adventure, and in the process loses something more valuable to him than his own life.


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